picharrashola, alguien que hable español?00:00
ToxinPowepicharras: #kubuntu-es00:01
picharrassip, conosco ese, pero por aquí nadie?00:01
ToxinPowepor aquí algunos :P00:01
ytooxwhat software do I need to create image transitions?00:42
Guest85018how do i make it so i can see files on my desktop without having to use dolphin00:43
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ytooxKhaotic: you need to right click and add widget called folder view00:44
Khaoticfor some reason i can add widgets00:44
Khaoticwhy not00:44
ytooxwhat happens when you right click? are you on kde 4?00:47
ytooxdo you have the plasma button at the top right00:47
ytooxclick it00:47
ytooxand choose that one widget00:48
Khaotici am00:48
Khaoticit wont bring up the panel thing for widgets to add00:48
ytooxmaybe your desktop widgets are locked, if you right click on the desktop and choose unlock widgets00:48
ytooxand then try opening the plasma menu00:48
Khaoticthey are unlocked...00:49
Khaotici can click on the widgets menu, but it wont bring up the panel of widgets to add00:49
ytooxthen I don't know what the problem is, soory'00:49
snooberHey all...question. I was a total ree-ree this morning and changed my password. I try to login tonight and I'm completely blanking on what I changed it to. I saw some tutorials online but I don't see grub when I boot...00:50
ytooxpress esc when the machine is booting up00:50
snooberI did00:50
ytooxare you able to enter with a different account?00:51
snooberI don't see a grub menu at all00:51
snooberI only have 1 to my knowlege other than root00:51
ytooxwell, if you enter as root and know the password then you can change it right?00:51
snooberI never set a password for root00:52
snooberis there a default password? Sorry...I'm a newbie00:52
ytooxif you are in kubuntu then it is the same as the one you use for your usual user00:53
snooberwhich I changed to something I didn't remember00:53
ytooxif you login and then press alt+F2 you can do sudo and then pass on commands to change the password00:53
snooberif I could login though right?00:54
ytooxno, you don't have to login00:54
ytooxI suppose the startup takes you to the graphical login window right?00:55
ytooxwhen you are there press alt f200:55
ytooxand you will see a terminal like window where you can work out some commands00:55
ytooxsorry I meant to say control alt f200:56
snoobersorry, no luck00:56
snooberI pressed alt+f200:56
snoobernothing popped up00:56
snooberoh control00:57
snooberthat didn't work either00:57
ytooxcontrol alt f2 didn't work?00:57
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xrandrmaci'm using 10.04 and i just ran a software update01:38
xrandrmacnow, kde wont start01:38
xrandrmacand what's better is, without KDE i cannot connect to the internet on that box01:38
xrandrmacso i guess first off, is there a TEXT based wifi config tool i can run to connect to the net, run aptitude and see if there are additional packages i need to get?01:38
Typos_KingI read somewhere they no longer include aptitude, but who knows, by default install that is :)01:38
Typos_Kingxrandrmac: http://blog.tplus1.com/index.php/2008/06/13/how-to-connect-to-a-wireless-network-from-the-ubuntu-command-line/01:38
nickeeHow set the taskbar tabs to only show the tabs for on the current desktop?  Ex, for Firefox, with windows on other desktops, only show the FF windows on this desktop, in the taskbar/panel at the bottom of the screen?01:54
judgeni am an deponant of pulseaudio, what does kde us nowdays as the excellent aRTS system is no longer in use.. i still find myself installing kmix in kubuntu.01:56
* xrandrmac might just go with CentOS. i dislike having problems :)01:57
macintux_nickee: Its very simple right click on taskbar panel choose settings01:58
macintux_nickee: Its on general tab under filters01:58
James147nickee: note you need to right click on an empty part of the task amnager widget (you will need to close some windows if it is full)01:59
nickeemacintux_: i don't see that :(01:59
macintux_nickee: You have to right click on empty space of course. Thanks James14701:59
James147nickee: its under "Task Manager Settings" if you right click on the task manager (not just the panel)01:59
macintux_Alt+D, S02:00
nickeethere is no empty space on any of my 10 desktops - they all have exactly the same items on the taskbar :(02:00
James147nickee: you will need to close some applications to change the settings02:01
macintux_nickee: Your taskbar. Empty space on the taskbar. you dont need to switch desktops to do it02:01
macintux_nickee: I'll get you a screenshot, hold on.02:01
nickeeevery time I close a task, all the others expand their tab size, taking up all space.02:02
nickeeok, now I've got some free space, but,02:03
macintux_nickee: http://i.imgur.com/LgSji.png02:04
nickeewow, fixed, i think02:04
judgenhehe i could not even stay away from kwin (the best manager ever made so far, except the app_server, tracker,deskbar combination wich is awsome. Even for people that have only used win7 and compiz02:04
newboon2age_xrandrmac: are you running kubuntu?02:08
nickeeOk, this is wierd, & very poor operation/design:  Only when there is totally clear space on the taskbar/panel does the "General" option show up (with the filters options showing).  I'd been clicking on the tb/panel below the "show desktop" icon, & that brought up the "task manager settings" window, but minus the "general" tab.  -  Is that a bug??  Seems awful.02:08
newboon2age_xrandrmac: oh, sorry yes this is the #kubuntu channel (got disoriented)02:08
xrandrmacnewboon2age_: yeah, i just did a software update, and it broke KDE02:08
judgennot at the moment, but i have installed "kubuntu-dekstop" package02:08
xrandrmacksmserver is having issues02:08
newboon2age_xrandrmac: reason i ask is i had some issues w/ networkmanager and got the solution which is CL... would that help?02:08
judgenxrandrmac, details?02:08
James147nickee: looks like its being worked on... the isue is when you click on application icons that cause their menus to appear... in kde 4.5 it seems that task manager settings have been added to that menu, but not the panel options02:23
xrandrmacJames147: i did a mv -f .kde kdesave/   then restarted kdm, tried to login, and it's still very unhappy with me. I created a testuser acct and it's happier than a horta in a rock quarry02:23
James147xrandrmac: check your ~/ for files that might be owned by root02:23
nickeeJames147: thanks :)02:23
James147xrandrmac: (or not owned by you)02:24
James147nickee: The great thing about the task manager (and everything else) being "just a widget" is that you can replace them with other things (like smooth tasks over task manager for a more win7 like taskbar... or lancealot as the application launcher)02:25
xrandrmacJames147: would backing up my files, removing MY user account and recreating it solve the issue?02:25
James147xrandrmac: chown USER:USER ~/.*   might also work02:26
xrandrmacJames147: should i use chown -R or just chown?02:26
James147xrandrmac: ls -la ~/ | grep root   just to see if there are any files owned by root would be a quick check though and safer02:26
xrandrmacJames147: did that, and no returns02:27
nickeeHelp please:   Kate File>OpenRecent  fails to show the document I just saved then closed window on.  Is this a known bug?02:27
James147xrandrmac: :Sif a new user worked then I would think recreating your home directory would also work (but I suggest backing it up then deleting the files one by one untill you find the problem if you want to keep some settings)02:28
James147xrandrmac: I would try .Xauthority first :) have had problems with that one in the past02:29
James147xrandrmac: then anything you think you wont miss :)02:29
xrandrmacremove .Xauthority?02:30
James147xrandrmac: thats what I would try first02:31
xrandrmacremoving the home directory worked02:32
nickeeHelp please:   Kate File>OpenRecent  fails to show the document I just saved then closed window on.  Is this a known bug?02:33
xrandrmacnow lets see if i can replace my .kde to get my settings back02:33
James147nickee: just once, or every time?02:34
nickeeJames147: pretty sure always.02:34
James147nickee: noticing that it clears my recient documents on close here :S so its always empty on start02:35
nickeeJames147: the list of recent documents is about 10 items, all fairly old, & it doesn't show a test document I just made, saved & closed.02:38
James147nickee: can you clear the list and see if you cna get anything new on it?02:38
nickeeJames147: I never close Kate.  It is always running.  I have many documents open in it (25).  When I shutdown & restart , it comes up with all my documents from before I shutdown.02:38
nickeeJames147: how does one "clear the list"?02:39
James147nickee: the recent document list? it should be File>recent documents>clear list02:40
James147nickee: if you dont want it to load any documents on start up go to Settings > configure kate > (Application) Sessions > check "Start new session"02:41
nickeeJames147:  File >  there is no ">recent documents>clear list"02:42
James147nickee: "open recent"?02:42
nickeeJames147:  Thx, no , I _do_ want it to reload the documents from the last session. :)02:42
nickeeJames147: File > Open, OpenRecent, OpenWith.  those are the only 3 "open" options there.02:44
xrandrmacJames147: thanks :)02:44
James147nickee: file > open recent > clear list    should clear the recent documents02:45
James147nickee: then see if you cna get anything to stick after you close and reopen kate (I cannot for some reason)02:45
synthCan someone give me a hand with wireless on kubuntu 10.04?  I used the system tray network icon to configure my wireless. it worked.. I rebooted and it no longer wants to connect.  the 'profile' is still there with all its settings but it wont connect02:46
nickeeJames147: Ok, I see it.  1) I cleared the list, & now the list is empty. 2) I created a test doc, saved it, closed its window.  3) Recent documents is still empty :(   Suggestions?02:46
synththe driver works, iwconfig shows the interface and says its unassociated.02:46
synthI cant get that 'system tray' app to reconnect though despite its attempts.. even if I remove the entry and re-make it anew it still won't..02:47
nickeeJames147: Ok, I see it.  1) I cleared the list, & now the list is empty. 2) I created a test doc, saved it, closed its window.  3) Recent documents is still empty :(   Suggestions?02:47
synthall the documentation I can find is unspecific and helped with this issue..02:47
synth*wont help02:48
James147nickee: my guess is a bug... I would file a bug report, not sure what else to do sorry (looks like it worked in the past but not any longer)02:48
James147synth: you can try the gnome network manager, knetwork manager is still abit flaky at times :S (intall: network-manager-gnome  run: nm-applet)02:49
synthJames147: ooh I will try that thanks much02:50
synthI dont mind if its gnome I wont be using it often02:50
nickeeJames147: thx. aare you a developer?  Are yo able to file a bug report on this?  I'm thinking you are fast & could file it in 1 minute, where it would take me 30 mintes to learn howto & file the bug.   If you could file the bug, since you are more familiar with the issues, you'd also know more about how to specify the bug properly.02:50
nickeeJames147: would you mind filing this bug?  Please?  Please let me know. Thanks :)02:50
James147synth: (kill knetworkmanager before starting nm-applet)  if that doesnt work alot of people found wicd to work better then Network-Manager (but that will want to remove network-manager when you install it)02:51
James147nickee: I am not :) so would probally take me jsut as long (there is a bug report option in the help menu of kde apps... try that :) )02:51
synthnm-applet is in network-manager-gnome?02:53
synthtrying to find it with apt-file now02:53
James147synth: yes02:53
synthok cool.. instaling now02:53
James147nickee: looks like it has already been reported02:54
James147nickee: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22802702:55
James147nickee: or rather https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18275902:56
synthdamn no luck with network-manager-gnome either.. its weird it just wont finish connecting when it starts.. even if i delete & re-add the entry as if it were new.  it worked the first time.03:08
amasonsynth: is there anything in dmes03:09
amasondmesg rather03:09
amasonworth just checking the driver isn't complaining about something or other03:09
synthjust some NETDEV_UP & NETDEV_CHANGE ioctl msgs talk about link not ready/link becomes ready03:09
synthiwconfig & ifconfig show the interface but for some reason it doesnt get its IP03:09
synthi tried dhclient against the iface, didnt help03:10
amasonso does it keep prompting for password or what does it do when it fails ?03:11
synthit doesnt prompt for a password, just looks like its setting up and never gets further03:11
synthw/kde network manager it went on and on.. w/gnome it seems to time out after 60 seconds03:11
synthno error nothing03:12
amasonout of curiosity try rmmod your wireless driver03:12
amasonand then modprobe it03:12
amasonwhat model wireless card do you have ?03:13
synthheh, none of the network managers are working for me.. can anyone point me to instructions on how to setup wireless with etc/network/interfaces & iwconfig ?03:21
synthwhere in the world do all these network managers store their configurations?03:30
synthnow that I go back to the gnome applet, all the values for my wireless are greyed out03:30
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AshexThere any problems with adding additional collections to digikam?03:57
AshexI'm trying to add a folder that's mounted via sshfs. Get the message "The selected folder does not exist or is not readable"03:58
Khaotichow do i get skype?04:00
avihayKhaotic: you can download it from they're site04:27
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gaurav__hello everyone05:07
amasonhi gaurav__05:08
gaurav__hi amason05:08
[CM]I seriously dont think 10.04 is ready myself........ I just got done downgrading back to 8.0405:17
[CM]for the reason that05:17
[CM]if your using a gtk app like chrome05:17
[CM]and pidgin looses all sound till chrome is closed05:17
amason[CM]: ready for what ?05:21
[CM]prime time amason05:23
[CM]because of the audio issues05:23
[CM]thats why I downgraded back to 8.0405:23
[CM]with kde 3.5.1005:23
amason*shrug* works ok for me05:23
[CM]it didnt for me... one was muted while the other played05:23
amasonat least with 8.04 your still supported though05:23
[CM]and vice versa05:23
amason[CM]: have you considered filing a bug against your problem. On consideration , since both of those are GTK applications and i think by default Kubuntu doesn't use pulseaudio as the phonon backend, that it could just be a case of the maintainers setting pulseaudio as the default backend05:30
amasonbecause the problem your describing is pretty much pulseaudio is meant to combat05:30
[CM]I never did file anything,05:30
amasonmy guess is that two kde apps wouldn't have an issue05:30
amasonor if you were using Ubuntu (ie gnome ) then that would use pulseaudio and that probably would work05:31
amasoni don't know that for sure though05:31
amasonbut things can't improve if people don't let the maintainers know when something isn't working05:31
TravisFWis there something new about mounting drives in kubuntu 10.4? just plugging it in doesn't bring up the notification to mount like it used to05:54
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newboon2age_just for everyone's info here's how i was able to get UbuntuOne working on Kubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9535765#post953576506:25
scarodjHi. I'm very used to look for this kind of info by googling and on the forums and I'm almost sure I won't find an answer, so, I'll ask away. Kpakage kit has a while stuck saying it's wayting for the service to start. Is this normal? Should I really wait for the service to start or should I kill the process and start again? Will this bring problems with the downloaded or half installed packages? Pleas and thanks :D Peace.06:44
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nigoi've got a problem that why kde in kubuntu is slower than in backtrack3?08:05
nigois it because the version of KDE in different?08:05
hateballnigo: depends on which version of Kubuntu you have08:11
nigoi install bt3 and kubuntu10.04 in my notbook(cpu P4 1.6HZ),but the kubuntu10.04 is much faster than kubuntu08:13
nigothank you hateball08:13
corinthWhat's the easiest way to install KDE 3.5.X in Ubuntu 10.04?08:27
mase_wkcorinth: use another distro :)08:31
mase_wkcorinth: actually...i remember there being pakcages / ppa's for karmic. maybe they have been made available for lucid. you will need to google for it though08:32
moetunesthere is a ppa for 3.5 iirc08:32
mase_wkhowever there are some debian based distros that are specifically there for kde 3 users08:32
corinthmase_wk, Been looking on Google. I know of the Trinity/KDE3 project...but its servers recently got hit by a major power surge. They won't be back up for a while, blech.08:35
mase_wkk. yeh i don't use kde3 so i'm not really that familiar with the options.08:37
mase_wki know there are some distros out there with the specific goal of being good at kde308:37
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MehrabHi. when I try to install a package from repositories, kubuntu gradually eats up all free disk space of root/home directory and I have to reboot to recover that free space, what is wrong with it?08:58
mase_wkMehrab: your just doing apt-get install somethingorother ?08:59
nickeeWhat's the package that with some Tab key combination, like Alt-Tab, not only shows you the _names_ of the windows it can switch to, but shows an _image_ of that window?  Compiz???09:00
Mehrabmase_wk: it makes no difference, apt-get or aptitude or through kpackagekit09:00
mase_wkhow much space do you have free  and what are you installing ?09:00
Mehrabmase_wk: about 9GB, and it would eat that up in about 45 minutes, even if the installation or update take just 2 minutes, it will continue to eat up the rest of disk space09:02
mase_wkright ok . thats not something i've ever really had an issue with09:03
mase_wki really don't know whats going on there09:03
mase_wkcertainly not normal09:03
mase_wkso its always your root users home directory ?09:04
Mehrabmase_wk: yes09:04
mase_wkthis a brand new install ?09:05
nickeeWhat's the package that with some Tab key combination, like Alt-Tab, not only shows you the _names_ of the windows it can switch to, but shows an _image_ of that window?  Compiz???09:05
Mehrabmase_wk: yes it is, and I just copied the old home folder to the new installation09:06
mase_wknot really sure sorry09:06
mase_wkbeyond anythign i've ever experienced09:06
Mamaroknickee: it's the Desktop effects, built into KDE09:19
Mamarokyou can activate it in the system settings -> Desktop09:19
nickeeMamarok: thx.  I've now found that part of system settings.  The only effect i want is to see the Firefox windows I could switch to, with alt-tab.  Nothing else, to keep things fast.  Do you know what setting that is there?09:20
Mamarokthe Firefox windows? How many do you have? Normally one opens one Fireofx instance and then uses tabs09:21
Mamarokif you don't want an animated switch, Alt+Tab also switches windows without desktop effects, if those are in the same virtual desktop09:22
nickeeMamarok: no, i've got manuy (10+) on the desktop, each with many tabs,09:22
Mamarokwell, Alt+Tab works with and without desktop effects09:22
nickeethat's why I want this - so I can see all the ff tabs on each window, in graphical form, as I alt-tab.09:22
Mamarokyou can only see one tab at a time09:23
nickeeMamarok: do you know which setting it is to turn that on?09:23
nickeeMamarok: sure, 1 at a time, but what setting turns that on?  I don't want lots of other effects slowing things down.09:23
Mamarokbut if you want to see all open windows at a time you would need Box switch09:23
Mamarokelse it is Cover switch09:24
nickeeMamarok: what's the keypress for boxswitch?09:24
nickee& cover sw?09:24
Mamaroknickee: it's always AltTab, you just have to enable the effect and have the desktop effects active09:24
nickeeMamarok: thanks :)09:25
Mamarokthere is an icon on the right to each effect to change key shortcuts if you want to though09:25
MamarokBox Switch is done by pushing the mouse to the top left screen corner usually09:26
Mamaroksorry, that's the desktop grid09:27
nfrsI'm using kubuntu 10.04/KDE 4.4.2/kmix 3.6, and there doesn't appear to be a balance control in KMix. what am I missing?10:02
naftilos76hi everyone, how do i add parameters to kernel command line? can i do it in grub.cfg? my system is 64bit Kubuntu 10.04. I want to add the parameter "i8042.nopnp". it will probably fix my problem with the mouse/keyboard crashing randomly! please help...10:28
ussher_I have a webserver that i access through FTP and SSH.  FTP needs the directory ownership set to vsftpd:www-data to be able to write to it, but SSH needs the ownership to be set to username:username.  Should i be thinking "access SSH with the vsftpd user" or "add username to vsftpd ownership group"? to allow both to have write access?10:29
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tdnIn my homedir there is a folder called "Updater". What is this folder used for? It is empty? Is it safe to delete it? Why is it created? And by what?10:38
tdnSame with the Templates folder.10:39
ussher_tdn: i havent got one, so its probably there as a result of some app you installed.  deleting it wont break your system10:39
tdnussher_, you dont have an Updater or Templates folder?10:40
ussher_sometimes programs make their own folders when they start up.  example, eclipse make the /workspace/ folder10:40
ussher_tdn:  nope. not in my home folder10:40
ussher_I had a bunch of folders when i did a fresh install of kubuntu though.  deleted them all and made my own.  any program settings will most likely be stored in a folder starting with a dot so hidden anyhow10:42
tdnussher_, yeah. These are present on a fresh install.10:42
ussher_like ~/.mozilla10:42
tdnHow do I use the Templates folder for example?10:42
ussher_Yeah, i had a Downloads, a Music and some other ones.  delete em all.  except the desktop one.  thats useful10:42
ussher_I think they are just there to tell you, this is where you store stuff.10:43
tdnHmm.... Ok.10:43
ussher_if it pops back up again after using some program then look for it in the default settings of that program.10:44
nfrsI'm using kubuntu 10.04/KDE 4.4.2/kmix 3.6, and there doesn't appear to be a balance control in KMix. what am I missing?10:44
ussher_tdn: like Netbeans IDE will by default make a folder on your home directory called NetBeansProjects10:44
ussher_nfrs: if you go to the K menu -> multimedia  do you have the  "Pulse audio volume control" item?10:48
ussher_there is a balance control in there10:48
nfrsussher_: I removed all packages related to pulseaudio, since it was messing my system up10:48
nfrsI'm using alsa10:48
ussher_ah, ok.10:49
bigbrovar_anyone running Intel GM965 graphic card on kde 4.4 performance here is so slow and chubby10:57
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macintuxHey Everyone, I have a surplus of bandwidth to the tune of roughly 100GB/month or so and was wondering are there any ways to share bandwidth such as linux ISO's or something?11:09
macintuxThings that would benefit the community that is.11:09
ussher_When i FTP into my server i can change file contents, but when i SSH into the same folder i get 'Permission denied' when trying to edit a file.  how can i give my SSH user edit permissions?11:11
macintuxussher_: Hey, Have you tried changing ownership of the files/folder to your ssh user?11:15
ussher_macintux: yeah i did that, but then when i ftp in i cant change the delete stuff11:15
ussher_change or delete stuff, sorrry.11:15
macintuxussher_: For the group permission which im assuming is what your using is it set to Can read and write?11:16
macintuxussher_: instead of just read.11:16
ussher_I was trying to find a way to SSH in with the vsftpd user, but it asks for a password which i dont know for that user.11:17
macintuxussher_: Is this a server you have physical access to?11:17
ussher_its running on virtualbox inside my laptop.11:18
macintuxussher_: Why don't you just create a new user/pass?11:18
ussher_so kubuntu os running virtual box which is running ubuntu server11:18
macintuxussher_: I'm not an expert on servers, but i know a little bit about Linux and such.11:19
ussher_I wonder if that would work..... Ill try.  the FTP stuff was setup by the ehcp control panel system.11:19
ussher_ill try to change the PW of the vsftpd user, see if i dont stuff everything up.11:20
macintuxussher_: You could create a snapshot before you do so..so you can always revert back to it.11:20
ussher_macintux: i changed the password for vsftpd and tried to login through SSH  as soon as i got to the command line the connection was closed automatically11:29
macintuxussher_: Thats interesting. Never had that happen to me before.11:30
ussher_well the FTP still works, so its not a total disaster.11:30
macintuxussher_: Your running FTP through an ssh tunnel then?11:31
ussher_no, im using Konqueror for FTP to the virtualbox server.  but want to go in through SSH so i can use a command line tool called11:31
ussher_drush.  its for drupal11:31
macintuxussher_: I had tons of fun running a tunnel through ssh, using encrypted connections with friends. lol Sorry I can't be a ton of help though :(11:32
ultradj83Hi everybody. I have a zombie account: when I do login, password seems accepted but I'm taken back to login. Maybe this happens since the account has been cloned. Is it possible to fix?11:32
ussher_the issue is if im running drush as the user, it cant download stuff.  i have to do sudo to make it download stuff.  which screws up all permissions because the written folders belong to root11:32
macintuxussher_: Drupal is a great tool, I love it.11:32
macintuxussher_: Yeah, I have a feeling your permissions might be a bit wonky such as the folder itself...I hate permissions.11:33
ussher_drupal is cool and drush is a shell for drupal.  so you can skip the point and click admin interface11:33
ussher_macintux: I know its a permissions thing.  This is the same issue i ran into last time i tried to get drush working.  I gave up.  Im trying again. :)11:34
macintuxussher_: Thats cool, I'll have to check that out. I would love to have a darknet it just sounds like so much fun...like back into dialup forums! woohoo 28.8k11:35
macintuxussher_: I'd suggest posting to the ubuntuforums, they're really helpful and can usually answer my questions. Wish I could be of more help.11:35
ussher_macintux: you were a great help.  Thanks very much.11:36
ussher_Ill keep at it.11:36
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macintuxussher_: Don't worry, youll get it and then you'll be that much smarter then you can come here and tell me how you fixed it so i will have learned something! lol11:37
OxDeadC0de_acK! I just upgraded from Kubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 on a toshiba satellite and now the K Key is somehow mapped to the volume up and the volume slider taKes screenshots11:37
OxDeadC0de_anyone Know why? (i'm pasting the K's in here)11:37
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: Hold on, i'll lookup keymaps real quick see if i can help you.11:38
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: You can change all your keys with xmodmap, although you explained it may be linked to shortcuts which are...system preferences keyboard shortcuts11:40
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79741811:40
* OxDeadC0de_ looks11:43
OxDeadC0de_ugh, looks like it's not the only keyboard mapping problem, the arrow keys are all messed up too =\11:46
OxDeadC0de_i have a feeling the keys are all mapped wrong (at a lower level than kde)11:47
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: I'm on a mac, so i feel some of your pain. I hate MacOSX so I run linux none of my F keys work...PITA to get the touchpad to do right click...volume keys....all that had to get them to work.11:47
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OxDeadC0de_sucks cause 9.10 and 9.04 both worked fine11:48
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: Yeah, Upgrading from 9.10 i believe i messed up my GRUB install...whole ton of other things as well. Sorry I couldn't be more help.11:51
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: I know theres something you can run and it will tell you what key the system thinks your pressing..dont know the name of it off the top of my head though. May be helpful in your situation11:52
OxDeadC0de_yeah I can't remember what it's called either atm11:52
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: I think its xev11:54
macintuxYes!!!! Thats it, It's "xev"11:54
OxDeadC0de_funny, xev is reporting the right stuff11:55
OxDeadC0de_volume controls are 122/123 and the k key reports as 'k' in xev =\11:56
* OxDeadC0de_ tries removing the old .kde dir and killing xorg, brb11:56
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gnomefreakhow do you unlock apt? i cant recall12:00
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:01
gnomefreaknevermind i found it12:03
OxDeadC0de_heh, funny, now the k key works, and the volume keys don't do anything, and the up arrow now takes screen shots.. *sigh*12:05
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: One down 100 more to go? heh12:05
* OxDeadC0de_ nods12:05
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: You may be able to just change the shortcuts in system to make your volume keys work.12:06
OxDeadC0de_yeah, that and it said I had incomplete language info which could be a cause12:07
OxDeadC0de_er, language support*12:07
OxDeadC0de_maybe it has something to do with this ibus thing12:09
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OxDeadC0de_grrr, the keys that arn't working in kde do work in the terminal (non-xorg)12:14
OxDeadC0de_well.. whatever I did seems to have worked12:22
OxDeadC0de_soo.. yay12:22
OxDeadC0de_thanks for the help macintux, turns out I had to install language support, set the language to english, then disable keyboard layouts (which were initially disabled...)12:24
OxDeadC0de_all that after I removed the original .kde dir of course12:25
OxDeadC0de_wow, I really like the hover over folder to open a quick folder view on the folder view plugin12:26
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: Glad you got your problem fixed! :)12:29
OxDeadC0de_me too, that would have sucked to give my mother back her laptop all broken :P12:29
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: That would suck. I'm in the market for a new laptop myself. The MacbookPro I have has a dead battery and I have 2 Asus Gamers laptops with cracked gfx cards. Any laptops you like out there?12:30
OxDeadC0de_I have no personal preferences.. as long as it's got enough ram and speed to compile very large apps in very little time, and do the occassional 3d modeling, I'm happy12:31
OxDeadC0de_when I recommend I always get an idea of the expected usage before I recommend anything12:31
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer__
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: True, I was considering a Panasonic Toughbook. So tired of laptops failing on me hah. I refuse to buy another Asus but I like their high-res screens.12:32
macintuxGetting laptops to run on linux can be a pain though so i have to find one that works with linux alright as well.12:32
OxDeadC0de_heh, I kinda wish I got a toughbook, my own laptop is literally falling to pieces.. luckily it's just the plastic case that's breaking and not the hardware (yet)12:33
OxDeadC0de_so umm, don't get hp if you mind your case falling to peices after 3-4 years ;)12:33
macintuxOxDeadC0de_: You'll freak when you look at the pricetag though. I just wanted to scream when my 2 $1800 Asus laptops went out 4 days apart.12:33
macintuxIt was a defective gfx card..bought 1 week apart12:34
OxDeadC0de_I would have expected better from Asus12:34
macintuxThey changed owners..ever since then they are EVIL12:34
OxDeadC0de_good to know, I'll no longer buy their stuff then12:34
naftilos76hi, has anyone experienced mouse/keyboard stop responding (not crash). as seen in google lots of people have experienced in Kubuntu 10.04 and some say it is a kernel bug. One has tried giving params to the kernel at boot time which worked for hime but not 4 me! the param he gave was 'i8042.nopnp'. I am in the middle of a crises! please help...12:44
=== wolf is now known as Guest74808
macintuxnaftilos76: I've never had that problem and ive been running 10.04 on multiple computers and laptops.12:54
naftilos76thanks for the feedback! anybody else?12:57
antonella_bellaHi guys. Can anybody help me to duplicate a user?13:22
antonella_bellaI've tried to copy home and chown the whole new home, but something went wrong, maybe the old home includes some refs, I have to chown back the original home to have the original user working again...13:24
=== warren_ is now known as Guest93291
macintuxantonella_bella: Duplicate a user?13:35
antonella_bellayep, to the same machine to have all configuration done with the new user13:35
liquidatHej there, I just saw that KDEPIM 4.5 Beta1 was tagged - any chance to see that soon in the Kubuntu repositories?13:38
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xrfangafter upgrade to 4.4.5, I get a problem shown here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/xrfang/4754892864/sizes/l/13:53
xrfanganyone has same problem or know how to solve it? thanks13:53
macintuxxrfang: I've had that problem once or twice but a restart fixed it.13:54
xrfangmacintux: I had a more serious problem, compoisiting does not work and result in a screen that is 80% black... "several" restarts fixed that, but not  this one.13:59
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ToxinPowexrfang: I have seen this problem too many times, did you search on google?14:08
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russian_mansomebody install apache under linux?  I need to install mode_rewrite.14:29
russian_manslinker1 - a?14:30
urgyenisn't mod_rewrite already there?14:31
slinker1ought to be14:31
russian_manI think thak it is not here!  Because when I wreie in .htacces "RewriteEngine ON"  then  "Internal Server Error"14:31
russian_manhow to check?  is mod_rewrite here or not?14:32
russian_manin config I did not see records with word "rewrite"14:33
urgyendid you look in /etc/apache214:33
russian_manpetr@ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ ls14:33
russian_manapache2.conf   conf.d   httpd.conf      mods-enabled  sites-available14:33
russian_manapache2.conf~  envvars  mods-available  ports.conf    sites-enabled14:33
urgyenso look in the mods-enabled directory14:34
russian_manpetr@ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ ls14:34
russian_manapache2.conf   conf.d   httpd.conf      mods-enabled  sites-available14:34
russian_manapache2.conf~  envvars  mods-available  ports.conf    sites-enabled14:34
russian_manpetr@ubuntu:/etc/apache2$ ls14:34
russian_manapache2.conf   conf.d   httpd.conf      mods-enabled  sites-available14:34
russian_manapache2.conf~  envvars  mods-available  ports.conf    sites-enabled14:34
russian_manthere are many files14:34
FloodBotK2russian_man: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:34
urgyenso you don't see rewrite there?14:35
urgyenyou don't have to list everything14:35
urgyenI'll take your word for it14:35
urgyenlook in mods-available14:35
urgyenand see if it is there14:35
russian_manthere are many many many!! )))14:36
urgyenthat's linux14:36
urgyenso to make it active you learn how to use the ln -s command14:36
russian_manI know how to use14:37
urgyenand make a link to the available file in the enabled directory14:37
russian_manit is symbolic link14:37
urgyenthen restart14:37
urgyenand you will have mod-rewrite14:37
russian_manOP!!  Forbidden14:39
russian_manYou don't have permission to access / on this server.14:39
russian_manBut I thik that rewrite work?14:39
russian_manno no.,,,   forbidden  in brouser14:39
urgyenya now you can work on your script14:40
russian_manok...  but it is better then 403 error (internal server)14:40
russian_manman wait... after some time may be I say you about my results14:40
urgyenI wander around a lot14:41
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moscow_manit is me again15:15
kosmofieldDoes anyone know where KCron's job-file is located? :|15:16
moscow_manhow to remove ALL apache   and install new!  default configureation?15:16
yefengit is my first time to use IRC.it's interesting. Haha15:18
moscow_manyefeng ok15:18
urgyenmosc. you do have ubuntu, right?15:18
urgyenso how do you install anything?15:18
moscow_mansudo apt-get install ...15:19
urgyenso you are not using a gnome or kde?15:19
moscow_manbut apache was installed by defoult in distribtive15:19
urgyenbecause you installed server?15:19
moscow_manI think kde15:19
urgyenso there is a gui package manager15:20
moscow_manno - server was by default on distributive15:20
yefengwhere are you from?15:20
urgyennot that apt-get is that hard15:20
urgyenbut this makes it just that much easier15:20
urgyenSoftware Management, kpackagekit15:20
moscow_manI remove all apache now....  sudo apt-get remove apache2....15:20
urgyenusually it won't erase config files that have been changed15:20
urgyenmaybe save those as a different name15:21
urgyenthere are probably wiki pages that will step you through an install showing all the different options along the way15:21
moscow_manfuck!  I think I want to remove my old 8 version of kubuntu.....15:22
bazhangmoscow_man, no swearing please15:22
moscow_man2 days ago I close session in university - and I have 2 weeks to remove all my softwere and install NEW15:23
yefengso,where are you from ?15:23
yefengI'm from China.Nice to talk to you.15:24
moscow_manstop man.... I do not want to go in russian IRC...  do not say me this15:24
urgyenyou are doing fine15:24
urgyenso you are trying to save things and start over?15:24
moscow_mansome time ago (year)  I want to remove  my 8 version of kubuntu --- but windows installer did not work   in 10 version!15:25
moscow_manI think that I can remove all system - all kubuntu15:26
urgyenproblem with going off the path is risk of dependency hell15:26
urgyenotherwise it takes care and patience15:26
moscow_manwow )))  after removing all apache and installing new )))   server run nice15:27
BluesKajkubuntu is ubuntu with kde and kubuntu desktop environment , ubuntu has the gnome desktop environment15:30
ilya-xKubuntu 10.04 is my first time with Linux, which I installed on the day it was released. Right now, I've let the system perform all its updates and patches as I've been using it, and as a result of this, the list of bootable kernel images in my GRUB list keeps growing and growing... I now have 3 kernels listed there, with 2 per image (normal and recovery). Why is this going on? How do I stop these updates from infinitely filling up my15:30
ilya-x GRUB menu like this?15:30
BluesKajilya-x, one can remove old linux images with the package manager , just make sure you remove old ones.15:32
ilya-xis there no way to stop it from continuously happening in the future? I don't understand why this is going on at all, it seems like an annoying bug... this can't be normal behavior, can it?15:33
BluesKajilya-x, the linux kernel is periodically updated and the newest are added to grub automatically so when you boot you're booting into the latest one , unless you choose one further down the list.15:36
ilya-xso after several years of use, unless I manually go in and delete them, I should expect my grub list to be several pages long?15:37
ilya-xI can't be the only person who thinks that's rather bizarre15:37
BluesKajonly ifyou don't update your actual release15:38
ilya-xok, well, thanks for the explanation anyway15:39
BluesKajor upgrade to newer release15:39
BluesKajilya-x, it isn't bizarre , it just leaves more boot options15:40
ncfi1013_why is ktorrent crashing on me in karmic?15:41
ilya-xanother question: right now, almost every time after I boot into Windows 7 on the same PC, after I restart and try booting back into Kubuntu, it will hang on the initial "Kubuntu" loading screen with no indications or messages on screen, but if I shut the computer off and back on and try to boot again, it gets into Kubuntu without issues15:41
ilya-xis this a known bug?15:41
BluesKajyour release won't update past a kernel that isn't supported by it15:41
BluesKajso you won't have pages and pages of kernels15:42
BluesKajhi :)15:44
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moscow_manwhich LINUX do you recomend me?16:00
moscow_manI want to start download new version of linux16:01
moscow_manmandriva 2010?  kubuntu 10?   ubuntu ???16:01
moscow_manwhat is better   and ehere can I see review?16:01
bazhangmoscow_man, this is kubuntu support only16:01
bazhangmoscow_man, perhaps try in ##linux16:01
moscow_manok - kubuntu 10?16:01
macomoscow_man: have you used any linux distros before?16:01
moscow_manI use kubuntu 8 now16:02
macoi dont know if that means 8.04 or 8.10, but either way its no longer being supported...16:02
macowell if youre used to apt and kde, then sticking with kubuntu might be a good idea16:03
macounless you want to learn something new, in which case mandriva will have new package management stuff for you to learn (but they also make you pay money for some stuff, so watch out)16:03
solifugusThe vesa driver is installed but kubuntu is trying to use noveau (oss nvidia).. How can I make xorg use vesa instead?16:03
macosolifugus: youd need to make an xorg.conf16:03
solifugusah.. and there's a command for that.16:04
solifugusthat i don't remember16:04
solifugusare runlevels set in /init/rc.conf ?16:05
macoubuntu doesnt use sysv init runlevel stuff...16:05
macowe have upstart16:05
Space_Man8.04 was KDE3, 10.04 is KDE4, there is also a KDE3 version of 10.0416:06
macoSpace_Man: there ws a kde4 version of 8.04 too16:06
Space_Manlook for the Trinity remix16:06
macoand the kde3 version of 10.04 is unofficial and not supported here16:06
solifugusI need to set it to 3, so I can get into kubuntu w/o chroot'ing from a livecd16:06
Space_Manwas there really?16:06
Space_Manit must have been bad :)16:06
macosolifugus: that doesnt do what you think it does16:06
macosolifugus: this isnt red hat16:06
aneesh_hi, my compiz not getting started automatically :(16:07
macosolifugus: runlevels 2, 3, 4, 5 *ALL* run the graphical login manager if it's available in debian lan16:07
solifugusmaco: how can i make it start on commandline, instead of x?16:07
macosolifugus: you could boot into single user mode...16:07
aneesh_any help???16:07
BluesKajsolifugus, ctrl+alt+f116:07
aneesh_any compiz experts here?16:08
macoaneesh_: doubtful. its not often used in kde since kwin has its own effects16:08
macoaneesh_: but anything should autostart if you just put it in the autostart thing in systemsettings16:08
solifugusBluesKaj: doesn't work.. it's all black regardless.. the video driver is totally foo-bar'd..16:08
aneesh_yeah, thanks for the response16:08
macosolifugus: use recovery mode16:09
aneesh_i just created softlinks, to the ./kde/Autostart16:09
BluesKajsolifugus, it should get you to a TTY16:09
aneesh_still its not working, really weired ;(16:09
macoBluesKaj: not always16:09
solifugusrecovery mode gives me text up until kdm then goes black16:09
macoBluesKaj: if X is too broken it wont work16:09
solifugusyou're right.. I can start ssh16:10
macosolifugus: recovery mode doesnt have kdm16:10
moscow_manguys!   where can I download super KUBUNTU 10 ?16:10
macoBluesKaj: there are some ways graphics drivers can break where the prompts arent visible in the tty16:10
moscow_manmay be russian edition16:10
BluesKajmaco,, too broken , what does X have to do with it?16:10
macomoscow_man: http://kubuntu.org has a download button16:10
macoBluesKaj: X fails to let go of the device properly or something. i remember this happening with i945 in gutsy or thereabouts16:11
solifugusmaco: ... well.. let's try that again then.. it looked like it was starting kdm.. i'll see16:11
macoor maybe it was i965 on hardy...16:11
moscow_mankubuntu 10 have installer .iso ????   I want to use windows and linux together16:11
macomoscow_man: yes the download with be a .iso. just burn it to a cd. the installer will offer to dual boot16:11
BluesKajmaco, then it's more than X , it's a hardware recognition problem16:11
macoBluesKaj: well X is where the graphics drivers are... though nowadays i guess KMS could be getting in on the fun16:12
moscow_mankubuntu 8 I installed without butning CD!!!    only under "alcohol120%"!    But 10 version need burnig on CD ????????16:13
BluesKajmaco,if one is going to use the tty ,then stopping kdm is usually best16:13
moscow_manIt may be!16:14
macoBluesKaj: but if you cant get to a working tty from kdm, you cant stop kdm16:14
moscow_manbecause 10 version do not install under alcohol120% (windows program - emulator of CD)16:14
=== jtheuer__ is now known as jt|away
macoBluesKaj: im saying that when X is running (as it is when kdm is up) if it's really poorly handling your hardware, it may refuse to let go of your hardware for a regular tty to become available. in that case you get a black screen with no prompt. you cant stop kdm from there16:15
macomoscow_man: you can do that16:15
moscow_manOK  I am starting download16:15
moscow_manyes!  I am ready to do it ))16:15
BluesKajmaco, then as I said before , it's most likely a kernel source problem, a hardware module may not be loading or available16:15
moscow_manI want kubuntu 10 !16:16
macomoscow_man: you wont get a partitioned dual boot since that requires a cd, but i guess if thats how you did 8.04 then you must be used to wubi anyway16:16
macoBluesKaj: have there always been pieces of the graphics drivers in kernel?16:16
macocuz this happened before KMS came onto the scene...16:16
macooh hmm ok that was a stupid question16:17
BluesKajmaco just the default vesa afaik16:17
macoDRM/DRI happens in kernel space i think... so yeah there wouldve been kernel to blame...16:17
BluesKajmaco, granted your description may be correct but the cause then is difficult to fix16:18
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macintux___BluesKaj: Hey Blues, are you a dev or something?16:24
BluesKajmacintux___, no, just a user16:27
macintux___BluesKaj: Your always in here and you've helped me numerous times. Thats so awesome, you just need a huge recognition plaque :)16:27
BluesKajmacintux___, I see what you mean about KMS , that could definitely a problem , but if there are some guys who have a workaround , for the failure to load, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/radeon-kms-works-760963/16:29
BluesKajmacintux___, I'm an old retired guy ith a lotta time on my hands :)16:30
macintux___BluesKaj: Well anyway thanks for your support, I've seen you in here for the last few years! Been really great having help :)16:30
BluesKajoops I mean't maco for the url post16:31
BluesKajmacintux___, always glad to help :)16:31
macohey slackware... ive got a few friends that work on that16:31
BluesKajhmm , holland ahead 2-116:35
TorchBluesKaj: oh, good!16:35
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meatbuni am having prob with ubuntu firefox. none of those links can be clicked. http://www.maxgroup.com/products.htm18:15
nixboxhi all18:28
nixboxi am running kubuntu 10.04, i have installed the cups and started it, i can see the port 631 as being open in the netstat, but when i try to open up http;//localhost:631 in my browser, it says connection refused, what is wrong?, i aslo tried telnetting to 631 and doing a "get /" it returns some html, which means atleast something is running18:29
nixboxalso, i installed hplip and hplip-gui but i do not see any "HP Toolbox" in menu -> Applications -> System18:30
Khaoticamarok doesnt work18:51
James147Khaotic: define "dosent work"...18:52
Khaoticdoesnt play my music18:53
James147Khaotic: no sound? wont load *.mp3 wont load any media type?18:53
Khaoticjust super plays through the playlist18:54
Khaoticbut no sound out18:54
James147Khaotic: the more detail you give the more likly you will get an answer18:54
Khaoticthats the best i have18:54
Khaoticdoesnt play my files18:54
James147Khaotic: you probally need the codecs (install kubuntu-restricted-extras)18:54
Khaoticlike it just skips through them18:54
Khaoticfrom terminal?18:55
James147Khaotic: from any package managment program (apt-get, aptitude, kpackagekit... it dosent really matter)18:55
Khaoticthats it?18:56
James147Khaotic: restart amarok once its installed and see if it worked18:57
Khaoticok give me a few18:57
Khaoticstill installing18:57
KhaoticJames147, thanks so much19:01
nixboxhow do you add applications to startup?19:28
Torchnixbox: login or startupß19:28
Torchnixbox: login or startup?19:29
nixboxTorch: login19:29
nixboxTorch: by the way I figured the dual monitor problem with intel cards, i had to disable compositing19:29
pulaskiHi, nixbox, left click on the 'K' start button and choose the 'menu editor.  Its pretty intuitive from there.19:29
Torchnixbox: alterantively, there's system settings -> advanced -> autostart19:30
nixboxTorch: i am trying to add skype, skype is not visible as a program in the program list, also when i try to add it as a script, it doesn't show skype in /usr/bin (probably because its just looking for a shell script), "which skype" shows it is in /usr/bin/skype19:37
Torchnixbox: you should not need to autostart skype. just run it and leave it running on logout.19:39
Torchnixbox: KDE will then run it again when you log in the next time.19:39
nixboxTorch: ah, good, thanks19:39
nixboxfor some reason, cups is running but i cannot browse http://localhost:631, netstat shows port 631 is opened by cupsd19:41
ldeveauxhi everybody !20:04
ldeveauxI am using an MSI Wind with Kubuntu but my camera doesn't work20:04
ldeveauxI think this bug has already be reported but I don't know how to resolve it20:05
ldeveauxdo I have some packages to download or any commands ?20:05
jaime_hi, fresh install of K-10.4 here, sending mail 'with an attachment' makes the box freeze hard. same thing with thunderbird and kmail. fresh profiles, thorough hardware test, reinstalled apps and deps (even though debsum had no complaints), nothing seems to fix it. :( anyone?20:21
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jussildeveaux: curious, it works on my msi wind clone...20:23
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RoeyHello.. is k3b 2.0 coming to Lucid or Maverick?21:39
mimehello there, well i was going to /etc/pulse/daemon text file for enabling my 5.1 audio, for changing the 2 channels by the 6, but the files doesnt exist, what i am suposed to do :( i ise kubuntu 10.04 lts, thanx all21:41
mime11hello there, well i was going to /etc/pulse/daemon text file for enabling my 5.1 audio, for changing the 2 channels by the 6, but the files doesnt exist, what i am suposed to do :( i ise kubuntu 10.04 lts, thanx all21:45
mime11hello there, well i was going to /etc/pulse/daemon text file for enabling my 5.1 audio, for changing the 2 channels by the 6, but the files doesnt exist, what i am suposed to do :( i ise kubuntu 10.04 lts, thanx all21:45
mime11sorry internet probs21:45
FloodBotK2mime11: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:45
RoeyWhen's k3b 2.0 coming to Lucid?21:50
BluesKajRoey, try in #ubuntu+121:52
BluesKajRoey, or #k3b21:55
Roeyah, didn't know it existed.  Thanks.21:55
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ilumiwhy is apache2 running on kubuntu, whats it for?22:40
ilumican i kill it?22:40
ilumihow to stop it from starting up?22:40
ilumiat boot22:40
ilumialso why is my soundcard volume 40-50% lower than in windows?22:44
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Torchilumi: it's running because you installed it, i would guess.23:04
Torchilumi: uninstall it and it won't run.23:04
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit23:38
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