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lag_Desperate times call for desperate measures!11:23
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OlivierNberco: xem3 copies sur .../xem3. Y'en a un pour chaque core Ducati12:31
ndecogra: cool ! I just noticed you pushed the 10.10 images for OMAP!12:41
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ogra_cmpcndec, yeah, working on the omap4 ones now, hoping to have them ready by mid next week (there are some issues with the kernel package naming i need to have sorted first)13:19
ndecogra_cmpc: ok. do you have instructions to use these new type of pre installed images?13:20
ogra_cmpcndec, bunzip and dd, boot, be patient :)13:21
ndecogra_cmpc: this looks quite complex ;-)13:22
ndecogra_cmpc: do you have the offsets if I want to mount loop to instpect the content?13:22
loolWe should develop some GUI for ndec!13:22
ndeclool: yes, please13:22
ndeclool: that said I would love to be able to create my own images as well...13:23
ogra_cmpcndec, not yet, noted on my todo now though, the rootfs starts at 72M13:23
ndecogra_cmpc: thx13:23
ogra_cmpclivecd-rootfs is the tool we use for creating the rootfs, for the rest i can put a script online soon13:24
ndecogra_cmpc: it creates preinstalled images? is that easy to use? how long does it take to create a UNE image?13:26
ogra_cmpclivecd-rootf creates ext2/3 rootfs images and spits out a kernel and initrd not the partitioned image13:27
ogra_cmpcfor that we have additional wrapper scripts (the one i mentioned above)13:28
ogra_cmpccurrently these scripts live in debian-cd but thats very complex to set up, i'll extract them and merge them into a single script yuo can feed the files from livecd-rootfs to13:29
ogra_cmpccreating the rootfs on a imx51 babbage board takes about 2-2.5h for netbook atm13:30
ogra_cmpci suspect you will get that down to 1.5h on a panda :)13:31
* lag_ has his internet-net in tow and it going to bag some cloud (going to buy an internet dongle)13:34
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ndecogra_cmpc: thanks for the details. that would be really nice to get this.13:42
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ubot2Launchpad bug 271288 in jockey (Ubuntu Intrepid) (and 2 other projects) "Require the user to confirm the license before downloading a driver if it is non-free or if it has patent issues (heat: 4)" [Wishlist,Won't fix]15:23
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loolmpoirier: Oh hey there16:04
mpoirierlool; hello !16:04
loolmpoirier: Would you mind helping me out on the SDHC timing issue; I wanted to confirm whether there is a fix for it pending, candidate patch or anything16:05
mpoirierlool: completely in the dark still...16:05
ogralool, turn off preemtion16:05
loolmpoirier: If not, I'd love confirming which exact CONFIGs I should turn off from the linux source package to workaround16:05
mpoirierlool: CONFIG_CPU_VOLUNTARY needs to be turned off.16:06
loolmpoirier: Ok; thanks16:06
mpoirierlool: CONFIG_CPU_PREEMPT turned on.16:06
mpoirierI think I'll send my buggy card to india.16:06
mpoirierTI folks that is.16:06
mpoirierthey said they'd be willing to look at it.16:07
mpoirierlool: at this point an interrupt doesn't seem to be coming up after a transfer.16:07
mpoirierhence the call back function not called, leading to a time out on the transfer.16:08
mpoirierI have 2 exact same cards, one works, the other one doesn't.16:08
loolmpoirier: Thanks a lot16:13
mpoirierlool: by the way,16:13
mpoirierif you find instances where this work around doesn't work, please tell me.16:13
loolmpoirier: I have a relatively good card, SanDisk Extreme III; I dont know whether speed makes that more likley16:14
mpoirierlool: it's a wierd one...16:14
loolmpoirier: Ok; I'll try that out; right now my xcompiler is broken and I cant boot the board anymore, I'll rebuild a kernel as soon as I have a cross-compiler working16:14
mpoirierwe haven't entirely narrowed down type of card and speed,16:14
mpoirierif that makes a difference at all...16:14
mpoirierI've seen a lot of failures on a variety of cards...16:15
mpoirieragain, if you still get a failure with PREEMPT_NONE, I need to know.16:15
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ogrampoirier, btw, another prob arose yesterday, seems the NAND driver got lost between lucid and maverick, i guess there is a config option missing16:16
mpoirierlool: by the way, I just looked in the config file.  It is CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY and CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE16:17
mpoirierYes, I noticed  that.16:17
mpoirierthe NAND flash I mean...16:17
ogracan we get that back ? :)16:18
mpoirierwe will need to yes.16:18
mpoirierI'll investigate and open a bug if need be.16:18
ograelse upgrades from lucid installs will break for C4 users16:18
GrueMasterin my testing, class 4 cards seem to work best, although I only have a handful of cards.  Class 2 fail consistently (2 SD 4G cards tested), class 6 fails 70% of the time (1 4G).  Both of my Kingston Class 4 cards work fine (8G &16G).16:18
ografresh maverick installs wont use NAND but for lucid users NAND is essential16:18
lag_ogra: nec was talking about generic udev rules16:20
lag_Are they in the filesystem?16:20
ogralag_, yes, /lib/udev/rules.d/ ... they need somthign like /lib/udev/rules.d/61-gnome-bluetooth-rfkill.rules for their device that allows access for all locally logged in users16:21
lag_ogra: I just found them *embarrassed smiley*16:21
ogralag_, its all about access to the device16:22
lag_Do you know where this 'alias' is specified?16:23
ogralag_, alias ?16:30
lag_ogra: nec mentioned that if I used MODULE_ALIAS macro there was a rule in udev that would pick up syslink's uevent16:32
ogralag_, well, if you use the KERNEL parameter it will just apply ot the module16:32
ogralag_, man udev btw16:33
loollag_: Yes, I discussed this with mpoirier already16:33
loollag_: It seems your re-doing this research16:34
loollag_: /lib/udev/rules.d/80-drivers.rules, DRIVER!="?*", ENV{MODALIAS}=="?*", RUN+="/sbin/modprobe -b $env{MODALIAS}"16:34
ograKERNEL=="syslink*", ENV{ACL_MANAGE}="1"16:34
loolWhich means that if there's a DRIVER and a MODALIAS, that triggers a modprobe on the MODALIAS16:34
ogralool, urgh16:34
loologra: "urgh"?16:34
ogralool, you defiantely dont need the modprobe stuff16:34
ograthe driver gets already loaded by the platform uevent trigger16:35
loologra: That's what I'm speaking of16:35
loolloading the driver by the platform uevent trigger16:35
loolThat's the only reason I can think of someone adding a MODULE_ALIAS16:35
ogralool, i thought that doesnt need a rule since its done inside udevd if there is a paltform event16:36
ograi.e. doesnt need to run scripts to speed up16:37
loologra: Really, which rule is that?16:37
ogradunno, thats how Keybuk explained it to me once16:38
loologra: I'm pretty sure this is the rule used16:38
ograwell, i was convinced platfrom drivers dont need a rule at all and udevd has that bit builtin, but i might have understood that wrongly16:39
loologra: Are you sure of this, or could you look it up?16:39
ograi'm not sure of it, thus my comment above :)16:40
ograindeed the driver rule will match anyway even if i'm wrong16:40
loologra: grep-ing the udev source for modprobe and insmod, I see no direct loading; it's only done via rules, and the only place is from rules/rules.d/80-drivers.rules, so I'm pretty sure I pointed at the right spot16:41
ogralool, ok16:41
loolAnyway, so much for trying to help out  :-)16:41
* lool leaves for WE16:41
ogralool, might be that i mixed it up with devtmpfs stuff16:42
ograenjoy your WE :)16:42
lag_lool: Well the drivers aren't loading16:54
lag_lool: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458378/16:56
lag_ogra: See above paste - I am using KERNEL16:56
ograyou shouldnt add a rule for loading, as lool said, the 80-drivers.rules should just pick it up on booting16:57
lag_ogra: I had no intention16:57
lag_Did you see the above paste?16:58
lag_It doesn't use DRIVER16:58
lag_It uses KERNEL and UDEV16:58
ograit uses MODALIAS17:05
lag_They all use that though don't they?17:07
lag_The udev rule that I was pointed to uses DRIVER doesn't it?17:08
lag_Help me udev geeks :)17:11
lag_I've raised 2 uevents for you17:11
hrwyou have modalias so udev should load it17:11
lag_But it doesn't17:12
hrwBB or panda?17:12
lag_So where do I start looking for a solution?17:12
lag_But the system is common throughout isn't it17:14
lag_I raised the two uevents seen in the paste above17:14
lag_But udev doesn't load the module(s)17:14
lag_What gives?17:15
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loollag_: hey19:28
lag_lool: Good evening19:28
loollag_: So the rule only works when DRIVER and MODALIAS arent empty19:29
lag_I don't have a DRIVER variable19:29
lag_It has KERNEL instead19:29
loollag_: So perhaps you need to extend the event to carry the relevant information19:30
lag_Yes, I think I know what I have to do19:30
loollag_: If you prefer keeping the current event, you'll have to submit new rules to udev19:30
loollag_: Ok cool19:30
lag_lool: Who controls the rules?19:31
lag_Where do they come from?19:31
loollag_: Is there anything left open for discussion or where you were looking for input?  Sorry, I'm not sure I followed the status19:31
loollag_: The rules are from udev upstream19:31
lag_So, I'm guessing I must conform to them19:31
loollag_: It's a quite specific case that you have here, so it might make sense to handle them specially, but it might be more efficient or better to try to fit into the expected scheme19:32
lag_lool: Do we (Ubuntu) have any entries in udev? Or are they all standard?19:36
loollag_: We add some, but ideally only upstreamable stuff, so you should check wiht upstream if in doubt19:38
lag_I don't think this project is upstreamable19:40
lag_Okay, I'm going to try and do it the hard way first19:43
lag_Thanks lool19:43
lag_Right, it's nearly 8 o'clock here - I'm offski19:43
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