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adaywers: hey :) is there a meeting on today?13:01
wersaday, hello. :) I dunno. mpt won't be here today and next week13:01
wersivanka isn't here too..13:01
adaywers: no...13:02
wersi dunno who's supposed to host the meeting...13:03
thorwilwell, if one of you 2 have something to discuss ... otherwise i guess there won't be a meeting13:04
adaythorwil: not especially... what did you make of the draft personas?13:06
* thorwil checks the wave again13:08
thorwiladay: how about adding a pensioner / senior citizen?13:09
adaythorwil: yeah, that's a nice idea13:10
thorwiladay: if handled with great care regarding the weighting, there could also be software developer :)13:12
adaythorwil: i''ve been thinking about that too. it's dangerous though :)13:13
thorwiladay: i see that. cutting them out is not nice, though )13:13
adaythorwil: yes, i can see many devs objecting to that13:14
thorwiladay: humphreybc needs me elsewhere, could you be so kind to add the suggestions to the wave?13:18
adaythorwil: sure thing. no problem13:19
adayi guess that probably concludes today's meeting...13:20
wersaday, sorry i wasnt able to participate. still busy in the office13:23
Pendulumaday: just so you know, the accessibility team is also working on some personas13:23
thorwiladay: perhaps as last thought: one could assemble a list of activities/areas of interest to then check if the personas touch all of them13:24
adayPendulum: thanks, that's good to know13:24
Pendulum(we're just still in the "gathering information" stage)13:24
adayPendulum: yes, i want to do some research of my own13:24
wersgtg. til next time13:24
adaythorwil: yes, we should definitely do that13:25
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