MTecknologywriting themes kinda sucks...02:58
sjshaw361The website won't log me in and if I choose "Remember Me" it runs in a loop.  I've tried Chrome and IE and get the same error on both.  Any thoughts?14:39
Viper550ubuntu-eu is down?20:00
newz2000Viper550: looks up to me http://www.ubuntu-eu.org/20:01
newz2000maybe a temp glitch20:01
Viper550I go to the ubuntu romania site and it wasn't working20:01
Viper550oh now it loads20:01
Viper550anyway, the stuff I made for fluxbb is ready for deployment20:02
stashey guys20:10
stasViper550: I'll email our team to see how can we start using your work20:10

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