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davmor2morning all10:59
davmor2ara: there are issues with wubi trying to get some details for ev now11:00
aradavmor2, morning davmor11:01
aradavmor2, thanks for testing, you rock!11:01
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sbeattieHrm, is seeing a fatal error before plymouth comes up on kubuntu about being unable to insert the ramzswap module due to unknown symbols known?11:17
sbeattieOkay, I see it with both the ubuntu and kubuntu amd64 desktop isos... seeing if I see it on the i386 isos.11:20
sbeattieyep, i386 as well.11:22
arasbeattie, your kubuntu desktop looks like the netbook version? is that normal?11:36
sbeattieara: I can't get the kubuntu desktop image to come up at all.11:37
arasbeattie, well, I haven't installed, I was talking about the live mode11:37
sbeattieRight, I was trying to install it, but I think I'm hitting OOM due to the compcache/ramzswap issue; I'll give my guest more memory and try the live environment.11:38
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sbeattieara: sigh, my test server finally caught up. Yes, I'm seeing the netbook environment for the kubuntu livecd13:10
araI was trying to contact Ridell, but he doesn't seem to be around13:10
arais kubuntu-meta a good candidate for a bug report?13:12
* sbeattie needs to go back to bed for a bit.13:13
aranight sbeattie13:18
aramorning pedro_13:18
pedro_hello ara13:18
charlie-tcaGood morning. A good day today, I hope.13:24
bladernr_Hey... trying an upgrade... but she's not finding anythin'14:28
bladernr_bug time or something already known?14:29
bladernr_NM... network problem resolved.14:31
charlie-tcaupgrade from 10.04 won't work unless you reset the update-manager file. It is set by default to upgrade from LTS to LTS only14:40
aracharlie-tca, it worked for me14:43
charlie-tcaMaybe the file is changed now.14:44
charlie-tcaand I am wrong again14:44
bladernr_charlie-tca:  yeah, knew that... I did something stupid and my test system didn't grab and IP address like it should have14:55
mvocharlie-tca: I fixed that a couple of days ago15:00
primes2hara: Hello.15:09
araprimes2h, hey!15:09
araprimes2h, how are you=15:09
primes2hara: fine thanks! are you well?15:09
aragood thanks :)15:09
primes2hara: I have a big problem, I can't get more bug entry fileds on the ISO tracker15:10
primes2hJust 315:10
arahave you try to post your result with just 3, and then click on more bugs?15:11
primes2hno luck15:11
primes2hit reloads the page15:11
primes2hbut it doesn't add more fields15:12
araprimes2h, can you file a bug against ubuntu-qa-website? I will have a look before alpha315:12
arain the mean while, please, file the 3 more important in those fields, and the rest as comments15:13
primes2hara: I tried to set the test has completed (passed) and the update it but no luck as well15:13
primes2hara: Ok!15:13
araprimes2h, I discovered a workaround15:14
araprimes2h, if you want to try15:14
primes2hara: sure, tell me.15:15
araput 3 bugs, then "more bug fields", then edit one of the already selected ones and submit15:15
ara4 fields should appear15:15
primes2hara: ahah... I tought about that but didn't tried ;-)15:17
aradid it work?15:17
araprimes2h, ^15:17
primes2hara: no. :-(15:18
arammm, it worked for me15:18
arawhat are the steps you did?15:19
primes2hara: oh yes.15:19
primes2hara: wait15:19
primes2hit works if I click on "More bug entry fields" but it doesn't if I click on Update result.15:19
primes2hafter changing the bug number15:20
primes2hara: so it works now! :-) Thank you15:20
primes2hI'll mention it on the bug report.15:21
araprimes2h, yes, please, do, so we can point people with the same question to that bug report15:21
primes2hara: sure.15:21
fader_Is it safe to grab the kubuntu DVD and start testing it or are there more respins coming on it?15:56
arafader_, no respins planed15:59
fader_ara: Awesome, thanks.  That was my guess but I'd rather find out before I start testing :)16:00
fader_I can only test i386 images at the moment so someone else will have to do the amd64 :(16:00
* fader_ will fix that before Alpha 3.16:00
arafader_, I cannot access the iso tracker at this moment, can you?16:01
marjofader_: can't access either16:02
fader_ara: Nope, not now... it was fine ~5-10 minutes ago16:02
fader_It looks like a proxy/cache issue16:02
bladernr_anyone having problems accessing launchpad?16:04
bladernr_also, has anyone had success with d-i via the alternate images?16:05
fader_bladernr_: Yeah, looks like you broke lp16:05
fader_bladernr_: alternate -studio i386 worked just fine for me last night16:05
bladernr_all I did was sh ./fader_lp_updates.sh16:05
bladernr_hrmmm... ok... maybe it's whatever happened to lp and qa.u.c16:06
fader_Oh man, if the launchpad folks are taking updates from me we might as well all give up and go home16:06
bladernr_I can't reach LP or isotracker, and whatever killed that could be what is killing my d-i install then (it's dying where it checks the repositories for software)16:06
fader_edge.launchpad.net is borked too16:07
fader_Yeah, that might be it16:07
bladernr_heh... I'd have said I'll hold off on opening a bug until I try later, but I can't even open a bug right now :/  heh16:08
fader_iso.qa.u.c and lp are back up16:11
primes2hfader_: launchpad is still down :-(16:22
fader_primes2h: Working for me16:22
primes2hfader_: It's 15 minutes I'm trying to report a bug :-( timeout error16:23
primes2hbefore it was down16:24
fader_Hmm... I haven't tried reporting anything but loading bugs was working well16:24
primes2hfader_: no way, tried edge too.16:25
primes2hfader_: now it works. It happened reporting a bug against a not existing package.16:28
bladernr_repos are back at least... my d-i install is working properly now...16:28
fader_Ah, heh :)16:28
primes2hfader_: it should tell the package doesn't exist, shouldn't it? ;-)16:29
fader_primes2h: Heh, probably.  File a bug ;)16:30
bladernr_ahh... nope... failed :( it installed the base packages. guess I'm back to bug filing...16:30
primes2hara: is "ubuntu-qa-website" correct?16:30
araprimes2h, yes16:30
primes2hara: I can't file the bug against that project16:30
araprimes2h, why¿¿16:30
araprimes2h, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+filebug16:31
aracan you try again please'16:31
fader_Hmm, where should I file kubuntu-specific ubiquity bugs?  Still against ubiquity?16:32
fader_I don't see a 'kubuntu' project16:32
bladernr_crud... ok, what's the proper package for filing against d-i?16:32
bladernr_fader_:  ^^ also kubuntu :/16:32
fader_bladernr_: debian-installer16:33
bladernr_OK... which means upstream then... cool.  Just wanted to be sure16:33
arafader_, still ubiquity16:34
arabladernr_, what do you mean by upstream?16:35
fader_ara: Okay, thanks.  I wasn't sure as it's a theming issue.16:35
primes2hara: I get it, I had to report the bug against Ubuntu before because I was getting a lot of timeout errors, then I tried to change it but I couldn't do it. Then I opened a new task against Ubuntu QA Website setting Invalid the Ubuntu  one.16:35
bladernr_bugs.launchpad.net/debian-installer says I have to file at bugs.debian.org16:35
bladernr_ara:  ^^^16:35
primes2hbug #60068516:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 600685 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "Cannot add more than 3 bug entry fields in the ISO Tracker. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60068516:35
arabladernr_, you have to file agasint the ubuntu package16:35
bladernr_ahhhh... ok16:35
araprimes2h, thanks!16:36
primes2hara: np :-)16:36
arafader_, what do you want to file? that it does not have a proper theme?16:37
arafader_, cause I already filed that one16:37
arafader_, in case you want to confirm it16:37
fader_ara: Heh, that was the one.  I didn't see it when searching.16:38
arafader_, let me find it for you16:38
fader_ara: Thanks!16:38
fader_It's really ugly16:38
arafader_, bug 60064616:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 600646 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu ubiquity is unthemed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60064616:38
fader_ara: Thanks!16:38
bladernr_ara:  why is there no easy way to do that? ex: b.lp.net/debian-installer tells me to file at debian.org, bugs.lp.net/ubuntu report a bug link sends me to the wiki that says find the package name but doesn16:38
bladernr_doesn't make it easy... sigh...16:39
bladernr_ara, sorry... just frustrated16:39
arabladernr_, we are trying to avoid people filing bugs without package16:40
cyphermoxbladernr_: from inside ubiquity can't you use ubuntu-bug?16:41
bladernr_right... like I said... just frustrated, since to me, at least, the obvious course would have been the b.lp.net/debian-installer page...16:41
aracyphermox, he's using the alternate16:41
bladernr_cyphermox:  d-i, not ubiquity... so no :( AFAIK, there's no ubuntu-bug in d-i...16:41
cyphermoxah, then yeah, you can't :P16:41
bladernr_uhh.. ara beat me to it16:42
bladernr_it would be nice to have that feature in d-i though...16:42
arabladernr_, we had an UDS session on that16:42
cyphermoxbladernr_: it's stuff we discussed in UDS though, which we are supposed to do something about16:42
aracjwatson will work on it16:42
bladernr_yeah, I know... I'm impatient :-)16:45
bladernr_ara:  OT: your package arrived today!16:45
arabladernr_, cool!16:45
arabladernr_, thanks!16:45
bladernr_no problem :)16:45
cyphermoxbladernr_: no, it's good to bring the issue up16:45
araI thought it was cjwatson who commited to those changes, but it is assigned to you, cyphermox16:46
araand I cannot see the tasks that we agreed during the session, nor the spec16:46
arasbeattie, marjo: ^ ?16:46
Riddellara: I commented on bug 600632 (although it came up as jussi), I think we're going to have to explain this loud and clear as I expect we'll get lots of similar comments16:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 600632 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu Maverick Desktop Live shows Kubuntu Netbook desktop instead (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60063216:51
Riddellalso kubuntu-netbook images aren't needed but I can't work out how to remove them from the trqacker16:52
araRiddell, I can remove them. Let me know when you want them to be removed16:56
fader_Does anybody have the i386 kubuntu DVD downloaded?16:58
fader_I'd like to see if someone can confirm bug 60069716:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 600697 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[maverick] kubuntu DVD install crashes (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60069716:58
Riddellara: remove kubuntu netbook now if you can16:58
Riddellara: who do I ask to get a "netbook live session" test added to kubuntu desktop images?16:59
araRiddell, I can do that as well16:59
araRiddell, can you send me an email with exact details of what you want?16:59
Riddellcool, yes I'll e-mail16:59
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