ScottKhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/ports/daily-live/current/ still has Lucid images too.00:05
cjwatsonfixed for next sync00:07
cjwatsonmust fix that cdimage publication bug some day00:08
cjwatsonkubuntu-netbook and xubuntu on tracker00:09
cjwatsonmythbuntu should be done within half an hour or so, but I'm not going to wait up for it00:10
cjwatsonalso, have queued up Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu DVD builds00:12
cjwatsonthough I don't think alpha-2 should block on those getting tested00:12
GrueMastercjwatson: while you are updating iso.qa, could you kindly bump Ubuntu Arm Daily Preinstalled to 20100630.6?  Thanks.00:19
cjwatsonGrueMaster: done00:21
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GrueMastercjwatson: (or someone with admin access to iso.qa).  I am unable to add more bugs beyond the default 3 fields in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4290/69502:08
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RiddelllI'm afraid I'm travelling to akademy today so won't be able to test CDs, I've asked for volunteers so hopefully it'll happen04:35
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pittiGood morning07:01
pitticjwatson: Didier mentioned that he expected netbook to be heavily oversized07:01
pitticjwatson: it's actually not that bad any more with the recent package fixes, but we thought it'd be okay for alpha-2, since most folks are installing netbooks from USB sticks anyway (no CD drive)07:02
ttxGood morning07:04
pittibonjour ttx07:04
ttxpitti: amd64 server is oversized07:12
pittittx: did that change over night?07:13
ttxthe last respin made it pass the limit, yes07:13
pittiI have a script to compare two images07:13
ttxpitti: could you have a look ?07:14
pittiso, 30.1 was 694 MB, 30.2 is 70107:14
ttxwhich sounds like a good inflation for just a build107:15
pittile huh07:15
pittittx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457691/07:15
pittiseems this suddendly started pulling in half the desktop07:16
pittiplease note that those are just differences > 200 kB07:16
pittisorry, no07:16
pittiadded packages are complete07:16
pittichanged packages are just > 200 kB07:16
pittittx: I blame yesterday's hplip07:17
pittido you ship that?07:17
pittiit changed things quite heavily07:17
* ttx grumbles07:17
pittithere's obviously some dependency problem here07:17
ttxwe should just blacklist it07:17
* ttx looks07:17
pittittx: I think it might be the new python-notify dependency07:18
pittittx: would you mind filing a hplip bug about that, milestone it, and assign to tkamppeter?07:19
ttxI can do that. Though I always wondered why hplip was in server-ship in the first place07:19
pittiyou ship cups, and HP printers are rather popular07:20
pittibut it should just ship the drivers, the desktopy bits should be separate07:20
ttxdo we need a quick workaround ? Or is tkamppeter around to fix it ?07:21
pittinot sure whether he's awake yet07:21
pittittx: so you could unseed hplip, or we just declare it a known bug and leave it oversized07:21
pittiif you guys can test a respin again, I'm happy to respin, but it'd need to happen rather quickly07:22
ttxhow much time do we have to test ?07:22
pittithis afternoon?07:23
pittiwe can prepare the notes in the meantime and finish testing the other images07:23
pittibut we need some time to publish all the images and the announcement, etc.07:23
ttxwell, it's not as if so much testing was done overnight07:23
ttxwe're at 0/17 on amd6407:24
ttx6/17 on i38607:24
pittittx: is there something in ship which we could drop?07:24
ttxyou mean, besides hplip ? :)07:24
pittii. e. that wouldn't require two publisher runs?07:24
pittittx: like, we could drop postgresql-doc for alpha-207:25
pittiwhich should bring us below 70007:25
pittioh, hmm07:25
pittittx: hplip is in the print-server task, and updating tasks takes two publisher07:26
pittihm, so is postgresql-doc07:26
pittiwhy are all those duplicated?07:26
ttxis postgresql-doc usually a recommends ?07:27
pittipostgresql-doc is in the postgresql-server tasks, we can't easily drop it either07:27
pittii. e. not more cheaply than hplip07:27
ttxthe seed probably dates from a time when recommends were not installed by default07:27
pittiI mean why is server-ship so crowded?07:28
pittiit seems to duplicate everything in all the tasks07:28
pittiwhich makes it hard to see which bits are _only_ in ship, i. e. not installed by any task07:28
ttxlooks like the duplication has been there for quite some time07:29
ttxpitti: how much do we need to free ?07:32
ttxthere is a hplip -> sane-utils recommends but not sure that brings up enough07:32
pittittx: if we do an upload, we can just as well drop the python-notify dependency07:34
pittiwhich is a "more correct" thing to do07:35
ttxpitti: I was thinking about blacklisting sane-utils to avoid it on the CD without changing packages -- but I don't know if that's possible07:35
pittittx: some 1.5 MB, I think (how much to free)07:35
pittittx: no, I don't think it is07:36
pittittx: are you fine with a hplip upload and a respin?07:37
pittiI can do the upload07:37
pittibut would be nice if you could file the bug07:37
ttxyes, if we have until 1500 UTC for ISO test coverage07:37
ttxi'm filing the bug right now07:37
pittigets tight, but should be doable07:38
* pitti prepares hplip07:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 600504 in cups (Ubuntu) "Dependency on python-notify makes hplip unsuitable for servers (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]07:39
ttxassigning to tkampetter and targeting to a307:39
ttxor to you on a2 ?07:39
pittitkamppeter/a3 is fine07:40
pittihplip uploaded07:40
pittiI'll watch the build, and stall the publisher a bit if needed07:40
pittitakes 12 mins to build, should make it07:41
pittioh argh07:41
pittiamd64 builds linux and kdeedu07:41
pittibut kdeedu is purging already07:42
* ttx wtaches the snail race07:43
pittikdeedu done now; c'mon crested, grab it07:49
pittithere; should just about make it :)07:49
* ttx cheers07:49
ttxyou might have to stall the publisher a couple minutes07:50
pittittx: hm, I could rebuild amd64 only, and keep i386 with the desktopy bits07:52
pittittx: do you want a clean i386 respin as well? or keep the current one?07:52
ttxhm, that's tricky07:52
ttxon one hand I'd like to keep the already-performed tests07:53
ttxon the other I'd like to have minimal difference between amd64 and i38607:53
ttxis there a precedent for such arch-oriented respins ?07:53
pittiwe did that in the past, I think07:54
ttxI prefer we do both -- I can make ISO testing happen by 1500 UTC07:55
pittisounds like a plan07:55
pittittx: also, I guess you don't need to re-test each and every task07:55
ttxhoping that last respin doesn't bring its own set of surprises07:55
pittisome on i386, some on amd64 shoudl be enough for alpha-207:55
pittiespecially not tasks which we didn't change since yesterday and which were arleady tested07:55
* ttx prepares a large softfreeze-respect-stick just in case07:55
pittihehe, please do :)07:56
ttxhah, that's my first "Orthopedic Dog Beds" spam07:58
* ttx wonders about the success rate of that one.07:59
pittic'mon, purge faster08:02
pittipublisher on manual08:02
pittithere we go, publisher running, and back on auto08:05
pittithis also caught the new kernel build, I hope that will go well08:06
cjwatsonfyi I won't be in action until a few hours from now - I start late on Thu due to baby sign language class08:06
pitticjwatson: I think I can handle it; see you later then08:08
aramorning all08:10
* ara resyncs08:10
pittiI did a desktop and a netbook install, and they work fine now \o/08:11
cjwatsongood, I'd done the install but couldn't wait up for it to reboot08:12
arayou guys are talking about the ones that are posted?08:13
pittittx: I set up a trigger to rebuild server ISOs as soon as the new hplip lands on the cdimage mirror08:15
pittiback in 45 mins08:15
ttxpitti: ok thanks08:15
ttxara: we should have new 20100701 server ISOs in a few, will need your help in promoting them to the tracker08:17
arattx, sure, I'll be around :)08:20
arattx, do you happen to know if kubuntu is going to be rebuilt?08:32
ttxara: I don't know08:32
cjwatsonrebuilt for anything in particular?08:36
aracjwatson, no, I was just wondering about the build number being lower than ubuntu and xubuntu desktop08:37
cjwatson.1 rather than .2?08:38
cjwatsonthat just means that there were fewer builds of kubuntu yesterday08:38
araI know, I just wanted to double check ;-)08:42
cjwatsonI respun everything containing ubiquity in sequence last night08:47
pittimythbuntu posted as well now, FTR08:49
ttxpitti: server ISO still pending ?08:50
cjwatsonDVDs should I think be ready too08:50
cjwatsonhaven't checked the tracker08:51
pittittx: yes, I'm watching them08:51
pitticjwatson: will do08:51
pittiDVDs added to tracker08:52
pittittx: hm, not sure what's wrong -- but it seems that the publisher run somehow failed to publish it; the publisher finished minutes ago, but cocoplum still didn't update08:54
pittittx: I'll continue to watch it, but might take a bit longer08:54
pitticjwatson: I'll rebuild ports, unless you are already?08:55
cjwatsonpitti: not doing so08:59
arammm, Kubuntu Desktop looks like Kubuntu Netbook09:02
* ttx gets some coffee09:03
ttxpitti: by "also caught the new kernel build" you mean the new i386 kernel that was just built ?09:09
araI guess I'll wait for Riddell09:09
pittittx: yes09:09
ttxpitti: that might make a case for a amd64-only rebuild09:09
ttxat least they woud get the same kernel source09:09
pittihplip was published in this publisher run09:10
pittivery weird09:10
* ttx wonders if keeping the old i386 spin would not actually end up being closer to the new amd64 one09:10
pittittx: the change in 6.9 was very small; do you have reason to believe that it's bad in any way?09:11
pittittx: if you don't mind having all the desktop bits on i386, we could respin amd64 only, yes09:12
ttxpitti: 6.9 actually fixes UEC09:12
pittittx: so why wouldn't we want to pick that up?09:12
ttxpitti: so we would have a fixed i386 and a broken amd6409:12
ttxpitti: ok, let's keep the original plan09:13
pittittx: we can also wait another hour when the amd64 one is done (it's in the debhelper stage)09:13
ttxah! don't tempt me09:13
ttxpitti: what would be the difference in ETA ? 15 vs. 75 min ?09:14
pittittx: 40 vs. 100 min09:15
ttxhm, I don't think we can afford that.09:15
ttxI can use that hour for smoketesting and making sure they are good09:16
ttxpitti: let's go for 4009:16
pittittx: ack09:16
ttx(I'll document the need to dist-upgrade, on amd64 only09:16
pittittx: folks who install can upgrade to get the fixed kernel09:16
pittittx: cheers; you'll put it into "known issues" on the tech notes?09:17
ttxpitti: if you have the URL of the maverick tech notes handy09:17
pittittx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview09:18
ttxI'll do it now09:18
pittittx: cheers; please let me know when you are done, then I'll brush up the "what's new" bits for desktop09:18
pittittx: btw, if you have anything worth mentioning for server, please add it09:18
ttxpitti: done with the techoverview09:26
ttxpitti: will think about what I can add for server without keeping the lock09:26
pittittx: I'm done with the first round, if you want to add stuff09:34
ttxok, ack09:35
araScottK, around?09:58
ttxpitti: we are past your ETA, any new trouble ?10:00
ttx(if yes, let's just stick with the oversized ISO, we are lacking time now)10:02
pittittx: image is currently building10:04
pittiit took until 3 minutes ago until the new hplip found its way to the cdimage mirror10:05
ttxnew ETA ~ 15 min ?10:05
pittimore like 510:05
pitti"a watched archive never publishes" or so10:06
ttxok, let's live with that :)10:06
pittiimage build done; now mirroring to cdimage10:06
pittittx: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/20100701/10:06
pittiwill hit in a minute or two10:06
pittimaverick-server-amd64.iso       01-Jul-2010 10:03  694M10:07
pittittx: go wild :)10:07
ttxara: please promote to ISO tracker10:07
pittiadded to tracker10:07
pittiara: too late, I just did10:07
arapitti, thanks :D10:07
* ttx warms up his three test laptops10:08
* pitti sees ttx jumping around with six hands, controlling three laptops at once10:08
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araif I had more HW, ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum10:13
pittikvm FTW?10:14
ttxpitti: parellizing 6 installs on KVm tends to be slow10:16
pittierm, yes; I never do more than two10:16
arafor me, running just 1 kvm makes my laptop almost useless for the rest of my daily tasks10:20
arasometimes I can't even read email10:20
pittierm, yes; I never do more than two10:22
pittisorry, -EFOCUS10:22
sbeattieIs there a known issue about compcache's ramzswap kernel module failing to laod when booting the live cds?11:28
cjwatsonknown in the sense that I'd noticed it, although I hadn't reported it anywhere11:29
cjwatsonit wasn't something I could fix straight away when I saw it, because the kernel interface changed - so best report and milestone (alpha-3) a bug about it11:30
cjwatsonfile it on initramfs-tools and assign to me, please?11:30
sbeattieah, looking at dmesg, it's comlaining about an unknown parameter "disksize_kb"11:33
sbeattieokay, will file.11:33
cjwatsonright, what can I most usefully do now?11:45
cjwatsonaha, I can test the i386 DVD, nobody's doing that11:45
* cjwatson tests btrfs via ubiquity while waiting12:20
pittihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/TechnicalOverview should be reasonably up to date now wrt. features, known issues, and general "alpha 2"ness12:27
ScottKara: Just passing through right now.  I should be around in a couple of hours.12:27
cjwatsonubuntustudio tasks should be fixed; I'll check and remove12:29
cjwatsonpoo, btrfs doesn't work in the desktop image12:32
cjwatsonno mkfs.btrfs12:34
ttxwe might want to add bug 599450 in there12:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 599450 in linux (Ubuntu) "[apparmor] getattr handled incorrectly in 2.6.35-6.7 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59945012:37
ttxused to break the LAMP task, I'm in the process of reproducing with latest ISO12:38
pitticjwatson: so we need to seed it, and then teach oem-config and ubiquity to remove it (unless used)?12:40
cjwatsonno teaching required, it could just be handled the same way as all the other filesystems12:40
cjwatsonI'll file a bug12:40
pittijust trying to understand what's necessary12:41
cjwatsonwe'll need to relnote it for maverick12:41
pittiI'll add it; I'll drop a stanza about that apparmor bug anyway12:41
cjwatsonone-liner in platform.maverick/live-common12:41
cjwatsonI'll take care of it12:41
pittittx: this looks like it'd break cups in desktop as well12:41
ttxpitti: sounds worthy of a TechnicalOverview note, then12:43
pittittx: I'm adding it12:43
ttxit's breaking mysql, according to zul -- I'm in the process of reproducing12:44
pittittx: done (also mentioned MySQL); proofreading appreciated12:46
ttxlooks good12:51
araI get broken packages in kubuntu alternate i38613:11
arammm, wrong iso13:13
araok, the last build of kubuntu is not the candidate one13:17
cjwatson20100630 and 20100630.1 both have some broken packages13:21
cjwatsonI thought we'd dealt with that; did we just forget to respin?13:22
cjwatsonbah.  I'm going to respin kubuntu alt now13:22
dokocjwatson, pitti: could you have a look at bug #600272 ? needed for the openjdk-6 uploads, needed for the firefox updates14:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 600272 in ant (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 3 other projects) "ant fix to correctly build JAX-WS (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60027214:06
cjwatsondoko: done14:14
pitticjwatson: I just went through the iso-testing bugs again, and the relevant ones are now documented in the tech notes15:19
pitticjwatson: it seems most images are ok, except for the untested kubuntu alternates and DVDs15:19
pitticjwatson: want me to start preparing the publishing?15:19
ScottKara: I'm around now.  I imagine from the scrollback your question got answered?15:19
pitti(i. e. set it up, but not sync mirrors yet)15:20
araScottK, well, it didn't, I didn't know who else to ask15:20
ScottKara: OK.  Go ahead then.15:20
araScottK, in Desktop Live i386 Kubuntu, the live session shows as if it was the Netbook edition15:20
arais that expected?15:20
ScottKara: For small screens, yes.  We are trying to combine desktop and netbook into one image and do first run based on screen size.15:21
araScottK, and once installed?15:21
ScottKOnce installed, there's an option in systemsettings to pick which you prefer.15:22
ScottKLive/first run installed should be the same.15:22
araScottK, ok, then why there are still  two images in the tracker?15:22
ScottKara: Because we didn't finish the consolidation yet.  I expect for Alpha 3 there won't be.15:22
araScottK, OK, thanks for the explanation15:23
ScottKYou're welcome.15:23
cjwatsonpitti: yes please, I have a presentation followed by an interview, which makes it hard :-/15:24
pitticjwatson: for the record, I a-x'ed sync-mirrors15:30
pittittx, smoser: can you please publish the alpha-2 UEC images? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEC/Images/Publishing)15:45
smoserpitti, yeah. will-do.15:46
pittismoser: cheers15:46
pittiara: do you know if someone is testing kubuntu alternates, in particular the amd64 one?15:51
pitticjwatson: hm, do you know whether we usually publish-release DVDs?15:53
pitti(we didn't for alpha-1)15:53
cjwatsonif they work15:53
pitticjwatson: ok, thanks15:53
arapitti, not that Im aware of, I will resync now and give it a try in VM15:56
arapitti, I cannot access the iso tracker at this moment, can you?16:01
pittino, indeed it's timing out for me as well16:01
seb128launchpad doesn't respond either there16:02
pittijeesh, the interweb is broken16:04
pittiara: does rsync for you from cdimage?16:08
smoserpitti, uec images are public and amazon's ami pages have been updated. http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/alpha-2/16:08
pittiit seems everythin http-ish might be down, but e. g. ssh works just fine forme16:08
pittismoser: nice, thanks16:08
arapitti, no, I was syncing kubuntu amd64 alternate, and now it is stalled16:09
pittioh, seems to be back?16:09
pittiworks again for me16:10
pittijust joined the IS channel, they are on it16:10
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lamontoh hai16:20
pittiah, thanks to whoever tested kubuntu alternate16:20
pittihey lamont16:20
lamontI have no idea which or how many builds failed from that...  reenabling the farm now16:20
pittiok, done with preparing the image publishing16:29
pittiI'm waiting for kubuntu alternate amd64 confirmation16:30
pittibladernr_: hello! how is your kubuntu amd64 install? any problems with it?16:39
bladernr_fails at select and install software16:39
bladernr_also, in VirtualBox at least, if I go from tty1 to tty2 to run a shell command, then go back to tty1, the installer screen doesn't redraw completely, so I get a bunch of vertical lines16:40
cjwatsonI see that in kvm from time to time; switching to tty2 and tty1 again usually clears it16:41
cjwatsonit's not an installer bug as such, must be a bug in either bogl-bterm or the kernel16:41
cjwatsonbladernr_: can I see the installer syslog please?16:42
pittibladernr_: uh, that's still with the 20100701 image? i386 was reported to work16:42
bladernr_pitti:  actually, I have no idea... it is whatever was up as of yesterday, was this one of the respins?16:42
cjwatsonoh, yes, yesterday's had broken packages16:42
pittibladernr_: yes, it was respun today16:42
cjwatsonthat's why we respun16:42
bladernr_ahhh... then disregard my angst... it took me 14 hours to rsync the images yesterday so and I just heard of respins, but wasnt sure which ones were done16:44
bladernr_thanks, I'll resync that and try again16:45
pitticjwatson: any other blocker from your side? I have the wiki page and email announcement prepared, images publish-release'd on antimony, and newz2000 standing by16:46
pitti(just to re-sync on where we are)16:47
pitticjwatson: syncing mirrors now, since that'll take a while; in the unlikely case that kubuntu amd64 alternate is botched, re-syncing will be faster16:49
cjwatsonpitti: the baton is yours unless you desperately need it to be mine - I've been on the phone most of the afternoon16:51
pitticjwatson: ack16:51
pitticjwatson: that's fine, I have nothing particular on the evening (except an hour phone call), I'll be around for another 5 h at least16:51
RiddellI am downloading maverick-alternate-amd64.iso if it still needs tested but it says it won't be done for 40 minutes16:57
pittiRiddell: thanks16:58
Riddellpitti: we're not doing dvds I take it?16:59
pittiRiddell: if anyone tests them, we can publish them16:59
pittibut I guess they aren't that interesting/important for a2, what do you think?17:00
Riddellmm, at these download speeds that may not work for me17:00
Riddellit's interesting only to know that it won't be a sudden headache for alpha 3 or beta17:00
araRiddell, I will start an amd64 test in 5 min17:05
bladernr_pitti:  synced kubuntu alternate amd64 and redid, and still dies at "select and install software"17:08
bladernr_trying one more time just to be sure...17:08
pittibladernr_: can you please rescue /var/log/syslog?17:08
pittibladernr_: on the iso there is a .disk/info which would have the timestamp17:09
bladernr_pitti:  working on that, I'll let you know when I've got it.  FWIW, this is a VBox VM, not bare metal (my work laptop is my only bare metal 64bit machine)17:09
pittithat's fine17:09
pittibladernr_: on 20100630.1 it was still broken: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20100630.1/report.html17:11
pittibladernr_: but on 20100701 it should work (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/20100701/report.html)17:11
bladernr_Kubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" - Alpha amd64 (20100701)17:11
pittithat looks right17:13
pittibladernr_: if you could switch to a terminal and check /var/log/syslog what it's failing on, that'd be great17:13
bladernr_pitti:  oddly enough, this second run on that iso seems to be working :/ perhaps the first try (which was a vbox soft reset) cached the bad iso, while a power-down and restart re-read the data?17:18
bladernr_but so far it is doing the software install... so far so good, at least...17:19
pittibladernr_: ah, thanks; seems we got two amd64 kubuntu testers now \o/17:38
pittiso, time to continue then, I guess17:38
bladernr_pitti:  I could have sworn that I posted the result here... anyway, worked fine on the second try.  Installation successful with one UI issue that I filed a bug for (600716)17:49
pittibladernr_: much appreciated, thanks for testing!17:49
bladernr_moving on to the rest of the kubuntu alt 64 tests17:49
pittiannouncement sent -- folks, it's officially out18:04
pittithanks to all for helping with testing, bug triaging, fixing, and release engineering!18:05
cjwatsonfantastic, thank you so much18:08
cjwatsonI was expecting to have to do more of that than I in fact did, so sorry about that ...18:08
cjwatsonroll on having a dedicated RM again. :)18:10
pitticjwatson: don't worry, it was good teamwork18:52
pitticjwatson: thanks for another nice milestone release18:52
ttxpitti, cjwatson: thanks for your help !19:03

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