* jenkins does not blog00:03
godbyk-androidThey're just starting a new panel.00:03
godbyk-androidSo I won't be paying attention to irc for a bit.00:04
dakerjenkins, your twitter ?00:07
jenkinsa little bit not much of a facebooker or twitter i update it now and then00:07
dakeryour twitter is ?00:08
zkriesse@zachkriesse is my twitter since we're sharing those00:09
jenkinsdaker: i am sure your on it hmm let me rember00:09
jenkinsi had 3 lots of pidgin open00:12
jenkinsdaker: https://twitter.com/Luke_Jennings is me00:13
dakerzkriesse, your tweets are private so i can't add you to the planet00:13
zkriessedaker: request me00:13
jenkinssame mine are private00:13
jenkinsdaker you can add http://twitter.com/quickshotteam00:14
dakerzkriesse, i can't i am using the twitter api00:14
dakerjenkins, done00:14
dakeralso for me i can't add my self to the planet :D00:16
jenkinswho is Per Erik Glærum Grønvik on the planet. I don't know their irc name00:16
dakeri don't know him :)00:17
* daker watching NixiePixel videos00:31
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=== ubuntujenkins is now known as jenkins
dakergodbyk-android2, https://code.launchpad.net/~adnane002/+junk/ump-planet-theme02:09
godbyk-sagandaker: cool02:09
dakerare you free ?02:10
godbyk-saganfor a moment.02:10
dakercan you implement the new design ?02:10
godbyk-sagancan you link to it again (now that I'm on my laptop)?02:11
godbyk-saganAh, for the planet.  You'll need to talk to dutchie about that. It's hosted on his server.02:12
godbyk-sagan(I just have planet.ubuntu-manual.org redirect to dutchie's server.)02:12
dakerah oki02:12
godbyk-sagandaker: Do you think our ubuntu-manual.org site is ready for hosting translated editions?02:13
godbyk-saganIf not, what do we need to do still?02:13
godbyk-saganAnd can you fill me in on how it all works?02:13
godbyk-saganWe'll probably be releasing the Greek and German translations soon.02:13
dakergive me moment i will test it02:15
dakerwhat's the name of the second edition ?02:19
godbyk-saganIt will be "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 (Second Edition)", I suppose.02:19
godbyk-saganThough I'm not referring to the second edition, rather, the translations of the first edition.02:20
dakerit will works :)02:21
godbyk-saganWill you be around next week and the week after?02:22
godbyk-saganI may need your help when we get around to releasing the translated editions.02:22
dakeri don't have holidays :) so i will be here all this month02:23
godbyk-saganOkay. Good to know. :)02:23
godbyk-saganI'm off to a banquet.  See you later!02:28
dakersee you02:28
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jenkinsmorning all07:38
thorwiljenkins: where's your ubuntu? :)07:39
jenkinshey thorwil, how are you?07:43
thorwiljenkins: all fine, bracing myself for days with 35°C. and you?07:43
jenkinsI am good, as well thinking about what i should do today07:44
thorwiljenkins: what are your options?07:45
jenkinswell, i have a model boat to do and quickshot, i need to pack stuff07:47
jenkinsprobably all of them07:47
thorwilmodel boat sounds best :)07:48
thorwilwait, what am i saying, quickshot, of course!07:48
jenkinslol :)07:48
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jenkinshas anyone seen humphreybc recently?08:04
ChrisWoollardNever :P08:05
jenkinshey ChrisWoollard how are you today?08:06
* jenkins was ubuntujenkins08:06
ChrisWoollardI am alright.08:09
ChrisWoollardI notice you changed your name08:10
jenkinsyo good, got to make sure people work it out :)08:10
jenkins*yo -> o08:11
ChrisWoollardIt isn't too difficult.08:11
ChrisWoollardWhy the change or do you not like Ubuntu any more :)08:11
thorwilfirst the "ubuntu" goes and next you know it's fedorajenkins!! ;)08:12
ChrisWoollardI think slackwarejenkins would be good08:12
jenkinsno it was to long and people in other channels can go "why do you use ubuntu you should use ...." and i thought it was childish08:12
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ChrisWoollardhow did that fell.08:13
jenkinsslackwarejenkins was very long ;)08:14
jenkinsman i should get up08:14
ChrisWoollardI wonder what the maximum length is08:14
jenkinserm ubuntujenkins-lernid if too long iirc08:15
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supercalifragiliIt couldn't cope with that08:16
jenkins16 characters if i can count08:16
jenkinsare you here twice?08:16
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sonicbadgermy pc at home08:17
jenkinsi see08:17
=== sonicbadger is now known as ChrisWoollard
ChrisWoollardThere we go. That is better08:17
ChrisWoollardI had to ghost myself08:18
* jenkins thanks who ever changed my op nick08:34
* jenkins expects it was jussi08:34
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jenkinsyea everything has been changed over now quickshotdevs is done08:48
jenkinshey nisshh how are you09:31
jenkinsinfo quickshotdevs09:34
nisshhjenkins: hey09:44
nisshhim good, you?09:44
jenkinsI am good as well nisshh09:51
nisshhjenkins: time for a nick change was it?09:51
jenkinsyea the other one was too long09:52
jenkinsmorning zkriesse10:13
zkriessehi jenkins10:13
zkriessenot been to bed yet10:13
zkriesseso i'm out for four hours...10:14
zkriessecause thats all i can take10:14
zkriessegot a meeting at 8 am and its 4 now10:14
* zkriesse out10:14
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* dutchie is back from Wales11:02
jenkinshey dutchie11:14
jenkinshow was it11:15
dutchiei have a glass of water11:15
dutchieit is fine now :)11:15
dakerdutchie, ping11:29
dutchiedaker: is this about the new theme?11:29
dutchiei'm just looking at it  now11:30
dutchiedo you have to keep the PSD in there too?11:30
dutchieit's a bit big for my liking11:30
dutchiei'd rather it didn't end up like the lucid-e1 branch11:31
dutchiereally really big11:32
dakerbig ? what ?11:32
dakerah you mean lucid-e1 ?11:32
dakervery big11:32
dutchiedaker: http://pastebin.com/qtvcC2uQ11:37
* dutchie pulls11:43
dutchiesame error11:43
dakerworks ?11:46
dutchieone moment11:46
dakertake your time11:46
dutchieno errors11:47
dutchiehttp://planet.ubuntu-manual.org/ ooh, shiny11:47
dakeryes yes11:47
dakerthanks dutchie :)11:48
dutchiethank you, great design11:50
jenkinsdaker: that was quick work getting the theme done11:51
thorwildaker: left side of the @ icon appears to be cut off11:52
dakerthorwil, i saw that11:52
thorwildaker: also something wrong with the bottom edge of the ubuntu manual logo11:53
dutchiethe icons at the top meant to link to something11:53
dutchieoh dear11:53
dutchiethose two days of heavy drinking have taken their toll11:53
dakerthorwil, you can check the psd11:54
dakerdutchie, yes11:54
thorwilcool, it does open in gimp11:56
thorwildaker: the left edge of the @ could be an anti-aliasing issue. the manual logo has been scaled and is blurry :(11:58
thorwildaker: i'm not sure trying a ps, gimp, ps round trip would be a good idea11:58
dakerdesign = humphreybc11:58
dakerif something goes wrong with the design you should tell humphreybc12:00
dakerthorwil, i need a .ico of the manual logo12:02
daker@all, if your tweets are not private, fill me you twitter12:04
dutchiecould you not do it by the people @TheUbuntuManual follows?12:06
dakerreally hard12:06
dakerand if someone has a private tweets the browser will tell the user to enter the login & pass12:07
dutchiejust a thought12:08
thorwildaker: mailed Ben.12:08
thorwildaker: what sizes do you want in the .ico?12:08
dakeroki thanks12:08
dakera favicon12:08
dakerif i am not wrong 16x1612:09
thorwilwell, they can contain several sizes and browsers might show them larger than 16x16 if available12:11
thorwilhmm, i have no sizes between 16 and 6412:12
thorwildaker: favicon with 16 and 64 px and 8-bit transparency in your email12:16
* jenkins is making progress on quickshot12:17
dakerthorwil, thanks12:22
dakerdutchie, pull12:22
vishdaker: thanks! ;)12:38
vishforgot about that link :D12:39
dakernext step : get more traffic around the planet12:41
dakervish, np :)12:43
humphreybcthat was quick12:51
humphreybclet me sort out those pictograms and email them to daker so they look better12:51
dutchiesee, i'm efficient, me12:51
humphreybcdid you do that?12:52
humphreybcI presume the twitter API thing hasn't been sorted out yet :)12:52
humphreybchey daker!12:52
humphreybcnice work on the planet :D12:52
jenkinshey humphreybc12:52
dutchiedid i do what?12:52
humphreybcI'll send you over the proper pictograms at the right resolution so they're not all cut off and fuzzy12:52
dutchiei'm hosting the planet12:53
humphreybcjenkins: Luke?12:53
humphreybcdutchie: oh!12:53
jenkinshumphreybc: juss-i swapped my ops name over to this nick as this is my new one12:54
humphreybcyes it's better12:55
humphreybcoh the twitter API does work too!12:56
humphreybcright, i'll be back soon13:02
humphreybcthorwil: are you there?13:08
thorwilhumphreybc: halfway13:08
humphreybccould you quickly create a logo that's 150px wide and email it to me?13:08
dakerhumphreybc, thanks13:10
humphreybcdaker: I'm also getting you better quality pictograms to put up the top13:13
jenkinswhat do those pictograms link to? I don't know what they each mean13:13
thorwilhumphreybc: 150px, logo and "Ubuntu Manual Project" on the right?13:15
humphreybcthorwil: no, 150px for the entire thing13:17
humphreybclogo + text = 150px width13:17
humphreybcjenkins: they will eventually link to each page on the main site, when that's built13:18
humphreybcdaker: I'm just changing a few things in the mockup and adding in stuff like the date it was published and when it was last updated, as well as the new pictograms and then I'll send it over to you13:18
jenkinsdaker: why was a popup detected?13:30
humphreybcdaker: just sent you an email with the PSD file attached, please read through the list of changes. We have to wait till tomorrow to get the pictograms at the right resolution from the design team, and thorwil should send through a team logo at the right resolution soon13:35
thorwilhumphreybc: sadly i need to create a new size of the logo to make things fit into 150px without making either logo or text seem tiny in relation13:36
jenkinshumphreybc: the desgin team did our pictograms?13:36
humphreybcjenkins: they're not *our* pictograms13:38
dutchiedo any of the links on that site actually work? ;)13:38
dutchieactually, that's a bit mean13:39
humphreybcon which site?13:39
jenkinswow I am supprised they are letting us use them13:39
dutchiethe planet13:39
humphreybcjenkins: that's the whole point of them13:39
humphreybcthey're being made for all ubuntu web presence to try and unify it13:40
jenkinso right isee13:40
humphreybcno other community projects are using because they're a) too lazy or b) don't work with the design team as closely as we do13:40
humphreybcalso, they are still polishing up the guidelines for their use13:40
humphreybcour project is a guinea pig13:40
humphreybcso basically, when it comes to convincing other projects to get involved in creating and using pictograms, they can use UMP websites as a success story - and also publish guidelines based on what they learnt from our use of them13:41
dutchiei think humphreybc just likes being experimental13:42
dakerjenkins, i don"t know what he is talking about13:45
thorwilhumphreybc, daker 150px UMP logo mailed to both of you13:48
humphreybcgreat, thanks thorwil13:48
thorwilyou're welcome13:48
humphreybcthat's tiny13:48
humphreybcis that 150px?13:48
humphreybcoh shit13:49
humphreybcI meant 250 :P13:49
* humphreybc is not thinking13:49
thorwilhumphreybc: now imagine my hands closing on your neck ...13:49
nisshhhahaha, i just got a great furtune cookie message:13:56
nisshh"To ensure you hit the target, load gun first"13:57
thorwilhumphreybc, daker 250px UMP logo mailed to both of you14:01
* dutchie reads the log from 29/06/1014:03
csgeekhello all14:05
jenkinshello csgeek14:06
csgeekI was following:  http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors  I have all the packages checked out.  ./install-pkgs.sh seems happy.  I try to run make ubuntu-manual-en_GB.pdf and it fails right away.14:07
jenkinscsgeek: try just "make" first14:07
jenkinswhich branch did you check out?14:07
csgeek bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual14:08
csgeekis make pdf just the dvi -> pdf transformation?14:09
jenkinsthe translations are not started on that branch yet, we are still bug fixing then we will start the translations.14:09
csgeekmake works, with lots of warning, writes out 165 pages.14:09
csgeekmake pdf doesn't14:09
csgeeksame error14:09
jenkinshumphreybc: when are we releasing lucid-e214:09
jenkinscsgeek: you want just "make" no pdf bit14:10
jenkinsin that folder should be a pdf file14:10
jenkinsyou could also do "make show" that would show you the pdf14:10
jenkinscsgeek: can you pastebin the ubuntu-manual.log file please then i can look at the erros14:12
csgeekthat's interesting... it loads in evince but not in KDE's gwenview14:15
jenkinsthat is strange14:15
csgeekthere's no ubuntu-manual.log, but I have a main.log14:16
jenkinsyea thats it I am getting confused14:16
csgeekright.. gwenview isn't a pdf reader.  doh14:18
csgeekit looks okay to me.  Latex always gives me warning.. or tends to be a very tempersome child14:21
jenkinsdid you get something like  "Success!  Wrote 166 pages" at the end, the warnings that i have seen at the moment are nothing to worry about. did you install latex as per the site?14:22
vishhumphreybc: where was your mockup?14:26
vishi seem to have lost it14:26
csgeekhmmm... nice idea, though a lot of the sections could be far more in depth, or link up to references that go more in depth.14:27
jenkinscsgeek the idea is to start introducing people to ubuntu, we have great plans with the doc team to work on improving help.ubuntu.com14:32
jenkinswe could definatly add links to the wiki14:32
jenkins*links in the pdf14:32
dakerjenkins, i didn't see anything about that14:33
dakerand if they are ready to work with us14:33
* vish grumbles! contributors is not different from about us :/14:34
jenkinswe just need to have the meeting to get this format decidedd14:35
* jenkins might e-mail the list14:35
dakerjenkins, are they oki to work with us ?14:45
zkriessemornin/afternoon/night fellow manual-ers14:46
jenkinsdaker i don't think there is a problem tbh I think people are making the divide up to an extent. we all do have the goal of making ubuntu documentation better.14:48
jenkinshey zkriesse14:49
jenkinsdoes any one know where the wiki page with the help.ubuntu.com mock ups are?14:50
dakerMockups of the USLC ?14:53
jenkinsyea found it14:54
jenkinsbens wiki page is very uptodate unlike mine14:55
* jenkins sends e-mail to all the teams14:56
dutchiei think ben is planning to go for membership in the very near future14:56
jenkinsI would like to in 6-12 months14:58
jenkinsthis is mine https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LukeJennings14:58
jenkinsits basically a template15:00
dakerhey thorwil are you arround ?15:12
dakeri want a favor, our loco need to update the logo15:14
dakercan you make some mockups pls, if you want15:14
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thorwilwow, without wanting to step on anyone's pride, that's a rather unfortunate color combination :)15:16
thorwildaker: is there consensus in the team that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MoroccanTeam?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubuntu-ma-logo-white.png doesn't cut it?15:17
dakerthis one isn't really good i think15:20
thorwildaker: i might get to it one of these days15:21
dakerOh thanks :)15:22
* jenkins hopes quickshot is on thorwil's very long list ;)15:23
nisshhguys: check the ML15:23
jenkinswhat there is nothing there15:24
dakerther is15:24
jenkinswho sent it?15:25
dakerDavid Planella15:25
jenkinsi don't have it15:25
* jenkins reads it in launchpad15:27
jenkinswow thats cool15:27
nisshhjenkins: lol, you have slow updating email15:27
jenkinsits not in gmail web even15:27
nisshhjenkins: wow, i got it like 5 seconds after i approved it15:29
jenkinsand the e-mail arives15:41
dakervish, is there any psd of the original design https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand2?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=homepage.png ?15:50
vishdaker: i'm not sure there is15:54
vishi mean in the open :)15:54
dakervish ?15:57
vishdaker: i meant to say , i dont have it :D15:57
dakeri didn't receive anything :), that was a bug on ubuntu15:58
dakerdid any one know how can i catch a X server bug ?16:00
jenkinsjam jar? ;D16:00
dakerwhat ?16:01
jenkinsone of these http://www.google.co.uk/images?client=ubuntu&channel=cs&q=jam%20jar&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi16:01
jenkinsI have no useful answers but may be the bug team wiki might have something16:03
jenkinstry #ubuntu-bug ?16:03
jenkinsor #ubuntu-bugs one of those16:03
vish#ubuntu-x is better for those problems16:04
dakerwell i don't if it's X or not, but since i lost the X session and i can't access to the shell16:05
dakeron this desktop ubuntu is installed using wubi16:06
jenkinsbe back in an hour16:06
jenkinssee ya16:06
dakeron the others desktop and the laptop ubuntu is working perfectly16:06
dakersee ya jenkins16:07
jenkinsgodbyk: i guess you are not back yet but i have been playing with docbook to latex and it works quite nicely form the 5 mins i have done with it16:52
* flan pushes a bunch of QS server tweaks.17:30
flanHi, jenkins-who-used-to-be-ubuntu-jenkins.17:30
jenkinshey flan17:31
jenkinsif dpm comes on tell him i will be back in a 30-60 mins17:50
jenkinsevening all18:35
thorwilgood evening!18:36
jenkinsanyone else good with latex able to work out how to remove the very anoying table from page 2 of the pdf . (using this file http://pastebin.com/xABCYA7i )20:09
jenkinsi have tried for ages with no luck20:09
c7pon what line (in tex file) does the pdf file start?20:11
csgeekI can try in a minute... but it shouldn't be too complicated20:12
csgeekas soon as I'm done breaking my kubuntu install20:13
jenkinsc7p: line 4720:16
jenkinsthanks guys20:16
jenkinsevince in mavrick is much clearer for images20:19
c7pjenkins: do you have the pdf handy ?20:20
jenkinsc7p: try http://ubuntuone.com/p/8VC/20:20
* jenkins hopes ubuntuone works today20:21
jenkinsc7p: has kvein built the german manual yet?20:21
c7pidk, maybe the autoscript did the job for him, but I don't know if he compiled it manually20:22
c7pwhich table do you want to remove?20:23
jenkinsboth on page two infact the whole of page two20:23
jenkinsi used dblatex to convet docbook to latex, that made the file20:24
c7pso the whole content of page is for removal or only the two tables without their content ?20:24
jenkinswhole page, I would like it to go title page, content20:25
jenkinsno blank page or any tables inbetween20:25
c7pi think i found the lines for removal20:29
c7phm the table must be from line 40-43, but I'm not completely sure20:30
jenkinsthat does remove one iirc, you can build it by doing xelatex *.tex20:32
jenkinsnope it does not remove it20:33
jenkinsthis is so anyoing20:37
c7pi think the dblatex creates the table ... hold on20:40
jenkinsChrisWoollard: can you have a glance over http://ubuntuone.com/p/8VC/ and see if there is anything that needs editing please?20:41
c7pGuest57355: καλησπέρα20:41
jenkinsc7p: dblatex gave me the .tex file. i think it puts something in the .tex file that makes the table.20:42
c7phm can you check the options of the programme ?20:43
jenkinsyea I am looking at them nothing about a table20:44
Guest57355hey c7p20:52
c7pcan you help jenkins with his problem ?20:53
jenkinshey Guest57355 basically i want to remove everything on page two of http://ubuntuone.com/p/8VC/ and the page its self the tex file is  http://pastebin.com/xABCYA7i20:54
Guest57355let me see20:55
Guest57355jenkins s there a docbook.sty that dblatex produced too?21:02
jenkinsGuest57355: not in the same folder, i will check the file system just incase21:03
jenkinsGuest57355: i think you might be onto something, the files in the doc folder all have that silly table in them21:08
jenkinsfound it /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/dblatex/style/docbook.sty21:10
jenkinsGuest57355: what do i change to make it not use that style?21:10
Guest57355you may comment out thw usepackage{docbook} line but there might be some errors, i'm onto it21:11
jenkinsyea that errors, thanks Guest57355 i will see if there is a crazy flag i can enable when making the .tex file to stop it using the bits that cause the error21:15
Guest57355well i managed to get rid of the two first pages21:16
jenkinso cool how?21:18
jenkinsthe first page was nice21:19
jenkinsbut it is a good start21:19
Guest57355you can comment out \maketitle line4921:19
Guest57355but this is not a solution21:20
Guest57355the best option would be a few changes at the preamble unless you want to keep the style that docbook produces21:20
dutchieis Guest57355 godbyk ?21:20
jenkinsI think i will scrap the preamble and start my own.21:22
* jenkins starts to learn21:22
jenkinsthanks Guest57355, i am removing bits and i will see what i get21:25
Guest57355actually you should remove evreything that refers to docbook and DBK commands. Also, remove hypersetup and use package {hyperref} instead21:28
jenkinsGuest57355: thanks that comfirms my thinking21:32
Guest57355i'm working on a few modifications, i ll submit them to you21:34
jenkinscool thanks that sounds great21:34
jenkinsI am not liking dblatex at the moment i think i need to understand it better21:34
Guest57355well the problem is that dblatex produces its own style and custom commands that in "clean" latex don't exist. It needs a general review before getting an output via xelatex21:38
dakerjenkins, what you are trying to do ?21:42
jenkinsGuest57355: yep i will hopefully find a way to sort that21:43
jenkinsdaker: well i am trying to sort out the translators translations guide thing on the mailing list21:43
dakerah oki21:49
jenkinswe also needed to look into docbook -> latex conversion so it helps. not that i like it at the moment21:50
Guest57355jenkins, sth like this http://pastebin.com/2QPt0vkL would be a good place to start21:53
Guest57355produces sth like http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3182263/jenkins.pdf21:55
Guest57355of course i don't have the pic's21:55
jenkinsthanks Guest57355 how would i decrease the margins so they are 2 cm each?21:56
Guest57355\usepackage[top=2cm, bottom=2cm, left=2cm, right=2cm]{geometry}21:57
Guest57355and adding \newpage after \maketitle and \tableofcontents would be good too21:59
jenkinsI have22:00
jenkins\usepackage[top=2cm, bottom=2cm, left=2cm, right=2cm]{geometry}22:00
jenkinsis that correct?22:00
Guest57355correct. of course you should add fontspec, xltxtra22:01
jenkinsyour file gives me http://pastebin.com/embeaCHc when i copy what you pasted earlier22:01
c7pnight all22:02
Guest57355i think that link works22:03
jenkinsyep that paste still getting it22:03
jenkinsstill got the erroe22:05
jenkinsalso the geometry does not work. I should let you go to bed, i must be late for you22:06
Guest57355try these http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3182263/jenkins.tex and http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3182263/jenkins.pdf22:14
Guest57355and \documentclass[xetex]{article}22:15
Guest57355except from the not boxes that should be replaced with another command everything seems fine22:16
jenkinsthanks Guest57355 your great!22:18
Guest57355hope it helps22:20
jenkinsit will do :)22:20
jenkinshey humphreybc22:24
jenkinshow are you?22:24
humphreybcBUT that's okay22:24
jenkinslanguage :)22:24
humphreybcthere's plenty of work soon and my coffee should kick in22:25
humphreybc(take soon and put it at the end of that sentence)22:25
humphreybcat least it's sunny22:25
jenkinshehe, you and i always talk when one is getting up and the other is going to bed :)22:25
dutchiethis is because humphreybc lives in a stupid time zone22:25
humphreybcIn all fairness, New Zealand makes up for the poor timezone in other ways22:26
* jenkins knows why it just apears strange22:27
dutchiewhat sort of other ways?22:27
dutchiethat's the wikipedia article on new zealand22:29
humphreybcit is22:29
dutchieunless you've just changed it to "NZ IS AWESUM", it doesn't really help your argument22:30
humphreybcwe have smooth wool22:30
* jenkins has been an idiot none of my changes were working because i saved the file in another folder. doh! idiot alert22:34
=== ZachK_ is now known as zkriesse
jenkinsnight all23:30

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