jpdspatdk-wk: The US mirror servers I recommend are http://mirror.anl.gov/ (Chicago) and http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ (multiple: http://ftpmap.osuosl.org/) - you'll probably get better speeds from the former.00:02
* jpds pokes BUGabundo.00:02
* BUGabundo feels poked00:03
BUGabundoover the ocean just to help us00:03
jpdsfagan: "irish ones are better than the uk ones" ← are you referring to gb.archive ?00:04
faganjpds: ill have you know I know the guys who run the irish ones00:04
faganthey are very good00:04
faganand we have them all to ourselfves00:04
jpdsI know, I wasn't saying that HEANet are bad; in fact I've had email conversations with them before IIRC.00:05
faganjpds: met a few of them and they love landscape in their office00:06
faganthey have a private instance I hear00:06
jpdsHowever, I do intend to give gb.archive more RAM in the coming weeks, which should make it a lot snapier.00:06
h00kI'm still having problems with btrfs any my SSD.  I have 'defaults,ssd' in my fstab, I'm still getting terrible speeds00:07
shane_faganjpds: missed all that because I crashed00:11
shane_faganwhat were you saying00:11
jpdsshane_fagan: /msg00:11
shane_faganfyi sometimes gstreamer makes your desktop become unresponsive if you change the song info00:11
jpdspatdk-wk: FWIW, the mirrors I've mentioned are updated every 5 hours, regardless of what Launchpad says.00:13
h00kIt took me 12+ hours to install from the alternate image to my SSD with btrfs, I was guided here to add 'ssd' to my fstab, I'm still getting really slow responses :(00:17
BUGabundoyou too?00:25
h00kBUGabundo: are you having that, too?00:26
BUGabundoI just notice it was both times, YOU00:26
h00kperhaps I should report a bug00:27
shane_faganah I figured out what caused my crash the files werent right00:28
h00kI do see this, https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/FAQ#Is_Btrfs_optimized_for_SSD.3F00:33
h00kso...I don't know exactly what to do00:33
Jordan_Uh00k: Took me about the same amount of time to install to btrfs with a virtual machine also.00:33
h00kJordan_U: Yeah, definitely not very fast on my netbook. I don't know if it's because it is a SSD00:34
shane_faganI havent tried btrfs but if its taking that long report a bug00:35
Jordan_Uh00k: Since the same happened to me with a VM over a normal hard drive I doubt that it has anything to do with it being an SSD.00:36
h00kWould it actually be reported on the kernel or btrfs-tools?00:36
shane_faganh00k: they do have a ssd optimised version that according to benchmarks its supposed to be faster00:36
shane_faganbut it depends on what you are doing00:37
h00kshane_fagan: according to the btrfswiki, it should be optimized already if it detects a non-spinning platter ^00:37
shane_faganh00k: true00:37
h00kAs of 2.6.31-rc100:37
h00kso, does this get reported against btrfs or the kernel?00:39
h00ker, btrfs-tools, rather00:40
shane_faganh00k: its the kernel id say00:40
shane_faganh00k: if its not then the kernel devs will switch it to btrfs-tools00:41
h00kthat's what I figured00:41
KukuNutTry A2 UNE but only gets the fuzzy purple cloud.  Would like to see what unity is02:07
iddoit works here02:08
KukuNutthe 6/8 iso works btw..Does this one already has the unity interface?02:08
mininessieubuntu sucks02:52
macomininessie: thanks for letting us know02:52
macoif you can be more specific, bugs are filed using the "ubuntu-bug" command. thanks02:53
mininessieinstall fedora02:53
IdleOnemaco: I believe it is time to switch distro.03:11
macoIdleOne: but mini suggested one that uses yum! if im goin anywhere its debian03:11
IdleOneUbuntu is based off Debian. Logic dictates that Debian would suck also.03:12
IdleOneYou can't argue that kind of logic03:12
patdk-lapsure one can03:12
IdleOnepatdk-lap: ok, you can but would be wrong :P03:13
bjsniderwait, ubuntu sucks, and the solution to this problem is to install fedora???03:30
bjsniderisn't that a bit like preventing future fires by burning down the forest?03:31
jimericksonyes thats it03:34
patdk-lapinstall opensuse?03:37
KukuNutA2 reboot is dropping to initramfs..Fatal: error inserting btrfs. Unknown symbol in module or unknown parameter04:33
patdk-lapusing btrfs?04:33
patdk-lapya, missing crc32c from initramfs04:34
KukuNutany fix?04:34
patdk-lapya, add crc32c.ko to the initrd file04:34
patdk-lapI so dont have time to hold your hand to do that04:35
patdk-lapwhy it's alpha :)04:35
patdk-lapand not stable :)04:35
patdk-lapgoogle is your friend04:35
KukuNutpatdk-lap: partitions are not encrypted04:42
patdk-lapwhat the hell does encryption have to do with anything?04:42
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ActionParsnipYo yo yo +107:01
Fudgeg'day guys07:07
ActionParsnipYo Fudge07:09
Fudgeim wondering if my speech components of my system are going to fall over with maverick07:21
Fudgeopentts epech-dispatcher orca voxin speakup etc07:21
Fudgehow do u tell apt-get to install packages that are kept back?07:32
ddecatorif they are held back, it usually means it failed for your arch07:32
ddecatorfailed to build*07:33
Fudgeoh, 6407:33
ddecatortry again later and they should be available07:33
Fudge249  not upgraded07:34
ddecatorthat'll happen a lot in development releases07:35
Fudgei just thought something wasnt working right on my box07:44
Fudgelike had to take out the lucid repos in sources list or something07:45
Fudgeoops it does that already :$07:49
ddecatoryup :)07:50
ddecatoror at least it's supposed to07:50
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Fudge:D my bad08:45
cousin_mariowill 10.10 have a less hideous color theme?10:07
BUGabundo_remotehas there been any X updates today?11:54
BUGabundo_remotemy machine is soooooooooooooooooooooooo slow11:54
BUGabundo_remoteits making me cry11:54
BUGabundo_remoteor throw it out of the window11:54
tsimpsonyou don't check what updates are being installed?11:55
cousin_mariois maverick meerkat going to be less ugly?11:58
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Dat001I also hope there is a bit of an improvement but at this stage it looks the same to me12:00
cousin_marioDat001: I'd content myself with a somewhat more palatable theme12:03
cousin_mariothat starry pink thing is an eyesore12:03
BUGabundo_remotecousin_mario: s/ugly/pinky/12:05
BUGabundo_remotetsimpson: usually  I do... but today is not a good day... and ofc murphy law seems to have bitten me12:06
cousin_marioBUGabundo_remote: pinky is a subset of ugly12:06
BUGabundo_remotefunny enough, your notices here show in pink12:07
BUGabundo_remoteoh the irony12:07
cousin_mariofor some reason, I suppose this: 13:08:39 [freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from BUGabundo_remote: Purple IRC12:08
cousin_mariois to blame12:09
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qenseAre there any WebM capable players in Maverick yet? Totem, VLC and GNOME MPlayer all don't work.13:51
qenseI though the latest VLC release included WebM support by default, but maybe I was wrong.13:52
gnomefreakRythembox doesnt? yes i fairly sure i spelled it wrong. im pre coffee13:53
qenseRhythmbox is using GStreamer, just as Totem, right?13:53
qenseand can Rhythmbox play video?13:53
qenseMaybe VLC needs some compiler flags enabled to depend in libvpx13:55
rippsI think the latest cairo screwed up some rendering in chromium14:02
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DrHalandopes anyone else have problems with evolutions message filters?17:19
DrHalanthey don't seem to work on imap for me..17:20
BUGabundo_remotehttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/1542599/desktopsplit.png my IM screen17:52
td123ok, has ubuntu 10.10 alpha 2 forgotten to ship aptitude with it?!?!?!18:21
guntberttd123: you have to install it with apt-get obviously :-(18:22
td123ofc, but aptitude was always there by default18:22
td123has ubuntu decided that it doesn't need aptitude?18:22
guntbert!info aptitude maverick18:24
ubottuaptitude (source: aptitude): terminal-based package manager. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 1510 kB, installed size 9712 kB18:24
guntberttd123: its still available but "optional" now18:24
JontheEchidnaThey decided it wasn't worth the 3 MB of packages it brought on to the CD, when apt-get and graphical package managers are already there18:24
td123so they decided to make more room for backgrounds ... I'm glad it has it's proirities straight XD18:26
JontheEchidnaum, yeah. no. I never said it was for backgrounds18:26
td123I know you didn't say that18:27
cortex|sktd123:  or maybe it was for for another mono based app :D18:27
td123cortex|sk: hopefully not :P18:27
td123oh well, I really liked aptitude, time to get used to apt-get again :P18:31
td123err. apt-*18:31
JontheEchidnaor just sudo apt-get install aptitude and live life normally? :P18:32
DrHalandoesnt mono get dropped in this release?18:32
td123JontheEchidna: nah, I don't like to use non-default tools18:37
guntberttd123: if a tool moves from "default" to "optional" that doesn't mean it is less usable or less supported18:38
DrHalanlol :D18:43
DrHalantd123: the purpose of a repository is using stuff that is not preinstalled18:43
td123ya, but I like using the preinstalled stuff18:55
arandwas that about aptitude?19:00
jo-erlend_I thought Maverick would be based on gnome 2.30, but I see that applications like Evolution are still on 2.30.2, while Empathy is 2.31.3. Is this just temporary, or will Maverick stick with older software?19:00
jo-erlend_I mean I thought it would be based on gnome 2.32/3.0.19:01
arandIt will do a migration which should be done in two realease I think, is the plan..19:02
arandThere were some flames (~) about that on the gnome mailing list iirc...19:03
DrHalanyeah i was wondering too why some packages aren'T updated19:04
iddognome-shell --replace doesnt work hmm, could not load /usr/lib/mutter/plugins/libgnome-shell.so19:20
iddoany ideas? its netbook edition of maverick alpha219:20
sebsebsebiddo: as far as I know, your not really meant to run gnome-shell on the netbook edition19:22
iddoi logged into normal gnome session before trying19:23
iddoi mean with gnome-panel etc.19:23
sebsebsebiddo: Thats got replaced or going to get replaced as far as I know, since Unity19:24
sebsebsebiddo: basically Unity or nothing for the netbook edition19:25
sebsebsebiddo: I have only briefly tried netbook edition in vm, however I know that at the moment users can get the normal Gnome, but probably not soon? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/60056719:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 600567 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity does not provide a non-3D fallback" [High,Won't fix]19:28
iddowell, both unity and gnome-shell are 3d, using mutter and clutter19:35
DrHalanwhat is non 3d? you have cpu emulation for OpenGL in X...19:41
BUGabundoI knew there was something in todays updates20:37
BUGabundomachine is slow20:37
BUGabundonow has an all new icon desing20:37
sebsebsebBUGabundo: The screenshot you linked to earlier, was sort of interesting,  altough I don't know why you linked to that.20:45
BUGabundothat was debian unstable20:46
BUGabundowith a really bad theme20:46
BUGabundorunning pidgin and gwibber of my laptop20:46
BUGabundowith maverick, over SSH20:46
BUGabundoNX was kiling me...20:46
BUGabundosince the X is slow, NX was crawling to the point apps over SSH were faster20:46
BUGabundogo figure20:46
sebsebsebBUGabundo: Have you done 10.10 with btrfs/20:47
BUGabundostock ext420:47
BUGabundoin a single partition20:48
sebsebsebwhat you mean stock?20:48
h00kBUGabundo: I reported that btrfs problem yesterday20:48
sebsebsebAnyway this morning I downloaded the alternate and installed into a vm, but20:49
sebsebsebsomething went wrong20:49
sebsebsebwoudn't put Grub 2 on.  I had done /boot in Ext4 and / in btrfs20:49
BUGabundopatdk-wk: found the same prob20:49
sebsebsebBUGabundo: h00k  's or mine?20:49
BUGabundobtrfs on boot failing20:50
BUGabundodamn it this new theme SUCKS20:50
sebsebsebBUGabundo: new theme?20:50
BUGabundoits dark with light boxes20:50
BUGabundowho the heck hit the head in the wall??20:50
patdk-wkmy computer informed me poeple where talking of me20:50
sebsebsebBUGabundo: uhmm I thought the 10.04 new themes sucked,  well black one was sort of ok, except for ugly window borders, and FIrefox looking uh20:51
sebsebsebanyway my vm something about  Grub 2 not being able to install to target20:51
patdk-wkI'm here for btrfs, not grub2 :)20:52
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: well  I tried to do btrfs in vm this morning, but see above20:52
sebsebsebI wonder what will happen if I do the netbook version in vm.  1.  no  propritary driver installed on the host OS for nivida.  2.  Unity wants propritary driver working first20:53
sebsebsebso I guess it would  look like before or something without Unity20:53
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: as for btrfs Fedora has had it for quite a while now20:54
* patdk-wk wonders what fedora has to do with anything?20:55
* patdk-wk leaves, talking to sebsebseb is useless20:55
h00kbug 60084620:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 600846 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] btrfs performance on SSD 2.6.35-6.9-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60084620:56
* patdk-wk has no issues with btrfs root :)20:56
* patdk-wk doesnt have ssd though20:56
h00kI am using btrfs root with /boot on ext220:58
billybigriggeranyone seeing wierd colors in images with firefox?21:31
Roeywhen is k3b 2.0 coming to Lucid?21:52
guntbertRoey: this channel is for maverick - please ask in about lucid in #ubuntu - but usually versions don't get upgraded on a released version21:54
Roeythat's what I figured21:54
Roeyit's just that k3b 1.91 is the latest one ofr Lucid, and it itself is old (the k3b 1.x is on 1.93, which fixes a serious bug with m3u files)21:54
BUGabundohey  billybigrigger billy22:21
BUGabundonot in firefox22:21
BUGabundoeverywhere else: YES22:21
* David-T recommends less acid22:22
billybigriggerBUGabundo, sup22:46
billybigriggerBUGabundo, i get it only in firefox22:46
billybigriggeralmost like the nvidia -1000 hue bug all over again22:46
billybigriggerbut everything isn't blue22:46
BUGabundoto me it's the icons and theme22:48
BUGabundoits all whitish22:48

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