ilopezdanhello everyone i have a problem.21:40
ilopezdanall java applets crash my firefox21:40
ilopezdanSetting up sun-java6-doc (6-14-0ubuntu1.8.04) ...21:41
ilopezdanThis package is an installer package, it does not actually contain the21:41
ilopezdanJDK documentation.  You will need to go download one of the21:41
ilopezdan    jdk-6u10-docs.zip jdk-6u10-docs-ja.zip21:41
ilopezdan(choose the non-update version if this is the first installation).21:41
ilopezdanPlease visit21:41
ilopezdan    http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/21:41
ilopezdannow and download.  The file should be owned by root.root and be copied21:41
ilopezdanto /tmp.21:41
ilopezdan[Press RETURN to try again, 'no' + RETURN to abort]21:41
ilopezdananyone help?21:43
nthykierI have no idea how installing sun-java6-doc and the java applets crashing are related - but I would recommend you to use default-jdk-doc instead of sun-java6-doc21:45
nthykierit is easier to install, though it may not be available in older releases of Ubuntu21:45
ilopezdanhardy heron possible?21:46
nthykierlikely to be too old21:46
nthykierif it is not available try openjdk-6-doc or classpath-doc21:47
ilopezdancommand not found.21:48
ilopezdanjava started crashing after yesterdays system update for firefox 3.021:48
nthykierthose were not commands but package names21:49
nthykierI assumed that you wanted the Java API docs based on what you pasted in the channel21:50
ilopezdanyes because every time i try to install java it gives me that dpkg line21:50
nthykierask it to uninstall  sun-java6-doc21:52
nthykierthat or follow its instructions to finish its installation21:53
ilopezdani got the docs but they show no instructions.21:54
ilopezdani'm reading now that i need to uninstall firefox 3.521:54
ilopezdanis firefox 2.0 still available?21:54
nthykierdon't know21:56
ilopezdanman this is so strange..21:56
ilopezdanokay in synaptic i already have classpath install21:57
ilopezdanhmmm i need to delete firefox 3.521:58
ilopezdanthats the problemo21:58
ilopezdanby any chance is there a way to get root access?22:04
nthykiersudo -i22:04
ilopezdancannot excute binary file22:05
ilopezdanis there a channel for firefox support?22:12
ilopezdani lost my browser. :(22:13
nthykiernot sure22:14
nthykierI do not actually use Ubuntu :/22:14
ilopezdanhey thanks btw22:15
nthykieryou are welcome22:15
ilopezdannow... i gotta rage.22:16
nthykierh yeah, you can also become root user by using "su -"22:16
nthykierhowever most Ubuntu machines I have met do not allow it22:17
nthykierbut considering you do not have sudo, then hopefully su - works22:17
nthykier(both has to be run from a terminal - just in case)22:17
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