zkriesseakgraner: ping00:20
zkriesseakgraner: got a few questions about that list....00:20
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akgranerzkriesse,  give me about 10 minutes...14:35
nhandlerHmm...The forum link is really messed up18:36
akgranernhandler, yep19:22
akgranerI am not sure what has happened there19:22
nhandlerI think I'll post the Alpha2 story to the Planet without the discussion link. We can add it later if necessary19:23
nhandlerI'll try and poke someone later about the forum link19:24
akgranerit started getting slower about the 1st of last week I noticed19:24
akgranerI had to wait about 30 -45mins iirc for something I posted to hit the forums19:25
akgranernhandler, thanks!19:25
zkriessethe forum is still down!?!?!19:27
zkriessewhat on earth is goin on19:27
akgranerzkriesse, it happens from time to time - nhandler on it :-)19:28
nhandlerzkriesse: It also isn't the forum that is down. It is the script that posts fridge stories to the forum.19:29
zkriessehey akgraner I've got a Rich Johnson and a Richard Johnson...one in the same?19:38
akgraneryep one in the same19:38
zkriesseok thanks19:38
zkriessewasn't sure19:38
nhandlerzkriesse: FYI, that is nixternal (another Chicago LoCo guy ;) )19:46
zkriessenhandler: oh cool19:54
zkriessenhandler: i kinda know him....i think19:54
zkriessenhandler: we should meet sometime19:55
akgranernixternal cracks me up - he has to be one of my favorite personalities in the community20:09
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zkriesseVantrax: Stalker? What stalker?22:53
Vantraxhow many channels do we share.....22:55

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