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pooliewhat controls whether people are allowed to set the priority etc when filingL02:04
lifelessI'm not sure02:05
lifeless'driver' perhaps02:05
lifelessit seems to be inconsistent with the set of people that can set it later02:05
rCXI made a mistake...04:38
rCXDoes anyone know how to remove the "acpi" project (the 1st one) from bug #55288004:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 552880 in acpi-support (Ubuntu) "thinkpad edge - detected unsupported model (affected: 3, heat: 18)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55288004:39
pooliercx just redirect it to project 'null'05:13
rCXpoolie: thanks05:16
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maxblosa ping: Hi, pear:~importd/.bazaar/subversion.conf has managed to corrupt itself again.05:27
pooliemaxb, spm, it'd be useful to save that for vila05:27
pooliethere's an upstream bzr bug about locking on them05:27
lifelesstheres a sample already05:27
lifelessby which I mean - good thought, but we've got plenty of data05:28
spmmaxb: ta05:30
maxbline 600 ftr05:30
spmit'll be the last ones, ish. 20cent bet down. ;-)05:31
spmmaxb: should be fine now. the [blah] bit was corrupted. missing the opening '[' and maybe half that field.05:32
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vilamaxb, spm: please attach the corrupted subversion.conf to bug #52557106:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 525571 in Bazaar "No locking when updating files in ~/.bazaar (affected: 6, heat: 51)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52557106:51
vilaI'll check it when I'll come online (rsn)06:51
spmvila: sure, fiwiw, the corruption is pretty trivial: <Start-of-line>52-e9e23c5afa6a]<end of line>06:52
spmvila: and updated.06:53
poolieare ppa packages really waiting 18 hours to build? :-(07:00
wgrantpoolie: Yes. buildd-manager sucks.07:01
wgrantBut it's being rewritten.07:01
pooliethe estimate's accurate?07:01
wgrant(it's due to the rebuild archive -- even though it's scored below everything else)07:01
wgrantYes. Possibly even slightly optimistic.07:01
wgrantActually, yeah, probably quite optimistic indeed.07:02
vilaspm: thanks ! trivial, yes, but this one makes sense, the one in the bug description wasn't. Can I ask for the *full* subversion.conf ? Just to check the offset where the error occurred ?07:15
spmvila: that's easy - it's always the same place - the very last entry.07:15
vilaoffset in bytes07:15
lifelessit may be a line buffered file07:16
spmAhh. fair enough. sure.07:16
lifelessspm: does the corruption occur midline ?07:16
spmlifeless: good question. I don't recall having ever seen that. it's been per that example- just gets chopped somewhere.07:17
vilathe code is a single write() if the offset is some power of 2 multiple I'll feel better07:17
lifelessvila: line buffered file - we can write() but it serialises; possibly.07:18
vilathe proposed fix should protect against concurrent writers anyway, but since the theory implies that the bug should be very hard to reproduce I don't want to waste an occasion to investigate an occurrence07:18
lifelessvila: anyhow, its all academic, we know the issue :)07:18
* vila nods07:18
vilalifeless: by the way, is it too late for you to review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/525571-lock-bazaar-conf-files/+merge/28898 ?07:19
lifelessI mean, we could just change it to use transport.put_bytes and the crashes in production would go away.07:19
lifelessvila: I don't see why you say its hard to know what happened07:20
spmvila: file attached to the bug report07:20
lifelesswe know enough to be pretty sure its the write-in-place-with-no-lock breaking things07:21
vilalifeless: true, except for the one reported in the bug description :)07:21
vilalifeless: I don't have an explanation for a file ending with only a section header and no content07:22
vilalifeless: a second writer truncating the first writer output ?07:22
lifelessvila: didn't the content appear twice07:22
vilalifeless: no, only the header is duplicated but there is *no* content after that07:23
lifelessso - you really don07:23
lifeless't need to guard against concurrent readers07:23
lifelessyou *do* need to make the writer guard against FileInUse07:23
lifelessbecause thats what a reader will show up as, on Windows07:24
lifelessbut that is a problem today07:24
lifelessso don't put it in this patch.07:24
lifelesskeep it small and auditable for launchpad to cherrypick.07:24
lifeless-> #bzr07:24
pooliespm can you increase the priority of the builds in https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/2.1-proposed/+builds?build_state=pending07:52
pooliepretty please07:52
spmwith sugar on top?07:52
spmpoolie: all done07:53
poolieoh spm can you make them all succeed for me too? :)08:01
* spm gets out the magic wand, aka small-lart, and waves in the direction of the buildds....08:02
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vilaspm: what bzr version version is in use for the code importer (and bzr-svn too, since the fix will need to be applied there too)09:55
lifelessvila: check sourcedeps.conf09:55
vilahmm, never saw that filename :) Where is this file ?09:56
lifelesslaunchpad code base09:57
* vila updates its lp branch09:58
lifelessbut http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/annotate/head:/versions.cfg is probably the deployed on on the machines in question09:59
lifelessoh, also, #launchpad-dev09:59
vilahmpf. 2.1.0 :(10:02
lifelesswe should get lp running 2.2 releases10:03
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geseris the cause of OOPS-1644EC2039 already filed as a bug? it OOPSes everytime for me when I try to access a +build page for the current test-rebuild10:59
wgrantgeser: Bug #59982411:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 599824 in Soyuz "OOPS when viewing a copy archive build that can be retried (affected: 1, heat: 89)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59982411:03
lifelesshm fun11:11
lifelessI wonder how the bug matching is done11:11
wgrantlifeless: Which?11:16
lifelessthe oops knows the bug number11:17
wgrantlifeless: The bug references an OOPS number. oops-tools guesses at similarities between OOPSes.11:18
* bigjools is going to start fixing that right now11:18
derycklifeless, hi.  I want to respond to your "trunk can be broken" email.  But I'm not sure how just yet.  What do you mean by "broken?"11:19
lifelessa few things11:19
lifelessmost of them summarise as 'not fit for purpose', I think11:20
lifeless(should we -> launchpad-dev?)11:20
derycklifeless, yeah, probably so.  I'll ask there and we can continue.11:21
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gnomefreakany chance of getting "Also Notified" to be collapsed to speed up Launchpad bugs. Right now it is really slow with any of my browsers13:04
deryckgnomefreak, we could possibly take that on as part of our better subscriptions/notifications work in progress now.13:08
deryckgnomefreak, can you make sure there's a bug for that request and ping me with the bug #?13:09
gnomefreakderyck: ok that sounds good to me13:09
gnomefreakderyck: yes13:09
gnomefreakderyck: under launchpad bug or under launchpad itself13:15
deryckgnomefreak, under malone.  That's the launchpad bugs app name.13:15
gnomefreakderyck: ok thanks i will look in a few minutes13:15
deryckgnomefreak, thank you.13:16
gnomefreakderyck: np13:16
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gnomefreakderyck: ill be back but here is the bug 60100713:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 601007 in Launchpad Bugs "Please collapse "Subscribers" and "also Notified" (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60100713:26
deryckgnomefreak, got it, thanks!13:27
gnomefreakderyck: would condensing the "apport-collect" attachments into one comment be related to that bug?13:32
deryckgnomefreak, that work has already been.  Should be released in the coming rollout.13:33
derycks/been/been done/13:33
gnomefreakderyck: ok thanks13:33
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Kangarooohello if bug is reported to ubuntu (package) then how to make that also project <packagename> is also beeing affected? i tryd also affects project and distribution and cant make to projectname be also affected15:11
Jonathan_Rmy launchpad account is disabled or something15:25
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maxbJonathan_R: or something?15:50
Jonathan_Ri dont know exactly what happened15:50
Jonathan_Ri just cant log in anymore15:51
UrsinhaKangarooo, If the project is in Launchpad, "also affects project" should work15:52
jcastrook so I am testing the daily builds and my recipe worked and all that good stuff, does anyone have power to cancel lp builds? I iinadvertantly sent them to the wrong ppa.16:05
bigjoolsjcastro: it's not something we can do via the UI, it needs SQL hackery.  Is it bad if the build ends up in the wrong PPA?16:06
jcastrono it's not bad, just didn't want to waste resources.16:06
jcastroI'll file a bug for a confirmation screen or something for the UI16:06
bigjoolswhat package is it?16:06
jelmer_actually, that happened to me too16:06
jcastroand https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jorge/+recipe/shotwell-daily/+build/16216:06
bigjoolsconfirmations would be good16:07
jcastroother than me overclicking, everything else was pretty awesome!16:07
bigjoolsfile it on codehosting - chees16:07
steffan /116:07
bigjoolscheers, even16:07
bigjoolsgreat!  we're looking forward to a bit more use of it to get those bumps smoothed16:07
jcastrobigjools: dholbach and I will be testing today, monday, and tuesday for you16:08
jcastrojelmer_: lp:60109516:10
jcastrooops, lp# 60109516:11
jcastroman, what a day I am having16:11
* jelmer_ hits "Affects me too"16:11
jelmer_jcastro, thanks :-)16:11
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jcastrobigjools: do you have any insight on the hardware behind daily builds? At UDS someone mentioned that there would be seperate machines16:23
bigjoolsjcastro: not separate, but more builders were on order for the general pool16:23
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/1849914 "created 13 hours ago" "Start in 18 hours (2505)"  :(16:31
bigjoolsfta: I've scored it up16:34
bigjoolsthe rebuild is hogging too many builders :/16:34
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Kangarooohow to move from sourceforge to launchpad?16:49
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Kangarooohello i have some questions i hope to get statistical info on. how often LP has problems? loading freezes, ooops,  maintaince ... And overall LP zealots ?18:01
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Kangaroooback again.. got pidgin crash.. any answer? :)18:06
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Kangaroooin https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers theres                                                                                                            My Project,                                                      xAccount                                                                                          Mantis             1 ant my project links to Lost Something page https://launchpad.net/eagle19:45
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Kangarooosinzui: hello if u read that bug till end ull see that bug is all about LP and in it im not talking about ubuntu.. one of LP non-users quote has mentioned LP and ubuntu somehow20:41
sinzuiWhat is the bug in the code?20:44
sinzuiI think you described a behavioural issue20:44
Kangarooosinzui: yes on that i can agree.. so whats there about ubuntu? nothing. about LP? a lot.. and this is big bug20:48
Kangaroooso why then its incomplete?20:48
Kangarooobehavior that ppl managing projects described there dont use LP becouse of problems described there.. so thats LP problem making less projects to be on LP so thats a LP bug20:50
Kangaroooah ok i need to assign it to myself and then it wont be incomplete? i just need answers to Q posted there. sinzui20:53
tedgSo I'm trying to use the API.  How do I get the list of series off of the distribution object?21:02
Kangarooosinzui: Problem 1 in that bug can be solved if problem 2 and/or 3 is solved. so for problem 3 to know is it problem i need info where else i could ask for LP related info then in LP bugs?21:06
sinzuiKangarooo, there are to many problems, that is not a bug, it may be several bugs, but I think the issues described are social. I do not see an error in the code that an engineer can fix. I think talking on launchpad-users will help clarify issues. If there are bugs that engineers can fix, then we can report them. The ones about performance are already reported and have a team of engineers working on them21:13
MuscovyCan I give a team's PPA to a project?21:15
sinzuiMuscovy, no :(21:15
sinzuiMuscovy, many of us add a line at the end of the project description pointing to official or test PPAs.21:16
MuscovyAh. Thanks.21:16
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Kangarooocan somebody tell me why ubuntu bug links not clickable in one comment ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/587528/comments/621:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 587528 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "vlc crashed with SIGSEGV in exit() (affected: 1, heat: 105)" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:50
micahgKangarooo: what are you referring to?21:54
Kangarooomicahg: in that commend LP Janitor coment bug numbers- some are clickable most not21:55
micahgKangarooo: a bug :)21:55
Kangarooomicahg: is it report? im writing now so.. is it?21:56
micahgKangarooo: it's fine here: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/1.1.0-1ubuntu1, so file a bug against malone if one doesn't exist21:56
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Kangaroooafter update to latest kernel last numbers 32-23 got xorg crash and it asked about getting gdb and i said yes and then it gave The problem cannot be reported: This is not a genuine Ubuntu package22:59
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