dfarninggood morning02:54
dipankardfarning, hello.03:14
dipankarlfaraone, you around?03:14
dfarningdipankar, hello03:14
dipankardfarning, how was your day?03:15
dfarningdipankar, It was good, and your night?03:16
dipankardfarning, terrible.. Could sleep properly :( Feeling really weird right now03:17
dfarningdipankar, argg that sucks:(03:18
dfarningwill you be around today?03:19
dipankardfarning, yeah sure :)03:19
dfarningdipankar, What do you have planned?03:19
dipankardfarning, I tried updating a package sugar-memorize last night. Some doubts that I wanted to ask03:20
dipankardfarning, The wget -P <download-link> was not working,03:21
dipankarremoving -P did.03:21
dfarningdipankar, what does the P flag do?  I'm scanning the man page03:22
dipankar-P,  --directory-prefix=PREFIX  save files to PREFIX/...03:24
dipankardfarning, ^^03:24
dfarningdipankar, ok found it -P is prefix03:24
dipankardfarning, but what does prefix mean hear?03:25
dipankar*hear -> here03:25
dfarningdipankar, I think that it will tell wget where to put the download.  The default is . which means the current dir.03:26
dfarningi think if you use the -P flag you have to give a valid local directory03:27
dipankardfarning, ok.. I guess I am comfortable with 'wget <download-link>' right now :)03:28
dfarningdipankar, yep 99% of the time that is what you will use03:29
dipankardfarning, I did not do the 'git-push' as I don't have an account yet for upload.03:29
dfarningdipankar, a very handy flag for wget is -c   is means continue.  If a download fails partway though you can just restart it where it left off.03:30
dfarningdipankar, do you know how to make a patch with git?03:31
dipankardfarning, lfaraone showed me using 3.0(quilte=) in which I simply added a patch file to the folder debian/patch/03:32
dipankarand also in the series file03:32
dfarningok what I am talking about is the command git-diff.  It allows you to change your recent changes, in a git repository, into a patch file.03:34
dfarningdipankar, http://learn.github.com/p/diff.html is a good reference.03:35
dfarningdipankar, can you try to make a diff and send it to me?03:35
dipankardfarning, ok.. I might be a bit slow today. :(03:36
dfarningdipankar, np.03:36
dipankardfarning, Ok.. Here are some problems03:52
dipankardfarning, 1. 'git status' gives the output : commit message + another line :# Untracked files:03:54
dipankar#   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)03:54
dfarningwhat this is telling you is that the last thing you did is drop the .bz2 file into the package and did not commit it yet.03:56
dfarningdipankar, is that what you intended?03:56
dipankardfarning, I ran 'git diff' no output came. But I then ran 'git diff --cached', then I got the following output : diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS03:57
dipankarindex e2d6a52..90e830d 10064403:57
dipankar--- a/NEWS03:57
dipankar+++ b/NEWS03:57
dipankar@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@03:57
dipankar+* Trial by Dipankar Patro.03:57
dipankar 03:57
dipankar 2603:58
dipankar 03:58
dipankardfarning, I guess I haven't added the .orig tarball yet03:58
dfarningyes, the term you are look for is commit.  with git you can do a bunch of edits to the repository.  Then when you are happy with your changes you must commit them.04:00
lfaraonedipankar: hi.04:01
dipankarlfaraone, welcome back.04:02
dfarningdipankar, I like to keep the cheet sheet at http://github.com/guides/git-cheat-sheet handy04:02
dipankardfarning, I meant that  I did not do the command 'git add <.orig tarball> ' only :)04:02
dipankarlfaraone, we are discussing git repo..04:03
lfaraonedipankar: cool.04:04
lfaraonedipankar: what you meant to say earlier is "3.0 (quilt)". It's a version of Debian package source that uses the quilt patch system to manage patches. As we talked about earlier, 3.0 (quilt) is compatible with the sort of patches generated by git.04:05
lfaraonedipankar: how would you figure this could be useful?04:06
dipankarlfaraone, I guess, I don't have to make a .patch file.. I will just change the files as per requirements04:08
dipankarrun git diff04:08
lfaraonedipankar: that's one use of it.04:09
dipankar*after adding them through 'git add'04:09
lfaraonedipankar: large software projects use git to track changes to their files.04:09
lfaraonedipankar: each change is recorded as a commit.04:09
dipankarlfaraone, ohk..04:09
lfaraonedipankar: so, if a version of sugar was released, and a bug was found...04:09
lfaraonedipankar: .. and the bug was fixed in a git commit, you could look at the commit to see what changed.04:10
lfaraonedipankar: that commit may be used as a patch against a released version we're packaging, as we did earlier.04:10
dipankarlfaraone, ok..04:11
lfaraonedipankar: does that make sense?04:11
dipankarlfaraone, yes.. so tracking is git's specialty04:12
lfaraonedipankar: and we understand how that could be useful to us, when we've got several people working on a package.04:13
lfaraonedipankar: they can each work on changes, committing to their local branches until they get something worth publishing, and then push it up. if changes have been made on the remote repository, they can be merged in before the push.04:13
dipankarlfaraone, ok..04:14
dipankarlfaraone, so we have to manually search for changes before pushing? or it will be done automatically?04:15
lfaraonedipankar: well, if you push and there are remote changes, it'll tell you :)04:16
dipankarlfaraone, thats great.04:16
lfaraonedipankar: http://progit.org/book/ch3-0.html explains how this works.04:17
dipankarlfaraone, I ran 'git diff'.. but no output came04:17
lfaraonedipankar: probably because you didn't make any changes since your last commit.04:18
lfaraonedipankar: if you want to get the changes between commits, read up on the syntax for git-diff.04:18
lfaraone("man git-diff")04:18
dipankarlfaraone, But I did change a file. And I get o/p in 'git diff --cached'04:19
lfaraonedipankar: okay. you then added it, right?04:20
lfaraonedipankar: look at git-diff's manpage, and read through the first three examples.04:20
dipankarlfaraone, yes04:20
lfaraonedipankar: so, what's the difference between git-diff with or without --cache?04:21
dipankarlfaraone, git-diff is used for changes about to be staged (before adding)04:23
dipankarlfaraone, git-diff --cached is used for changes staged but before committing04:23
lfaraonedipankar: okay. so you understand why --cached worked before when using git-diff without it did not?04:24
dipankarlfaraone, yes. Because I added the NEWS file before04:24
dipankarso git-diff didnot work04:25
dipankarBTW lfaraone, How do I generate a diff file that can be used for patch?04:25
dipankarlfaraone, Like the one we used for patching previously.04:25
lfaraonedipankar: I believe the diffs generated by git can be used, no?04:26
dipankarlfaraone, sorry, have put my question in a wrong way. It is 'how do i generate a patch file?'04:28
dipankarlfaraone, yes that can be used..04:28
lfaraonedipankar: well, when you run git-diff, you get something like this, right? http://sprunge.us/HRci (albiet with different content)04:28
lfaraonedipankar: doesn't that look similar to the other patch file we looked at?04:29
lfaraonedipankar: if you take the output of git-diff, and put it in a file in the right location, you're golden.04:29
dipankarlfaraone, got it. :).04:29
dipankarlfaraone, the command can be : git diff > abc.patch04:30
lfaraonedipankar: exactly.04:30
dipankarlfaraone, when committing, we already have changed our source file.. So I guess we don't have to patch again04:31
lfaraonedipankar: yes. keep in mind, however, that we don't like to make changes to the source file directly when we're doing Debian packaging.04:32
lfaraonedipankar: since direct changes are difficult to audit and hard to migrate when we rebase on a new upstream version. (the changes get lost)04:32
dipankarlfaraone, so how do I work that out?04:33
dipankarLike without changing the source, but still making corrections required..04:34
lfaraonedipankar: well, one way to do it is to make changes to a file, do git-diff, save the patch, and revert your changes. that's time consuming.04:34
lfaraonedipankar: instead, there's a tool called quilt which handles a deal of that for you. quilt is what dpkg-source is using internally to edit patches.04:35
lfaraonedipankar: I highly recommend you read http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html to understand how quilt works, but we'll get to that later.04:35
lfaraonedipankar: in the near-term, I have a short task for you.04:35
dipankarlfaraone, sure04:36
lfaraonedipankar: on http://git.debian.org/ , you'll find there's a repository called sugar-terminal-activity.git in collab-maint.04:36
lfaraonedipankar: are your SSH keys properly set up with alioth.debian.org?04:37
dipankarI haven't done that yet.04:37
lfaraonedipankar: okay. since git.debian.org uses alioth for authentication, you'll need to add youyr SSH keys.04:38
dipankarlfaraone, ok..04:38
dipankarlfaraone, I am at the sugar-terminal-activity04:39
lfaraonedipankar: then, I'd like you to clone the sugar-terminal-activity.git repository using the "git+ssh" url listed on the page you're seeing now. Edit the debian/control.in file and update the description of the package using similar text to what is used in the description of http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-calculate-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/control.in;h=ae9a2b9989f80377c248ca774c869e0f052d7242;hb=dc85b18722eaac7f0457597a6a90b8304:40
lfaraonedipankar: commit your change to the local repository using a descriptive commit message, then push your changes up.04:41
lfaraonedipankar: let me know if/when you get stuck.04:41
dipankarlfaraone, it might take sometime..04:41
lfaraonedipankar: no worries, I'll be going to sleep in a few hours, we can talk about it in the morning :)04:42
lfaraone*going to sleep in a few minutes for several hours04:42
dipankarlfaraone, ok.. Its nearing 0000 hrs there :)04:42
dipankarbut I will definitely complete it by the time you wake up..04:43
dipankarlfaraone, about the ssh key. They are to be added on the alioth site. right?04:43
lfaraonedipankar: Yes. See http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH for a description of how alioth's SSH services work.04:44
dfarninglfaraone, dipankar nice job and a good learning task for dipankar to acomplish04:44
dipankardfarning, :).. Like you said lfaraone is a really good teacher.04:45
lfaraonedfarning: it was jonas' idea a while ago, I haven't gotten around to updating the GettingStartedGuide to talk about it yet.04:45
lfaraonedfarning: so I can only take some credit :)04:45
* lfaraone will brb in 12.04:46
dfarningdipankar, so it looks like you are set for a couple of hour:)04:47
dipankardfarning, yup..04:47
dipankardfarning, btw the sugar-emulator fix is still not working on my machine :P04:48
dipankardfarning, the one with the /usr/share/applications/sugar.desktop04:49
dfarningdipankar, let's worry about that after you have gotten the correct packaging method down.  Then we can use that bug as a first 'real' application of what you are learning.04:49
dipankardfarning, great :)04:50
dfarningkandarpk, that is is good.04:55
dfarningwhat are you going to work on today?04:55
kandarpkthose bugs that I reported yesterday04:56
kandarpkVijit has send some help04:56
dfarningkandarpk, the ones in debian?04:56
kandarpkdfarning, would you like to recommend anything else that I should do ?04:57
lfaraonekandarpk: by the way, I hope you didn't take my email as a reproach.04:58
lfaraonekandarpk: I apologieze if I came across as critical.04:58
dfarningkandarpk, that sounds good.  when you come up with a fix for one of them, will you let me know.  I'll help you work through the debian bugtracker.04:59
kandarpklfaraone, It was good advice04:59
dfarninglfaraone, or if you are going to be here a while can you explain the debian bug tracker to kandarpk?04:59
kandarpkdfarning, sure05:00
lfaraonedfarning: I'll be off in hopefully five minutes.05:00
lfaraonekandarpk: basically, before reporting a bug, it's usually a good idea to discuss the issue via IRC with others to ensure that the bug you report is really a bug.05:01
lfaraonekandarpk: and when you finally do, it's important to identify three key components.05:01
lfaraonekandarpk: detailed on http://homepages.tesco.net/~J.deBoynePollard/FGA/problem-report-standard-litany.html05:03
lfaraonekandarpk: what you did, what happened, why that isn't what you expected.05:03
kandarpklfaraone, missed most of them in my mail05:04
lfaraonekandarpk: bonus is if you're able to provide a patch, or something that shows that the behavior is bad. like, "this used to work but doens't now" ( a regression ), or "the docs say it does this but in reality it doesn't" ( a bug in the docs, the code, or both )05:04
lfaraonekandarpk: no worries, most people do the first few times.05:05
lfaraoneanyway, I'm off. I'm sure dfarning will not steer you wrong.05:06
lfaraonedipankar: good luck on your quest. let me know if you encounter any gremlins.05:06
dipankarlfaraone, whats the password??05:07
dipankarit is not accepting mine..05:07
lfaraonedipankar: it's asking for your alioth password.05:07
lfaraonedipankar: keep in mind you have to specify your user name.05:07
lfaraone(since I doubt your local user name is dipankar-guest)05:07
dipankarlfaraone, in git clone too?05:07
lfaraonedipankar: well, you're cloning via SSH.05:08
dfarningkandarpk, ping me when you are ready to create create a bug report/patch submission and we can go over it together.05:08
dipankarlfaraone, ohk.. that means the syntax should be : git clone <user-name>@git+ssh...??05:09
kandarpkdfarning: is it really a bug, then ?05:09
lfaraonedipankar: either explicitly specify it (like your-user-name-goes-here@git.debian.org) or use the tips on http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH05:09
lfaraonedipankar: git+ssh://username@git.debian.org/etc05:09
dfarningkandarpk, which issue?05:09
kandarpkor can it be the default behaviour in sugar ?05:09
kandarpkto restart sugar-emulator05:10
kandarpkafter clicking on restart now05:10
dipankarlfaraone, ohk.. I guess I have to go through the wiki site once again...05:10
kandarpk*restart manually05:10
dfarningkandarpk, hmm how about creating a draft bug report with the information luke suggested.  and we can discuss the issues in the context of the report.05:11
* lfaraone is seriously sleeping now.05:11
dfarninggood bug reports take pratice.05:12
kandarpkdfarning, am I required a file a report on bug tracker ?05:14
dfarningkandarpk, no just write a draft bug report at http://openetherpad.org/49lCAfLuoN then we can go over it together.05:16
kandarpkdfarning, around ?05:29
kandarpkdfarning, I've drafted the report05:30
kandarpkis it ok ?05:30
ankurkhuranahello dfarning ,06:08
dfarningankurkhurana, goodmorning. how are you?06:09
ankurkhuranai am fine :) ,06:09
ankurkhuranadfarning: i installed 10.04 and 10.10 on virtual box under windows06:10
dfarningankurkhurana, how do they work?06:10
ankurkhuranai was having problem using dual boot system, so i did that.Primarily i have updated everything, but i was seking help how to import my pgp keys06:10
ankurkhuranathey work fine, some more fine tuning needed and they will be as good as old06:11
dfarningankurkhurana, the easiest way I have found to move stuff around between vms is ssh06:12
dfarningankurkhurana, do you have an account on the build vm?06:12
ankurkhuranadfarning: I have imported my old pgp key to my new vm system through password and encryption manager, should i do anything else as well?06:12
ankurkhuranayes i have access to vm06:12
ankurkhuranai will generate my public keys and post it to authorized_keys, but i was confused regarding format.06:13
dfarningok, you are asking a different question than I was answering:(06:13
ankurkhuranathat too was my question ,which i was going to ask after this:)06:14
dfarningI don't know how to move keys around I only have one gpg key on my primary desktop.06:14
dfarningankurkhurana, with reguard to moving files around in general I like to 'scp' to a remote server and scp them back to the other machine06:16
ankurkhuranadfarning: okay, i will try to do some more tweaking,in btw i wanted to know should i only post my ssh public key to authorized_keys or is there anything else needed.?06:17
ankurkhuranain vm06:17
ankurkhurana*remote vm06:18
dfarningankurkhurana, that should be it.06:18
dfarningkandarpk, can you copy the bug report we were working on to a google doc and start working on the next one?06:20
kandarpkonly the report part ?06:20
dfarningkandarpk, yes, lets start with the report. then we can add what ever else is needed.06:21
kandarpkdfarning, should I report back on the mailing list ?06:23
dfarningkandarpk, lets wait until we have a bug report we are happy with and then file it in the debian bug tracker.06:24
dfarningkandarpk, your welcome.06:25
dfarningkandarpk, ankurkhurana  I am getting sleepy so I will go to bed. I will try to be back in 5.5 to 6 hours06:27
kandarpkdfarning, Good night06:27
ankurkhuranadfarning:  good night :)06:27
dfarningThanks for sticking with on this I know your are learning at lot of new stuff and process.06:27
kandarpkdfarning, you are a great mentor to have06:28
dfarningFWIW, manu has assigned me some readings so I can learn how to speak the QA language that shops like yours use:)06:29
dfarningIm learning too:)06:29
ankurkhuranakandarpk:  are you aware of the process of uploading packages of 10.04 to 10.10 ppa06:33
kandarpkankurkhurana, no.06:34
dfarninggood morning Manusheel12:15
Manusheeldfarning: Good morning David.12:16
dipankardfarning, goodmorning.13:37
dipankarlfaraone, you up? goodmorning13:38
lfaraonedipankar: how can you tell?13:39
lfaraonedipankar: I'm just going through some email, then off to breakfast.13:39
lfaraonedipankar: what can I help you with?13:39
dipankarlfaraone, I pushed the changes that you wanted me to.13:40
dipankarlfaraone, you have your breakfast then we will continue on git. :)13:40
dfarningdipankar, good morning13:49
dipankardfarning, how are you?13:49
dfarningdipankar, I am doing well and you.13:51
dipankardfarning, I am doing great. :)13:51
dfarningdipankar, how did the packaging go last night?13:52
dipankardfarning, I have pushed the changes that Luke told me to do. Luke will be verifying it (He is having his breakfast)13:52
dfarningdipankar, that is great.13:55
dipankardfarning, I hope I have done it correctly :)13:55
dfarningdipankar, if not lfaraone will help you get it straight.13:56
dipankardfarning, Sure!13:56
dipankardfarning, I was trying the neighbourhood view on sugar today.13:57
dipankardfarning, It is weird that I couldn't find any user in my neighbourhood unlike before.13:57
dipankardfarning, Earlier I could find many sugar users there. Does this happen with you?13:58
dfarningdipankar, I have to run for a few minutes.  I'll be back as soon as I can13:58
lfaraonedipankar: looks good, give me a second.13:59
dipankarlfaraone, no problem. Take your time13:59
lfaraonedipankar: okay, only one thing: all lines in control should be wrapped at 72 characters. I did that for you, and pushed up. You should be able to pull down the changes via something like "git pull origin master"14:05
lfaraonedipankar: now, look in the debian/ folder for the package. there should be two similarly named files, one "debian/control" and one "debian/control.in". What is the difference between these two?14:07
dipankarlfaraone, brb in 514:08
dipankarlfaraone, control.in has cdbs format14:14
dipankarlfaraone, control.in also has git repo ino14:15
lfaraonedipankar: correct on both, but the second is just because we haven't regenerated debian/control yet.14:15
dipankarlfaraone, ok..14:16
lfaraonedipankar: basically, CDBS has some magic where it can automatically determine some of the packages your package build-depends on.14:16
lfaraonedipankar: to do that, you create a debian/control.in file where you  include a substitution line, "@cdbs@", that gets replaced when you run a special command.14:16
lfaraonedipankar: the special (and rather unobvious, admittedly) command to regenerate debian/control fron debian/control.in is "DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean"14:18
lfaraonedipankar: after you make changes to debian/control.in (and commit them!), regenerate debian/control and commit that separately. (this way we can differentiate between stuff you did manually and stuff done by a regeneration script)14:19
lfaraonedipankar: so, pull my changes if you haven't already, regenerate debian/control fron debian/control.in, commit them, and push it up.14:19
dipankarlfaraone, that was a long!...14:20
lfaraonedipankar: huh?14:21
dipankarlfaraone, I pulled your changes..14:22
lfaraonedipankar: okay,  was there a problem?14:22
dipankarlfaraone, nope, now I have to regenerate debian/control from debian/control?14:23
lfaraonedipankar: from debian/control.in, yes.14:24
lfaraonedipankar: if you like, run git-diff before you commit the result to see what regenerating did.14:24
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  can you help me as well as of now ? if you are not too busy14:25
lfaraoneankurkhurana: sure. by the way, in the future, don't bother asking, just say your question and one of us will help you when we're free.14:26
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  I have to upload sugar packages for 10.10 . what would be the right steps for starters14:27
ankurkhuranaIi have a test vm for maverick14:28
ankurkhuranawhat i was thinking that we ned to change my dput configuration ,and istead of lucid14:28
lfaraoneankurkhurana: what sort of sugar packages? activities? core packages?14:28
lfaraoneankurkhurana: okay, so your question is how you upload packages directly to maverick in a PPA?14:28
ankurkhuranai should write maverick14:29
lfaraoneankurkhurana: that sounds reasonable.14:29
dipankarlfaraone, why not copy package to maverick series?14:29
ankurkhuranaIs the ppa for maverick is automatically created in launchpad? i searched on net14:29
ankurkhuranabut was not able to find suitable answer.14:29
ankurkhuranaalso can i upload directly from 10.04 or should i upload from 10.10 environment?14:30
lfaraoneankurkhurana: there is no need to create one, the same PPA can contain lucid, maverick, karmic, intrepid, etc packages.14:31
lfaraonedipankar: well, you could, but you usually have to rebuild the source for changes since Lucid.14:31
dipankarlfaraone, makes sense..14:31
dipankarlfaraone, btw I ran git-diff14:32
lfaraoneokay, and did you see what you expected?14:32
ankurkhuranabut i was thinking of downloading the packages and then re upload , is that a good idea?14:32
ankurkhuranaand i will have to change lucid to maverick in change log as well i suppose in top line14:32
lfaraoneankurkhurana: you can. you'll just have to change the version number so that the PPA will accept it.14:33
lfaraoneankurkhurana: you should, but it's not required if you override in dput.cf. I recommend it, though.14:33
lfaraonefor clarity's sake.14:33
dipankarlfaraone, got the difference b/w the control.in files14:35
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  for how much time you will be around ?14:35
lfaraonedipankar: okay. commit your changes and push them up so I can take a look at them.14:35
lfaraoneankurkhurana: til about noonish EST. it's 9:30 right now.14:35
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  while i do my work i was wondering ubuntu series name is named as per the alphabetical order ? last one was karmic kola -> lucid lynx ->now maverick meerkat ?14:38
lfaraoneankurkhurana: well, there has to be an order of some sort, right? :)14:39
lfaraoneankurkhurana: and that way if I put "+maverick" at the end of a version number, it'll trump "+lucid" :D14:39
dipankarlfaraone, done14:41
lfaraonedipankar: great.14:42
lfaraonedipankar: you can see all the changes made to the branch via the webui at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-terminal-activity.git14:42
dipankarlfaraone, was there only :)14:43
lfaraonedipankar: okay. go to the shortlog link on that page. do all the changes I made make sense?14:44
dipankarlfaraone, I guess I forgot to add the 'debian/control.in' file too14:45
lfaraonedipankar: well, you didn't make any changes to debian/control.in, so it's not a problem.14:45
ankurkhuranalfaraone, it says No host for sugarteam-maverick found in config14:45
ankurkhurana^^ log file of proceedings14:46
lfaraoneankurkhurana: okay.14:46
lfaraonedipankar, ankurkhurana, for future use, can you both do "sudo apt-get install curl" on your systems?14:46
ankurkhuranaalready installed14:47
dipankar'curl' for?14:47
ankurkhuranadipankar, man curl14:47
ankurkhuranabut what will be the exact use?14:48
dipankaralready installed.. must be done at start only..14:48
lfaraoneankurkhurana: run "cat ~/.dput.cf | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us" and give me the resulting URL.14:48
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  http://sprunge.us/LFbK14:50
dipankarlfaraone, aah.. got it..14:50
lfaraoneankurkhurana: cool. the point of that command was to pipe the output of cat to curl, which sends it to sprunge.us. Sprunge.us is a command-line pastebin :)14:51
dipankarlfaraone, nice14:51
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  i think i forgot to change upper field14:51
lfaraoneankurkhurana: yeah.14:51
ankurkhuranalfaraone, package uploaded and that curl thing is very useful :). waiting for package confirmation14:52
dipankarankurkhurana, which field did you change '[sugar-lucid]'?14:54
ankurkhuranai changes it before in input line14:54
dipankarlfaraone, Ok the site is really helpful..14:54
lfaraonedipankar: the first field is just the name, by the way. it doens't really do anything,y ou could call it "fadjiasdasd-magic-gnus" for all dput cares :)14:55
ankurkhuranabut forgot to change it in the top one.Now let us see. dipankar  , to prevent sugar from crashing at start, which package did we change?14:55
lfaraonedipankar: now, I'd like you to create a new git repository in a new folder.14:55
ankurkhuranalfaraone, but it only worked after i changed it sugarteam-maverick14:55
ankurkhuranaelse it was giving error14:55
lfaraoneankurkhurana: that's becasue you said "dput sugarteam-maverick ..."14:55
lfaraoneankurkhurana: dput does not care what it's named, but you have to use the same name on the command line as you do in the file. we only use "sugarteam-RELEASE" so that it's easy to understand.14:56
dipankarlfaraone, :) now i got what was ankur's error14:56
lfaraoneankurkhurana: with the file as yo u had it before, you could have said "dput sugarteam-lucid" and it would have uplaoded to maverick per your wishes in the file :)14:56
dipankarankurkhurana, s-p-s package for sugar-start-up14:57
lfaraonedipankar: okay, in a new directory, run "apt-get source sugar-logviewer-activity".14:57
dipankarlfaraone, in a minute14:57
lfaraonedipankar: we're going to have you convert an activity packaged only in Ubuntu to git repository ready for a release.14:58
ankurkhuranaoh, that means what the name of dput is ,the same is to be given in command14:58
lfaraoneankurkhurana: yes.14:58
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  The package was accepted , in what time i should try to check it in 10.10? just after it gets build in ppa?14:59
lfaraoneankurkhurana: sure.14:59
dipankarlfaraone, done15:01
lfaraonedipankar: okay, read the first section (until "importing a new upstream version") of http://honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/git-buildpackage/manual-html/gbp.import.html#GBP.IMPORT.EXISTING15:02
dipankarlfaraone, ok..15:03
lfaraonedipankar: this describes how to  import an existing Debian/Ubuntu package into a git repository.15:03
lfaraonedipankar: what is the command you would  use to import sugar-logviewer-activity?15:04
ankurkhuranalfaraone, will you mind looking at ppa ,as i have just uploaded sugar-artwork , and i was proceeding with others , in case if there is any change needed as such.15:04
lfaraoneankurkhurana: okay, what do you want me to verify?15:04
ankurkhuranahmmm , if there is anything out of line which generally should not be there, well not much as such.15:05
lfaraoneankurkhurana: in your changelog entry, you said "New upstream release for Maverick Meerkat". An "upstream release" is a release from Sugar Labs. Typically, you only have them when you're changing the upstream version part and providing a new upstream tarball. That didn't happen here.15:06
lfaraoneankurkhurana: What you probably  meant was "Package rebuilt for Maverick Meerkat", I think.15:06
lfaraonedfarning: having trouble?15:07
ankurkhuranalfaraone, then should i upload them again?15:07
lfaraoneankurkhurana: no, just keep this in mind for the future.15:07
ankurkhuranai just uploaded s-p-s as well :(15:07
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  will bear that in mind for future .15:07
lfaraoneankurkhurana: also, keep in mind you might want to use a version number that reflects that you didn't make any additional changes to the package. Since you used 0.88.1-1ubuntu2, if you wanted to upload to Lucid you'd have to make it 0.88.1-1ubuntu3 for lucid. you see how this is unsustainable?15:08
lfaraoneankurkhurana: ideally, if you're doing a "no-change-rebuild", you should just add "+lucid" or "+maverick" to the end, or something like tha.15:09
ankurkhuranado u mean 1ubuntu1+maverick15:10
ankurkhuranalike that15:10
lfaraone ankurkhurana sure.15:11
ankurkhuranalfaraone, i will send you a change log this time before i upload, just to make sure i dont do any other mistake.15:11
lfaraonedipankar: hi, did you get my last message?15:14
dipankarlfaraone, got d/c15:14
lfaraonedipankar: no worries. "10:04  lfaraone$ dipankar: what is the command you would  use to import sugar-logviewer-activity?"15:15
dipankarlfaraone, <dipankar> lfaraone, just a confusion.. can't the 'debcheckout' be used here too?15:15
lfaraonedipankar: try it.15:16
ankurkhuranalfaraone, please see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/457851/15:18
lfaraoneankurkhurana: sure. Neeraj shouldn't have done "0.88.1-1" before as the NUV, but we're stuck with it so what you did is good.15:19
dipankarlfaraone, :) failed. no repo found..15:19
lfaraonedipankar: yep. debcheckout looks at those "Vcs-**" fields that you saw earlier in debian/control.15:20
lfaraonedipankar: if the package doesn't have them (in this case because sugar-logviewer-activity is not in a VCS system), then it won't work :)15:20
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  then i guess i will be uploading it as it is.15:20
lfaraoneankurkhurana: yes, what you did is good.15:20
lfaraonedipankar: as part  of our task, we'll fix that.15:21
dipankarlfaraone, ok..15:21
lfaraonedipankar: so you read the page I linked you, right?15:21
lfaraonedipankar: adding a bit to what they say, "If you want to be able to exactly recreate the original tarball (orig.tar.gz) from Git you should also specify the --pristine-tar option. This is recommended."15:22
lfaraonedipankar: I go further: we always do this. (until we tell git to do it for us, but we'll get ot that later)15:22
dipankarlfaraone, confused :(15:23
lfaraonedipankar: okay. do you understand what the dsc is?15:23
dipankarlfaraone, Yes.. it describes the source package15:24
lfaraonedipankar: cool. so, git-buildpackage has a command "git-import-dsc". What does that do?15:25
dipankarlfaraone, it creates a new git repo with the existing package source..15:27
ankurkhuranalfaraone, dipankar  http://paste.ubuntu.com/457853/15:27
ankurkhuranaany pointers?15:27
lfaraonedipankar: yep. it puts the upstream source in a separate branch, along with the  info required to generate the original tarball, if you use --pristine-tar15:27
ankurkhurana^^ the link is to content of mail i got for rejection of package.15:28
dipankarankurkhurana, you have to sign manually first using the debsign15:28
lfaraonedipankar: --pristine-tar makes our life easier. we love --pristine-tar. we use it like a lucky charm, to ward off broken tarballs :P15:28
ankurkhuranai used dch -i, so it signed automatically, when i built packagte.Also i have uploaded s-p-s package and artwork package using same method15:29
dipankarlfaraone, ohk... Thats why git-buildpackage didn't require us find the original tarball ourselves15:30
lfaraonedipankar: I'm exaggerating here, of course. but you get th epoint.15:30
dipankarankurkhurana, try this site : http://ubuntusci.meraka.org.za/wiki/PPAIntro15:30
dipankarankurkhurana, I never had this problem AFAIR15:31
lfaraoneankurkhurana: what was the exact command you used to dput? If you just do "dput something.changes" you'll upload directly to the main ubuntu archive, which will reject your upload since you're not an Ubuntu Developer :)15:31
ankurkhuranaoh, got my mistake. silly one from my side.15:32
dipankarlfaraone, so I use the command git-import-dsc or apt-get source?15:34
dipankarlfaraone, ?15:37
lfaraonehold on, sorry, on the phone.15:40
dipankarlfaraone, no problem.15:41
lfaraonedipankar: well, when you do apt-get source apt downloads the dsc, orig, etc and unpacks it.15:43
lfaraonedipankar: you can remove the unpacked directory, since we're not going to use it.15:43
lfaraonedipankar: but we can use git-import-dsc on the resulting dsc and orig tarball etc to create a git repository out of the old package version.15:43
=== neeraj_ is now known as Neeraj
lfaraonedipankar: like "git-import-dsc --pristine-tar path/to/package.dsc"15:44
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  power off, will meet you as soon as it come back15:44
dipankarlfaraone, ok..15:44
ankurkhuranawas on back up now, will go after uploading this package15:45
lfaraonedipankar: aside: when you end your sentence with ".." or "...", I take that as a "uh, okay, that doesn't really make sense, can you explain more?". Is that  interpretation accurate?15:45
ankurkhuranalfaraone, no15:46
ankurkhuranait means nothing, just symbolic to continue the conversation , dipankar , am i right15:46
lfaraoneokay, just checking.15:47
dipankarlfaraone, nope. My ".." or "..." means 'ok, I got it. now I can continue'15:47
dipankarankur got that right :)15:47
dipankarlfaraone, I will try to use less '..' or '...'15:48
lfaraonedipankar: it's not important, I was just confused.15:48
Neerajlfaraone, good morning :)15:48
lfaraonehello Neeraj15:49
dipankarlfaraone, its just a chat habit here. :) When I don't get your point, I will directly ask for it :)15:49
dipankarHey Neeraj, welcome back15:49
lfaraonedipankar: great. so, import the dsc. the command should automatically create a new git repository for you underneath your current directory.15:49
NeerajAs you I have been assigned for packaging activity.. dfarning asked to me start wtih calculate activity.. can u help me in getting started15:49
Neerajhi dipankar15:49
Neerajlfaraone,Till now  I have just read sugar/gettingstarted guide on debian wiki..15:50
lfaraoneNeeraj: okay.15:51
lfaraonedfarning: according to http://packages.debian.org/sid/sugar-calculate-activity , s-c-a is already packaged, no?15:51
dipankarlfaraone, done with impoting15:51
dfarninglfaraone, Neeraj is going to be the activity expert for seeta.  Would it be possiable for him to spend the next couple of days working with dipankar to package activites?15:51
lfaraonedfarning: sure.15:52
lfaraoneNeeraj: get the source for sugar-memorize-activity using "apt-get source PACKAGE_NAME" and import it into the git repository as I explained above to dipankar , if you would.15:53
lfaraonedipankar: so you now have a folder sugar-logviewer-activity.15:53
Neerajlfaraone, ok, doing that15:53
dfarninglfaraone, I have lost track of which activites need attention.  I have been focused on what skill we need to learn.15:54
lfaraonedipankar: so, now edit debian/rules.15:54
dfarningNeeraj, please correct me if I ask you to do something which has already been done:)15:55
lfaraonedipankar: we want it to look something like http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-terminal-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=fd04db13856a54e6412948d5bfb46d811a35a378;hb=HEAD , minus the VTE stuff on lines 17 and 16.15:55
lfaraone* 17 / 1815:55
ankurkhuranadfarning, good morning15:55
lfaraonedipankar: and change sugar-terminal-activity to meet what you think it should read.15:55
lfaraonedipankar: then commit your changes to rules with a descriptive commit message.15:56
dfarningankurkhurana, good morning.15:56
ankurkhuranadfarning, , i was uploading packages for 10.10 ,and that task would soon be completed , so what what i am supposed to do next ?15:58
dipankarlfaraone, this is weird, There is only a debian folder and log.activity file. This is a bit confusing15:58
lfaraonedipankar: ugh. this package was done oddly.16:01
lfaraonedipankar: so this will be an exercise in doing a package from scratch, then.16:01
lfaraonedipankar: keep your old sugar-logviewer-activity folder around, we'll reference it later.16:02
lfaraonedipankar: in the mean time, download the latest version of Log from http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/fructose/Log/16:02
ankurkhuranadipankar,  am i connected ?16:02
dipankarankurkhurana, yup..16:02
dipankarmtnl! :P16:02
dfarningankurkhurana, how do they work?16:03
lfaraonedipankar: then create a new git repository, and use "git-import-orig -u UPSTREAM_VERSION PATH_TO_UPSTREAM_TARBALL.tar.bz2" inside your new repository16:03
dipankarlfaraone, Now I am really confused. Let me get this: I am editing debian/rules right now for sugar-logviewer-activity using the site you have told16:03
ankurkhuranathey were not built yet so i haven't checked them, next thing on list :)16:04
dipankarlfaraone, after that? sorry, I completely lost track.16:04
lfaraonedipankar: okay, just ignore what I said earlier, I was thinking of how to proceed out load.16:05
lfaraonedipankar: so you edited debian/rules, and you've committed your changes?16:05
dfarningankurkhurana, ok then how about installing a debian test system. I belive that Neeraj has experience with this.16:06
dipankarlfaraone, committing..16:07
ankurkhuranadfarning,  sounds good. Also is launchpad server down? can you check with that , it is not opening :(16:07
dfarningankurkhurana, I think so.16:08
lfaraoneankurkhurana: try http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ :)16:08
Neerajdfarning, kandarpk installed debain test system.. I will try to do the same tonight16:08
dipankarlfaraone, done16:09
lfaraonedipankar: now, we need to create a remote repository on alioth so we have somewhere to put your changes.16:09
dfarningankurkhurana, Neeraj yes, please do.  Our goal is for everyone to have a ubuntu 10.04 working envirnment, a 10.10 test envirnment and a debian test envirnment.16:10
lfaraonedipankar: so ssh into git.debian.org, and follow the steps for setup-repository at http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/Git#CollabMaintproject16:10
kandarpkNeeraj, the process in the documentation I sent you16:10
dipankarlfaraone, That mean this package is not in debian packages? We have to do it now?16:10
kandarpkmight be a bit different for netinstall cd16:10
ankurkhuranaso i think me and neeraj will set up a debian test environment , tonight16:10
kandarpkmentioned in it16:11
lfaraonedipankar: well, puttting it on alioth.debian.org doesn't put it "in debian", we'll do that when we're finished at the end.16:11
lfaraonedipankar: right now we're just putting the git repo on alioth so others can see our work.16:11
dipankarlfaraone, ok..16:11
kandarpkNeeraj, please download CD-1 if you are following the documentation16:12
ankurkhuranalaunchpad is up again :)16:13
lfaraonedipankar: were you able to create the repository16:17
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  i will have to download whole 100mb file of sugar activities to upload again? any other way out?16:18
lfaraoneankurkhurana: well, I don't know what you're trying to do.16:18
dfarningok, I am going to log out and work on a work plan for the next couple of days.16:19
ankurkhuranawell i am trying to download the source file fo sugar-activites and then upload it again to maverick ppa16:19
dipankarlfaraone, a good description of logviewer activity ? :)16:19
Neerajlfaraone, dipankar  I have imported the orig file in git repository.. now what should I do16:19
lfaraonedipankar: for alioth, we usually just say "Packaging for sugar-logviewer-activity" or something.16:19
lfaraonedipankar: those descriptions are pretty meaningless :)16:19
lfaraoneNeeraj: do you have an alioth account?16:20
Neerajlfaraone,  yes.. while importing I didn't used pristine tar cmd16:20
lfaraoneNeeraj: okay. you should probably remove and recreate the repository using the pristine tar falg.16:20
ankurkhuranakandarpk,  i have not received any documentation regarding debian test system :(, can you send it to me again16:21
Neerajk.. doing so16:21
kandarpkplz edit the iso cd location in it16:21
dipankarlfaraone, done: Made a new repo for sugar-logviewer :)16:21
ankurkhuranaI am going for dinner, will be take some time :).16:22
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  I was asking that i have to upload sugar-activities for maverick , do i need to download them or is there any other way out.16:23
lfaraoneankurkhurana: nope.16:23
Neerajlfaraone, done16:24
dipankarlfaraone, what do i do next?16:24
lfaraonedipankar: okay. so add the remote git location to your local repository and push up to it. use "git remote add origin PATH_TO_REMOTE_GIT_REPO" (origin here is a name, you could call it hot-forking-action for all git cares), then "git push --all origin" to push all local refs to origin.16:24
ankurkhuranalfaraone, nope is for what ?16:25
lfaraonedipankar: can you guess that the PATH_TO_REMOTE_GIT_REPO is?16:25
dipankarankurkhurana, you have to download them :)16:25
lfaraoneankurkhurana: you are trapped in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. there is no way out.16:25
ankurkhuranalfaraone,  clever example :) , dipankar  thanks16:26
dipankarlfaraone, is it 'git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-activity.git'?16:26
lfaraonedipankar: looks shiny to me.16:27
ankurkhuranai am off for dinner16:27
dipankarlfaraone, so i need to add this repo to my local one?16:27
dipankarankurkhurana, ~njoy!16:27
lfaraonedipankar: yep. git-remote is your friend, with regards to that.16:27
lfaraonedipankar: basically, it lets you track a remote repository from your local one.16:28
lfaraonedipankar: so add the remote repository to your local, and push up.16:28
dipankarlfaraone, ok, the _tracking_16:28
dipankarlfaraone, error: fatal: '/git/collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-activity.git' does not appear to be a git repository16:32
dipankarfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly16:32
dipankarlfaraone, I think we have to wait for sometime before the git repo is actually online16:34
Neerajlfaraone, I have completed importing using pristine cmd..16:34
lfaraoneNeeraj: are you a member of collab-maint and debian-olpc?16:40
NeerajI am member of both.16:42
lfaraonedipankar: try again.16:43
lfaraoneNeeraj: okay. ssh into git.debian.org and create a repository for your package as dipankar did.16:44
dipankarlfaraone, Nopes. Still the same: Please check the command: git push git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-activity.git16:45
dipankarlfaraone, I am out for dinner..16:45
lfaraonedipankar: okay, have fun.16:45
lfaraonedipankar: does "git push origin --all" work? :)16:46
dipankarlfaraone, :P I guess I was trying with wrong command16:46
lfaraonedipankar: well, that command sounds like it'll work, but try the one I provided.16:47
dipankarlfaraone, same result :(16:47
dipankarlfaraone, I guess we have to wait.16:47
lfaraonedipankar: well, that's not what the alioth people I'm talking to say...16:48
lfaraonedipankar: uh, you mispelled "activity" on alioth.16:48
dipankarlfaraone, brb in 1516:48
lfaraoneyou created /git/collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-acitvity.git16:48
lfaraonedipankar: acitivity != activity :)16:49
lfaraonedipankar: okay. I've renamed the repo. Try one last time :)16:49
dipankareveryone, back17:05
Neerajlfaraone, I added my ssh pub key on my alioth a/c.. Now ssh git.debian.org is giving Connection time out Error17:05
lfaraoneNeeraj: okay. see http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/SSH#I.27munabletoConnectviaSSH.2C...17:06
manusheeldipankar: Good to see you back.17:06
dipankarlfaraone, http://paste.ubuntu.com/457890/17:07
dipankarmanusheel, hello Sir :)17:07
manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.17:07
manusheeldipankar: How are things coming along?17:07
lfaraonedipankar: lol. you seriously called it hot-forking-action? that made my day.17:08
dipankarmanusheel sir, Luke is guiding in an excellent way. We now have a git repository for sugar-logviewer-activity.17:08
dipankarlfaraone, I wanted to have some fun :P17:09
manusheeldipankar: Great. Glad to hear.17:09
lfaraonedipankar: so you can now see the repository at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-logviewer-activity.git;a=summary17:09
dipankarlfaraone, got it.17:10
lfaraonedipankar: so now when you look at debian/rules, is there anything there that looks like it might need to be changed since you copied the text over from sugar-terminal-activity into sugar-logviewer-activity?17:10
dipankarlfaraone, who is Jani Monoses?17:11
lfaraonedipankar: https://launchpad.net/~jani17:11
lfaraonedipankar: the original person who packaged a bunch of sugar stuff, then lost time to continue working on it, if i recall correctly.17:11
dipankarlfaraone, ohk.17:12
dipankarlfaraone, let me check the rules file17:12
lfaraonewith regards to debian/rules, there's one thing that jumps out at me. let me know what you find.17:13
dipankarlfaraone, line no. 617:14
dipankarlfaraone, it is having DEB_PYTHON_SUGAR_PACKAGES = sugar-terminal-activity17:14
lfaraonedipankar: yeah. change that to what you think it should read.17:14
dipankarlfaraone, rest I guess is fine17:15
lfaraonedipankar: yep.17:15
dipankarlfaraone, shall I add it now?17:15
lfaraonedipankar: yep.17:15
dipankarlfaraone, done17:17
lfaraonedipankar: okay. now do steps 1, 2 of http://build-common.alioth.debian.org/cdbs-doc.html#id2562500 , commit your changes, then do step 4 using the DEB_MAINTANER_MODE command I provided earlier, and commit.17:19
lfaraonedipankar: so we can use automagic dependency handling.17:19
Neerajlfaraone, ok.. my connection port was blocked by firewall... I am finally able to log into alioth17:26
kandarpkdfarning, hi17:27
dfarningkandarpk, hello17:27
dipankarlfaraone, is this how the control.in file should look like : http://paste.ubuntu.com/457900/?17:28
kandarpkdfarning, tried looking for some information on those bugs17:28
kandarpkcouldn't find much17:28
kandarpkdfarning, how do I approach ?17:29
dipankarlfaraone, oops, made some mistake. Let me read through the web page once again17:29
dfarningkandarpk, will you be around in the morning?17:30
kandarpkI wont be on my PC then17:31
dfarningI am babysitting my sisters kids and can't have a focused conversation:)17:31
kandarpkdfarning, suggest something that I should be doing ..17:32
kandarpkwill ask you in the morning my doubts then17:32
dipankarlfaraone, ?17:35
lfaraonedipankar: yep?17:35
dipankarlfaraone, was the control.in file okay?17:35
dipankarlfaraone, here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/457900/?17:36
lfaraonedipankar: sure.17:37
dipankarlfaraone, shall I commit the changes then?17:38
lfaraonedipankar: go ahead. undoing a commit if you break something is trivial.17:39
lfaraonedipankar: anyway, I'm off to lunch. I'll mail you some thoughts on things to do by your tomorrow.17:42
dipankarlfaraone, made mistake I guess.17:43
dipankarlfaraone, I would like to continue tomorrow morning.17:43
dipankarlfaraone, sure.17:44
lfaraonedipankar: of course. i'll just go through the packaging and make some comments on things that need fixing before it's done./17:44
neeraj_lfaraone, ping me whenever you come back after having lunch.. :)17:47
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
ankurkhurananeeraj see the hello package in ppa17:50
ankurkhuranait seems different17:50
ankurkhuranawhile i try you too please take a look into it17:50
ankurkhuranawil you?17:50
neerajhello package?17:51
manusheellfaraone: Luke, around?18:37
dfarningkandarpk, are you around?19:45
kandarpkdfarning, hi19:45
dfarningkandarpk, sorry I had to leaves do fast. I was babysitting my sisters 5 kids and one of them spilled a pitcher of milk:(19:46
kandarpkits ok19:47
dfarningkandarpk, do have time to look at the bugs/bug reports or are you working on something else19:47
kandarpkI tried to19:48
kandarpkbut could find much help19:49
kandarpkdfarning, Where should I look for it ?19:50
dfarningok let's take a step back.  Last night we looked at the 'restart now' error.  What is your next possiable bug?19:52
dfarningkandarpk, Let't turn it into a bug report at http://openetherpad.org/0OCNClgARq19:53
kandarpkreading activity does not start19:54
dfarninghmmm ok before we file a bug on that one let's check the version number in debian and on activities.sugarlabs.org.19:55
dfarningthat way we might just request an update19:56
kandarpkI'll log into debian19:56
kandarpkdfarning, the version of read activity is19:59
dfarningkandarpk, did you find the version on ASLO20:01
dfarningkandarpk, http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/402820:02
kandarpkits 86 there20:03
dfarningsince there is a more recent version in aslo let's file a request to update in the debain bug tracker.20:04
kandarpkthe version installed on my system too is 0.8620:05
dfarningkandarpk, we can just forget about the bug not starting problem until we are working with an upto date package.20:05
kandarpkdfarning, what should I be looking for ?20:08
dfarningkandarpk, what do you mean?20:10
kandarpkthe version number in synaptic is written as 78-420:11
kandarpkwhile the name of the package is sugar-read-activity-0.8620:12
dfarningok that is a bit confusion at first.  the versions of sugar are .84 .86, and .8820:14
kandarpkso, what does 78-4 stand for ?20:15
dfarningjonas tries to to keep all of them in sync. as such for allmost every sugar package the name in debian is *-.8*20:15
dfarningthe 78-4 refers to the actual version of read contained in  sugar-read-activity-0.8620:16
dfarningbut then when we look in aslo we see that the most recent version of read is 86. which is newer than 78-4.20:17
kandarpkdfarning, how do I update it ?20:19
dfarningkandarpk, this is something that you will have to learn from dipankar in the next couple of days:)20:20
kandarpkdoes it involve using git ?20:21
dfarningkandarpk, luke tought dipankar.  I think that dipankar will be teaching neeraj tomorrow.  and then together they will teach you.20:21
dfarningkandarpk, yes, from now on we will be doing all of our packaing in git.  and then maintaining branches for debian, ubuntu 10.04, and 10.1020:22
kandarpkwhat should I be doing till then ?20:23
dfarningkandarpk, I don't understand git well enough to teach it:(20:23
kandarpkno problems20:23
dfarningdo you have another possiable bug to report.20:24
kandarpkselecting language20:24
kandarpkdoes not result into anything20:24
kandarpkexcept for the appearance of cross and tick20:24
kandarpkon top right side20:25
dfarningok let's look at that. I think that might be a hard one.. IIRC the sugar translations are handled differently than the debian/ubuntu translations.20:25
kandarpkthat means installing language packs under debian wont effect sugar-language ?20:26
dfarningkandarpk, let's ask alsroot on sugar.  Can you start drafting the question at http://openetherpad.org/0OCNClgARq ?20:28
manusheelkandarpk, dfarning: Great.20:31
manusheelkandarpk: Once we are done with bug no.s #1, 3 and 5, Kandarp, we should look at #2 and 4.20:31
dfarningkandarpk, lets just start with an informal question to alsroot telling him we are doing and if he has advice on how to move forward.20:32
dfarningmanusheel, thanks  kandarpk is learning the fine art of commicating with on open source community.20:33
manusheeldfarning: Great. Glad to hear. That is a very important skill set.20:34
kandarpkdfarning, I have written it as in a bug report20:36
kandarpklooks ok ?20:36
dfarningkandarpk, sorry, I got called into a meeting.20:38
dfarningback in a few. while we wait can you start looking at the next issue20:38
kandarpkdfarning, wont be able to wait for long20:39
kandarpkits 1:00 AM here20:40
dfarningok lets talk tomorrow.20:40
kandarpki'll be ready for your feedback20:41
kandarpkon the report20:41

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