hyperairdoes anyone know how to get suspend/resume working on a radeon hd 4500?02:43
RAOFIt doesn't already?02:46
hyperairRAOF: weird, it works on and off.02:50
hyperairRAOF: when i suspended from the menu, it worked, when i closed the lid, it didn't resume.02:50
RAOFYay lidswitch!02:59
RAOFFrom the top of my head I'd guess it's a race between “Oh!  The user has shut the lid; let's disable LVDS” on the driver side and “Oh!  The user has shut the lid; let's suspend” on the g-p-m side.03:03
hyperairoh that sucks =\03:04
RAOFCombined with resume happening after the lid is opened.03:04
RAOFWell, that would be sucky driver's fault, realy.03:04
RAOFFile A Bug™ :)03:04
* ajmitch hates sucky drivers for such things03:04
* hyperair doesn't own the hardware03:05
RAOFWhat laptop is it?03:17
hyperairdell studio 1503:26
bjsnidertseliot, i think we had a miscommunication the other day about nvidia-current13:42
tseliotbjsnider: ?13:42
bjsniderthe package creates two modprobe.conf files13:43
bjsnider/lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf and /usr/lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf13:43
bjsnideri was talking about the contents of the former. the latter contains the alias line13:44
tseliotI'll check that13:44
tseliotthe former should be enough though13:45
bjsnideri think this was done because of the separate partition for /lib. remember that?13:45
bjsnidermy system complains unless i have the alias line in the /lib file13:45
tseliotactually a separate /usr partition13:45
bjsniderthe /lib file does not contain the alias line. there is no code in the rules file to add it. so my system is not totally crazy13:47
bjsnideri sorted through the variables in the rules file and the command works out to:13:47
bjsniderecho "alias nvidia nvidia-current" >> $(CURDIR)/debian/nvidia-current/usr/lib/nvidia-current/modprobe.conf13:47
tseliotbjsnider: the file in /lib is fine too17:48
tseliotbut yes, we should have only one17:49
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