stlsaintnhandler: ping01:23
newboon2age_kermiac: ping02:01
kermiacnewboon2age_: !pong02:32
nhandlerstlsaint: pong02:32
duanedesignduanedesign: pong02:33
kermiachowdy everyone :)02:34
duanedesignhelllooo kermiac02:40
kermiachey duanedesign, how are you going today?02:40
duanedesignbeen slow in #ubuntuone lately. Everyone busy doing something?02:41
kermiacduanedesign: yeah, beuno said something about them sprinting for the next couple of weeks... I don't know any more than that though02:43
duanedesignkermiac: that makes sense02:43
stlsaintduanedesign: what do you use to record/sound record02:48
Buuntucan someone help me setup a static ip?02:59
Buuntuevery time I try the internet stops working...02:59
Buuntuonly dhcp works03:00
* stlsaint is heading back to the wave! :D03:34
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packratso, i tried asking for help several times on #ubuntu, but apparently my problem is not interesting enough to warrant much of a response04:42
packratgot an acer aspire one, trying to install ubuntu netbook remix 9.10 on it.  i made a bootable USB, but it pretty much does nothing when i try to either boot it live, or just install straight up04:43
geirhaCould you elaborate on «does nothing» ?04:46
ddecatorpackrat: did you run an md5sum on the iso to make sure it's not corrupt?04:47
packratas for "does nothing" it will boot to the first menu in the live cd image04:47
packratwhere you select boot live, install straight up, or check for image corruption04:48
ddecatorit doesn't respond at that menu?04:48
packratit does04:48
packratbut when i select either live boot or install, a few seconds later a whitish ubuntu logo will appear, and then it disappears, and nothing happens04:48
packratusb and SSD drive both do not show any activity04:49
packrateven had it sit overnight after i selected install04:49
ddecatorstrange...have you tried re-creating the bootable USB?04:49
packratseveral times04:49
ddecatorhm..you might have more luck with 10.04. is there a reason you want to use 9.10?04:50
packratthough unfortunately i dont have much variability in usb drives, since i pretty much just tote around a couple USB micro vault tinys and thats it04:51
packrati chopse 9.10 mostly because https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/Ubuntu9.10#ZG5%20%288+8/SSD%2904:51
packratseems to indicate really minimal problems04:51
stlsaintpackrat: i beg to differ! 10.04 is great plus its a LTS!04:53
ddecatorah, ok. well it could possibly by the usb drive, i know i have one that doesn't work for booting ubuntu and one that does. but yah, 10.04 should work just as well as 9.10 at this point, hopefully even better04:53
packratcool beans04:53
ddecatorLTS = Long Term Support04:53
ddecatorit gets updates longer than a standard release04:54
ddecatorso trying 10.04 is a place to start :)04:54
geirhaWhat program did you use to make the usb?04:54
packratthe one that comes with the disk04:54
packrati wonder, though, whether it might be related to the fact that i ran it off of win7 x6404:55
packratanyways, dl-ing 10.04 now.  will give it a try04:56
ddecatora lot of people use unetbootin as well. i haven't tried it, but that's another possible solution04:57
geirhaI can't think of any obvious reasons why it won't work. It booted one the first try for me on my AAO04:59
packratalternatively, i did manage to find the aao recover disc image, but it comes in a .gz format and im not sure how i could make a usb drive out of that05:00
packratin windoes05:00
duanedesignpackrat:  there are some known issues listed on the wiki.05:10
duanedesignpackrat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick05:10
packrat"The 9.10 CDs and DVDs are missing the usb-creator.exe program used by the Windows installation processes discussed below. "05:12
packratthats interesting, considering there is a program in the disc image called "usb-creator.exe"05:12
geirha«If you just get a black screen when running from USB, using the setting "Discarded on shutdown, unless you save them elsewhere" in usb-creator might help. Forum: 9.10 NBR issues»05:12
geirhaThat sounds like your issue.05:13
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duanedesignpackrat: they must have fixed the missing usb-creator.exe05:13
=== msbot is now known as bgs100
packratwell, im playing with DSL while im waiting for the dl.  thanks.  my google-fu is weak05:14
duanedesignpackrat: i wonder if that should be updated , or left for people that might have an old verison05:14
packratincidentally, is WPA2 supported on 10.0405:15
ddecatorassuming that's what the wireless i'm using right now is encoded with (and i'm 95% sure it is)05:16
duanedesignGuest54712: trouble with your connection ?05:26
needpieceofmind1 sec then ill ask my question05:27
packratnot enough time05:27
packrat(i jest)05:27
packratwell, thats dandy.  start installing ubuntu netbook, and it says "can not mount /dev/loop1 on /cow05:31
packratlooks like its asking me to mount a filesystem05:32
ddecatoruh oh, the apt cow can't be mounted :(05:32
packratbut what does that mean05:32
* packrat avalanches05:32
ddecatori'd say to run 'apt-get moo' but you can't yet...darn05:33
ddecatorha, that's a new emoticon :D05:34
packratthen youll love this one05:34
ddecatoralright, but in all seriousness, i'm not sure what /dev/loop1 and /cow are :/05:35
packratif i click enter, the input prompt reads: (initramfs)05:37
ddecatori'm guessing you ran an md5sum again?05:38
pleia2http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1306277 seems to have some folks having a similar problem05:38
duanedesignpackrat:  choose "discarded on shutdown, unless you save them elsewhwere"05:38
pleia2yeah, that :)05:38
packratok, ill give it a shot in a bit05:39
ddecatoryah, this says the same thing: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133494905:41
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needpieceofmindok sorry but a new baby in the house takes presadence over all other05:52
needpieceofmindso i have a few question and hopefully you guys can help05:53
needpieceofmindfirst question is why will my ubuntu 10.4 lucid05:54
packratneeds a verb there05:54
needpieceofmindsee my cd rom at times and other i cant mount it it dont even show up in file manager05:54
needpieceofmindi mean disk utilities05:54
packratalso, anyone have thoughts on how best to partition a 16gb ssd for UNR?05:55
needpieceofmindcan anyone help me with this as im sure this is a beginners problem05:58
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: that is odd. Are these different CD's?06:00
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: oh i see. The device is not showing up under disk utilities06:01
geirhapackrat: For such a small drive, I'd just put / on the whole drive, plus a little swap partition.06:02
packratyeah, thats what i ended up doing06:02
geirhaAnd then /home on an expansion card, if you have one, but ...06:03
packrathopefully ext4 isnt buggy06:03
packrative... heard things... you know06:03
packratalso i love how they give the reiser fs as an option06:03
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: i wonder if it shows up if you run this command in the Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)  sudo lshw -C disk06:03
packratwhich i too have... heard things... about06:03
geirhaOn my AAO, with 9.10, suspend and hibernation fails if the card in the expansion slot is mounted. Don't know if that has been fixed yet though.06:04
duanedesignpackrat: ext4 is fine06:04
packratyeah, i read about that.  i think ill be fine with the 16gb ive got on this thing06:04
packratits not really going to do any heavty lifting anyways06:04
packratno matlab :P06:04
geirhaIt's great for playing nethack ;)06:05
packrathow do i scan for available wireless networks in UNR 10.04?06:18
duanedesignis there not a network manager applet06:23
duanedesignpackrat:  you can use the following command in a Terminal:  sudo iwlist scan06:23
needpieceofmindduanedesign  no it doesnt but when i ran that in term it popped the drives up in disk util06:24
packratapparently xterm doesnt allow me to scroll up06:25
needpieceofmindok now i ran the command again and it shows up in the list06:25
needpieceofmind@duanedesign once u run the sudo iwlist scan how do u connect to them06:29
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: you can click on the network manager applet and select a network there. If it is not listed, use the connect to hidden network06:34
needpieceofmindok 1 sec trying now06:36
duanedesignalso System > Preferences > Network Connections06:36
needpieceofminddo i put anything in the bssid box and how do u use connect to hidden network06:39
needpieceofmindthank you so much for your help as i am finally connected06:43
needpieceofmindand now my cdrom and flash drive are both there and in disk util to so thank you everyone but time to shut this ol p.o.s down and start playin with ubuntu and learning06:43
ddecatorneedpieceofmind: good luck :)06:44
packratoh yeah, UNR is running smoothly now on my AAO, many thanks06:48
ddecatorpackrat: good to hear :)06:50
packratgot a shitload of updates though. :\06:51
packrati would have hoped they'd keep the images a bit up to date on this stuff06:51
geirhaThere'll probably be a 10.04.1 release soon, in which case the UNR image should be updated too.06:52
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: glad you got it06:53
duanedesignpackrat: yeah the updates after installation can be big06:53
needpieceofminddownloading all 285 megs of updates so atm im still on this till that upto par 'but thank you06:53
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: heh, you too06:54
needpieceofmindis there a way to tell at what speed ur connected06:54
ddecatoryou can test in a browser, or if you're downloading updates in a terminal it'll tell you have fast the connection is06:55
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: might look at iftop06:55
duanedesignsudo apt-get install iftop      then  sudo iftop  to run06:56
needpieceofmindit showed up just a lil usto xp still wouldnt convert to vista so its all new learning06:56
needpieceofmindwhere might be a good place to start learning terminal commands06:57
ddecatorthe beginners manual goes over some basic ones i think :)06:57
needpieceofmindty ddecator06:58
duanedesignsome linux command cheatsheets http://www.nixtutor.com/linux/all-the-best-linux-cheat-sheets/06:59
ddecatoroh that's a good one..06:59
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: an a-z index of BASH commands http://ss64.com/bash/07:00
hobgoblinso is that one07:00
duanedesignmorning hobgoblin07:00
needpieceofmindim at nixtutor now but is security still a major issue for ubuntu like it is all ms products07:00
ddecatorheya hobgoblin :)07:00
hobgoblinneedpieceofmind: I found the best way to learn commands was use them as I needed them - you tend to remember if you actually need things to be fixed07:01
hobgoblinmorning duanedesign ddecator07:01
hobgobliniceflatline: if you are there - nvidia did not fail badly with the new kernel :)07:01
ddecatorneedpieceofmind: there are always some security issues in software, but linux is affected by a LOT less viruses, malware, etc.07:01
needpieceofmindhob i just need sumwhere to start and as i am i will play around with it and learn them as i go but with per say a kick in the but07:02
packratubuntu probably the most vulnerable of the linux flavors though07:02
packratdue to popularity07:02
needpieceofmindthat figures07:02
packratstill probably safer than windows or mac07:03
ddecatorit definitely is07:03
needpieceofmindhope doing movies is as easy and fast07:03
ddecatorstill a good idea to use a firewall though :)07:03
hobgoblinneedpieceofmind: if you have the resources - disk space and ram - I would install ubuntu to a virtual machine - then you can set snapshots, play away as much as you like and not need to reinstall the 'real' install  if you completely break it07:03
tenachhobgoblin, your nvidia works good now?07:04
hobgoblintenach: it always did - I just read and heard some failures with the new kernel07:04
needpieceofmindwell im wireless and behind 2 routers so i think i safer for firewall aspect07:04
ddecatori haven't had issues with -23..07:04
tenachBefore the newest kernel update, I could not use my 6800 :S07:04
hobgoblinddecator: some have - and some still are07:05
hobgoblintenach: really - I have a 6* something on the media server - works fine07:05
ddecatorhobgoblin: glad i'm not one of them, i was hesitant to update already07:05
needpieceofmindwhats better gnome or kde or is that just a preference thing07:05
tenachhobgoblin, yeah, I couldn't get it to work so I am using my wife's ati :(07:05
newboon2age_packrat: vulnerable? in what way?07:05
tenachneedpieceofmind, I would say preference in that.  Give both a look at :)  I am still going to give KDE a look at again, since I haven't really ever kept it around very long.07:06
newboon2age_packrat: not at all to speak of that i can see.07:06
packratvulnerable in the sense that virus writers will give ubuntu more attention than most other distros07:06
needpieceofmindpoor poor tenach and having to use a ATi  card :(07:07
packratall theoretical, i guess07:07
newboon2age_packrat: don't see any of that so far07:07
ddecatorstill very few in numbers overall. security issues in browsers and in flash are more of a problem than viruses07:07
needpieceofmindwhats a good browser instead of ff  as i dont much care for it07:07
packratspeaking of... looks like the youtubs are supported oob07:08
ddecatorwait for FF 4 :)07:08
needpieceofmindand it and adobe have alot of issues07:08
packratsadly, it really doesnt seem like html5 and apple are going to win this battle07:09
ddecatorwebm is doing good on youtube07:10
packratuh, yeah, its up to html5, right?07:10
needpieceofmindand i apologize if i seem like a pain in da butt with all my question but i am a complete n00b as this was all a spurt of the moment switch07:10
newboon2age_packrat: i wouldn't count out html5 or apple.  not yet.07:10
ddecatorneedpieceofmind: we're here to answer questions :)07:11
packratwell, yeah, that was my point07:11
packratflash is just way too undeservedly popular07:11
needpieceofmindits cause its compact and simple07:11
needpieceofmindlike php07:12
needpieceofmindwell thats no so much on the simple side07:12
newboon2age_packrat: well other technologies have been wildly popular but it doesn't stop there being viable competitors.07:12
packratnot sure how compact php is, either07:12
needpieceofmindwho/what has gave flash a run for its money07:13
newboon2age_packrat: flash for one took a very long time to take off.  It would only take google (who owns youtube) to decide to support something else and all of a sudden the whole picture would change.07:13
needpieceofmindoh its compact if you look at the amount of coding you have to do in it compared to java or even html cause it can handle crons and so much more07:14
tenachI loves me php07:14
needpieceofmindthats very true newboon07:14
needpieceofmindtenach u a php junkie with sum coding experience in mmorpgs07:15
UNRratand now i can get my irc fix on the run07:15
needpieceofmindtext based07:15
tenachIn coding php-based mmorpgs?07:16
needpieceofmindstuff like the common mafia browser games07:16
needpieceofmindpoint and click and time limits07:16
needpieceofmindalot of cron jobs07:16
needpieceofmindgames for example are o-game,omerta,mafia wars07:17
tenachAh.  I worked briefly on one, but they're really not my cuppa.07:17
needpieceofmindmight i ask what it is as i loves me php to and have just gotten into making a game to kill time07:18
needpieceofmindfarmville is satan in digital format07:18
needpieceofmindbelieve u me it had me hooked for a long time07:18
packratfarmville is just Lawnmowing 2.007:18
needpieceofmindlol so whats frontierville then07:19
packratthose were the days though.  f yeah clouds of xeen07:19
tenachneedpieceofmind, I am not fond of the click and wait games like pretty much any/all games that have touched facebook/made by zynga.07:19
needpieceofmindaqh ok07:19
tenachI've been working on a browser-based client for a MUD style rpg though.07:20
tenachhtml/javascript for the front end with php being called via the js, server running in python.07:20
needpieceofmindvery nice07:20
needpieceofmindthinking ur a LOT MORE ADVANCED then myself07:21
drew212anyone have any ideas how to recover some pictures i lost due to doing a fresh install of ubuntu?07:22
=== Akos is now known as Puck`
tenachneedpieceofmind, I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm more advanced.  Perhaps I have just spent a long time on this hobby/project off and on.07:23
needpieceofmindlol ok i can accept that07:26
packratso which swf player should i install?07:27
tenachSo, I gather that you are looking to make a browser game?07:27
packratgot adobe, swfdec, and gnash07:27
tenachI just go with adobe07:27
ddecatorgnash and swfdec don't perform nearly as well07:27
needpieceofmindi made one and didnt like it  the coding was all jumbulled so im starting from scrath and doin it07:28
tenachAhh, cool.07:28
needpieceofminddoes ubuntu have vlc play07:28
tenachneedpieceofmind, yes.07:28
tenachneedpieceofmind, you can find it in the software center07:29
needpieceofmindyeah i been at it for about 6 months now07:29
needpieceofmindok i think im prolly go hey wire once it gets done updating07:29
tenachor you can just apt-get install vlc07:29
needpieceofmindlol i will do it like that07:30
needpieceofmindwanna learn this the right way not be a lazy iterface user07:31
needpieceofmindwow how do u make urself root07:33
tenachall you need to do is sudo07:33
needpieceofmindjust tried apt-get install vlc07:33
tenachmaking yourself root is dangerous.07:33
ddecatorsudo apt-get isntall vlc07:33
tenachHai MadameTock07:33
needpieceofmindlol i forgot the sudo07:34
needpieceofmindwell i didnt realize its so later here so time for bed for me since the kid is sleeping and work come awful ealry07:39
MadameTockHai tenach07:40
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newboon2age_packrat: oh, here's a point in your favor for now at least re: flash  YouTube Says HTML5 Not Ready for Prime Time  http://www.technewsworld.com/story/70333.html08:27
packratoh, i wasnt exactly arguing that flash is great or anything08:28
newboon2age_packrat: course if they changed there mind tomorrow, it'd be a big sea shift...08:28
packrati was just saying, with the way things are currently, flash wont be dropped any time even remotely soon08:28
newboon2age_packrat: no, i understood you were talking about entrenched in the market tek.  it is for now...08:28
tdnIn my homedir there is a folder called "Updater". What is this folder used for? It is empty? Is it safe to delete it? Why is it created? And by what?10:38
tdnSame with the Templates folder.10:39
philinuxtdn, no idea, I dont have one. Is it a hidden file?10:40
tdnNot a hidden file.10:40
philinuxtdn I have templates and it is empty10:40
tdnphilinux, what is it for, and how do I use it?10:40
philinuxIf it's called Updater I've not come across this10:41
philinuxIs this lucid lynx10:42
tdnThis is Kubuntu lucid.10:42
philinuxtdn, Ah well it maybe a default folder for Kubuntu.10:43
philinuxtdn, If it's empty and not .updater then You could remove it.10:46
philinuxEven removing .files has no serious effect as apps recreate them when run to set the default settings10:46
philinuxApart from removing say .mozilla. You would loose all bookmarks etc10:47
oCean_philinux: the effect of losing ones settings might be serious to some people..10:47
philinuxoCean of course but it dont bork your system10:47
Silver_Fox_I agree oCean_10:47
philinuxNice to see the forums back to normal. I got a holiday from moderating yesterday lol.10:50
tdnphilinux, what forum?10:51
philinuxAll of them were borked yesterday10:52
Silver_Fox_I imagine you are having fun removing / merging duplicate posts10:56
philinuxSilver_fox, There was a lot of spam to clear up too. I did a few last night but I guess the guys on the night shift fixed most. I'm UK based10:57
Silver_Fox_Yes,  I noticed you are :)10:57
Silver_Fox_As am I10:58
Silver_Fox_Hows the weather in the North East? Brightened up here at last11:01
Silver_Fox_^ philinux ^11:01
Silver_Fox_Sorry, North West11:01
philinuxI'm Lancashire - not bad, blue skies returning11:01
Silver_Fox_Lancashire... M6111:02
Silver_Fox_Well,  I am currently residing in the midlands11:03
Puck`hi Silver_Fox_ (:11:09
Silver_Fox_Hey Puck` , on the air today ?11:10
Puck`Silver_Fox_: not today, that was a test you saw on Twitter, if you saw it there (:11:10
Silver_Fox_Indeed I did11:10
Puck`Silver_Fox_: I finally took on ajax, and did this: http://listen.xtradio.org/top.php It's all ajax so it updates automatically (:11:11
Silver_Fox_Great,  glad you finally did it :)11:11
Puck`mm ya :P it's great now the ideas are flooding me :P11:11
Silver_Fox_I have been doing some dev work myself using google maps and ajax. Would you like to see ?11:12
Puck`Silver_Fox_: oh of course11:13
Silver_Fox_Puck`,  http://serial-coder.co.uk/blog/roadtrip.htm  .  Click on the marker furthest on the right11:15
Silver_Fox_Then you will be able to click a thumbnail...11:15
Silver_Fox_I shall say no more :)11:15
Puck`oh oh this is nice :D11:16
Silver_Fox_The gallary can also be controlled with the keyboard :)11:16
Silver_Fox_Left and Right keys to nav. X will close it11:17
Puck`Silver_Fox_: it makes you wonder why this isn't made by default11:17
Silver_Fox_Thanks Puck` .11:19
Silver_Fox_Well,  as for default i am not sure.11:19
Silver_Fox_The windows are left blank by google on purpose.  That leaves it very flexible11:19
Silver_Fox_I would also state that it is still not finished. I have overlays to add and more images11:20
tenachLooks pretty good so far11:21
Silver_Fox_Hey tenach ,  nice to see you about this early. How are things ?11:22
Silver_Fox_And thanks11:22
tenachThings are alright.  Very tired.11:22
Silver_Fox_Yes, I can imagine11:22
Silver_Fox_Thinking about getting to bed tenach  ?11:24
Puck`Silver_Fox_: this thing is awesome, I could image such a wordpress plugin (hint hint)11:24
Silver_Fox_Very subtle Puck`11:24
tenachI am.11:25
Puck`hi tenach (:11:25
tenachHello Puck`11:25
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duanedesignmorning all12:38
Silver_Fox_  \o/12:48
Silver_Fox_   |12:48
Silver_Fox_  /\12:48
mohi57o9fail :P12:48
Silver_Fox_So close...12:48
Silver_Fox_ |12:49
mohi57o9 /\12:49
mohi57o9aww fail12:49
Silver_Fox_Well,  quite enough of this game anyway. This is supposed to be a support channel12:49
Silver_Fox_And its been v. busy ;)12:50
Silver_Fox_Fun and games to #ubuntu-beginners-team12:50
philinuxSomeone's bored lol12:50
paultagOh surrrrrrrrre13:02
paultagnow you want me back13:02
mohi57o9packrat, come back13:03
mohi57o9aww sorry paultag*13:03
paultagKinda like that name13:03
Silver_Fox_Everything okay paultag  ?13:03
paultagSilver_Fox_: sure, how are you?13:03
Silver_Fox_Thinking about lunch, apart from that not bad13:03
* mohi57o9 says he will never use bash with paultag :/13:04
paultagmohi57o9: hahaha13:06
FounDthisOuthello .. plz help me with http://imagebin.org/103792 any 1 ?13:26
philinuxThats ntfs13:27
FounDthisOutits bad ?13:27
philinuxWindows wont boot?13:27
FounDthisOutya :(13:27
philinuxWhat does it say, any error messages13:28
FounDthisOutnothing .. black screen with just a blinking small cursor13:28
philinuxMachine does POST ok?13:29
FounDthisOuti have  CD  HD  Floppy boot sequence .. yes does post ok but when sees no cd to boot , goes to hard drive to boot and then nothing .. black screen13:29
FounDthisOutno error message nothing .. so i boot in ubuntu to do something .. it wont let me install ubuntu either13:29
philinuxAh was this a wubi install13:30
FounDthisOuti am not well aware of many phrases .. wubi ?13:30
philinuxDid you install ubuntu inside windows with wubi13:30
FounDthisOutno .. i have booted from live CD .. old one but bootable13:31
philinuxSo this is purely a "windows wont boot" problem?13:31
FounDthisOutno, want to install ubuntu but it wont let me13:31
philinuxYou want to trash the ntfs partition13:31
FounDthisOutwant to allocate 10 gigs of free 54 gbs for ubuntu13:32
FounDthisOutbut gparted wont let me touch it to resize :(13:32
FounDthisOuti dont want to FORCE any command .. that usually causes dataloss13:32
FounDthisOutso i am here :)13:32
philinuxIs this vista13:33
FounDthisOutno, this is live ubuntu cd 8.10 .. the HD is 500 Gb, only one drive [c:\] and is 445 gb full .. around 54 gb is free ... currently whole 500 gb is ntfs .. want to give 10 gb for ubuntu install13:34
LynkxBoas...eu não sei se será aqui que se poderá ter um pouco de ajuda em relação ao ubuntu...é possível? Inglês ou português? Obrigado..13:34
philinuxI mean has your hard drive got vista installed13:34
FounDthisOutno it has windows 7 ultimate 64 bit edition installed13:34
philinuxThen you need to resize win 7 using win 713:35
FounDthisOutbut pc wont boot to windows 713:35
philinuxUsing gparted could bork it13:35
philinuxpc needs sorting first13:35
pedro3005Lynkx, english only, please13:35
FounDthisOutso i thought some boot manager was broken or something13:35
philinuxCould be the mbr that needs fixing13:36
philinuxAny windows experts in here?13:36
FounDthisOutcan we do it?13:36
LynkxHi everyone. Is there someone that can give me a couple of hints regarding ubuntu? i really need some help... thanks...13:36
pedro3005sure, don't ask to ask, just ask :)13:36
LynkxHere's the thing13:37
FounDthisOutok i go window channel, get help and get back here ?13:37
philinuxfoundthisout, http://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=fix+windows+7+mbr&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-813:37
Lynkxi need to start using linux, but i have 2 problems13:37
FounDthisOutthanks .. reading13:37
philinuxlynkx, go ahead13:37
Lynkxfirst: i can make video calls with anykind of chat messenger13:37
pedro3005why not?13:38
Lynkxi wanna use empathy13:38
Lynkxbut the options are grey13:38
Lynkxi cant use them13:38
Lynkxi tried emesene13:38
Lynkxbut i can only see myself...13:38
Lynkxso,to use empathy, what can i do?13:38
FounDthisOutthanks i try that and come here .. will have to boot13:39
philinuxlynkx, http://www.howzzit.com/blog/how-to-enable-audio-video-chat-on-empathy/13:39
Lynkxphilinux, thanks, i will check it.13:40
Lynkx2º thing, the one thats been driving me mad!!!!13:40
Lynkxi have a ati radeon x700, but i can find drivers anywhere? and the proprietary drivres doesnt work13:41
Lynkxa visited a couple of websites, but the explanations are completly insane...13:42
Lynkxi dont understand any of it13:42
Lynkxseems like i have to use a kind of open generic driver13:43
Lynkxis there a way i can fix this? i mean, easely? :)13:44
philinuxati oh dear13:50
philinuxLynks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/4045713:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 40457 in xorg (Ubuntu) "ATI Radeon x700 not supported in Install or Live (dup-of: 22985)" [Medium,New]13:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 22985 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "[x700] fails to infer lvds for primary connector on acer ferrari 4005 | card detected, but driver fails to use right output port (dups: 25) (heat: 1)" [High,Fix released]13:52
philinuxLynkx, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=ubuntu+ati+radeon+x700&aq=f&aqi=m1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=13:52
Lynkx:)right ATI... so, in other words: i am never gonna get this right, right? better to by an nvidia one?13:57
Lynkxthey all have bugs...13:58
Lynkxwell, gonna try it. Thanks Philinux and Ubot213:58
philinuxLynks, When I bought this pc 2 years ago and did some research I made sure i got a nVidia card 8600GT. ATI fine in windows I believe13:58
philinuxHow old is that ati card?13:59
Lynkxyeah, i know...but wanna put windows in the virtual toillet.... about 4 years old13:59
Lynkxi dont get it...why is there no more support from ati to linux?14:00
philinuxYou'll have to ask them14:01
Lynkxright... damn shame .14:03
Lynkxiĺl manage some how...14:04
Lynkxlook, about the empathy14:04
philinuxI think the problem with ati is the support for older cards. You'll have to dig around14:05
Lynkxi just went to the site you gave me, and used the synaptic and downloaded the things i needed... still doesnt work... the options are not avaable...14:06
Lynkxjeezzz...does everything around ubuntu has to be this complicated? :)14:07
that_guy__hey anyone here know  how to down load win 715:44
that_guy__on ubuntu?15:44
Silver_Fox_What do you mean download?  Do you mean install ?15:45
that_guy__yeah... sorry15:46
Silver_Fox_You will need to prepare your HDD.15:46
Silver_Fox_You will need to partition it15:47
that_guy__how do i do that?15:47
zkriessehey Silver_Fox_15:48
duanedesignthat_guy__: also see the install Windows after Ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot15:48
zkriessehello spursncowboys15:58
spursncowboyszkriesse: hi, how is everything?15:59
zkriessespursncowboys: eh ok. and yourself?15:59
spursncowboyszkriesse: enjoying the last few days of my vacation.16:00
spursncowboyszkriesse: do you know what frigg is?16:03
zkriessenot really16:04
that_guy__how do you run gparted?16:12
Silver_Fox_System -> Administration -> Gparted16:12
that_guy__didnt seee it...16:13
Silver_Fox_I assume you are on the live cd of Ubuntu16:14
=== st33med_ is now known as st33med
that_guy__ok now how do i create a partition16:18
that_guy__i dont think i am silver fox16:18
that_guy__what do you mean by live cd?16:19
Silver_Fox_Download an Ubuntu LiveCD image (.iso) from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download16:20
that_guy__i think i have a cd of ubuntu lying around somewhere16:20
Silver_Fox_If you do,  find it :)16:20
that_guy__ok cool thanks16:20
Silver_Fox_It will save us some time16:20
that_guy__found it!16:26
that_guy__now what?16:26
Silver_Fox_Boot from it16:26
that_guy__dont kill me but do you mean go to the .exe?16:27
that_guy__like the menu where it says Demo and full install Install inside windows and learn more?16:28
Silver_Fox_Yes, I am still here16:31
holsteinthat_guy__: the .exe in there is for the wubi i think16:31
Silver_Fox_I would choose demo16:31
that_guy__demo it is16:31
that_guy__okay gonna reboot so be back in a minute16:32
that_guy__i pressed reboot now but i aint doing anything16:35
that_guy__the thing is that its running under wine...16:36
holsteinthat_guy__: your trying to install win7?16:39
holsteinand you have ubuntu installed now?16:39
Silver_Fox_Do you wish to completely remove ubuntu16:40
holsteinhow about http://www.virtualbox.org/ that_guy__16:40
that_guy__no... i want to partition with it16:40
holsteini think thats the best way to run windows16:40
that_guy__ive been running that but i wanna play games on win716:40
hobgoblinthat_guy__: if that's the case - boot the livecd - shrink an exisitng partition - install win716:40
holsteinthat_guy__: what do you mean, you want to partition with it?16:40
holsteinyeah, virtualbox wont do games at a level you would be comfortable with16:41
that_guy__when i press reboot now it wont reboot... should i try manual reboot?16:42
holsteinreboot in what?16:44
that_guy___okay, i just tried rebooting it but it didnt work16:45
holsteinrebooting didnt work?16:45
holsteinor partitioning?16:45
Silver_Fox_Did you change your bios boot order ?16:45
that_guy___how do i do that?16:46
holsteinit depends on your machine16:46
holsteinyou could google16:46
holsteinyour type of machine16:46
holsteinand change boot order16:46
holsteinOR bios settings16:46
hobgoblinthat_guy___: can I ask what linux you are running and how you installed it16:46
that_guy___ubuntu 10.04 from cd16:47
holsteinhowever you booted that CD to install ubuntu 10.0416:47
holsteinit should be the same process16:48
holsteinjust dont install16:48
holsteinrun in live16:48
hobgoblinok - so have you changed any settings on the pc since then - if not then the cd should boot - alternatively if you maybe did F2 or something to access a boot menu you need to do the same again16:48
holsteinrun it* live16:48
that_guy___thing is the menu is running under wine does that matter by any chance?16:49
hobgoblinuntil you've got the cd running then no-one is really going to be of much help as we will just be going round in circles16:49
hobgoblinthat_guy___: why do you keep talking about wine?16:49
holsteinthat_guy___: what menu?16:49
that_guy___the autorun menu16:49
that_guy___from the cd16:49
holsteinthats not how you start this process16:50
holsteinyou close that16:50
holsteinturn the machine off16:50
holsteinand restart the machine with the CD in the drive16:50
that_guy___ill do that now16:50
that_guy__okay, im back here for now, ive relised what to do and you must hate me right now cos im a n00b17:24
that_guy__lets just say that i was running under the live cd ... ( i cant right now cos i have to download java to be on here and my internet is capped)17:25
that_guy__what now?17:25
that_guy__okay, if i was running under live cd, do i need to download gpart?17:26
zkriessethat_guy__: hi17:28
hobgoblinthat_guy__: no - system > admin > partition editor17:28
that_guy__theres no partition editor on the menu17:30
that_guy__ahh... is there one when you go to live cd?17:30
that_guy__cos right now im running the full actual version..17:30
hobgoblinyou asked about the livecd - I answered same :)17:31
gohi team17:31
hobgoblinhi puck17:31
that_guy__oh.. thanks hob.... i was a bit cofused...17:32
hobgoblinunderstandable when all is new17:32
that_guy__lets say i went in there... what next?17:32
zkriessehey puck go17:33
hobgoblinthat_guy__: just exactly what is it you are trying to accomplish - then I can help properly17:33
that_guy__im trying to download win7 as a partition...17:33
hobgoblingo ignores the fact that he's puck akos17:33
zkriessehobgoblin: yeah lol17:34
hobgoblinthat_guy__: that makes no sense at all - win7 is an OS17:34
goey guys, sorry, i was just joining some channels17:34
=== go is now known as Droid
that_guy__like dual boot it17:34
holsteinthat_guy__: its much easier to do this the other way17:36
holsteinif you already have windows installed17:36
that_guy__what do you mean?17:36
holsteinBUT you can do it17:36
holsteinyou have ubuntu installed on your entire hard drive right now right?17:37
that_guy__i dont have windows already installed i only have ubuntu17:37
holsteinyou need to re-claim some hard drive space for windows17:37
that_guy__how much space do i need?17:37
holsteinyou need to re-size a partition17:37
holsteinso you'll have room to install windows17:37
holsteinthats up to you that_guy__17:38
that_guy__how much space do i need?17:38
holsteini would think 10 GB would be the smallest17:38
that_guy__using gparted?17:38
holsteingparted will do that17:38
holsteinallow you to re-claim some space for your upcoming windows install17:38
that_guy__is it dangerous to try to do that on the actual ubuntu?17:39
holsteinyou need to do this from a live CD17:39
hobgoblinthat_guy__: I would be inclined to go to the windows site and find the minumum space requirement - moving partitions is not something that you would want to do more than once17:39
holsteinafter you reclaim the space17:39
holsteinyou'll install windows17:39
holsteinand you'll have to re-install GRUB17:40
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:40
holsteinin there should be a section on retoring grub from a live CD17:40
holsteinafter the windows install, you wont be able to boot into ubuntu17:40
hobgoblinholstein - I am going to butt out - one person dealing with this is sufficient - I would think it will get confusing otherwise - all I'd say is it might be good to be creating sadi partition at the beginning of the drive17:41
holsteinhobgoblin: no, go for it17:41
holsteinim just trying to give an overview of all the steps :)17:41
holsteinthe best way i know17:41
hobgoblinit's cool - you go for it - I'll be modding on the forums17:41
hobgoblinping if you want me though :)17:42
hobgoblingah - I hate forum mods anyway17:42
that_guy__the microsoft website said 18 to 20gb17:42
holsteinthat_guy__: again, thats up to you17:43
holsteini think most people split it down the middle17:43
holsteinfor example17:43
holsteinif you have a 100GB hard drive17:43
holstein50GB to each OS17:43
that_guy__how would i change it on gparted?17:44
holsteini would google gparted17:44
holsteinand read the documentation17:44
holsteinjust to be safe17:44
holsteinand make backups of important data17:45
that_guy__ok, im gonna boot from live cd now... ill be back if i need some more help :)17:45
holsteinbut, in theory17:45
holsteinyou boot from the live cd17:45
that_guy__i have no important data so its ok17:45
holsteinfind your partition17:45
holsteinand resize it17:45
holsteinleaving a big enough empty space for your windows install17:45
that_guy__ok thanks for your help... ill try my best from here on17:46
holsteinthat_guy__: if you have NO important data17:46
holsteinthe easiest way to go for you might be17:46
holsteinto just install windows717:46
holsteinon the whole drive17:46
holsteinand reinstall ubuntu after the fact17:46
that_guy__ill try this first and if it doesnt work, ill try the whole drive17:47
holsteinthe ubuntu installer makes this easy17:47
holsteinthat_guy__: cool :)17:47
holsteinits totally do-able17:47
hobgoblinit would be so much easier to have info like that at the beginning :)17:53
holsteinyeah, while you have windows still installed17:58
holsteinits a couple clicks to do it after you got windows already installed17:59
hobgoblinyea - I did delete partition - install linux :D17:59
holsteini dont think we'll see an 'install windows and ubuntu side by side' option in the microsoft installer anytime soon ;)18:00
hobgoblinno - and it would probably fail if there was ...18:00
hobgoblinhow many filetypes in an option ?18:00
hobgoblinha ha ha18:00
hobgoblinanyway - I'm sure he will be back soon - pretty sure I've seen them before18:01
hobgoblinanyway - afk for a while18:01
holsteinhe'll get it sorted out18:01
hobgoblinhi swoody18:45
swoodyhobgoblin: heya piskie :D18:46
swoodyhow's things going?18:46
hobgoblinhow's things?18:46
hobgoblingood here ty :)18:46
swoodyhobgoblin: excellent to hear :)18:47
hobgoblinhi philinux18:47
swoodyhobgoblin: things have gotten increasingly better for me, I just landed a job (finally!) and I start on Tuesday :D18:47
swoodyheya philinux :)18:47
paultaggrats swoody18:47
paultagswoody: whatcha doin?18:47
swoodyoh heya paultag :) How's things been?18:47
* meindian523 pats swoody on the back18:48
hobgoblinsuperb news swoody - well done :)18:48
swoodypaultag: Datacenter Tech/Sys Admin18:48
hobgoblinhi paultag meindian52318:48
swoodythanks meindian523 and hobgoblin :)18:48
meindian523hi hobgoblin18:48
paultagswoody: good good, hows you doin?18:48
swoodyall these lurkers here ;P18:48
paultagDarkNemesis: killer, whereat?18:48
paultaghey hobgoblin18:48
philinuxswoody, what's the job entail18:48
swoodypaultag: oh I can't complain anymore, thank you :)18:48
paultagerm swoody, killer whereat18:48
paultagsorry DarkNemesis18:48
zkriesseyo yo paultag !18:49
DarkNemesismmm its ok18:49
hobgoblinpretty good tabfail there paultag18:49
swoodyphilinux: mostly racking servers, troubleshooting, some terminal work, just keeping the servers up and running for the most part ;)18:49
paultaghobgoblin: shit, you're tellen me18:49
swoodypaultag: www.singlehop.com18:49
paultagswoody: Fail!18:49
paultaghey zkriesse18:49
meindian523hobgoblin, tired of doing elf magic and decided to turn evil?18:49
paultaglooks good there swoody18:49
hobgoblinmeindian523: I always was ;)18:49
* DarkNemesis wants to repeal section 63 of the criminal justice and immigration bill as part of the great repeal act18:49
DarkNemesissorry, wrong place18:50
hobgoblinDarkNemesis lol18:50
meindian523hobgoblin, oh, more evil than before then18:50
swoodypaultag: thanks :) It is a pretty sweet gig, got the lead from tronyx who is (was) a memeber of my loco :)18:50
paultagswoody: He is long outa Chi-town18:50
* meindian523 was just about to ask what Section 63 did to DarkNemesis as to suffer that fate18:50
DarkNemesishobgoblin, not know what i'm refering to? if you dont tough... :P18:50
swoodypaultag: yeah, but the company is his old place of employment18:50
paultagswoody: oh no frak18:51
paultagswoody: nice18:51
DarkNemesismeindian523, it makes thinking certain things illegal18:51
swoodypaultag: and he still usually hangs out in #u-chicago, so I count him as one of us :)18:51
paultagswoody: steal me some serverspace :)18:51
paultagswoody: ahh, yeah :)18:51
swoodypaultag: I'll see what I can do, lol -.-18:51
hobgoblinDarkNemesis: the lol was for the channel - but I'd say you've little chance of repealing that - and before we get told no politics - it'll never amount to much - the LD will be removed in time18:52
paultaghobgoblin: LD ?18:52
hobgoblinpaultag: UK politics - lib dems18:52
paultaghobgoblin: ahha, yes, I know the lib dem party :)18:53
hobgoblinsupposedly sharing power with the nasty party18:53
paultaghobgoblin: I try and keep up with modern politics18:53
=== PabloRubianes_ is now known as PabloRubianes
paultaghobgoblin: I figure if people know US politics, I should learn a bit about other's18:53
hobgoblinguido fawkes missed - I think he should have another go18:53
paultagother systems *18:53
* philinux No politics18:53
swoodypaultag: if there were a serious need for something Ubuntu-related, I'm sure they may be responsive to it... http://www.singlehop.com/why_singlehop/supporting_open_source.php18:53
hobgoblinpaultag: totally agree with that system18:53
paultaghobgoblin: remember remember the 5th of november18:53
hobgoblinI do :)18:53
hobgoblinI was there - I am a myth :D18:54
philinuxhobgoblin was there18:54
paultagswoody: o'rly?18:54
* meindian523 wonders what are the parallels for the US Republican & Democrat parties in UK politics18:54
swoodypaultag: yeah, they're a pretty cool bunch of guys from what I've seen so far :)18:54
hobgoblinmeindian523: I think the left in the US is more or less the right in the UK - the right in the US has no parallel - or that is my understanding18:55
paultagswoody: rockn18:55
paultaghobgoblin: the right on the US is the facist party elsewhere18:55
paultaghobgoblin: moderate is lib-dem, and left wing is moderate18:55
paultaghobgoblin: US politics are fscked18:56
hobgoblinmeindian523: though to be frank in the UK they are all more or less in the centre18:56
meindian523hobgoblin, as in the right in the UK wants big govt, less taxes and more populist spending?18:56
hobgoblinthe right are the conservative lot, the left are a small part of the labour party - the remainder being more or less conservative18:57
hobgoblinat the moment I don't think it matters where you live - it is all pretty much screwed up18:57
meindian523hobgoblin, the problem with using words like "conservative" is the GOP and the Tories (IIRC) are both conservative18:57
hobgoblinseen it all before18:57
meindian523it depends on the country, what you mean by conservative18:58
paultagWell, the "right" wing maintains the status qo, and the "left" wing wants to change things18:58
paultagso every time the "left" makes a change, they become more "right"18:58
hobgoblinbut meh - in the UK there are 600 odd pigs with their snouts in the trough - I'vew no time for any of them18:58
paultagso the terms change in meaning often18:58
hobgoblinthis ^^18:58
meindian523paultag, change, hopefully for the better?18:59
meindian523towards more free trade, less trade barriers, etc18:59
paultagmeindian523: that is the hope. Otherwise we are just going in circles18:59
paultagmeindian523: no18:59
paultagmeindian523: half of us want that, the others work to change that18:59
paultaghalf the time, half of us are "left" and the other half we are "right"18:59
hobgoblinit'll take more than politicians to change19:00
meindian523ouch, half of my brain is now officially dead19:00
paultagthe meanings change every year meindian523. You can see this pretty clearly in our history19:00
paultagaye hobgoblin19:00
hobgoblinI'd change paultag's "our history" and remove the "our"19:00
paultaghobgoblin: aye19:00
hobgoblinstlsaint: good evenink19:01
meindian523In India, the right wants more free market, and the left wants more socialism19:01
meindian523IML, they haven't changed19:01
paultagmeindian523: and when the left wing gets what they want, they turn into the right wing19:01
paultagmeindian523: because the right wing wants to keep the status quo, and the left wing wants to make changes19:01
paultagmeindian523: so when things change, the left becomes the right and the right becomes the left19:02
paultagmeindian523: I would be a Republican in 1992, their platform is the same one Obama ran on19:02
hobgoblinI'm having trouble installing ubuntu on a pad of paper - can anyone help me19:02
paultaghobgoblin: lik omg did u install teh wood drivers>19:03
paultaghobgoblin: you needs to interface to the woodcpu19:03
hobgoblinI found the exe one - will that work19:03
paultaghobgoblin: just run it in apple os x19:03
swoodypaultag: you mean the tiger wood drivers? :D19:03
paultaghobgoblin: it should be fine19:03
hobgoblinor do I need A619:03
meindian523well, in India, AFAIK, the left would be happy if we were a communist democracy <-- don't know whether that is a paradox, and the right would be happy if were completely free market19:03
paultaghobgoblin: ohhhh, you are international, you did not say that19:03
paultaghobgoblin: you will need the a6_4bit extentions19:04
hobgoblinaaah - of course I is19:04
paultagmeindian523: but if you were a communist state, the right wing would want it to stay that way19:04
paultagmeindian523: so the "left" wing would now want to keep it like that and become the "right" wing19:05
paultaghobgoblin: :P19:05
meindian523paultag, I don't think we have ever sufficiently swung in one direction that the left becomes the right and the right becomes the left19:05
paultagmeindian523: it happens in the USA regularly19:05
meindian523well, when you have had more than, IIRC, 100 years of independence, you get to make that many more swinging changes19:06
meindian523swoody, singlehop doesn't do retail hosting, do they?19:07
stlsainthola senors19:07
meindian523hola senorita19:07
hobgoblinstlsaint:  is a baby ...19:08
hobgoblin<stlsaint> boo who19:08
paultagmeindian523: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=2584719:08
* meindian523 wonders what's the Spanish word for a baby19:08
paultagmeindian523: that is the republican party platform of 199219:08
paultagmeindian523: it looks like our democrat platform this last election19:08
* meindian523 reads19:08
swoodymeindian523: TBH, I don't know for sure :/19:09
swoodymeindian523: I haven't started working there just yet, so I don't want to say positively what type of clients they work with19:09
meindian523paultag, lol, "Here at home, we warned against Big Government, because we knew concentrated decisionmaking, no matter how well-intentioned, was a danger to liberty and prosperity."19:10
meindian523tronyx, ?19:10
paultagmeindian523: aye19:10
stlsaintduanedesign: ping19:11
meindian523But AFAIK, GOP always campaigns for lower taxes, so that is something they didn't change19:11
paultagmeindian523: yes, but being the GOP does not make you right wing IIRC19:11
paultagmeindian523: aye, check -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_politics19:12
meindian523paultag, nah, as you said the parties keep interchanging positions, so I'm now defining them by what they aim at, and not whether the call themselves right wing or left wing19:12
paultaggood :)19:13
meindian523paultag, I have read that, problem is Wikipedia has a mostly American slant19:13
paultagthat's what you should19:13
paultagmeindian523: most of the wikipedia contributors are American, so it has a natural bias19:13
meindian523as hobgoblin said, UK left is US right, and vice versa19:13
paultagmeindian523: the republo-facist party in the USA is far more radical then anywhere else in the world19:14
meindian523and that is usually not reflected..19:14
meindian523one second...19:14
hobgoblinback later - I'll bring my stick to stir the pot again :)19:15
hobgoblinalmost like the old old days in here19:15
meindian523+1 hobgoblin19:15
newboon2age_paultag: and most unfortunately most Americans are completely unaware of how far out of sync and extremist the right wing bias of the US really is.19:15
paultagnewboon2age_: for sure19:16
paultagnewboon2age_: it's very scary19:16
newboon2age_paultag: very very19:16
swoodyvery :/19:17
paultagthis is why I like you guys :)19:17
paultagI don't feel so radical19:17
swoodycause we're all a bunch of Communists too? ;)19:18
newboon2age_paultag: the world was rejoicing when Obama was elected because the thought the fascist nightmare that was W was over.  you could see it when bishop tutu came on the Daily Show19:18
newboon2age_paultag: it was like the world breathed a sigh of relief19:18
paultagnewboon2age_: not to mention someone with an education would be holding the nuclear codes, not a fsck()ing idiot19:19
newboon2age_paultag: however unfortunately its not that simple.  The monopolist/capitalist/fascist/corpratist/oligarchic model is extremely entrenched and with American not even being aware of the problem let alone fighting to overturn it, ...19:20
paultagnewboon2age_: aye19:20
paultagnewboon2age_: absolutly. It's quite scary what we've become. The corperations in America run the state. It's funny to look through the change from us regulating them, to them regulating us19:21
paultagnewboon2age_: the goverment will bend over backwards for a corperation without fail19:21
newboon2age_paultag: I'm a Green myself.  i consider myself very moderate in the overall world-wide scheme of things.  That shows just how right-wing the US is because here it looks like i'm far left.19:21
paultagnewboon2age_: aye19:22
paultagnewboon2age_: I don't clam political affiliation19:22
paultagnewboon2age_: closest is Marxist / Communist19:22
philinuxMe is middle of the road.19:23
newboon2age_paultag: i consider Obama to definitely, absolutley be right of center.  No public option.  Considering nuclear power and option.  Continuing to violate Pakistanin sovereingty and not shutting Guantanomo.... etc.19:23
paultagnewboon2age_: aye, I'm with you19:23
paultagnewboon2age_: he is far left when compared with Bush, but still right19:23
newboon2age_paultag: his form of 'moderate' is to compromise with the crazy-right.  No thanks.  But i realize it might be a necessary evil to get us through to a better place... i just want to see some actual movement that way19:25
paultagnewboon2age_: I'm with you, pal19:25
zkriesseIf we're going to be talking politics let's move to -team19:25
zkriesseand i'm jumping in19:25
paultagzkriesse: it's quiet out, it's OK19:26
zkriesseok i'm jumping still19:26
newboon2age_paultag: i've been extremely, extremely depressed about this for the past year.  So finding Ubuntu is a real saving grace.19:26
paultagzkriesse: when someone pops in for help, we just have to be sure to help19:26
zkriesseObama is an ass....19:26
zkriesseWell idiot anyway19:26
paultagnewboon2age_: aye19:26
paultagnewboon2age_: it's the closest to Communism I can get in the states19:26
newboon2age_paultag: which is that?  Green Party19:27
paultagnewboon2age_: Ubuntu19:27
paultagnewboon2age_: the idea of no Private Property, taking what you want and giving back what you can19:28
newboon2age_paultag: gotcha19:28
paultagnewboon2age_: it's a nice change19:28
paultagnewboon2age_: indeed we are taking down the capitilist trash known as Microsoft and Apple ;)19:28
paultagand doing it with a smile and a hug19:28
paultagit's nice19:28
newboon2age_paultag: LOVE IT!!!19:28
newboon2age_paultag: i love that Ubuntu is sort of an indirect take down.  I think when you try to fight directly you become too much like what you're trying to fight.  Here we're concentrating on what we want to create in the world, not what we hate.19:30
paultagnewboon2age_: aye aye, that's for sure19:30
paultagnewboon2age_: that's the only way communism can work imho, the idea of small fractions that are in constant revolt. The idea that everything is questioned makes for some interesting self-moderation19:31
paultagnewboon2age_: if you don't like it, leave and do it your way, y'know19:31
paultagif it's good, people will join19:31
paultagif not, then you can do it for you19:31
newboon2age_I don't know if this is really the case but i was interested in seeing an article (i'll go find it) that said Windoze users really hate Monopoly$oft in a way that Linux users don't...19:31
paultagnewboon2age_: I'd be interested in reading that19:32
meindian523+1, /me would want to read that19:32
paultagnewboon2age_: I have to run out and fix my backyard. Goddamn fence is falling apart. Shoot me an email -- paultag@ubuntu19:33
meindian523paultag, I think the Ubuntu philosophy as you stated it should actually read, taking what you "need" and giving back what you can19:33
paultagnewboon2age_: great chatt'n :)19:33
paultagmeindian523: :)19:33
paultagnewboon2age_: ah, awesome19:33
paultagnewboon2age_: thanks :)19:33
paultagthanks newboon2age_, I'll catch up later19:34
paultaglate meindian523 :)19:34
newboon2age_because they've had to be locked in the cage (self imposed at this point) of M$, unaware of their options, resentful19:34
newboon2age_paultag: later amigo19:34
meindian523paultag, was speakin on the phone19:34
paultagmeindian523: newboon2age_: cheerio!19:34
meindian523gday paultag19:34
* meindian523 had better be off to sleep too19:35
newboon2age_meindian523: basically Linux Girl concludes that most everyone except those locked into particular programs that only run on Windoze should run Linux19:35
newboon2age_meindian623: good night...19:35
newboon2age_paultag: a last thought on the topic: I might prefer to call it communitarianism .19:38
=== compiledkernel is now known as Guest19826
win_2_linuxquestion: when burning cds/dvds with ubuntu using brassero, do you have to close all programs and walk away from the computer like you do in windows or now?22:42
holsteinyou shouldnt22:44
holsteini guess it depends on your hardware22:44
win_2_linuxI was experimenting, with brassero, on my desktop I have 2 gig ram,  3gig dual core windows machine and I still have to close all programs when burning in XP22:48
phillwwin_2_linux: you will find ubuntu far less resource hungry than Win, with that specification, you should have no problems :-)22:49
win_2_linuxand on my lap top I have 1 gig ram and 1.6 gig laptop m processor or something, surfed the web, chatted on Irc and checked email and it burned nicely22:49
phillwI can burn DVD on my 1GB RAM Intel Celeron M laptop, and keep surfing, on IRC etc.22:49
win_2_linuxubunut is on my laptop right now so I can get used to it, before putting it on my desktop22:49
win_2_linuxyeah i just did that phillw and it burned nicely22:50
win_2_linuxsame amount of time as imageburn in windows, I was burning the new 10.10 alpha22:50
win_2_linuxdon't know about speed though i think I remember it took imgburn the same amount of time to burn and iso to cd as brassero 6 min22:51
win_2_linuxi mean speed is just the same,22:52
holsteinthe speed is going to be dictated by your hardware to some degree22:52
win_2_linuxso it passed anyway with flying colors22:52
holsteinlinux doesnt work miracles22:53
win_2_linuxunderstand that too22:53
holsteinit just seems that way compared to the competion ;)22:53
win_2_linuxits for comparison22:53
phillwwin_2_linux: just remember, if you are burning iso images (boot disks) then it strongly suggested you use 4X speed, that is because of the risk of buffer underflow to the cd/dvd -R disk which will give you an usuable disk. for data etc, you can run fast :-)22:53
phillwholstein: there is competition ? ;-)22:55
win_2_linuxoh i've found that out, I was in a hurry so I wanted something burned to the max speed on my desktop 40x and it did but cd was unusable, found that out later sucked so i burn everything at lower speeds22:55
holsteinphillw: hehe :)22:55
win_2_linuxapparently microsoft is intimidated by linux,22:55
win_2_linuxand ibm doesn't approve of opensource22:56
phillwwin_2_linux: the data accuracy for an iso is far greater than that for data - slow stops you getting into 'funnies' mode- which is really infuriating22:56
win_2_linuxyes most definately22:56
phillwwin_2_linux: ibm are pretty okay with open source22:57
phillwthey just do not advertise it widely.22:57
win_2_linuxi read somewhere that someone at ibm said open sources infringes upon intellectual property rights or something22:57
phillwwin_2_linux: everyone says that :-)22:57
phillwwin_2_linux: the truth is https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/ more like that22:58
win_2_linuxbut open source programs are sure to be aware of their intellectual property rights but choose to give it away as a gift22:58
win_2_linuxi don't see much difference in 10.10 when i installed it on a virtual box23:00
phillwwin_2_linux: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/  also is a good resource (I have a free log-in for those areas)23:00
phillwwin_2_linux: as 10.10 is just hit alpha2, it is still very 10.04 to most people23:01
phillwit gets more interesting as the 1st beta is released, as that gives a better idea of where things are going.23:01
win_2_linuxyes it is23:02
win_2_linuxso ibm coming out with their own distro now?23:03
phillwwin_2_linux: keep a close eye on http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=385 that let's you know what it going on. IBM have had a unix / linux for many years.23:03
win_2_linuxi remember when there were graphic viewers for tty23:04
win_2_linuxbut do they give it away23:04
win_2_linuxor is it just for their own systems23:04
phillwhe he, i remember being totally shocked when I saw X for the 1st time on unix 20+ years ago :-D23:04
win_2_linuxoh that was my experiment with mandrake 10 years ago,23:05
win_2_linuxwhen it flubbed up and wouldn't reinstall or could I fix it so i had to install windows23:05
win_2_linuxand never went back to linux23:06
win_2_linuxi think i played with kde but it was unstable23:06
paultagwin_2_linux, that's when I switched23:06
paultagwin_2_linux, I was using Mandrake 9.1, in 2001. Shit I feel old.23:06
paultagKinda sad, I'm 21.23:06
win_2_linuxfeeling at 2123:07
win_2_linuxwell when i was 21 i kind a felt old too, it was like  the end of everything23:07
phillwwe had X on a unix server just as Windows 3 came out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_3.023:07
paultagwin_2_linux, I just figured out I've been using GNU/Linux for 10 years23:07
win_2_linuxsince you were 1123:07
paultagwin_2_linux, yes23:07
phillwscary, but I'm just showing my age  now :-D23:07
paultagwin_2_linux, my mom is a sysadmin23:07
win_2_linuxwell then you have advantages, was she all for installing linux on home machines23:08
paultagwin_2_linux, so she had me using RPM before I was out of elementary school23:08
paultagwin_2_linux, aye aye23:08
win_2_linuxwin3 was UGLY23:08
phillwit was more a GUI than dos was ;-)23:08
win_2_linuxso you know all the ups and downs ins and outs, do your friends make fun of you when you carry your linux laptop around and they have windows23:09
paultagwin_2_linux, haha. they used to23:09
paultagwin_2_linux, nowadays it's cool to be a GNU/Linux luser23:09
win_2_linuxi was a kid when win3 came out and thought it was ugly23:09
win_2_linuxyeah it is, more people are doing it,23:10
win_2_linuxhate buying new pcs or laptops and having all that garbage installed on it23:10
win_2_linuxtrial ware, who needs them i never use them anyway23:10
win_2_linuxlinux doesn't have trial ware lol23:10
paultagnot if you do it right :)23:11
win_2_linuxwell didn't dell and HP come out with linux pcs or was that scrapped23:11
win_2_linuxwell i always uninstall the trial ware, shareware and screware23:11
phillwbtw, before we get moaned at ... Want offtopic? Head over to #ubuntu-beginners-team   ;-)23:14
win_2_linuxwe're not off topic we're discussing ubuntu cd burning abilities compared to windows23:19
win_2_linuxand ugly win 3 not to mention how we all come to linux lol23:19
win_2_linuxnot off topic at all23:19
win_2_linuxpaultag was fortunate to have linux mother23:20
paultagHells yes.23:21
win_2_linuxoops linux savvy mother23:21
win_2_linuxpaultag have you guys ever tried windows23:21
paultagwin_2_linux, last time I used a windows OS was 200523:21
win_2_linuxstill xp then i believe23:21
paultagwin_2_linux, I don't dig on it. Frustrating UX23:21
paultagwin_2_linux, yessir23:21
paultagwin_2_linux, XP was new when I got off it23:22
win_2_linuxno phillw is a sir, i'm way younger23:22
win_2_linuxyeah i think everyone is convinced its the only way you can run a computer or go mac23:22
win_2_linuxand those who use mac are using osx which is unix based anyway23:22
* phillw yeah, I still support up to vista, although 98SE and XP were the ones I found most stable (well, there was the little ooops with SP2 in XP), from what I've heard Win7 seems pretty good23:22
win_2_linuxits still new, although not many complaints like vista23:23
phillwMac 9.2 is about as late as I got with Mac, although the machine will run OSX 10.1.523:23
win_2_linuxwin7 looks like kde23:23
win_2_linuxlook how long it takes to put a new windows out, how many years between xp and 723:24
phillwI've not used knoppix in so many years, it was a nice OS23:24
win_2_linuxand its leaked that they're planning win 8 now23:25
phillwyou forget the ones they bring out and bomb ;-)23:25
phillwdon't mention ME to microsoft :-D23:25
win_2_linuxwhat was between xp and vista? i don't remember23:25
win_2_linuxoh i had me, millenium edtion lol23:26
phillwwin_2_linux: nothing ... they seemed to have learbed their lesson - lol23:26
phillwoooh, I forgot - there was Service Pack 2 - that broke a lot of computers23:26
phillwI was busy...23:26
win_2_linuxi didn't have problems sp223:26
win_2_linuxevery now and again i'd get the blue screen about rebooting into safemode but they were few and far between23:27
phillw*vista ready* was fun, that kept me busy also23:27
win_2_linuxwhat is vista ready23:27
win_2_linuxi think bill gates biggest mistake was making is company public23:28
phillwthatwas when they sold computers saying that they were 'vista ready' and it failed... badly.23:28
win_2_linuxhe should've kept it private maybe his Os would've been better23:28
phillwoddly enough, my laptop was designed for vista and does not like XP23:28
win_2_linuxvista was ms second embarrassment23:29
win_2_linuxalthough I have a friend who swears by it,doesn't want to goto 723:29
win_2_linuxsaid he never had the problems everyone else complained about23:29
phillwif your kit was designed for vista, it will run it really well.23:29
phillwvista was the last i ran, it's no longer dual boot on here.23:30
win_2_linuxhe builds his own computers from ground up...well he doesn't make mother boards or anything he buys the parts he wants and builds form there23:30
win_2_linuxmy laptop is not dual boot, its just ubuntu linix23:30
win_2_linuxform = from23:31
win_2_linuxand desktop is just winxp23:31
win_2_linuxon lap top now23:31
phillwmine boots unbuntu 10.04, ubuntu 10.10, lubuntu 10.04 and lubuntu 10.10 - that's enough to keep me busy :-)23:31
win_2_linuxfunny when it had xp on it, i used this laptop less and when i installed ubuntu i use it more23:31
win_2_linuxare more manufacturers making device drivers for linux now, or are they still behind the times23:33
phillwI've just lubuntu on to an old xp laptop for my mum - results are good from my mum - no waiting 4 minutes while it updates all the anti virus stuff etc.23:33
phillwsome are good, others are notoriouslly slow.23:33
win_2_linuxyes, in win you have to constantly run antivirus software,23:34
win_2_linuxand it slows things down23:34
win_2_linuxwhat is lubuntu or latin ubuntu23:34
phillwit does on 512MB of ram23:34
win_2_linuxmy wish is that blizzard would make an installer for WoW and not have to use wine23:35
phillwlubuntu is the slimmest *buntu about. It has not been fully adopted into the family yet, but we're hopeful we may make it for 10.10. It is currently at 'stable beta' for 10.0423:35
win_2_linuxwhat about tiny linux or damned small linux23:35
phillwthey do not give you all of ubuntu23:36
win_2_linuxwhat exactly is slackware...are they based on any distro debian, red hat etc or are they their own23:36
phillwthere are so many choices in the linux community, this baffles people from Win.23:37
win_2_linuxyes I do have the full distro of debian23:37
phillwthere's about 7 flavours of ubuntu !!23:37
win_2_linuxUltimate Edition Ubuntu23:37
phillwhttp://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=52  I must update that to put on MythUbuntu23:38
win_2_linuxwow does irc still split23:38
win_2_linuxi would think after all these years the servers would be more stable23:39
win_2_linuxi chose irc over aol chatrooms lol23:40
win_2_linuxremember those23:40
phillwhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit explains why it happens, simply put - it is a server getting overloaded or checking in and taking some time out :-)23:42
phillwthis can be scheduled down time23:43
phillwusually seen at public holidays, when servers are taken down for maintenance or the Americans are all bored and celebrating independence day :p23:44
win_2_linuxso you're not american23:45
win_2_linuxso you're in late evening now23:46
phillwI always send them my regards23:46
win_2_linuxso do you have a lot of forum subscribers?23:48
win_2_linuxyeah its independence day from you guys23:48
win_2_linuxwell the UK anyway lol23:48
bobo123I assume the real reason that microsoft sells so many different editions of windows, is that they are jealous of all the linux dists, right?23:49
phillwwin_2_linux: http://forums.raidersmerciless.com/showthread.php?t=6296  last time I sent that, they said we could a few states back :p23:49
win_2_linuxactually you can have all of us back, probably a lot easier under the queen and parliment than the mess we're in23:50
zkriessebobo123: probably23:50
win_2_linuxwell they're trying to stifle the competition, like going after android, who uses linux but microsoft there is a line of code that is theirs, so they came up with a deal, instead of google doing and investigation and saying prove it, or show it,23:52
stlsaintduanedesign: ping23:52
win_2_linuxso how would ms know there is a line of code, if they didn't take it apart or if they didn't take it apart and just seeing the similarities in their code and android's code  and saying MINE23:54
phillwone of the things I love about USA is the right to 'protest' that means KKK people at polling stations, what i am still laughing at is when my good friend, who is native american, marched up to them and told them to "go back home" :-D  --- after his tirade to them, they slunk off.23:54
phillweveryone else was laughing their heads off :-)23:55
win_2_linuxthe kkk doesn't know what they protest23:55
win_2_linuxphillw you're off topic now, you're going to get yelled at by the ubuntu police23:55
zkriessewin_2_linux: ah phillw is ok23:56
phillwoops, hopefully they're all watching rockets being fired out of HRH Queen Elizabeths bottom at parties23:56
zkriessewelcome aganice23:56
win_2_linuxzkriesse we were talking about that earlier when we made fun of being offtopic as in ugly win3 and cd burning23:57
win_2_linuxso i just made fun of his kkk story about being offtopic23:57
win_2_linuxyeah poor prince harry, decides to go as nazi to a halloween party and has to apologize , poor guy apologizes alot, comes here, and gets swamped by the press23:58
win_2_linuxfor their egos, i interviewed prince harry for my career, and everyone forgets anyway lol23:59
win_2_linuxand all you have to do is go to a club in england and you'll be partying with prince harry23:59

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