doctormoI think my brain is melting like one of those wax droids.00:56
doctormopleia2: Does Ubuntu use SELinux?01:15
pleia2doctormo: not really01:24
pleia2there is an selinux package, but they really went the apparmor direction01:24
doctormopleia2: It's installed but the profiles are weak?01:24
doctormoAh AppArmor, thanks01:24
doctormojono, jcastro: If you enter a community which doesn't allow apturls in their comments, use this url: http://doctormo.org/apturl.pl?inkscape it does a redirect and allows you to install from a normal http link.01:54
jonodoctormo, nice!01:54
doctormoI did this for deviantArt because they don't allow anything but http, (not even ftp the jerks)01:54
doctormoBut it might be useful to others01:54
nhandlerdoctormo: Check your email ;)02:32
nhandlerdoctormo: And http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#identify02:42
doctormonhandler: Perfect, thanks a lot for that.03:21
nhandlerGlad to help doctormo03:21
doctormonhandler: Now is there some furious fund I can pu a copper or two into in order to sort out Empathy?03:22
doctormoI've got a bug list as long as an arm.03:22
nhandlerdoctormo: Bug #1 Empathy is practically unusable as an irc client03:24
nhandlerBut no, I'm not seeing any special place to donate for empathy or its devs03:24
doctormonhandler: Pretty much, I only get around some of the issues because a) I found out the way it does fav channels and b) I have nothing else to use.03:24
* nhandler loves screen+irssi03:24
doctormoI don't want anything cli based03:25
nhandlerxchat is one of the few fully functional gui irc clients for ubuntu03:25
doctormonhandler: Isn't that so sad, we use the tool so often for community use and yet we spend hardly any time making sure it works on our own plaform.03:41
nhandlerdoctormo: Well, there isn't a lot that can be done for it downstream. It really needs to get a lot of love upstream. I still think xchat should get included, but that is just my 2 cents03:42
doctormoI agree with your assessment, but downstream is still a force.03:44
nigelbGood morning folks!05:15
ddecatorgood morning nigelb!05:19
nigelbhola ddecator.  Still up eh?05:20
ddecatornigelb: still got a few hours left in me :)05:20
doctormoI come from the future! and I have a warning! Do NOT attempt to convert perl to python without a hazmat suite.05:36
nigelbdoctormo: you came around 10 years back with the same warning! Looks like you don't listen to yourself :p05:38
* nigelb ducks05:38
doctormonigelb: It looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.05:38
nigelbdoctormo: but it doesn't code like a  duck05:39
doctormoI wish it bloody well did05:39
nigelbwow, I just found the awesomest thing about a support channel for any oss software, the same people who ask for help answer others questions :)06:03
doctormonigelb: I'm trying to come up with a good python name for Data::Validate::XSD which I just translated, any ideas?06:26
nigelbdoctormo: translated from perl to python?06:27
doctormonigelb: Yes06:27
* nigelb suggests asking dholbach - he's the python pro that I know06:27
* nigelb is just a python hacker with some knowledge of LP api06:27
aragood morning all06:28
nigelbmorning ara :)06:28
ddecatormorning ara06:33
aranigelb, ddecator: morning! :-)06:34
doctormonigelb: You have no ideas on names?06:42
nigelbdoctormo: It does look okay such :D06:42
doctormonigelb: Pardon? I don't have a name yet.06:43
ddecatordoctormo: your parents didn't give you one? i'm sorry06:43
doctormonigelb: http://doctormo.org/install.pl?cheese06:43
doctormoHeh those urls work in irc06:44
nigelbit works with firefox too06:44
doctormoPerhaps a tool to use in the Community Weeks we have, to post apturls06:44
nigelbdoctormo: I would suggest  quassel if you want a gui client06:45
doctormonigelb: huh?06:45
nigelbits pretty good and does the server + client setup like we folks do with screen06:45
nigelbdoctormo: er, the earlier discussion about irc and empathy06:45
dholbachgood morning07:03
nigelbmorning dholbach07:03
ddecatormorning dholbach07:04
doctormonigelb: Empathy is good?07:05
nigelbdoctormo: not good enough for me07:05
doctormonor me, but I use it anyway07:05
nigelbI use irssi+screen so I can get onto my session from anywhere07:05
ddecator(irssi + screen ftw)07:05
nigelbquassel core + quassel does similar stuff too07:06
nigelbI think a lot of kubuntu folks like jussi and maco use that07:07
dholbachhi nigelb, hi ddecator07:07
* nigelb blinks07:07
nigelbmaco: dramatic entry ;)07:08
nigelbmorning czajkowski :)11:21
=== randa_ is now known as randa
qensegood afternoon11:59
nigelbafternoon qense :)12:02
dholbachI think I just replied to 500000 emails12:23
qenseThat's a pretty decent achievement.12:25
dholbachqense: still not Inbox 012:28
qenseHold on! You can do it!12:28
czajkowskiqense: you do know when it gets to 0 we all mail bomb dholbach right :p12:29
qenseof course, I'm preparing my zombie network of spammers right now!12:29
qenseBut we won't be sending spam, we'll be sending mails he'll actually have to reply to!12:30
czajkowskigood stuff :p12:30
dholbachyou guys smoked some weird stuff :)12:30
dholbachqense: speak for yourself :)12:30
dholbachqense: you might've been the only one12:30
dholbach(doing it legally)12:30
qenseactually, no, I'm not 1812:30
qensebut who cares!12:31
* nigelb writes script to subscribe dholbach to all LP bugs12:48
nigelbthat should give you *lots* of mails ;)12:48
=== ara_ is now known as ara
jussidholbach: so did you read all the wiki updates you get? or just auto direct them all into som folder you never look at :P?12:55
nigelbjussi: I think he does.  A few days back he asked someone about a wiki update12:56
czajkowskisome are marked trivial12:56
nigelb(Absolutely no clue how he manages to keep up though)12:56
czajkowskiothers arent12:56
qenseczajkowski: How're your programming efforts going? :)13:06
qenseif you need help, join #ubuntu-app-devel or ask me!13:06
czajkowskiqense: thanks13:07
czajkowskiqense: once I think of an app to play with I'll get going reading the tutorials now13:07
qenseYou should write something LoCo-y. :)13:08
nigelbczajkowski: \o/ loco related app sounds awesome :)13:08
czajkowskiso true guys13:10
nigelbit would be awesome to have a desktop time zone coverter where you enter time in UTC and it gives it back in your tz (in case you don't have an idea of an app)13:10
jussignome has one of those...13:10
jussiworld clock i think it was...13:11
qenseCan't you enter UTC in the clock panel applet?13:11
nigelbjussi: oh? checking now13:12
jussinigelb: its a replacement applet for the current clock one iirc13:12
nigelbqense: it sucks when daylight savings turn on13:12
popeydate -u :)13:12
jussiits been a while since I used gnome13:13
nigelbpopey: what happens when somone tells edt time :/13:13
nigelbespecially the day after dst comes into effect13:13
duanedesignnigelb: i use FoxClocks to keep up with all the time zones and UTC13:13
nigelbduanedesign: desktopapp?13:13
jussiyou can add clocks to it.13:13
nigelbjussi: that doesn't help me13:14
duanedesignnigelb: its a addon for FF13:14
nigelbI want to enter a time & date in future and get that time and date in my TZ13:14
duanedesignnigelb: want to show off my latest creation. It comes with a couple dozen commands and the ability to add you own. http://people.ubuntu.com/~duanedesign/clicomp.SS.6.png13:16
jussimusic for today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADlAc-NsDng&NR=113:16
jussiduanedesign: nice. does it come for konsole? :P13:16
nigelbduanedesign: its wonderful13:17
* nigelb scowls at jussi 13:17
jussinigelb: I was being semi serious!13:17
nigelbjussi: LOL to the semi :p13:17
jussilook its tintin...  ~:)13:18
* jussi is in a strange mood today13:18
jussiperhaps its hometime soon13:18
nigelbjussi: I think its just Friday syndrome :D13:19
jussiIm off. Ill see you all later - its weekend time!13:19
duanedesigni also noticed loco.ubuntu.com is coming along nicely13:21
* nigelb listening to twisted sisters after a while13:24
dholbachjussi: filter locally13:46
qenseThat was a nasty SysRq-lock I've just had.14:18
qenseAh! I always press Print Screen by accident and since I don't have any SysRq key on my keyboard PrintScreen has apparently become the SysRq key, but it doesn't work properly. crashing my system each time I press it.14:23
qenseThey're playing the Dutch anthem right now, Brazil vs the Netherlands will start in a few minutes now!14:56
* nigelb cheers for Brazil15:01
dholbacheverybody have a look at http://loco.ubuntu.com and look at mhall119's great work15:11
nhandlerWow. I haven't looked at it in a while, but it looks completely different15:11
qenseyay! Nice work.15:11
nhandlerBut I must admit, I think it needs a little of that purple that is in the moving banner on ubuntu.com :)15:11
nigelbWOW! That was merged recently.  I saw it earlier today and it wasn't there15:13
nigelbIt looks beautiful!15:13
jcastrodholbach: ~50minutes until our next call?15:15
nhandlerIs it intentional that the big 'Teams', 'Events', and 'Venues' are not actual links ?15:15
nigelbnhandler: I think unintential15:15
dholbachjcastro: which call?15:16
nigelbnow thats a beautiful response :D15:17
jcastrodholbach: wait, weren't we having a call today with aaron?15:17
dholbachjcastro: I asked the guys in that email conversation if they wanted to have a call, nobody said "yeah sure15:17
jcastrooh, sorry15:17
dholbachbut we can have a call if you want15:18
jcastromaybe I will finish reading mail before poking you next time15:18
dholbachthe feedback up until now seems to be "no big announce, ask some key folks to play with it first"15:18
jcastrogood idea15:18
jcastroI also noticed they added a noticable "beta" button15:18
jcastroI have my recipes ready, I guess we'll hit it up when it lands15:19
nhandler"Launchpad Team Owner:" and "Launchpad Team Admin(s):" also wraps in a weird way for me15:19
dholbachnhandler: can you file bugs for that? http://launchpad.net/loco-directory/+filebug15:19
nhandlerdholbach: Yeah, I'll go through and file a few bugs once I finish looking everything over15:19
dholbachthanks a bunch nhandler15:20
dholbachjcastro: if you want we can have a quick chat and figure out what you and I still have to do until tuesday15:20
jcastrodholbach: not right now, I am trying to finish this pyjamas guys's post15:22
jcastroI need to get some caffeine first15:22
jcastrodholbach: I just got a kindle so I've been reading until real late at night so I am tired15:22
nigelbjcastro: information overload15:23
dholbachjcastro: I'll need to head out in around 1h45m to help my sister with some stuff15:23
jcastrodholbach: ok, 10 minutes?15:23
dholbachalso it's Friday :-D15:23
jcastroI hear ya15:23
jcastrook, lemme go get some caffeine and I'll brb15:23
dholbachsure, take it easy15:24
* dholbach just some more tea15:24
jcastroOK I AM ON THE MUMBLES15:40
dholbachjcastro: I'll just finish something else, give me 515:40
jcastrono worries15:40
jcastrodholbach: aha15:59
jcastroit does do syntax checking on the recipe15:59
jcastrooh man16:01
jcastrodholbach: ok lesson #1.16:02
jcastroonce you request a build there seems to be no way to cancel them16:02
jcastroand I accidentally sent them to the wrong PPA16:02
dholbachoh nice16:02
dholbachbest take notes :)16:02
dholbachand file bugs16:02
dholbachand stuff :)16:02
jcastrodholbach: dude, that was brutally easu16:03
jcastrolook at my recipe16:04
dholbachlet's see if it works16:05
dholbachdid you test locally?16:05
jcastrodholbach: yeah16:16
jcastrodholbach: I premade some. :)16:16
jcastrodholbach: lp was pretty scrict when I mispasted16:16
dholbachthat's good news16:16
jcastroso I don't think we'll have problems with the recipes per se16:16
jcastromore with the combination of crack people will do16:17
jcastrolook at mine for example16:17
dholbachand crazy versioning16:17
jcastrolet's say tomorrow, upstream has a new dep16:17
jcastroit will break16:17
jcastroso then someone goes and fixes the packaging16:17
jcastrobut let's say the new dep isn't in lucid16:17
dholbachthen they can put it in their ppa16:18
jcastroI bet we're going to need to do lp:~ubuntu-desktop/shotwell/ubuntu/RELEASE or something16:18
jcastrooh right16:18
jcastroI know you can put the new dep in the ppa16:18
jcastroI am saying, I bet some people will just make recipes16:18
jcastroand assume after that they they will just work16:18
jcastroso maybe we should say in the docs or something about following upstream developmetn16:19
* jcastro goes to add16:19
dholbachoh, I see what you mean now16:20
dholbachthat we should make part of the docs16:20
jcastrowriting now16:20
jcastrothere's a 4 day delay on PPA builds16:22
dholbachah, I think that's because some major test-rebuild or something16:23
jcastrowhy do we even keep sparc boxes around?16:25
paultagjcastro: Ubuntu won't install for frak on sparcs16:26
paultagjcastro: I had to open up the CDrom drive, pour in the blood of a virgin, and pray as it tries to load 8.0416:26
jcastroyeah I know we just have builders sitting there wasting electricity16:26
paultagjcastro: I got them all clustered up and into a beowulf, but it took _forever_16:27
dholbachpaultag: you are crazy16:28
paultagdholbach: so I've been told :)16:28
dholbach… many many times ;-)16:28
jcastroI remember turning in tons o' sparc at my last job to get them out of the datacenter16:28
paultagjcastro: the processors themself ROCK! They have so many registers it makes matrix operations so easy16:29
paultagjcastro: it's too bad the best technology never makes it to the top :/16:30
jcastrolet's agree to disagree, that whole platform and Sun can go and die for all I care.16:30
jcastroOH WAIT.16:30
paultagjcastro: I'm willing to bet you've never programmed ia-32 asm :)16:31
paultagI have these dreams about holding intel cpu designers underwater16:32
jcastrono, I mean from a sysadmin perspective16:36
paultagjcastro: Oh, you're totally right there16:36
paultagbut if I was to write a SPARC kernel or another Intel kernel, I'd go SPARC every time16:36
jcastrois there a list of councils anywhere?16:40
paultagjcastro: dholbach was doing something on lp with the team counncil members16:40
paultagjcastro: but I don't know if that ever got off the ground16:40
dholbachpaultag: you were!16:40
jcastroah there we go.16:40
paultagdholbach: I don't have admin on that team!16:40
paultagdholbach: I removed all traces of myself so that I would only have indrect membership on it :)16:40
paultagdholbach: no need for me to own such a team :)16:41
dholbachpaultag: sorry, I'm in too many conversations right now and I can't get that stuff down16:41
dholbachsorry :/16:41
paultagdholbach: that's fine. If you want me to finish that one up, just mark me as admin. I'll straighten it up and then remove myself again. Only if we want to move forward with it.16:41
dholbachyeah, I can't even remember if we agreed on it16:42
paultagdholbach: me neither16:42
nhandlerI think having the LP team setup (regardless of if we use it for anything or a ML) would still be nice16:42
paultagnhandler: aye16:42
paultagnhandler: dholbach: I would suggest an informal vote to see if anyone has issue with it16:42
paultagand if they do, then why16:43
paultagand see if we can't address it16:43
dholbachsure why not16:43
nhandlerI doubt anyone would have an issue with just having an LP team that has all councils as members (especially if they can just ignore it)16:43
paultagnhandler: aye16:43
nhandlerIt isn't a change in policy or anything like that16:43
paultagsidenote, hey nhandler -- how are you today :)16:44
nhandlerpaultag: Doing well. Making my way through the LD bug list16:44
popeyso are you creating a team that just contains teams?16:44
popeynot individuals16:44
popey paultag / dholbach ^16:45
paultagpopey: +116:45
nhandlerpopey: I thought that was the idea16:45
paultagpopey: that's why I removed myself from the team16:45
popeyok, makes sense to me16:45
paultagpopey: and why no one is using it :)16:45
nhandlerpopey: That way, it wouldn't need to get updated when the councils change16:45
paultagright nhandler16:45
dholbachI'll leave that to you guys16:45
dholbachI call it a day :)16:45
dholbachhave a great weekend!16:45
paultagdholbach: you own it!16:45
nhandlerYou too dholbach16:45
paultagdholbach: well ok. Nevermind, we can still start discussion on it16:45
dholbachI need to help my sister carry a mattress through burnin' hot Berlin - again16:45
paultagdholbach: Tschuss! Schones Wochenender :)16:45
nhandlerpaultag: What was the LP team again?16:46
dholbachpaultag: give me the link again and I'll give it to you16:46
dholbachpaultag: "Tschüss! Schönes Wochenende!" :)16:46
paultagdholbach: I'm on IRSSI, those come out as ?16:46
paultagdholbach: I can't do Umlaut! :)16:46
paultagdholbach: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-council-teams16:46
dholbachpaultag: you can stay stuck in the 1980's for all I care :-P16:47
dholbachpaultag: üöäß :)16:47
nhandlerpaultag: The entire CC owns that team16:47
paultagdholbach: until I get x-screen working, it'll be screen :)16:47
paultagnhandler: no frak :P -- I set them to own it and removed myself16:47
nhandlerpaultag: Yeah, but we don't need dholbach, he can go enjoy his weekend, and we can get one of the other members to handle it :)16:48
paultagnhandler: Righto. Good move16:48
dholbachrock on everyone!16:48
dholbachsee you! :)16:48
paultagLater dholbach :)16:48
popeywhat needs doing?16:48
nhandlerpopey: Populating https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-council-teams16:48
paultagpopey: can you populate https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-council-teams >16:48
paultagnhandler: this is why we love eachother16:48
paultagpopey: council teams16:48
popeysure, gimmie a list and I'll do it16:49
popeyI am about to leave work, can you pm me the list or email and I'll do it when i get home16:49
paultagpopey: righto16:49
nhandlerpopey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Restaffing16:49
popeyooh, thats a handy list16:49
czajkowskipopey: you poked? then ran away16:52
popeyyeah, nvm16:52
qenseScreaming people on the streets: the netherlands have defeated Brazil! Twitter is down!16:52
paultagWhoh WTF16:52
paultagcongrats qense!!!!16:53
popeypaultag - added all those16:53
paultagpopey: you rock, thank you :)16:54
* paultag hugs popey 16:54
popeysome are invited, they have to accept16:54
qenseOne of our goals was scored by Brazil, but that doesn't matter! :P16:54
nhandlerWe could probably get someone from the TB go accept a few of those16:54
qenseTwitter is more than down right now. Do they actually realise how big Twitter is in the Netherlands?17:11
qenseYouTube is already being flooded with videos from the Ned-Bra game. :P17:20
qenseTwitter still very down.17:21
jcastro<--- late lunching17:48
jcastrojono: appmenu status is up!17:48
jonojcastro, saw it, great work!17:48
jcastrowith this new tool it will make fixing things much easier17:48
jcastrook, off for some food17:49
doctormoMorning jono, everything going well?19:09
jcastrogreg-g: HAPPY BIRTHDAY19:09
paultagdoctormo: it's the afternoon over here19:09
jonodoctormo, great thanks :-)19:13
nhandlerAh, Happy Birthday greg-g19:24
jcastrojono: this video looks way too .... enterprisey for you19:26
jcastroI am surprised they didn't make you wear a collared shirt19:26
jonojcastro, check it out, I think I made it clear what they should do19:26
jcastroI am listening to it19:27
czajkowskiafternoon chaparoos20:38
Technovikingjcastro: http://www.xayni.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/iphone4_holding_problem_fixed.jpg20:38
jcastrohah, awesome20:39
TechnovikingApple gave me a free bumoer for my 3G problem20:39
czajkowskijono: when you mail the LC poke me and I'll moderate the mail20:55
jonocheers, yeah I havent had a chance to do it yet20:56
jonoTechnoviking, what the hell is a bumoer?20:56
czajkowskijono: grand job20:56
czajkowskialso need to work on my talk for next week in leeds20:56
doctormojono: Nice video, vibrant community eh.20:56
czajkowskijono: which is thanks to your blog post at ada lovelace a guy in the UK asked me over to talk on Ubuntu women20:56
jonodoctormo, lol20:56
jonoczajkowski, nice! :)20:57
jonogotta shout out the homies20:57
czajkowskijono: aye... once I figure out what I'm talking about20:57
doctormoczajkowski: How's your mum today? everything going well?20:57
czajkowskidoctormo: aye it's amazing how fast you let out after keyhole. she's still groggy and was up and about today, but tired after a while. but a lot better than she used to be after a op.  they removed 5 gall stones and her gall bladder through her belly button20:58
doctormoczajkowski: Sounds good, my wife's op for gall stones wasn't so neat, although she was up and about in a week.20:59
czajkowskidoctormo: aye mum, this would be my mums 4th in about 9 years so she didnt want to be "opened up" again as she's full of adhesions and recovery takes a lot longer21:00
doctormoHaving dealt with both the NHS when my mum had gall stones and the US system with my wife, I'd pick the NHS, they seem to care a little more about the patient. Ay-ya! 4th op for the same thing?21:00
jcastrojono: did you get the android update on your nexus?21:04
czajkowskidoctormo: nope 4th different one21:05
jonojcastro, I haven't checked yet21:06
Technovikingjono: I'm not fat, I just got fat fingers:)21:06
jonoTechnoviking, lol21:15
jcastroTechnoviking: could be worse, they could be sausage fingers21:26
jcastrotough crowd today!21:29
* paultag throws something21:31
czajkowskihmm is there a way of inserting a text box in open office presentations21:34
jussiczajkowski: yeah, just ad a box and double click21:37
jussidouble clicking the box will enable you to write on it21:37
czajkowskiand then change the borders and  stuff21:38
jussiczajkowski: you can do it with the callouts also, if you want a callout21:41
czajkowskinope not a call put21:41
czajkowskiI basically want to put text all over the place at different points21:41
czajkowskibut not see a box21:41
Technovikingcool Adobe Air is the Canonical partner repo21:56
jonodoctormo, my Fast Track Pro arrives today22:05
jonoso I can poke around and see if I can get the s/pdif working22:06
jcastroEnd of Week here, cya all on Tuesday!22:13
jcastroas this monday we celebrate not being English!22:13
czajkowskijcastro: hah22:14
czajkowskiI was in the states one year fo 4th of July it's pretty amazing22:14
Technovikingjcastro: col-o-nies col-o-nies col-o-nies22:15
czajkowskihmm trying to find a decent pic of me not sticking my tongue out is frigging impossible!22:15
TechnovikingUSA: taking the letter u out of words for 234 years22:16
nhandlerczajkowski: Have you been in Chicago for its firework show?22:17
czajkowskinhandler: nope I spent 3 months in hampton beach new hampshire22:17
czajkowskifireworks on the beach were amazing22:17
nhandlerczajkowski: Fireworks in Chicago over the lake beat fireworks anywhere else in the country (according to many sources)22:18
czajkowskinhandler: next time I fly to toronto I might actually stop for more than 3 hrs in O'hare and see some of Chicago22:18
nhandlerczajkowski: Stop by #ubuntu-chicago ahead of time. I know nixternal frequently stops by ohare to say hi to people passing through22:19
czajkowskiah cool22:19
Technovikinglater all, have a good weekend22:19
jussiczajkowski: ahh, I thought you wantesd the box. in the drawing toolbar theres a text thingy22:19
jussinow to bed22:19
czajkowskihoping to invade in september for a week agin22:19
paultagwhoh czajkowski, when are you in the states?22:27
paultagOh right22:27
paultagread the scrollback, nvmd22:27
czajkowskipaultag: best mate moved to Toronto for work as she got made redundant here 2.5 yrs ago in construction and needed work as she's a single mum. So now when I can I plan on going over22:28
paultagczajkowski: rad22:29
czajkowskipaultag: great fun getting Canadians to say about22:29
czajkowskiaboot :)22:29
paultaga boot22:29
paultaghaha yeah22:29
czajkowski<--easily amused22:29
paultaga what?22:30
paultaga boot!22:30

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