FoolsRunHi, I installed Edubuntu today on a server using the "whole hard disk" option and I don't seem to get a GRUB menu at boot. Is it possible it wasn't installed? The machine boots (mostly, it seems to fail to boot every second time)00:17
LnsFoolsRun: interesting00:24
LnsHave you held down CTRL during boot to see if the menu comes up then?00:25
LnsGrub2 requires that00:25
FoolsRunLns: I haven't. I'm not near the machine anymore, but I'll give that a shot.00:26
Lnsweird how it won't boot every second time though00:26
FoolsRunThe machine seems to get stuck at a blinking cursor every second boot00:26
Lnsi had that issue a while back on a server with 2 identical hard disks in it00:26
FoolsRun(well, first and third out of four total)00:26
Lnsi was dd'ing them for backup and it would freak out because of the duplicate UUIDs00:26
FoolsRunThis server has a single RAID volume. 3 physical drives.00:27
FoolsRunI told the LiveCD to "use whole drive" when it installed00:28
FoolsRunIt saw it as a single volume, identified it as RAID, I assumed it would work00:28
LnsFoolsRun: hardware raid card?00:28
* Lns doesn't see the prob with that, though grub is weird 00:28
FoolsRunWeird enough to work every other time?00:29
Lnsi mean, it's happened to me before too, so... =p00:30
Lnsi guess i just don't know the answer so i think it's weird00:30
FoolsRunthe every other boot thing, or the blinking cursor thing?00:30
Lnsboth ;)00:31
Lnssorry gotta run!00:31
Lnsgood luck00:31
ajmetal87Is this a ubuntu help channel? I have a basic question i'm sure anyone with intermediate Ubuntu expierence can answer.04:00
HedgeMageajmetal87: the ubuntu help chan is #ubuntu -- this is #edubuntu which is more edu-focused.04:02

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