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lifelesssinzui: ping02:49
lifelessI'm looking at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/upower/+edit-packaging02:50
lifelessand and https://edge.launchpad.net/upower which seems to be totally different02:51
lifelesswhats the process to zap /upower so someone can link the udev upower to it ?02:52
wgrantlifeless: /upower seems to be deactivated -- I can't see it.03:31
lifelesswgrant: it is04:07
lifeless its for a 'User POWER on' crack feature04:07
lifelessmars: have you seen 'shrinksafe' ?04:39
pooliei wonder why my dapper ppa only seems to be building on i38606:19
lifelessbecause its arch:all06:19
poolieah of course06:19
nigelbbryceh: Happy Birthday! Have a splendid time!06:37
adeuringgood morning08:28
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wgrantbigjools: Morning.09:03
brycehnigelb, thanks :-)09:03
wgrantbigjools: This granting of launchpad.View to P3A subscribers does not sit well with me. I've not seen any rationale for changing the very explicit decision to not grant it in the first place, and it introduces unobvious things like bug #600910.09:05
bigjoolsle sigh09:06
bigjoolswgrant: it's the right thing to do generally, however yes there's going to be some wrinkles09:07
nigelbbryceh: :)09:07
wgrantbigjools: Well, yes, but it would seem wise to identify and iron out the wrinkles before granting a whole lot of unintended privileges...09:09
bigjoolswgrant: we thought we had....09:09
bigjoolsat least the ones we saw were not important right now09:10
spmbigjools: that comment was below the belt (ref wallabies). That is all. ;-)09:10
bigjoolsspm: bwahaha :)09:10
wgrantbigjools: So the +packages restriction is just to... avoid confusing users? Because all the other subordinate pages and API stuff is still permitted.09:10
bigjoolsspm: the series in Sydney just gone was very entertaining though09:11
bigjoolswgrant: yes that's still a wrinkle that needs to be ironed, but we don't care about it right now09:11
spmheh, I'll have to take your word for it. wasn't even aware it was in Sydney.09:11
bigjoolswgrant: basically because it only really matters when we do commercial PPAs09:11
bigjoolswgrant: anyway thanks for filing the bug09:12
* bigjools proceeds to download another load of security fixes. sigh.09:12
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vilahi guys,10:02
vilaregarding bug #525571, what bzr and bzr-svn versions should I target to simplify the fix backport on launchpad ?10:03
_mup_Bug #525571: No locking when updating files in ~/.bazaar <canonical-losa-lp> <code-import> <udd> <Bazaar:In Progress by vila> <Bazaar Subversion Plugin:Triaged> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/525571>10:03
vilawow, _mup_, you're far verbose than the ubot<n> :)10:04
vilafar more verbose10:04
lifelessit is entertaining when they were in the same channel.10:04
vilahttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/annotate/head:/versions.cfg says 2.1.0 for bzr but doesn't mention bzr-svn10:04
rinzevila: 'morning10:05
vilaomg, yet another nick :)10:05
vilajelmer is around ? Cool :)10:06
rinzehi lifeless10:07
rinzevila: bzr-svn trunk should already support LockableConfig10:07
vilarinze: wow, supporting un-landed fixes is an impressive break-through :)10:08
vilarinze: I guess that answer my question by implying that bzr-svn trunk will be back ported right ?10:08
vilaerrr, deployed I meant10:08
rinzevila: Yeah, the code team usually just take a known working version of bzr-svn10:09
vilaok, I'll focus and targeting the fix to bzr-2.10 then10:09
vila<shudder> another typo day...10:10
lifeless__fail_ networking.10:12
lifeless_this E160 is so bad10:12
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deryckMorning, all.11:02
lifelessso you were asking what I mean by 'trunk can be broken'11:21
lifelessI mean a few things, most of them summarise as 'not fit for purpose', I think.11:22
lifelessmost obviously, we currently don't trust trunk11:23
lifelesswhen we release, we insist on a QA step done by each team, for many changes11:23
lifelessalso, the way we do commits to trunk, we can have tests failing11:26
bigjoolsedge trunk = stable though11:26
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lifelesscould you expand on that, I'm not entirely sure I'm across everything here.11:27
bigjoolswe commit to "devel" which is blessed by buildbot and merged to stable11:29
bigjoolsedge rolls out from stable11:29
bigjoolsso it's slightly disingenuous to talk about trunk11:30
lifeless_20:27 < lifeless> could you expand on that, I'm not entirely sure I'm across everything here.11:30
lifeless_20:27 -!- zyga_away is now known as zyga11:30
lifeless_and then I lost the magic network11:30
bigjools<bigjools> we commit to "devel" which is blessed by buildbot and merged to stable11:30
bigjools<bigjools> edge rolls out from stable11:30
bigjools<bigjools> so it's slightly disingenuous to talk about trunk11:30
bigjoolswe have 4 trunk branches11:30
bigjoolsall slightly different :)11:30
lifeless_what does the merge to stable entail - full test suite ?11:31
mwhudson_dev.launchpad.net/Trunk and dev.launchpad.net/Trunk/Glue ftw11:32
lifeless_you are in a mazy of twisty tunnels.11:32
lifeless_There is a grue.11:32
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lifelessbigjools: what does the merge to stable entail - full test suite?11:33
wgrantdevel -> full test run -> stable11:34
wgrantstable -> full test run -> db-devel11:34
wgrantNo test run in that second one, sorry.11:34
wgrantdb-devel -> full test run -> db-stable11:34
zygalifeless, ?11:36
lifeless_mwhudson_: thanks11:37
lifeless_your links were the last things I saw.11:37
* lifeless_ hates on this gsm modem.11:37
bigjoolslifeless: I'm trying to find a wiki doc explaining this, but basically wot wgrabt says devel -> buildbot -> merge to stable -> merge to db-devel -> buildbot -> merge to db-stable11:37
zygalifeless_: 20:27 -!- zyga_away is now known as zyga <- ?11:37
lifeless_zyga: showing what I saw before d/c11:38
zygalifeless_, ah ok11:38
lifeless_so *stable has no test failures modulo really unexpected things11:39
wgrantlifeless_: Right. Any issues in *stable are holes in the test suite.11:39
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deryckSorry I missed the discussion here.  I thought lifeless meant take it to the launchpad-dev mailing list.12:30
lifelessderyck: no worries,w list works too :)12:40
lifelessderyck: I wouldn't normally take a realtime conversation to the list though, for future ref12:40
derycklifeless, understood.12:40
deryckthanks for the discussion, though.  I really hope we can end up with some form of this.12:41
lifelessMe too12:41
lifelessI'm trying to make sure we exam it critically12:41
lifelessso that its a success12:41
deryckyes, I don't mind critical examination at all.  I want it's success, too.12:42
deryck"its" even.  Perhaps I stayed up too late playing Champions Online last night.12:49
lifelessStevenK: ping12:51
lifelessStevenK: what happened with that lognamer branch ?12:51
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lifelessderyck: perhaps we can drill into this at the epic13:01
derycklifeless, yeah, I think we should somehow.  Not sure how to drill into it in a productive way, though.  talk or code?13:02
lifelessquick gap analysis, identify the most beneficial thing in the gap to fix, fix it.13:02
lifelesshey, so how do I land an approved branch if I'm not ex2test-ready13:02
derycklifeless, I can `ec2 land` it for you.13:04
lifelessif it fails, do I get mail ?13:04
derycklifeless, and that plan sounds reasonable.  An analysis talk, followed by fix something, followed by list of remaining items to fix.13:04
derycklifeless, yes, you'll get mail.13:04
lifelessderyck: in general I think knowing the scope of the problem is useful, but detailed talking beyond the first couple of steps is generally wasted, unless you have reason to believe a roadblock will be hit13:08
derycklifeless, right, agreed.  I think we need a way to better connect lp devs and losas on this issue, too.13:09
lifelesss/on this issue, /13:10
lifelesstheres a pretty good collaboration about operational issues, but significant disconnects in other ways13:10
deryckright :-)13:10
wgrantWow. i386 build queue up to 24 hours.13:32
lifeless_jml: https://edge.launchpad.net/testtools/0.9/0.9.4 done13:36
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StevenKlifeless_: I did send it off to ec2, so that's just odd13:48
lifeless_StevenK: yeah13:48
* rinze waves to StevenK13:48
lifeless_StevenK: I trust that you did13:48
lifeless_deryck has done it again13:48
lifeless_StevenK: I didn't get mail13:48
StevenKAh, okay13:48
lifeless_rinze: your older nicks are better13:49
jmllifeless_, thanks!13:51
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lifeless_jml: my pleasure13:52
deryckwhat did I do?13:52
lifeless_deryck: ec2test my branch13:52
deryckah, ok13:53
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lifeless_I really want an 'unreleased code report' for my projects.13:57
lifeless_perhaps next year I'll shave that yak.13:57
lifeless_I really wish releases were announcements14:10
lifeless_http://pypi.python.org/pypi/celery/2.0.0 looks interesting14:12
lifeless_and with that, I think I'm going to halt()14:12
lifeless_I smell inappropriate coupling14:13
lifeless_ "/var/launchpad/test/lib/lp/services/job/tests/test_runner.py", line 410, in runFromSource14:13
lifeless_   errorlog.globalErrorUtility.oops_prefix,14:13
lifeless_for the weekend14:13
lifeless_deryck: thanks for that.14:13
bigjoolslifeless_: celery is something I'm interested in14:17
lifeless_bigjools: @ the epic, lets talk14:18
bigjoolslifeless_: I'm thinking build farm14:19
lifeless_bigjools: we have many things that look like an appropriate nail, to me.14:19
bigjoolswe *need* a messaging system now14:19
bigjoolshanging a job system off it would be great14:20
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wgrantIs there a way I can get an up-to-date milestone bug listing?14:53
wgrantI'm trying to garden an upcoming milestone, but working blind is a bit hard.14:54
deryckwgrant, you mean un-cached?  If so, I don't think there is a way.14:55
wgrantThat sucks.14:55
wgrantAh, production is untainted for the next few days.14:59
wgrantThis is good.14:59
wgrantBug #60105115:06
_mup_Bug #601051: Caching of primary data sources slashes utility <Launchpad Registry:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/601051>15:06
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wgrantbigjools: How is the rebuild archive scored at the moment? All -10, except for main, which is -5?15:44
bigjoolswgrant: not quite15:44
bigjoolsstuff is getting scored up in batches to make it run quicker15:44
wgrantI was wondering why there was so much stuff building.15:44
wgrantWhen the massive PPA queue should have been building instead...15:44
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bigjoolsthere's not much of it left, it'll get disabled when main is done15:45
wgrantBecause it's... erm... somewhat irksome when using PPAs to manage release distribution, and the queue is a couple of days long.15:46
maxbHow come there's never a help contact in the #launchpad topic these days?15:51
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jtvAnyone know why my Librarian won't restart after an unexpected system shutdown, and what I do about it?18:45
mwhudsonjtv: stale pid file?18:47
mwhudsonin /var/tmp/ somewhere i guess18:47
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EdwinGrubbsjelmer_: ping20:09
jelmer_EdwinGrubbs, pong20:24
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jelmer_EdwinGrubbs, pong20:25
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