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and471tedg, did you have any luck with the vala stuff?16:29
tedgand471, No, I wasn't.  gord, did you see anything odd? 16:30
gordtedg, and471  i couldn't find anything weird but something weird is going on. i ported the python sample to vala and that seemed to work just fine16:54
tedggord, Are we missing some sort of hint in the VAPI file for subclassing?16:55
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gordtedg, i don't think so17:11
and471gord, tedg I also ported the python sample :-) that worked fine, it does seem to be when subclassing occurs that is goes wrong17:14
and471gord, do you want to see my vapi file?17:14
gordand471, you should just be using the vapi file we supply. tedg is it in lucid or just maverick?17:17
and471gord, I took the vapi off a bug report and modified it as it wasn't working17:17
and471gord, didn't realise you shipped one (I am on Lucid)17:17
and471tedg, also when I was working with subclassing I had some trouble and contacted the vala mailing list, after we got some of it working, they guy on the list said "(the value [AppIndicatorCategory] is an enum in the constructor and internally, but is exposed as a string to gobject). I think you should report this."17:23
and471tedg, should I file a bug for this?17:24
tedgand471, If you grab the newer packages it builds a VAPI, but I imagine it's close to the same.17:32
tedgand471, I think that string/enum issue is also fixed.17:32
tedgand471, Try to grab trunk.17:33
and471tedg, ok17:43
and471jono, who leads the lernid project now?17:53
and471jono, I was looking for a decision on https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/54696817:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 546968 in lernid (Ubuntu) "Inappropriately appears in Ubuntu Software Center "Developer Tools" > "Python" (affected: 2, heat: 12)" [Low,Confirmed]17:53
and471tedg, where is the vapi file?17:59
and471gord, tedg, I just did the normal, make, sudo make install routine but that enum string issue still appears to be there, don't know where the vapi file is, not in the normal place18:03
and471gord, tedg would you advise that I stop trying to subclass and just go for a set of functions until the future?18:03
jonoand471, Michael Budde18:05
seb128and471, libappindicator-dev: /usr/share/vala/vapi/AppIndicator-0.1.vapi18:05
seb128and471, ?18:05
tedgand471, Hmm, okay.  I'm confused then on what the issue is (with the strings/enums).18:06
tedgand471, Honestly, unless you need custom fallbacks, subclassing is probably more work than it's worth.18:06
and471tedg, okay, I might just go for functions then18:07
and471tedg, the string enum issue is that I have to include this function in the subclass18:07
and471tedg, http://pastebin.com/6JLRerdP18:07
and471tedg, becuase otherwise if I don't convert it, I get an error that18:08
and471tedg, Cannot convert from `AppIndicator.Category' to `string'18:08
tedgand471, Hmm, okay.  Perhaps we need two properties then.  One that's the enum and one that's the string.18:10
tedgand471, Dbus needs the string one, but we could make another for lib side things.18:10
tedgI think that qense was looking into that for Mono as well.18:10
and471tedg, kl18:11
and471tedg, well I think i shall switch to functions then18:11
and471tedg, hopefully then it shall work :-)18:11
and471tedg, damn it, I am having issues again18:17
and471tedg, it all works if I put Gtk.main() at the end of the function which creates a new Indicator18:17
tedgand471, Sorry, only one issue per day :)18:17
and471tedg, but not if I just have one Gtk.main() for all Gtk elements18:18
and471tedg, ;)18:18
tedgand471, Could it be a vala ref thing?  Like you're ref'ing locally instead of globally so the object is getting destroyed?18:18
and471tedg, I think I shall go on the mailing list, it may not just appindicator18:18
and471tedg, probably, but as a previous python programmer, i don't know what that is :)18:19
tedgHeh, okay.18:19
and471tedg, thanks for your help18:19

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