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pittiGood morning07:03
didrocksgood morning07:10
TheMusoMorning didrocks, pitti.07:10
pittihey TheMuso07:11
pittibonjour didrocks07:11
didrockshey TheMuso, how are you?07:11
TheMusodidrocks: Well thanks, yourself?07:11
didrocksguten morgen pitti07:11
didrocksTheMuso: I'm fine, thanks :-)07:11
didrockspitti: the separate "SRU bug" for empathy was because for the first, we didn't intend to include the patch debian/patches/91_git_fix_small_font.patch fixing the other bug (remember, I asked you to reject it)07:37
pittididrocks: right, that's fine07:41
pittibonjour huats08:09
pitticomment vas-tu?08:09
huatshello pitti08:10
huatsI am fine thanks ! way too busy with my company + baby08:10
huatsbut fine :)08:10
huatswhat about you pitti ?08:10
pittiI'm great, thanks; looking forward to the weekend, we'll go tenting08:11
pittiit'll get ~ 32 degrees, what better to do than swimming and idling on the beach :)08:11
huatspitti, sounfs terrific indeed !08:12
didrockssalut huats08:14
huatshello didrocks08:14
cassidyseb128, nope, never heard of it08:28
seb128hey cassidy08:29
cassidyit's reproductible ?08:29
seb128I've not tried yet, will do that now08:31
didrocksseb128: thanks for the evo fix btw08:31
seb128didrocks, np08:32
didrockscassidy: seb128: I tried on and gtalk on a fresh box, can't reproduce08:32
seb128didrocks, ok, thanks08:32
cassidyIIRC I didn't touch this wizard in the last stable release so I'd be surprised that's a regression08:33
cassidybut we never know08:33
didrocks(also I clearly remember to have setup a new account for 2.30.2, so not reproduceable in the new -proposed version)08:34
seb128"- note that even if I get the "Please enter personal details" page, no matter if I selected the "I don't want to enable this feature for now", the apply button is grayed when I enter nothing and empathy, in the meawhile is connecting the account. Consequently, I can just hit "cancel""08:35
seb128didrocks, that's buggy08:35
seb128cassidy, ^08:35
didrocksyeah, that's buggy, but the account is added, it's not totally broken as the bug report is telling08:36
seb128didrocks, that might be the issue the user is having08:36
seb128well it's not obvious for the user the account is added still08:36
cassidythat's still weird, it used to work fine08:36
didrockshum, I didn't understand that. I was thinking he told "I can't add my acount"08:36
cassidydidrocks, did you observe that as well ?08:36
didrockscassidy: yeah, this quote is mine :-)08:36
cassidyah ok :)08:36
seb128didrocks, well "I can't finish the wizard" is easy to map to "I can't add my account"08:36
cassidydidrocks, can you fw this issue upstream please?08:37
didrockscassidy: sure08:37
didrocksshould check in .2, I don't remember if I had that08:37
didrocksseb128: you still see that the account is connected before hiting "cancel", so I think the user would have noticed08:38
seb128didrocks, I think you give lot of credits to users ;-)08:38
didrocksseb128: maybe, I'm too optimistic, indeed ^^08:39
seb128quite some users are really focussed on the dialog they interact with and will not notice other changes on screen08:39
didrockslet me confirm with .208:39
seb128so if they fail to complete the wizard they will perceive the configuration to have failed08:39
didrocksright, that makes sense08:39
seb128didrocks, it's working for me in .208:42
seb128let me try .1.108:42
didrocksseb128: in .2, I don't have the proposal of "not adding more detail info"08:43
seb128the page to add infos on local accounts has a checkbox "don't use that"08:44
didrocksyeah, and then on next screen, I can check "I don't want to enable this feature for now" and hit apply08:44
didrocksso it's fixed08:44
didrocksyeah, the UI is different08:44
seb128cassidy, ^ seems to be alright in .208:44
seb128I'm trying 1.1 just to check the difference08:44
cassidyI'd be surprised that matters08:45
didrocksseb128: you should see 3 options on the account creation screen, one being basically being "skip enter personal detail screen"08:45
seb128didrocks, works the same way in 1.108:49
seb128the dialog has "do you want to configure another account"08:49
didrocksseb128: yeah, but in previous dialog you had another option08:49
seb128if you let it on no you get the local dialog info screen where you can check the "don't enter infos"08:49
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didrockslet me check again, I was maybe not awake :-)08:50
didrocksI'm pretty sure to have exactly what was writtent on the bug report08:50
didrocksseb128: I don't understand, I don't get the same thing here. But contrary to have a new box, I removed previous account. I wonder if that can have an influence08:56
seb128it might08:58
seb128I did try by removing .mission-control and stopping mission-control-5 then restarting empathy08:59
and471mvo, do you have any idea when this stuff will start being worked on (or has it already started?) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdateHandling09:11
seb128dear aptd please stop crashing09:13
mvoseb128: do you have a backtrace?09:13
mvoand471: work on the glade stuff in the update-settings is started, but it needs some love to software-properties09:14
seb128mvo, will get you one, apport keeps triggering every time I use update-manager in maverick since I reenabled apport there09:14
mvoand471: so that s-p gets a dbus backend and can run as the user09:14
mvoand471: most(?) of this should be possible today with aptdaemon09:14
and471mvo, what language will both be in?09:14
mvoand471: python09:15
and471mvo, :)09:15
and471mvo, where can I start?09:15
mvoand471: the right question ;) porting software-properties is certainly a good start09:15
and471mvo, I am not experienced in the backend apt stuff09:16
and471mvo, but could I start ont he frontend09:16
mvoand471: fagan was doing some work on the glade side, best to coordinate with him09:16
and471mvo, using the gtkbuilder framework for software-center?09:17
and471mvo, simplebuilderapp09:17
and471mvo, or whatever it was called09:17
and471mvo, cool09:17
mvoand471: yeah09:17
and471mvo, well I shall have a look :)09:17
and471mvo, goota go now, giving all my books back after exams :D09:17
and471mvo, see ya09:17
mvosee you09:17
seb128    self._emit_acquire_item(item)09:22
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/aptdaemon/progress.py", line 119, in _emit_acquire_item09:22
seb128    elif item.owner.status == apt_pkg.AcquireItem.STAT_FAILED:09:22
seb128AttributeError: type object 'apt_pkg.AcquireItem' has no attribute 'STAT_FAILED'09:22
seb128Traceback (most recent call last):09:22
seb128mvo, ^09:22
mvoseb128: thanks, that looks like a bug in python-apt, I work on it09:22
seb128mvo, thanks, want it in launchpad?09:22
mvoseb128: no thanks, I fix it right here09:25
seb128mvo, you rock, thanks09:26
mvoseb128: fix uploaded, let me know09:30
seb128mvo, ;-)09:30
seb128I will09:30
seb128pitti, \o/ no directfb ;-)09:31
pittiseb128: muhaha!09:31
pittiseb128: btw, did you see that mail about "live cd optimization" from the other day on -devel (or -discuss)?09:32
pitticould be interesting to hook optipng and the svg optimization stuff into our build scripts09:32
seb128that was some weeks ago?09:32
seb128the one which suggested changing images quality and sort of things?09:32
pitti21.05.10 02:35 Louis Simard      LiveCD optimisations09:32
pittino, not quality09:32
seb128pitti, sorry I though that things like optipng were changing the image09:34
seb128but right some of the ideas might be worth investigating09:35
pittiwell, they do, but only the encoding, not the quality; png is lossless09:35
pittihe claims an 11 MB size reduction, which is quite amazing09:35
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and471mvo, if fagan comes on IRC, can you tell him I want to speak to him09:52
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seb128didrocks, cassidy: comments on bug #597556 seems to confirm what didrocks suggested10:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 597556 in empathy (Ubuntu) "Cannot complete Empathy add account wizard (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59755610:27
seb128it doesn't happen with clean profiles but with ones where accounts have been tweaked10:28
seb128so seems some user configurations could be causing the issue10:28
chrisccoulsonouch, sun-java6 is a 160MB tarball :(10:37
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vishseb128: re: the clean up translations break , that simple bug had stalled since no one pinged the docs team  , and now we are worried about translations after i pinged them   :(14:15
vishbreak translations in the sense , that the translations might not benefit from the change?14:15
seb128vish, right, since we will not pull the new upstream versions we will not get the translations from GNOME so it will need to be translated in rosetta or other locales will see an english string14:17
seb128vish, you can guess than with enough warning 75% of translations team will get it done14:17
seb128vish, so basically you drop translations in some languages which don't have active ubuntu translators and create work for other teams14:18
vishseb128: lets hope and get that in quicker , that they catch it and gets translated  :)14:18
seb128vish, so you ask yourself if that's really worth the effort and breaking the strings in some translations14:18
seb128I tend to think that wording changes are not worth having the string useless in some locales because they will get the english versions and they don't read english14:19
vishseb128: silly Q: cant we pull the translations from upstream for those strings?14:21
seb128we can14:21
seb128it just requires patching <n> files by hand14:22
seb128vish, <n> being one hundred or so14:23
seb128vish, then tracking every upstream change to those14:23
seb128vish, so we can but it has real cost14:23
seb128I'm really wondering if changing a word is really worth the efforts14:23
vishseb128: oh well , your call .   I'd hoped it can make it.14:24
seb128it can14:24
seb128it's just costy14:24
seb128we could fix some code bugs during the same time14:25
vishyeah :(14:25
seb128so it's a tradeoff on what we want to get in14:25
seb128ie I could backport some of the location bar fixes rather than the string change for the same effort14:25
vishhehe :)14:25
* vish tries to find mdc to get some location bar fixes ;)14:28
vishseb128: so , https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/503330 , would be tough to get in M too?14:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 503330 in nautilus (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "In the file operation dialog, the file count and the size count change in opposite direction. (affects: 1) (heat: 21)" [Low,Triaged]14:35
vishthe sentence needs changing there14:36
vishbecause upstream is considering an easy fix for the time being , for us , if its not going to make it , we can fix it properly14:37
seb128vish, right14:38
seb128vish, I'm still pondering trying to get the new nautilus in maverick there is lot of nice things there14:39
vishcool , so we can fix it properly itself14:39
vishyeah :D14:39
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vishlamalex: hi , any progress on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=585914  ? or is it only banshee these days ;p15:17
ubot2Gnome bug 585914 in Notifications "Notification icon must be clicked before user can see new messages" [Normal,New]15:17
pittibye everyone, have a nice weekend!15:18
lamalexvish: the empathy guys finished the job. I had planned on testing but it requires a much newer glib and I don't feel like completely destabilizing my system15:18
vishlamalex: i thought so too , but why isnt the bug closed?  looks like the depends was closed15:18
lamalexor rather they did the back work of making the status icon a proper approver15:18
vishah right15:19
lamalexi dont know if they fixed their behavior or not15:19
lamalexlike I said, I wanted to test15:19
lamalexbut they use gsettings and all of the fancy new glib features15:19
lamalexdoes maverick have glib 2.25?15:21
lamalexpackages.ubuntu.com is being weird or else I'd check myself15:22
vishnot sure , i'm still on lucid too15:23
lamalexvish: I'm asking in #empathy :P they'll know15:25
vishlamalex: if you keep saying empathy a fews times here too , some of those folks might answer ;)  [empathy highlights fwiw ;p]15:26
lamalex10:26 <cassidy> it's not yet fixed but I'll probably fix it soon as we all have the pieces in place now15:27
cassidyyou could have ask me directly :p15:28
lamalexI didn't realize you were in here15:31
vishlamalex: told ya some of them hide here ;)15:31
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LaserJockdidrocks: is the newest unity supposed to decrease mutter's CPU usage at all?16:18
didrocksLaserJock: not what I know of, just some optimization on places, why?16:18
didrocksuuid.getnode() doesn't play nicely at all with threading16:33
LaserJockdidrocks: I get a fairly higher load average in Unity than the old UNE16:38
LaserJockdidrocks: and it looks to be mostly in mutter (i.e. mutter is the #1 process in CPU usage for the most part)16:38
didrocksLaserJock: so, it's not supposed to decrease, but rather increasing :)16:38
didrocksLaserJock: yeah, mutter can be guilty I guess16:39
didrocksLaserJock: you can try running mutter without unity too16:39
didrockslike in the GNOME session: mutter --replace16:39
LaserJockdidrocks: also mutter is taking a whole lot of RAM16:41
didrocksLaserJock: mutter is quite young too. I think it'll be better with time as it was for compiz16:41
LaserJock135MB RES, which is the highest consuming process16:41
LaserJocksure sure, but this targeted for netbook right? ;-)16:42
didrocksLaserJock: right, but my evolution which is also on my netbook takes more :-)16:43
didrocksit think those bugs will be fixed in near futur, now it's more feature development than bug/ressources fixing16:44
didrocksin any case, you should have a look at mutter --replace in GNOME session16:44
didrocksand see how much RAM it's taking16:44
didrocksif there is a huge difference, unity can be guilty16:44
LaserJockwell, I can't imagine using evo on a netbook so maybe my standards a too high :-)16:45
lamalexdoes evo express use less ram than regular evo?16:46
didrockslamalex: didn't benchmarked that, there is less elements drawned, so maybe16:47
lamalexseems like une should ship evo express, since it's you know - for netbooks16:47
ograLaserJock, thats why we use webmail in the low spec netbook images (i.e. arm)16:49
ograas well as weboffice16:49
didrockslamalex: it's already the plan, discussed at UDS and tracker as A3 item16:49
LaserJockI can't imagine actually using a desktop client for email anymore16:49
ogradropping evo gave us 60MB free space on the image :)16:50
ogradropping OO.o another 150 :)16:50
LaserJockmy problem now is bad network connections16:52
LaserJockeverything is online so with spotty internet, things can be frustrating :-)16:52
didrocksnot the case when I triage my email on plane for instance :-)16:53
LaserJockassuming you can actually get your email client up and see anything16:53
didrockswhich is working well for me16:53
LaserJockTBird and Evo have always had such horrible UI for me on the netbook16:53
LaserJockhopefully with this new Evo Express it'll be worth a shot maybe16:54
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didrocksLaserJock: you should try it, it's good16:58
didrocksLaserJock: add --express on maverick16:58
didrocksand -c <component>16:58
didrockslamalex: did you got some time to have a shot on the notification vs empty list thing for banshee?16:59
lamalexdidrocks: not yet, I've been focusing on udev16:59
lamalexwe're REALLY close to finishing16:59
didrockslamalex: sure :-) that's way more important17:00
didrockslamalex: awesome :)17:00
didrockslamalex: are there still some remaining tricks?17:00
lamalexyeah, just trying to track down audiocd support17:00
lamalexonce that is up (and it's pretty close I think) we'll have a fully working hal-less banshee17:00
didrocksyeah, I saw about android detection too, congrats :)17:01
LaserJockdidrocks: I'm not sure I'm up for maverick yet. I only have one computer (my netbook) and it's also my work computer17:01
didrocksLaserJock: you can just give it a shot in testdrive or in a live :-)17:02
LaserJockdidrocks: lol, testdrive? I can't imagine that working well on my Atom N27017:03
LaserJockbut yeah, maybe I'll grab an image and try it off a USB stick17:04
didrocksLaserJock: on atom, yeah, not the best platform for virtualization :)17:04
LaserJockI really need to find a machine to run KVM, just so I can say I've tried it17:05
LaserJockdidrocks: oh, did the unity bzr branches move somewhere? I'm using ~canonical-dx-team/unity/trunk/ but I haven't seen any updates17:11
didrocksLaserJock: it's ~unity-team/unity/trunk now17:12
didrocksI told you we will fix it :-)17:12
LaserJockah, great, but the PPA is still at ~canonical-dx-team?17:13
didrocksyeah, it's just a ppa for people waiting to test, not a big deal (and moving the ppa after the advertisement we made is not a good choice)17:14
LaserJocksure, just checking17:14
lamalexsome of the newer atoms have v17:14
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seb128pedro_, great work on the gstreamer bugs ;-)17:41
pedro_seb128, thanks!. they way too many old ones there, time to do some clean up ;-)17:41
seb128I guess that's true on other components as well ;-)17:42
seb128do you have scripts to do that? or just stock replies and browsing bug lists?17:42
pedro_i went trough the bug lists to review the bugs then i pass the number to an script for adding the response/status17:43
pedro_i don't trust the scripts for doing all automatically, one could miss some important info17:43
seb128yeah, same here17:44
pedro_like 'the bug is no longer an issue' or things like that17:44
seb128I tend to use stock replies rather than a script though17:44
seb128but you get to wait on launchpad to commit the change17:44
seb128well if you have tabs and go the next one that's usually ok ;-)17:45
pedro_yeah, for normal triage that's ok i think, but for a few bugs i prefer to add it with an script, that way i don't get piss when getting the launchpad oops or timeouts :-P17:47
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