ColMustrdJordan_U, the bios goes by too fast for me to tell if I am pressing the right button to get into it. But it appears that may be the issue, the keyboard may not work on the bios screen00:00
Jordan_UColMustrd: You can also change which menu entry is booted by default, and unhide the menu at boot, by editing /etc/default/grub then running "sudo update-grub"00:00
etholanickserv tells me my nickname ethola is not a registered nickname00:00
etholashall i just ignore that00:01
ColMustrdJordan_U, nevermind, I did verify that the keyboard does work in the bios.00:01
unopethola, you mean it says that it _is_ a registered nickname ?00:01
ohirethola: /msg nickserv help register00:01
etholaNickServ 00:5100:01
etholaethola is not a registered nickname.00:02
etholaok thx00:02
Jordan_UColMustrd: Odd, no idea why shift isn't bringing up the menu then. Editing /etc/default/grub (specifically GRUB_DEFAULT=) should still work though.00:03
FirefisheIn Kubuntu 10.04 (kde 4.4.4/5), how do I make the system use nm-applet at startup, rather than knetwork-manager?00:05
ColMustrdJordan_U, ok. thanks00:05
etholai am a newcomer in ubuntu but i like my desktop to be transparent and to have widgets , is there any recommendations for that ?00:06
Jordan_UColMustrd: You're welcome.00:06
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Firefisheethola: Do you have the proprietary graphics driver for your system installed?00:06
Firefisheethola:  Also, what desktop?  gnome? kde?00:07
larsendtJordan_U: thanks for the tip, VLC is working again00:07
Jordan_Ularsendt: You're welcome.00:07
etholaFirefishe : its ubuntu 10.04 gnome 2.3 all the driver should be fine cause i checked drivers in the controlpanel and it doesent tells me anything00:08
Schuenemannhey, how do I create an environment variable systemwide?00:08
SchuenemannI tried adding it to /etc/profile but it has no effect00:08
Firefisheethola: On the top bar, click on System>Administration>Hardware Drivers -- This will bring up a dialog showing whether or not your graphics drivers are installed for your system.00:09
Hasanibrahimhello again, i think it will work but i got an error00:09
Hasanibrahimplease check, this is result of scanimage -L00:10
etholaFirefishe : it shows then no propreitary drivers in use on this system00:10
Hasanibrahimand modprobe.conf is " options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 dma=3 "00:11
Firefisheethola:  back00:12
Firefisheethola: Click on System>Preferences>Appearance00:13
Firefisheethola: Then, click on the Visual Effects Tab00:13
Theaxiomwhat's a good tool to display computer stats in a panel?00:13
etholaFirefishe: ok i do that , my graphic card is by the way a ati radeon x120000:13
gryllidaHelp! I am able to select text to copy, and middle click to paste everywhere, but select to copy doesn't work in Open Office, nomatter where I take it from (the repo or its official website). Ubuntu 10.04, Open Office 3.2. Works for another Debian user. How do I turn it on? Am I missing some package to integrate open office with xorg?00:13
Firefisheethola: ATI can be a bit edgy in ubuntu (no pun intended)00:14
etholaFirefishe: yes i have noticed that , fullscreen at youtube doesent work in high resolution even its a hd graphic card00:15
Firefisheethola: Under the Visual Effects Tab, select the Extra option, located at the bottom.00:15
Firefisheethola: Well, full screen has a lot to do with flash-in-general, but having the proprietary driver installed for your system does make a big difference.00:15
etholaFirefishe : i applied extra effects , how can i get the propreitary driver ?00:16
Andre_Rehi there00:17
Andre_Reneed some help with gwibber00:17
Andre_Rehow can i connect it to facebook? because i miss the "add" button00:17
Firefisheethola:  Go to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers00:18
Firefisheethola: It should search for it automatically.00:18
rob0917Andre_Re -I'm having same problem00:18
Andre_Rerob0917: ok, that's no real solution but i feel better ;)00:19
etholaFirefishe : it shows me a empty box and no search :(00:19
rob0917Andre_Re lol00:19
Firefisheethola:  Hmmm...not sure, then.  It worked for me.00:20
Firefisheethola: Another way is to just get the proper package manually from the manufacturer's web site.00:20
Schuenemannhey, how do I create an environment variable systemwide?00:20
Firefisheethola:  ATI and Nvidia have, probably (not sure for ATI), Ubuntu packages.00:20
Firefisheethola: Also be sure to specify 32bit or 64bit, depending on your architecture.00:21
Firefisheethola: Meaning, more precisely, your distro.00:21
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Firefisheethola: For example, I'm using the 64-bit version of things.  Most people should *probably* use the 32-bit, but it's really personal preference at this point.00:22
etholaFirefishe : i searched at their website and find a linux version for my graphic card that comes as a run file00:23
kevin_hey all:  I am trying to use xVidCap and record audio with my logitech USB headset.   At first it worked, but now I am just getting a bunch of loud garbage.   The headset is working with Skype..   Im using 9.10..  any ideas?00:23
xompcan anyone help me install a module for apache? I'm running it on ubuntu and have tried a few 'guides' out there for compiling the module and stuff but at step 1 it's not working.00:23
FirefisheSchuenemann: If memory serves me correctly, I think the   export    command might have something to do with it.00:24
gryllidaxomp: what did you do, what error message do you get00:24
FirefisheSchuenemann: man export00:24
SchuenemannFirefishe,  I used it00:24
nixboxis there a way to install ubuntu 10.04 server from a ubuntu 9.0 live cd?00:24
FirefisheSchuenemann: Ah, good then :)00:24
SchuenemannFirefishe,  not good, it didn't work00:24
FirefisheSchuenemann: Well, it depends on what you're trying to set.  What're you doing?00:25
SchuenemannFirefishe,  export DIR=/media/dir00:25
xompgryllida, I'm trying to install the mod-evasive or mod-dosevasive on my webserver (ubuntu 10.04) and only found info on compiling the mod for ubuntu (as ubuntu likes out-dated packages for most things according to these documents). I have tried following this websites instructions http://advosys.ca/viewpoints/2006/08/installing-mod_evasive-in-ubuntu/ but at step 1 I get "E: Couldn't find package apache2-preford-dev00:25
xompoh wow00:26
xomppreford-dev.. nice..00:26
* xomp *facepalms*00:26
Firefisheethola:  What is the extention of the run file?  .sh?00:26
etholaFirefishe : (.run) when i hoover the mouse over the download link00:27
KongfuPandawhat is ubuntu exactly?00:27
etholaFirefishe : found this in the installation instructions : Operating Systems Distributions Supported00:28
etholaThe latest version of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver is designed to support the00:28
etholafollowing Linux distributions:00:28
ethola• Red Hat Enterprise Linux suite00:28
ethola• Novell/SuSE product suite00:28
FloodBot3ethola: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:28
Firefishedon't post here...try www.pastebin.ca00:29
Firefisheethola:  or you can do it in /query00:29
Jordan_Uethola: You should probably stick to the default driver. If no driver was offered in System > Administration > Hardware Drivers then the driver you are about to download probably either doesn't support current versions of Ubuntu or doesn't support your card.00:29
gryllidaxomp: LOL, typo? apache2-prefork-dev00:29
KongfuPandais Ubuntu better than window 7?00:29
Firefisheethola: I'd listen to Jordan_U.  Newer cards/chipsets can be dicey.00:29
Jordan_U!best | KongfuPanda00:30
ubottuKongfuPanda: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:30
gryllidaKongfuPanda: depends on how you use your machine, what for00:30
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etholaJordan_U : ok thx for advice and iam new to this so therefore i didnt know about the copy paste thing in irc00:30
KongfuPandaI use it for Microsoft office,Firefox, World of warcraft, halo, counter strike,mathematica, origin, CIsco VPN cleint and other scientific software00:31
Firefisheethola: No problem.  When you go to the pastebin site, like www.pastebin.ca (there's a lot more, too), you just paste your text, press the Paste Button on the page, then you'll get a URL in the Address Bar and you copy *that*, then paste it on a single line in channel.00:31
etholaFirefishe: ok i stick with the integrated driver ,thx for help but how about the widgets and transparency ?00:32
Firefisheethola: Well, transparency is usually a function of Compositing...which is a feature of the more-fuller-featured driver.00:32
Firefisheethola: What you might do is do some googling around the ATI forums, web pages, etc.  Do some research, then you might try loading something.  Just *check it out first!* ;)  Always a good idea.00:33
Firefisheethola: What did you say you had again?  ATI Radeon x1200?00:33
xompany idea what this means? http://pastebin.com/mjXuHJKe00:34
xomptrying to compile this apache module00:34
etholaFirefishe : it is00:34
Jordan_Uethola: What is the output of "pgrep compiz" in a terminal?00:34
FirefisheJordan_U: Thanks. :)00:35
etholaJordan_U: the numbers 148500:35
Firefishexomp: Looks like you need libtool-dev00:35
Firefishexomp: Any time you get a command not found error during a compile, it usually means the dev libraries aren't there.00:36
xompFirefishe cool would I just "apt-get install libtool-dev" for that?00:36
xompI'm not familiar with compiling00:36
omaniis there a way to add user on a server so that can log in local and get their account exported? is this the ldap, nis or nfs method?00:36
Jordan_Uethola: Then the driver you are using currently supports transparency and other fancy effects already.00:36
Firefishehold on...let me check your output again00:36
omaniand whats the difference00:36
Firefishexomp:  bring up a terminal, type in:  sudo apt-get install libtool <double TAB>00:38
Jordan_Uethola: What do you mean when you say that you want your desktop to be transparent?00:38
Firefishexomp:  or use Synaptic, and do a search for libtool-dev00:38
xompFirefishe I'm using SSH (it's an ubuntu webserver)00:39
etholaJordan_U: ok thx , i mean the panels like in windows 7 , but as what i read ubuntu 11 maybe transparent so i may wait for that00:39
FirefisheSSH is a protocol for Secure SHell session.00:39
Firefishexomp: What are you trying to do?00:39
xompFirefishe yeah it's a VPS lol, it has no head, only SSH :P trying to compile a module for apache :)00:40
Firefisheethola: If you want something akin to panels, you might try kubuntu.00:40
Firefisheethola: ever work with kde?00:40
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=== ubuntujenkins is now known as jenkins
etholaFirefishe : yes i have tried the livecd but is even more new to  me and iam worried i cant get the same help and it will be much more up to my self cause its not as popular as ubuntu gnome00:43
Jordan_Uethola: The default pannels don't support transparency very well, but there are other panels and docks that you can use. And just so you know, if you like fancy desktop effects there are tons available. You can even have your desktop on a spinning 3D cube, with windows that burst into flame when you close them :)00:43
FirefisheJordan_U: Burst-Into-Flame???   *drool* ;) hee00:44
xompanyone else want to try and help me with this error while compiling? http://pastebin.com/mjXuHJKe00:44
FirefisheJordan_U: I haven't seen that one yet.  Currently, my windows break apart.  Where's the burst-into-flame setup?  Usual place?00:44
FirefisheJordan_U, ethola:  Although I'm in gnome right now to help ethola :)00:45
Firefishexomp: First, install libtool-dev00:45
xompE: Couldn't find package libtool-dev00:45
Math932903I have no sound in flash (ex. youtube), any idea what could be wrong?00:45
Firefishethen just:  sudo apt-get install libtool00:46
xompthanks Firefishe doing that now00:46
Firefishexomp:  No problem.  I'll help as best I can.  I'm not a code expert, but I'll share what I know.00:46
etholaJordan_U : ok but i don t know much about setting up graphic effects and themes and iam unsure about searching at the web as i get different results00:47
Firefishexomp:  These things are best done in sequence.  After installing libtool, redo the compile. We're you ./configure ing?00:47
Firefishexomp:  One thing you really need is this:  sudo apt-get install build-essential00:48
Firefishexomp:  Installs the gcc compiler and other basic things to compile things.00:48
etholaJordan_U : but i like to use what power my graphic card maybe have and add effects and themes ,  the flames and rotation cube seems like eye candy for me , i would like to have that :)00:49
Jordan_Uethola: Themes can be configured in System > Preferences > Appearance, and there is also a very basic option for desktop effects there. If you want to have more options for desktop effects then install ccsm or simple ccsm (Compiz Config Settings Manager) from Applications > Ubuntu Software Center.00:49
Firefisheethola: You only need to search for what applies to these things:  1. Your particular Distro, 2. Your particular graphics card, 3. Your particular computer:  If laptop, your graphics chip.  If a desktop, then your motherboard make and model may have issues, too, but it's usually similar.00:50
Firefisheethola: If your desktop is a standard, commercially available model (HP, Dell, etc.), then there are forums for most of the major brands, and a few of the not-so-major ones, too. ;)00:51
Firefishexomp: Any trouble?00:51
etholaFirefishe : ok thx for advice , i will check that out , and by the way its a Benq Nettop which is a desktop monitor with integrated computer00:52
FirefisheWhat does iBus do?00:52
trismFirefishe: it is an input method manager (for typing in various languages)00:53
Firefisheethola: I've not heard of it.  I'll do some research of my own and see if there have been issues.00:53
Firefishetrism: I didn't catch your previous post, if any...what is an input manager?00:54
cavej03hi guys just brought a asus xonar essence st and it was working yesterday... However today its not getting sound.00:54
cavej03any help00:54
Firefishecavej03: First of all, what is it?  A computer?00:54
Firefishecavej03: Also, I assume you're running ubuntu on it?00:54
cavej03soundcard, 10.0400:54
trismFirefishe: it helps manage various input methods for typing in other languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, etc00:55
Firefishecavej03: Ah...I see.00:55
Firefishetrism:  Yes, but to whom did your comment pertain?  ethola?00:55
cavej03firefishe, it was amazing yesterday but today nothing00:55
trismFirefishe: you said "What does iBus do?", I was responding to that00:55
Firefishecavej03: Did any of your sound settings change at all?00:55
Firefishetrism:  Ah...I see *bonk* ;-)00:55
cavej03Firefishe, i checked my sound settings and they are the same and no00:55
Da_WreckaOkay, this is peculiar... I have this USB hard disk caddy, into which I've installed a 60GB Samsung drive. If I connect it to my Windows PC, I can copy files to it, read from it, blah blah blah. If I connect it to my Acer Aspire One, currently running UNE 10.04, it makes clicking noises and the OS doesn't detect it. Anyone know why this might be?00:56
Firefishecavej03: Have you tried restarting it just to see if it reloads and solves the problem?00:56
cavej03Firefishe, yes no dice00:56
cavej03Firefishe, i had this problem yesterday when i first installed the  card and did just that00:56
sha1sumHey guys I keep getting 'The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_WindowMenuApplet"' when trying to add the Window Menu Applet to the GNOME panel. Anybody know if this is a known issue or how to fix it?00:57
FirefisheHow does on restart alsa in 10.04?00:58
Firefishecavej03: Might need an alsa restart, but I forget the command offhand.00:59
cavej03Firefishe, im just looking it up00:59
Firefishecavej03: k00:59
cavej03Firefishe, seems to have it00:59
sha1sumFirefishe: /bin/alsa reload00:59
sha1sumFirefishe: /sbin/alsa reload01:00
Firefishesha1sum: Thanks.  It's really for cavej03.01:00
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Firefishesha1sum: Always good to be reminded, though.01:00
Guest12225hello, brand new ubuntu 10.04 install and when i try and install something from the software centre it wont work..01:01
JordiGHAnyone in San Francisco? I want a live feed on  Knuth's announcement.01:01
FirefisheGuest12225: I'd use synaptic.01:01
cavej03Firefishe, sha1sum, No luck01:01
Guest12225i will, but is there a reason for this?01:01
ultralordi need save a long page in moinmoin. Error 500: The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.01:01
Firefishecavej03: Might be a module (driver) issue.01:01
sha1sumcavej03: sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload01:01
Firefishecavej03: However, have you checked your volume levels?01:02
fwaokdahow do i install flash on chromium in ubuntu 10.0401:02
sha1sumFirefishe: alsa is built in, not a module in the default 10.04 install01:02
Firefishecavej03: Make sure nothing is muted.01:02
Firefishesha1sum: *headdesk* again...riiiight!01:02
cavej03Firefishe, ya in the typical places01:02
Firefishecavej03: k01:02
cavej03Firefishe, check using alsamixer?01:02
razorrmd5 hash that needs cracking,anyone?01:03
Firefishecavej03: any mixer should indicate whatever is muted, but alsamixer is fine.  I'd use the standard gnome or kde interfaces first, though01:03
sha1sumGuest12225: what do you mean by "it won't work" does it give a message or something?01:03
cavej03Firefishe, ya i did that so  thats why I was thinking alsamix01:03
Firefishecavej03: bring up a terminal and try it :)01:04
cavej03Firefishe, posible problem, its gone to my hdmi interface01:04
etholaFirefishe : ihave modified compiz with compiz config know and know i can rotate as a cube , it works perfect but i like those widgets and another theme , but do you still recommend kde 4 ?01:04
Guest12225shalsum i click install, and nothing happens01:04
cavej03Firefishe, from my video card01:04
joelmichaeljust did a dist-upgrade on my ubuntu server and rebooted it.  now it has a filesystem error01:04
An_Ony_Mooseis there a command that can generate a random number? (bash)01:04
fbc_HI! My upgrade to 10.4 has been stuck at "Disabling Power management" for the past 4 hours... What can I do to fix this?01:05
Firefisheethola:  If you can run compiz with your integrated system, you can do pretty much whatever you want in kde 4, as well.  Just depends on your desktop preference.01:05
cavej03Firefishe, quick restart brb01:05
fwaokdahow do i install flash on chromium in ubuntu 10.04???01:05
Guest12225fwaokda go into software manager and install ubutntu restricted drivers01:06
razorrguys only my left speaker plays sound the right had some misses and now nothing01:06
FirefisheWhat is the current stable version of kde in kubuntu 10.04?  4.3.2  ?01:06
fwaokdaGuest12225, thanks01:06
razorrhardware huh?01:06
razorri ahve hdmi audio01:06
Guest12225no problem :P01:06
gryllidahow do I enable the select-to-copy feature in open office 3.2? it works elsewhere01:08
etholaFirefishe : yes i think it:s kde 4.4 , is nt the latest kde 4.5 ?01:08
cavej03Firefishe, no luck..01:08
Firefisheethola:  Yes, it is 4.4.4 or 4.4.5 for some packages.  It's not 4.5 completely yet.  To get the 4.5 Releace Candidate (4.5 RC) you have to use the ppa respository.  4.5 may be buggy, though.01:09
cavej03Firefishe, can i disable the hdmi on video card i remember a way of blacklisting somehow01:09
Firefishecavej03: beyond my experience01:09
cavej03Firefishe, NP01:09
etholaFirefishe : can i still use this channel for kubuntu or should i switch to #kubuntu01:10
razorranyone knows about md5 hashes?01:10
loopiditystill cant fix the video on skype, it just crashes :( where to go from here01:11
Firefisheethola: This channel seems to be the place for both these days.  #kubuntu is active, but this one is more so in my experience.01:11
Firefisheethola: kde-specific questions should probably be asked in #kde01:11
iflemarazorr https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM01:12
loopidityrazorr like what? how to check ?01:12
etholaFirefishe : ok i will use #kde if so , but is nt kde much more  complicated and for more experienced users ?01:12
Firefishecavej03: What type of video card do you possess again?01:12
ezrafreeany ideas why Eterm would suddenly stop passing ctrl-H as the backspace sequence? or how to fix it?01:12
loopidityrazorr md5sum file.iso and check the result with google01:12
cavej03Firefishe, ATI 489001:12
Firefisheethola: It's just for kde specific things.  You can ask anything related to ubuntu/kubuntu in here.  It's just that some things are very kde-specific.  Compiling kde from svn, for example, might be better asked in #kde.01:13
cavej03Firefishe, im reading up on something now01:13
razorrno u didnt get it01:13
razorri have a md5 hash01:13
razorrand i want to crack it01:13
Firefishecavej03: Look around, you'll probably find it.  Wish I could help more.01:13
cavej03Firefishe, Np at all.01:14
razorri know its difficult01:14
Firefishexomp: Still doing okay?01:14
killminusninegood day, all, got a repository support question01:15
Firefishekillminusnine: ask away01:15
osmarioIs it possible to connect Ipod Classic to Ubuntu 10.04?01:15
Guest12225yess it is01:15
Guest12225well im pretty sure01:15
Guest12225my ipod touch does01:16
Guest12225just plug it in01:16
osmariowhich program do you use for it?01:16
Guest12225open rythm box01:16
killminusnineI'm in a close ubuntu derivative, using ubuntu sources and repositories. I went to download a restricted nvidia driver (located:  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers/ )01:16
killminusninebut unfortunately I got a 404 on nvidia-current_195.36.15-0ubuntu3_i386.deb01:17
ded`How can I specify which application starts in which workspace? I'm using compiz with 9 workspaces.01:17
=== ruffleS is now known as ruff|ja_volto
osmariorhythmbox is enough for this purpose?01:18
thiebaudebug 55231601:18
Guest12225i dont know how they did it,  but 10.04 just works with ipods01:18
osmariook. i'll try. thanks.01:18
iflemaubottu: tell killminusnine about apt01:19
ubottukillminusnine, please see my private message01:19
ponderahey im trying to install mac osx on my ubuntu ibook01:19
Guest12225no problem01:19
ponderai just want to know what format do i format the drive for so i can do it01:19
killminusninethank you, iflema, but in apt I get the error01:19
Guest12225probably just do ext301:20
boussoufaYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.... what mean01:20
ponderaext3  works well with osx leopard ?01:20
killminusninethe driver fails to install with output: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers/nvidia-current_195.36.15-0ubuntu3_i386.deb01:21
ponderapenas what works then ?01:21
sha1sumOkay I head to head out for a second and don't feel like scrolling the whole damn chat log so I'll just reask my question real quick:01:21
sha1sumHey guys I keep getting 'The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_WindowMenuApplet"' when trying to add the Window Menu Applet to the GNOME panel. Anybody know if this is a known issue or how to fix it?01:21
iflemakillminusnine under the desktop menu System / Administration / Software sources   where do you download from? main server, local or custom?01:21
F4RR4RHow does Ubuntu grant the first account created access to the sudo command?  I don't see the account listed in the sudoers file.01:21
PENASits an invisible account01:22
trismF4RR4R: the admin group is in sudoers01:22
etholaFirefishe : is it bether to switch to kde than change theme in ubuntu , do you recommend try other thing or is it bether to stick with the standard ?01:22
PENASswitch to STFU01:22
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killminusnineiflema: main01:22
F4RR4Rtrism: Ah, thank you.01:22
Firefisheethola: Theme's in gnome won't effect anything on the kde desktop01:22
Firefisheethola: or vice versa.  kde's desktop is so different from gnome at this time, it might as well be night/day01:23
sweettoothcan someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/457621/ ? I'm trying to install MadWifi and I keep on getting these errors.01:23
LilHI all I just installed Ubuntu and oh wow this is intense. any one care to help me get past grub to the GUI ?01:23
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hullohello, what is the easiest way to set up dual booting on an already running ubuntu install?01:23
hullodual booting windows*01:23
etholaFirefishe : but i can use for daily tasks as in gnome ?01:23
Firefisheethola: Of course.  It's a complete desktop environment01:24
Firefisheethola:  If you want to try it, just do this:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop .. It takes a bit of time to download it all, just letting you know that.01:24
ChogyDanLil: whats the issue?01:24
ImaLamerhullo, if you already have ubuntu running your fear is that win will overwrite GRUB01:25
PENAShullo, throw your hard drive in the bin and walk away01:25
sebsebsebhullo: put Windows on after Ubuntu, and it will go over the bootloader, making Windows only boot, and making so Ubuntu will boot up again is a bit of a pain01:25
killminusninethese are open, http browsable repositories. You can see the file that apt is attempting to fetch and that it does not exist.01:25
Firefisheethola:  the .. was just to separate the sentence, by the way01:25
ponderaanyone know what filesystem i should format to if im trying to install osx on , im using gparted01:25
bastid_raZorPENAS: you can stop  anytime.01:25
reedswethola, and if you dont like it, sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop01:25
PENASi love starting01:25
hulloImaLamer: sebsebseb:  yes ive heard01:25
etholaFirefishe: aha thanks , so easy it could be , just love that01:25
sweettoothany help anyone?01:25
hullobut the Steam sale got me good lol01:25
Firefishereedsw:  yep, but will that work for the meta package alone?01:25
DarwinSurvivorI'm trying to make a custom desktop launcher that I can drag a file onto and have that file's path/filename used as an argument in the launcher01:25
sebsebsebhullo: maybe you can just virtual machine WIndows inside Ubuntu, with enough RAM and such.  Fine for most apps not 3D games for example though.01:26
Firefisheethola: gnome is quite easy, and predictable.01:26
ImaLamerhullo, though i think it can be restored with something like a live CD though01:26
PENASFirefishe, yes01:26
DarwinSurvivorex: "gpsbabel -igpx -f<filename> -ogarmin -F/dev/ttyUSB0"01:26
LilI have Ubntu installed on a flash drive, it does the normal dual boot thing with XP and goes into the command line which I was compleely unprepared for, I do not know aht to do next01:26
iflemakillminusnine what happens if you in a terminal     sudo apt-get update    ? Fail? What about the proprietary hardware drivers interface?01:26
hullosebsebseb: see my last statement ;)01:26
PENAStake out the usb drive and walk away01:26
DarwinSurvivorthe idea is that what-ever file is dragged onto the launcher would be used as the "-f" argument (having a space after the -f works just fine as well)01:26
Jordan_Upondera: hfsplus, but you might as well just let OSX's installer do it (it probably won't install to an existing filesystem anyway)01:26
sebsebsebhullo: you can run Steam with WIne, also apparantly a native version is coming soon01:26
reedswFirefishe, as far as I knew it removed everything. I swapped out till i ran into xfce and havent gone any further01:27
LilI have been reding docs until Im so confused Its making me nuts01:27
PENASLil, step away from the keyboard01:27
bsmith093everytime i try and copy a file from a windows network share on ubuntu lucid i get a permission denied error even if im root01:27
Lilno kiding01:27
FirefisheDarwinSurvivor: I believe you can set up custom commands from within the Launcher's setup dialog, can't you?  Run a custom command line argument?01:27
reedswFirefishe, and if I was questionable on it I ran sudo apt-get autoremove and then say that it would remove the libs that went with it01:27
ChogyDanLil: yeah, that sucks.  I don't know much about installing to a flash drive.01:27
ImaLamerLil, that's maybe the only good advice PENAS will give too01:27
ponderajordan_u so osx will take unpartitioned space and format it?01:28
Lilwell iot did not work exactly the ay the be site said but it doesboot01:28
Firefishereedsw: Thank you.  I ran into this problem the last time I installed the distro.  This helps for future reference.01:28
PENASthrow it in the trash01:28
DarwinSurvivorFirefishe: yes, but it would be nice for the commandline argument to match what-ever file is dragged onto the launcher, is this even possible?01:28
PENASspit on it01:28
ChogyDanLil: what site?  pendrivelinux.com?01:28
Jordan_Upondera: Yes.01:28
cannonfodderhey look at this movie trailer  peoplez   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzza-ZbEY70&feature=popular01:28
trismDarwinSurvivor: if you're editing the desktop file, %f expands to the file's path01:28
Lilthat sounds familiar01:28
ponderathanks jordan_u01:28
Lilive been up al night on this and all day so my brain is fuzzy at this point on details like that01:28
ImaLamerLil, you likely are having issues loading X? or that setup has no X? (someone jump in...)01:28
Jordan_Upondera: You're welcome.01:29
FirefisheDarwinSurvivor: I don't know.  You may need several custom launchers.  Trying to convert a gpx file, eh?01:29
DarwinSurvivortrism: wouldn't that be the path of the launcher? I want the path of the file dragged ONTO the launcher to be used :(01:29
PENASspit on it and reboot Lil01:29
etholaFirefishe: it asked me about kdm or gdm after download of files , i choiced kdm , is it bad ?01:29
Jordan_U!ot | cannonfodder01:29
ubottucannonfodder: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:29
DarwinSurvivorFirefishe: just sending it to a gps actually01:29
LilLOL @ penas01:29
ShadowI am running ubuntu from a live CD...I originally had windows XP SP3...I installed ubuntu and then afterwards I rebooted, and I got into the grub recovery prompt thing...I tried googling it but I couldn't get anything to work...I have grub 0.98, If I recall...>> I just need the bootloader thing to work?01:29
trismDarwinSurvivor: no I mean the file you drag onto the launcher01:29
DarwinSurvivorthe only argument that is not hardcoded is the filename, everything else is static01:29
PENASdrag the launcher to the main menu01:29
DarwinSurvivortrism: really? cool01:29
Firefisheethola: kdm isn't bad, but you might want gdm as a default login/display manager.  It just depends on how your system behaves.01:29
* DarwinSurvivor goes off to experiment with %f01:29
ChogyDanLil: what are you trying to do in the first place?01:30
Typos_KingShadow:   and... how can we help you? :)01:30
PENASChogyDan, plz let me handle this01:30
tibmanready to give up on ubuntu 10.04 - tried many things but run into one problem after another trying to install01:30
etholaFirefishe : oh i should have asked before applied , but is it not the kde login then ?01:30
PENASthrow away the 10.04 iso01:30
ImaLamertibman, welcome back :P01:30
killminusnineiflema: I am sufficiently embarassed, but will admit that apt-get update actually did the trick. I guess running that directed apt to a different address. Thank you kindly, good sir or madame01:30
ShadowTypos_Kings: How do I get the GRUB to let me see ubuntu and windows? >> I get a prompt instead of...whatever I should have?01:30
Lilit boot to a comand line and the typinfg says grub. i figured out grub is a progarm but I have NO CLUE as to waht to type in to  somethign like gnome or even KDE to com eup,. complete newbie here, been drooling over gettign this installed for years andnow  the curser jsut blinks at me..roflmao01:30
tibmanhello again imalamer01:30
Liluse ubuntu01:31
PENASLil, sounds like the user is the problem01:31
Jordan_UShadow: Is it a "rescue> " prompt or a "grub> " prompt?01:31
Firefisheethola: To reconfigure it later, you just do this:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm , or sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm.  Either/or will bring up a dialog that lets you choose either one.  Then you just either log out and restart the xserver, or, if you have nothing to save:  sudo service gdm restart or sudo service kdm restart01:31
iflemakillminusnine its best to update before installing software and upgrading.... uses next to no bandwidth... most worth it.. :)01:31
bsmith093apparently i only get a permission denied error when i try to copy a specific file to ubuntu from the windows share01:31
ChogyDanLil: are you trying to just run the iso?  are you trying to install to the harddrive?01:31
ShadowGrub, it says grub recovery>" or something like that01:31
tibmanimalamer, I figured out the black screen issue but now when I get to the keyboard impute step 3 of install the process locks up01:31
Lil<< freely admits she could not be greener if she was a leaf in spring01:32
killminusnineiflema: I'll set a cron ;-)01:32
Random832Shadow: is this at first boot?01:32
Lilrun the iso01:32
ShadowAfter install from live CD, yes!01:32
Firefisheethola: gdm is the gnome display manager.  kdm is the kde display manager.  I find gdm works a bit more stably with my particular laptop.01:32
Random832Shadow: you need to make a /boot partition in the first 1024 cylinders [8gb or so] of the disk01:32
ImaLamerLIl, admitting that your female will get you far in this channel :)    (and IRC)01:32
Shadow...I do that how?01:32
Jordan_UImaLamer: Please stop.01:32
PENASLil, step away from the computer01:32
ImaLamer...and life :)01:32
Lilwhat do I get if I do?01:33
ImaLamerJordan_U, really?01:33
Random832Shadow: uh... you know, i'm not sure if you can if you're leaving your windows install alone01:33
PENASur dignity01:33
=== ruff|ja_volto is now known as ruffles
Random832anyone else know more about partitioning [and what windows won't react badly to] than me01:33
Shadow...I have one drive, I did the side by side install thing...01:33
ChogyDanLil: were you following the directions on ubuntu.com?01:33
PENASRandom832, plz leave01:33
IdleOne!ot | PENAS01:33
ubottuPENAS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:33
bsmith093Shadow what did u install first01:33
ImaLamerRandom832, what is the windows / partition question at hand?01:33
Lilafter 20 hours of reading docs and tryign to install this thing, Im supposed to have any dignity intact? sheesh what wil they think of next01:34
Jordan_UImaLamer: http://xkcd.com/322/01:34
ShadowWindows XP was on the machine first, if that's what you mean01:34
Typos_KingShadow: http://paste2.org/p/898712 <--- skip the # comments :), I don't think you need to mount the XP partition, but anyhow01:34
PENASLil, seems like another case of the user being the error01:34
Random832ImaLamer: is it possible to move a windows partition to the 'right' and place a primary partition [for /boot] before it, without disturbing the windows installation?01:34
LilChogy what the directions say was supposed to happen and waht really happened arelike mars and venus. bot planets but way far apart01:34
IdleOne!guidelines | PENAS01:34
tibmandoes anyone know how to get past the third step of install without the window locking up? <---------------------------------------------01:34
ubottuPENAS: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:34
codebrainzLil, just drops to the grub prompt on boot?01:34
Random832i had to make a /boot but i wiped windows so it was simpler for me01:35
Lilcodebrain Yes01:35
ChogyDanLil: ignore PENAS, as he is just trollin / joking around01:35
Jordan_ULil: Shadow: Can you run this script http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ from a LiveCD and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces?01:35
codebrainzLil, fresh install?01:35
PENASLil, seems like another case of the user being the error01:35
ImaLamerRandom832, not likely - just as if you moved your /boot to another partition, the boot manager will lock01:35
ShadowUhm...sure, I can try...01:35
Typos_Kingtibman:    I don't even know what the 3rd step is to begin with heeh01:35
Lil coebrain fresh like 2 hours ago01:35
ImaLamerRandom832, though if you resize and move the volume with the right tools it may 'fix' all that for you01:35
Random832ImaLamer: what about leaving the windows partition as sda1 and making the /boot sda2 [but earlier physically]01:36
codebrainzthanks IdleOne01:36
Random832i know it's possible, some tools complain about it though01:36
Liljordan I have no idea hoqw to do that01:36
etholaFirefishe : sorry but the list rolls so fast so i cant copy the commands for login manager but is it bether to chat in separate windond one to one ?01:36
Firefisheethola:  yes, no problem :)01:36
ChogyDanLil: of course, the easiest solution would be to just burn a cd, can you do that?01:36
Random832Shadow: whatever you do, you'll need to boot into the livecd and open gparted, so start doing that01:36
Lilout of compatible CDrs. have to order online01:36
ShadowI am on the livecd....01:37
Lilthis is an antique that still works01:37
Shadowgparted, I have to download that, right?01:37
ImaLamerRandom832, I think the problem is to move to the 'right' would require a reboot and then you're hosed, doing it live would allow you to modify the bootloader before reboot :(01:37
killminusninewell, before I go, does anyone have any strong opinions on linuxmint?01:37
Random832no, it comes with the livecd01:37
Random832make sure all your hard drives are unmounted01:37
ShadowWhere is it located?01:37
Random832ImaLamer: huh?01:37
codebrainzLil, define antique01:37
Random832Shadow: alt-f2 type gparted01:37
dodororu90cool i enter01:37
snarksteri need to 277,000 txt files in different folder to one folder. what is my best approach on this?01:37
ImaLamermoving the drive to the right would be a 'move' and done on a non-live partition01:37
Lilfound the CD i ordered months ago . that would bot but i figred it is so old  i would not know how to update it01:37
ChogyDanLil: btw, grub is the bootup program.  It runs at boot and figures out which OS to run  (if that helps you to understand what's happening..)01:38
ShadowI need to be root to run it >>01:38
Lillet me pull info up brb01:38
sjdurfeyso im getting this error whenever i go to run an opengl program in ubuntu 10.04 64-bit .... freeglut (./a.out): Unable to create OpenGL 1.0 context (flags 0, profile 0)  .....  im not really sure what this means, as ive just started learning opengl, anyone have any ideas?01:38
Random832ImaLamer: well, yeah - i know _that_ - he can't boot his hard disk now anyway01:38
tibmanoh well, i guess I will wait to a new edition of ubuntu comes out to try it for the first time01:38
ImaLamerRandom832, oh well then hose it :)01:38
Random832Shadow: oh yeah, gksu gparted sorry01:38
ShadowOk, it's loading01:39
codebrainzsnarkster, move or copy or link?01:39
Random832Shadow: i am going to recommend now that if you have any important data on your hard disk you should back it up to an external drive or CDR. what you are about to do could make windows unbootable.01:39
ImaLamertibman, maybe keep an eye out for daily builds of the CDs?01:39
switch10_snarkster: *.txt01:39
snarkstercodebrainz: move01:39
iflemakillminusnine check it out.... it has a live option I believe... Thats not exactly an Ubuntu support question ;)01:39
Random832[er, even moreso]01:39
ShadowDoes it matter if windows is unbootable? I can still recover data from the files, right?01:39
Random832maybe i should have said rather that it may or may not fix windows01:39
codebrainzsnarkster, mv folder1/* folder2/    should be fine01:39
snarksterShadow you can recover data from dead hard drives01:39
Random832still good to keep backups - especially since you're going to be working with an NTFS partition01:40
ImaLamerShadow, Random832 - that is good advice. Use the live CD to move/copy data to the USB drive, etc01:40
killminusnineiflema: Using it now. More just wondered if there was a "stay away" attitude. Thanks again. Off I go.01:40
Lilcompaq Evo D310 Xp pro sp 3 1993 Mhz   upgraded as far as it can go01:40
Random832[there is no chkdsk for ntfs that runs under linux]01:40
codebrainzsnarkster, it should be pretty quick to move, just don't use the -v option01:40
snarkstercodebrainz: Im not looking for the directories just the txt files01:40
ShadowI don't have anything I really need to copy so...01:40
switch10_snarkster: mv *.txt /dest01:40
Random832ok... the first thing you want to do in gparted01:40
Jordan_ULil: Could you give a brief summary of your situation. What version of Ubuntu did you install? Is there anything preventing you from downloading the latest Ubuntu and installing it to a CD? Etc.01:40
Random832you see your windows partition at the beginning of the drive, right?01:40
snarksterswitch10_: they are in different directories01:40
dodororu90but the real shirt is01:40
codebrainzsnarkster, what I said will move all the text files from folder1 to folder201:41
ImaLamerShadow, Random832 - why are we worried about LBA? How old is this BIOS?01:41
Random832edit that partition and resize it leaving an area of free space (only needs a couple hundred megabytes) to the left of it01:41
codebrainzsnarkster, well, it will MOVE everything mv folder1/*.txt folder2/  for just text01:41
ShadowLBA? I don't know...mine is 4 or so years old01:41
Random832ImaLamer: he got a completely failed boot [grub recovery mode] immediately after the livecd - that's the only thing i know that as a symptom of.01:41
snarkstercodebrainz: but will it move all txt files from 1100 different directories to one directory?01:41
Random832*immediately after install, first boot, specifically01:42
ImaLamerRanakah, oh i saw that01:42
Random832and i know that was what solved that for me01:42
codebrainzsnarkster, no, not with *.txt (unless the dirs end in that by chance)01:42
Seeker`dodororu90: please stop that01:42
ImaLamerRandom832, that is the *right* way to do things, I recommend it01:42
Lilversion 10.04 clean fresh install to  8 gig USB .  when it boots i get the choice of xp or ubuntu. click on ubuntu and it goes to curser with grub at the command line and then the promtp. i want to know how to chnge from the grub prompt to a gui like gnome or kde and set it to automatically load a gui so i dont have to fol with that any more01:43
ImaLamerShadow, what version of windows01:43
ShadowXP SP#01:43
Random832ImaLamer: which?01:43
Random832oh, having a /boot?01:43
codebrainzLil, at the boot menu, read the directions for how to Edit.  edit the ubuntu one, and in there you'll need to make some changes01:44
ImaLamerShadow, okay, good because vista + will mess with your /boot partition (I believe)01:44
LilIve read so many different dos trying to figure this one out i gave up , my nbrain is soo full01:44
ShadowThe Gparted thing? should I do something with it now?01:44
Random832ImaLamer: i think that's the MBR01:44
Random832Shadow: did you resize your windows partition to the right?01:44
ChogyDanLil: do you have xp installed to that usb drive also?01:44
ShadowUhm...I am not sure what your talking about, so probably not01:44
Typos_KingLil:     and you get those choices even if the usb stick with ubuntu installation isn't plugged in? while XP boots ok, right?01:44
Random832ok now create a partition in the space you opened up - it might not let you, i'm not sure if gparted lets you make partitions out of physical order01:45
ImaLamerRandom832, it's the goofy vista bootloader, seems like they are trying to copy grub01:45
Alex_21Hello All,01:45
Alex_21Hello All,01:45
Random832ImaLamer: i never had a problem dual booting vista01:45
ImaLamerRandom832, Shadow yes you should be able to01:45
Random832but anyway, Shadow , where are you at right now in the process01:45
kulinorhi, after installing 10.04 the dhcp client is not working, it always get the wierd number while it should get around
Random832i.e. what have you done so far01:45
Random832just opened gparted?01:46
ImaLamerRandom832, i had a hell of a time installing ubuntu via wubi bc of this stupid 'hidden' drive01:46
Jordan_UShadow: Can you run this script http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ from a LiveCD and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces?01:46
Random832ImaLamer: well wubi is a hack anyway01:46
ShadowDon't I have to mount my drive for that? >> Doing Gparted...01:46
* Random832 grumbles evil things about wubi01:46
Noz3001kubanc, that looks like a normal lan ip01:46
LilXp is origanl install, on primary hd ( C DRIVE)   ubuntu is on usb. if no usb is in slot it boots to Xp just fine as normal01:46
ImaLamerLil, et.al. the problem is the BIOS is giving out new drive assignments with the USB stick as 001:47
kulinorNoz3001:but it is wrong, i dont know where it get this number from...01:47
Alex_21I have set up a printer with the raw driver and then when I try to send to it with the lpr command, it gives a "no such file or dirrectory" error.01:47
Noz3001does it work?01:47
h3XIs there any way to see the progress gparted has made in copying a filesystem?01:47
ChogyDanLil: what version is the old cd you mentioned?01:47
ImaLamerthis is a common issue installing windows with an external drive01:47
kulinorNoz3001; the dhcp server assgien only 10.1.1.x01:47
Lilmakes sense since i set it up that way like directions said to have it boot to USB forst01:47
codebrainzLil, it's probably because Ubuntu decided to call your drive something it isn't anymore, using the misnamed UUID naming system, it's pretty easy to fix01:48
Alex_21Can anyone help.01:48
Alex_21Can anyone help?01:48
Lillistens intently01:48
Random832ImaLamer: it used to be a problem with linux on scsi, too01:48
TMacAlex...I remember that happening to me, I'm trying to figure out what I did.01:48
Random832Shadow: no, you need ot NOT have your drive mounted, for gparted to work01:48
TMacAlex, is it a network printer, or is it plugged directly into your computer?01:48
ShadowUHm...I have three partitions now that I moved it...I think one was made when I installed the ubuntu side by side with windows thing? So do I need to be doing this at all?01:48
ShadowAnd I have to mount my drive for the boot script, don't I?01:49
Random832can you post a picture of your gparted window?01:49
codebrainzLil, you need to follow the directions in grub to edit the boot menu items, (i think it's just pressing 'e' when the ubuntu line is selected)01:49
Noz3001kulinor, it looks like something a router would assign as default01:49
ImaLamerRandom832, codebrainz - I couldn't install win7 without removing the external drive - windows doesn't allow install to USB and gets confused when it sees USB as drive001:49
Random832Shadow: boot script?01:49
ShadowYeah, jordan asked me to do the boot script thing...01:49
Shadowboot info script01:49
codebrainzImaLamer, but ubuntu will run fine, if not slow, from usb01:50
TMacHow do I use bash to convert .emf files to .svg? I've looked into the CLI for Inkscape but it only seems to do .svg->.png, and ImageMagick only does raster images.01:50
Jordan_UShadow: No, the script does all of the mounting that's needed.01:50
Random832Jordan_U: i doubt you need it mounted for that [i also doubt the sript will tell you anything you don't already know, but that's me01:50
h3Xperhaps he means grub?01:50
LilCode brain , thaks Ill try that and see if it works01:50
codebrainzLil, you're missing the 2nd step still01:51
ShadowOk, where can I put the picture up at?01:51
Random832go ahead and run it though01:51
Lilis this room supposed to be aabkle to copy and paste stuff ? I can get it to work?01:51
ChogyDanLil: I think for what you are trying to do, you shouldn't get a choice between xp and ubuntu.  It should just boot ubuntu.  Editing grub will be hard.  I think it would be better to start over with better directions01:51
Random832Shadow: i don't care - imageshack, photobucket, tinypic, flickr - whatever you already post pics on01:51
Liloh ok, still listening intenetly01:51
Random832or just email it to me [tell me and i'll msg you my address01:51
ImaLamerokay... now i have a question - I've created a second swap partition and want to move to that.. ideas?01:52
loopidityhow to update libc6 ?01:52
ImaLameri.e. not use the other anymore01:52
Random832ImaLamer: swap partitions to be activated at boot are listed in /etc/fstab, and you use swapon/swapoff to change at runtime01:52
codebrainzLil, are you following this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromUSB01:52
Lilchogy at this point afte al this Im so ticked to get jsut a non wind prog to even try to boot i cant stand tha idea of screwing this up but tryng to reinsall unles sit is an abolute have to short of a install party and we aint exactly got a lot of unix users in this area01:53
gryllidaam I missing some package, open office is unable to put text to buffer when I select it (middle click doesn't paste what I expect), and the box 'use system fonts for system interface' doesn't take any effect – any ideas?01:53
Lillet me g look at it again and ill tel you01:53
ImaLamerRandom832, the new is in the fstab so turn off swap, remove old, reboot, turn on swap01:53
Random832ImaLamer: i don't see where a reboot would be required01:53
loopidityubottu libc601:54
Random832just swapon the new one, swapoff the old one, and edit fstab at leisure01:54
codebrainzLil, reinstall will fix nothing, ubuntu/grub is identifying your ubuntu drive as some arbitrary ID that is not longer valid, you need to tell it the valid name of the partition where ubuntu is installed01:54
ImaLamerRandom832, okay cool01:54
codebrainzLil, it wouldn't be an issue if it were on a fixed disk01:54
_2installed ubuntu 10 4   when i run 'start gdm' it says it's "gdm start/running, process 145001:54
_2but no gui   ???01:54
ImaLamer_2 does the harddrive stop working after that like it's waiting?01:55
Random832Shadow: i only see one partition in that, are you sure that's the drive you installed it side-by-side on?01:55
Jordan_Ucodebrainz: How did you come to that conclusion?01:55
codebrainz_2, press Ctrl+Alt+F1-F8 and see if the UI is on any of those01:55
Random832you didn't delete any partitions did you?01:55
codebrainzJordan_U, have had the same issue01:55
_2imalamer no01:55
ShadowRunning the script, and NO I did not delete any partitions...01:55
Lilcode brain I found tha t page , let me look at it and see hwo close it comes01:55
ShadowThere is one big green one, and two small grey ones...01:56
Arknshi alll. I`m try to config my wireless by command line on my acer aspire 3100 (it`s not a netbook) and I made this script on /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/VSihRL3Q - so I run 'start networking' and show 'networking stop/waiting' but I can`t get a apt-get... what is missing?01:56
Random832the gray spaces aren't partitions01:56
Random832they're empty space01:56
codebrainzJordan_U, the "Universally" Unique Identifier is not really "universal"01:56
_2codebrainz why?   i know about tty's   and no gui is running01:56
codebrainz_2, k, worth a look :)01:56
Random832Shadow: post the output of the script, i'm curious to see it now too01:56
ImaLamer_2 gotta start somewhere :)01:56
ImaLameralways check the cables firs01:57
_2codebrainz imalamer used left-alt + right-dirrectional  to cycle through all active tty's     next ?01:57
yvan300how do i install my wireless drivers when offline...... i can get them from the internet on a flash drive and install it from there?01:57
codebrainz_2, have you tried /etc/init.d/gdm start ?01:57
DarwinSurvivorI have a garmin 60cx that I am trying to use with gpsbabel (over usb). on my arch laptop it appears as /dev/ttyUSB0, but on my ubuntu machine it doesn't appear at all, do I need to add some udev rules or something?01:57
_2codebrainz it just says use 'start gdm'01:58
Random832Shadow: ok. you have two hard drives, and you installed ubuntu on a different one than windows. You did not mention this fact01:58
Random832close gparted without doing anything01:58
dziikiI'm very new to ubuntu (and linux overall).  I'm trying to instal zoneminder onto a freshly installed ubuntu.  When I do the ./configure thing I get an error that says   "....configure: error: C++ compiler cannot recreate executables01:58
dziikihow do i fix that?01:58
Shadowo.o?  I did?....01:58
ShadowI clicked side by side...01:58
ShadowAnd I already did something in gparted, should I undo it?01:59
Random832ok, then the installer probably screwed something up01:59
Random832Shadow: as long as you didn't hit the checkmark button, you're fine01:59
ShadowOh, ok01:59
Random832gparted requires confirmation before doing anything01:59
yvan300could anyone help me01:59
Jordan_UShadow: Does you BIOS support booting from USB?02:00
ShadowI don't think so...02:00
ShadowNot sure02:00
freedomhi for evrybody02:00
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, just plugged in a different gps device, shows as ttyUSB0 here as well02:01
freedomjust wanna a help02:01
Lilok sop if im undersanding this i type in   # to boot from a USB device02:01
Liltitle    Boot USB drive02:01
Lilroot     (hd1,0)02:01
Lilchainloader +102:01
FloodBot3Lil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
Lilboot into the  grub configuration (usually in /boot/grub/menu.lst) and it should straighten it self out??02:01
Random832Shadow: so you are aware you have two hard drives, at least, correct?02:01
Jordan_UShadow: Neither of the drives is USB though, correct?02:01
freedomi u like to help me plz02:01
Random832one 320GB and one 750GB02:01
LilOPPS sorry!02:01
Random832how are they attached? both internal, one external, etc02:01
dregorth!hi | freedom02:01
ubottufreedom: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:01
ShadowOh, the 750GB is external, Firewire02:01
_2start gdm02:01
_2gdm start/running, process 155002:01
freedomhow to upgrade my wireless driver02:01
Random832ok. you've managed to install ubuntu on the external drive, by accident [and the installer somehow screwed up setting up grub]02:01
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: that's what it does in Arch Linux, but in ubuntu I get an obscure (cell-phone-like) entry in /dev/usb/... :(02:02
tripelbhi, brasero does not see a blank cd. what's up?9.10 - yes ubuntu will see a burnt cd. -- This is totally new today.----> Installed Gnomebaker. Failed. why?  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs02:02
codebrainzLil, on the line there with kernel  vmlinuz root=UUID=  you need to replace the UUID part with the partition device name02:02
Lilrandom if yout alking to me no i did it on purpose02:02
Jordan_UShadow: If Ubuntu is on the Firewire drive, and your BIOS doesn't support booting from firewire, then that explains everything.02:02
DarwinSurvivorttyUSB0 is what i WANT, right now it doesn't do anything (in ubuntu)02:02
freedomsorry i'm biggner02:02
ShadowYeah, I didn't want it to install on the firewire ><02:02
freedomcan u tell me how where to start]02:02
Random832My recommendation would be to _unplug_ the firewire drive, and redo the ubuntu install02:02
Lilis on usb and my bios does support usb boot02:02
tripelbHad prob. w/ Bracero so Installed Gnomebaker. Failed. why?  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/dthSQbYs02:02
ShadowHow do I uninstall ubuntu from it?02:03
SegFaultAXAny idea why I have eth1 and eth3 but no 0 and 2?02:03
=== dregorth is now known as greenjon
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, you could try dmesg | tail -n 20 after plugging in the device to see if it's getting recognized properly02:03
Random832Shadow: just open gparted /dev/sdb, delete the linux partitions, and resize the windows one to fill the whole disk02:03
ShadowThey are different hard drives? @.@ Ok...will try02:03
SegFaultAXIs there a way to essentially redo the hardware detection and auto configuration of hardware?02:04
DarwinSurvivor"new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 5" then "configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice"02:04
Random832you can do that now, or you can do it after you install ubuntu on the internal drive02:04
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: ^02:04
greenjonfreedom: i'm unable to help you on the issue, but please give everyone else a little bit more information (i.e. version of ubuntu you're on and what kind of wireless card you have)02:04
codebrainzLil, you need to replace that root=UUID=  with something like root=/dev/sdb1 (or whatever your usb drive is named)02:04
ChogyDanLil: Im going to let you go with codebrainz.  I still think you'll have an easier time starting over, and getting help following a single doc.  You should be able to just install the iso to a usb, set the bios to boot usb, and then go.  You shouldn't get a grub menu with a choice between xp and ubuntu unless you do something fancy02:04
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, i wonder if it's detecting it as a "mass storage device" type thing?02:05
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: in arch it displays a usb/tty converter being initialized02:05
greenjonfreedom: put all of it together on one line and hopefully someone will know the answer and can help you :)02:05
Jordan_UShadow: You're going to need to either install Ubuntu to /dev/sda, the drive that has windows on it, or at least put Ubuntu's /boot partition there (the rest of Ubuntu can be on the firewire drive as after the kernel is loaded it can read the firewire drive even though the BIOS can't)02:05
Random832Jordan_U: he says he didn't intend to put it on the firewire - the installer probably doesn't know what to do with two hard drives02:05
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: not that I can see :(02:05
_2what == inittab  ???02:05
codebrainzChogyDan, from what I gather Lil is installing ubuntu proper to a removable USB drive, not just installing from a usb stick02:06
Lilok so i do all tha tother stuff on the web page t figure out for sure waht the name is showing as an just replace waht is in ther with hat sam ename?02:06
Jordan_U!boot | _202:06
ubottu_2: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:06
ShadowWhat was it I put in the run again gksu Gparted?02:06
Random832_2: a relic of a bygone era02:06
Jordan_U!cn | jj__02:06
ubottujj__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:06
Random832Shadow: now gksu gparted /dev/sdb02:06
bastid_raZor_2: upstart replaced inittab02:06
=== oMg-iTz-eX is now known as ExcruciationX
jj__呵 呵,好的02:07
_2jordan_u no gui. gdm broken.   is there a config file like inittab ?02:07
freedomo.k. i have ubuntu 10.4 and my laptop is hp pavilion dv600002:07
ImaLamerfreedom, wireless doesn't work at all?02:08
freedomwhich driver i don't know02:08
_2bastid_razor  [ /etc/upstart != /etc/inittab ]   ?02:08
freedomis work but not like the windows 702:08
ImaLamerfreedom, can you plug the laptop into an ethernet cable and get connect that way for now?02:08
freedomwindows 7 more strong02:08
codebrainzLil, replace the root=UUID=blah... with root=/dev/sdXN (where sdXN is you partition device name)02:08
freedomi can in wireless02:08
k1Make a parition for windows and install it there02:08
k1system -> administration -> Disk*02:09
k1i launched a program in wine to listen to music. it worked fine. when i launched it today it killed my sound. i got help from some guy and he fixed it. i had to purge and install some stuff. i tried lanuching it again thinking it was just a temporary glitch and now i have the same problem. can someone help me fix it again? :}02:09
FloodBot3k1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:09
k1My drivers load but some software thing did something wrong he told me.02:09
ChogyDancodebrainz  I dunno, I would double check...02:09
k1i launched a program in wine to listen to music. it worked fine. when i launched it today it killed my sound. i got help from some guy and he fixed it. i had to purge and install some stuff. i tried lanuching it again thinking it was just a temporary glitch and now i have the same problem. can someone help me fix it again? :} My drivers load but some software thing did something wrong he told me.02:09
ImaLamerfreedom, can you see your windows drive from ubuntu?02:09
codebrainzChogyDan, Lil, if I'm mistaken, ignore everything I have said02:09
freedomi have internt  with out cable02:09
_2ok either you guys can't or wont help me.   i'll delete ubuntu 10 and install debian lenny,   at least it still resembles linux02:09
freedomno or i don't how02:09
karma_policeanyone familiar with audacious? i want to make my playlist songs fade into each other. similar to winamp02:10
ShadowOk, Uhm...I think I figured out the one to delete...but the delete button isn't visible, and in the sub thing that it IS visible on I get an error to unmount any logical partitions higher than 5...02:10
medinedhello. i just saw the FB invite.02:10
ShadowI don't think I have any mounted to begin with...02:10
Lilgee tahtks02:10
ImaLamerfreedom, if you go to "Places" on the menu do you see it?02:10
Random832_2: try asking for help with your actual problem [the gdm thing] rather than complaining about the lack of something familiar to solve it yourself02:10
greenjon_2: that sounds like a tough problem and the help is free. just please be patient and hopefully someone is around that can give you a hand02:10
Lilsorry it is taking me so lng to repsond but for some reason copy and [paste does not work in here and im having to type al this out by hand02:10
Random832Shadow: screenshot?02:10
codebrainzLil, have you installed using the Ubuntu CD to a USB drive, or are you trying to install Ubuntu from a USB drive onto your harddrive02:10
greenjonImaLamer: i think the problem is that freedom's signal strength is stronger in win 7 than ubuntu02:11
freedomyaeh i can see the partion02:11
ShadowLet me post it, one moment02:11
quesoWhen I try to use ffmpeg to convert .flv to .avi, I always get this error: Could not find codec parameters (Video: h264)  How do I get the h264 codec?02:11
ImaLamergreenjon, oh ty for the translation02:11
freedomya you right greenjon02:11
ImaLamergreenjon, these are typically broadcrap, so drivers are restricted, etc02:11
keishaIs there anyway to test if my sound card is working or not? I want to determine if there's something wrong with my drivers or my hardware?02:11
mdg2Anyone here twitter from a console?  how?02:11
juanpablo#ubuntu es02:12
Lil downloaded iso from ubuntu, saved to usb, installed to CD to try to make bot copy that way but no compatible cds so moved the whole thing to HD and installed it to USB02:12
ImaLamerfreedom, likely getting a good connection - the reading is wrong02:12
freedomi know imalamr what u wanna tell what to do02:12
greenjonImaLamer freedom: i don't really know how to fix that problem though besides asking what program is used (i.e. network manager, wicd, etc) :(02:12
Lilif i could make my portable DVD drive boot id do that02:12
ImaLamerfreedom, confirm your network speeds by going to speedtest.net in both windows and ubuntu, maybe is fine02:12
freedomwhat u talk about02:12
codebrainzLil, so during the Ubuntu install you chose to put it on your USB drive?02:12
juanpablohola alguien habla español?02:13
red2kic!es | juanpablo02:13
ubottujuanpablo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:13
freedomwharere i can find02:13
ChogyDanLil: but what is the end result you are looking for?02:13
h3X_2, what was the problem?02:13
mdg2Lil: you trying to make a bootable usb install?02:13
LilI saw the DSL pen drive months ago and I wanted one so i did it on purpose02:13
mdg2Lil: did you try unetbootin?02:13
keishaIs there anyway to test if my sound card is working or not? I want to determine if there's something wrong with my drivers or my hardware?02:13
codebrainzLil, ok, then what I said before is valid02:13
Lilchogy ot be able to tell win to go fly a kite same as every one else in here lol02:14
transom324how do get citrix to work with firefox02:14
ImaLamerLil, you have the right attitude :)02:14
Lilmdg2 ne3ver herd of unetbootin02:14
freedomah my driver is iwl394502:14
Lilmdg no im tryint to run ubuntu from the usb like it says im supposed to be able to do  inteh docs02:15
ShadowDid you get the link?..02:15
mdg2Lil: really easy app for linux, windows or mac to make a bootable USB flash drive of whatever distro02:15
codebrainzLil, unetbootin isn't what you're after02:15
freedomspeed 36mb02:15
* anqiCN zzzzzzz02:15
mdg2Lil: you want a USB with persistence then?02:15
* anqiCN usb boot02:15
codebrainzLil, have you tried editing the Ubuntu entry in grub yet?02:16
ImaLamermdg2, he's installing to USB and finding he can't boot... I MEAN SHE! sorry Lil02:16
quesoHow do I play .flv files in VLC?02:16
Lilits liek this i need mobility, am plannign on geting net book and only thing i can afford is  one of thos lousy dell  10 inch  min inspirions so i figure ill load the ubuntu in to it and have somethign that is half way decent02:16
Lilthis is a test to make sure i have the brains or endurance to set it up02:16
ShadowRandom832: Did you get the link?02:16
ChogyDanLil: would you be ok with just installing to the harddrive?02:16
Lilplus if i actualy get it al runnign i can do waht ive wanted to do for over ten years and tel you know who to go you know where02:17
ImaLamerLil, you certainly have the endurance :)02:17
Random832Shadow: sorry, i was busy in another channel - post again?02:17
ImaLameri like your attitude too02:17
mdg2Lil:  unetbootin is so easy, google unetbooting, click on the linux link, download, upzip, change permissions and you are set to try it to make a USB02:17
freedommy driver is iwl394502:17
Random832Shadow: you've got your partition mounted02:17
mdg2google unetbootin02:17
codebrainzLil, if you want to ditch windows, wipe the drive and install ubuntu over it, much simpler, and the UUID issue I'm telling about won't be an issue at all02:17
Lilnot yer\been to bus here pluis i have to reboot since i do nto know how to get it=nto the thign while in xp02:17
Random832open a nautilus window and click the eject button next to something tat will proably say "347 GB Filesystem"02:18
mdg2Lil:  you running windows or linux right now?02:18
LilChogy i seriously thuogh abtu that but lost the XP diosk so if I mess up im realy  screwed02:18
Random832wait, no, that's swap02:18
Random832you'll have to open a terminal02:19
Lilmgd wil check it out02:19
Random832Shadow: and type 'sudo swapoff /dev/sdb6'02:19
codebrainzLil, have you tried what I suggested?02:19
mdg2Lil:  if you are running windows, just download the windows version02:19
Random832forget what i said about an eject button02:19
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: looks like garmin_gps wasn't loaded (kernel module)02:19
greenjonfreedom: sorry i can't help you. i have to run to the store. just make sure to ask your question again every once in awhile (not too much though!) :)02:19
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, so you just had to load the module manually?02:20
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: yes02:20
DarwinSurvivorhow can I have it load the module automatically at boot time?02:20
Firefisheethola: there you go02:20
DarwinSurvivori know how to do it in arch, just not ubuntu :P02:20
Lilmdg want to exile windows but have to make sure this will work in linux frst  to chickend to jsut dive in without knowing i have all the drivers etc02:20
* demas http://wiki.ubuntu.com/demasterlikas02:20
Shadowubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo swapoff /dev/sdb602:21
Shadowubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo swapoff /dev/sdb602:21
Shadowswapoff: /dev/sdb6: swapoff failed: Invalid argument02:21
FloodBot3Shadow: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
ShadowSorry for the large message02:21
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, add it to /etc/modules02:21
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: ah, thanks, found it now :D02:21
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, or more properly, to a file under /etc/modprobe.d02:21
mdg2Lil: www.unetbootin.sourceforge.net02:21
iflema!pastebin | Shadow02:21
ubottuShadow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:21
Lilcode brain to much in my head. what was the suggestion?02:21
Shadow>< Now I am getting yelled at by bots...02:21
DarwinSurvivorgah, it was in the blacklist file!!!! :(02:22
ChogyDanLil: so all you want to do is test ubuntu out?02:22
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, hahaha, been there :)02:22
mdg2Lil: which version of ubuntu you running?02:22
=== FrankLv_ is now known as FrankLv
codebrainzLil, at the grub boot menu, highlight Ubuntu and press E key02:22
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: if i remove it from blacklist, will it auto-load, or do i need to add a new entry for it as well?02:22
codebrainzDarwinSurvivor, it *should* load it automatically, try first, if not add it to /etc/modules02:23
alascaWere I can find system>preferences>"sessions", is not there anymore.02:23
Lilchogy no  waht I want t to conver t every cottin picking computer in this house to linux, this situation is me seeing if i have the ovaries to get the job done and not lose my sanity in theprocess,,,,LOL02:23
DarwinSurvivorcodebrainz: ok, will do, thank you very much02:23
Lilmdg 10,0402:23
ShadowRandom832: I tried, first time it did nothing, second it said :swapoff: /dev/sdb6: swapoff failed: Invalid argument02:23
Lilhave to rebboot , be back in abit  with results02:23
maelstormhow is support for ati graphics cards in linux now adays?02:23
mdg2Lil:  if you want to get the USB setup the easiest, unetbootin02:24
codebrainzLil, you won't have much luck if you don't get the rest of the instructions :)02:24
anomalyI have checked alsamixer and tinkered with audacity and arecord.. yet when it records from line it sounds unamplified and no bass.. it at least records now.  I can not find a stereo mix option though.  anyone have any ideas?02:24
rafaelsoaresbrhello guys, does anyone use Wubi? What about this file: c:\ubuntu\install\.fuse_hiddenXXXX? Can I safely remove it?02:24
samcfolks .. is there any way to convince networkmanager to leave wireless disabled unless I specifically turn it on?  I switch it off whenever I'm on a wired network, but as soon as I come out of suspend it switches itself on again.02:24
dkam_Hey guys - trying to run do-release-upgrade from behind an authenticating proxy - I have the proxy_http env variable set, but the update script always returns "No new release found" - I'm on 9.10 atm, trying to go to 10.0402:24
codebrainzmdg2, Lil is installing TO a usb drive not FROM a usb drive (at least it's what I gather)02:24
ImaLamerbefore i go, anyone use gmusicbrowser?02:25
samcI don't really want to resort to using the killswitch on the laptop because I'd like to be able to leave bluetooth on, but that appears to be my only option at the moment02:25
mdg2codebrainz: doesn't matter02:25
ImaLameri have a massive collection - but it seems to only filter and not allow playlists ?02:25
mdg2codebrainz: you can install from a USB running a live CD to another USB02:25
codebrainzmdg2, she already did that02:26
ShadowRandom832: ? You there?02:26
ImaLamermdg2, you just blew my mind02:26
mdg2codebrainz: oh02:26
mdg2codebrainz: she is stuck at ????02:26
Random832Shadow: the first time was good - close and reopen gparted02:26
=== dkam_ is now known as dkam
SegFaultAXDoes an interface have to be plugged in to something to get an IP address even if it's configured to be static?02:26
Random832generally simple commands only print something if they fail02:26
codebrainzmdg2, but when she boots from usb it drops to a grub shell because - i think - the UUID is different from when it was installed02:26
quesoHon can a play an .flv video file?02:26
mdg2codebrainz: is lil leaving the USB plugged in?02:27
k1queso: install VLC and drag and drop the file into a vlc window02:27
codebrainzmdg2, from what i gather it's meant to be a "portable" install directly onto the usb drive02:28
quesok1: Tried that, it doesn't work.02:28
alex87does anyone know any good open source CRMs?02:28
ImaLamerqueso, likely corrupted then02:28
ShadowWhat did I put after gparted? /div/sdb?02:28
ImaLameralex87, can't vouch for it... but maybe look at SugarCRM02:28
alex87ImaLamer, yeah, that seems to be a name that pops up a lot02:28
mdg2codebrainz: meaning "persistence" i.e, remembers all programs installed, etc, on the USB flash drive or the USB harddrive?02:29
medinedalex87 - do you know what tech you want - ruby, java, php, etc?02:29
ImaLameraLeSD, i think it is *the* open CRM, a lot of fans02:29
codebrainzmdg2, meaning, take your typical install on a SATA disk, but replace the SATA disk with a USB disk02:29
ImaLamererrr i mean alex8702:29
transom324anyone know how to get citrix to work in ubuntu?02:29
ShadowRandom832: I put what after gparted again? sorry02:29
ColMustrdI'm trying to troubleshoot a networking issue. I thought it was related to recent kernel upgrade but now it appears that the only reason I noticed it after the kernel upgrade is because that's the point at which I rebooted. The issue may be the result of accidentally removing needed packages. I get a "No DHCPOFFERS received" error. Can anyone help figure out what the issue is?02:29
alex87medined, we're primarily a php-mysql house, ruby is fine, preferably not java though02:29
mdg2codebrainz: like a casper-rw setup?02:29
alex87medined, something relatively simple, we use redmine for issues02:29
codebrainzmdg2, no, like a real proper install on a usb drive02:30
Random832Shadow: /dev/sdb02:30
ImaLameralex87, Sugar runs on LAMP I believe02:30
alex87ImaLamer, just investigating it now, looks powerful, but may be overkill02:30
mdg2codebrainz: so lil already made a bootable USB flash drive and she wants to install to the internal USB harddrive?02:30
mdg2ColMustrd: wired or wireless?02:31
ColMustrdmdg2, wired02:31
mdg2ColMustrd: what do you get with "ifconfig" typed in a terminal?02:31
codebrainzmdg2, no, she installed from the Ubuntu CD to a plugged in external USB drive instead of the fixed internal drive (at least what i gather)02:31
codebrainzmdg2, on purpose of course02:32
ShadowRandom832: Ok...loading on the last part now, which is resizing all the way...02:32
mdg2codebrainz: lol02:32
medinedalex87 - http://www.ajaxlines.com/ajax/stuff/article/top_ruby_cms.php02:32
Dr_Williscodebrainz:  that can work. You have to rember to put the grub bootloader in the proper place  under the 'advanced' button at the last dialog box. I recall.02:32
ColMustrdmdg2, in terms of what? Looks like all the things you usually get except without an ipv5 ip address associated with eth002:32
medinedalex87 - i have heard good things about radiant02:32
brickyis there a way to make my webcam work for skype?02:32
medinedand follow the ruby theme02:32
Random832Shadow: this'll take some time - go make coffee02:32
Random832or w/e02:32
alex87medined, that site seems to be down, but i'll have a look into radiant02:32
Random832[if i understand you correctly that you've done the stuff in gparted and it's now resizing]02:33
medinedalex87 - it was slow to pull up ... but i did get the page.02:33
codebrainzDr_Willis, yep, I've done it numerous times, but a user here was having issues with the kernel's root filesystem trying to mount UUID= one that was invalid, because UUIDs suck02:33
Random832actually growing it _should_ only take a few minutes... but it is 750GB so who knows02:33
mdg2ColMustrd: you should be able to reinstall networking stuff from an ubuntu CD02:33
alex87medined, hmm... mine fails instantly02:33
mdg2ColMustrd: in Synaptic, choose CD as the source02:33
ColMustrdmdg2, wouldnt that require knowing what "stuff" I need?02:34
mdg2codebrainz: so Lil does not want to unplug USB flash drive and try installing again??02:34
samchow great is that02:34
samcerp, mispaste02:34
samcor mis-keyboard02:34
medinedalex87 - yeah .. it's failing now. This is the google cache version - http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:JoeFAJi8OpYJ:www.ajaxlines.com/ajax/stuff/article/top_ruby_cms.php+ruby+cms&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us02:34
mdg2ColMustrd: what stuff didn't you want regarding networking?02:34
mdg2ColMustrd: I was suggesting reinstalling network manager or whatever02:34
codebrainzmdg2, well, imo, ubuntu is just going to assign another invalid UUID and configure grub to use that, you need to edit /etc/default/grub and tell it not to use UUIDs to avoid the root of the problem02:35
alex87medined, ah, beautiful, thanks02:35
ColMustrdmdg2, what is network manager?02:35
medinedalex87 - i work with ruby a lot .. good stuff.02:35
codebrainzmdg2, rather than using UUID for the root filesystem, using LABEL is much more portable imo02:35
anathematicI had my ubuntu server randomly restarted nad now I'm getting some error about grub + Error 2502:35
alex87medined, i haven't done much myself, but redmine has sold me on its abilities02:35
mdg2ColMustrd: its Ubuntu's app for handling internet/network connections via wired, wireless, broadband connection02:35
anathematicI've loaded up ubuntu on a disk and I have terminal open, I guess I need the mount the disk and redo the master boot config but I'm not where where to go from here02:36
mdg2codebrainz: I agree, but I think it may be too avanced for Lil at this point02:36
ShadowShadow832: 1. what if I prefer tea? Two...it is on the run simulation part, which seems to be last...02:36
codebrainzmdg2, i wholeheartedly agree with you on that02:36
codebrainzmdg2, but i always still try :)02:36
mdg2codebrainz: I see it as a "wipe the slate clean" situation02:37
Dr_Willis!grub2 | anathematic02:37
ubottuanathematic: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:37
alketCan anyone help me how to install OpenArena 0.8.5 patch ? http://openarena.ws/download.php?view.302:37
codebrainzmdg2, my concern is that the issue is going to keep happening because ubuntu uses the UUID naming stuff02:37
mdg2codebrainz: had Lil run ubuntu at all?02:38
anathematicthanks Dr_Willis02:38
ColMustrdmdg2, it looks like that app requires a slew of libraries, many of them gui related.  This is a headless server, I don't want all that stuff on here.02:38
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
anathematicDr_Willis:  what if I'm not on that new version of Ubuntu? Use grub1?02:38
mdg2ColMustrd: how long have you been using this headless server?02:38
Dr_Willisanathematic:  grub1 is also documented at the wiki pages02:38
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:39
ColMustrdmdg2, idk....a year and a half or so02:39
codebrainzmdg2, she's used linux afaik02:39
mooseburgerIs it possible to tell ubuntu 10.04 which drivers to install for my printer? It keeps going online to attempt to find them, and I have them right there in my Downloads folder.02:39
Dr_Willismooseburger:  what files do you have? are they .debs ?02:39
mooseburgerDr_Willis, yes, they're .debs02:39
mdg2ColMustrd: perhaps you can look in the log files for apt and see what it removed.  Even though network manager is a GUI app, you can still use CLI commands02:40
Dr_Willismooseburger:  then install them?  sudo dpkg -i foo.deb02:40
ShadowRandom238: It's done, should I just close it all now?02:40
Firefishebye all.02:40
ColMustrdmdg2, yeah, I was trying that and gave up, I couldn't find anything that sounded network related to me. I am assuming that aptitude would not remove a lib that is required by some networking component, is that a good assumption?02:41
mdg2ColMustrd: not sure...02:41
mdg2ColMustrd:  you were upgrading the kernal?02:42
ShadowRandom832: It's done, should I save details or just close it all?02:42
Random832Shadow: you ran it, right? the checkmark button?02:42
Random832yeah close it02:42
Random832the details probably won't be anything interesting, unless there were errors, and you'd have mentioned that02:42
ColMustrdColMustrd, I upgraded the kernel today and when I rebooted is when this happened. But I think it's not related. I think the only reason it happened then was because it's the first time I had rebooted since doing whatever I did to mess things up02:42
ShadowI didn't see any errors...02:42
Random832now make sure everything's unmounted, unplug the firewire, and run the installer again02:42
FinityHey guys, I'm having a problem in ubuntu 10.0402:43
mdg2ColMustrd: Try "/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart"02:43
FinityI'm trying to install a USB attached printer02:43
ImaLamerRhythmbox question: I can't use CTRL+Click on multiple non-connected sections,any other options?02:43
Finitybut all I can find is information on network printers02:43
mdg2Finity: what kind of printer?02:43
FinityHP Photosmart C424002:44
Finityapparently the hlpip or w/e driver supports this printer02:44
ColMustrdmdg2, I tried that. everything up to the dhcp attempt seems to work02:44
mdg2Finity: is it plugged in?02:44
Dr_WillisFinity:  you did install the hplip packages?02:44
mdg2ColMustrd: firewall?02:44
Dr_Willishplip - HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)02:44
h3Xit's back to dd where i can monitor progress02:45
ImaLamerColdFyre, are you sure you are getting DHCP requests?02:45
h3Xat least gparted gave me the right partition size02:45
Finitybut System->Administration->Printing only shows networking printer options :/02:45
ShadowRandom832: Should I just do the side by side again? Or should I specify partitions?02:45
aretrfre34Hi, which util translates binary to digits, I forgot, need for generate wep key from /dev/random02:45
codebrainzColMustrd, unless your dhcp server is misconfigured, maybe try reinstalling the dhcp packages (apt-get install --reinstall dhcp3-common dhcp3-client)02:45
FinityDr_Willis: yeah, according to apt I have the latest version02:45
mooseburgerDr_Willis, that didn't do it, it still tries to search for drivers02:45
mdg2Finity: if its plugged in and turned on, when you try to print do you get a printer icon?02:46
Random832Shadow: i think you can just do the side by side without trouble02:46
Dr_Willismooseburger:  You may want to check the forums and cups.org for your exact printer. there may be some pacakges in the repos you need to install02:46
Random832verify what it's doing before you commit02:46
ColMustrdmdg2, I take that back, there are two other suspicious lines in the output of that. "send_packet: Network is unreachable" and "send_packet: please consult README file regarding broadcast address". The occur before it goes to the dhcp step though, not sure why its trying to reach a network yet at that stage02:46
atealthamy ubuntu suddenyl doesn't show fonts nicely. chrome, terminal are showing types as bitmaps and gvim has much wider fonts now. how can I restore this? this system has dual languages setup02:46
Finitymdg2: it's not even in my list of printers as of yet02:46
SegFaultAXWhy isn't my interface upping on boot? If I sudo ifup -a it configs no problem. But why doesn't it auto up?02:46
FinityI have a few printers already, that are network printers from work02:46
Dr_WillisI always find cups works better if i use itsx web interface to configure my printers --> http://localhost:63102:46
aretrfre34dd if=/dev/random bs=1 count=32 2>/dev/null ���m֘2M_�)��\=7�V)s,}1����h02:46
ShadowRandom832: AH! NOW it is resizing the partion! It didn't last time...02:47
mdg2ColMustrd: did you change router settings?02:47
Dr_Willisby all..02:47
ImaLamerRhythmbox question: I can't use CTRL+Click on multiple non-connected sections,any other options?02:47
codebrainzSegFaultAX, is it configure in /etc/network/interfaces?02:47
SegFaultAXcodebrainz: Of course.02:47
aretrfre34where to pipe it?02:47
socommQuestion. Does anyone else have problems clicking the play button on youtube when you have composite on?02:47
RoastedVersion of Samba installed is 2:3.4.7. Okay, fine. What's the 2: of the 3.4.7 portion mean?02:48
ColMustrdmdg2, possibly. but nothing that would affect the ability to assign IP address. Every other device is able to get one. My laptop, my iphone, my Xbox 360, my pc02:48
codebrainzSegFaultAX, well, then the graphical ubuntu thing won't work with it, but it's not an issue if you don't care :)02:48
ShadowWould closing the chat help the resize and stuff run faster?02:48
ColMustrdmy home alarm02:48
socommQuestion. Does anyone else have problems clicking the play button on youtube when you have composite on?02:49
ImaLamerShadow, i think that's based on your disk02:49
SegFaultAXcodebrainz: I'm command line only. Also, this is for a router. The net side configs no problem. It's the internal static ip interface that doesn't want to play ball.02:49
ShadowIt's staying at 0%...02:49
dziikihow do i install a logitech webcam on ubuntu??02:49
codebrainzsocomm, do any buttons work, or just play buttons?02:49
codebrainzdziiki, it should "just work" when you plug it in02:49
ImaLamerShadow, may just be prepping02:49
SegFaultAXcodebrainz: Actually, it ups, but it doesn't config. It's listed in ifconfig but with no ip or anything.02:50
FinityIs there supposed to be a URI for my local printer?02:50
socommcodebrainz: none, they work fine if I disable the composite02:50
atealthaanyone know why my system suddenly starts using ugly bitmap fonts?02:50
xrfangI upgraded to kde 4.4.5 and got serious problem, 参02:50
xrfangcan I undo the apt-get process?02:50
ImaLamerdziiki, can you see it in the program 'cheese'02:50
mdg2ColMustrd: maybe check that your cable is all the way plugged in02:50
gbear14275how do I rebuild my grub menu?  For some reason grub-config isn't registering as a valid command02:50
dziikiwhere would cheese be?02:51
ShadowImaLamer: Maybe...02:51
codebrainzsocomm, maybe check this, see if it's your issue (it hit me): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/41040702:51
Kyngdomany of you fellas pretty solid with betaftpd?02:51
ImaLamerdziiki, apt-get install cheese02:51
plouffeatealtha, I had that problem recently with an add-on for firefox that I installed02:51
ImaLamerdziiki, sudo apt-get install cheese02:51
ColMustrdmdg2 bah. you know what? I'll just reinstall this weekend. no one uses the services that server provides during summer break anyway. I need an excuse for installing 10.04 LTS straight off the cd rather than upgrading from older releases. thanks anyway02:51
plouffeatealtha, messed up my firefox fonts. removed the add on and it was fine02:51
codebrainzSegFaultAX, interesting.  it's just a plain old hardwired nic?02:51
ImaLamerShadow, could be scanning and whatnot02:51
atealthaplouffe: my font issue is system wide though: chrome and terminal02:51
mdg2SegFaultAX: you are all CLI?02:51
dziiki....installing cheese.02:52
codebrainzgbear14275, update-grub02:52
ShadowImaLamer: Maybe, I'm going to give it a few to do something while I am not on the computer...02:52
plouffeatealtha, ok I haven't had that02:52
ImaLamerdziiki, that would be the real test - and would install anyting else ubuntu needs to run it likely02:52
FinityOh snap, apparently there's an hp-setup command02:52
ImaLamerShadow, go grab a beer, don't let the power go out!02:52
codebrainzdziiki, is it a "Quick Cam Express"?02:53
dziikiyeyyy, cheese works (yes logi quickcam02:53
lobitohello, I have problems with my genius gpen f509 on ubuntu, the buttons of the pen doesnt work, everything works except that, any help???02:53
ImaLamerdziiki, then you should be good in most programs02:53
ImaLamerdziiki, though cario-dock may cause problems (if you dont' use that, ignore me:) )02:54
socommcodebrainz: all that just to watch youtube whilst using composite, lol, I'll just turn it off02:54
gbear14275codebrainz: Thanks!  Now I noticed when removing some of my older linux headers that a couple errors sprung up (looked like lvm issues) but when I just ran that command I got no errors.  Is there a log I could refer to, where those errors might have been captured?02:54
codebrainzsocomm, yeah, it's pretty annoying eh?  proprietary and open software don't mix well02:54
codebrainzgbear14275, it's pretty smart, it does auto-detection and whatnot, it probably didn't have errors02:55
Jordan_Usocomm: You can also browse youtube via Totem or html5.02:55
dziikiwell, i just installed zoneminder, but dont know how to open it02:55
lobitohelp with my graphic tablet please?02:56
codebrainzgbear14275, also, i'm not sure if/where it logs anything02:56
gbear14275codebrainz:  ok, so it was probably just an error with removing the running linux headers?02:56
socommJordan_U: yeah, I saw that. but this particular video is embeded on a website. no biggie02:56
ImaLamerdziiki, try ALT+F2 then type in zoneminder02:56
gbear14275Is there a synaptic install/remove log?  I know I can view the details but are those details captured in a log somewhere?02:56
ImaLamersocomm, are you in firefox?02:56
mdg2lobito: what kind of tablet is it?02:56
ShadowThe resizing partition is staying at 0%?02:57
codebrainzgbear14275, i'm not sure where the headers would come into this to be honest02:57
mdg2gbear14275: in Synaptics history .02:57
mdg2I forget which entry it is under02:57
socommImaLamer: yeah02:57
ImaLameroh, my turn to ask another question - how can i blacklist a package from being upgraded?02:57
dziikinope, but when I do zmc it asked for where my device is, so i do "zmc -d /dev/video0", and then nothing happens, nor error nothing02:57
lobitoit is genius gpen f509, it is recognized by my sistem (ubuntu 9.10), but the buttons of the pen doesnt work, I have to click with the mouse so I can draw X(02:57
ShadowImaLamer: Could it have frozen?02:57
codebrainzgbear14275, /var/log/apt i think02:57
ImaLamerShadow, is the light solid or flashing? because it *has* been a while02:58
mdg2lobito: oh, so you are using 9.10?02:58
xXEMO111Xxhey pplz!02:58
ShadowImaLamer: What light?02:58
lobitoyeah, 9.10, 10.04 didnt work well on my laptop02:58
ImaLamerdziiki, i'm not sure about that program02:58
ImaLamerShadow, your HD light on the PC02:58
codebrainzdziiki, i think zoneminder is web-based, so point your web browser at http://yourhostname:yourportnumber02:58
ShadowImaLamer: Uh...it looks solid ish...can't see that well, but more on the solid side02:59
codebrainzdziiki, something like http://localhost:8080 (not sure which port zoneminder uses)02:59
dziikik, thats what i was thinkin too....02:59
ImaLamerShadow, then likely just working still02:59
ImaLamerShadow, you are 'moving' the windows partition?02:59
gbear14275codebrainz: mdg2:  Thanks guys... No record so I'll just watch for it next time if I see it03:00
ShadowI just selected the side by side option on the install03:00
dziikiwait, localchost:80 works.....03:00
poserI'm having difficulty with network drivers in 10.04, so I'm trying to chroot within the livecd. is it possible to connect to internet within command line then?03:00
xXEMO111XxI am surrounded by half crappy computer I built from parts people didn't want, and they are all running linux, but I half a few queries about the OS.03:00
ImaLameroh - so you are installing03:00
Random832ImaLamer: we figured out the problem was that the installer got confused by there being two hard drives03:00
ShadowYeah, It just vanished, I think it might have finished or something?03:00
dziikiit says "It Works! this is the default webpage for the server.  No content has been added yet"03:00
Random832so he's installing again03:00
ImaLamerShadow, oh - so broken indicator :)03:01
Random832Shadow: uh, you weren't watching it? what was thhe last thing it said on it03:01
ShadowShadow is sad because shadow can't use shadow as a username D:03:01
ShadowIt said 0% >>03:01
codebrainzdziiki, http://localhost/zm03:01
ImaLamerthen it just finished?03:01
ShadowI guess the bar froze..but it seems to have finished03:01
Random832what stage was it on?03:01
Random832it's been a while since i did an install03:01
ShadowResizing partition03:01
ImaLamerI shall withhold my w00t for now03:01
xXEMO111Xxanyone wanna help me?03:02
xXEMO111Xxplz pm me.03:02
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, just ask your question(s)03:02
xXEMO111Xxwell, I may go into a long conversation.03:02
aretrfre34Hi, how to generate weps using /dev/random ???03:03
aretrfre34or i gonna be hacked03:03
codebrainzaretrfre34, if you're using WEP, you're gonna get hacked anyway :)03:04
xXEMO111XxI have tried and am currently installing 9.10, I love ubuntu, but in my opinion, 9.10 is an absolute fail.03:04
ImaLameraretrfre34, just punch the KB, key created :)03:04
xXEMO111Xxthey took away mah 'GIMP'!03:04
aretrfre34codebrainz:what use then?03:04
xXEMO111Xxand mah 'Four in a row game'!03:05
ImaLameraretrfre34, seriously, random is random is random03:05
aretrfre34ImaLamer:the what?03:05
ImaLameraretrfre34, just punch the KB or find a website to generate a password03:05
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, if you're displeased with the regular ubuntu, there are several options to still use ubuntu without using the regular (bloated) install03:05
* ImaLamer likes it here03:05
xXEMO111Xxcodebrainz, ?03:06
aretrfre34ImaLamer:just say, I'm Lammer, sorry can't help, then03:06
ubuntubieas I was upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04, seemingly just as it started the upgrade process, the screen slowly faded to black.  I was unable to recover from this position, although I could see and move around the mouse cursor.  Finally, after 15 minutes, and pushing of all sorts of key combinations, etc., I pushed the power button on the computer.  After this I saw an error message, and then the comp03:06
codebrainzaretrfre34, WPA2 i think is kinda the current "good"03:06
ImaLameraretrfre34, really you just need a random set of character? faceroll the KB, no need to get more complex than that03:06
trismaretrfre34: xxd -l 20 -g 0 -c 20 -ps /dev/urandom03:07
xXEMO111Xxthe 'loading in progress' bars and screens in 9.10 are hurrendous, they look absolutly awfull compared to 9.04.03:07
ridinhow do i exit sudo su?03:07
ubuntubiefroze completely and then I restarted it takes me to the command prompt, so I think something is wrong with the graphics device driver03:07
scunizi_I'm on to a new project.. looking for a video capture program that can take a usb input (hopefully my old adaptor will work).. what's available?03:07
ImaLamerridin, exit03:07
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, you can install just the stuff you want using the alternate CD, or use something slimmer like xubuntu/xfce, the possibilities are endless03:07
Stormx2Aren't WPA2 keys 32 hexadecimal digits? or am I making that up?03:07
ImaLamerStormx2, 64 maybe?03:07
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, there is very little in gnu/linux you can change, given the desire and time to do so03:08
ridinthanks ImaLamer03:08
ImaLamercodebrainz, agreed, with enough time you can come up with HURD03:08
codebrainzImaLamer, have you tried hurd?03:08
codebrainzbeen meaning to here03:08
ImaLamercodebrainz, maybe worth revisiting though :)03:09
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, pretty much everything is customizable and most of it simple (at least with ubuntu)03:09
ubuntubieis the ubuntu live cd capable of doing a repair upgrade install03:09
ImaLamerwait... this works, why 'fix' it?03:09
ubuntubiesince it is already installed on the hard drive03:09
ImaLamerubuntubie, i think you want chroot.. and you get past me03:10
codebrainzImaLamer, I'm still waist deep in Linux source code, not just I'm ready to open that jar of worms yet :)03:10
ImaLamercodebrainz, take life a few million lines of code at a time, no need for more than you can handle :)03:11
codebrainzubuntubie, so you hard powered off half way during the upgrade?03:11
ubuntubieyea i did finally, after it completely froze03:11
ImaLamerbbl, off to play wow - fun time here :)03:11
codebrainzImaLamer, too much code, not enough time03:11
ImaLamercodebrainz, appropriate nick :P03:12
codebrainzubuntubie, upgrading from from one ubuntu version to another?03:12
brianHelp! I'm running ubuntu 10.4 on my acer aspire net book and when it goes into suspend mode it becomes non-responsive.03:12
xXEMO111Xxcodebrainz, but the main problems for me are not its bloatedness, but the fact they taken out all the awesome stuff and replaced it with a load of crap., i mean, 'Glibber'?!? wtf!, 'pitivi' is one of the worst video editors I have seen in ubuntu, they took away 'GIMP'!!!, why the hell did that happen!, they took away over 1/3 of the awesomeness, and replaced it with a load of trivial crap!!! :-(03:12
xXEMO111Xxcodebrainz, but the main problems for me are not its bloatedness, but the fact they taken out all the awesome stuff and replaced it with a load of crap., i mean, 'Glibber'?!? wtf!, 'pitivi' is one of the worst video editors I have seen in ubuntu, they took away 'GIMP'!!!, why the hell did that happen!, they took away over 1/3 of the awesomeness, and replaced it with a load of trivial crap!!! :-(03:12
itai_michaelsoncan anyone help me with mounting smb shares? i cant get read-write permission when auto-mounting with fstab03:13
ubuntubiecodebrainz: yes I was in that processs, from 9.10 to 10.04, when the screen faded out and then the computer became unresponsive03:13
Stormx2aretrfre34, cat /dev/urandom | strings | tr -d '\n' | head -c 6303:13
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, so remove glibber and pitivi and replace with GIMP and avidemux?03:13
ubuntubiecodebrainz: then I pushed the power button once, and I saw an error reported on-screen in a message-box, and then the comp completely froze, after which I hard-powered-down03:13
aretrfre34Stormx2:Damn it, what i was looking for, exactly!03:14
codebrainzubuntubie, yeesh, easiest/best route would prolly be to back up your home dir and re-install from scratch, but there might be a way to continue the upgrade that I'm not aware of03:14
ubuntubiecodebrainz: so basically, after that, I was able to boot up but it would only go into the command prompt, not the gui.  So I figured I could \either try to fix the gui problem, which I think may be related to gfx drivers, or try some sort of repair upgrade install using a live cd03:15
zamaraxhello, I have ntfs-3g installed and  can't mount my NTFS partitions on boot and they are readable however they are not writable, here is what I have in fstab, am I doing something wrong? /dev/sda2       /Windows    ntfs    umask=0222      0       003:15
=== eddie is now known as Guest1184
Stormx2aretrfre34: No prob bro. :)03:15
zamaraxsorry, I meant I CAN mount my ntfs partitions03:16
codebrainzubuntubie, so you have a proper shell?03:16
fbxxkl_Hi everyone.  I am trying to figure out why after installing my copy of Ubuntu it didn't load the drivers for my wireless card. I have used it with Ubuntu before.  How can I install the drivers manually or initialize it?03:16
ubuntubiecodebrainz: yes, apparently, right now I'm running off of a live-cd so I can use gui-irc03:16
ubuntubiecodebrainz: yes, I have a proper shell when I'm booting off of the hd I think03:17
codebrainzubuntubie, you could try booting back from your install and running 'sudo do-release-upgrade' and see if it will resume from where it left off03:17
Stormx2zamarax, this can sometimes be caused by you shutting down windows improperl03:17
xXEMO111Xxcodebrainz, 1. 'avidemux' fail on ubuntu, it never works properly on ubuntu, it actually hindred the operating system a few ties causing it to crash. 2. 'GIMP', are you crazy!, I don't have the internet to download and installl that!, do you know how big the file is!?, and how many .deb packages it takes, I pay £15 per 3000mb of my crappy internet connection!, I'm poor dude!.03:17
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends gimp03:18
ubuntubiecodebrainz: okay, i'll try that command, hopefully the gfx problem will be taken care of during that process as well, thanks,03:18
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, otherwise, install from a CD03:18
zamaraxStorm2 being that the volume is flagged as dirty?03:18
suicidepillsdoes anyone know where I can download the gspca module?  i'm trying to get my netbook camera to work03:18
leonardoshow me to the xubuntu room plz03:18
ridinleonardo, the xubuntu room is in #xubuntu03:19
codebrainzubuntubie, if you don't like the choices conanical makes, you are absolutely free to use any other distro such as debian, but I'd recommend doing a custom install of ubuntu and tweaking it to your desires03:19
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, it's even simple enough to "remix" you own ubuntu distro/CD so that when you install you get stuff the way you want instead of the way someone else assumes you want it03:21
ubuntubiecodebrainz: i don't even have the ability to form an opinion on the later canonical releases, since I have yet to use anything past 7.10, that's where I started this long upgrade train today.  It got to 9.10, and then all this happened.03:21
codebrainzubuntubie, i wasn't impressed, but defaults are just that :)03:21
Stormx2zamarax: Yes.03:22
xXEMO111Xx9.10 is an abomination!, it's almost like the comunity didn't give half a crap about how it was going to turn out!, it's like a file with most of the text taken out of it.03:22
suboneEverytime I start a video, no matter what application I use to play it, the screen goes black for a moment before it plays. Also, when I play a dvd the screen goes blank for a moment every time the chapter changes. Any help?03:22
Stormx2zamarax: Easiest way to fix it is to boot into windows and shut down. I've read that you sometimes need to do this twice03:22
zamaraxI see, ok I'll brb then03:22
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, people are gonna complain if you outright trash it like that here.  basically what the community wants and what the company pays for are two different things sometimes (not that often actually)03:23
itai_michaelsonhow can i find out who is in group 1009?03:24
codebrainzitai_michaelson, ls /etc/passwd | grep 100203:25
codebrainzerr, 100903:25
cannonfodderhey u guys03:26
itai_michaelsoncodebrainz, i get no output03:26
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:26
GrazzManAnyone have a good app to convert VOB's to AVI's ??03:26
codebrainzitai_michaelson, probably no one is in that group :)03:26
cannonfodderayone here know hwo to use SSH?03:26
cannonfodderssh is so failing me right now03:27
F4RR4RDoes anyone know of a tool that can help organize, rename, and fix id3 tags in a large mp3 collection?03:27
codebrainzcannonfodder, in which way?03:27
cannonfodderit doesnt like the syntax im using to try login to a friend computer03:27
ImaLamerGrazzMan, Handbrake might work03:27
codebrainzF4RR4R, MusicBrains Pickard03:27
ImaLamer!cn | amwgpw03:27
ubottuamwgpw: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:27
F4RR4Rcodebrainz: Thank you.03:27
cannonfoddercodebrainz   im trying to ssh into a computer   i try  "ssh  user@"03:27
cannonfodderbasically those are fake numbers03:27
cannonfodderi just want the syntax03:28
cannonfodderim trying to ssh into an ip address at a certain port03:28
cdoublejj_i'm dual booting how do i make it see the windows partition?03:28
test34cannonfodder, ssh -h03:28
codebrainzcannonfodder, try   ssh -p 400 user@
itai_michaelsonamwgpw, 这里没有人会中文,请到 ubuntu-cn03:28
cannonfodderok hold on03:28
codebrainzcannonfodder, more importantly what test34 said :)03:28
xXEMO111Xxcodebrainz, what are you talking about?, I love ubuntu, I use no other., but 9.10 makes me wanna cry and piss blood., it kinda works, but like I said, they murderd it by taking the good and awesome stuff out, and just throwing anything in., it's not even nearly as bad as microsucks winblows, but it hasn't turned into a proud strong operating system like everyone expects when they are a part of the community, like me.03:28
cdoublejj_i'm dual booting how do i make it see the windows partition?03:29
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, it boils down to a matter of opinion, mine is often not in line with what the mainstream thinks03:29
itai_michaelsoncdoublejj, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindows03:30
Textmodecdoublejj_: usually did it automatically for me, sures its not in /mnt, or /media?03:30
xXEMO111Xxwhat do I do, just use 9.10 untill 11.04 comes out!?!03:30
ImaLamerxXEMO111Xx, gimp in in 10.04..03:30
Stormx2xXEMO111Xx: What's wrong with 9.10?03:30
Textmodeare there any reports of people having issues upgrading from karmic to lucid?03:30
xXEMO111Xxeven then, will 11.04 rectify itself?03:30
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, you have the choice to type sudo apt-get install gimp (or install from a local cd/repo)03:30
ImaLamerxXEMO111Xx, volunteer and get 11 out the door with what you want :)03:31
cdoublejj_just cdrom and floppy then 2 copies with a zero at the end03:31
Stormx2Are you just whining that The GIMP was taken off the CD?03:31
xXEMO111Xxit just makes me so depressed, angry and disappointed.03:31
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, i know you specifically meant not to, but you're gonna start a flame war03:31
ImaLamerthink he did though...03:31
itai_michaelsoncdoublejj, follow the link i gave you03:32
codebrainzxXEMO111Xx, i hear you totally, there are decisions made i don't agree with, but it's FOSS, no one can take away your choice03:32
cdoublejj_ahh thank you for the link03:32
GrazzMank, handbrake currently does not support Ubuntu at this time... anyone else have a a thought?03:32
fbxxkl_if I do LSMOD how do I decifer what item is concurrent with what hardware?03:32
codebrainzGrazzMan, with what again?03:32
GrazzManVOB to AVI conversion03:32
codebrainzGrazzMan, you tried avidemux?03:33
GrazzManwill give it a try03:33
Jordan_Ufbxxkl_: lspci -k03:33
cannonfodderhey codebrainz     i tried sshing into that computer....it worked somewhat then when i got to the part of entering password, it paused real long, closed the connection, and now i cant even get to the part where the other comp asks for a password ...every time now that i try ssh -p 364783 user@123.456.789.123  it doesnt work03:33
Stormx2GrazzMan, https://edge.launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-snapshots try this if you like03:33
cannonfodderit just says connection timed out after a long pause03:34
fbxxkl_Jordan_U: Thanks03:34
Jordan_Ufbxxkl_: You're welcome.03:34
codebrainzcannonfodder, is the remote computer still up?03:34
Finitycannonfodder: was that your login information? o.O03:34
GrazzManStormx2: Thats a daily test (not even beta yet) build... have you tried it? or know that it works?03:34
cannonfodderlol i woould never post my login info here    ...yes the other comp is still up  /./....ill ask person on other end to do "sudo /etc/init.c/ssh restart"03:35
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Stormx2They're SVN snapshots. I don't know - I don't use HandBrake. Sometimes SVN repos are relatively stable, sometimes not03:35
codebrainzcannonfodder, init.d  that was to be my suggestion03:35
fuzzybunny69yhey guys i just bought a ByteCC USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Adapter and I can hear that it has spinned up the hardrive but I am not sure how to mount it or what to do now? Does anyone have any experience doing this?03:35
itai_michaelsoncodebrainz, i try the ls /etc/passwd command but there is no output for anything, evcen for groups that i know exist when i look in system>admin>user/groups03:35
cannonfodderi can read your mind03:35
codebrainzitai_michaelson, it will only show the users from that group id, if there aren't users in that group, it won't show anything03:36
codebrainzcannonfodder, heh03:36
Stormx2fuzzybunny69y, sure it's not auto-mounted? Check your places menu03:36
codebrainzfuzzybunny69y, it should be under the "Places" menu, no?03:37
LinOObis there a linux program that would automatically replicated data from one drive to another?  Like a raid drive mirror?  It would not have to be realtime - even every 24 hours duplicate all changes from drive a to drive b03:37
cannonfoddercodebrainz   "ssh -p 3454 noob123@"   btw this is fake info..but this the syntax im using...after i type that and hit enter nothing happens  it doesnt show anythign happening03:37
codebrainzLinOOb, rsync03:37
LinOObok let me look that up03:38
edbianLinOOb, dd03:38
cannonfodderjust a connection timeout03:38
cannonfodderit worked the very first time when u told me the syntax   and then after that its liek the server crashed or something03:38
cannonfodderi really dont know whats going on03:38
codebrainzcannonfodder, not sure, if it asked for the password before, i dunno, unless it's "offline"03:38
LinOObdd and rsync ok - how about a Dell Optiplex 320 1.6 Celeron 1 gig ram - I want to use it as a file server/backup - is Ubuntu too heavy?03:38
fbxxkl_I have a wireless PCI card installed and it is showing up after lspci -k with drivers installed but I don't see it as a viable network device to use? anyone have any ideas?03:38
TextmodeLinOOb: rsync is a reliable copy/syncronising program, dd is a direct device reader/writer03:38
LinOObText_looking up rsync now03:39
codebrainzcannonfodder, google for 'ssh known_hosts' and such, you might need to clear some junk out (not ssh expert)03:39
suicidepillsdoes anyone know where I can download the gspca module?  i'm trying to get my netbook camera to work03:39
codebrainzLinOOb, use ubuntu server edition, that machine will be perfect03:40
TextmodeLinOOb: either of them will do what you want, strictly, if you use them as a cron task (cron is a task scheduling service, installed by default)03:40
LinOObIs Ubuntu Server GUI or text mode by default?03:40
TextmodeLinOOb: but you probably want rsync03:40
codebrainzLinOOb, rsync will be fast, dd will be "legally" sound lets say :)03:41
LinOObText, will rync run on UBU serer?03:41
codebrainzLinOOb, by default, text-mode03:41
suboneEverytime I start a video, no matter what application I use to play it, the screen goes black for a moment before it plays. Also, when I play a dvd the screen goes blank for a moment every time the chapter changes. Any help?03:41
LinOObok - command line does not scare me - but I would like to get up and running quickly03:41
itai_michaelsoncodebrainz, can you help me with smb shares?03:42
leonardohow can i change the reolution in xubuntu03:42
codebrainzLinOOb, for a server, maybe webmin, or I'm sure someone else here can suggest something far better03:42
FrijolieI've got an external HDD that is having mounting problems (it has three mount points 'drive', 'drive_' and 'drive__'). why does Ubuntu keep appending an underscore after the drive label?03:42
codebrainzFrijolie, it checks to see if one is used, if it is, it adds an underscore and tries again :)03:43
edbianFrijolie, When ubuntu automounts a drive it creates a folder in /media and mounts the drive is said folder.  If it has an error and the drive isn't properly unmounted the folder is left there.  When a new folder is created in the same place it must have a new name.  Hence the _03:43
Frijoliecodebrainz, they are all the same drive03:43
codebrainzFrijolie, probably weren't cleanly unmounted03:44
edbianFrijolie, It03:44
edbianFrijolie, It's the folder that has a new name, not the drive.03:44
codebrainzitai_michaelson, ask the whole channel, i will try though03:44
LinOObRSYNC: If I just going to dup from drive to drive on the same machine (at first) do I still need Rync03:44
Frijoliehow do you correct this?03:44
edbianLinOOb, rsync can do remote connections but it does local copies as well.03:45
Frijoliei have applications which "map" to the drive location and it's annoying having to constantly update the pointers to the new location (drive_ +)03:45
codebrainzLinOOb, rsync (behind the scenes) is AMAZING, yes, it's best :)03:45
edbianLinOOb, I use rsync all the time to sync my music player :) (non-ipod)03:45
fuzzybunny69yStormx2, no it isnt under places03:45
itai_michaelsonwhenever i mount smb share with places>network i get read/write permission , but if i automount it with fstab i get read-only, strangley this only apply to one share, all the other shares mount ok with fstab03:45
edbianFrijolie, The real question is "why is the drive being unmounted incorrectly"  You could also create a manual mount point in /etc/fstab.  The folder will never change03:45
codebrainzFrijolie, what kinda of drive again?03:45
LinOObOK so for a newbie to get up and running quickly - OS and Rsync creating a file server - whats the "right" distro to load?03:46
fuzzybunny69ycodebrainz, , no it isnt under places03:46
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Frijolieit's an external usb hard drive03:46
FrijolieI don't know how it's being "unmounted incorrectly". Well...the computer does go into hibernation after 2 hours but I"ve never ejected or unmounted it manually. Just leave it powered on and connected03:47
suicidepillsi'm having trouble with my webcam on my netbook.  it doesn't seem to be detected by ubuntu03:47
edbianFrijolie, That hibernation is almost definitely the problem ;)03:47
Frijoliewhen I resume from hibernation it's still mounted but sometimes I'll get errors saying that it can't find the path (so to speak) and will then notice that the mount point has changed by another underscore03:47
codebrainzFrijolie, try running the command 'mount' and see if the other mount points are listed  there03:48
edbianFrijolie, It's being unmounted when the computer goes to hibernation but the folder isn't being removed.  Then it remounts and has to create a new folder.03:48
Frijolie/dev/sdb1 on /media/WD_320GB__ type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)03:48
Frijoliethat's the only think listed concerning this drive03:49
codebrainzFrijolie, i'm with edbian add it to /etc/fstab, worst case scenario all you need to do is mount -a03:49
edbianLinOOb, What's the right distro?  Pretty much ever distro has Rsync and server software...03:49
Frijolieedbian, that makes sense03:49
cdoublejj_http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindows is for nfts drives my win os is win98se03:49
edbianFrijolie, You know how to edit /etc/fstab?03:49
Frijolieedbian, sorta...is it safe to unmount, power down, and manually delete the entries in /media and then power it back on and hope for the best?03:50
codebrainzedbian, have you ever heard of a fstab gui, and if not, any ideas why (it's trivial to write)?03:50
edbianFrijolie, Yep.  If you don't have anything mounted in a folder in /media right at that moment you can delete it.03:51
codebrainzFrijolie, run sudo umount /dev/sdX* and then it should be safe to delete those dirs03:51
LinOObok - Ubuntu Server coming in now and will use Rsync: thank you.03:51
edbiancodebrainz, I've never heard of a project to make a gui for it.  I agree it is trivial to write.  Maybe that's the reason it hasn't been written?  It's not "fun" enough03:51
scolangelohi everyone. ;)03:52
acovrighow do I apt-get useradd?03:52
codebrainzedbian, i started writing one once (pygtk) but i just gave up because it takes two seconds for me to just edit the fstab file :)03:52
GrazzManFSTAB Gui = Pysdm03:52
zenlunaticacovrig, it should be available by default03:52
Adrian-ThornI've been trying to get my wireless card to work for weeks now with zero luck.  I've tried Ndiswrapper, I've tried the appropriate drivers in the repos, I've talked with people on ubuntu forums.  Nothing is working.  My username is Cthulhu Dreams.03:53
LinOObI have a bizarre issue, I pull out all hard drives, remove my Win7 drive and try and load Ubuntu to a new drive - for whatever reason I cant get the drive to boot - then I put back in my Windows 7 drive and I get a grub resuce error - now how is that even possible when the Windows 7 drive weas not even in the machine!????03:53
acovrigzenlunatic, `useradd`: 'command not found'03:53
edbiancodebrainz, Ha ha.  I think the file is pretty easy to learn03:53
codebrainzedbian, i suppose this what gnome gvfs solves, in a roundabout way03:53
zenlunaticacovrig, only root can use it03:53
edbiancodebrainz, Eh, gvfs does a lousy job often.  Plus fstab lets you specify mount options03:54
suicidepillsacovrig, sudo apt-get useradd, maybe?03:54
C1nDydoes this website work?  http://www.terrafugia.com/index.html03:54
acovrigzenlunatic: I know, it was impled that I used sudo03:54
zenlunaticacovrig, any executables in /usr/sbin or /sbin are root03:54
xray_tskLinOOb: it's because you have grub in MBR of win7's drive.03:54
codebrainzedbian, completely agree, as evidenced by the current issue at hand03:54
zenlunatici dont know what impled means03:54
suicidepillsacovrig, sry didn't see that03:54
edbianC1nDy, does for me.  Try to stay on topic htough03:54
toolbearhello.  anybody know of a straightforward way to autologin at boot-up, but still booting to the terminal instead of to xserver?03:54
C1nDyedbian thanks03:54
BPower_hey everyone03:54
itai_michaelsonguys, when a share is mount through places>network, where is it mounted to ?03:54
fuyaook im asked this in the xubuntu channel, but no one seems alive there. so im gonna ask it here, typing the question now, please wait for my question03:54
LinOObXray - how in the world can that happen?  I have to run repair cd and type bootrex.ece /fixmbr to correct Win703:55
edbiancodebrainz, Can you send me your pygtk code?  How far did you get?03:55
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codebrainzedbian, not sure i have it, but with python, i could prolly whip something up in 10-20 minutes03:55
acovrigsuicidepills: thanks, but that doesn't work, and besides, it'd be `apt-get *install* useradd`03:55
Frijolieok, I think we're back to original folder name--sans underscore(s)03:55
zenlunaticacovrig, did you mess with roots $PATH?03:55
edbiancodebrainz, Hah. I love python too03:56
Frijolieand the moral of the story is unmount prior to allowing my lappy to hibernate?03:56
fuyaoit seems that i was affected by the fglrx bug that makes my computer do the occasional freeze whenever im trying to play a game, i looked into the ubuntu forum about this bug, and tried the commands, but i cant seem to get it to work03:56
acovrigzenlunatic: no, but it is a cmd-line minimalist install, so I don't think it is defaltly installed, idk why tho03:56
fuyaomy ati driver is raseon 200m, thinkpad r51e03:56
Adrian-ThornI've been trying to get my wireless card to work for weeks now with zero luck.  I've tried Ndiswrapper, I've tried the appropriate drivers in the repos, I've talked with people on ubuntu forums.  Nothing is working.  My username is Cthulhu Dreams.03:56
Adrian-Thorn http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150847503:56
codebrainzedbian, if you're intersted to build something PM me, I'm always open for hacking on code03:56
edbianFrijolie, Basically.  It might be possible to automate that.  Based on runlevels and such.03:56
Adrian-Thorn http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1347483&page=503:56
fuyaoradeon* sorry03:56
LinOObXray how would that even happen - the Win 7 drive as not in the machine?03:56
Frijolieedbian, would that require scripting? I'm not h4x0r03:57
edbianFrijolie, It would.  But scripting (especially something like this) is easy :)03:57
xray_tskLinOOb: type the nick as it is, please. In other case highlighting does not work.03:58
Frijolieedbian, is this a bug in the hibernation within Ubuntu or is it something that I'm doing wrong?03:58
acovrigzenlunatic: never mind, I got disconected from screen, so I am not root, that makes sence now03:58
sizzlefirehey can somebody help me, after I updated my computer from 9.10 to 10.04 I can only start in failsafe graphics mode03:58
xray_tskLinOOb: anyway, when you did install ubuntu, the first bootable drive was win7 drive. Therefore GRUB was installet there.03:58
xray_tskLinOOb: you can disconnect win7 drive and boot from ubuntu's cd or dvd03:58
edbianFrijolie, Bug in Ubuntu03:58
xray_tskLinOOb: as far as I remember it have some repair functions there03:59
edbianFrijolie, Hibernation is really hard to write apparently without the help / input of hardware vendors03:59
LinOObwhen I tried to install Ubuntu - the windows 7 drive was out of the machine - I tried to load UBU on a new drive03:59
istevenmonhi guys, is there any software i could use to configure VRRP on my ethernet nics connected to different ISP ?03:59
xray_tskLinOOb: did you installed GRUB to MBR?03:59
suicidepillsi'm having trouble with my webcam on my netbook.  it doesn't seem to be detected by ubuntu.  where should i start?04:00
xray_tskLinOOb: the second thing you should to heck is bootable flag of partitions.04:00
Frijolieedbian, I can understand that part. Maybe disconnect all /media prior to hibernation and "discover" again upon resume?04:00
tucemiuxmy printer is printing really faded, anykone knows if it's saving ink or if it's just wasting it?04:00
acovrighow do I change my default editor (cmd-line)04:00
Frijolieedbian, i'm sure there's a lot more to it than that :P04:00
xray_tskLinOOb: sorry, to check.04:00
edbianFrijolie, Are you suggesting that is what the script should do or that is what the Ubuntu developers should have the system do?04:00
LinOObXray:  Windows 7 working on drive-pull out drive - put in new drive - boot to live cd - try to install - install fails - remove new drive - put in windows 7 drive again - now win 7 wont boot - error about grub rescue - how in the world is that possible04:00
xray_tskLinOOb: not to "heck" XD04:00
Frijolieedbian, i was suggesting the kernel devs implement for me personally04:01
edbianLinOOb, The raid card has the bootloader and not the hdd04:01
greezmunkeyistevenmon: check this: http://siag.nu/pen/vrrpd-linux.shtml04:01
xray_tskLinOOb: okay, you really did GRUB installation.04:01
WassimHey everyone. Complete newbie here. Apologies if this is completely ignorant, but I want to install software on my Ubuntu machine. I do not have internet on that machine, so I downloaded it from another computer and transferred it with a USB key. The file is a tar.gz and I have no idea how to install it. Can anyone help?04:01
edbianFrijolie, ha ha ha.  That would be great wouldn't it? :)04:01
LinOObedbian - I think you got it - I did recently enable raid04:01
xray_tskLinOOb: if the question is to boot win7, you should use fixboot and fixmbr04:01
istevenmongreezmunkey: thanks04:01
xray_tskLinOOb: and check bootable flag.04:02
edbianFrijolie, They're working on it I'm sure.  Lots of people know that hibernation doesn't work right.  It's a well known problem.  The reason it sticks around is that it doesn't work in a different way for each person.  For me everything worked fine except that I couldn't get out of hibernation!04:02
LinOObI did fix win 7 my question is why is Grub loading to my raid I guess?  By the way my raid drives are disconnected04:02
xray_tskLinOOb: it should be set to the win7's service partition (usually ~100 mb)04:02
codebrainzWassim, much easier if you can find .deb files for ubuntu/debian rather than the source code04:02
xray_tskLinOOb: you grub was installed when you tried installation, that failed.04:02
greezmunkeyistevenmon: good luck with that, but I hope you don't think you will end up with twice the bandwidth, or anything like that.04:02
LinOObXray - IM lost - the Win 7 drive was never in the machine - it should have nothing to with linux04:02
LinOOblet me try and clarify -04:03
Frijolieedbian, yeah Ive heard bout many hibernation woes but I guess I've gotten off pretty easy if this was the only thing I've noticed. *buntu has come a long way since I've started so I don't have much to complain about.04:03
LinOObwhen i put in the new drive - the machine wont even get far past post - I assumed it had something to with raid being enabled- drives setup and then drive removed without turing of raid04:03
istevenmongreezmunkey: no no, i understand the theory behind it04:03
LinOObwell - lets drop it for now - I am moving all data off raid - and removing all drives and disabling raid04:04
WassimCodebrainz: Interesting. Let me try to find ndiswrapper.04:04
LinOOband trying again04:04
edbianFrijolie, The real power of linux is that you have the tools to fix the problem yourself.  Like I said, there is almost definitely a script to solve that problem :)04:04
TextmodeWassim: tar.gz is litterally a Gziped, tar-archive. aka a "tarball". its just an archive, and usually contains sourcecode, or loose files.04:04
LinOObedbian - your saying grub somehow loads to raid in memory?  the raid drives were disconnected during the attempted live cd install04:04
greezmunkeyistevenmon: cool, you may also check out xincom, they make purpose built internet failover equipment that is rather cheap, but effective.04:04
codebrainzFrijolie, edbian presumably something is going wrong/not normal, because it does work for most people i think04:04
sizzlefireIs there any way to force ubuntu to start in low graphics mode by default? right now it just starts to a black screen and refuses to load further04:05
Frijoliecodebrainz, edbian Truth be told I have only started noticing this since the upgrade to 10.0404:05
Frijoliecodebrainz, edbian didn't they drop HAL in Lucid for something else?04:05
Jordan_ULinOOb: Can you connect all of the various drives and run this script http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ ? That should clear upt exactly what is where.04:06
istevenmongreezmunkey: i want to try to set all this up with a linux server. just want to make a proof of concept, not a production service04:06
edbianLinOOb, You have a card that handles all the harddrives and is the raid.  That has the bootloader on it.  That is what grub is installed on.04:06
greezmunkeyistevenmon: prove away! :)04:06
edbianFrijolie, They did drop HAL.  I have no idea what they use now.  That may be the source of the problem04:07
LinOObOk understood - now what?  Do I need to do anything to clear that?  I did a bootrec.exe fixmbr from the repair prompt to get Windows 7 boothed again04:07
un214anybody know one good reason why I should not junk upstart?04:07
istevenmongreezmunkey: something i need help with is how to measure response times, when failure comes04:08
codebrainzun214, any good reason(s) to junk it?04:08
un214fastest way to get rid of plymouth & mountall04:08
un214[I have plenty good reasons to dump those two]04:09
codebrainzun214, what's the prob?  concurrent fsck's on same disk or something?04:10
un214well that was one of them04:10
un214plymouth splash = loads bad hw drivers04:10
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un214plymouth is one minor bug away from crazy error states04:11
jbAUhey all - does anyone how to increase /var/run ?04:11
jbAUi have a server that only has 1mb of space on varrun - can't find any documntation04:11
un214trying to unwire mountall from plymouth looks like a lost cause04:12
Random832jbAU: type 'mount' to find out what filesystem is on there04:12
jbAUit's a tmpfs04:12
Cmdrbubblesanyone willing to help a xubuntu noob with a wine install?04:12
jbAUthough i can't find the mount in /etc/fstab04:12
un214jbAU: you won't04:12
un214it's automouted by bootscripts04:12
jbAUi read that it's supposed to be half of what the ram is04:12
un214tmpfs appears to be always full04:13
xanguaCmdrbubbles: sudo apt-get install wine04:13
greezmunkeyistevenmon: ok, If I may ask, why is the failover time (or length thereof) important, as long as the failover occurs?04:13
Random832jbAU: are you actually getting write errors, or just it's telling you in df there's no space04:13
Cmdrbubblesive installed the wine program04:13
codebrainzun214, plymouth isn't tied to upstart though right? can't you ditch it and keep upstart?04:13
jbAUsamba is complaining unable to write to /var/run04:13
un214codebrainz yeah that's right but the bootscripts still go04:13
Random832un214: my tmpfs reports 509MB available04:13
Random832jbAU: how much stuff do you have on there?04:13
Random832df /var/run04:14
jbAUabout 1g04:14
jbAUyes it is 1gig04:14
Random832[to at least tell if it's full or small]04:14
un214then you have swap04:14
Random832and it's full?04:14
istevenmongreezmunkey: i want to compare results with CARP, so i need some statistics04:14
jbAUserver has 2gig of membeory04:14
sizzlefireIn ubuntu if I boot my monitor shows as Unknown, how would I go about fixing that?04:14
Random832my /var/run has 220kb of stuff on it04:14
Random832so, the real question is04:14
Random832what on earth is taking up so much space?04:14
greezmunkeyistevenmon: any active tcp/udp connections are going to fail when the failover completes because the public IP is going to change, i.e the source address that is.04:14
codebrainzun214, i've found upstart to be pretty seamless, from a couple basic installs, but it seems mostly backwards compatible, so I've not had to change myself at all04:14
jbAUsamba messages database04:14
Random832that's how big?04:15
un214codebrainz: it's backwards compatabile until you try to think about what /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit used to do04:15
istevenmongreezmunkey: there is no way to prevent this active connection to fail?04:15
Random832stop samba, delete the file, and restart samba04:16
brickyanybody compiled a broadcom wifi device driver on here?04:16
Random832what gets stored in messages.tdb?04:16
Random832wait... is messages.tdb really that lage?04:17
jbAUsamba messages apparently - it looks like a bug04:17
Random832du /var/run/..whatever../messages.tdb04:17
jbAUshouldn't be that large normally04:17
Random832ls won't tell you how much space it's taking04:17
greezmunkeyistevenmon: I don't see that there could be one, think of it from the point of view of an extablished connection inside your lan to an Internet website...The website is busy sending responses to your current public IP, then wham, your system changes the public IP ( the source address) what are the existing connections to do other than fail?04:18
jbAUyer it's def 1.2gig04:18
jbAUi'll have to shut it down04:18
Random832[it's a database, i don't trust databases not to be sparse files]04:18
Random832ok, yeah04:18
sili_I'm compiling a kernel with make-kpkg --initrd, but when I install the resulting .debs, the initrd is not installed or found in /boot. Any ideas04:19
greezmunkeyistevenmon: if you were to work out a MLPPP connection over two links to your isp, the bonded connection shares the same public (virtual) IP, hense a failure of either one would go undetected, a slowdown would be percievable, but it would keep working.04:19
istevenmongreezmunkey: hehehe i know, somehow i didnt think about it till now ^^, anyway i need to compare both protocols VRRP and CARP for system requirements, downtime, network flow, bonding04:20
greezmunkeyistevenmon: neither one will work for bonding the way I understand it, I could be wrong.04:20
damian_-_anyone know how i can join an  image + mp3 for youtube. i installed avidemux but it doesnt seem to be able to import either images or mp3's04:21
a3DmanUbuntu one ftw04:21
damian_-_im a musician04:21
mankashI have installed wifi card, it is not working04:22
istevenmongreezmunkey: but i mean bonding for users in the network, one user goes out for a specific connection to one IP and other to the other pucblic IP?04:23
codebrainzsili_, tried mkinitramfs or update-iniramfs?04:23
switch10_damian_-_: pitivi, openshot, and kino will do that.04:23
damian_-_ahh thank you04:23
sili_codebrainz: no, I'm a noob04:24
greezmunkeyistevenmon: vrrp will run on one circuit only, unless a failure is detected, then it will fail over - the way I see it.04:24
johnurgent help needed to configure my broadband modem(wireless) in ubuntu 10.0404:24
codebrainzsili_, then why are you recompiling the kernel?   :)04:24
sili_codebrainz: cause the brightness button on my laptop won't work04:24
johnwindows XP is detecting my network, but ubuntu doesnt:-(04:24
codebrainzsili_, are you sure it's not just a couple acpi script you need?04:25
istevenmongreezmunkey: i thought these two protocols create a virtual ip address just like channel bonding MLPPP04:25
greezmunkeyistevenmon: you may be able to create a load sharing configuration though, that would work as you describe -04:25
sili_codebrainz: pretty sure.04:25
codebrainzsili_, what kind of laptop?04:25
sili_x201. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi/+bug/58463504:26
sili_I'm trying to apply the patch there04:26
greezmunkeyistevenmon: that would have to be arranged between you and your isp - most isp's will sell that service to you. Between you and two desparate isps is a non starter, don't waste your time.04:26
istevenmongreezmunkey: yeah04:27
codebrainzsili_, anyway, if you've already installed the new kernel, try 'update-initramfs'04:28
greezmunkeyistevenmon: If you want high availablity, check with your isp about installing a bonded connection. It will use mlppp, and will do what you want to do, and you get the benefit of greater bandwidth.04:28
jrgphow can I make grub boot to a flash drive?04:28
sili_codebrainz: that seems to work. Reboot!04:30
codebrainzjrgp, same way as an internal drive :)04:30
jookI have a boot error that doesn't really make sense. "The disk drive /media/sdc3 is not ready yet or not present. Continue to wait; or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery." But there is no longer an sdc3. I deleted it and merged the space into sdc2.04:30
codebrainzjook, is it still in /etc/fstab?04:31
greezmunkeyjook, what about your fstab file?04:31
jookI don't know what that means.04:31
suboneEverytime I start a video, no matter what application I use to play it, the screen goes black for a moment before it plays. Also, when I play a dvd the screen goes blank for a moment every time the chapter changes. Any help?04:31
codebrainzsubone, and?04:31
jrgpcodebrainz: making sure the device exists in the devmap file and adding the entry to the menu.lst results in "disk not found"04:31
greezmunkeysubone: have you tried a differant dvd?04:32
sili_codebrainz_: fail :(04:32
codebrainzsili_, is there an initrd.img file in /boot though?04:32
jookWhat's fstab, and how do I see what's up with it?04:32
mankashlspci showing wifi card, iwlist scan also shows some acess point but how to coonfigure it04:32
sili_codebrainz: yes, and I ran update-grub.04:32
Jordan_Ujrgp: The device.map is irrelevent in this case. Does your BIOS support USB?04:33
sili_I got an error about no /dev04:33
johnsir plz help with my modem04:33
codebrainzsili_, how did you go about compiling the kernel?04:33
jrgpJordan_U: the operating system can see the device, but the bios is too old to be able to boot from it. This is why I want to use the existing grub installation on the HD to boot to the flash drive, which has a debian install on it04:33
edbianjook, I'm leaving after this.  /etc/fstab lets you tell the system how to mount specific devices when they're connection.  Here is a great tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab04:33
sili_make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image kernel_headers --append-something=-custom04:33
jookedbian: thjanks, I'll take a look04:34
sili_make-kpkg clean04:34
sili_fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom kernel_image kernel_headers04:34
codebrainzsili_, did you use the vanilla kernel?  or recompile your existing kernel?  using your old configuration from ubnut?04:34
Jordan_Ujrgp: grub legacy won't allow you to do that, it can only read from drives that the BIOS can read from. GRUB2 has native USB drivers, though for the best USB support you'd want to use the latest bzr version of grub2.04:35
sili_I used git to checkout ubuntu-lucid, then I applied that small one line patch to an intel driver04:35
bemisis there a specific channel for maverick tinkering, or is in here adequate?04:35
Jordan_Ubemis: #ubuntu+104:35
jrgpJordan_U: thanks04:35
codebrainzsili_, did you use the existing config file though?04:35
Jordan_Ujrgp: You're welcome.04:35
bemisJordan_U, thanks04:35
Jordan_Ubemis: You're welcome.04:36
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
johncan any1 help with my wireless modem04:36
codebrainzJordan_U, merci beaucoups04:36
sili_codebrainz: hmm. Imma check.04:37
Cmdrbubblesneed help with wine04:37
sili_codebrainz: This is what I used: http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu. I'll start over from scratch04:37
johnneed help with broadband04:37
subonecodebrainz: what do you mean and? How do I stop the blanking?04:37
jookcodebrainz, if I just delete the line for sdc3 in fstab, will it solve the error?04:37
codebrainzsili_, if you copy over the config-blah file from your last kernel into your new kernel sources and run makemenu config with that (make oldconfig?) then it will use all those settings.04:38
codebrainzsubone, it's your graphics card/monitor changing modes, it's normal04:38
Jordan_Ucodebrainz: je vous en prie04:38
sili_codebrainz: cool. thanks04:38
johnhey u hackers04:38
johncant u hear me04:39
johni am shoutin here04:39
subonecodebrainz: modes? No mode is changed though I stay at the same resolution, and why would it be normal to have blackness 20 times in the middle of watching a dvd?04:39
jookgreezmonkey, if I just delete the line about sdc3 in fstab, will that solve the error?04:39
hanasakihow can the gdm greeter them be changed04:40
tucemiuxjook, what problem are you having? all in one line04:41
codebrainzhanasaki, revert to a good gdm :)  (no idea)04:41
jooktucemiux I will paste what I said before:  I have a boot error that doesn't really make sense. "The disk drive /media/sdc3 is not ready yet or not present. Continue to wait; or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery." But there is no longer an sdc3. I deleted it and merged the space into sdc2.04:42
codebrainzsili_, Jordan_U, subone, jook I'm out.  Happy canada day04:42
jookciao codebrainz. thanks04:42
suboneHappy canada day?04:42
Kyngdomis anyone around that has damn small linux or betaftpd experience?04:42
Kyngdomim about to pull my hair out04:42
suboneCan anyone else help me with my screen blanking issue?04:43
bemisjook, removing sdc3 from fstab should solve that04:43
jookthanks bemis. I'll give it a shot.04:44
greenjonWebWalker: test successful? :)04:44
tucemiuxjook, yes, you can delete the line in your fstab and it'll go away, you can test it right now, close all your file and then issue:  sudo mount -a,  you should get an error about a device not existing, delete the line from /etc/fstab, sudo mount -a, problem solved04:45
IdleOneKyngdom: try #dsl04:45
damian_-_switch10_ what would you consider the best. any recommendations04:45
Kyngdomthanks IdleOne04:45
tucemiuxKyngdom, try #ubuntu-offtopic04:45
mankashwhat is ubuntu linux version04:45
Jim345i'm running compiz and emerald and for some reason my title bars disappeared so i can't move the windows.  if i right click on the program on the bottom panel and click "move" i can't move it either04:45
bullgard4 /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/video/console/bitblit.c "explains" the function of the loadable kernel module »bitblit« as  "BitBlitting Operation". What is a bitblitting operation?04:46
greenjon!hi | WebWalker04:46
ubottuWebWalker: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:46
IdleOne!10.04 | mankash04:46
ubottumankash: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100404:46
jooktucemiux: I commented out the sdc3 line and ran that. No error. I'm good? Thanks!04:46
WebWalkerhi greenjob04:46
WebWalkersorry greenjon04:46
mankashwhat is the version of linux it is using?04:47
greenjonWebWalker: hey. what is the problem you're having?04:47
johnneed help with Wi-fi modem04:47
IdleOnemankash:  2.6.32-2204:49
mankashI want to upgrade my ubuntu machine04:49
mankashit is showing upgrading to 9.0404:50
jrgpmankash: what is it doing?04:50
tucemiuxmankash, what co you have currently? 8.10?04:50
mankashhow to check04:50
IdleOnemankash: run lsb_release -a04:50
IdleOnein temrinal04:50
mankashyes it is 8.1004:51
tucemiuxmankash, if you want to upgrade to 10.04 you might as well do it cleanly from an ISO, you cant upgrade from 8.10 to 10.0404:52
mankashso first I need to upgarde to 9.0404:52
IdleOnemankash: that is correct then from 8.10 you will go to 9.0404:52
mankashno prob04:52
TKO_Jayhi there04:52
TKO_Jayhows it going04:52
IdleOnemankash: like tucemiux said you can do a clean install of 10.0404:52
mankashwhat is new  in 10.0404:52
un214does debian latest use plymouth?04:52
IdleOnemankash: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes04:52
IdleOneun214: #debian04:53
GTroypossibly off topic, what's the best way to 'give back' to ubuntu without being a great coder?04:53
greenjon!hi | TKO_Jay04:53
ubottuTKO_Jay: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:53
un214well since ubuntu's plymouth caused my problem ...04:53
IdleOneun214: ok so how does that translate to debian and make it ontopic for this channel?04:53
jef91So I currently have OSX and Windows 7 install on my hardrive - I would like to add 10.04 in the mix, however it will not let me resize my Windows partition because it does not recognize it as ntfs. It will not let me mount it via cli or gui and gparted will out offer to remove the partition - not resize.04:53
un214maybe somebody knows what happens if I mix repository sources04:54
tucemiuxGTroy, you should ask in #ubuntu-offtopic04:54
IdleOneun214: it could possibly break more then it already is04:54
TKO_Jayis it possible to have a dhcp3 server on an ubuntu server at a central location (, and have it give out ip addresses to clients connecting from a different subnet ( through a site-to-site VPN at satellite offices ?04:54
GTroytucemiux: done, thanks04:54
un214I was afraid of that04:54
tucemiuxjef91, [ntfs-freespace][osx-nofreespace], if that is your set up you have to get rid of os, free up space from windows, then create an extended partition using the space04:56
bullgard4 /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/video/console/bitblit.c "explains" the function of the loadable kernel module »bitblit« as  "BitBlitting Operation". What is a bitblitting operation?04:57
TKO_Jayany ideas... ?04:57
IdleOnehello Dfcnvt104:57
jef91What do you mean tucemiux?04:58
Dfcnvt1Hey, had you experience with x11vnc before?04:58
Dfcnvt1I'm trying to get the performance more fast04:58
Textmodebullgard4: blit = bit-block transfer. effcient memory copying.04:58
IdleOnebullgard4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_blit04:58
tucemiuxjef91, how did you install your osses?? what does your hard drive look like?04:58
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?04:58
Dfcnvt1Anybody knows?04:58
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: check this, and the one following: http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/forums/showthread.php/524-dhcpd-unable-to-serve-multiple-subnets04:59
jef91tucemiux sda1 = fat32 sda2 = hfs+ sda3 and sda4 read as unknown04:59
jef91(although they are ntfs)04:59
Dfcnvt1This is what I tried, "x11vnc -bg -many -forever -display :0 -ncache 0" (without quote)04:59
Dfcnvt1nothing has made improved.. Any idea?04:59
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: good doc here: http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch08_:_Configuring_the_DHCP_Server05:00
Dfcnvt1I also included -samp gray to reduce the quality and make it simple.. Only black & white.. Just to increase the speed.. but it doesn't seems to be working..05:00
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CaptainZinnHey guys05:00
CaptainZinn17 year old is cutting off his nipple05:01
CaptainZinnon tinychat05:01
CaptainZinnright now05:01
FloodBot3CaptainZinn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:01
CaptainZinnI'm just saying, Floodbot.05:01
IdleOneCaptainZinn: please don't spam05:01
tucemiuxjef91,  so you want to use sd4??  Make sure you have nothing in sd4, delete it then create an extended partition, install lucid on the extended partition05:01
TKO_Jaychecking now - thanks very much05:02
tucemiuxjef91, create the extended partition then create a partition in the extended partition05:02
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: it's easy, good luck :)05:02
jef91but why can't it see/mount the ntfs partition tucemiux?05:03
ShadowUhm...I'm not sure what my problem is here...I am using chrome, but it is the same in firefox...If I go on certain flash pages the whole flash is kind of squashed together, and cut off in places, despite there being plenty of room on the page...Is that something to do with my display settings that I can change?05:03
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: one thing to remember, make sure your networking gear supports dhcp relay ;)05:03
red2kicShadow: Tell the certain websites to adapt to HTML5 already. Other than that, try updating your Flash to latest. I updated my Firefox to latest and it did whine about flash though.05:05
tucemiuxjef91, [A][B][C] -- you can only resize C, you cannot delete space from A or B and create a new partition furthermore, if you already have 4 primary partitions that is it, you cant create more, you can have 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition, in the extended partitions you can have as many partitions as you want05:05
Shadowred2kic I will check the flash page and see if I have the latest..05:05
kickingintenderi have filed bugs a week ago but still no response from devs05:06
jef91I under stand all of that tucemiux.05:06
jef91But why can't I read the ntfs partition data?...05:06
sha1sumanybody know of a good, _STANDALONE_, sound-reactive visualization app for X that doesn't depend on any particular media player?05:06
tucemiuxjef91, you cant read the ntfs using OSX?05:06
TomT64that's weird05:07
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?05:07
greezmunkeysha1sum: sound-reactive visualization? Please elaborate...05:07
jef91tucemiux "gpt disks do not support extended partitions"05:07
ShadowOh, duh, I had to scroll down, no wonder it wasn't changing o.o"05:08
ShadowAs well...I just installed ubuntu, from the live CD..."side by side" with windows...and when I select windows from the boot grub menu it displays a flashing _ and never does anything...05:09
greezmunkeyopij: it sounds like what you have there is ment primarily for general use Internet traffic. Where does the vpn come in? Do you vpn to the proxy?05:09
opijgreenjon: yes exactly05:10
tucemiuxjef91, you have a gpt disk, looks like those disks allow you to have 128 primary partitions05:10
opijgreezmunkey: yes exactly05:10
jef91tucemiux can 32bit Linux read a ntfs partition on gpt?05:10
jef91Becuase I know 32bit windows cannot...05:11
=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower
TKO_Jaygreezmunkey: seems to be working on the local network! hooray.  now to test with the DHCP helper relay.  very useful article - thank you so much for your help05:11
airtonixjef91, what is gpt?05:11
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: right on :)05:11
weenogany Dwarf Fortress players here? I'd like to try it but I'm unable to get it working05:11
tucemiuxjef91, the problem is with the gpt disk and ubuntu, never worked with gpt disks, it's time forum time!05:11
kickingintenderis gfw available in ubuntu software update05:11
opijkickingintender: hi05:12
airtonixkickingintender, what is gfw ?05:12
TKO_Jaywhats the linux command for a scrolling log file again ?05:12
kickingintendergui firewall05:12
airtonixTKO_Jay, depends...05:12
TKO_Jayif I want to see updates to the file as they happen in a CLI box ?05:12
cfeddetail -f?05:12
airtonixkickingintender, is gufw... proly why you can;t find it.05:12
TKO_Jaythats the one!! thanks05:12
opijkickingintender: could you help me with a gufw question05:12
TKO_Jayman.  this channel is awesome05:12
un214has anybody tried a configuration like this one:05:12
jef91haha yep been on google XD05:12
airtonixTKO_Jay, watch -n1 -d " tail | <filename here>"05:12
jef91airtonix a partition layout type05:13
TKO_Jayno-ones even called me an idiot yet :P05:13
un214install debian core and X server, run ubuntu inside chroot jail?05:13
tucemiuxjef91, can you format sda4 using gparted?  can you format it to ext3 or ext4?05:13
hanlinis it possible to use wildtype matching in defaults.list? for example I want to associate all text/* with gvim.desktop05:13
jef91I was able to format it to ext4 tucemiux05:14
IdleOneTKO_Jay: we don't tolerate people abusing others, name calling. We are all here to learn from each other :)05:15
jef91What is odd is that if I format the drive to 3 partitions on then Windows 7 refuses to install >.<05:15
ShadowOk, my connection is screwed up ish so IDK how long I will be connected05:15
greezmunkeyopij: I seriously doubt that you can run anything over the vpn that you don't first ask for, as in requesting a web page, ect. I would think that the admins of the proxy would purposefully deny any unsolicited traffic towards you.05:15
ShadowAnyway, I just installed ubuntu a couple hours ago from a live CD, and I selected "Side by side" with windows...05:15
tucemiuxjef91, excellent, so now boot up into ubuntu lucid and tell it to use the partition you just created05:15
ShadowAnd I can't boot windows when I try from that list. I just get a black screen and a flashing _05:16
jef91but then I don't have 7 tucemiux >.<05:16
opijgreezmunkey: excuse me but you've got it all wrong.05:16
jnewbuntuShadow: it appears like you overwrote the PBR of windows (windows boot record)05:16
greezmunkeyopij: educate me on your setup.05:16
Shadowjnewbuntu: How do I RE write it then? >>05:16
tucemiuxjef91, what do you mean you dont have 7?? it erased the first partition?05:16
opijgreezmunkey: can you help me setting up the firewall?05:16
jef91apparently 7 installed to the second of the two ntfs partitions?05:17
greezmunkeyopij: depends on your setup :)05:17
jef91Reinstalling 7 now - this time only going to give it a small bit of space leaving the rest un-alocated hopefully that works05:17
tucemiuxjef91, windows 7 takes up 2 partitions, you have to be careful, you can also undelete the partition05:17
medium7 runs faster in vbox ose anyway jef05:18
jef91medium not for gaming...05:18
mediumlol true =)05:18
* jef91 wants to put his 260m gtx to use!05:18
kickingintenderwell i found win7 pretty ugly handling old software and games05:18
kickingintenderalso xp is good enough05:19
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:19
TKO_Jaygreezmunkey: half success - it forwarded the DHCP packet, but it gave the wrong network address05:20
weenogdo things packed into .tar.bz2 archives always want make and make install after extraction, or is that just the usual?05:20
opijgreezmunkey: I connect to a server via openvpn that also proxies my connection. so I have an encrypted, anonymous internet connection. The have 5 ports that are random and change every time i reconnect. They call the process of forwarding the ports "Remote Port Forwarding". I would like to block all traffic, incoming or outgoing, that doesnt go through the tunnel. For example, incase i lose my connection to the tunnel.05:20
bullgard4Textmode, IdleOne Thank you very much for your help.05:20
IdleOnebulldog98: welcome05:21
IdleOnebullgard4: welcome05:21
kickingintendermy microdia webcam is showing purple pic in cheese05:22
robertzaccourwhats a good media editor? youtube won't display my .ovg video right05:22
darksamael03somebody from mexico05:23
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: make sure you restart dhcpd if you make config changes.05:23
opij!es | darksamael0305:23
ubottudarksamael03: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:23
tucemiux!ot | darksamael0305:24
ubottudarksamael03: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:24
greezmunkeyopij: I see. Looks like you want a simple deny all. You are initiating the vpn, right?05:24
TKO_Jaygreezmunkey: I'm 97% sure I did, but I'll try and test again05:24
opijgreezmunkey: what does that mean, "initiating the vpn"?05:24
greezmunkeyopij: there is no connection until you start it right?05:25
TKO_Jaydoh - no joy. DHCPOFFER on to 00:04:f2:13:3e:e7 via
robertzaccourwhats a good media editor? youtube won't display my .ovg video right05:25
opijgreezmunkey: that's correct05:25
nimbioticshello every1. whiie trying to untar django; i get the output at http://dpaste.com/213473/ Can someone please tell me what is going on?05:25
nhandlerrobertzaccour: Lucid ships with Pitivi05:25
robertzaccournhandler, ok thanks05:25
robertzaccourusing Xubuntu, not default05:26
IdleOnerobertzaccour: you can install pitivi on xubuntu05:26
greezmunkeyopij: then the firewall on your end would just be set to deny all from the internet to you, unless _you_ establish a connection.05:26
robertzaccourwith pitivi can i convert ovg to other formats youtube will display?05:26
tucemiuxyou need to unzip it first05:26
robertzaccourwhats a good format for youtube?05:26
OerHeksnimbiotics, you forget a - like this > tar -xzvf Django-3.1.2.tar.gz05:26
tucemiuxnimbiotics, unzip it first05:27
abhi_navkickingintender, hi.05:27
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: what does that mean? You figured it out?05:27
opijgreezmunkey: yes and then deny all traffic again if the connection is broken05:27
greezmunkeyopij: that would happen by default! :)05:27
TKO_Jaynope - it's offering an address of to a machine on the network - trying to figure it out now05:27
jef91Urg so it appears to be a Windows issue with GPT wonderous.05:28
nimbioticstucemiux, can u plz explain me how to do it, im a noob!05:28
opijgreezmunkey: it doesnt happen by default. if i'm connected to the vpn and downloading something and the vpn disconnects, it will continue downloading using a direct connection05:28
abhi_navkickingintender, you send me something? what is it? i shows some windows05:29
TKO_Jayoh, boom - I think it's working ! DHCPOFFER on to 00:04:f2:13:3e:e7 via
greezmunkeyopij: that should not be happening at all, It tells me that there is more to the network setup than either of us knows at this point.05:29
kickingintendernothing really05:29
kickingintenderi want 2 know where ur from05:29
abhi_navkickingintender, there two buttons abort adn accept. what do i do what is it?05:29
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: what was the diff?05:29
sikungot a emachine em250 which is the same as a acer aspire d250, but question is .. I cannot get temperatures to read correctly for the cpu05:29
opijgreezmunkey: thanks05:29
IdleOneabhi_nav: abort05:29
tucemiuxnimbiotics, it looks like the file is corrupt, either way here's a guide: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/how-to-open-a-tar-file-in-unix-or-linux/05:29
abhi_navIdleOne, ok05:29
IdleOnekickingintender: please do not DCC without permission first05:30
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?05:30
abhi_navIdleOne, what is DCC?05:30
IdleOneabhi_nav: it is a file transfer protrocol05:30
nimbioticstucemiux, thanks :)05:30
abhi_navIdleOne, ok05:30
kickingintenderi thought it was chat window!lol05:30
IdleOneabhi_nav: don't accept files from people you don't know and haven't requested05:30
TKO_Jaygreezmunkey: the order of the DHCP config05:30
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
tucemiuxnimbiotics, if it doesnt work come back05:31
IdleOnekickingintender: it can also be used for chat. Just like with pm please ask first.05:31
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: did you have to list the remote connections first?05:31
TKO_Jayyou need to start with the subnet that the DHCP server is on, and then configure the additional ones.  I was using a "shared-network name {" command that didn't work05:31
abhi_navkickingintender, yesterday i checked in my vista my webcam giving same blue screen problem. then i unijnstalled driver there and cant find new. so yersterday i again go to ubuntu adn same prob. but just nwo today i login ubuntu adn my webcam is working in cheese.05:31
IdleOnethank you05:31
TKO_Jaywhen configuredlike this : http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/forums/showthread.php/524-dhcpd-unable-to-serve-multiple-subnets/page2?s=7f4f06d3be3e04dc97bd84b7cf22280705:31
abhi_navIdleOne, yah ok.05:31
TKO_Jayit kicked in, and started working.  thank you very much again greezmunkey - highly appreciated !!05:32
kickingintenderthats gr805:32
abhi_navkickingintender, tihs keep happends. like after some day if i again check then my cam not wrking in both os . but after that agian some day it wll work. why is thsi so?05:33
greezmunkeyTKO_Jay: that makes sense.05:33
kickingintenderhow can i tell ubuntu to use driver ...or install new drivers from cd for webcam05:33
sha1sumgreezmunkey: sorry for the delay. I want some pretty colors to look at while music is playing, but with pandora or ANY music source for that matter... Something like the visualization plugins that come with media players, but standalone05:33
kickingintenderabhi_nav iam novice in webcam issues....i heard of documentation on webcam and there is easycam for installing missing drivers it seems05:34
topfueli need some help with ati drivers05:34
abhi_navkickingintender, hmm05:34
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?05:34
topfuelthe ati proprietary driver i installed is making the all the windows lag when being moved05:35
kickingintenderdo u have any drivers cd with u....for webcam05:35
greezmunkeysha1sum: I see, seems like I ran across something like that whilst googli' around...Google "standalone music visualization" there are a lot of hits.05:35
abhi_navkickingintender, no. my this lappy comes preinstalled with vista. so no exgtra cd. but yererday i downloaded webcam driver from hp site.05:36
greezmunkeysha1sum: you may need to add "linux" to the front of that...05:36
mediumi had a similar problem on a different distro recently05:36
topfuelim running dual 4850s05:36
chirpisWhat is the difference between OSS, ALSA, and PulseAudio?  I have all three of them.  Can they conflict with each other, and is it possible to get rid of one or two of them?05:36
topfuelmedium, and two different resolution monitors05:36
kickingintenderthis is my idea05:37
mediumone moment topfuel05:37
abhi_navIdleOne, thanks pal. :)05:37
abhi_navkickingintender, ok. let me see05:37
IdleOnechirpis: from what I understand (which is not much) you need all three05:37
sha1sumgreezmunkey: http://www.google.com/linux ;)05:37
JoshDreamlandFailed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0) \n No drivers available.05:38
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
greezmunkeysha1sum: check this out: http://projectm.sourceforge.net/05:38
nimbioticstucemiux: i'm still geting error message05:38
JoshDreamlandTried reinstalling nvidia-glx-173-*05:38
chirpisI just wondered, because I have a lot of audio problems. :/05:39
JoshDreamlandno luck05:39
JoshDreamlandHave run nvidia-xconfig countless times05:39
JoshDreamlandand had x reconfigure itself05:39
IdleOnechirpis: pick the biggeest one, excplain it here and someone will try to help if they can.05:39
abhi_navkickingintender, i wll vote for it.05:39
mediumtopfuel may i pm?05:40
kickingintenderall that is big mess05:41
chirpisIt's a microphone problem, actually.  The internal mic on my laptop doesn't work at all, and the external mic works in audacity, but not Skype.05:41
topfuelmedium, yes05:41
kickingintenderi dont know wheather in future i get to work with my cam or not05:41
chirpisIt took me a while to get it to work at all.  I had to figure out that "capture" in alsamixer is my microphone, and not "microphone".05:42
TraderGood morning, I need a help!!05:42
TraderSo, I installed Ubuntu 10.04, than I Installed XP and XP always load automaticly05:43
ImaLamerHrrmm Trader05:43
abhi_navkickingintender, cangt we use win drivers for our webcam? like there is something called ndiswrapper which is win wireless driver on linux. like that?05:43
TraderWhat should I do to see menu of loading05:43
ImaLamerDid you install them on separate partitions?05:43
IdleOne!grub2 | Trader you need to restore grub05:44
ubottuTrader you need to restore grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:44
TraderImaLamer: yes05:44
kickingintendertrader rewrites the mbr05:44
abhi_navTrader, wrong sequence. you first have to intsall xp and then ubuntu. now you have to restore grub05:44
TraderIdleOne: how?05:44
IdleOnefollow that link05:44
Traderabhi_nav: I understood, but later05:44
kickingintenderu should have installed xp first05:44
chirpisMy mic does produce some sound in Skype, but it's not intelligible.05:45
anathematicI'm trying to fcsk something on ubuntu cd atm however it keeps saying device or resource is busy05:45
abhi_navTrader, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows05:45
anathematicI'm pretty sure it's not mounted at all - any recommendations?05:45
mneptokanathematic: fsck? on a CD?05:45
Traderubottu: thanks05:45
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:45
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?05:45
mneptokanathematic: what are you going to do if it finds filesystem errors?05:45
anathematicmneptok:  fsck the harddrive from ubuntu cd05:45
mneptokanathematic: have you turned off swap?05:46
mneptokanathematic: and what is the command you are using?05:46
anathematicmneptok:  I don't know, is there a way I can check? :-)05:46
anathematicmneptok:  sudo fsck /dev/sad05:46
anathematic*sda even~05:46
wildbatquestions how to do tell the system to fsck the drives on next reboot ?05:46
mneptokanathematic: you cannot fsck devices. only partitions05:46
anathematicmneptok:  well that would explain a bit05:47
mneptokanathematic: sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sda1 (or fsck.ext3 and /dev/sda2 or somesuch)05:47
anathematicmneptok:  how do I get a list of the partitions on the drive to access?05:47
mneptokanathematic: ls /dev/sd*05:47
anathematicmneptok:  this won't delete any data wil it? :-)05:48
mneptokanathematic: depends. if there are bad issues that need to be fixed, it may.05:48
tibman<---------------------- problems with ubuntu x64 or x86 install, dont want to give up but getting tired of failure. black screen of death fixed with a command but now locks up on step 3 of install. strangely enough same black screen of death with install on other versions of linux??05:48
mneptokwildbat: sudo touch /forcefsck05:48
wildbatmneptok, thanks05:49
kickingintenderwhy does grub entry for kubuntu says as ubuntu as it should be kubuntu05:49
mneptokkickingintender: file a bug?05:50
* SReject waves at all the ppl05:50
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:51
tibmanso many people on the list, i dont think too many troubleshooters here though05:51
bawnhello all, I have quite a predicament05:51
tibmanjoin the list05:52
tibmanbawn, is it the black screen of death?05:52
Traderabhi_nav: thakns for link, I'll try this))05:52
wildbat!patience | tibman05:52
ubottutibman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:52
bawni have just installed freebsd, and accidentally installed it's bootloader, and it doesn't boot anything else than bsd here05:53
abhi_navTrader, hmm05:53
bawni just want ubuntu back05:53
bawnwith grub05:53
IdleOneTrader: this is what you want https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB 205:53
abhi_navTrader, ^^05:53
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?05:53
SRejecttibman, what's ur problem05:54
IdleOnebawn: what version of ubuntu?05:54
bawni can't supergrubdisk myself out of this one, cuz the new grub is too new for it05:54
IdleOnebawn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB 205:54
mneptok!grub2 | bawn05:54
ubottubawn: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:54
bawngrub 2 stinks05:54
Traderabhi_nav: O! It's looks that I need!!!)))05:54
abhi_navTrader, yah05:55
tibmansreject, i keep getting a black screen of death on install, then with i915.modeset=0 xforcevesa, I am able to begin install but it locks up on step 305:55
=== thoffmeyer|AFK is now known as thoffmeyer
greezmunkeyopij: good luck with that...05:55
mneptoktibman: did you md5sum the CD image? did you test the CD media for defects?05:55
tibmanmneptok, the version I downloaded works on two of my other computers, 1 being 9 years old05:56
=== shubbar__ is now known as shubbar
mneptoktibman: try nomodeset05:56
jeffrey_I have installed lubuntu and osmo does not open05:57
tibmanso edit the install comand with nomodeset?05:57
mneptoktibman: the kernel boot parameters in GRUB05:57
IdleOnejeffrey_: #lubuntu05:58
robertzaccouris there a screencast recorder that automatically records in avi?05:58
robertzaccouri'm using gtk-recordmydesktop and it records in .ovg which takes time to convert afterwards05:58
dpetrekhow could i easily graph cpu, memory, disk usage on ubuntu server? is there some kind of web interface available that would show me such graphs?05:58
robertzaccourdpetrek, whats hihos?05:59
IdleOnerobertzaccour: isn't there the option to save as .avi?05:59
dpetrekits hi, with some hos :)05:59
Jordan_Ubawn: There is Super GRUB2 Disk for GRUB2.06:00
tibmanwell thanks for more options to try, ill report my findings06:00
robertzaccourIdleOne, in gtk-recordmydesktop? i didn't see that option06:00
robertzaccourIdleOne, i'm pretty sure there isn't a way06:00
mneptokdpetrek: Landscape does that quite nicely. buy a support contract from Canonical. :)06:00
tibmanim beginning to think it is some part of my hardware thats incompatible with linux06:00
bawnJordan_U, i know, but it does not fix the mbr, it only boots grub06:02
Jordan_Ubawn: Once you're booted it's a simple "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"06:02
bawn/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR.  This is a BAD idea..06:05
bawn/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and its use is discouraged..06:05
bawn/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: if you really want blocklists, use --force.06:05
FloodBot3bawn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
brand0nhow do you run audaicous (Gtkui) as opposed to normal audacious06:05
brand0nvia terminal06:05
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?06:05
Jordan_Ubawn: Why are you installing to a partition rather than the mbr?06:05
bawni am not, it wants me to, i can't control it, thats why im here06:06
Jordan_Ubawn: What command did you run?06:06
bawni need it in the damn mbr06:06
bawnbut i had the partition as sda306:07
ponderaAnyone know whats the best *ubunt to a Macbook 3.1 ?06:07
Jordan_Ubawn: To install to the mbr you use just "sda" as the install device, so run exactly "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"06:07
Cmdrbubblescan anyone help me with some problems im having with wine?06:08
bawnhmmm looks like it worked, i will reboot06:08
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
abhi_navCmdrbubbles, #winehq06:10
pondera_Anyone know whats the best *ubuntu to install on a macbook 3.106:10
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:11
dpetrekmneptok: any free options?06:11
mneptokdpetrek: none i am aware of. but that does not mean they do not exist.06:12
steve__hello i am bawn06:12
dpetrekmneptok: for example some firewall distros have that funciontality included06:12
dpetrekpfsense, ipcop...06:12
sianhulonecesito ayuda,i need help06:12
mneptokabhi_nav: not all WINE issues immediately belong in #winehq. allow people to ask. and at least give them more information than a channel name.06:12
steve__grub worked good for linux, but windows wouldn't boot06:12
dpetrekso i think there should be something available06:13
dpetrekbut quick search revealed nothing06:13
abhi_navmneptok, ok06:13
sianhuloi just install again ubuntu and i cant acces to my archives and programs06:13
mneptoksianhulo: Ingles solamente, pf.06:13
steve__just a little black screen with a line at the top left06:13
sianhuloand it say that i dont have space in the disk06:13
steve__grub worked good for linux, but windows wouldn't boot just a little black screen with a line at the top left06:13
sianhulowhat i can do?06:14
steve__sianhulo, i have had this happen before06:14
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:14
robertzaccourhow do i record my desktop in avi format?06:14
k1sudo apt-get install beep && beep -l 10000006:14
k1try that06:14
sianhuloit didnt happen to me06:15
robertzaccourits not in the gtk-recordmydesktop settings and i have to change the format which takes time06:15
panzerI have deleted a file but it is still in use by a processor thread.  I am trying to get the file back.06:15
sianhuloi must be superuser to open programs,because it say that i dont have space06:15
panzerhow would I do that?06:15
steve__sianhulo, you need to completely back up all of your stuff and do a fresh install, your computer somehow, when installing ran out of it's space or something06:15
sianhuloi dont have space to make a backup06:16
Jordan_Upanzer: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/5814206:16
sianhuloi would need 90 gb06:16
mneptokk1: stop that06:16
mneptokk1: it's unfunny.06:17
panzerJordan_U: thanks06:17
k1mnemon, I disagree but i respect your opinion.06:17
moodyi need some help... i've had no problem with gimp since installing, and now all the sudden it crashes as soon as i select certain tools, such as rectangle select, circle select, and text (just to name a few).  i get this in console output: gimp: fatal error: Failed to register GObject with DBusConnection06:17
moody(script-fu:1606): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): error06:17
Jordan_Upanzer: You're welcome.06:17
steve__sianhulo, did you ever get a message at boot about you not having permission to some sort of file at startup06:17
Trader$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt06:17
TraderI enter this command but nothing happend... is it normal? I want to recover Grub206:17
mneptokk1: respect my opinion or not, it will stop. either you will do it voluntarily, or you will be banned.06:18
steve__does firefox say that you need ssl or something06:18
Jordan_UTrader: Generally when a command executes without any output at all it means that it succeeded.06:18
Cmdrbubblesso noone is in #winehq06:18
sianhulonautilus say that it dont have acces to create some folders06:18
mneptokCmdrbubbles: what is the nature of the problem with WINE?06:19
sianhulobut anything else06:19
k1mnemon, As far as u an concerned it has already stoped. If not, try pressing ctrl+c. that closes stuff.06:19
steve__do you have any of the other symptoms i described?06:19
IdleOne!guidelines | k106:19
ubottuk1: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:19
anathematicfsck.ext3: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sda1 <- anyone? :-D06:19
mneptokanathematic: is sda1 indeed ext3?06:20
TraderJordan_U: ubuntu&ubuntu$- command, then enter and ubuntu&ubuntu$ again, i command finished?06:20
anathematicmneptok:  I assume so - I didn't set it up but it woudln't be anything other than default06:20
sianhulofirefox dont start as normal user,but yes if i open it as superuser06:20
Jordan_Usteve__: Can you run this script: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/  and pastebin the RESULTS.txt file that it produces?06:20
mneptokCmdrbubbles: please ask before PMing people.06:20
mneptokCmdrbubbles: please ask questions in the channel. i'll be going AFK in a bit.06:21
steve__sianhulo, does it have a warning message before the main window comes up?06:21
steve__Jordan_U, sure06:21
itai_michaelsonhi, whats the command for changing a file's ownership to root, but allowing anyone to read.write?06:21
abhi_navCmdrbubbles, as you question here06:21
abhi_navitai_michaelson, chmod?06:21
mneptokitai_michaelson: chown06:22
sianhuloa warning message only appair if i acces to firefox with the console(consola)06:22
itai_michaelsonmnemon, whats the syntax sudo chwon filename root?06:22
Cmdrbubblesgot wine installed then cant run program still cause its not marked excutable06:22
sianhuloif i start firefox with a click, it only dont start06:22
itai_michaelsonabhi_nav, whats the syntax for read/write for everyone?06:22
panzerJordan_U: big thanks again.06:23
mneptokitai_michaelson: sudo chown root:root /path/to/file06:23
ZelozelosCmdrbubbles, an easy way to run a program with wine is to right click the file, run with wine ;)06:23
Jordan_Upanzer: You're welcome, did you get the file recovered?06:23
itai_michaelsonmneptok, thanks06:23
panzerJordan_U: yes.06:23
abhi_navitai_michaelson, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_system_permissions#Octal_notation06:23
mneptokabhi_nav: chmod does not change ownership06:23
abhi_navmnemon, it chane permission06:24
Cmdrbubbleserror msg: the file is not marked as executable. if d/l from untrusted source may be dangerous06:24
mneptokabhi_nav: yes it does. but it does not change ownership.06:24
Vin73hi, I need some help with a string of I/O error messages upon reboot after installation of Ubuntu06:24
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:24
Cmdrbubblesafter trying to run with wine06:24
abhi_navmnemon, hmm06:24
Vin73the install succeeds but reboot hangs....06:24
ZelozelosCmdrbubbles, what is the program you are trying to run?06:25
mneptokabhi_nav: and you need to work on your tab-complete ;)06:25
abhi_navmneptok, :D06:25
Cmdrbubblestrying to install games from disc06:25
sianhulowhat is wrong with ubuntu =(?06:25
mneptokCmdrbubbles: before trying to install them, you might want to esnure they wil actually work by consulting the WINE AppDB06:25
ActionParsnipsianhulo: imho, too many apps installed by default06:25
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B06:25
ActionParsnipwildbat: still going huh :(06:26
Cmdrbubblesnot in the top 3006:26
sianhulothe problem is about all the instalation06:26
Cmdrbubblesalready looked but i didnt think that it only HAD 3006:26
ZelozelosCmdrbubbles, what game?0 u can run stuff that isnt on the wine lists of running apps, but they prob wont work very well btw06:26
wildbatActionParsnip, :< seems no one have a clue >.<06:26
steve__Jordan_U, i can't find the result file06:26
ActionParsnipwildbat: did you log a bug06:26
Cmdrbubblessim city box, Myst trilogy, fate06:26
Jordan_U steve__ It should be in your home directory.06:26
wildbatActionParsnip, how?06:27
ActionParsnipVin73: does the reboot happen ok when you use the installed system06:27
Cmdrbubblescant run them on win 7 and my other compute is a $1800 paperweight06:27
ActionParsnip!bug > wildbat06:27
ubottuwildbat, please see my private message06:27
sianhuloi cant acces to my apps,archives or configurations06:27
steve__Jordan_U, not there, what am i doing wrong, do i use sudo on it?06:27
abhi_navmneptok, what is maria project?06:27
mneptokabhi_nav: http://mariadb.org06:28
ActionParsnipCmdrbubbles: wine is a best effort so not all apps will run. You could try the wine repo to get a later build or try win1.206:28
ZelozelosCmdrbubbles, yah, those prob wont run even if u do get them 2 install, but check the wine site to see 1st, if so installation instructions may be there as well06:28
wildbatActionParsnip, but i ain't sure if a bug ~ should i log it anyway?06:28
Jordan_Usteve__: Yes, run "sudo bash ~/Downloads/boot_info_script055.sh"06:28
ActionParsnipsianhulo: is all that in the livecd?06:28
ActionParsnipwildbat: sure. I would06:28
steve__Jordan_U, i justdid it06:29
sianhulono, i cant acces to they in ubuntu.and i cant acces to they live cd too06:29
Cmdrbubblesbut my problem still exists of getting the file executable06:29
mneptokCmdrbubbles: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14206:29
wildbatActionParsnip, and there is no PID to pick ~ hmmm ~06:29
Cmdrbubblesso i can find out06:29
ActionParsnipsianhulo: do you have web access?06:29
ZelozelosCmdrbubbles, i did manage to get some stuff 2 run by copying the installation to my hd 1st, idt u can change the file's mod w/o doin that anyhow06:29
Vin73ActionParsnip: No, I am not able to boot into the installed system at all....I am not sure...nothing went wrong during installation...once I do a hard reboot after removing media, I get an empty screen06:30
ActionParsnipwildbat: it won't be against a pid, it'll be against the package (i'd log it against the kernel)06:30
wildbatActionParsnip, ok06:30
Cmdrbubblesive tried loading from vista HD and install disc....get the same error either way06:30
ActionParsnipVin73: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded? Did you check the cd for defects?06:30
sianhuloweb acces?do you refer to firefox or internet?06:30
ActionParsnipsianhulo: anything outside your lan. Can you access it?06:31
=== intranut is now known as minux
Vin73ActionParsnip: I did the md5 test successfully...but did not check the CD for defects before installation...06:31
steve__Jordan_U, sda2 is the one i want to boot06:31
ActionParsnipVin73: boot the cd. When you see the stickman press space. Its there06:31
sianhuloi can acces to firefox en ubuntu,but if i acces to it as superuser06:31
sianhuloin the live cd i can acces normaly06:31
ActionParsnipVin73: i'd also test the ram just to cover all bases06:31
Vin73ActionParsnip: OK...how to test the RAM?06:32
ActionParsnipVin73: same screen06:32
steve__sda4 is a hodgepodge of fail, so don't even talk about that, i am just too lazy to format06:32
Vin73ActionParsnip: OK..I will do this and get back...thanks06:32
Traderhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 I try to do via this manual.06:32
ActionParsnipsianhulo: ok how do you connect? Wired or wireless?06:32
Trader•Now you need to edit the /etc/default/grub file to fit your system06:33
Trader$ nano /etc/default/grub06:33
Trader•When that is done you need to run update-grub to create the configuration file. If you have a separate /boot partition you need to mount it first!06:33
Trader$ update-grub06:33
Trader•To install GRUB 2 to the MBR, next you need to run grub-install /dev/sda06:33
Trader$ grub-install /dev/sda06:33
Trader•If you encounter any errors, try grub-install --recheck /dev/sda06:33
FloodBot3Trader: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:33
sianhuloi conect with lan,but the problem is the apps and /home partition06:33
CountDownI was futzing around with my sound options today, getting w32codecs installed and now sound will only play out of my laptop speakers -- it won't play out of the headphone jack any more!  How do I get sound to play out of the headphone jack again?06:33
TraderWhere should I input update grub?06:33
steve__sianhulo,  i cant help you much more06:33
ActionParsnipDoes anyone not find it ironic how the bot creates 4 lines of output to react to a flood by a user?06:34
bobthemilkmanI've got some programs compiled with gcc4.4 that need to use /lib/libgcc_s.so, and others compiled with gcc3.4 that need to use $HOME/usr/local/lib/libgcc_s.so, is there easy way to get my programs to automagically select the correct one?06:34
DarkSectorActionParsnip: lul yeah :D06:34
DarkSectornever noticed06:34
ActionParsnipsianhulo: how is it the /home partition affecting web access?06:34
bobthemilkmanOr am I doomed to always write a startup script for every program that needs to use the $HOME one?06:34
TraderIn grab configuration file?06:34
nfinchhello, i'm a new ubuntu user and can't get phpmyadmin to work. I've followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin, with no luck Any suggestions?06:34
CountDownTrader: In a terminal window.06:34
steve__jordan_u http://pastebin.com/QZZmpWDf06:34
sianhulothe web acces don have problem,the problem is that i cant acces to my archives in ubuntu06:35
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?06:35
sianhuloit problem appair after i install again ubuntu with my old /home06:35
ActionParsnipsianhulo: does your network interface get an ip. If you run: ifconfig ,you will see all interfaces and their info. Does yours have an ip address?06:35
opijhi ActionParsnip06:35
DarkSectornfinch: what's the issue ? detail06:35
Jordan_Usteve__: That's odd, everything looks just fine. Maybe fixboot from a windows install CD would help but it shouldn't be needed. When was the last time / configuration that that windows install cuccessfully booted?06:35
Traderbut ant the end this line: update: command not found((06:35
johnhey there06:36
steve__sianhulo, your uuid now is different from your old files06:36
ActionParsnipsianhulo: ahh. Ok. So are these archives on the /home partition?06:36
ActionParsnipHi opij06:36
majukHey guys. Shotdown, moved my comp and now my sound is kapoot. Seeing a new error in /var/log/messages and don't know what to make of it. Log messages - http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/A8ubVguY06:36
opijmy question seems to be unsolvable06:36
majuklol, shutdown, not shotdown06:36
steve__i don't have install cd, only an upgrade cd for 98 to xp which doesnt do anything good06:36
sianhuloActionParsnip, yes06:36
nfinchDarkSector:I have no idea. The installation goes smoothly and doesn't throw up any errors, but when I try to visit localhost/phpmyadmin/ the browser finds nothing06:37
sianhulosteve__, how i can change uuid?06:37
CountDownHow do I get sound to come out of the headphone jack?06:37
steve__you adapt it to yourself06:37
DarkSectornfinch: ok, so have you created the shortcut ?06:37
ActionParsnipsianhulo: ok then you need to add the home partition in /etc/fstab and it will be mounted. You needed to add the partition to the setup when you reinstalled but marked it to NOT be formatted and it would be mounted for you appropriately06:37
steve__sianhulo, that is all i know tho06:37
steve__Jordan_U, i used xp about a week ago with the same grub, and it worked great, but i think freebsd booloader screwed it up somehow06:38
steve__or grub has the wrong command to open it06:38
Jordan_Usteve__: Just as a test, what happens when you try the entry "Windows NT/2000/XP (on /dev/sda1)"?06:38
ActionParsnipOpij: you can use iptables to only accept incoming connections on the vpn device and drop all others. I'm not conversant with iptables but it can be done06:39
steve__it boots the hp recovery partition06:39
sianhuloActionParsnip,  i only had formated "/" partition,but not /home partition06:39
steve__can't run commands thru it06:39
Jordan_Usteve__: But that successfully boots currently?06:39
steve__yes and no06:39
opijActionParsnip: do you have any tips for very easy guides on that subject?06:40
sianhulothe archives are there,but it's as if they were not06:40
ActionParsnipsianhulo: yes that is what you needed to do but you also needed to change the home partition, mark it as the filesystem it previously used and mark it to be used as /home but not formatted06:40
nfinchDarkSector:I haven't no - it wasn't part of the guide. How do I do that?06:40
ActionParsnip!iptable | opij06:40
DarkSectornfinch: wait06:40
ActionParsnip!iptables | opij06:40
ubottuopij: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.06:40
ActionParsnipopij: that's all I know with iptables06:40
steve__i took it's free space away for my linux partitions, and now it can't really install too good06:40
sianhuloactionpasnip i did that06:40
ActionParsnipsianhulo: if you did it would be mounted now as it was before the reinstall06:41
DarkSectornfinch, ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin /var/www06:41
Jordan_Usteve__: But if it boots at all you may be able to modify its boot.ini to boot your real XP install.06:41
sianhulobut that's not happened like06:41
steve__sianhulo, put in the first few letters of someone's name on here and press tab, it usually fills it in06:41
steve__Jordan_U, it is only a wizard06:42
ActionParsnipsianhulo: you now need to manually edit /etc/fstab to add a line for /home. If someone has a seperate home partition the could give you the line. You will need to run: sudo blkid ,yours will be the only difference to that line06:42
steve__Jordan_U, a graphical one at that06:42
ActionParsnipsianhulo: if I was home I could give you mine but I'm on my phone outta town so no can do06:43
ActionParsnipsianhulo: I'm sure someone will give theirs if you ask ;)06:43
sianhulosudo blkid said http://paste.ubuntu.com/457680/06:44
nfinchDarkSector:thanks for the help - I'm giving up for bed. I'm so exhausted that's probably a factor. Cheers06:44
Trader$ sudo umount /mnt06:45
Traderbut terminal tell that it's busy. What should I unmount?06:45
DarkSectornfinch: o_006:45
steve__sianhulo, i meant uid06:45
steve__sianhulo, it is usually something like 1001 or 100006:46
sianhulo1001 or 1000? binaries?06:46
sianhulofstab and blkid agree(?)06:46
steve__sianhulo, no those are just the 2 most common uid numbers06:47
sianhulofstab had uuid of blkid06:47
sianhulothe same06:47
anathematicany data recovery tools you guys recommend for ubuntu? =\06:47
sianhuloand i didnt change it06:47
TraderNICE!!! Ubuntu run successfully)))06:47
steve__uuid is way different than uid06:47
sianhulothen i am lost06:48
itai_michaelsoncan anyone help with SMB mounting problem? i cant get it to mount as read/write06:49
abhi_navanathematic, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk06:49
codeabitI have a file I'm unable to delete.  Typing "rm gdkconfig.h" results in "rm: cannot remove `gdkconfig.h': Input/output error".  The command "ls -l" results in "ls: cannot access gdkconfig.h: Input/output error. total 0 -????????? ? ? ? ?                ? gdkconfig.h06:49
steve__sianhulo, me too, let's start over06:49
anathematicthanks abhi_nav I'll check it out no06:49
anathematicnow even~06:49
codeabitTried "shutdown -rF now" to force disk check on startup but it didn't fix the problem06:49
codeabitAny ideas?06:50
CountDowncodeabit: ps -efjH | grep <filename>06:50
steve__Jordan_U, any ideas?06:51
sianhuloi dont how fix this T.T06:51
waseemI m facing issues with wired connection on ubuntu 10.0406:51
sianhuloi dont konw06:51
codeabitbryan     2596  2338  2595  2338  0 22:51 pts/0    00:00:00       grep --color=auto gdkconfig.h06:51
sianhuloforget it06:51
codeabitfile name in color red06:51
waseemit does not recognize my connection06:51
CountDowncodeabit: Hm, that doesn't help.06:51
codeabitooops, that was my command.. duh06:52
waseemis there anyone who can help plzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!06:52
CountDowncodeabit: What were you doing with the file before trying to delete it?06:52
CountDowncodeabit: And where is the file located?06:52
Jordan_Usteve__: Other than modifying the boot.ini from sda1 to boot windows from sda2, no.06:52
waseemIs there anyone who can help Please!!!06:53
steve__can't i modify from sda3?06:53
scotty00whats the problem waseem06:53
rethusi have installed nano, but i found no .nanorc in my ~/06:53
codeabitWell, actually, this is the result of a broken dependency in libgtk2.0-dev, when I went to check out the offending file, It's corrupt.06:53
codeabitNothing strange happened really, standard updating of packages.06:53
waseemhi scotty, i got full ubuntu installation last night06:53
rethuscan i simply touch .nanorc, or must this file have special parms inside?06:53
stevecammetacity appears to of frozen, is it possible to load it back up without restarting X06:53
sianhuloi cant acces to my archives on /home in ubuntu(just reinstalled)06:54
waseembut it is not recognizing my wired as well as wireless connection06:54
Zelozelosstevecam yup, alt+f2,   metacity --replace06:54
scotty00talk in pm waseem06:54
Geoffrey2curious...the latest ubuntu version has been out since the end of April, and yet some of the Gnome files are still from the 2.29 developmental version rather than the 2.30 production version06:54
stevecamzelozelos that doesn't work either06:54
sianhuloi must be superuser to acces to some application because it say i dont have space in the disk(its false)06:55
Jordan_Usteve__: Boot Ubuntu, mount /dev/sda1 and make a backup of its boot.ini, then mount /dev/sda2 and overwrite the boot.ini in sda1 with the boot.ini from sda2.06:55
Zelozelosstevecam, that ws my best guess06:55
stevecamthank you06:55
codeabitCountDown: Thanks for your help.  Any other ideas?06:55
Jordan_Usteve__: Then try booting from sda1 in the grub menu.06:55
steve__Jordan_U, the problem is that one is win pro and one is win home06:57
ferris_hi guys06:58
Jordan_Usteve__: Shouldn't matter. As far as I know there is no difference in ntldr between pro and home.06:58
ferris_just wondering if anyone could help me im a n00b and need to get usb-modeswitch apparently06:59
sianhuloanyone cant help me?07:00
CainHi, i just installed an ubuntu lucid minimal system, how to add gnome to it ? aptitude install gnome ? or aptitude install ubuntu-desktop ? or else ?07:01
rethussianhulo: use su, to become root07:01
sianhuloI think that this is not a good solution =(07:02
steve__Jordan_U, see the differences between the partition numbers?07:03
hermanis there an easy way to duplicate a file for backing up07:03
hermani.e. cp /foo/bar /foo/bar~07:03
Jordan_Usteve__: Yes.07:03
steve__Jordan_U, i am starting to think that grub is executing it wrong07:04
waseem_I am not able to find solution to my wireless problem, I wanted to know, from where can I get Windows wireless driver. I want to download it using Win XP....Please help!!07:04
Jordan_Usteve__: That's not likely.07:04
brand0nconnect with a wire and do the hardware driver search07:04
brand0nit will find the driver for your wificard07:04
waseem_thats wot m trying to do brandon07:04
brand0nwell i dont get what you mean by using xp to download the windows driver07:05
waseem_but its not recognizing my wired conn07:05
brand0nthats not gonna do you any good in ubuntu07:05
hermanis there an existing utility that can do the same thing as "cp /foo/bar /foo/bar~"?07:05
sweetpiCain: ubuntu-desktop should do it, you should check what it depends on though. it might pull in more than you want07:05
brand0nthe problem might be with your router then waseem_07:05
brand0nmake sure your connection and your router are both set to DHCP mode07:05
steve__it worked great until freebsd loader, which gave same result, which looks like it didnt even use any commands07:05
hermancuz otherwise, I'll just write a simple bash script for that07:05
Jordan_Uherman: What's wrong with using cp? What's your end goal?07:05
sianhuloi will die @·@07:06
hermanit's pretty annoying to type a long directory name twice07:06
Cainsweetpi : thx, i try to not install the recommended packages until i need them (aptitude -R)07:06
hermanso I was thinking if there was an existing shortcut07:06
steve__herman, cut n paste dude07:06
tuntuuse your mouse07:06
Jordan_Uherman: cp /path/to/file{,-bak}07:06
grigorHello :)07:07
hermanJordan: sorry, can you explain to me how the {,-bak} part works?07:07
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:07
hermanI assume the comma means to copy the contents of the previous arg?07:07
steve__yo dubble yo style07:07
* sinistrad waves at ActionParsnip 07:07
* steve__ says yes07:08
* ActionParsnip waves back =)07:08
waseem_see i hv been using Win7 , & all was working fine.I did a full installation on ubuntu 10.04 on a new dell, now m left with no option to connect to internet, bcoz ubuntu is not recognizing my wired as well as wireless. And my conn is set to Auto DHCP mode07:08
brand0ntry restarting your router07:08
brand0nthen restarting ubuntu07:08
rethussianhulo:i don't understand your problem07:09
ActionParsnipwaseem_: use: sudo lshw -C network ,websearch for the product lines for guides. What Win7 does or doesn't do is of no value to you07:09
hermanmsg Jordan_U what are expressions with curly braces '{' called?07:09
sianhuloi reinstalled ubuntu.but when i acces to my account it doesnt acces to my /home partition07:09
waseem_I did that also , it shows UNCLAIMED status07:10
ActionParsnipwaseem_: if you get a broadcom 43xx then use this guide:07:10
waseem_what shud i do>07:10
sianhuloande say that i dont have free space in disk07:10
steve__Jordan_U, now i understand your previous comments and i will try it out07:10
ActionParsnipwaseem_: run the command I just gave you and search for the product line for guides07:10
ActionParsnipwaseem_: is it a broadcom 43xx ?07:11
waseem_let me see07:11
sianhulobut i have, and i cant acces to my archives07:11
ActionParsnipsianhulo: if you run: mount ,does it show the partition mounted to /home?07:11
waseem_yes its Broadcom07:12
ActionParsnip!broadcom | waseem_07:12
ubottuwaseem_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:12
waseem_now what?07:12
ActionParsnipwaseem_: don't confusse it with the wired which may be broadcom. The chip series is important07:12
steve__Jordan_U, i will now try it out07:12
Jordan_Uherman: Brace expansion. Another illustrative example would be: echo {"Hello ","Goobye "}world.07:12
sianhulo/dev/sda6 on /home type ext4 (rw)07:12
ActionParsnipwaseem_: use the link above to set it up. You will need the install cd07:13
ActionParsnipsianhulo: cool, that's a good sign :)07:13
hermanOkay, thanks Jordan_U, I'll look them up, they seem useful.07:13
waseem_ok, let me see...07:13
Jordan_Uherman: You're welcome.07:13
sianhuloActionParsnip, uuid on fstab an blkid agree,and i didnt change it07:13
waseem_thanks for helping07:14
noisecontrol:) compiz07:14
ActionParsnipJordan_U: so would this work: dpkg -l | grep {"flash","gnash","swf"}07:14
ActionParsnipwaseem_: if the wifi chip is different then simply copy the line and sling it into a search engine to find guides07:15
hermanJordan_U: what command are you using to talk to me on IRC (your name is highlighted in some of you're messages)? Sorry, I'm new to using IRC07:15
ActionParsnip!who | herman07:15
ubottuherman: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:15
robertzaccourwhats a good media file converter?07:15
robertzaccouri need to convert ogv to avi or somethin07:16
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Unfortunately, no. I think you'd need to use an ugly eval for something like that.07:16
abhi_navi use mobile midea convertor07:16
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ActionParsniprobertzaccour: mencoder, ffmpeg, winff, handbrake07:16
herman!ubottu Like this?07:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:16
ActionParsnipJordan_U: oh well. Thanks :)07:16
opijActionParsnip: I don't understand this. ufw is supported software07:16
herman!ActionParsnip Like this?07:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:16
herman!who |ActionParsnip Like this?07:16
ubottuActionParsnip Like this?: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:16
ActionParsnipherman: just tab complete the name you are addressing and it highlights automagically07:17
ActionParsnipopij: understand what?07:17
Jordan_Uherman: You have been doing it correctly, each time you've used my nick it's highlighted your message in my client.07:17
opijActionParsnip: do you know what rule to set for remote port forwarding on ufw (which is supported software)07:17
ActionParsnipopij: just because its supported doesn't mean the current people in the channel have the answer07:18
hermanJordan_U: So it's your nick plus a colon at the front that does the trick?07:18
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:18
abhi_navherman, no only tab07:19
Jordan_UJust the nick is all that's needed, and it can be anywhere in the message (with most chat clients at least) herman.07:19
ActionParsnipherman: perfect :) you can use tab to complete nicks if you type a few of the characters too07:19
Jordan_Uherman: Using the nick and then a colon is just a common convention.07:19
ActionParsnipopij: is there a #ufw channel?07:19
robertzaccourWinFF could not find codec parameters07:19
hermanOh, okay, that's pretty cool. IRC's way smarter than I'd have imagined.07:19
majukIf anyone has a clue as to what these log entries mean and/or why my sound has stopped working since I started getting them? hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, switching to polling mode: last cmd=0x006f000b | hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, switching to single_cmd mode: last cmd=0x006f000b07:20
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majukUgh, sentence structure fail. I promise I speak English fluently. :D07:20
Blue1majuk: well hda is the hard drive, and it sounds like it might be dying.07:21
majukBlue1, No, hda_intel is the sound driver07:21
majukOr module, rather07:22
Blue1majuk: okay I'd never seen one like that.07:22
TakyojiOn a laptop I have a wireless card that appears as eth1. Wireless works fine, I just can't find the NetworkManager icon in the indicator icon tray to be able to select a network (therefore I either have to select a wireless network either with a third-party GUI or via command line). Suggestions?07:22
ActionParsnipmajuk: are there any bugs with that text?07:22
ActionParsnipmajuk: what sound card do you use?07:22
majukActionParsnip, Bugs? I put a | in the middle to separate the two lines, if that's what you mean07:23
drew212HDA stands for high definition audio controller07:23
ActionParsnipTakyoji: alt+f2, type: nm-applet ,press enter07:23
gryllidaI need help of a user of open office 3.2 on ubuntu 10.04. please try to open a new document, then type something, select it, then put cursor to document end, then middle click. will it paste? if yes, then tell me what info to give about my setup to troubleshoot it, because it doesn't work for me07:23
majukActionParsnip, It's an onboard Intel HD card. Not 100% sure on the model precisely.07:23
Blue1Takyoji: did you try System/Preferences/Network Connections?07:23
ActionParsnipmajuk: sudo lshw -C sound ,will tell you07:24
gkffjcsHey all, I'm trying to configure ubuntu 10.04 with two ethernet cards both with static ip's on two different subnets.07:24
TakyojiI can add a network there yes, I just can't explicitly tell it to connect to a wireless network07:24
gkffjcsI can connect to one subnet, but not the other.07:24
ActionParsnipmajuk: if its a laptop you may need some options in the sound config to tweak the sound a little07:24
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majukActionParsnip, Negative, desktop, working perfectly up until today07:24
majukproduct: MCP55 High Definition Audio07:25
ActionParsnipgkffjcs: you may need to setup a static route too tell the routing to use the right interface for the subnet you cannot connect to07:25
TakyojiActionParsnip: I executed nm-applet, and it is already running, but still doesn't appear in the indicator tray07:25
ActionParsnipTakyoji: is it in the output of: ps -ef | grep nm-ap07:26
majukThe only thing that has changed between now and last it worked is the comp's physical location, nothing else.07:26
Blue1Takyoji: are you using the netbook remix by chance?07:26
TakyojiNo, Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition 32-bit07:26
ActionParsnipmajuk: that's all I got. That's what i'd do07:26
sweetpiTakyoji: try restarting network-manager07:26
ActionParsnipTakyoji: ok run nm-applet in terminal. What is output?07:26
Blue1Takyoji: I had similiar problems with 10.04 and and now running 9.10 --07:27
mneptokTakyoji: try this. killall nm-applet && nm-applet --sm-disable07:27
ActionParsnipMajuk: is it a laptop?07:27
abhi_navi use software kmobiletools. there i need to specifye where is my mobile. by dfault its /dev/mobile. so i need to know my mobile name in /dev. how to?07:28
majukActionParsnip, No, desktop, worked perfectly up until today. Only thing that has changed is the physical location of the machine since it last worked.07:28
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: sudo lshw | less ,may help07:28
majukI'm starting to wonder if it isn't an unfortunate hardware issue. :\07:28
Takyojimneptok: No difference. It was running with the --sm-disable parameter as well prior07:28
ActionParsnipmajuk: no updates?07:28
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?07:28
majukActionParsnip, Not a one. :\07:28
ActionParsnipmajuk: all I can recommend is reboot then run: dmesg | less ,see what's going on07:29
TakyojiActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457700/07:29
majukActionParsnip, You're looking at the only change in my messages, that one I supplied you.07:29
majuker, two07:29
ActionParsnipTakyoji: then its already running and needs killing before relaunching07:30
majukhda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, switching to polling mode: last cmd=0x006f000b ||| hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, switching to single_cmd mode: last cmd=0x006f000b07:30
mneptokTakyoji: did you by any chance remove the notification area from the panel?07:30
TakyojiNotification area is there.07:30
Tamnakzis there a good free software for unpacking .rar files?07:30
mneptok!info unrar07:31
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.9.3-1 (lucid), package size 100 kB, installed size 248 kB07:31
ActionParsnipmajuk: yes but you can also look at the rest and see if there are any problems or conflicts. It may just be loose due to the transit07:31
majukActionParsnip, It's onboard. No such thing as loose.07:31
waseem_@ActionParsnip: can i talk to u in pm?07:31
TakyojiBattery, sound, the NotifyOSD icon, etc07:31
Tamnakzmneptok: it says unfree version? not a $$?07:31
=== eNTRO is now known as Guest39173
TakyojiUse 7zip07:32
waseem_can someone help me get the wireless working, in pm?07:32
TakyojiThat has support for pretty much any archive format07:32
mneptokTamnakz: while that app is free, it is not Free (note caps)07:33
opijI subscribe to a VPN/proxy service and am able to do remote forwarding on certain ports (5 ports, not of my choosing). Is there anyway I can setup a firewall to block all connections that aren't going through the VPN and still do remote port forwarding?07:33
=== Guest39173 is now known as entra
Tamnakzmneptok: care to elaborate?07:33
Zelozelosmneptok, wahts the diff?07:34
TakyojiTamnakz: I presume it's along the lines of not retaining the license.07:34
majukopij, You can accomplish that with iptables. It is pretty unorthodox and you have to have pretty solid networking knowledge to make it work. Otherwise, no, there is no other way.07:34
mneptokfree as in beer vs. free as in speech.07:34
abhi_navthere are four usb port shown by lshw. usb0,1,2 and 3. and i only connected my mobile to one of them. how to know which one is that?07:34
Zelozelosfree beer???where???? :007:34
Takyojiotherwise it is open source07:34
opijmajuk: how about with ufw?07:34
jnewbuntufree like no money but non-free like no modifications permitted07:34
TakyojiIn fact, it's under the GNU LGPL07:35
waseem_The output of  ~$ lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4 shows BCC Device [14e4: 4727]07:35
majukopij, Couldn't tell you. If I had to guess, UFW is probably an iptables management system/scripts. So you're still dealing with the same tech.07:36
waseem_i dont think thats is in support?07:36
waseem_help please07:36
opijmajuk: why is it complicated?07:36
sianhuloi have problems with nautilus07:36
anodehey, this usb-creator.exe utility takes sooooo long to copy stuff then it hangs at 80%07:36
anodeso I copied everything over manually07:36
anodedoesnt boot <operating system not found> and such.. is there a reason it stalls at 80%?07:36
majukopij, Because you have to set your desk/laptop up to do routing functions. It doesn't do those by default.07:36
sianhuloand my acount not acces to my configuration(y reinstalled ubuntu with the old /home)07:36
waseem_The output of  ~$ lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4 shows BCC Device [14e4: 4727]---- how to configure this device ???07:37
opijmajuk: are you from india by any chance?07:37
majukopij, Yea, that's a good way to get help when you don't understand what's being said.07:37
opijmajuk: lol I was asking that for another reason07:38
sianhuloany help with /home partition?07:38
majukopij, Ah, well, no.07:38
opijmajuk: can you help me write some rules for ufw or iptables?07:39
industhalib, hi :)07:39
thalibhi there07:39
industhalib, sorry dcc chats dont work for me07:39
majukopij, Nope.07:39
tntcanyone else having trouble with iwlagn not being managable with network-manager?07:39
industhalib, i dont know whta it is07:39
industhalib, what is dcc chat07:40
opijmajuk: what's the problem?07:40
thalibright now at office so using windows machine07:40
thalibnow break time07:40
sianhulomy new account don acces to my /home partition(configuration)and nautilus have problems.i have installed ubuntu today(over another ubuntu instalation)07:40
industhalib, so how is your tvtuner working07:40
=== Razia is now known as RainbowEyes
thalibi wanted to discusssomething with u07:40
thalibabout generic and pae07:40
majukopij, You have a PM07:41
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info07:41
mikubuntui seem to have googleearth-package 0.5.7 (utility to automatically build Debian package of GE) installed, but i see in synaptic googleearth 5.1.3533.1731 is available.  can someone discuss with me which options i should choose for my ubuntu 10.04 acer laptop?07:41
thalibdo u have any IM like msn or google or anything07:41
industhalib, well you have my gmail id,07:42
industhalib, so its google obviously07:42
sianhuloI'm tired of asking for help u.u07:42
Takyojimneptok sweetpi Blue1:  Any further suggestions?07:42
indussianhulo, hi there07:42
Blue1Takyoji: can't think of anything atm07:42
sweetpiTakyoji: did you try restarting network-manager like i said? its always worked here07:43
TakyojiYes, I tried such as well07:43
indussianhulo, what seems to be the problem07:43
industhalib, so you atwork now >07:43
thalibso u can chat with google07:43
industhalib, yes i can07:43
sweetpiTakyoji: do you have the interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces?07:43
TakyojiAgain, my wireless works just fine. I just don't have the simple dropdown menu to select a network07:43
sianhuloindus, the problem is that i reinstalled ubuntui used  the sames partitions07:44
Blue1Takyoji: are you using gnome or kde or?07:44
anthony_hey guys what assembly langg is good here in linux. pls help me. i dont know what to use i need tasm to do my work here.07:44
sianhulobut i cant acces to my  /home archives,and the cofiguration is the default07:44
Takyojisweetpi: I guess I don't have eth1 explicitly listed in /etc/network/interfaces07:44
TakyojiBlue1: GNOME07:45
indussianhulo, reinstalled using manual partitioning ?07:45
Blue1Takyoji: there are some issues with the gnome-control-center07:45
sianhuloindus yes i did07:45
sianhuloi only formated / partition07:45
indussianhulo, yes that s correct07:45
indussianhulo, so what exactly is happening ?07:45
sweetpiTakyoji: so you did /etc/init.d/network-manager restart?07:45
sianhulonautilus cant open07:46
Blue1Takyoji: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/56575707:46
sianhuloi must be superuser to can open ite07:46
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:46
achilleshello guys, I have on lucid Ethernet controller: nVidia Corporation MCP73 Ethernet (rev a2), sometimes the interface stops responding till I shut it down and bring it up again, any clue ?07:46
Takyojisweetpi: By the way, it's `sudo server network-manager restart` now. :P07:47
Takyojisudo service*07:47
larryAmenHi,guys.does anyone use e17?07:47
Takyoji`sudo service network-manager restart` is what I meant.07:47
^DEMOSS^hello, say me please , can i share ,for example, folder "user1" for user local network with IP  \ folder 2 to .... etc...07:47
indussianhulo, maybe a permissions problem07:47
TakyojiBut yes, I tried such to know avail.07:47
sweetpiTakyoji: the only thing i can think of is backing up your interfaces file and removing the definitions, then try restarting and see if it fixes anything07:48
sianhuloindus, but it have defaul conf too07:48
TakyojiThe only interface listed is loopback07:48
sianhuloindus,  and i dont understand why07:48
sweetpiTakyoji: yes i know of service, but im an old grump :)07:48
Blue1^DEMOSS^: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=19007:48
thalibindus > i have sent an invitation on google talk07:49
jnewbuntusianhulo: Is your /home on a separate partition?07:49
industhalib, ok but i accept later from home07:50
industhalib, thank you07:50
sianhulojnewbuntu, yes it's07:50
indussianhulo, what do you mean default conf07:50
thalibwill u be available tonight07:50
jnewbuntusianhulo: Try "sudo dpkg --configure -a"07:50
indussianhulo, try ls -l /home/yourname07:50
sianhuloindus, the conf of ubuntu 10.04(i had my configuration)07:50
thalibi want to clarify something07:50
^DEMOSS^Blue1: hmm07:51
jnewbuntusianhulo: I am assuming that your fstab has the right entry (UUID etc) for /home07:51
indussianhulo, ah yes for the applications its saved07:51
sianhulojnewbuntu, yes it is, i revised it07:51
indusjnewbuntu, he cant open nautilus  i think07:51
Blue1^DEMOSS^: that contains a link to another site that has the info07:51
indussianhulo, you can open it with sudo ?07:51
sianhuloand some problems too XD07:51
indussianhulo, i mean gksu nautilus07:51
sianhulowith sudo yes,by normal user...no07:51
^DEMOSS^^DEMOSS^: /ip_adree_for_share - it's i need add to comment if i want shre folder for user ip ???07:52
waseem_Which LiveCD is required at the synaptic package manager?? is the ubuntu 10.04 OS CD???07:52
Blue1^DEMOSS^: not sure what you are asking but the instructions on how to do the share is there.07:52
waseem_can anyone help there?07:53
jnewbuntusianhulo: who owns the /home/<user>/.nautilus directory07:53
^DEMOSS^Blue1: ш ыуу щтдн 1 дштл ащк ышеу прфслы07:54
^DEMOSS^1 see only one link for site = Ghacks07:54
Blue1^DEMOSS^: sorry I think that's cyrillic and I don't know russian07:54
Takyojiwaseem_: That's the only disc.07:54
sianhulojnewbuntu, nothing of nothing07:54
^DEMOSS^but i see on this site mini-tool for sharing folder and this tool can't do my specifik work07:55
Blue1^DEMOSS^: what do they call a person who only speaks one language?  an american!07:55
jnewbuntusianhulo: sorry again - 'nothing' is the user?07:55
Blue1^DEMOSS^: sorry that's what I did and it worked for me.07:55
waseem_Takyoji: Surprising! it failed to mount the cdrom?07:56
trippshi. I was playing around with the universal access options on the login screen of my lucid box. I unchecked everything before logging in, however now my login screen is permanently changed. How do I "reset" this?07:56
indussianhulo, for example ls -l /home/user/.nautilus07:56
waseem_i installed ubuntu from the same CD07:56
sianhulojnewbuntu,  no,no no XD.the user is "simon" but this carpeta dont have nothing07:56
sianhuloit said=total 007:57
^DEMOSS^Blue1: how you can share folder for specific IP adress in network ( for example - access must have onli 1-2 IP - other IP will be dissconected )07:57
indussianhulo, ah yes its same for me too total zero07:57
Blue1^DEMOSS^: your almost describing an automount07:58
sianhulomy desktop looked than http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/878/screenshot009i.png07:58
packratgood morning07:58
Blue1sup packrat07:58
indussianhulo, ok i did ls -al /home/user and its drwxr-xr-x  2 username username07:58
^DEMOSS^Blue1: what ?07:58
jnewbuntusianhulo: I meant "ls -al /home/simon/.nautilus"07:58
packrati am itching to install some ubuntu netbook remix on my asus aspire one07:58
packrathowever, i am not sure how to make a bootable usb07:59
sianhuloi did "ls -l /home/simon/.nautilus"07:59
indussianhulo, use ls  -al07:59
sianhuloand now looks...http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/8349/pantallazoyi.png07:59
indussianhulo, will list all things07:59
indussianhulo, very nice looking desktop :)08:00
packratdont suppose you have any insights, Blue1?08:00
sianhulovery nice lookED,xD08:00
indussianhulo, its looks fine08:01
indussianhulo, maybe a nautilus bug08:01
sianhulobut i reinstalled 5 times today08:01
sianhulo4 lucid and 1 jaunty08:01
indussianhulo, can you paste complete ls -al08:01
Blue1^DEMOSS^: this might be what you need -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs08:01
^DEMOSS^Blue1: thx08:02
sianhuloi pasted it XD08:02
indussianhulo, where08:02
=== Jeruvy_ is now known as Jeruvy
sianhuloindus> sianhulo, very nice looking desktop :)08:02
sianhulo<sianhulo> http://paste.ubuntu.com/457706/08:02
indussianhulo, i mean all ls -al not just08:02
dugger5688packrat: Why not throw it on a VM and test it out!08:03
indussianhulo, ah sorry08:03
packratdugger5688, what?08:03
sianhulowhat XD?08:03
=== TannerF is now known as SleepingF
packratdugger5688, i want to install netbook remix on a computer that is not the one im irc-ing from08:03
indussianhulo, ok looks fine08:04
packratmostly because i totally fucked up the linpus linux install08:04
sianhuloi'll cry.I've been struggling all the day with ubuntu08:04
^DEMOSS^Blue1: no08:05
indussianhulo, try create a new user and try if nautilus works08:05
indussianhulo, sudo useradd somename08:05
indussianhulo, then login as him and try08:05
=== ExcruciationX is now known as oMg-iTz-eX
indussianhulo, then we can troubleshoot08:05
jaksinI am having a good time with ubuntu..... I just partitioned my drive last week and installed it.08:06
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
^DEMOSS^ok - super example ( i need server on ubuntu OS.  server in local network in 53 computers. computers have ip's \ computers have Windows XP OS. \ )08:07
indussianhulo, tried deleting the hidden folder .nautilus ?08:07
indussianhulo, also this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8546582&postcount=2008:08
^DEMOSS^i want creat 53 folders for 53 computers in windows xp \ i want sharing this 53 folder for 53 user. \ Iwant sharing "FOLDER 1" ONLY for user have IP \ i want sharing folder 2  - only for cmputer\ i want sharing folder 3  - only for computer with ip ................ ETC .........08:09
KB1JWQ^DEMOSS^: Welp, get to it then. :-)  You get to build user accounts and set permissions within samba.08:09
^DEMOSS^user 2 CAN NOT HAVE access to folder 1 - becase not have ip 0.1 ....08:10
^DEMOSS^how i can do this on my ubuntu ?08:10
^paradox^ikonia and xangua i did get galeon browser for temporary browser til i can get firefox fixed. ill come back tomorrow and try to get help fixing it08:10
Appl6When I install an update to Firefox and Firefox is still running, the package manager successfully installs the new version of Firefox.  At what point does the Firefox executable and its configuration files get replaced?  Wouldn't running an executable prevent it from being overwritten?  If not, surely Firefox has at least some of its configuration files opened while it's running.08:11
^DEMOSS^KB1JWQ: were i can read information about this ?08:11
=== Longhorn|XP is now known as Longhorn
om26erAppl6, there should be no problem08:12
KB1JWQ^DEMOSS^: Then don't do it by IP. Do it via SAMBA user accounts.08:12
KB1JWQ#samba is a good start.08:12
^DEMOSS^i dont want, that users enter login and password08:12
=== jenkins is now known as fedorajenkins
^DEMOSS^i want do that witaout this08:12
=== fedorajenkins is now known as slackwarejenkins
=== slackwarejenkins is now known as jenkins
sweetpi^DEMOSS^: you might be able to do something like that with the %I variable substitution of samba. example path=/shares/folder_%I would be path=/shares/folder_192.168.0.3 if the client had ip of .308:13
^DEMOSS^KB1JWQ: can samba do what i want ( not whith accounts - i want  do it by ip )08:14
^DEMOSS^sweetpi: hmm , it's interesting08:15
Viking667I have a question.08:15
packratso anyways.  ubuntu netbook remix > acer aspire one, via usb.  how do i shot?08:15
^DEMOSS^packrat: shot your brain ?08:16
Viking667Can someone run "glxinfo | grep "string" and tell me whether their server vendor string says "SGI" or "Bruce Paul"?08:16
Viking667Err, Brian Paul08:16
nhakhow can i transfer files into my ipod touch in ubuntu?08:16
^DEMOSS^nhak: insert cable in usb ?08:17
packrat^DEMOSS^, no.08:17
nhak:) i look for some itunes programs but for linux08:17
^DEMOSS^for start - try connect data cable with i-pod and usb08:18
nhakits very uncomfortable when i want to add some mp3 files and have to restart it to windows08:18
Appl6nhak: I have a nano, and I just used Rhythmbox for it.08:19
nhakdoes it work ?08:19
plopnhak, you need to jailbreak your iphone to be able to acces mp3 and other thnigs on your iphone08:19
sweetpiViking667: mine says Les Paul.. j/k it says SGI. though Brian Paul is the dev on mesa08:19
^DEMOSS^nhak: Rhythmbox Music Player08:19
^DEMOSS^nhak: try this - this is analog I tunes08:19
oryelinstall postfix08:19
KB1JWQoryel: sudo apt-get install postfix. Boom, done.08:20
=== karthik is now known as Guest1091
Viking667sweetpi: good. Can you tell me if you have libgl1-mesa-swx11 in place too?08:20
^DEMOSS^nhak: Songbird may be08:20
nhakdo i have to jailbreak my ipod ?08:20
plopnhak, yes, or use itunes with wine08:21
KruyKazei updated the kernel on my main desktop and it doesn't boot anymore how do i revert back to the older one or just boot to it?08:21
plopthat's the only way08:21
^DEMOSS^nhak: gtkpod08:21
plopKruyKaze, choose it a t boot time08:22
plop^DEMOSS^, doesnt work, execpt you jailbreak your iphone08:22
KruyKazeplop i don't get a grub menu08:22
sweetpiViking667: no i dont have it08:22
KruyKazei have ssh access to the machine08:22
plopKruyKaze, lilo ?08:22
KruyKazewhat is lilo?08:22
plopand it doesnt reboot ?08:22
plophave you got a serial cable ?08:23
KruyKazei can reboot it08:23
KruyKazeno laptop local network ssh08:23
A[D]minSHello , i'm trying to convert using greek_utf-8 file to ascii but it always fail with error "iconv: illegal input sequence at position 6113" anyone can advise?08:23
plopso you are log on it ?08:23
KruyKazeyes i can08:23
Viking667Right. That means I can rip it out, and hope like hell I go back to sane 3D support.08:23
Viking667Not bleeding broken 3D support.08:23
Viking667Thank you for checking that out08:25
plopKruyKaze, lilo is a bootloader08:25
A[D]minSany luck with my case?08:25
KruyKazeplop, i am using grub208:25
paulhsuhi A[D]minS, maybe u can paste your command here08:26
KruyKazebut no menu08:26
rashd7_when i installed gtk and tried to run gtk-demo i got some error08:26
* Viking667 grins... have used MSDOS boot, BSD boot, lilo, plan9 boot, grub-0.97 and grub208:26
A[D]minSiconv -f UTF-8 -t ASCII AjxKeys_el.properties.utf808:26
rashd7_no fonts found this probably means that the fontconfig.....08:26
rashd7_what i am missing08:26
plopKruyKaze, change the default boot, in /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:27
plopKruyKaze, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:27
indus!info libicu4208:27
ubottulibicu42 (source: icu): International Components for Unicode. In component main, is optional. Version 4.2.1-3 (lucid), package size 7447 kB, installed size 19240 kB08:27
indus!info libicu4008:27
ubottuPackage libicu40 does not exist in lucid08:27
Blue1like web server, what's that a waiter at an internet cafe?08:28
Blue1oops - wrong channel sowie08:28
KruyKazeplop, default=008:29
A[D]minSpaulhsu: any luck?08:29
rashd7_how to solve no fonts found this probably means that the fontconfig..08:29
plopKruyKaze, check the section ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###08:30
plopKruyKaze, default=0, is the first entry is this section, default=1 the second etc...08:30
KruyKazeok thanks08:30
=== plop is now known as plop_ag
Hehhello, ubuntoids08:33
paulhsuhi A[D]minS, I google some solutions, maybe u can try this command 'file -i AjxKeys_el.properties.utf8' to detect the char encoding of the document08:33
paulhsuand try again08:33
abhi_navhi abhinav_singh08:34
paulhsuuse another options08:34
Hehplease, go to this page - http://www.tekh.com.ua/ and look to the logo! they are crazy idiots!08:34
aretrfre34is there common device naming in linux?08:34
A[D]minSpaulhsu: its UTF-808:34
A[D]minS10:34:21 hazem@egabi-its:~$ file AjxKeys_el.properties.utf808:34
A[D]minSAjxKeys_el.properties.utf8: UTF-8 Unicode English tex08:34
paulhsuA[D]minS: how about this 'iconv -f UTF-8 -t ASCII AjxKeys_el.properties.utf8 -o AjxKeys_el.properties.ascii'08:35
A[D]minSsame error , it stop at the first greek line08:36
packratso im trying to install netbook remix to an acer aspire via USB, and it seems to hang not long after i tell it to install08:36
packratjust blck screen08:36
A[D]minSwhich means it can't convert the greek language to ASCII08:36
rapslii'm new to ubuntu. how do you'all handle updates?08:38
Jordan_UA[D]minS: Greek characters aren't included in the ASCII character set.08:38
anjilslairepackrat: try a different usb stick08:38
Slartrapsli: there is an automatic updater08:38
Jordan_Urapsli: System > Administration > Update Manager.08:38
paulhsuA[D]minS: As I googled, it seems that the greek char doesn't contained in ASCII encoding08:38
Slartrapsli: it updates the operating system and all the applications you've installed08:38
Jordan_UA[D]minS: What is your goal?08:38
Slartrapsli: you can check it out by clicking on system, administration, update-manager08:39
silverra1ndoghas anybody come across a problem with autofs where it mounts the nfs share but you can not access it or see it in mount, doing mount -t nfs server:/share /path/to/share, works ?08:39
rapsliI konw, but can I just install anything like "linux-headers- ... seems kinda low level stuff... dont' want to crash my system08:39
aretrfre34as i imagine kernel creates those device files right, is there way to classify, ex.radio0 -- means radio device, bluetooth -- means ~, ram ok, what about kbd,snd,tty,vcs,whatchdog :D08:39
sweetpipackrat: what video chip does that have?08:39
packratim not sure.08:39
packratgz2 acer aspire one08:39
aretrfre34watchdog :D08:39
Slartrapsli: anything from the repos should be fairly safe to install08:39
aretrfre34where to read about linux devices?08:40
paulhsuJordan_U: That's the root cause, thanks08:40
=== jenkins is now known as jenkins2
rapsliSlart: oky. I'll give it a try. is there some backup solution to create images?08:40
packratim wondering if it might be related to the fact that im running on a x64 win7 install08:40
packratthe usb creator, that is08:40
=== silverra1ndog is now known as silverraindog
rapsliSlart: so I could revert easily08:40
=== jenkins2 is now known as jenkins
Slartrapsli: well.. not really, no.. you can make full backups but there's nothing like the system restore in windows08:40
Slartrapsli: but if you're curious about some package you can ask about it here.. or read about it in synaptics08:41
Jordan_Upackrat: Did you download the 32 bit Ubuntu iso?08:41
=== timmillwood_ is now known as timmillwood
packratJordan_U, yeah08:41
Slartrapsli: you really shouldn't have to worry about kernels and such unless you have a good reason to... let the system take care of that08:41
packratthe system it will be installed to is 3bit08:41
sweetpipackrat: acer aspire one?08:41
rapsliSlart: well this header thing: it says in bracks (new installation) which kinda makes me each my head08:42
packratacer aspire one08:42
FloodBot4packrat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:42
rapsliSlart: I'll give it a try and we'll see in a couple minutes ;)08:42
sweetpipackrat: try video=vesa i915.modeset=008:42
Slartrapsli: you want to install your kernel headers?08:42
packratalso, the usb device does not seem to indicate any activity08:42
Slartrapsli: or it wants to update them?08:42
sweetpipackrat: ive been having the same issues with 9 series intel gpus08:42
rapsliSlart: Update I hope08:43
packratit lights up when reading or writing, sweetpi, but not when im trying to install unr08:43
Slartrapsli: updates should be safe, let it do its thing08:43
paulhsuA[D]minS: got answered?08:43
rapsliSlart: but it says in brackets (new installation) so I guess it's going to freshly install the header?08:43
rapslibecause I have (I believe)08:44
A[D]minSJordan_U my goal to convert UTF-8 to ASCII as per the manual which i'm using08:44
Slartrapsli: it's probably because some other package needs them08:44
Slartrapsli: just let it install them08:44
A[D]minSi'm deploying new language to zimbra , but the manual says must convert UTF-8 to ASCII08:45
rapsli.... *nervous* ...08:45
Oprtzhi guys, how to enter into safe mod of ubuntu, like in windows we press f8... thanks08:45
Poseidon_99nvidia 9500gt vs 210gt ?? wchich one i should buy ?08:45
Slartrapsli: the update-manager wont kill your system08:45
chilli0Hi , I'm trying to stream a movie to another computer on my network , but after about 10mins it just errors out and say's cant read from source. I'm using NFS how can i get it to work?08:45
Jordan_UA[D]minS: Could you link to the part of the manual you're reading this from?08:45
rapsliSlart: It killed my system once using wubi ;)08:45
om26erOprtz, press and hold shift and select recovery mode but its very different from the 'safe mode'08:46
om26erOprtz, whats the problem you are facing?08:46
Oprtzom26er:  thanks dude08:46
Slartrapsli: well.. with wubi anything can happen..08:46
jnewbunturapsli: you can always revert back to an older kernel08:46
Oprtzom26er:  no problem, i just wana learn ubuntu... thanks dude08:46
om26erOprtz, cool :)08:47
rapslijnewbuntu: let's hope i don't have to go there... else I'll be back here08:47
rapsliSlart: thanks for the support. Awesome!08:47
Slartrapsli: you're welcome08:47
jnewbunturapsli: cross fingers08:47
Oprtzom26er:  how to revertback to old kernal ?  with some command or inisde the safe mod menu?08:48
A[D]minSJordan_U: http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Translations#Convert_All_Translation_Encoding_to_ASCII08:48
mikelhi all08:48
rapsli.... restarting... be back08:48
om26erOprtz, when you hold shift key you are shown the list of installed kernels too. there select the one you want to boot into08:48
Oprtzom26er: yes yes, i saw that, thanks bro for the support08:49
mikubuntui seem to have googleearth-package 0.5.7 (utility to automatically build Debian package of GE) installed, but i see in synaptic googleearth 5.1.3533.1731 is available.  can someone discuss with me which options i should choose for my ubuntu 10.04 acer laptop?08:49
mikelanyone here know anything about making themes for ubuntu?08:49
mikelim trying to implement my own theme into 10.04, and i cannot find the file location..08:51
mikeli have searched the forums08:51
chilli0Hi , I'm trying to stream a movie to another computer on my network , but after about 10mins it just errors out and say's cant read from source. I'm using NFS how can i get it to work?08:51
om26ermikel, drag and drop it into the theme preferences window?08:51
mikelwhere would the originals be located so that i can design the right sizes08:52
rapsliSlart: system's still running :)08:52
Slartrapsli: =)08:52
mikellike.. window borders08:52
anjilslairepart [too many channels]08:52
=== Rickies is now known as blow
Jordan_UA[D]minS: Are you using the native2ascii tool?08:52
A[D]minSnative2ascii not working08:53
A[D]minSit convert to ????08:53
sweetpimikel: look in /usr/share/themes/08:54
mikelthank you sweetpi08:56
mikeli spent an hour on the forums and on google searching08:56
mikelone more.. if i add a theme folder straight into the themes folder (eg.. Theme_New) will it automatically show up in the themes GUI08:58
godbodhey everybody, I want to know the parameters used to configure Evolution with an hotmail account08:58
mikeli tried for hours, godbod... id love to know too lol08:58
rajmikel:  yes it would08:58
mikelthanks much08:59
mikelnow.. ill stick around for a bit lol08:59
=== jay is now known as Guest30615
stixHi guys. Can I install KDE on my ubuntu and then select KDE before I login? Or should I just install kubuntu?09:00
godbodI used pop3hot.com for mail reception09:00
om26er_stix, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop09:00
godbodand I used mail.hotmail.com for sending09:00
SwedeMikestix: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde09:00
=== joseph is now known as Guest84665
stixom26er and then select kde at the login screen or what?09:01
om26er_stix, yes.09:01
stixSwedeMike, thanks09:01
stixom26er oki, cool09:01
godbodI received a mail from evolution@novel.com09:02
om26er_godbod, I assume you started evolution for the first time and had an unread email?09:02
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
rocket16Hello raja.09:03
abhi_navit may be default welcome email09:03
godbodom26er > yes09:03
om26ergodbod, thats a welcome email. which came from nowhere.09:04
abhi_nav!hi | raja09:04
ubotturaja: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:04
=== winstonw_ is now known as winstonw
godboddid anayone manage to get evolution working09:05
winstonwwhat issue?09:05
rocket16godbod: Evolution? Yes, :D It works perfectly for me,09:05
winstonwI have it working, but I prefer heirloom-mailx09:05
om26ergodbod, working here too. ooh just got a new email ;)09:05
rocket16godbod: Well, if any problem occurs, simple solution is to use another client, like Thunderbird, :)09:06
om26errocket16, or try to get it to work first :P09:07
rocket16om26er: Yeah, :D09:07
jnewbuntuDoes the notification area work consistently for you guys on Lucid?  For me it works like 60% of the time give or take09:07
loopidityjnewbuntu, i have problem too, works like 70% time09:08
loopidityelse i would restart gnome-panel09:08
abhi_nav100% :P09:08
jnewbuntuThe wireless icon plays hide and seek09:08
jnewbuntuRestarts of gnome dont help09:08
* om26er thinks gnome-panel need to die ;-)09:08
loopidityand the weather and time overlap over other icons and the shutdown button isnt there09:09
jnewbuntuRIP Gnome?09:09
om26erloopidity, thats a bug :(09:09
rocket16loopidity: Well, I think a simple updating of the system might help09:09
stixI am installing ubuntu on a new pc. Can I just take a copy of my home-folder on the old one to the new, and then I will have all my settings etc on the new?09:09
om26erloopidity, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/43944809:10
loopidityi m right now more concerned about how would i make the logitech webcam function with skype09:10
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
loopidityvideo chat just crashes09:10
loopiditybut vdo test works good09:10
om26erloopidity, skype bug then09:10
bl4deciao, ragazzi!09:12
loopidityBl4de ciao09:13
loopidityah! i saw the video for a sec and it crashes09:14
Guest83402hi can i install microsoft office in ubuntu ?09:17
loopidityGuest83402, why? there is openoffice, and you can save in .docx format09:18
plop_agGuest83402,  with crossover http://www.codeweavers.com/products/09:18
stixGuest83402, yes but outlook won't work09:18
stixin wine that is09:18
loopiditywhat is this error related to /lib/libpcre.so.13.12.1Segmentation fault09:19
dragonfanhow to install tar.gz file in ubuntu09:19
Guest83402no i just need the powerpoint presentation09:19
abhi_navdood options = oo, symphony09:19
loopiditydragonfan, tar xfz file.tar.gz09:19
plop_agGuest83402, use openoffice instead09:19
Guest83402ok thanks09:20
dragonfanwhere do I put the extracted file folder09:21
dragonfanbefore instalation09:21
Barboncan i ask a thing? i need to know what is the province of Neuried (is germany)09:21
_vadimHello! How do I make a script run on boot, before logins are allowed? Upstart insists in running it in parallel, which I explicitly do NOT want. The script must run until completion before logins are allowed, or X is started.09:23
qnt6152Barbon: try searching german wikipedia09:24
Barboni don't know german i am italian!09:24
Pr0jectRec0nhello all, I have 10.04, I accidentally deleted the sound from my panel (at the top right) - anyway to bring it back ?09:24
plop_agPr0jectRec0n, right clic on the bar: "add to panel"09:25
comsaright click on panel add applet09:25
Pr0jectRec0nplop_ag, yeah, i saw that - but sound/audio isnt there09:25
delfickHi, I just updated to Ubuntu 10.04. Finally after spending several hours, I got plymouth to play nice with my nvidia card. However now I have this weird problem where it thinks there is multiple gnome-panels when there isn't (only one bar is visible, but windows won't maximise to the full area available)09:26
delfickdoes anyone know how to fix this ?09:26
stixWhere are the "Restricted drivers" in KDE?09:26
plop_agPr0jectRec0n, "indicator applet"09:26
monrealare there any plans to port back the gtk3 stack to older ubuntu releases after maverick is released?09:26
Pr0jectRec0nplop_ag, whoa - you hit he nail on the head - Thanks man09:27
* abhi_nav hits nail 09:27
hotmonkeyluvis there a way to make the main panel say "Apps" instead of "Applications"?09:28
SRejectdid i just drop?09:28
abhi_navmint menu09:28
Pr0jectRec0nplop_ag, thanks a lot man09:30
plop_agPr0jectRec0n, you'r welcome09:30
ubuntu a÷soft÷bandwith÷contrl÷over÷network09:30
ubuntu have÷yo÷idea!09:30
=== audumla is now known as garmr
Pr0jectRec0nplop_ag, it's these basic queries wherein the IRC is awesome, we just cant waste time asking these in the forums09:31
plop_agUbuntu: using ipatbles seach "mastershaper"09:31
Guest83402where can i download games for ubuntu09:32
plop_agUbuntu software center09:32
abhi_nav under games category09:32
abhi_navplop_ag, :P09:32
Guest83402what's the site09:32
verTesthi, everybody!09:33
plop_agabhi_nav, yes, it's really better to look in games category :)09:33
abhi_navplop_ag, :D09:33
plop_agGuest83402, this is the official ubuntu software installer, this is not a website :)09:34
abhi_navohh really? and is ubuntu an os?09:34
rocket16Is Thunderbird integrated with GNOME as nicely as Evolution is? I didn't try it yet, but wish to,09:35
abhi_navGuest83402, http://www.linuxgames.com/ and http://linuxgamezoo.com/09:35
Niglophow to unzip .tar.bz2?09:36
Guest83402thanks much, i really appreciate you ansering my every question09:36
NiglopHow do I unzip .tar.bz2 extension?09:36
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop,  tar -xvf <filename> ?09:37
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression09:37
=== Guest1091 is now known as karthi
Niglopty Pr0jectRec0n09:37
NiglopI installed pidgin source, once i extract it what do i do?09:37
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop, np09:37
NiglopI installed pidgin source, once i extract it what do i do?09:38
abhi_navinstall it09:38
abhi_navyou mena you downloaded pidgin source?09:38
Niglopi said that09:38
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop, pidgin source - > May I ask - why'd you get the source code ?09:38
abhi_navno you said you installed pidgin source09:38
NiglopPr0jectRec0n>  my currect was out of date09:38
Niglopand it said no new updates in apt09:38
abhi_navpiding have .deb of latest version its easy only double lick and install09:39
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop, that's the .deb - that you've downloaded - not the source - right ?09:39
xrfanghow can I undo a batch of apt-get operation? or , alternatively, can I do a "snapshot" of current status, and revert to that status later, if an upgrade is not satisfactory?09:39
=== z is now known as Guest4202
Niglopill download the ppa and install now09:39
abhi_navNiglop, look you go to their web site on front page they give latest .deb of pidgin download that. its easy to install09:40
NiglopDownload Pidgin09:40
Niglop2.7.1 Source09:40
Niglopthats whats on the front page09:40
Guest4202Hi :)09:40
abhi_navdownoad it09:41
Niglopthats the source. not the deb..09:41
Niglopthats what i downloaded before09:41
abhi_navits the deb click on it. it wll take you to ubuntu specific download options09:41
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop, what you need to do is fire up terminal and do sudo apt-get install pidgin09:41
Pr0jectRec0nNiglop, thats it, you are set09:41
AscavasaionMy boot menu shows this Ubuntu installation and its "safe mode" one... but then there are four other entries.  HOw do I remove the other no longer used ones?09:41
abhi_navit is clearly written there download pidgin 2.7.1 for ubuntu09:41
NiglopErrors were encountered while processing:09:42
Niglop pidgin-ppa09:42
abhi_navwhy dont you just download .deb. ?09:43
Nigloplink please abhi_nav09:43
Niglopon the page now what09:44
konrydhello all, I installed gloobus (the ubuntu quicklook) but it failed to hook up to nautilus09:44
abhi_navlook at that bird09:44
abhi_navread what is written there09:44
Niglopthats the source...09:44
konrydwhat should I do?09:44
Niglopnot the deb09:44
abhi_navthats NOT the source. its the deb you just click on it09:44
xpikeI have a problem trying to install VirtualBox. the error I am getting is "VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED)"09:45
Niglopwhen i click on it, takes me here: http://www.pidgin.im/download/source/09:45
topfueli need to change primary monitors. I have two monitors and all the panels are on the wrong one. i've got ati cards and i'm using fglrx09:45
xpikeIt tells me to install "virtualbox-ose-modules" for my kernal but I don't know which one to install09:45
topfuelcant find a working solution online09:45
Niglopkk installing package now09:45
vltHello. After the latest Ubuntu update (8.04 LTS) my globally installed no-script plugin for Firefox doesn't work anymore. Hwo to fix this?09:46
Niglopthis is the error when running the deb09:46
NiglopErrors were encountered while processing:09:46
Niglop pidgin-ppa09:46
chilli0Hi , I'm trying to stream a movie to another computer on my network , but after about 10mins it just errors out and say's cant read from source. I'm using NFS how can i get it to work? Because If I copy the file it only takes like 1min ( 11 mbs a second)09:47
abhi_navNiglop, look. they have given steps to follow. there in number 1. they have give a ppa link to click. click on that link09:47
abhi_navubuntu has quit. :(09:47
Nigloptheres no link09:48
abhi_navthere is09:48
abhi_nav'Pidgin PPA pakcage' = thats the link09:48
Neptune123i am a  noob at ubuntu09:48
abhi_nav!hi | Neptune12309:48
ubottuNeptune123: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:48
abhi_navclick on it09:49
Nigloplet me take a pic..09:49
abhi_navNiglop, which browser?09:49
kosharixpike theres a pachkadge that enables vbox to build its own modules,09:49
keehey, ist there a way to rewrite a partition table, without formatting the disk?09:49
Neptune123i am trying to get wirless to work on my macbook 5,1 but it keeps promting me to enter the password for the network09:49
abhi_navwihch browser you are using?09:49
Niglopits not in the browser abhi_nav .. im installing it with deb09:49
abhi_navNiglop, ohhh no. listen. using which software you go to www.pidgin.im?09:50
Niglopgoogle chrome09:50
abhi_navyou give pic09:50
Niglopkk sec09:50
kosharixpike its called dkms09:50
_vadimkee: you can modify the partition table on a disk you're using, and for instance delete unused partitions and create new ones09:50
Guest4202Hi ! Is someone familiar with the Asus ET2002T touchscreen configuration ? I've one, it's working but a little buggy with the click. Actually, when I click somewhere on the screen it's click at the precedent position of the mouse and then the mouse move to the correct position.09:51
Neptune123can anybody help me on my wireless issue?09:51
_vadimkee: I'd recommend setting up LVM, it's much nicer if you want to reorganize things09:51
kee_vadim, i already have all partitions. but the partition table was destoryed.09:51
Niglopabhi_nav>  http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/7126/screenshotjr.png09:51
kee_vadim, but i remember how i set them up09:51
=== vario is now known as vari0ii
_vadimkee: then if you recreate them exactly as they were, that should work09:52
keewith fdisk09:52
_vadimkee: there's also gpart, which can look at the disk and try to guess the partition table it should have09:52
Neptune123is there anybody who can help me on my wireless issue on macbook 5,1??09:52
vari0iihi all09:53
keeyeah, i tried this already09:53
keebut it only detected 1 of 3 partitions09:53
abhi_navNiglop, i dotn know whats wrong. but you need to do something like fixing dpkg. you can do by command line or go to synaptic09:53
vari0iianyone for help please ?09:53
_vadimkee: what destroyed your partition table? it may have destroyed a filesystem too09:53
Neptune123help with wireless anybody???09:53
Niglopliuming #ubuntu-cn09:53
vari0iiabout a wireless usb key on Ubuntu 10.0409:54
Niglophow abhi_nav09:54
abhi_nav!anyone | Neptune123 vari0ii09:54
ubottuNeptune123 vari0ii: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:54
xpikeSomeone was helping me configure my virtualbox but I closed the IRC client by accident09:54
kee_vadim, i really dont know, i switchted the disk a NAS device to my own system.09:54
xpikeWho was it09:54
vari0iisorry for bad language I'm  french :)09:55
kee_vadim, but i know, that the data is still there, i saw it with strace + gpart09:55
Neptune123Does anybody know how to setup wireless on macbook 5,1?09:55
_vadimkee: anyway, editing the partition table with fdisk doesn't reformat anything, so if you can recreate the exact setup it should work09:55
abhi_navNiglop, wait be here only no pm09:55
chilli0Hi , I'm trying to stream a movie to another computer on my network , but after about 10mins it just errors out and say's cant read from source. I'm using NFS how can i get it to work? Because If I copy the file it only takes like 1min ( 11 mbs a second)09:55
keewell i hope :>09:55
vari0iii've got an usb key Thomson wlg-1500a but my computer freez after the configuration in ndiswraper09:56
konrydanyone knows how to make gloobus hook up to nautilus?09:56
_vadimkee: in any case, I'd recommend backing up the entire disk. You can also backup the partition table by copying the first sector09:56
qnt6152vari0ii: do you have to use ndiswrapper? which wireless chipset is it?09:56
Niglophow abhi_nav how do i fix dpkg09:57
konrydGryllida, it's a quicklook-like preview thingy09:57
kee_vadim, well if I have a backup of the partition table, how can i rewrite it to the disk?09:57
jemaduxdo you know any good client for twitter ?09:57
_vadimkee: backup: dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/kee/mbr_backup bs=512 count=109:57
Viking667jemadux: tweetdeck?09:58
Niglophttp://img441.imageshack.us/img441/7126/screenshotjr.png someone help pleaase!!09:58
vinothkjemadux: Gwibber09:58
_vadimkee: restore: dd if=//home/kee/mbr_backup of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=109:58
kee_vadim, well - thanks :)09:58
Viking667problem with tweetdeck is, it's AIR-based09:58
_vadimkee: no problem :-)09:58
vari0iiyes qnt6152, the chipset of my computer ?09:58
jemaduxViking667, with url shorten ?09:58
=== NetScr1beGhosted is now known as NetScr1be
abhi_navNiglop, dont know. ask here how to fix dpkg09:59
Niglopabhi_nav>  please help!!09:59
Niglophow can i fix dpkg guys?!09:59
abhi_navi am also searching09:59
Niglopok ty09:59
Viking667jemadux: no idea. Probably.09:59
qnt6152vari0ii: no, the wireless chipset in the usb key09:59
abhi_navNiglop, till then try to go to synaptic and there is some option for that which i dotn remembr now fix somehting like that10:00
Khaotichow do i install java?10:00
Niglop:s what do you mean ?10:00
vari0iioups I don't know, i've just  got the ref10:00
vari0iiqnt6152, the ref is wlg-1500a ,  Thomson10:01
abhi_navNiglop, try dpkg --configure -a10:01
comsaNeptune123 try the wireless channel10:01
qnt6152vari0ii: that says nothing about the chipset in there10:01
vari0iiok i look that see you later10:01
Niglopabhi_nav>  http://pastebin.com/quSnYQds10:02
Khaotichow do i install java?10:02
koshari Khaotic jre?10:02
Khaoticall of it10:02
Khaoticjdk and jre10:02
koshariKhaotic are you developing?10:02
abhi_navNiglop, now what I suggest is go to software source remove pidgin ppa and then again follow step by step procedure from http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/10:03
Khaoticapt-get install sun-java6-* isnt working10:03
henuxWhat happened to /sbin/hotplug?10:03
abhi_navKhaotic, there are good doc on wiki and help.ubuntu10:03
koshariKhaotic you want sun java or iced tea?10:03
Niglopabhi_nav>  i have tried it 3 times.. when i install the deb i get that error..10:03
Khaotici want sun java?10:03
abhi_navNiglop, you removed pidgin ppa 3 times?10:03
abhi_navevery doc is there you just do you homework first10:03
Niglopremove it?10:04
koshariKhaotic: you need to ad dthe partner repository10:04
koshariKhaotic you know how to use synaptic?10:04
abhi_navNiglop, go to system=>administrator=>software source. there remove pidginnp pa10:05
Niglopkk done, ill try install ppa now10:05
abhi_navNiglop, now STRICTLY follow on http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/10:05
Niglopim getting the same error.10:06
abhi_navhad you removed?10:06
abhi_navthen again do that dpkg configure -a what was that do that10:06
xpikeFor virtualbox, I get this error while trying to install WinXP in VirualBox"VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED)"10:06
=== vkaraman is now known as sikor_sxe
koshariKhaotic http://www.clickonf5.org/linux/how-install-sun-java-ubuntu-1004-lts/7777http://www.clickonf5.org/linux/how-install-sun-java-ubuntu-1004-lts/777710:06
vari0iianyone can help me for an install of USB wireless thomson WLG-1500A with the SiS163u chipset on Ubuntu 10.04 please ?10:06
Niglopsame error abhi_nav10:06
xpikeor /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason.10:07
abhi_navNiglop, do sudo apt-get update10:07
Niglopabhi_nav>  kk i done it10:07
sikor_sxehello, i have the problem that my usb-flash devices are not recognized in ubuntu10:07
sikor_sxedmesg says that there is a new usb-device but it does not seem to create a /dev node10:08
Niglopabhi_nav>  kk i done it10:09
abhi_navNiglop, here is some instruction to how to repair broken dpkg follow that: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67754710:09
=== Daviey_ is now known as Daviey
Zolphe Is someone familiar with the Asus ET2002T touchscreen configuration ? I've one, it's working but a little buggy with the click. Actually, when I click somewhere on the screen it's click at the precedent position of the mouse and then the mouse move to the correct position.10:10
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Seppoz_workhello, is there a package for sun vm tools?10:13
sikor_sxeweird, i did sudo modprobe usb_storage. now the usb flash stick is mounted :/10:13
sikor_sxewhy is usb_storage not loaded automatically_10:13
plop_agsikor_sxe, it depends on hal, should be mounted by default under gnome10:16
Seppoz_workany idea on the oraclevm tools?10:17
Seppoz_workSun VM, its tools, is there a package10:19
xpikeI just installed the latest VirtualBox for my system, How do I "run" it10:19
erUSUL!search sun10:19
ubottuFound: meeting-#ubuntu-us-az, ops-#xubuntu-offtopic, java, sunjava, genii yadda ps3*, sunbird, plg, ops-#xubuntu, java-#kubuntu*10:19
plop_agyou didnt find it with google in less than 5 minutes ?10:19
xpiketyping "virualbox" doesnt work and it doesnt show up under the system panel10:19
plop_agperhaps there is no ifficial package....10:20
chocobananaxpike: the virtualbox website has an "Howto's" section10:20
Seppoz_work!search tools10:20
ubottuFound: sysresccd, undelete, blacklist, iso, memory, remaster, landscape, canonical10:20
Seppoz_work!search oracle10:20
ubottuFound: oracle10:20
Seppoz_work!search oraclevm10:20
Seppoz_worki know there was a package10:20
erUSULSeppoz_work: why not search in the vbox website. ubuntu only has the ose version of virtualbox10:21
Seppoz_work!search vbox10:21
ubottuFound: vbox, virtualbox10:21
Seppoz_workcon im too lazy to compile it10:21
xpikeIt doesnt show up under the Application> System tools10:22
xpikeWhats the point of GNOME lol10:23
chocobananaxpike: log out and log in again10:24
cantomaguys, i have copied the content of a 1.5TB disk (FAT32) to another equal size but (EXT3). In FAT32 disk I have now 73G of disk space but in EXT3 I have 8.3G. How is this possible if data is the same ??10:25
Gregoryhi. how does one disable xorg in lucid at bootup.10:25
erUSULcantoma: try passing a fsck to the ext3 filesystem10:26
alkisgcantoma: are you sure you had a 1.5 TB FAT32 partition? Usually windows allows only up to 32 or 64 GB, depending on the version...10:26
erUSULGregory: edit /etc/init/gdm.conf file. comment out the lines between start on and stop on10:26
Gregorywhy is ubuntuforums down?10:26
cantomaalkisg, it says vfat10:26
GregoryerUSUL ty10:26
chocobananaGregory: when you start the computer, in the Grub menu you can add 3 to the default entry options10:27
erUSULchocobanana: that wont work in debian/ubuntu10:27
Gregorychocobanana: ty. which method is better? i do not want X server10:27
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.10:27
xpikeError in /home/mark/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml (line 3) -- Cannot handle settings version '1.2-linux'.10:27
alkisgcantoma: ok, for partitions that large, the cluster size is too large, so what you're saying is possible if it also contained small files10:27
bodzillaGregory it happens once in awhile10:27
xpikelmao I give up10:27
plop_agcantoma, ulimit set by default to 5% of the partition10:27
plop_agcantoma, using ext310:27
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GregoryerUSUL: i will try your method first10:28
xpikeI guess im not supposed to use Vbox at all10:28
plop_agcantoma, 5% of 1.5to is quite a lot of space reservation10:28
alkisgcantoma: oh sorry ignore me I misread your question.10:28
cantomaplop_ag, but what is that 5% for ?10:28
plop_agcantoma, use tune2fs to reduce the reservation10:28
plop_agcantoma, space reservation for root10:29
Gregoryexec gdm-binary $CONFIG_FILE10:29
GregoryerUSUL: do i comment the above line?10:29
cantomaplop_ag, but does root needs so much ?? 60 GB10:29
cantomai still use USB pens with less than that10:30
aleviatebrainwavforums down?10:30
erUSULGregory: no; comment out the lines between start on and stop on10:30
plop_agcantoma, it's an old default paramater, in the past a 9.1go hard drive was a big one :)10:30
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.10:30
GregoryerUSUL: oh ok. is there a way to block comment multiple lines? or do i insert # on each line10:31
plop_agcantoma, now loose 60go on 1.5to, it is not so important10:31
cantomaplop_ag, so can i use tune2fs now without losing the data .. since this took 2 days to copy10:31
plop_agcantoma, yes10:31
erUSULGregory: the later10:31
erUSULGregory: 6 lines is not too much; is it ?10:32
cantomaplop_ag, i don't see the point why root should have any space10:32
plop_agcantoma, a / system full, and your system can crash10:32
GregoryerUSUL: actually i want to verify my wicd configuration works in server command line mode or not ... so want to toggle X at startup to try10:32
erUSULcantoma: avoid a stray process or log spamer to DoS a machine by filling up the root partition10:32
plop_agso root user has some reservation to be sure that the / system wont be full10:32
erUSULGregory: ok10:33
GregoryerUSUL: TY. rebooting10:33
cantomaplop_ag, its an external disk .. for porn and stuff how can this crash my system10:33
plop_agcantoma, this is a "default parameter"10:34
plop_agcantoma, so when you create an ext3 fs, this is done, that's all10:34
xpikeNS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) :(10:34
plop_agit's up to you to know this option10:34
xpike- Cannot handle settings version '1.2-linux'.10:34
xpike/home/vbox/vbox-3.2.6/src/VBox/Main/VirtualBoxImpl.cpp[535] (nsresult VirtualBox::init()).10:34
killowni am getting High processor load for ubuntuone-syncdaemon, how fix it?10:35
killown90% of processor10:35
killownmandara, its a big crap10:35
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cantomaplop_ag, from a forum ---> So, in short, if the drive doesn't contain /var or /tmp, then there's not much point in having space reserved for root.10:36
mandarakillown, uninstall it :p10:36
killowni will use the dropbox10:36
killownits a lot better10:36
plop_ag cantoma : yes, that's right10:36
plop_agcantoma, if it is a data storage, you can remove this reservation10:37
cantomaplop_ag, with 60 GB i could do a party10:37
plop_agcantoma, do what you want :)10:39
cantomaplop_ag, i will do this ----> tune2fs -m 0 /dev/HARDDRIVE10:40
GryllidaDo you know what unix style copy/paste is?10:40
plop_agcantoma, sounds good10:41
vkaramanhello, i have the problem that since updating to lucid the "usb_storage" and "usbhid" modules are not loaded automatically, what can i do about this?10:42
vkaramani have to use modprobe to make my mouse and usb flash work10:42
vkaramanfurthermore i have to enter a root password in ubuntu's printer settings to add/remove printers10:43
vkaramansince when does ubuntu require a root account?10:44
OmenHi guys, got a question - I'm returnin to ubuntu after some time and I don't know which version to choose. What are the disadvantages of 64bit ver?10:44
plop_agvkaraman, using gnome ? hald is running ? (usb storage pb)10:44
om26erOmen, 64-bit have advantages IMO10:45
plop_agOmen, 64bits version : bad ISV integration (flahs and other things)10:45
vkaramanplop_ag: yes, /usr/sbin/hald is running10:45
plop_agvkaraman, are you using gnome WM N10:45
vkaramanplop_ag, yes10:45
vkaramanstock ubuntu desktop10:45
Omenplop_ag, so I won't be able to install flash player?10:46
plop_agvkaraman, check you log in /var/log/messages why you are pluggin your usb key10:46
plop_agOmen, no, but you should use the 32bits one, since adbore remove the flash64bits release :/10:46
plop_agOmen, other tools like picasa, it's the same problem10:46
vkaramanplop_ag: i did check dmesg (it recognized usb devices on plugging in/out), is this the same?10:47
Omenplop_ag, ok great, so its like in win$hit, I got the 64bit ver but it still can run 32bit apps?10:47
plop_agvkaraman, yes, you should have a line: "Initializing USB Mass Storage driver"10:47
henuxHello. How do I use Ubuntu One?10:48
henuxThere is no Add this computer button10:48
danielhey guys I got a problem please help me to solve this --> alsamixer:function snd_ctl_open failed for default:no such file or directory10:48
plop_agOmen, yes, external product (non open source software)10:48
Omenplop_ag, ok, that doesnt bother me10:48
Omenplop_ag, thanks10:48
Omenbtw did they canceled kubuntu? i can't find it anywhere on the official site10:49
vkaramanplop_ag: nope, the last line appearing was "usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice", only when i did "sudo modprobe usb_storage" the line "Initializing USB Mass Storage driver..." appeared.10:49
henuxThere is no Add this computer button10:49
yessir_turanHelo, I use rdesktop -a32 -f -x broadband -r sound:local to login to my remote desktop, but my sound doesn't work.. any suggestions please.10:50
VroomfondleOmen: http://www.kubuntu.org/10:50
Vroomfondleit's still there10:50
yessir_turanI've used the following variants: *rdesktop -a32 -f -x broadband -r sound:local* *rdesktop -a32 -f -x broadband -rsound:local*, *rdesktop -a32 -f -x broadband -sound:local*10:50
OmenVroomfondle, oh, ok, thanks, there used to be a link from the off site ;)10:50
danielhey guys I got a problem please help me to solve this --> alsamixer:function snd_ctl_open failed for default:no such file or directory10:50
yessir_turanLooks like it works now..with tsclient.. can somebody suggest how to figure out what command tsclient has sent.. ?10:52
^Jay2^hello guys, how come i can't run this with wine? http://domdomsoft.com/home/2009/08/06/domdomsoft/manga-downloader/domdomsoft-manga-downloader-2/ I am using 10.04 :(10:53
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:53
MikeHHi guys, I'm having a bit of an issue with ssh key pairs10:54
vkaramani could put usbhid and usb_storage into some modules file, but it somehow annoys me that hald is not working :/10:54
MikeHI have a private key this end, and a public key on the remote end with the same user10:54
MikeHthis works fine10:54
MikeHhowever I've also put my public key on another user account on the remote end, however this doesn't work10:54
erUSULvkaraman: nowadays is udev + udisks ( known as devicekit-disks in jaunty )10:54
danielhey guys I got a problem please help me to solve this --> alsamixer:function snd_ctl_open failed for default:no such file or directory10:54
vkaramanerUSUL, hald is not used anymore in lucid?10:55
^Jay2^if i want to enable PAE10:55
erUSULvkaraman: not for disks... it is slowly being replaced10:55
plop_aghald is still used :)10:55
^Jay2^what package should i install if i want to enable pae?10:55
erUSUL!pae | ^Jay2^10:55
ubottu^Jay2^: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info10:55
^Jay2^erUSUL: how about making domdomsoft manga downloader to work with wine?10:56
erUSUL^Jay2^: with specific apps + wine search the appdb and ask in #winehq10:56
erUSUL!appdb > ^Jay2^10:57
ubottu^Jay2^, please see my private message10:57
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plop_agyessir_turan, i don't think you can, or you have to read the tsclient source10:59
yessir_turanplop_ag: thanks for the info.11:00
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kuttanwhy does it say - Download: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu - everytime I come here. I already have it ...11:07
Hyysjjjhi. is there a way to monitor system parameters like cpu freq and temperature while in screen ... like a separate small window?11:08
plop_agHyysjjj, use lm-sensors11:08
Hyysjjjby screen i mean a screen session [withou X]11:08
Hyysjjjplop_ag: how do i invoke it?11:10
Hyysjjji havee it installed11:10
TraderGood afternoon! I need a help, as usual)) So, I use Grub2. What should I do that I could see list of OS and how can I input XP there?11:10
plop_agfirst you should discover your hardware, probing right modules, then you can use it11:10
icerootHyysjjj: install lm-sensors, run sensors-detect   then use "watch sensors" in a scree-session11:10
koshariHyysjjj you can add a applet to the panel to monitor temps fans and volts11:10
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info11:11
jthingMy external USB harddrive is not automonting after the latest kernel update today11:11
plop_agTrader, lokk in /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:11
koshariHyysjjj of course this depends on lm-sensors11:11
Traderplop_ag: ok, I'll try)11:12
koshariHyysjjj GNOME Sensors Applet 2.2.311:12
plop_agin screen, gnome sensors won't be usable :)11:12
^Jay2^is it possible to load a custom harddrive icon whenever my external drive is plugged in/11:13
^Jay2^or its impossible?11:13
Traderplop_ag: and what and where should I correct there?11:13
koshari^Jay2^: costom for the particulat drive, or any drive?11:13
Trader...and sometimes Mozilla works VERY SLOWLY!!! May be I shold setup another browser?11:14
plop_agTrader, ### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ### section11:14
choppahi, if i'm connected in a session where i'm not a sudoers, how can i add myself to the sudoes?11:14
^Jay2^koshari: like my buffalo external drive, it uses a custom black harddrive icon. i want to see that in my desktop everytime i plug it in11:14
alkisgchoppa: "su some_user_that_has_admin_rights", and then "sudo usermod -a -G admin the_user_that_doesn't_have_admin_rights"11:15
alkisgBut you still need to logoff / logon for the group change to take effect11:15
choppaok thanks :)11:16
blekoshello, could you tell me, what is going on with suspend and hibernate (wont work..)11:16
Traderplop_ag: thanks, I'll try :) Firstly I must open this file with root)))11:16
joshmuffinblekos, they are and always have been very buggy11:16
blekosoh noo. it is useful when you have laptop and moving it around11:17
blekoswhy is that?11:17
joshmuffinblekos, im not sure i dont actuelly use a laptop11:17
plop_agare you using a nvidia with proprietary drivers ? (under X)11:17
joshmuffincould you:11:17
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab11:17
joshmuffin!details | blekos11:17
ubottublekos: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:17
keyhelpNow if i did the same in CAPITALS11:17
keyhelpit works11:17
joshmuffinand then ill try to assist you further11:18
keyhelphow can i make it work as per normal?11:18
bawnJordan_U: i thank you, my xp works now with grub11:18
bullgard /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k describes a function as: "Used to modify RF banks  before writing them to AR5K_RF_BUFFER." What is an RF bank? (RF stands for "radio frequency"11:18
blekosI have problem with suspend/ hibernate Running ubuntu 10.04. Probelm: screen freezes (black) when I try to resume to normal mode11:18
abhi_navNiglop, any success?11:18
Traderplop_ag: How to open this cfg file for edit them?11:18
Traderonly in reading mode...11:19
keyhelpI've tried to look at the wiki but nothing is to be shown for my problem11:19
plop_agTrader, as root user, using vi or another editor11:19
^Jay2^btw is there a problem with sta drivers? how come when i do iwconfig eth1 i can't see my ssid but when i sudo it, it will show all the details like ssid, power, signal strength etc etc11:19
joshmuffinblekos, thankyou could you please tell me you laptop make and model11:19
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can fix this?11:19
abhi_navNiglop, m back.11:19
bawnmy startup is back to usplash, any way i can change it back to plymouth?11:19
Traderplop_ag: and... how can I become root user? what command I should enter?11:20
blekosHP Probook 4320s (UK version, that is 13.3 inch display, i5, ati 4500)11:20
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can I fix this?Also does using a VPS hinder it at all?11:21
blekosrunning 10.4 x64 version11:21
plop_agTrader, sudo su - , but you should read some doc before editing such a file, seems you are not quite familiar with system administration11:21
* plop_ag bbl tome to eat !11:21
salvachnHi. Is AMD 785G  + Phenom II 550 a good combo for running Ubuntu?11:21
joshmuffinblekos, give me a second im having a look11:21
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bawnsalvachn: that setup sounds like a windows setup11:22
Traderplop_ag: yes... I install ubuntu yesterday))11:22
bawnsalvachn: still good combo11:22
bawnmy startup is back to usplash, any way i can change it back to plymouth?11:23
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can I fix this?Also does using a VPS hinder it at all?11:23
syssanis there a way i can change the password for the remote desktop thing via the terminal?11:23
joshmuffinblekos, "i've added resume=/dev/sda2 option in grub.cfg, and hibernate is working" i founded that on ubuntu forums11:23
salvachnbawn: I'm buying it for my mom. I just wanna know if the combo supports Ubuntu well, the graphics esp.11:23
jmkgreenAre there issues with CIFS VFS in 10.04? I'm seeing lots of timeouts since a kernel update this morning and my phpunit project will not run11:24
bawny focus on graphics? aint many games11:24
jmkgreenno response for cmd 50 on the console11:24
joshmuffinblekos, apparently the bug was fixed in an update, make sure you have updated lately and that you have proposed sources enabled11:24
bawnjust dont get nvidia, it suks on ubuntu11:24
blekosI will have a look11:25
blekosmore important is suspend though...11:25
salvachnbawn: Just for compiz (for bragging to win users)11:25
blekosI have the latest updates11:25
joshmuffinblekos, to my understanding an update fixes both11:25
bawnmy old stuff works on compiz gimme a break11:25
joshmuffindo you have all the sources enabled?11:25
senadubuntu - the best11:25
blekoshmm thanks for the help though11:26
bawnu have great combo for that and way beyond11:26
joshmuffinblekos, make sure you have universe multiverse and backports sources enabled and update..11:26
rapsliis there some integration between remember the milk and cairo-dock?11:26
salvachnbawn: Then it should do.11:27
blekoshm I'll check for backport ports11:27
chantiI have a problem with sound, i am using ubuntu 10.0 in my dell inspiron laptop. From last few days my speakers are not working.11:27
joshmuffinoh blekos, i just found a fix: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1428249&highlight=laptop+hibernate11:27
daichi-akirahello, i tried following the Apache + SSL + SubVersion guide here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5175311:28
bawnchanti: run in terminal: alsamixer, and tell me if you see any "00" or MM11:28
daichi-akirathe apache2-ssl-certificate command does not work, any idea how to proceed?11:29
blekosI am looking at it now11:29
blekosthank you11:29
daichi-akirain addition, i cannot restart apache: get the following error11:30
daichi-akira * Restarting web server apache2 -  (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
daichi-akirano listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs11:30
bawnchanti:  are you seeing anything?11:30
chantibawn: yes11:30
^Jay2^any conky masters here?11:30
bawnchanti: what is it11:31
chantimaster, Headphone are 0011:31
bawnselect it and press i think... space?11:31
chantibawn: Pc beep is MM11:31
joshmuffin^Jay2^, im not a master11:32
joshmuffin^Jay2^, but ill hopefully be able to help you11:32
__goo__I am running Ubuntu Karmic, Is there any way to set a shortcut for rotating screen left and right?11:32
daichi-akiracould anyone help me with installing SSL + Subversion alongside my apache?11:32
bawnpress m to change it to mm11:33
joshmuffin__goo__, have you got compiz installed?11:33
bawnsee if it works then11:33
erUSUL__goo__: crtl + alt + ← →   doesnot work ?11:33
__goo__erUSUL, thats for workspace right11:33
^Jay2^joshmuffin: ummm why is it that whenever i run conky at startup (putting it in startup) makes my conky always on top of every window?11:33
chantibawn: but it shows master volume some number like 66 also11:33
erUSUL__goo__: yes11:33
__goo__joshmuffin, no11:33
bawnchanti: that is fine11:34
__goo__joshmuffin, I installed it now11:34
joshmuffin^Jay2^, pastebin me your conky.rc11:34
erUSUL__goo__: bind some key combo to the apropiate xrandr command ?11:34
daichi-akira_goo_ try this11:34
Jonathan_GlamHi, after downloading the recent updates about 20% of the mouseclicks are being registered as double or triple mouseclicks. How can I stop this happening? It's really annoying :(11:34
DaijoubuHello, after todays kernel updates my satellite card drivers don't work anymore, i went in the dicrectory where i installed them with compiling before, did a make and make install rebooted but the device is not active, what can i do?11:35
bawnJonathan_Glam: do u have a usb or wireless mouse?11:35
^Jay2^joshmuffin: http://pastebin.com/BEUurSHm11:35
erUSUL!es | sacto11:35
ubottusacto: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:35
Jonathan_Glambawn: yes11:35
sactofuck you jajajaja11:35
chantibawn: sound works with  microphone, can you guess it what is reasonable problem11:35
bawnunplug reboot and plug back in11:36
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:36
bawnchanti a digital chip11:36
daichi-akira@:__goo__ : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148545911:36
bawnchanti: digital out or something that u have to switch off to hear stuff11:37
Daijoubuhow can i restart the drivers compiling process in a directory where it has been done already?11:37
erUSULDaijoubu: what drivers ?11:37
GryllidaI think by downloading the source again11:37
chantibawn: ok . now what should i do, i am new user to ubuntu11:37
Gryllidaremove whatever you have and re-download11:38
GryllidaDaijoubu ^11:38
daichi-akiraanyone who can help me with apache + ssl + subversion?11:38
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:38
DaijoubuerUSUL, i install satellite card mantis drivers with compiling them, today i updated the kernel and they no longer work, i went and did a make and make install in the directory where i installed the drivers rebooted but they are not working?11:38
bawnput on some music and toggle stuff until you hear the music, that is the best advice i have11:38
erUSULGryllida: you should fix your "a" key :)11:38
joshmuffin^Jay2^, im not to sure but try changing you own window setting to something like what im about to pm you, if thats okay11:38
DaijoubuGryllida, wasn't there a command to "purge" or something?11:39
GryllidaDaijoubu: try 'man purge', but never heard11:39
^Jay2^sure thing joshmuffin11:39
erUSULDaijoubu: make clean; make  ; sudo make install11:39
bawngtg have good time with lucid11:39
mataksis there a default firewall and antivirus in lucid?11:39
bawnthe best ubuntu without gimp11:39
Jonathan_GlamHi, after downloading the recent updates about 20% of the mouseclicks are being registered as double or triple mouseclicks. How can I stop this happening?11:39
DaijoubuerUSUL, thank you11:40
bawnmataks linux no have antivirus pre installed11:40
erUSUL!av | mataks11:40
ubottumataks: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:40
daichi-akiraneed assistance with apache + ssl + subversion ERROR::: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
daichi-akirano listening sockets available, shutting down. Unable to open logs.11:40
erUSUL!firewall | mataks11:40
ubottumataks: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.11:40
joshmuffinGryllida, if that was aimed at daichi-akira you should have piped it to him, and he was asking his question11:40
blekosjoshhmuffin: I tried what the tutorial says (with sudo as well) but I get the message permission denied11:41
Traderplop_ag: mmm... I made this change but after reboot running ubuntu... without asking!(11:41
erUSULdaichi-akira: do oyu have something already in do « sudo lsof -i :443 »11:41
daichi-akirajoshmuffin: it was targeted to me. so i rephrased my question11:41
joshmuffinblekos, can you paste me everything you wrote in the terminal and everything the terminal resopnded using this method:11:41
daichi-akirawhat's the apache channel?11:42
joshmuffin!pastebin | blekos11:42
ubottublekos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:42
matakserUSUL,  how to disbale the default firewall?11:42
erUSULmataks: it is not enabled by default11:42
Tradermay be I should use QGrubEditor11:42
matakserUSUL,  why is that when i try to launch a program in wine it says that can't run the application because it is block by firewall or antivirus11:43
Gryllidawhere can I see firewall, I didn't think any came even installed here with 10.0411:43
erUSULmataks: dunno; ask in #winehq and consult appdb11:43
erUSUL!appdb | mataks11:43
ubottumataks: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:43
joshmuffin Gryllida, daichi-akira wasnt in the wrong you were adressing us all and asking a question, that factoid is aimed for people saying things like "anyone there" "someone help me"11:43
Viking667Anyhow, wish me luck. I'm ripping out a package (or three)11:43
=== sree is now known as sreR
RedNifreHey people!11:44
joshmuffinblekos, very odd indeed11:44
joshmuffinblekos, i actuelly have no idea11:44
RedNifreI tried to install Opera 10.60 (deb), but it said that an older version is available via software channel, which might be better supported. What does that mean? What are the disadvantages of installing Opera 10.60 by deb?11:45
erUSULblekos: sudo does not work over a pipe/redirect11:45
joshmuffinblekos, can you try typing this into xchat: /exec sudo echo disk > /sys/power/state11:45
joshmuffinblekos, nvm that11:45
erUSULblekos: « echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state »11:45
DaijoubuRedNifre opera 10.60 is still in beta11:46
joshmuffinthere you go erUSUL knows what hes doing11:46
mhgsysany moderators from ubuntuforums here?11:46
DaijoubuRedNifre but i'm using it and its somewhat stable11:46
erUSULblekos: or « sudo sh -c "echo mem > /sys/power/state" »11:46
erUSULmhgsys: #ubuntufoprums11:46
erUSULmhgsys: #ubuntuforums11:46
=== eric is now known as Rorschach
LalithaHow do i know if my swap works or it does not ?11:47
Pr0jectRec0nRorschach, nice name :)11:47
erUSULLalitha: see if swap space is shown in « free -m » output11:47
LalithaerUSUL, Swap:         1623          5       161811:48
LalithaerUSUL, so it works ?11:48
ericPr0jectRec0n: thanks11:48
erUSULLalitha: yes; it is there to be used if needed11:48
Pr0jectRec0neric, Naaah revert back :P11:48
=== eric is now known as Guest96400
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:48
Guest96400Pr0jectRec0n: but its the name of my company11:49
Jonathan_GlamHi, after downloading the recent updates about 20% of the mouseclicks are being registered as double or triple mouseclicks. How can I stop this happening?11:49
Lalithaubottu, thanks even if you can't understand what i am saying :P11:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:49
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!11:49
dapeamelhey guys I got problem when I using ubuntu with conky also sonata I get in my conky MPD MPD not responding (null)(null)(null)11:50
daichi-akira(12:49:22) ubottu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:50
daichi-akirahm, can't help it, but it strikes the question. What is intelligence then?11:50
Lalithamsg ubottu botsnack11:50
daichi-akiraThe ability to think (we all think to some extent)... the ability to amass information or the ability to critically think?11:51
bullgard /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k describes a function as: "Used to modify RF banks  before writing them to AR5K_RF_BUFFER." What is an RF bank? (RF stands for "radio frequency".)11:51
erUSULdaichi-akira: passing the turing test ;P ?11:51
DaijoubuHow can i update to the Kernel of 10.10 using 10.04?11:51
chilli0 Hi , I'm trying to stream a movie to another computer on my network , but after about 10mins it just errors out and say's cant read from source. I'm using NFS how can i get it to work? Because If I copy the file it only takes like 1min ( 11 mbs a second)11:51
erUSULDaijoubu: there is some ppa that have newer kernels for lucid11:51
daichi-akiraturing test?11:51
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.11:51
DaijoubuerUSUL thanks11:52
Gryllidachilli0, use ip instead of computername to access it11:52
KnitGalhi . . . is this model Compaq Presario CQ62-231NR Laptop a good one for installing Ubuntu on?11:52
chilli0Gryllida, I am.11:52
erUSULdaichi-akira: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test11:52
blekos_it did not work11:52
Gryllidachilli0: smb://ip/ in nautilus, what do you get?11:52
blekos_I had to reboot...11:52
chilli0Gryllida,  nothing. Im using nfs.11:52
mhgsysubuntuforums chat is silent11:53
mhgsysI need a mod from the ubuntuforums.org11:53
chilli0Gryllida, And , I'm using 10.04 you for some reason can get to type in text to the url.thing bar.11:53
Gryllidahey KnitGal, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam11:53
DaijoubuerUSUL, errr any idea how to find it? What to search for o-o11:53
=== toti is now known as Guest25413
Gryllidachilli0, oh -very weird, same for a new user? try making a new user on the OS?11:54
erUSULDaijoubu: i know that xorg-updates and xorg-edgers have new kernels becouse new graphic drivers need new kernels11:54
daichi-akirathanks erUSUL: but i guess his questions will turn true soon enough11:54
DaijoubuerUSUL, thanks again11:54
chilli0Gryllida, I have tryed yeah. But I just can't type anything , its just the buttons.11:54
erUSULDaijoubu: also search for linux-image11:54
daichi-akirawe're heading into an a decade where we'll be using bioelectrical computing devices, or biological technological devices11:55
daichi-akiraso I guess it's not far from here and that test will pass11:55
RedNifreDaijoubu: Opera 10.60 is not beta.11:55
Gryllidachilli0, tried guest session as well?11:55
RedNifreAnyway, just installed the deb works great.11:55
erUSULDaijoubu: and the WARNING: PPAs are unsupported  third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk. applies specially with kernels and graphic drivers; min you11:55
chilli0Gryllida, Yeah , its just nautils in 10.04 im googling it now11:56
daichi-akirawhose an apache freak here?11:56
DaijoubuerUSUL, i don't have a choice anymore since the drivers are not working and eh mantis is included in new kernels11:56
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can I fix this?Also does using a VPS hinder it at all?11:56
blekos_Ubuntu 10.04, could you tell me how I can connect to windows network?11:56
Daijoubuoh wowo they released opera 10.60 nice :)11:56
mhgsysI think the forums got a prblem11:57
cousteauwhat does `update-apt-xapian-index` do? it's a process that runs daily or so and uses a lot of CPU11:57
daichi-akirafor some reason chromium performs better than opera 10.6011:57
mhgsysFatal error: Existing data passed is not an array11:57
mhgsysCalled set_existing in [path]/register.php on line 42111:57
mhgsysin [path]/includes/class_dm.php on line 23511:57
cousteauaccording to the manpage, it updates the APT Xapian index11:57
chilli0Gryllida, Found a fix.11:57
mhgsysWhen trying to create a new user on the forum11:57
sinistrad!samba | blekos_11:58
ubottublekos_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:58
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can I fix this?Also does using a VPS hinder it at all?11:58
cousteaubut I don't know where is that APT Xapian index used... probably has to do with aptitude/apt-get, but dunno exactly where11:58
KnitGalumm . . . i only see 5 laptops listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Reports  shouldn't there be more?11:58
blekos_what about the "ne11:59
blekos_what about the "network" option I see in the "Places" panel11:59
keyhelpHi,I've got a small issue but its been quiet annoying. Basically when I press the 's' button or the 'm' button they bring up the shut down tab or the mail tab, but if i type the letters in capital they seem to work. how can I fix this?Also does using a VPS hinder it at all?12:00
daichi-akirakeyhelp: go to system > keyboard shortcuts12:00
daichi-akiraand see if s and m are mapped to something12:00
Niglopyeah abhi_nav  I fixed it :)12:01
keyhelpNo they are not mapped to anything12:01
keyhelpmost of them are disabled, daichi-akira12:01
alesanwhy! I set my IP address as ifconfig eth0 and every once in a while Ubuntu resets it to nothign!!!12:01
DaijoubuerUSUL, can i use the linux-maverick 2.6.35-6.9~lucid1 from this ppa https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa ?12:02
alesanwhy, how can I stop ubuntu to messup my network!12:02
sinistradblekos_, I'm not sure. I just clicked on it myself and made it into my laptop, but it is also running ubuntu. I forwarded that link to you in hopes you might get enough info to sort out what you need until someone with more experience can help you properly.12:02
erUSULDaijoubu: i would not use 35 yet. 33 or 3412:02
DaijoubuerUSUL, ok thanks12:02
erUSULalesan: how do you set up the static ip ?12:02
=== karthik is now known as Guest20400
ctwHi -- does anybody here have any experience with (K)Ubuntu on the Lenovo Thinkpad X201?12:03
alesanerUSUL, ifconfig eth0 from the command line12:03
=== Guest20400 is now known as karthi
erUSULalesan: probably NM is fiddling with the card... use Nm to set up it. or decalre it in /etc/network/interfaces12:03
alesanerUSUL, it seems every time the eth MAC senses a disconnection, ubuntu resets the IP configuration of the interface12:04
abhi_navNiglop, how?12:06
abhi_navNiglop, you there?12:06
Niglopyeah abhi_nav12:07
abhi_navNiglop, how solved?12:07
NiglopI did everything that thing said, fully removed pidgin and autocleaned it12:07
abhi_navNiglop,  I see. good. :)12:07
mhgsysCan't log in at the ubnutuforums!12:07
mhgsysCan't connect to a mod on #ubuntuforums12:07
mhgsysthere all a sleep!12:08
mhgsysanyone else having problems logging in to the ubuntuforums?12:08
erUSULmhgsys: this is not the place to rant about it... /j #ubuntu-offtopic12:08
mhgsysI'm even in the wrong place to complain12:08
mhgsysbut ErUSUL12:09
mhgsysYour a mod12:09
mhgsysCan't you contact a mod from  there12:09
erUSULmhgsys: no i'm not mod anywhere. sorry. if you want to contact ops /j #ubuntu-ops12:10
mhgsystried that.. did not work out for me12:10
mhgsysthnx anyway12:10
mhgsysohw wait that was another channel12:11
mhgsysthank =you!12:11
joshmuffin!enter | mhgsys12:12
ubottumhgsys: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:12
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!12:13
jussijoshmuffin: ?12:14
joshmuffinSorry, didnt realise it was for emergencies12:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!12:14
mhgsysI cant log in at ubuntuforums12:14
joshmuffinI knew there was a factoid and thaught it could help mhgsys12:14
jussimhgsys: please dont do that12:14
jussionly for emergencies12:14
mhgsysthis is a emergency12:15
mhgsysI can't get to my account12:15
Patero-ngborn to ubuntu12:15
Patero-ngis ubuntu as compatible as windows for gaming12:15
Patero-ngcan I install cod412:16
erUSULmhgsys: you have already flooded the channel with offtopic... please take this issue elsewhere. we have nothing to do with forums. this is a support channel12:16
kickingintenderPatero-ng u should be installing wine to play games12:16
sinistrad!wine | Patero-ng12:17
ubottuPatero-ng: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:17
mhgsysok ErUSUL12:17
joshmuffinPatero-ng, ubuntu can play games, but if gamings your thing windows is best12:17
erUSULmhgsys: thank you.12:17
LalithaerUSUL,  I can't login ubuntuforums too.12:18
Unknown0BCHello, I have this problem trying to run cvoicecontrol. I had a look on the net for people having a similar problem and found on comment on it: "to see the mixer devices I have to restart in this order udev and hal"12:18
Unknown0BCHow do you change  the restart order in Ubuntu ?12:18
Gryllidahm? change from what to what?12:19
erUSUL well there have been reports of the forums being down. just wait until everything is back to normal...12:19
future_hellow all12:19
Unknown0BCNot sure what this comment entails: "to see the mixer devices I have to restart in this order udev and hal" or how to implement it.12:19
monkey_dustguys, i'm having troubles trying to install vmware -- hints & tips anyone? http://pastebin.com/WRevmKQu12:20
Lalithamonkey_dust, try virtual box ?12:20
monkey_dustLalitha, virtualbox works fine, but i want to try vwmware12:21
Unknown0BCAnyone got cvoicecontrol to work under ubuntu ?12:21
Lalithamonkey_dust, Ok. Good luck12:21
silentx1Hey i've problem with my VGA card it shutdown suddenly .. it is nvidia 51212:21
MadRobotHi all.12:21
indusmonkey_dust, vmware isnt free of cost12:21
MadRobotWhen I try to update my system, I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/y4fm0myv Any help please?12:22
monkey_dustindus, really? that's too bad then :(12:22
dinthhello. i had few ubuntu questions yesterday but was disconnected before i get answer. Im porting Ubuntu GUI experience (Ayatana, etc) to Archlinux...12:22
dinth1. what is default ubuntu empathy theme ?12:22
om26erdinth, package name adium-theme-ubuntu..12:23
dinthom26er: thanks12:23
dinth2. how should behave Xchat-gnome with indicator-messages plugin ? Ive ported it, but it clicking on xchat indicator dont unminimalize it12:23
bullgard /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k describes a function as: "Used to modify RF banks  before writing them to AR5K_RF_BUFFER." What is an RF bank? (RF stands for "radio frequency".)12:24
KenBW2_workI've added myself to the www-data group, and set /var/www/avdistribution to have 755 permissions, but can't edit files - any ideas?12:24
om26erdinth, that does not happen in ubuntu too but patches are always welcome12:24
KenBW2_work775 even12:25
dinth3. have you heard about new Humanities icons on ubuntu ? is this same humanities iconset as on gnome-look - http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=117230? if not, anybody knows where is Ubuntu Humanities bzr/svn/git ?12:25
LalithaHi , is it possible to make firefox use ubuntu notification system ?12:25
dinthom26er: thx again :)12:26
erUSULbullgard: you should try to find a kernel propgramming channel for that type of questions ...12:26
om26erLalitha, there is an extension for that I think.12:26
Lalithaom26er, True. I got it by google-ing.12:26
bullgarderUSUL: You should tell me why do you think so.12:26
Lalithaom26er, But it is not available for Fox 3.612:26
Lalithaom26er, *firefox12:26
om26erLalitha, yes till 3.5 :(12:27
dinth4. what is power-management indicator-application applet in Ubuntu by default ? is this patched gnome-power-manager or battery-status from LP ?12:27
shadyabhiom26er: It should work in 3.6 too12:27
shadyabhiom26er: Change the version manually12:27
Lalithashadyabhi, after installing in 3.612:27
Lalithashadyabhi, it says a compatibility problem12:28
erUSULbullgard: well the question is offtopic here afaics. tried #ubuntu-kernel ? #ubuntu-dev #ubuntu-motu ?12:28
Travis-42ctrl-alt-f1 no longer works to get to tty1, anyone have any idea why?12:28
shadyabhiLalitha: I mean, download that xpi file.. and open it with file archiever and change the version manually12:28
indus_Travis-42, what about ctl alt f212:28
dinththats will be all questions for now, if anybody intrested in my porting effort you can check http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=9974612:28
shadyabhiLalitha: I have dont it many times.. Its just that authors are too busy so up the version for their adon12:29
Lalithashadyabhi, I am unable to 'download' the xpi12:29
=== phisher2 is now known as phisher1
shadyabhisend me the link12:29
bullgarderUSUL: My question is no question for maintainers. I am using Ubuntu. My question arose when I used Ubuntu. This channel's name is '#ubuntu'.12:30
=== freeroller is now known as freeroller123
shadyabhiLalitha: send me the link to download page12:30
Lalithashadyabhi, wait a sec12:30
shadyabhiLalitha: Put your mouse over it, click "copy link address"12:30
shadyabhiLalitha: then use wget to download the addon...12:30
dinthohh one more question - if liferea behaves same as xchat-gnome with indicator-messaging, that it not unminimalize when clicked in indicator ?12:31
Lalithashadyabhi, no, i have used chrome to do it. ;-)12:31
shadyabhiLalitha: Another way....12:31
shadyabhiLalitha: Not, open it with default zip archiever that comes with ubuntu, open install.rdf file... change the upper version to 3.6.*12:32
shadyabhiLalitha: Dont forget to press update12:32
Lalithashadyabhi, please wait12:32
lnbhow does one get thunderbird to open from a mailto link in firefox? I've looked all over and what various pages say to do, simply doesn't work12:33
daichi-akiraif i have an application installed, how can i tell the version of it without going into the package manager?12:33
Travis-42indus_: none of the tty shortcuts work12:34
IdleOnedaichi-akira: click Help > About in the application12:34
shadyabhilnb: In KDE, I choose Default applications.. and its done12:34
Lalithashadyabhi, it opens in opera ?12:34
indus_Travis-42, you been editing some files?12:34
IdleOnedaichi-akira: or you can do apt-cache policy package_name in terminal12:34
lnbi am using gnome12:35
Lalithashadyabhi, and if i go to source and save, it saves separately12:35
DestinyAwaitsIs there any shortcut of getting bash prompt12:35
Travis-42indus_: nope, but ubuntu crashed. on reboot (and further reboots) it doesn't work12:35
shadyabhiLalitha: Send me the link to the addon page12:35
lnbi have default application set to thunderbird in both preferences in gnome editor and in firefox preferences12:35
Lalithashadyabhi, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9622/12:35
lnbbut mailto links do notihing12:35
DestinyAwaitsi can see only $ prompt and i have to type bash12:35
DestinyAwaitsis there any shortcut key12:36
Lalithashadyabhi, wait12:36
Lalithashadyabhi, i have done it.12:36
shadyabhiLalitha: So, you changed the version in the fie12:36
Lalithamax to 3.6.*12:36
Lalithashadyabhi, ^12:36
Lalithashadyabhi, and i have installed it12:37
shadyabhiLalitha: Cheers!!12:37
Lalithashadyabhi, A non-resumable download in progress. I will restart once it is over.12:37
Lalithashadyabhi, I will tell you if it works.12:37
Lalithashadyabhi, Thanks12:37
shadyabhiLalitha: ohk..12:38
jemaduxj #kubuntu-gr12:38
kickingintenderwhy doesnt ubuntu allows downloading updates of smaller sizes12:38
om26erkickingintender, explain?12:39
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: Instal guake12:39
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: I use its KDE version yakuake on KDE12:40
indus_Travis-42, hi12:40
indus_Travis-42, sorry bad internet12:40
Travis-42indus_: heh it's ok12:40
indus_Travis-42, so when you press ctl alt f1 wht exactly happens , you dont get the $12:40
DestinyAwaitsshadyabhi,  no its a red hat server i have to use putty to connect to liniux box12:40
Travis-42indus_: nothing happens at all12:40
indus_Travis-42, ok12:41
jopieMy MySQL won't start as it claims it can't bind the port... any ideas how to diagnose what's going on?12:41
wcs#jopie check if mysql daemon is started12:41
jopieit's not12:42
jopieservice mysql status reports it isn't12:42
jpdsjopie: sudo netstat -ltnp12:42
wcswhat is the message you get from terminal?12:42
Gryllidahello, can you open office org, type 'a', select it, put the cursor after it, middle click, will it paste for you?12:43
jopiewcs: log says another process may be started12:43
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: I dont exactly understand, you should already have a bash then12:43
jopiejpfd: just apache, smbd and perforce, no mysql12:43
wcsdo sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start12:44
DestinyAwaitsshadyabhi, no i can only see a dollar prompt12:44
wcscheck if works...12:44
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: So, thats your bash prompt...12:44
DestinyAwaitsno its ksh12:45
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: type $bash12:45
jopiewcs: No, still fail... Log in /var/lib/mysql says "Can't start server: BInd on TCP/IP Port: cannot assign..."12:45
DestinyAwaitsyes when i type bash i can get into the bash shell12:45
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: $/bin/bash12:45
DestinyAwaitsbut is there any shortcut to achieve that12:45
shadyabhiDestinyAwaits: Now that I know of.... Whats the error when you type $bash12:46
jiehanzhenghello, i purged 'Chromium' yesterday, and the menu item didnt removed automatically. So I removed it manually. Then I reinstalled it just now, and the 'Chromium' menu item still not there. :(12:46
shadyabhijiehanzheng: then add it12:46
jopiesure you didnt get chromium the game?12:47
jopiethat has happened to me before12:47
Gryllidajiehanzheng: delete ~/.chromium/ maybe? IDK whereelse it could store such preference12:47
jiehanzhengshadyabhi, how to? I'm not able to find the icon. :)12:47
bullgard /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k describes a function as: "Used to modify RF banks  before writing them to AR5K_RF_BUFFER." What is an RF bank? (RF stands for "radio frequency".)12:47
DestinyAwaitsshadyabhi, when i type bash it works but i want a shortcut to do that12:47
jiehanzhengGryllida: Thanks, going to try.12:47
Dr_Willisjiehanzheng:  you removed it from the menus with alacarte? it will proberly still be flagged as 'not shown'12:47
shadyabhijiehanzheng: Are you able to run chromium from command line?12:48
jopieanyone on what to do when Mysql can't bind to port 3306? No other mysql is running///12:48
jurohi, I have a shared printer on Ubuntu and all of a sudden another Ubuntu loses the connection (sorry, I cannot describe it better) - I can connect to the server and see the printer but when I try to print to it, the printer does not show up.12:48
shadyabhijopie: run the starting script in debugging mode12:49
jopiehow do I do that in debug mode?12:49
shadyabhi#sh -x /etc/init.d/mysql start12:50
shadyabhi$sh -x /etc/init.d/mysql start12:50
shadyabhijopie: ^12:50
shadyabhijopie: make sure you are root12:51
jopieall I see is mysqladmin can't connect... but that's logical considering the server won't start12:52
ubuntulinuxuser jopie what output does > sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status  give12:52
jopieMySQL is stopped12:53
chantimy speakers are not working, anybody can help me12:53
wcsmmm how do you do to install your mysql server?12:54
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jopiewcs: apt-get install mysql-server12:55
SickAnimationswoohoo, 10.4 Server LTS installed ^^12:55
jopiewcs: this started out as on upgrading packages it failing to start mysql again, and I could manually start it after that12:55
jopiewcs: now however it won't start at all12:55
MadRobotWhen I try to update my system, I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/y4fm0myv Any help please?12:56
realgastonWhen I try to load a module by executing this command in Terminal: sudo modprobe acerhdf, then I get: FATAL: Error inserting acerhdf (/lib/modules/2.6.32-23-generic/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/acerhdf.ko)12:56
cool_boyI just wanted to download ubuntu for my desktop - but it says the 64 bit version would not be recommended for daily usage - why is that? Will I face any Problems with the 64bit version?12:56
jopiewcs: I did try removing mysql-server today and autoremove and installing it, and now it won't start12:56
wcstry to install the complete LAMP server12:56
jopiepackage name?12:56
cool_boyjopie: do you have any logfile entries?12:56
wcsis not a package12:56
realgastonBut when I execute this: sudo modprobe --list | grep "acerhdf", then I find acerhdf in the list of modules.12:57
jopiecool_by: yes, it won't bind to the port12:57
gmonniehaving issues with my laptops touchpad, can anybody help12:57
realgastonWhy isn't it possible to load the module?12:57
shadyabhicool_boy: I have always used 64-bit.. There are no issues as such12:57
cool_boyCan you check whether there is another process bound to that port?12:57
jopiecool_boy: did all that, nothing12:58
silentx1My electricity turned off while updating the kernel ,,, then it gives me an error ... so i use " apt-get remove linux-header,,,23 " of the latest kernel and now i can't get it in the updates ?? how i could find it again ?12:58
wcsdo it from packages by task on the edit synaptic's menu12:58
shadyabhicool_boy: If your machine is 64-bit, why not use all those 64-bits...12:59
cool_boyThis is what I thought, too - but they say it on the download page - so I asked12:59
gmonnietouchpad on my laptop works fine at login screen, but after i log in, either the left button wont work,or it acts like its stuck, can anyone help me solve this problem12:59
jopiewcs cool_boy this is my error log http://pastie.org/102650712:59
gmonnierunning 10.04 btw12:59
Lalithashadyabhi, I made a small download but it didn't use the ubuntu notification system to notify. I will have to wait till it's creator updates it.13:00
cool_boyThis really looks like another process is bound to 330613:00
jopieright :) but there isn't one...13:00
cool_boy(You try to start the server as root, do you?)13:01
jopieyes :) sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start or sudo service mysql start13:01
LalithaHi, Does increasing swappiness make my ubunt ufaster?13:02
jopiewcs: if I click g for download/install in aptitude  on the lamp-server task it just does the same as apt-get13:03
bullgard /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath5k describes a function as: "Used to modify RF banks  before writing them to AR5K_RF_BUFFER." What is an RF bank? (RF stands for "radio frequency".)13:04
cool_boyI don't really know, what is going on, but I still suspect "something" to be bound to port 3306 - did you try rebooting and restarting? I know this sounds like what you would have to do with windoze, but you are sure to have a clean slate (network wise) this way.13:05
gmonniegonna try this one more time13:05
cool_boy/etc/init.d/networking restart should do the trick, too, probably13:05
jopiehave done that several times, even disabled apparmor (was a bug similar to this where that fixed this)13:05
cool_boyAh, I don't know apparmor13:05
gmonniecan anybody help with touchpad issues? Im running 10.04 and my touchpad works fine on login screen, but after i log in the left click button dosent work, how can i fix it13:06
jiehanzhengjopie: ya, i'm sure (i installed 'chromium-browser')13:09
boybuonvni'm from Vietnam? who knows any free VPN server? help me please. sorry about my english13:10
delinquentmejiehanzheng, u know you can run straight up CHROME as well right?13:10
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delinquentmechromium was a little wonky ... image maps would flicker out etc .. so far the branded version is working much better13:11
MortuisAnyone know if there's a fix for the ambience theme to make dropdowns readable again in Firefox?13:11
jiehanzhengdelinquentme: maybe i should run "chromium-browser"?13:11
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delinquentmeactually you browse to google chromes website13:12
delinquentmeand they've got a link for ubuntu right under the download button at the top right13:12
howlymowlyhi poeple.. short question:  what is a good program with kde to record a screen session? I need to capture a video of my desktop.... best would be a debian package, since i use kubuntu13:12
boybuonvnjiehanzheng, there's stable version of chrome at Chrome homepage http://www.google.com/chrome13:12
andrearichc'e nessuno che puo darmi una mano?13:13
fradeveandrearich: sei italiano? devi andare nel canale #ubuntu-it ;questo è il canale inglese --- please join #ubuntu-it13:14
shadyabhihowlymowly: recordmydesktop13:14
jiehanzhengdelinquentme: boybuonvn: thanks, but the stable version always popup a new windows saying about a profile file permission problem. So I gave up and want to reinstall Chromium. (ps The menu icon also didnt remove automatically after i purged it)13:14
Joss_I've got a problem with Gnome-volume-manager13:15
damian_-_what do i install to fulfill the ICU dependency, im compiling something13:15
damian_-_CMake Error at cmake/FindICU.cmake:72 (MESSAGE):13:15
damian_-_  Could not find ICU13:15
damian_-_all i can find is icu-doc13:15
FloodBot4damian_-_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:15
howlymowlyshadyabhi: thx13:15
delinquentmejiehanzheng, are you talking "chromium" or "chrome"13:15
delinquentmechrome = non-open-source version13:15
Joss_I've got a problem with Gnome-volume-manager13:15
jiehanzhengdelinquentme: I'm using chromium-browser ...13:16
delinquentmeyeah i had problems w chromium13:16
delinquentmethey're basically the same browser13:16
delinquentmeso id recommend installing CHROME ... unless you really need it opensource for some reason13:16
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delinquentmeand u can select what distro you want the source for13:17
* Joss_ need help please13:17
indusJoss_, Yes13:17
Joss_I've got a problem with Gnome-volume-manager13:18
indusJoss_, what is problem exactly13:18
shadyabhidelinquentme: jiehanzheng http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome13:18
Joss_it don't find my usb key13:18
jiehanzhengdelinquentme: Thank you, will go to try and see if the menu item add automatically :)13:18
ctphi folks. how to find out how many deb packages are hosted in the main repo? i need a number for a documentation i'm writing on ;-)13:19
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stevecammy desktop has gone, what program do i run to reload it13:20
delinquentmeshadyabhi, thanks!13:20
shadyabhictp: You can always do something like recursively download 1 byte of all the packages hosted on the repo13:21
[Lloyd]Hi there - can anyone help with issues with panels?? I accidentally got rid of my bottom panel showingmy open programs! :(13:21
shadyabhidelinquentme: So, you got the chrome working13:21
Dunekright click on the panel and then add panel13:22
shadyabhi[Lloyd]: Goto to the top panel, and right click to add another panel13:22
jiehanzhengdelinquentme: I installed Chrome Stable and there's still no menu item for me :(13:22
shadyabhidelinquentme: Can U run it using command line13:22
delinquentmeyeah i have chrome working on my system13:23
[Lloyd]shadyabhi: I did that but it just put one on top of that panel too!13:23
delinquentmeim not sure .. i downloaded it w the above link13:23
delinquentmeim not tied to the command line :D13:23
shadyabhi[Lloyd]: You can always drag