pleia2all the subpages of ubuntu-women.org are moved to the wiki :)03:21
pleia2updated the menu, redirects are in place03:21
valoriepleia2: kudos to you for doing all that work!09:20
valorie+++ to pleia209:20
czajkowskihows you09:23
pleia2thanks valorie :)17:18
akgranerhey do you of you all know of any major Linux Events happening in March 201119:32
akgranerI pycon is happening19:32
akgranerbut other than pycon  - anyone know of anything else?19:33
pleia2I still think we'll have flying cars in 2011, that's too far in the future for me to think about19:33
pleia2morning akgraner :)19:33
akgranerpleia2, good morning - afternoon ?? something :-)19:33
* pleia2 sips coffee19:33
akgranergreat interview by the way - almost finished with the edits19:34
pleia2oh good :)19:34
akgranerbut hard to take a break   - (more corn to freeze)19:34
maconothing on my calendar19:35
dindaanyone going to the Grace Hopper in October?  Atalanta, I think?19:36
pleia2can't make it, but wish I could!19:37
macoakgraner: thanks for the pycon headsup. added it there19:38
dindait just looks like an awesome conference19:39
dindaakgraner: no word yet on next year's TXLF19:39
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akgranernot yet19:40
akgranerI am working on another event for early next spring just trying to avoid scheduling conflicts19:40
akgraneralso I need to know who is a database guru - MySQL is not the easiest light reading I have encountered19:41
akgranerI can't find one that does what I want it to so I need to just create my own.. I need some assistance or this is going to make me crazy...19:42
dakerakgraner, if you want just to do simple things with Mysql19:49
dakertry http://www.adminer.org/19:49
dakerjledbetter_, phpmyadmin is complete tool19:49
akgranerthanks I'll take a look - there is no really good Open Source Event management/planning applications out there  - I have been searching for months now  - driving me crazy  :-)19:50
akgranerThere are some great programs but none I am willing to sell a Kidney for19:52
jledbetter_I thought there was a promising one. Can't remember it now.19:52
jledbetter_akgraner: Do you have a list somewhere of what this application would do?19:54
akgranerjledbetter_, I do right now I manually generate everything - I can email you a list if you would like19:56
akgranerI need to be able to enter a group and based on the type of group it will give me a todo list and be linked to my contracts, proposals and to my email etc19:56
jledbetter_akgraner: Sure. I thought I saw a neat open source helper when I was looking up how to do a barcamp. I can't find the bookmark though.19:59
akgranerright - I want to be able to have something when a group calls me and says - we want to do foo in bar city... then within 48 hours have them a proposal20:01
akgranerit's an idea based on new markets Delphi system that most hotels use20:02
jledbetter_Because you already have bar city's contacts like hotels and such and a generic foo list in the db?20:02
akgranerI worked with the New Market folks migrating hotels over from a manual system to an automated system years ago - but it's not quite what I need20:02
akgranerjledbetter_, no b/c I can say this is what it will cost you to have me do it - and here is the list of things I will need to do for you20:03
akgranerhowever over time the various city's information will get populated20:04
jledbetter_Ah hm. Yeah, I haven't seen that open source in my search. I saw stuff like "Event. Help with Registration/tracking."20:04
akgranernothing for the event manager/planner - so I guess this is how people learn stuff- can't find what works so you learn to do it yourself :-)   (I think I am really a geek now when my light reading is MySQL)20:05
jledbetter_Hehe. Yes. :)20:06
akgranerso once I get this started  - if anyone wants to help :-)  let me know  - I am going to be doing open source event management and planning... using open source tools as well as planning open source events... setting all the "professional business" part of it up is the hardest part20:06
akgranerplanning/managing them is the easy part20:07
AlanBellwould make a good quickly and desktopcouch app20:07
jledbetter_AlanBell: Funny. I went straight to web app. I'm biased, I know. But you're right, this would be a good Quickly app.20:09
akgranerAlanBell, do ya think?20:09
dindaGNOME developer training - schweet!20:10
AlanBellyeah, it is document data rather than relational data20:10
jledbetter_Unless one wants to delegate parts and have folks update the status of the part like a wiki.20:11
jledbetter_I wonder if this could help locos too...20:11
akgranerAlanBell, once I get the 200th UWN issue in the can - and the new fridge stuff up - then I'd like to start on this application - no rush or anything I mean I've gone this long without it - but I'd be happy to write up the abstract on it and help where ever I can as I learn20:12
akgranerand when I say I  - I am really meaning the whole news team when it come to UWN and Fridge20:14
akgranerCan I just say - I feel very empowered atm 2 years ago I would have purchased something and just said  - I'll make it work for me somehow20:18
akgranernow I am like nope none of these work - guess I need to learn how to make something that will - How cool is that?20:18
jledbetter_I was impressed with Quickly and hope it helps empower more people to scratch an itch :)20:18
jledbetter_akgraner: Very cool :)20:19
akgranerat SELF the quickly talk/demo rick spencer did  - was very popular.. people are loving it20:20
czajkowskiis there anyone here from Camaroon ?22:21

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