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ddecatorwell, FF 4 will need some patch updates (building the latest build)05:55
micahgddecator: gfi, I'm not merging tonight05:58
ddecatormicahg: i figured, just wanted to see if any more work needed to be done05:58
ddecatorjust two patch updates, not as bad as i thought :)06:03
micahgddecator:  line 55 in rules for the firefox merge doesn't look right06:06
ddecatormicahg: it's not, i did that temporarily so it would build, wasn't sure what you guys wanted to do since there isn't a codename yet06:09
ddecatorline 64 isn't right either06:11
ddecatorstill no changes to the ui :(06:12
ddecatormicahg: anyway yah, i wasn't sure what to do with that part and you weren't on when i was working on it, i can easily change it once i know the best thing to do06:14
ddecatorthe latest build is still the "Mozilla Developer Preview" :/06:17
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chrisccoulson[reed], we're getting a lot of reports from users saying they can't view flash content since we rolled out 3.6.6 (they are told that the flash plugin has crashed) - have you got any suggestions for what i can ask these users to try?11:01
gnomefreakbot is back up?11:18
gnomefreakmotorhead has a song "Fuck Metallica"  :(11:33
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philinuxHi, I'm an ubuntu forums mod. I wondered if there are any plans to update the default bookmarks for Maverick?14:53
chrisccoulsonphilinux, can you be more specific?14:57
philinuxHi Chris, the default ubuntu bookmarks could do with bit of a makeover. They are currently 1. ubuntulinux.org15:02
philinux2. ubuntulinux.org/wiki/frontpage15:02
philinux3. answers.launchpad15:02
philinux4. debian.org15:03
philinuxI was going to raise a bug but 23meg thought this issue had come up recently somewhere15:03
philinuxHi, Chris did that make any sense15:21
chrisccoulsonphilinux, if you want to get my attention, you should probably highlight me ;)15:22
chrisccoulsonbut i'm still unsure of what you're suggesting. do you have a suggestion for what to do with the bookmarks?15:22
philinuxI'm a newbie at irc how do I do that15:22
chrisccoulson(giving the bookmarks a makeover is a little bit vague)15:23
chrisccoulsonphilinux, use my IRC name in your message (chrisccoulson)15:23
philinux@chrisccoulson Well a starter might be to include a link to ubuntuforums.org, medibuntu and restrricted formats15:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, possibly15:24
philinuxChrisccoulson, Do I raise a bug against Firefox?15:25
chrisccoulsonphilinux, yes please15:26
philinuxChrisccoulson, Would I use ubuntu-bug firefox from the livecd?15:26
chrisccoulsonyeah, that should work15:26
philinuxChrisccoulson, Ok will do that. Do you think the current links are ok?15:27
philinuxThey've been the same for ages15:27
jcastrothey could use a redo probably15:27
chrisccoulsonjcastro, could we add bookmarks to community maintained sites such as medibuntu?15:27
chrisccoulson(i'm not sure who to ask)15:28
jcastroI am not sure15:28
jcastrophilinux: I recommend getting a shortlist of what you think should be on there15:28
jcastroI am not sure if it's a good idea to recommend a non-ubuntu maintained site on there15:29
philinuxjcastro, When the forums are back I'll post a thread in Maverick testing forum.15:29
jcastrophilinux: I'm following the bookmark thread15:29
jcastrothough imo the new installer option for the non-free stuff and the codec installer that we've been shipping for years now handles most of that15:29
philinuxjcastro, I stirred up a can of worms suggesting a desktop browser link lol.15:30
jcastroheh, it happens15:30
philinuxjcastro, The problem is even with the codec installer etc we still get lots of support threads re dvd playback, flash and java.15:32
* jcastro nods15:33
jcastrophilinux: ok so I'll work with you when you get a short list of recommended bookmarks and we'll go from there15:34
jcastrothen we'll propose something in a bug15:34
philinuxAnywho, thanks for the advice I'll get a shortlist and raise a bug. Anything to help new converts from the other side ;)15:34
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micahgchrisccoulson: do you want me to submit the rebuilds for gjs after I test them?18:12
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yes please18:14
micahgchrisccoulson: k18:14
chrisccoulsonhave you been following the bug mail today? it's gone pretty quiet with the exception of flash and java issues :)18:15
micahgchrisccoulson: yes, I wonder if Firefox is disabling Flash 918:15
micahgchrisccoulson: as for Java, I'm not sure, did you test the sun-java-6 plugin?18:15
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm not sure about that, but the original reporter of that bug said he was seeing the message saying that the flash plugin had crashed18:15
chrisccoulsonand i went on youtube for an hour or so this morning, and it is pretty crashy18:16
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, in Hardy?18:16
chrisccoulsonyeah, we tested the sun-java6 plugin (that's the only one that really works properly on hardy)18:16
chrisccoulsonwe're going to bump the priority of the plugin that works in an update later18:16
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, i tested flash out in hardy18:17
micahgchrisccoulson: k, can you try adobe-flashplugin from partner?18:17
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, that's the one i tried18:29
micahgchrisccoulson: oh, weird, that's flash 10 and should be better...18:37
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ftajdstrand, mdeslaur: fyi, there's a new security update of chromium in progress (with 11 new sec fixes)20:16
ftathat's .9920:17
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mdeslaurfta2: I'm off today, let me know where it is, and I'll upload it to -proposed tomorrow21:49
fta_mdeslaur, it's not out yet (.99), and we already have .86 in the pipe for lucid (meaning upstream is releasing faster than we can process)..21:54
fta_most probably something we should improve21:54
mdeslaurfta_: at UDS we talked about trying to set up a way to automatically build and publish packages when google releases theirs.21:57
mdeslaurfta_: but, we'd have to figure out a way to get it tested21:57
fta_mdeslaur, that's what i've been doing for a while with my bot21:58
mdeslaurfta_: maybe the tech board could be asked to waive the week-long waiting period for it to go from -proposed to -updates21:59
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ftasorry, my router keeps crashing22:10
fta<mdeslaur> fta_: but, we'd have to figure out a way to get it tested22:10
fta<fta_> mdeslaur, that's what i've been doing for a while with my bot22:10
fta<fta_> i auto fetch and build all their releases within a few hours22:10
ftaI didn't get anything else22:10
justemoado you know how i can start firefox without add-ons ?22:33
micahgjustemoa: firefox -safe-mode22:35
justemoa@micahg > mhh,doesn't work. I installed it in the folder /opt22:40
micahgjustemoa: we don't support that22:40
micahgjustemoa: we only support our packages22:40
micahgjustemoa: if you want to use the upstream version try #firefox on irc.mozilla.org22:40
justemoai will install the package22:41
micahgchrisccoulson_: if you get a chance, just upload Thunderbird to Maverick, I'll upload the fixes next week, they shouldn't hold back release22:41
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm not sure if you got my last message, i think i was disconnected22:52
chrisccoulson<chrisccoulson> micahg - do you think we need to completely backport google-gadgets?22:52
micahgchrisccoulson: I don't know if we should22:53
micahgchrisccoulson: i did the update for Lucid, but there was ABI breakage22:53
chrisccoulsoni'll try and see if i can get the current version in jaunty working with xul19222:54
micahgchrisccoulson: you might be able to find the xul192 commits in the google code browser22:54
micahgchrisccoulson: did you see my comment about thunderbird?22:57
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i didn't22:58
micahgchrisccoulson: if you get a chance, just upload Thunderbird to Maverick, I'll upload the fixes next week, they shouldn't hold back release22:58
chrisccoulsonok, i'll try and do that before i go to sleep tonight22:58
micahgchrisccoulson: k, thanks22:59
micahgchrisccoulson: I'll try to have Seamonkey changelog tonight for Maverick/Lucid so that you can upload tomorrow22:59
micahgchrisccoulson: since I can't access the bug reports for the CVEs, I'm not sure how to backport the fixes for TB2, I'll have to chat with [reed]23:00
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can't view those either23:00
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