fbxxkl_Hi everyone.  Trying to set up my wireless card but its a bit confusing13:35
fbxxkl_anyone have experience with this?13:35
jussifbxxkl_: tell us more about what you have done, which wireless card etc and we can see if we can help you.13:37
fbxxkl_Ok.  I installed Ubuntu-Studio 10.413:37
fbxxkl_I have a ralink wireless card.  and when I checked in terminal to see if it was installed it showed up with drivers13:38
fbxxkl_So i go to System -> Administration -> network and I see wlan013:38
fbxxkl_network tools*13:38
fbxxkl_But I have no options to connect to my wireless network right now13:38
fbxxkl_and I put the icon in my panel for usage like that and it doesn't show the wireless card it only shows lo and eth013:39
fbxxkl_"Network controller" "RaLink" "RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI" "RaLink" "Device 2561"13:41
jussiok, are you familiar with the terminal at all?13:42
jussiis it listed when you do:  ifconfig13:43
jussiand do you have wired networking where you are at the moment13:43
jussifbxxkl_: ^^13:43
fbxxkl_Ill check13:44
fbxxkl_I am connected via wired13:44
fbxxkl_at the moment but its a big yellow cord going through my living room which is why I am trying to switch to my wireless card.13:44
fbxxkl_And to clarify I have used my wireless card with regular ubuntu 9.10/10.4 before13:45
fbxxkl_So I know it "Should" work13:45
fbxxkl_ok I did if config13:45
fbxxkl_ifconfig* and it does not show up there13:45
fbxxkl_I get my loopback and my standard ethernet13:46
fbxxkl_ok i did ifconfig -a and it shows up13:47
fbxxkl_jussi: ^^13:47
jussido you have networkmanager-gnome installed?13:48
jussi!infor networkmanager-gnome13:48
jussi!info networkmanager-gnome13:48
ubottuPackage networkmanager-gnome does not exist in lucid13:48
jussi!info network-manager-gnome13:49
ubottunetwork-manager-gnome (source: network-manager-applet): network management framework (GNOME frontend). In component main, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 461 kB, installed size 4832 kB13:49
fbxxkl_good question13:49
fbxxkl_I don't think i do.  Isn't that something that should come standard??13:49
fbxxkl_Ok I am installing it.  I assume that should resolve any gui issues I have connected my wireless device13:50
jussino, its not installed in ubuntustudio by default as it can affect latency (so best to turn it off if you are doing stuff with jack)13:50
jussiyou may need to start it with alt+f2 -> nm-applet13:51
fbxxkl_what is jack?  I am new to ubuntu-studio mostly used mac's/and windows pc's in the past13:51
jussi!info jack13:51
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-26 (lucid), package size 148 kB, installed size 668 kB13:51
jussi!find jack13:51
ubottuFound: libjack-dev, libjack0, pulseaudio-module-jack, pulseaudio-module-jack-dbg, alsaplayer-jack (and 23 others)13:51
jussihang on13:51
fbxxkl_heh lot of jack's :P13:52
jussi!info jackd13:52
ubottujackd (source: jack-audio-connection-kit): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.118+svn3796-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 101 kB, installed size 536 kB13:52
AutoStaticIt's a sound daemon13:53
AutoStaticLike PulseAudio13:54
fbxxkl_Yea the whole sound thing on Ubuntu really confuses me like alsa and oss13:54
fbxxkl_well linux in general I haven't quite grasped that yet13:54
jussisound in ubuntu is very confusing :P13:54
AutoStaticALSA and OSS are driver stacks13:54
jussianyway, Im of fhome!13:54
jussilaters all13:55
fbxxkl_thanks for all your help jussi13:55
AutoStaticPulseAudio and JACK sit on top of that13:55
jussino probs13:55
fbxxkl_so the sound daemon is what controls the driver stacks?13:55
AutoStaticWhen it comes to mixing yes13:56
AutoStaticBut this is specifically the case for PulseAudio13:56
fbxxkl_So what would an equivelent be in say Windows or OSX?13:56
fbxxkl_if there is one13:57
AutoStaticBasically a sound daemons allows for multiple apps to play sound simultanuously13:57
fbxxkl_Ah ok13:57
AutoStaticPulseAudio is like the 'consumer' daemon13:57
fbxxkl_could you say its the 'default' or 'generic' daemon?13:58
AutoStaticYes, PulseAudio is the default in Ubuntu13:58
fbxxkl_ah ok13:59
AutoStaticBecause it's better suited for desktop use13:59
fbxxkl_ps. this is why i love linux/ubuntu users because getting this out of some people for another OS would be like pulling teeth but everyone who works with linux/ubuntu is so helpful13:59
fbxxkl_ok I installed some updates brb while i restart14:00
fbxxklWell that stinks now I got an error with my video card when I restarted14:05
rlameiroubottu: hola14:43
unodelchatyou speak spanish ?14:44
unodelchatque lastima que mi targeta de sonido no funcione en linux14:45
rlameiroque tarjeta es?14:45
rlameironever ear of that14:46
unodelchatsabes algo de Ndiswrapper ?14:47
unodelchatNdiswrapper es solo para drivers de wifi ?14:47
rlameiropero me parece que es mas para wifi14:47
unodelchates posible que como no conocen el resto de marcas de targetas de sonido se piensen que lo unico que faltan drivers son los de wifi14:48
unodelchatNdiswrapper can be a solution for those not compatible sound card ?14:51
rlameirounodelchat: i dont think so, because it needs to integrate with alsa14:52
rlameirois it external usb?14:52
unodelchat<rlameiro> which sound card you have ?14:53
unodelchatis PCI14:53
rlameirowell, then even worse14:53
rlameirobut you should try it14:53
unodelchat <rlameiro> which sound card you have ?14:54
rlameiroi have 3 actually14:55
rlameiroa ua-4fx, FA-101 and the onboard crappy and bad intel hda onboard14:55
rlameiroua-4fx is a usb one, the fa-101 is firewire14:55

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