qwebirc97286hi there, I am a newbie on mythbuntu, using 10.04rc upgraded to myth 0.23 fixes build 14158. I have installed libdecss, but when I put in a dvd it crashes out of myth back to ubuntu desktop, on checking the log it says qt4 error. can anyone help ???00:20
hot_wheelzcorrect me if i'm wrong but isn't there an auto back feature in mythtv 0.23?04:02
hot_wheelzbackup sorry04:03
tgm4883hot_wheelz, I believe so, I don't know much about it though04:56
tgm4883it's just a db backup04:57
Shadow__Xtgm4883: so the issue i was having with the errors is due to the os x fe apparently not supporting jpegs05:15
tgm4883Shadow__X, ah05:15
Shadow__Xmy ubuntu fe pulled them up eventually05:15
tgm4883Shadow__X, sorry I bugged out earlier, I was at work and dealing with a strange issue05:15
Shadow__Xi also had a permission error as well05:16
Shadow__Xno worries i know how that is05:16
Shadow__Xi personally didnt think you bugged out but thank you05:16
qwebirc51305is 0/22khz continuous tone switching supported (4x4 multiswitches) in 0.23-fixes?10:03
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sidhI have to install mythbuntu on a old x86 machine (with older version available of nvidia gpu for tv output) as for now there is a lot of updates since 10.04 iso release included kernels updates, i wonder about the order of installing things13:10
sidhis it possible to not install nvidia drivers on first iso install, and install it , only when the dist-upgrade is finished ?13:10
mrandsidh: You can always add stuff later.13:16
sidhok because nvdia reinstall is always an adventure with me13:17
olx69Following http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ACPI_Wakeup I have to add %mythtv ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, /bin/sh, /usr/bin/setwakeup.sh, /usr/bin/mythshutdown on the bottom, edited by visudo. Login/Logout/Reboot. Now I test it: sudo -u mythtv sh -c "/sbin/shutdown -k now"  shutdown: Need to be root16:42
olx69What's wrong?16:42
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] ACPI Wakeup - MythTV16:42
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miststlkrI have mythbuntu 10.04 and another system with a base ubuntu 10.04 install.  I rather like having the Applications menu in the desktop context menu, but not sure how to add that.  Is there even a way to do it in GNOME?23:16
tgm4883miststlkr, that sounds like a question for #ubuntu23:37
miststlkrI thought so too, but no bites there so I thought perhaps someone in here might know how it was done in Mythbuntu and i could work from there.   thanks though.23:37
tgm4883well it's done in mythbuntu by using xfce23:39
tgm4883but you left23:39
tgm4883so I can't tell you that23:39

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