ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !forget trivia01:12
ubottuThe #ubuntu-trivia channel is a place for testing your brain power and having fun! We schedule themed quizzes, every Friday, to test your knowledge of your favourite operating system (Ubuntu, of course!) and keep you exercising those cranial muscles.01:15
* nhandler goes to check on what happened with #ubuntu-trivia01:15
mneptokubottu: forget !trivia01:15
ubottuI know nothing about !trivia yet, mneptok01:15
mneptokforget !trivia01:15
ubottuThe #ubuntu-trivia channel is a place for testing your brain power and having fun! We schedule themed quizzes, every Friday, to test your knowledge of your favourite operating system (Ubuntu, of course!) and keep you exercising those cranial muscles.01:15
mneptokstupid pile of Python01:16
Jordan_UPENAS is trolling in #ubuntu.01:30
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IdleOnehello x0x, how can I help you this evening?06:22
mneptokhi Jungli06:22
IdleOnex0x: You know that you are not supposed to idle here. Please explain what you need or part the channel06:24
x0xtell em how much day i get banned there ?06:24
x0xthen i never come here06:26
x0xtell me how much days banned :@06:26
mneptokthat's up to you. you need to discuss your ban here, read the CoC and Guidelines, agree to abide by them, and convince the ops you will no longer be a problem in the channel.06:27
mneptokyou have yet to do that in any way. so the answer as to how long your ban is is "it's indefinite"06:27
x0x:( sorry so i need a perl moto to go to ubuntu channel06:29
IdleOnex0x: you need to stop ban evading to start06:29
IdleOne2nd you need to read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:30
x0xlemme see06:30
x0xok bye have a nice day06:30
IdleOnethen you need to come back in 24 hrs and discuss clearly without saying nonsense06:31
IdleOnegood bye and you too06:31
x0xokay :)06:31
IdleOneand then maybe we will consider it06:31
* mneptok pats IdleOne 06:31
bazhangnot bragging about being a troll would be a start06:32
IdleOnecan I haz a treat now?06:32
IdleOnethat too06:32
mneptokIdleOne: any way i can convince you to bring me a burger and putine from Dilallo?06:32
IdleOneoh bazhang I forgot to mention jungli wanted to talk to you yesterday06:32
IdleOneum mneptok sure if you can get me into the US06:32
bazhangIdleOne, thanks, I saw the backscroll06:32
IdleOneyeah I figured you would bazhang06:33
mneptokIdleOne: you have no passport? or do you have one, and also a criminal record?  ;)06:33
IdleOnemneptok: my record is clean as a brand spanking new whistle :)06:33
IraqiWho know APT line for ubuntu ??09:07
mneptokIraqi: this is not a support channel09:08
ubottuError: You are not identified09:08
Iraqino i asking about ubuntu09:08
ubottuError: You are not identified09:09
mneptokIraqi: this is #ubuntu-ops, not #ubuntu. you are banned from #ubuntu, and sent here.09:11
mneptokIraqi: do you know why you are banned?09:11
Iraqido yousee my msg?09:11
Iraqiyou see*09:11
mneptokwhat message?09:12
Iraqii thought i got banned09:12
Iraqii want ATP Line for ubuntu ?09:12
Iraqido you know it or no?09:13
mneptokthis is NOT a support channel09:14
Iraqiany one know ATP line ubuntu please?09:14
Iraqiin all room i got this msg not support09:14
Iraqii want ATP line i didn't want support09:14
mneptokwe do not provide help for Ubuntu here09:15
Iraqimy channel is #ubuntu-iq is for all support but no one enter :">09:15
Iraqithis not help i want this information ?i asked for info not to help09:16
mneptokyou may ask about your ban. that is all.09:17
Iraqihow i can get this yellow point in list like you are have09:18
Iraqiin all channel i'm banned09:18
mneptokwhy do you think that happened?09:18
IraqiYellow point with your ID09:18
Iraqi<< using some thing all hate it :D09:19
Iraqiis like devil09:19
mneptokIraqi: no, it is because you repeatedly fail to follow channel rules and ignore people that try to tell you this.09:19
Iraqihow i can make my ID have yellow point like you are have please09:19
Iraqii will tell you in PV09:20
mneptokno, you will not.09:21
Iraqifor that all banned me :)09:21
Iraqii did sorry09:21
mneptokyou go offtopic. you then insult ops that are trying to correct your behavior. you repeatedly ask for help with Backtrack in #ubuntu.09:21
mneptokthese actions will get you banned, and indeed they did.09:22
Iraqiis must be channel ubuntu-helpline not ubuntu-ops09:22
mneptokso ... what are you going to do about it?09:22
Iraqii will mail company09:22
Iraqii will asking for FREEDOM we have freedom09:22
mneptokOK, so you don't need anything here09:22
mneptokplease /part this channel09:23
Iraqino i need09:23
Iraqii asked two question you not answered but you asked many question and i answered you :-|09:23
mneptokalright, it's 0224 here. i don't need this aggravation. goodnight and ma'salaama.09:24
Iraqioh come from where?09:25
IraqiMa'slama too09:25
Iraqiyou muslim so me too must help your brother not leave him :)09:25
Iraqii invite you to #ubuntu-iq will support all and all things :)09:26
IraqiAccept my invite  :)09:27
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ikoniahi Iraqi I'd like to remove your ban in #ubuntu - which means you can get support, I just need you to listen carefully and understand the rules, is that ok ?10:22
Iraqiforget it10:23
ikoniaplease leave the channel10:23
Iraqii have new channel #ubuntu-iq is for all support and all things :)10:24
ikoniaok, bye. Please leave the channel10:24
Iraqirules didn't said if you stay in channel will ban or kick10:24
Iraqi<< silent10:24
ikoniaIraqi: the topic in this channel says please leave the channel (do not idle) when you don't need anything from the #ubuntu-ops team10:25
ikoniaIraqi: you've said you don't need anything from us as you have your own channel, so please leave the channel10:25
Iraqii need10:25
ikoniayou need what ?10:25
Iraqii want make my id like you are have point Yellow with id how i can do that10:26
ikoniaIraqi: this is not a support channel. Please leave this channel if you do not wish to resolve your ban in #ubuntu channels10:26
Iraqi:-S it's help room so i need help10:27
Iraqinot to ignore10:27
ikoniait's not a help room10:27
ikoniaIraqi: this will be the last time I say it. This channel is for resolving issues with your ban/operators only. Nothing more. If you do not wish to discuss either of these topics, please leave the channel10:27
Iraqimean this channel just for ban/unban10:28
Iraqiso you banned me / and you unban  lol is company kid give you that we be between your hand A game and up to you ban me and unban me10:29
Iraqiwhat kind help/work you doing10:29
ikoniaI don't know what you just said, however as I said a few minutes ago, I'd like to remove the ban I'd just like to make sure you understand the rules of the #ubuntu channel10:30
Iraqiread and you knwo my word what give mean you englishman so can get my mean10:30
Iraqi so you banned me / and you unban  lol is company kid give you that we be between your hand A game and up to you ban me and unban me10:30
ikoniaok - I'm done now. Please leave the channel10:31
Iraqiso if some one kill some one after that will say there have rules for that i killed you so how will back a life  :-S10:31
ikonia!ops | Iraqi again an issue, please remove from #ubuntu-ops10:32
ubottuIraqi again an issue, please remove from #ubuntu-ops: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!10:32
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (Iraqi again an issue, please remove from #ubuntu-ops)10:32
Iraqi Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!?? where is your id10:33
ikoniathank you10:33
bazhangiraqi issue11:07
ikoniaat first I thought the bigger issue was language, after LJL's efforts yesterday and his behaviour in #ubuntu channels and name calling and the like (now in another channel calling the #ubuntu channels names) I'm not so sure it is just a language issue11:07
bazhanghe's still muted in #ubuntu-irc and +1 ?11:08
bazhangnope just in -irc11:08
ikoniaactually he's not been in +111:09
bazhangit's not a language issue. he's done this in every channel where he tries to get support. he refuses to listen then finally gets banned.11:09
ikoniaagreed, but the lack of understanding was (I thought) a language issue, however now I disagree11:10
ikoniait's not really that important, he's locked out of channels he can be an issue in, and until he changes he can stay that way11:10
bazhanghe a great chance today imo, if he had just progressed it forward11:11
ikoniaI'm happy to remove the ban as soon as I'm confident he's using ubuntu and knows the rules11:13
gnomefreaksomeone tell me im not old :(11:39
ikoniayour not11:39
* gnomefreak downloading songs from 80s metal11:40
jussignomefreak: campared to Tm_T you are a young'un...11:49
gnomefreakyay ;)11:54
Seeker`how can we help you?12:11
mhgsysIs there a ubuntuforum mod here?12:11
Seeker`I don't know12:11
mhgsysI'm having trouble logging in at the forums12:12
mhgsysIt accepts my password and all12:12
mhgsysBut then nothing12:12
mhgsysNo: Welcome mhgsys12:12
mhgsysAnd I can't contact a mod from there.. since I can't sign in12:12
ubottujoshmuffin called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:13
ubottumhgsys called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:14
Seeker`mhgsys: that call is only for emergencies12:14
Seeker`when something is happening in that channel which requires urgent operator assistance for that channel12:15
jussimhgsys: #ubuntuforums is the place you need to go12:15
mhgsysNoone is answering me there12:15
jussimhgsys: then be patient12:15
mhgsysbe patient??12:16
mhgsysI can't log in for over an hour12:16
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.12:16
mhgsysMy patience is tested12:16
jussimhgsys: we are all volunteers here12:16
jussinot everyone is always looking12:16
mhgsysI'm not blaming you or anyone12:16
mhgsysIt's just frustating12:16
jussiand please lay off the FU stuff.12:16
jussimhgsys: i understand, but you need to just wait.12:17
mhgsysok ok12:17
jussimhgsys: the people who can help you will be in #ubuntuforums, so please try to confine yourself to that channel12:17
mhgsysI'm also there allready12:18
jussimhgsys: yes, I noticed.12:18
jussimhgsys: if theres nothing else for the IRC ops, we ask you leave the channel.12:19
mhgsyssomeone there with the same problem as me12:19
jpdsmhgsys: The forums just had an upgrade.12:19
mhgsysNow my rage seems to sink down again12:19
mhgsysThought they blockedme12:19
mhgsysthank you jpds12:19
mhgsysand jussi12:19
jussimhgsys: this inst a place to idle, so please part here and lets talk in #ubuntuforums12:20
jpdsmhgsys: It's possible that there is an error somewhere in the systems, I suggest being patient in the #ubuntuforums channel and waiting for an admin, 'tis not the end of the world.12:20
mhgsyslol @ jpds12:21
jpdsI try my best.12:21
mhgsysok, thanks for your time12:22
elkyGetting blocked from #ubuntu because you cant control your anger at being locked out of the forums... that's kinda special.12:23
jussihe wasnt banned tho12:23
jpdsSomeone's poking the systems now.12:23
elkyHe tried his best.12:23
ikoniaFYI: iraq has just confirmed he's going to change his IP to dodge the bans13:28
ikoniawatching him now sign back in a few times trying to get a new dhcp address14:12
bazhangbanning ipv6 addresses any different? RaOuL_] (~antoine@2a01:e35:242b:2240:223:54ff:fe3c:e05c): RaOuL_15:09
Picibazhang: No different.  One issue is that often ipv6 addresses are given out in blocks, so if he wants to evade he may be able to do so more easily.15:11
bazhangPici, okay. thanks. really foul quit message15:11
bazhangso /mode #channel +b Raoul*!*@* should do?15:12
PiciThats a bit wide15:13
jpdsJust has to enable the IPv6 Privacy features and a new address is assigned every once in a while.15:13
bazhangokay, thanks. not sure how to go about that one then.15:13
Picibazhang: Just ban their ipv6 address15:13
bazhangbasically it was f-bomb you all15:13
bazhangappending #ubuntu-ops would be a forward here then15:15
bazhangwhoops with $15:16
h00kI thought it was #15:16
bazhangie $#15:17
PiciIts mask$#forward-to15:17
bazhangso use jpds ' solution then?15:21
jpdsbazhang: If you want to block all of AS12322's v6 space - sure.15:21
h00kthat's a broad ban15:22
PiciI don't think that CIDR notation was supported uin masks.15:22
bazhangjpds, if I knew what that meant I would make a comment :)15:22
h00kbroadband! hahahahahaha.15:22
jpdsbazhang: $ whois AS1232215:22
bazhangokay I think I will let someone else set this. I am totally intimidated now15:23
h00kI need to get more familiar with IPv615:25
bazhangdoes that look legit? what I just set?15:27
jpdsbazhang: Yes.15:27
bazhangjpds, thanks. also got a request for comment from ubottu :)15:27
jpdsh00k: I found http://www.ja.net/documents/publications/technical-guides/ipv6-tech-guide-for-web.pdf to be most helpful for that.15:31
jpdsI highly recommend it for those interested in v6.15:31
Pici'symantic package manager'16:09
PicifunkyHat: what is rapache?16:11
funkyHatPici: I have a feeling I got the name wrong actually :/16:11
funkyHatAh, no https://edge.launchpad.net/rapache16:12
PicifunkyHat: Doesn't look like its still being maintained.16:13
PicifunkyHat: Looks like it was in the hardy, jaunty, and karmic repos, but not after that for some reason.16:14
PiciThat ppa was last updated in late 200816:14
bazhangand webmin is no longer supported16:17
nhandlerTake a look at http://www.stefanoforenza.com/rapache-on-ubuntu-10-04-not-likely/16:22
nhandlerThat was from 2 days ago16:22
h00kwoah. guy in #ubuntu: åñòü êòî èç ðîññèè?16:37
IdleOneAfternoon :)17:04
ikoniaok jungis just ban evaded in #ubuntu17:18
Piciikonia: I don't see him17:18
ikoniausing an external IRC (tinyirc gateway)17:18
ikoniahe's also got 2 cloaked accounts now, I'm reporting this to freenode17:19
ikoniaI'm done playing with this time waster17:19
Picisounds good.17:19
IdleOneikonia: may as well add blockcold and x0x17:23
ikoniathat's fine, don't worry about that17:23
ikoniaother things catch him on that17:23
ikoniareported it to tomaw to see if he/staff can do something to help us a little if appropriate17:27
Piciikonia: Thanks17:29
IdleOnelucid+1 is more like lucid+1.31415...17:43
tonyyarussolucid + 1 + pi/10 ?  I don't get it...18:57
IdleOnetonyyarusso: ever changing and infinite18:59
IdleOneok maybe not so infinite18:59
IdleOneit amused me ok!18:59
* Pici pats IdleOne 18:59
IdleOnecan I haz a treat now?19:00
* tonyyarusso throws a shiny ball in the corner19:00
IdleOneoh! ball19:00
tonyyarussoOh, also - the ball is magnetic, and repulsed by a magnetic blob in your caller, so once you get within a foot of it it will scoot away.19:01
IdleOnethat is cruel and unusual punishment19:02
tonyyarussoNo, it's ENDLESS entertainment!19:02
tonyyarussoFor both of us.19:02
IdleOnewait till you fall asleep and I take your soul19:02
tonyyarussoJokes on you - I don't have one.19:03
IdleOneI hear cats do that sort of stuff19:03
knometonyyarusso, then he'll take the rest of your balls19:07
knometonyyarusso, even the furry ones.19:07
IdleOneknome that is wrong on so many levels19:08
knomeIdleOne, oh, i just thought that is so right on so many levels..19:08
jpds /exec -o figlet wut19:09
IdleOnesh: figlet: not found19:09
* IdleOne runs random commands19:09
PiciIdleOne: How about 'banner'?19:09
jpdsIdleOne: apt-get install figlet -y19:09
IdleOnesh: banner: not found19:09
IdleOne                _19:10
IdleOne__      ___   _| |_19:10
IdleOne\ \ /\ / / | | | __|19:10
IdleOne \ V  V /| |_| | |_19:10
IdleOne  \_/\_/  \__,_|\__|19:10
IdleOne                    19:10
knomei prefer toilet over figlet19:11
Picitoilet is more free, isn't it?19:11
knomebetter name.19:11
IdleOnepaying for toilet would be not right19:11
jpds[0;1;35;95m▜[0m    [0;1;33;93m▜[0m19:11
jpds[0;1;31;91m▐[0m [0;1;33;93m▞▀[0;1;32;92m▖▐[0m19:11
jpds[0;1;33;93m▐[0m [0;1;32;92m▌[0m [0;1;36;96m▌▐[0m19:11
jpds [0;1;32;92m▘[0;1;36;96m▝▀[0m  [0;1;35;95m▘[0m19:11
IdleOne                                          19:12
IdleOne                 m                    m19:12
IdleOnem     m m   m  mm#mm m     m m   m  mm#mm19:12
IdleOne"m m m" #   #    #   "m m m" #   #    #19:12
IdleOne #m#m#  #   #    #    #m#m#  #   #    #19:12
IdleOne  # #   "mm"#    "mm   # #   "mm"#    "mm19:12
IdleOne                                          19:12
IdleOne                                          19:13
* knome throws a hairy ball towards IdleOne which makes a "PLAT" sound landing on the chest19:14
IdleOnesee this is no fun, I could use toilet to say NO U in -ot but that would just start a spam war and end up forcing the ops in -ot to kick me19:14
Piciyour probably should stop here before jussì sees, he doesn't like this stuff.19:15
IdleOneyeah I am19:15
IdleOnehey can I open  #u-spamNonions?19:15
IdleOneI kill myself19:16
knomebest for all19:16
IdleOnewhy you so mean?19:16
knomei don't have soul or balls so the only fun left is to be mean.19:17
IdleOneI bet if you were just a little nicer people would not talk so bad about you when your not here19:17
knomei bet ;)19:17
IdleOneknome: seriously though let's remember the CoC19:17
knomeit's on my mind all the time19:17
topylithis is a logged channel, but this is also probably the channel whose logs people actually read :)19:34
mneptokplease $DEITY don't let this degenerate into a channel of cowsay pastes19:37
h00ktsimpson: I was going to forward him :)19:46
tsimpsonI prefer escalation, warn -> kick -> ban(forward)19:47
h00kthat works. and makes sense.19:48
h00ks/kick/gentle part/19:48
tsimpsonwell, when I say "kick", I mean "/remove"19:50
h00k/ar or /arn for me19:51
h00kbut yeah.19:51
h00kon auto_bleh, irssi19:51
h00kThat clearly wasn't going to be resolved :(20:03
IdleOneBut I still tried to be nice20:05
h00kaaaaaaaand it wasn't going anywhere20:05
IdleOneand got me a mouth full :)20:05
h00kin a pm?20:08
IdleOneyou removed and I took the blame20:09
IdleOneno worries20:09
IdleOneI don't mind being the sound board for trolls, helps me control my temper20:10
* IdleOne is on a journey of self improvement :)20:10
mneptokeveryone is. or they're missing the point of this mortal coil.20:11
h00kpeople are silly20:12
mneptokIdleOne: did you get your Dilallo poutine?20:12
* mneptok is jealous20:12
IdleOnemneptok: i didn't but it is on the schedule for this weekend20:13
IdleOnedidn't end up going downtown20:13
mneptokgood poutine is something we miss from .qc20:14
IdleOneit's all in the gravy20:14
IdleOnethe cheese curds help20:14
mneptokand quality curds20:14
Jungliagian i am fall back here ?20:22
Junglidunno why ?20:22
ubottuAu revoir!20:23
mneptokartificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity.20:31
mneptokjust throwing that out there.20:31
PiciThanks for the insight.20:31
topyliin case someone has forgotten!20:31
* h00k takes notes20:31
* h00k waits for it20:41
Piciikonia: who was that in reponse to?20:42
ikoniain this one occasion jungli, however it's becoming more and more used. I'm trying to get in contact with the bzshells administrators to look at how to stop this abuse20:43
ikoniaI mentioned this just over a week ago20:43
ikoniait's only temporary, and as pretty much no-one uses it, I can't see it being a problem in the short term20:45
Piciikonia: Except when people end up here when and the rest of us don't know why theres a ban like that.20:46
ikoniaI'm noting a comment now20:46
ikoniagive me a minute,20:46
ikoniareasonable comment in place20:49
ikoniaone of the admins is going to talk to the admin group about this21:18
* jussi growls at IdleOne22:04
jussiikonia: have you talked to freenode staff about this? Im pretty sure they have more info on shells that are allowed on freenode, and possibly direct contact with relevant people..22:05
ikoniajussi: not directly requesting help for contacting bzshellz, but they have also hilighted that one of the users was using bzshellz to dodge a ban (which I already knew)I'm happy to get input from them though22:22
jpds ikonia #bshellz ?22:27
ikoniabeen there, got info, contacting the right people22:27
jpdsGo to it.22:27
ikoniaalready done22:28
knomeTm_T, now that you are there, you could give me a foot rub22:50
ubottuTorch called the ops in #kubuntu ()23:21

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