cjsred2kic: I understand what you want to do. I don't know if Xen will do it or not, however.00:02
cjsAs I said, I've considered it myself, and it wouldn't be a trivial setup.00:02
cjsDo you have lots of sysadmin experience and more time than money?00:03
red2kiccjs: Gotcha. No sysadmin experience. I have time. Yes.00:03
cjsOr, perhaps a better way of approaching this is, why do you want to do this rather than just buy three or four cheap machines?00:03
red2kiccjs: Because it is probably cheaper.00:04
red2kiccjs: Not to mention... This approach probably reduce electricity uses too.00:04
panfistwhat do you want these machines to do00:04
cjsAh. You definitely want just to buy several machines. Unless you're intending to learn a *lot* as the main purpose of this.00:04
cjsActually, I don't think the electricity savings will be much, since monitors use as much power as low-power machines anyway.00:05
panfisti've personally never seen a system with multiple discrete input devices running distinct user sessions00:05
red2kicBasic Internet Cafe. My friend will own a restaurant (will have cable + wifi). I was wondering how difficulty it would be to set up that.00:05
panfisti dont think you need xen00:06
cjspanfist: I have. Admittedly, all but one were "virtual" framebuffers and keyboards accessed with vnc.00:06
panfistwell yeah that's pretty common00:06
red2kiccjs: Don't leave the monitors idle too long. Use "sleep 1 && xset dpms force off" to force a monitor standby. :)00:06
cjsred2kic: Keep in mind, you need also deal with the possibility of hardware failure.00:06
panfistfirstly, there is KVM which is a kernel supported virtualization platform00:06
cjsDo you really want to lose four terminals when a host blows up?00:06
panfistsecondly, all the stuff for handling multiple user sessions is built into linux already00:06
cjspanfist: What do you mean by "kernel-supported?"00:07
red2kicpanfist: What packages am I looking for? Or you're talking about avoiding gdm entirely? Using .init* ?00:07
panfist"the kernel component of KVM is including in mainlinx linux as of 2.6.20"00:07
panfisti have no idea how to accomplish what you want other than I know you don't need xen to do it00:08
cjsred2kic: Speaking as someone who's been doing sysadmin for, oh, about twenty years now, you want just to go with a separate machine for each station. Otherwise your sysadmin costs will skyrocket, and you'll end up paying much more than you would for the separate host solution.00:08
panfisti would be inclined to agree with cjs00:09
panfistalthough i only have one year of formal sysadmin experience00:09
red2kiccjs: There will be no sysadmin -- I'm just a desktop user who took a leap of faith down the rabbit hole and found himself in a bright world.00:10
red2kicI'm looking for a simple solution approach -- A restaurant with few computers free for Internet usage.00:11
red2kicI would have to update/upgrade all machines and should I change something, I'll have to change all too. Too much labor intensive?00:11
cjsred2kic: Well, you'll be the sysadmin. As I said, go with separate machines, and keep everything as bog-standard as you can. You want things to be as simple and "normal" as possible (i.e., using the most common configurations) so that you minimize the problems you'll have to deal with.00:14
cjsKeep in mind, I know what you want to do, I've wanted to do that myself, and I've never gone beyond the research stage because it is so difficult.00:14
cjsAs for updating multiple hosts instead of one, a) you'd have that problem anyway if you used virtual hosts, since they're still separate hosts, and b) there are tools to deal with that sort of thing.00:15
cjsThough honestly, the work you'd have to put in to learn those tools is probably not worthwhile for a handful of hosts.00:15
red2kiccjs: I understand. Avoid -desktop -- Go with... say gnome-core and avoid recommendations. Less configuration, less packages. I'm looking for this http://tinyurl.com/2fpntxe without paying for the license. :P00:17
red2kicI guess I should try the trial.00:18
red2kicOr you were talking about thin clients?00:18
cjsred2kic: I'm not sure what you mean by "avoid -desktop." Use whatever you use at home.00:22
fluvvell /msg NickServ identify sirius6300:23
cjsred2kic: Ah, Useful Multiplier looks good. Go with that.00:24
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cjsred2kic: Actually, come to think of it, Useful Multiplier may cost more than it saves, unless you buy the hardware from them. Otherwise you're going to have to deal with building (or getting someone to build for you) a machine with several video cards in it. Finding an appropriate motherboard alone will be a bit of work.00:31
cjsThough their "Userful Desktop" product sounds good.00:32
cjsthesheff17: I figured out the issue with md using sda instead of sda2. The md superblock is in the last 128K of the block device. Depending on how the last partition is sized, the md superblock in the last partition may or may not fall within the last 128K of the disk holding that partition. If it does, then it will appear as an md superblock for the disk, as well as the partition.00:37
cjsOh, crap. Only one of my two drives will boot.01:51
cjsThey're both identical in the first megabyte except for a few bytes in sector 0. I wonder what's up with that?01:51
cjsAnd I know physically which one is ok, but how do I tell whether it's sda or sdb with both drives plugged in?01:52
cjsAh, the disk signature at 0x1b8 is different between the two. So I guess the BIOS likes only one signature, and not the other. I wonder which one is good?01:54
cjsI guess I can hook up just the good drive to figure it out.01:54
cjsOh, hmm....no, it's supposed to be different. Hmmm!01:55
cjsThoughts, anyone?01:55
cjs(The issue is that one disk boots fine, whether it's on SATA 0 or SATA 1, the other, on either channel, gives me the BIOS message saying that no bootable disk was found.)01:55
thesheff17cjs you there?02:10
thesheff17cjs I have a feeling when grub goes to install it only actually installs on /dev/sda02:12
thesheff17I think you would have to manually install grub on /dev/sdb to get it to work02:12
cjsNo, the installer does both, and I've manually done a grub-install /dev/sdb.02:12
thesheff17ah ok02:12
thesheff17then you know what you are doing02:13
=== jjohansen is now known as jjohanse-afk
thesheff17maybe BOIS boot order?02:13
cjsYeah. The only difference in the first megabyte is four bytes at 0x1b8, which is the disk signature, which is supposed to be different.02:14
cjsThe non-booting disk fails on either channel, when it's the only disk in the system.02:14
thesheff17ah ok02:14
cjsVery. Did you see my note above re the md superblock issue, by the way?02:15
thesheff17wonder if you re installed with the drives swapped would /dev/sdb not boot02:15
thesheff17oh wow02:15
cjsI wonder that too. But I am getting *rather* sick of installing this thing....02:15
thesheff17yea I have installed raid a bunch...but never really tested a whole lot with making sure the second drive actually boots02:17
cjsYou might want to consider testing that. :-)02:17
thesheff17actually I have never...the worst case if the first dive fails...you can always use knoppix or the ubuntu cd to get the raid data02:17
cjsSure, but in the meantime your host is down. If your other drive boots, just yank the broken one and boot. (Put in a spare then or later so you can rebuild, if you like.)02:18
cjsThe point of RAID is, after all, continuous operation in the face of disk failure. If you're just concerned about the data, you can get it off your backups.02:19
thesheff17true...I just want to tell you I have had some really bad raid5 failures where I couldn't get the data back....02:23
thesheff17so now I just stick to mdadm w/ raid102:23
thesheff17technically though should need grub on the second drive since if a drive fails...the machine should stay up :)02:24
thesheff17should not* I meant02:24
panfisti'm trying to follow the OpenLDAP server docs on the Lucid Server Guide; i get about halfway through when I'm prompted to "Enter LDAP Password:" and nothing works03:02
twbIn 8.04, there's a known bug in udev that makes it prefer LVM snaphots over origins when mounting by UUID or label.03:03
twbCan I fix this by patching udev rules in-place, or are my only options 1) upgrade to 10.04; or 2) don't use UUID/labels?03:04
Roxyhart0hi there, i got a problem. I just added a new network card to my new ubuntu server and it is unable to take IP by dhcp. The server can recognize the network card. Somebody know what could be the problem?03:29
jmarsdenRoxyhart0: Add lines to your /etc/network/interfaces to tell the server that card *should* use DHCP.03:31
Roxyhart0yes, it is ready...but still cant receive IP..03:32
jmarsdenThen I don't know.  Firewall rules blocking DHCP??03:33
Roxyhart0i dont think so because eth0 works but not eth103:34
Roxyhart0it is a PCI and is new03:34
Roxyhart0usually when i done before just install the card and dont neew to do nothing else03:35
cjsRoxyhart0: does it have carrier? Does tcpdump on that interface show network activity?03:36
Roxyhart0it is connected to my internal network, so the dhcp is internal and there are network activity but just in eth003:37
cjsWait a sec...are both cards connected to the same physical network?03:37
cjsWhat are you trying to achieve with that?03:39
Roxyhart0i want to configure a NAT server03:40
Roxyhart0so, i need 2 cards03:40
Roxyhart0at least03:40
Roxyhart0solved the problem...but not sure what was03:43
Roxyhart0thanks for the help03:43
cjsRoxyhart0: hang on, so you're running two different IP networks across one ethernet?03:46
Roxyhart0at the moment just for testing ...at the end one with be for the local network and the another for NAT03:46
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
cjsWell, ok. So long as you've got two different IP networks. Though it sounds like you don't.03:52
Roxyhart0yes i can move one for another subnet04:04
panfisti've been trying to get openldap server up and running with no success. if i want to start over, how do i know i'm starting from scratch and nothing left over from the previous try?06:12
cjsRemove the packages using "aptitude purge".06:16
cjsThat will ensure that the configuration information, as well as the packages, are removed.06:16
cjsSo when I do a minimal virtual server install of 10.04, and it asks about packages, what does the "Basic Ubuntu server" selection install?06:17
cjsGoogling the term produces no results, unfortunately.06:18
panfistwell you could try to just do it, then list the packages06:21
panfisti would look but http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid is not working for me06:22
cjsyes, but once I've installed them, I have a list of hundreds of installed packages, and I don't know which were installed by that option and which would have been installed anyway.06:23
panfistthen just install it with that option06:23
panfistit's brute force but it'll give you the answer06:24
cjsThat page works for me, but how would I find out what that option does? I've already checked with aptitude, but there's no package or meta-package or anything like that that I can find that resembles this "Basic Ubuntu server" option.06:24
panfistsorry if i'm recommending an ugly solution, i've been banging my head against openldap for 16 hours...brute force is all i have left in me06:24
cjsI think the issue is that I'm not clear on what solution you're recommending at all. :-)06:25
panfisti could get the answer in 5 minutes at work...open virtualbox, create new vm, configure an ubuntu vm, point to ubuntu server install media, install basic ubuntu server06:26
panfistdpkg -l06:26
panfistthat site does seem to be back up. i notice momentary outages on packages.ubuntu.com all the time06:26
cjsAh, install another one without the option checked, and then compare package lists. Yes, I can do that.06:32
panfistwell i would have just installed it with only that option checked06:32
panfistif it's possible06:32
cjsyes, but then how do you tell which packages came with it and which did not?06:33
panfistif it's the only option checked...then don't all the packages come in it? am i missing something?06:33
cjs(If it's not clear, this is an option in addition to the "minimal virtual system" that's installed regardless.)06:33
cjsNo, this is in the additional packages selection screen.06:34
cjsYou know, where you get DNS server, mail server, all of that?06:34
cjsWhen you install a "minimal" system, you also get that "Basic Ubuntu server" option as well.06:34
twbI'm speccing a new lab.  It'll be running 8.04 initially, then 10.04 later.  The board I'm looking at has an rtl8111c gigE NIC.  Is this handled by the rtl8169 driver?06:34
panfistthen i think you're right, you would need to do two installations, since the documentation is definitely light06:34
cjs"No results from Google" isn't light; it's astonishing. :-)06:35
twbubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard should both be pulled in by any normal ubuntu server install.06:36
twbIf that's undesirable, there are ways to prevent that.06:36
cjstwb: I've got an RTL8110s running fine under 10.4 right now, if that helps at all. Any reason you're starting with 8.04 than 10.04?06:36
twbcjs: legacy06:37
twbThe SOE isn't ported to 10.04 yet06:37
cjstwb: I don't think it's undesirable; in fact, I probably don't care that much. I'm mostly just very curious.06:37
cjsWell, in particular I do care about what g*d-d**ned daemons it's going to start up on public interfaces, but that's an inevitable problem with Ubuntu, it seems.06:38
twbcjs: a server install shouldn't have many of those.06:38
twbcjs: what did ss -lp report?06:38
panfistls /etc/init.d/ isn't exactly all that long06:39
twbpanfist: that's because most of its now in Ubuntu-specific /etc/init06:39
panfistwell that's not long either :)06:39
cjstwb: Oh, that's a handy command. I didn't know about that.06:40
cjsBut my real complaint is that I always have to remember to check when packages that might start servers (and there are a surprising number of them) are installed. It introduces a large amount of human error into the system.06:41
cjsOr forces me to install a firewall (yet more opportunity for human error) to firewall a system that shouldn't be listening on the damn ports in the first place.06:41
panfistyou make a point but i don't think ubuntu's number one priority is security06:43
cjsArgh. Grr. The installer is changing my hostname again, too. That went away for a while, and now it's back.06:44
twbcjs: if you're on an untrusted network, you should have a firewall.06:45
cjspanfist: Well, there's "not number one priority," and there's "come rape me if I'm connected to the Internet." Seriously.06:45
twbcjs: simply having an open port doesn't mean there's an exploit there.06:45
cjsAnd no, firewalls are a hack to deal with systems you cannot properly secure.06:45
cjsNo, but having a closed port means that there almost certainly isn't one.06:46
panfistso what's listening in a default server install?06:46
panfistmy twon installations i can see right now are both behind vpn/firewall and have been altered so far from vanilla i couldn't say06:46
cjspanfist: Not too much, actually. Though it turns out that I have passwordless vnc for all of my virtual servers on localhost.06:46
cjsNot sure what "dnsmasq" is.06:47
twbcjs: that's the VM infrastructure's fault.06:47
twbAs is dnsmasq.06:47
cjsBut what usually gets me is stuff like, I happen to need a copy of lighttpd installed to run some tests or something (I have several systems where the automated test framework uses it), and unless I remember, I'm now also running a public web server.06:48
cjsHmm, I suspect that the dnsmasq may go away if I kill that NAT capability in virt-manager.06:49
twbcjs: if it was up to me, daemons wouldn't automatically bind to *: by default06:49
panfistmost daemons i have installed on ubuntu that have network capability default to listening to connections from localhost only06:49
panfisti don't know if that matters; security isn't a topic i'm an expert on06:50
twbCurrently defaults are done more or less to the whim of the package maintainer, so e.g. openssh-server listens to all interfaces by default, but dnsmasq and vsftpd do not.06:50
panfisti see06:50
panfistthat's not good06:50
twbcjs: you could also use tcpd and hosts.allow/hosts.deny in a "default deny" rule, but that's pretty much the same as a default deny firewall.06:51
twbCertainly having a default deny firewall would guard you against accidentally installing a service and forgetting to making it bind to lo: only, as in your lighttpd example.06:51
cjspanfist: Actually, most daemons I've seen, unless they're obviously insecure listening publically (i.e., nobody would *ever* do it), do listen on all interfaces.06:52
jmarsdencjs: exim, postfix? :)06:52
twbcjs: rsyslogd doesn't; portmap doesn't, vsftpd doesn't, dnsmasq doesn't.06:52
panfistthen maybe i've only been playing around with those kinds of daemons06:52
twb(Hmm, I might have to check portmap...)06:53
twbIt's not like tcpd or iptables-persistent is difficult to set up.  For me it's just part of deployment best practices, like installing etckeeper.06:53
cjstwb: postfix does indeed listen on all interfaces by default, if the package is installed.06:53
cjstwb: The point is, if you don't know to do that, or try to set up things more securely and get it wrong, you end up insecure.06:54
cjsI.e., the "I don't know what I'm doing default" is to put you in danger, rather than keep you safe.06:54
cjsIf you wanted a web server, it is quickly obvious if it's not running. If you don't want one, many people won't ever know that it is running.06:55
cjsThis is a very basic principle of network security: "default to the safe configuration, and become less safe only when the admin explicitly requests it."06:55
cjsBecause even the most experienced admin will sometimes forget or make a mistake.06:56
twbI agree with you.07:04
* ttx looks at the state of ISo testing this morning and is a sad poney07:10
kaushalis there a alternative technology for NFS Server ?07:13
kaushalI mean replacing NFS07:14
twbNFSv3, NFSv4, CIFS/SMB2 and AFS are widespread07:14
ttxDaviey: ping07:51
sanderjHow come I got \040 instead of all my spaces in mysql history after I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 ?07:53
sanderjselect * from test; became: select\040*\040from\040test;07:54
Davieyttx: PONG08:05
ttxDaviey: did you test the UEC install on yesterdays last ISo ?08:05
ttxDaviey: we should have a new ISO in ~20min08:05
ttxrespin from yesterday was oversized08:06
ttxdid you got a chance to test yesterday ?08:06
Davieyttx: Ok.. I have the school run to do today, but will be back in an hour.08:06
Davieyttx: Well i left it to get past the yaml issue, then killed it.08:07
ttxok, so you still ahve to do the full topology 1 tsets anyway08:07
ttx(since nobody else did it overnight)08:07
ttxDaviey: see you in one hour :)08:08
Davieyttx: \o08:08
gkffjcsI"m trying to configure my server with static ip addresses on two nic's One nic is connected to a local subnet, the other is connected to a second subnet, which also has internet access and a gateway. I have configured /etc/network/interfaces such that eth1 is on my local subnet, and eth0 is on the subnet which has internet access. I also configured eth0 with the proper gateway ip. I can ping to and from both subnets however,08:30
gkffjcsI cannot ping out to the internet, I have checked my routes and they look correct. Any ideas?08:30
trapmaxwhere does your ping stop?08:31
gkffjcshuh, I can ping to any host on both subnets, both of which are on the 192.168.something.host. eg and both work. but for instance ping -c 10 www.google.com doesn't work.08:33
trapmaxhow about google dns with "ping"?08:33
gkffjcsthat worked the ping
twbmtr beats traceroute, and it's usually installed08:35
trapmaxso it's dns problem?08:35
gkffjcsthat is possible.08:36
twbtrapmax: try "host google.com", or dig, or getent hosts, or nslookup, or busybox nslookup08:36
twbIf that fails, but "host google.com" works, your resolv.conf is busted08:37
trapmaxtwb: i would rather start with pinging08:38
trapmaxwith an ip08:38
twbtrapmax: sure08:38
gkffjcsthe host www.google.com failed, but the host www.google.com worked.08:39
gkffjcsallright, I updated my resolv.conf and now it's working Thanks!08:43
twbAnd NEXT time, you'll know how to do it without asking us08:44
twbIf you're using DHCP, note that it tends to write resolv.conf, as does NM and pppoe and similar08:44
twbIn such cases its better to fix the DNS server than resolv.conf08:44
gkffjcsthanks guys have a good one!08:54
Davieyttx: Hmm.. has it been posted?09:20
ttxnot yet09:20
Davieyttx: Reading scrollback in -release.. I don't understand what the plan is09:22
ttxDaviey: publisher just picked up the fixed hplip09:22
Davieyttx: Are we still going for 20100701?09:22
ttxDaviey: respin will start as soon as the archive catches up09:22
Davieyahh. ok, thanks09:22
ttxWe'll have 20100701 available in ~35 min09:22
ttxDavidLevin: interesting sideeffect is...09:23
Davieyttx: Super, thanks09:23
ttxDaviey: ^09:23
ttxi386 will pick up the fixed kernel09:23
ttxamd64 will still have the old one, with the fix a dist-upgrade away09:23
DavieyWhich i guess is good to test.. as i tend to develop on amd64 only.09:23
ttxDaviey: so as soon as they are available, please run the topology 1 tests -- we'll need to be sure it's good ASAP09:25
ttxI'll run the standard basic tests on i386/amd6409:25
Davieyttx: yep, if i don't straight away -> can you hilight me if you see them posted.09:28
* _ruben files Jeeves_' server10:00
ttxDaviey: it's all yours10:07
Davieyttx: great10:08
=== Daviey_ is now known as Daviey
ttxDaviey: if you start a test, mark it "started"10:18
ttxthat should avoid duplication10:18
Davieyttx, I'll be doing that shortly.. just thrown it on USB10:19
e-DIO-tmmh any idea of "fallling" performance if I use a dynagen emulated cisco ios instead of iptables?10:23
e-DIO-t[and....any idea about law implications too]10:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #600549 in m2crypto (main) "m2crypto fails to build from source in maverick" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60054910:41
ttxDaviey: how is it going ?10:59
Davieyttx, Doing the installation as we speak11:00
ttxDaviey: fwiw the amd64 fixed kernel is already a dist-upgrade away11:20
ttx(on up to date archives near you)11:20
Davieyttx, Hm.. how long ago?11:20
Davieyttx, I have a local mirror that might need manual syncing11:21
ttxI just tried on some fr.archive.ubuntu.com, they got it11:21
ttxmust have been a question of minutes11:21
ttxif you sync now you should have it11:21
ttxDaviey: looking good so far ? i.e. installing ?11:21
Davieyttx, well i only wanted to commit one usb pendrive; and so "all in one" is installed and started as expected11:22
Davieyttx, not long started the installation of nc11:22
* ttx updates his last test result and goes for lunch11:25
Mateo_Hi everyone !11:28
Mateo_I'm trying to setup subdomain with virtualhosts but every subdomain redirects me to the folder of the domain...11:29
Mateo_this is my conf: http://pastebin.com/1u1wy21D11:29
Mateo_if someone have the time to take a look ..11:31
trapmaxMateo_: maybe change the NameVirtualHost sub1.mondomain.com:80 to NameVirtualHost *:8011:53
Mateo_trapmax: same error12:04
KenBW2_workI've added myself to the www-data group, and set /var/www/avdistribution to have 755 permissions, but can't edit files - any ideas?12:23
tolaHi, I've been following the tutorial to set up Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. During installation I specified a range of available IP addresses but when I try and start an instance the cluster controller says "FinishedVerify: Not enough resources available: addresses (try --addressing private)". Any ideas what might have happened?12:24
tolaKenBW2_work: It would need to be 775 to allow group members to write, I think12:24
KenBW2_worktola: sorry, i meant 77512:25
tolaKenBW2_work: Did you apply chmod recursively using the -R flag?12:26
KenBW2_workls'ing the directory i'm trying to write to shows -rwxrwxr-x 1 www-data www-data  5542 2009-07-23 06:25 view.phtml12:26
KenBW2_worktola: as i understand it that shouldbe sufficient permissions12:27
tolaKenBW2_work: yes, if you're a member of www-data it should be12:27
KenBW2_work$ grep www-data /etc/group12:27
KenBW2_workgiant is my user12:28
tolalooks Ok to me12:30
KenBW2_worktola: i assume being in the www-data group and having 775 permissions is all i should need?12:30
ttxkirkland, Daviey, ccheney: please cover the UEC topologies in server ISO testing + some UEC cloud image testing12:31
ttxsmoser: please cover AP AMIs + cloud image testing on Lucid UEC if you have some time12:32
Davieyttx, Trying... but it seems i'm sort of blocked on another kernel issue \o/12:32
ttxhallyn, SpamapS: please cover some of the remaining tests on amd64 and i386 ISOs12:32
tolaKenBW2_work: yes I would have thought so12:32
ttxhallyn: there is a "virtualization host" test that should be good for you, in particular12:33
ttxDaviey: another kernel issue ? One that wasn't in the PPA test kernel ?12:33
Davieya platofrm issue, NIC not working12:34
Davieyttx, ^12:34
Davieyttx, Talking with the kernel peeps atm about it12:34
ttxI can tell it works alright on the laptop, so it must be one of the others12:34
Davieyttx, bug 59170712:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 591707 in linux "After upgrade lucid -> maverick eth0 interface is gone" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59170712:35
ttxthat makes testing by kirkland/ccheney/hggdh all the more important12:35
ttxif you're blocked by your hw12:35
DavieyI'm not sure it should be added to the tracker, as it's pot luck i happend to have that hardware.. What do you think?12:35
Davieyttx, Would you object if the kernel team asked me to upgrade the bios?12:36
ttxI agree12:36
ttxthe bios of what ? Those rigs are yours now, do what you want of them :)12:36
Davieyok.. thanks12:37
DavieyI just didn't wanna get moaned at if they break :P12:37
ttxspineau: around ?12:40
spineauttx: hello12:41
ttxspineau: you still have 2 work items marked TODO for Alpha2:12:41
ttxEnsure access to additional rig #2 (Sylvain reported issues)12:41
ttxEnsure hggdh2's test additions work in checkbox12:41
ttxdo you plan to complete them by the end of the day ?12:42
ttxor are they no longer relavnt, or should they be postponed ?12:42
spineauttx: let me check12:42
spineauttx: second item can be closed, hggdh is well aware of checkbox recent additions12:44
ttxok, could you mark it as DONE, then ?12:44
ttxwhat about the first one ?12:44
spineauttx: access to the rig #2, I guess it's the platform one , right ?12:44
ttxspineau: I... suppose12:44
tolaWhen installing Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud I provided a range of IP addresses and I can see that range in my /etc/eucalytpus.local.conf - but when I type "euca-describe-addresses" I get nothing12:45
spineauttx: if yes, I haven't tried it, I'll postpone this one12:45
spineauttx: I'm going to update the blueprint12:46
ttxspineau: mark as POSTPONED, then copy it to alpha3 as TODO12:46
spineauttx: ok, thanks12:46
ttxthank you !12:47
tolaAlso, I don't understand the relationship between eucalytpus.conf and eucalytus.local.conf which have conflicting settings?12:47
tolaeucalyptus.local.conf seems to be a addition made by Ubuntu to the upstream code12:49
ttxtola: "man eucalyptus.conf" is your friend12:56
ttx(also an Ubuntu addition to upstream code)12:56
tolattx: I was just reading that actually and now I understand that eucalyptus.local.conf takes precedence and used by euca_conf and shouldn't be edited directly. What I don't understand is that the config looks OK but euca-describe-addresses still returns nothing12:58
ttxtola: right, that's the key issue12:59
ttxtola: what is your VNET_PUBLICIPS value ?12:59
tolafor the full config: http://pastebin.com/BB8k0rfs13:00
tolaThat's what was generated during installation13:00
ttxhm, looks ok to me13:01
ttxtola: i suggest you look into the logs for obvious errors... and if you can't find out, open a bug13:01
tolattx: OK, will do13:01
ttxDaviey: you have one TODO left which sounds like something you can't complete before the end of A2: "week 8 eucalyptus, euca2ools merge"13:02
ttxDaviey: unless it's done already ?13:03
Davieyttx, Well it depends entirely what it means :)13:04
DavieyI can't do a merge this week, as we haven't had a new code drop13:04
ttxok, then it should just be removed13:04
Davieyttx, However, if i go through the cycle of doing a merge - i can call it done - even if no code changes? :)13:05
ttxthen you should mark it DONE :)13:05
ttxyour call... not TODO in all cases13:05
DavieyWell week 8 merge is up to date.. so i'll mark it DONE13:05
tolawhat is "--addressing private" for when starting instances?13:08
ttxtola: it's to avoid allocation of a public IP13:08
tolattx: Where "public" means?13:09
* ttx is tempted to answer "not private"...13:10
ttxEC2-like instances have a private address13:10
ttxone that can be used between instances13:10
ttxyou /can/ allocate them a public IP13:10
ttxso that they are reachable from outside the cloud itself13:11
tolaOK, that makes sense thanks. I was wondering if it might mean public as available to the whole Internet vs. private behind a firewall13:11
smoserttx, i'll try the ap tests again right now.13:18
ttxsmoser: cool13:18
smoserttx, i'll get on the UEC testing. i'm still getting insufficient capacity on ap-southeast-1 for the tests. it seems i can't get more than 1 or 2 instances.13:28
ttxsmoser: ok, cool13:28
smoseri think we may have to accept that they're not going to get done.13:29
ttxsmoser: don't forget to keep time to mark off your last work items13:29
smoseri wish i had the problem where so many people wanted to give me money that I couldn't keep up.13:29
ttxhggdh, kirkland: around ?13:31
ttxhallyn: ping13:31
hallynttx: .13:51
hallynttx: what's up13:51
ccheneyttx, doing testing13:53
ttxccheney: cool, are you on a specific testcase ?13:54
ccheneyttx, just started up again, but i had done the simple vm run through already with it working13:54
ttxhallyn: could you cover up some tests, like for example the "virtualization host" tests ?13:54
ccheneyttx, are the rest on the iso.qa tracker?13:55
ttxccheney: I'm mostly concerned by the UEC tests, since Daviey is blocked13:55
hallynttx: sure, i'm trying tof ind those at the website...13:56
ttxhallyn: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4297/265 and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4298/26613:56
ttxhallyn: mark them started if you start them13:56
hallynttx: i recon' those must be doen on bare metal :)13:58
ttxhallyn: that's easier, yes13:58
hallynok, will do13:58
ccheneyttx, ok working on them now13:58
hallynttx: one last q - am i skewing the results by converting the iso's to a usb stick isntead of booting cd?13:59
ttxhallyn: no13:59
ttxthat's perfectly acceptable :)13:59
hallynexcellent.  starting now13:59
rahmanHi, is it possible to chnage the "Display Name" field with snmpd ? I can set "syslocation"  and "syscontact" in smpd.conf but what about other fields?14:00
rahmanjust adding "sysname foobar" did the trick14:04
Davieykirkland / ccheney: Are you around?14:24
ccheneyDaviey, yes14:24
Davieyccheney, Call?14:25
ccheneyoh sorry14:25
DavieyHmm.. kirkland?14:25
ttxDaviey, ccheney: should I run the UEC topology 1 test myself ?14:36
Davieyttx, I think ccheney is running it now14:36
ccheneyDaviey, working on it, but in our scrum atm14:36
ccheneyttx, ^14:36
ttxccheney: looks like you started the "virtualization test", not the UEC minimal topology one14:37
Davieyttx, I can confirm the "all in one" works.. but can't easily do the alpha 2 (unless i revert to lucid kernel)14:37
* ttx starts up a i386 UEC test -- i'll let ccheney cover the amd64 one (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4297/494)14:38
ttxDaviey: can you use your rig to check the UEC images ?14:40
ccheneyttx: ok thanks14:40
ttxDaviey: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/4261 and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/426214:40
sponzorureadahead-other main process (835) terminated with status 414:43
sponzorwhats this?14:43
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Davieyttx, Yes..14:47
Davieyttx, yes, still on scrum14:47
tsunI wanna use ubuntu server as domain controller, and i'm able to login from xp machine with samba user account, but he doesn't loads/writes profiles to the server14:48
Davieyttx, After this, is it ok for me to put testing on hold.. Euca want to help with maverick 1.7, and are waiting on me for something14:48
ttxDaviey: sure -- if smoser confirms he'll run the UEC images, you can even skip those14:49
smoseroh yeah. i was going to do that.14:49
ttxsmoser: sooner is better than later, we don't have much time left to catch a kitten killer there14:50
Davieyttx, Ok, if there is anything else left - i can pick it up after this upstream stuff.14:50
ttxDaviey: I set you free :)14:51
Daviey\o/ yah14:51
smoserttx, will reboot and test.14:51
ttxccheney: on amd64, you should need to dist-upgrade to fix your kernel14:51
ccheneyttx: ok14:51
hggdhttx: good morning14:52
ttxhggdh: yo14:52
smoserhggdh, good morning14:52
hggdhsmoser: good morning14:52
hggdhttx: were you looking for me?14:52
ttxhggdh: I think ISO testing is now under control -- critical tests missing are UEC images (smoser on it) and UEC topology 1 / amd64 (ccheney on it)14:53
ttxhggdh: I was desperately seeking ISO testing manpower, but I think it's under control now14:53
ttxhggdh: you can cover your own "milestone testing"14:53
hggdhttx: yes, of course. starting on it now14:54
hggdh(I mean, just after I reboot)14:54
hggdhDaviey: good morning, yes, most certainlybrb14:54
* ttx runs UEC/i386 for kicks14:54
hallynttx: damnit, the broadcom nic in the vostro laptops aren't supported in the livecd, making iso testing problematic15:03
hallyn(hopefully it'll be on the cd after i reinstall as it was on the desktop cd, but i'm not convinced)15:04
* hallyn fjeers ruining the good install he had on this thing15:05
hallynbut that's why it's a crash-and-burn system  :)15:05
sponzoris this ubuntu 10.04 stable?15:07
ttxsponzor: 10.10 alpha 215:08
koruptidWondering if anyone might be able to help me out... I have a new 10.04 install and I need to transparently forward traffic from the box on a specific port to another box... I think I have iptables configured correctly but connections fail, is there a configuration element I'm missing?15:09
Davieyhallyn, Hmm.. I thought the non-free broadcom drivers were on the cd.. Have you tried enabling jockey?15:14
Davieyhallyn, It says you need to reboot.. but i haven't needed to.15:15
EskillsI have recently become the administrator of a file server. I am trying to clean it up as so many people have had free reign to put anything wherever they want.  The are so many copies of the same files on the server.  I seem to remember a program to consolidate to only one copy, but can't recall.15:15
hallynDaviey: with the desktop cd, i had to install, then manually install the drivers after install15:15
hallynDaviey: with this server image, though, the IDIOTIC installer is trying to d/l apt files over network15:15
hallynso it's just hanging15:15
Davieyhallyn, Interesting... for broadcom wifi drivers, in Lucid ivecd - they were on the cd.15:15
hallynlooks like regression then15:15
hallynall right it finally gave up on that.  would you consider not auto-loading broadcom drivers a bug that i should file?15:19
hallynDaviey: ^15:19
hallynor, ttx: ^15:19
ttxhallyn: yes (file a bug) but not necessarily against the ISo tracker15:21
ttxi.e. don't mark the test as failed15:22
sponzori did raid1 /boot when installation asks me if i want to install grup yes or no?15:26
Byte_hi all15:28
Byte_i have a problem with my ubuntu Entreprise Cloud15:28
luisthello... i just installed a ubuntu server on a virtual machine, how do i disable firewall to let me ssh to this VM?15:28
smoserttx, tests done and passed.15:29
Byte_when try to star a virtual host i have this error15:29
koruptidluist: did you install opensshd? server doesn't install it by default.15:30
Byte_FinishedVerify: Not enough resources (VmTypeAvailability{type=VmType{name='m1.small', cpu=1, disk=2, mem=192}, max=0, available=0} < 1: vm instances.15:30
Byte_can be this a rpoblem of my hardware?15:30
luistkoruptid, oooh :)15:30
Byte_im only have 1gb of memory in the front end15:30
ttxsmoser: good, thanks15:30
koruptidluist: always check your packages carefully. ;-)15:30
ttxDaviey: the NC seems broken15:31
luistkoruptid, whats the package called?15:31
ttxDaviey: it's autoregistered, but doesn't start up logging things to nc.log15:31
Davieyttx, *sigh*15:31
PeterJanku1Hi I have small problem with postfix, could you help me pleas?15:31
Davieyttx, Any indication what the issue is?15:32
ttxDaviey: you didn't have any issue ?15:32
koruptidluist: off the top of my head not sure... the way to find it (and learn a little) would be to either "sudo aptitude" and look it up in the roles list or "sudo aptitide search openssh"15:32
luistkoruptid, thanks15:32
Davieyttx, My NC isn't on the network, due to the NIC kernel issue, so i didn't get that far15:32
koruptidugh, need iptables afficionado. >_<15:33
ttxDaviey: I mean, in your recent tests, with old kernel etc15:34
Davieyttx, Sorry, no - not had that issue15:34
ttxI'm investigating15:36
DavieyPeterJanku1, I'm sorry.. most of the regulars in here are snowed under testing the latest Alpha15:37
koruptidByte: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1335954 ... after a bit of googling15:37
DavieyPeterJanku1, It's a really busy time for us.15:37
DavieyPeterJanku1, but if you ask your question - you are more likely to get an answer15:37
ttxDaviey: ok, I know why it fails. The question is, how could it work for you15:37
Davieyttx, How is it failing?15:37
koruptidDaviey: you know if any of the regulars are familiar with iptables... I'm on a bit of a time crunch with my issue15:38
ttxDaviey: looks like it's ignoring the nodes.list15:38
ttxDaviey: euca_conf and autoregistration write the node to the nodes.list15:38
Davieyttx, Interesting.. i didn't think that area got touched since A115:38
PeterJanku1OK. I have a small server with postfix only for sending warnings to the admin mail. Everything work fine, but sometime i have three new linex in my syslog:15:38
PeterJanku1Jul  1 15:53:59 VyrobaServer postfix/qmgr[1647]: EBDEC20069: from=<root@VyrobaServer>, size=447, nrcpt=1 (queue active)15:38
PeterJanku1Jul  1 15:54:20 VyrobaServer postfix/smtp[4393]: connect to example.net[]:25: Connection timed out15:38
PeterJanku1Jul  1 15:54:20 VyrobaServer postfix/smtp[4393]: EBDEC20069: to=<email@example.net>, relay=none, delay=100559, delays=100538/0.01/21/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to example.net[]:25: Connection timed out)15:38
ttxDaviey: editing NODES= directly in eucalyptus.conf works15:38
ttxDaviey: looks like you missed a patch in your merge15:39
PeterJanku1I dont know who send mail to the email@example.net, and how can i diable it.15:39
ttxDaviey: but I can't see how it worked in your tests.15:39
Davieyttx, Perhaps,, but as you say.. it should have failed in A115:39
Davieyttx, i'm investigating15:40
ttxDaviey: I mean, your recent tests15:40
ttxwill file a bug15:40
Davieyttx, Yeah.. but i mean i don't think that area has been touched since A115:40
Davieyttx, This is weird!15:41
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koruptidPeterJanku1, is this machine behind a firewall?15:42
Davieyttx, So - they are registering, but not showing in the availability zone?15:42
ttxDaviey: they are registering, as in euca_conf works15:42
ttxbut the addition in nodes.list ,never gets picked up by the CC15:42
ttxprobably the specific patch that enables nodes.list was dropped15:43
DavieyPeterJanku1, grep -inr example.net /etc/postfix/ <-- should give an indicator15:43
Davieyttx, 07-local_support_euca_conf-in.patch looks sane :/15:44
PeterJanku1Daviey: nothing return15:44
DavieyPeterJanku1, look in /etc/aliases ?15:44
PeterJanku1Daviey: # See man 5 aliases for format15:45
PeterJanku1postmaster:    root15:45
PeterJanku1clamav: root15:45
DavieyPeterJanku1, I'm really sorry, but i can't help further at this point - hopefully someone else can chime in15:46
Davieyttx, Hmm15:46
PeterJanku1ok thanks a lot15:46
Davieyttx, Hmm.. it could indeed have been dropped :(... but i really don't understand why it worked in A115:47
ttxwhat worked in A1 ?15:47
Davieyttx, This issue.15:48
ttxDaviey: on a call, brb15:48
Davieyttx, Ok, am investigating15:48
* ccheney brb, got to run to drugstore for wife15:51
Byte_i have a problem trying to star my first virtual machine in UEC15:53
Byte_y have this error all the time15:53
Byte_inishedVerify: Not enough resources (VmTypeAvailability{type=VmType{name='m1.small', cpu=1, disk=2, mem=192}, max=0, available=0} < 1: vm instances.15:53
Davieyttx, For info.. it does seem to be a valid bug, i can see where the code is missing.15:53
Davieyttx, What is troubling more, is i can't see how it got dropped!!15:54
sorenByte_: As I said, you should mention where you are running this..15:55
Byte_im install UEC in a machine15:56
Byte_i create a default virtual host,15:57
Davieyttx, If you can raise the bug, can you assign it to me please so i can see it15:57
Byte_im connect to the server with ssh and run this comand to start the machine15:57
koruptidIf anyone could help me out... I'm trying to do a port forward using iptables... according to everything I'm reading it should work but it doesn't.15:57
Byte_euca-run-instances -k mykey emi-E041107815:57
sorenByte_: Uh... You're running this on a rackspace cloud server, right?15:57
sorenOk, good. That's key information.15:58
MTecknologyI have NO idea why I keep getting these errors. This user is legit traffic. They're not doing anything odd. I get a few thousand of these every day when this person works..   Jun 30 13:16:18 incipio kernel: [325790.562108] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=52:54:00:63:d5:dc:54:42:49:02:8c:85:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=128 ID=22722 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=54308 DPT=80 WINDOW=16127 RES=0x00 ACK FIN URGP=015:58
MTecknologyI'm lost as to why I'm getting these - she doesn't even use that server much of ever15:59
sorenByte_: You should elaborate on what you've set up so far.15:59
MTecknologyI'm guessing it has something to do with ACK FIN - but that's all I can get16:00
MTecknologyThey all come as either SYN or ACK FIN - afaict16:01
MTecknologyAny ideas what it could be?16:04
ttxDaviey: got inet connection trouble16:05
ttxDaviey: not able to file the bug16:08
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bogeyd6how can you look up who is the maintainer of a package?16:24
sorenbogeyd6: Ubuntu packages customarily don't have maintainers in the same sense as Debian.16:25
koruptidAnyone here able to answer some questions with iptables?16:25
bogeyd6soren, there is a zoneminder package that is riddled with bugs and an incomplete install16:25
sorenbogeyd6: Of course there are exceptions, but generally, all packages are maintained by everyone.16:25
SpamapSkoruptid: just ask your question, if we know, we'll answer16:26
bogeyd6soren, like the whole purpose of zoneminder if the web interface for administration, yet the install doesnt setup the apache conf file16:27
sorenbogeyd6: Never heard of it.16:27
bogeyd6ill file a bug16:27
koruptidSpamapS, I'm trying to configure the server to forward traffic on a port to another machine but all the tutorials I'm finding are designed for a machine acting as a gateway to an internal network.16:27
ttxDaviey: bug 60068716:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 600687 in eucalyptus "[maverick] Regression: nodes.list is ignored by CC" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60068716:27
Davieyttx, thanks16:29
* ccheney back16:31
bogeyd6bug 50700416:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 507004 in zoneminder "Manual postinstalation step required for zoneminder" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50700416:32
bogeyd6gonna go ahead and confirm that16:32
bogeyd6How do I mark that it affect 10.04 x64?16:33
SpamapSkoruptid: thats because to do the port forwarding the machine *must* be the gateway for the machine it is forwarding to16:35
SpamapSkoruptid: the only other way it will work is with a proxy16:36
koruptidSpamapS, what method would you recommend for that?16:53
SpamapSkoruptid: something protocol-aware is the best. What protocol do you want to forward?16:58
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koruptidSpamapS: it is a .NET Remoting app.17:00
koruptidSpamapS: TCP based... I think it may use a modified HTTP but I'm not sure17:01
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SpamapSkoruptid: "modified HTTP" == FAIL17:10
SpamapSkoruptid: if they are screwing with HTTP.. they're seriously crack headed17:10
SpamapSkoruptid: you can try haproxy ... it has the ability to proxy non-HTTP TCP protocols17:11
SpamapShey has anyone setup postfix to do secure message delivery through a relay host and been able to get it to verify CA certs?17:12
geneticx_morning everyone, I know this is completely unrelated but can someone explain to me the difference between a single phase and three phase power circuit and how this affects a server?17:13
* SpamapS should probably just switch to client side certs actually... hm17:13
SpamapSgeneticx_: 3 phase power is more efficient for high load. Usually servers themselves don't support 3-phase, but high grade power management / battery backup units do17:14
joel_I'm running lucid on ec2, and I need to run kernel linux-ec2 2.6.32-307 because of LP #560717 (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lucid-changes/2010-June/011427.html). I am looking for that aki in the 'ec2-describe-images --all' output, but I don't see it. suggestions?17:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 560717 in linux "ports kernel lacks device-mapper as built-in (causes LVM not to activate)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56071717:15
geneticx_SpamapS: sorry, when you say more efficient, you mean they consume less amps?17:16
SpamapSgeneticx_: actually no, it just allows the transmission lines to be smaller and the transformers to be simpler.17:17
ttxsmoser: you're all set wrt. cloud images ?17:18
smoseryeah, i think we're good.17:18
SpamapSgeneticx_: "Large rectifier systems may have three-phase inputs; the resulting DC current is easier to filter (smooth) than the output of a single-phase rectifier. Such rectifiers may be used for battery charging," http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-phase_electric_power17:18
smoserand i even am getting i386 in ap-southeast-1 tested.17:18
smoserso the onlyt thing missing will be amd64 ap-southeast-1, and i've sniffed that they boot.17:19
geneticx_SpamapS: the reason why I ask is that we have 2 IBM bladecenters plugged into a 208V/60amp 3phase and we are looking into lowering this to single phase, but I really don't know how this will affect the servers17:19
joel_smoser: actually I'm reading your blog re: my issue... thanks for writing up how to do an upgrade17:19
smoserwoohoo, a reader of my blog other than my mom17:20
ttxsmoser: that's me17:20
ttxbeen reading up the cloud-config post for a presentation :)17:20
* ttx eods, will bbl17:20
SpamapSgeneticx_: for blades 3 phase is probably saving you a little bit on heat and power consumption17:22
joel_smoser: how do new ubuntu kernels become available as an aki? do we wait on canonical to release them, or could I create one?17:22
smoserjoel_, you sit and wait until i smile upon you :)17:23
smoseronly priviledge accounts are allowed to register kernels on ec2.  Canonical is one of those.17:23
smoserthe canonical account uploads new kernels anytime its uploading a new build that has a kernel that isn't published yet.17:24
smoserand new builds are done daily/semi-weekly.17:24
SpamapSgeneticx_: why are you switching it to single phase? are you not fully utilizing the blade center?17:24
geneticx_SpamapS: that makes sense. Yeah, we are not fully utilizing it. We have a 208V/60 amp 3phase circuit with only 1 bladecenter and we are currently at 10 amps right now17:26
geneticx_and difference in price between a single phase and three phase is around 1K17:27
joel_smoser: ok great... I've installed 2.6.32-307 in my instance, which was built around june 18, so I guess the aki would be coming shortly?17:27
SpamapSgeneticx_: the only reason to have 3-phase is to max it out. :)17:27
geneticx_a month17:27
geneticx_SpamapS: I agree17:28
SpamapSgeneticx_: if you ever need to fully utilize those two blade centers you'll probably save money w/ 3phase because it will take two single phase circuits17:28
SpamapSbut, by then you'll have realized that blades are a losing battle and just buy a big box and use virtualization ;)17:28
smoserwhere do you see that 2.6.32-307 was built ~ june 18 ?17:29
smoserhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ec2 shows it just occurred17:29
joel_ah, sorry... I was going off https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lucid-changes/2010-June/011427.html17:30
geneticx_SpamapS: yeah the thing is we don't get billed by power consumption but for having those circuits there. =(17:31
joel_assumed it would be +/- a few days, but obviously I should have checked LP17:31
SpamapSgeneticx_: yeah thats pretty much everybody17:31
koruptidhow do you detect if apparmor is blocking something?17:32
smosermy guess is it just made it into updates from proposed.17:32
smoserthe next lucid build (which builds twice weekly) will pick it up if it is in updates17:32
smoserthere is a bug in our process in that nothing publishes kernels from -proposed17:32
joel_ok cool, I will look out for it17:33
joel_thanks for the great work17:34
geneticx_SpamapS: so I don't see how we can save money later on if the blades will work on either single or three phase17:34
SpamapSgeneticx_: if a single blade center hits 15 amps .. you're S.O.L .. many companies will shut off a 20 amp circuit that sustains 15 amps.17:38
SpamapSI know we had to ask for permission to raise ours to 17 amps because for 3 hours a day we had boxes crunching numbers and taking our circuits to that level17:38
SpamapS(in a Savvis data center)17:38
SpamapSalpha2 seems to boot in about 2 seconds on vmware17:40
smosercan i get someone to please sponsor a -proposed upload for the landscape team ?17:40
smoserkirkland maybe?17:41
geneticx_80% utilization eh!? so what do you think, lower to single phase (save some on the bill) or stay with the current set up17:41
SpamapSgeneticx_: save on the bill, monitor utilization17:41
SpamapSgeneticx_: plus, if you do have to switch back, there should be no install charge since you already had 3phase.17:42
geneticx_SpamapS: sounds good, these PDUs we have in place now don't need to be changed right?17:43
SpamapSgeneticx_: probably.17:44
SpamapSgeneticx_: I mean, a switch or setting yes17:45
SpamapSgeneticx_: *definitely* RTFM on that17:45
koruptidokay, ran into another issue here... I have haproxy installed and configured... it works just find running it by hand using sudo, but running it with init.d/haproxy start nothing happens17:46
smoserbug 594594 has branch lp:~free.ekanayaka/landscape-client/lucid-
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 594594 in landscape-client "Update jaunty, karmic, lucid and maverick to landscape-client 1.5.2" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59459417:47
SpamapSkoruptid: because there's no config file?17:49
koruptidSpamapS, there's a config file... /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg17:50
geneticx_SpamapS: I will, thank you sir17:51
RoyK^hi all - quick ssh tunnel question in case someone has it ready - I want to ssh from my laptop (a) into box (b) and have that act as a 'proxy' to host c:80 - how can I do that with ssh? -R?17:52
RoyK^box (b) and (c) are behind the same firewall17:53
koruptidSpamapS, found it /etc/default/haproxy was 0.17:53
RoyK^ah - got it -L17:54
SpamapSkoruptid: ugh.. I hate that.17:54
koruptidSpamapS, whose bright idea was it to make it so that by default a newly installed daemon won't be able to start?17:56
luisthow do i mount remote home (NIS) from ext3 to my ubuntu server that is ext4?18:01
SpamapSkoruptid: I don't know.. its already listed as a bug I think.18:02
SpamapSkoruptid: I think the idea is you need to configure it before you enable it.18:02
koruptidSpamapS, yeah... be really REALLY nice if it said that in the install output. >_<  oh well, got it working in the long run and it may yet save my bacon, lol.18:06
SpamapSkoruptid: I think the startup scripts should say something like "DISABLED" when they encounter ENABLED==0 .. most of them just exit 018:10
hggdhquestion on debian-installer preseed, Maverick A2. How can I select a specific mirror to use? I am getting set to gb.archive.ubuntu.com, and I do not see where I can set it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/457920/18:11
koruptidSpamapS, that seems like a very reasonable change that would save people a lot of headaches18:11
ccheneyttx, i tested uec 1 on maverick amd64 and it won't start a instance complaining about libvirt18:17
ccheneyttx, have you seen any other complaints about that?18:17
luisthelp please... trying to mount users homes from nis server and getting this: http://pastie.org/1026904  the fstab line is:       /home/users     nfs     defaults        0 018:21
cloakableluist: have you installed nfs-common on the client?18:27
luistcloakable, hm.. no... installing it now18:29
cloakableluist: that would be your problem18:30
luistcloakable, thanks it worked :)18:43
cloakableluist: of course it did ;)18:44
cloakableI've setup NFS $HOME many a time :)18:44
koruptidluist, okay... I can't resist...18:44
* koruptid hands luist a shiny new facepalm18:45
luistthats what i get for coming back to thank :P18:46
koruptidluist that's okay... I've had at least four facepalms today18:47
koruptidluist, latest one was realizing that the init.d scripts on new daemons tend to be disabled by default. Another was when I "restarted" ufw thinking it was already running and locked myself out18:48
koruptidhere's a question for ya'll... is /etc/sudoers read lilo when it comes to how it assigns rules?18:50
cloakableWhy would /etc/sudoers read lilo?18:52
koruptidcloakable, I mean as in last rule in the file gets preference over first... last in last out18:52
cloakableI'm not sure18:53
cloakableActually, it's in /etc/sudoers if you read it18:53
cloakable# Uncomment to allow members of group sudo to not need a password18:54
cloakable# (Note that later entries override this, so you might need to move18:54
cloakable# it further down)18:54
cloakableSo yes, sudoers is read lilo18:54
cloakableSo yes, sudoers is read lifo18:54
* cloakable hands koruptid a shiny facepalm :)18:55
koruptidyay! facepalm for me18:55
koruptidI must have deleted those lines, lol18:55
luistcan anyone help me to configure NIS? i mounted the remote home and service is running, /etc/defaultdomain is correct and /etc/yp.conf has the right conf also... (same of a machine that already has a working NIS) what else am i missing?18:56
cloakableYou're missing LDAP18:57
ttxccheney: yes18:58
koruptidugh, ufw is really really starting to get on my nerves18:59
cloakabledisable it19:00
ttxccheney: thought it was an apparmor thing (bug 599450)19:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 599450 in linux "[apparmor] getattr handled incorrectly in 2.6.35-6.7" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59945019:00
* cloakable dislikes ufw19:00
ttxccheney: but I didn't really manage to make it boot, even after that19:00
koruptidcloakable, I'd prefer to have it enabled... I'm just trying to figure out why it is ignoring the app list19:00
SpamapSso I just booted with BOOT_DEGRADED=false ...19:01
SpamapSboth disks are available..19:01
SpamapSbut the RAID1 arrays all came up degraded19:01
SpamapSas in.. missing one disk entirely19:01
ttxccheney: have a try with apparmor disabled, see if you go further -- file a bug if that fails19:02
ttxSpamapS: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/mdadm/+bug/557429 ?19:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 557429 in ubuntu-release-notes "array with conflicting changes is assembled with data corruption/silent loss" [Undecided,Fix released]19:02
koruptidSpamapS, I'll better you on that one... my install says I have a hardware raid that doesn't exist19:02
ttxSpamapS: or another one ?19:03
ttxalpha2 is out, fwiw19:03
SpamapSI'm not sure if its the same thing19:04
ttxsounds slightly different from your desc19:04
luistcloakable, was that for me?19:05
SpamapSttx: yes it doesn't seem entirely reproducible either.. so maybe race or something19:06
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SpamapSttx: no I think this may be the same thing19:08
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ttxSpamapS: there is no reason why this one would be magically fixed19:08
SpamapSttx: its a bit scary. I always thought mdadm would "do the right thing" and fail miserably if anything was inconsistent19:09
ttxSpamapS: it needs some love19:10
luistcan anyone help me to configure NIS? i mounted the remote home and service is running, /etc/defaultdomain is correct and /etc/yp.conf has the right conf also... (same of a machine that already has a working NIS) what else am i missing?19:11
SpamapSttx: in this case, what I don't like is that the only indication outside /proc/mdstat I have is three lines saying "DegradedArray event detected" ...19:11
SpamapSmight also have been bug 53959719:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 539597 in mdadm "bogus debconf question "mdadm/boot_degraded"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53959719:14
SpamapSno thats not it..19:15
cloakableluist: yes :)19:17
luistcloakable, i cant use ldap here.. everything uses nis already19:20
koruptidspeaking of... if a non-mirrored swap drive dies on ubuntu server... what happens?19:20
joel_you'll have to clean your fan19:21
cloakableluist: poor you19:22
luistcloakable, yes :( now help me?19:22
cloakableluist: Switch to ldap?19:22
ccheneyttx, ok, just got back from lunch19:22
koruptidI'm just wondering if it kernel panics or not... right now I have my system set up so that the swap space doesn't mirror for obvious performance reasons.19:22
luistcloakable,  -.-19:22
ttxccheney: dos what I say make sense ?19:22
cloakableluist: I set up NIS once. Then I regained my sanity.19:23
cloakableNow I use LDAP, and everything is well19:24
ccheneyttx, i think so, trying it now19:24
ccheneyttx, that fixed it19:24
ccheneyttx, is the apparmor bug already documented?19:24
ttxccheney: you can start instances ? they end up running ?19:25
ttxbug 59945019:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 599450 in linux "[apparmor] getattr handled incorrectly in 2.6.35-6.7" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59945019:25
ccheneyttx, yes19:25
ccheneyah yea ok19:25
ttxccheney: good!19:25
ttxonly two known bugs preventing usage out of the box (with workarounds) -- not too bad19:26
ttxkirkland, jiboumans : ccheney managed to run an instance, once bug 600687 and bug 599450 are workedaround19:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 600687 in eucalyptus "[maverick] Regression: nodes.list is ignored by CC" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60068719:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 599450 in linux "[apparmor] getattr handled incorrectly in 2.6.35-6.7" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59945019:26
ttxso we have a known status for A2 now19:27
ttxccheney: register test results (PASS with two bugs)19:28
kirklandttx: ccheney: cool, thanks, guys19:29
ccheneyglad to see all the bugs are already documented :)19:29
ttxccheney: that apparmor issue is also preventing mysql from starting up19:30
ccheneyttx, yea saw in the report19:35
bogeyd6ubuntu keyserver is being very slow today19:35
bventurahello, when i log into ubuntu on a shell I get a message "37 packages can be updated. 16 updates are security updates. ".... where does that summary come from, how can I get aptitude or dpkg to summarize like that (so i can get a cronjob to mail the info to me on the regular) ?19:36
bogeyd6bventura, comes from landscape-common and apticron will email you the updates19:37
bventuracool thanks ill check it out19:37
Davieyccheney, Glad the apparmor isn't my problem :)19:42
ccheneyDaviey, yea19:43
kirklandsmoser: did you get that upload sponsored?19:58
smosermathiaz, did I ?19:58
mathiazsmoser: On my way20:02
mathiazsmoser: I'll do it by today20:02
mathiazsmoser: is this enough or should I do it earlier?20:02
smosermathiaz, today is good enough. thanks.20:02
kirklandsmoser: mathiaz: okay, so i won't worry abou this20:05
tyskais there some way to see creation date of files????20:13
guntberttyska: stat filename shows three timestamps - one is the creation20:17
xperiahello to all. i am looking for documentation how to setup easy and secure "simply machine forums" on my ubuntu lucid server ? does anybody know a howto for that ? the websearch does nothing delever for that20:17
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cemcis there a way to find out the order of installed packages? with apt-get or dpkg maybe? I would like to see the last X number of packages that were installed21:54
EvilTreki'm trying to configure BIND9, and I followed the guide located at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto22:14
EvilTrekbut its not working o.o22:14
EvilTrekand yes i specified the IP of the server in network configs on the systems that use the DNS server22:14
EvilTreksyslog shows no errors...22:15
EvilTrekhttp://starfleet.pastebin.com/0CujvHVj   <--- this is one of the things i've named in the server with an IN A <ip> entry22:16
EvilTrekin the main db22:16
EvilTreker zone's db22:16
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EvilTrekcan someone help me out with BIND9?22:19
sponzori do /etc/init.d/hostname restart and get replay Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8) ...22:26
hggdhsponzor: I am not sure what is your question22:54
cloakablesponzor: so um, "man 8 service"?23:03
cloakableWhen did rtfm go out of fashion?23:04
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maekwhat are some the way I can deploy ubuntu server automated and over the network?23:50
SpamapSmaek: can you pxe boot?23:50
maekSpamapS: yes23:51
maekim looking for a kickstart replacment or the nod that kickstart is the way23:51
maekis preseed the same as kickstart?23:51
SpamapSkickstart is the way, AFAIK23:51
SpamapShttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer  note: I haven't tried that exact documentation's steps23:52
EvilTrekanyone here know bind9 well?23:52

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