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apwkees, can you point me at the bug and patch so we can look it over00:14
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keesapw: bug> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16294 patch> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2010-July/011457.html00:17
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 16294 in Video(DRI - Intel) "[Q35 bisected] hang at init of i915 driver" [High,New]00:17
keeswhat does this mean in /proc/cpuinfo ?00:35
keesaddress sizes: 36 bits physical, 48 bits virtual00:35
warewolfjk-: any bright ideas on getting my t91mt touchscreen working?00:43
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dandelapw and ogasawara can ya confirm this bug (it's about the ubuntu 10.04 configuration and the newest kernel releases, along with a fix) https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1632505:10
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 16325 in Input Devices "i8042 input regression" [High,New]05:10
bullgard_What does the verb "to checkpoint to" mean? As in /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c05:21
jk-bullgard_: 'save', i guess05:30
dandelbullgard_, another guess would be the intended destination.05:31
bullgard_jk-: I will accept your proposal as a working hypothesis.  --  Thank you for your help.05:49
bullgard_dandel: I did ask for the meaning of a verb. I know the meaning of the noun "checkpoint" in programming.05:50
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amitkmake nconfig feels a lot nicer than make menuconfig08:18
smbcking, \o 08:44
* apw yawns08:44
* abogani waves08:44
* cking yawns, i was coding at 5.30am08:45
* smb waves back in generic directions08:45
DavieyGooooooood morning kernel team!08:45
apwcking, bad cking 08:45
* apw waves08:45
smbDaviey, Just replied to your request. Its upstream now, though in two parts. But I have split the patch in your name08:46
DavieyThe kernel patch mentioned in: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2010-July/011460.html has now been applied to linus' 2.6 tree.. Does this change anything that i should be doing?08:46
Davieysmb, heh08:46
smbDaviey, Only nearly beat you to it. :)08:46
Davieysmb, Thanks.. appreciated your work on this08:47
RAOFGood morning smb, apw :)08:57
smbRAOF, morining08:57
amitkapw: could you remove me as admin of kernel-team ML? I seem to have misplaced the password to do it myself.09:28
apwamitk, i may be able to09:28
* apw waves to lag-mobile 09:32
amitkapw: thanks09:33
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apwamitk, ok i think you should no longer get spammed by the list09:44
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ograhmm, no lag and no mpoirier yet10:52
smbogra, lag has network issues10:53
* ogra has kernel issues :P10:53
smbWe are the team with a kernel problem. :-P10:53
ograwell, it pays off, doesnt it ? 10:54
smbLiterally. :)10:54
ograargh !10:58
ograwhy is the omap4 metapackage named linux-*ti*-omap410:58
* ogra sighs10:58
* ogra guesses he has to wait until tgardner gets up for that to be fixed :/11:03
apwogra, wassup?11:14
* apw pokes ogra 11:16
ograapw, well, a) the package doesnt follow the general naming scheme we have 11:16
ograand b) a 2.6.35 meta package depends on a 2.6.34 image11:16
ograsee #ubuntu-devel11:17
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ogralag_, so you are back and stable ? 11:32
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ogralag_, we found i little prob with the omap3 kernel yesterday, seems the NAND driver vanished between lucid and maverick11:32
lag_ogra: No, I am using my mobile phone ... Eeek!11:39
lag_ogra: I can't help you with NAND - BBXM doesn't have any11:39
ograyou dont have the C4 ? gah, i always forget who has what11:40
ograi'll wait for mpoirier 11:40
ograi suspect its just a config skew11:40
lag_ogra: No problem - sorry I couldn't help11:43
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amitkericm|ubuntu: dude! 12:59
yaoamitk: I am here, :)13:00
amitkericm|ubuntu: I'd like you to introduce you to yao who works for CodeSorcery and is based in Beijing13:01
amitker, CodeSourcery13:03
ams_cssorcery and sourcery are not entirely overlapping fields ...13:11
* apw waves to yao 13:16
yaoapw: hello, 13:17
apwwelcome to our little club :)13:17
yaoapw: thanks, my pleasure...13:18
amitkams_cs: IMO sourcery and sorcery is one and the same for you compiler writers :-p13:19
apwanything which takes longer to build than the kernel is a black art by definition13:19
ams_csapw: black art doesn't need compiling - that's done in assembler13:21
apwso very true13:21
* lag_ has his internet-net in tow and it going to bag some cloud (going to buy an internet dongle)13:35
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apwlag_, lag just reappeared13:40
lag_But I have my internet-net ready and everything!13:43
* lag_ takes his jeans off and puts back on his 'comfy pants'13:43
ckingtoo much detail13:44
lag_I was just uploading pictures to Photobucket - you don't want the link?13:44
apwlag_, you sound like you are under water13:48
* cking has all sorts of issues with maverick - wifi not working, X chewing up CPU, machine running at 85 degrees C13:48
apwcking, is that a real maverick install or just the kernel ?13:48
ckingjust done a full upgrade and regrettingit13:49
lag_apw: Yeah, I think the internet is still not quite right13:49
lag_But at least it's up13:49
apwyeah i expect they have some damn string papered over the crack13:49
lag_And not wet it yet?13:50
apwright, they always forget to spit on it13:50
tgardnerbut it'll short out if it gets wet13:50
apwtgardner, yeah but its pretty while its working :)13:51
tgardnercking, there is no going back. now you have to fix it :)13:52
ckinghrm, when I stop moving the cursor it vanishes13:52
tgardnercking, thats the new surprise feature. its always a surprise when it reappears13:53
ckingvery amusing13:53
tseliotcking: that's "unclutter"14:01
tseliotthe name of the program which does that, that is..14:01
ckingthat's an intentional feature?14:03
ericm|ubuntuyao, hi - nice to meet you14:07
yaoericm|ubuntu: me too, good evening, :)14:08
ericm|ubuntuyao, so you are the 2nd employee here in China of CodeSourcery?14:08
ericm|ubuntuyao, did you ever meet Jie?14:08
yaoericm|ubuntu: right, jie si the first one,14:08
yaoericm|ubuntu: nope, :(14:09
ericm|ubuntuyao, cool - guess we will find chances to meet together14:09
yaoericm|ubuntu: Yes, we should, 14:09
ericm|ubuntuyao, so are you working on CS toolchain?14:10
yaoericm|ubuntu: I see your photo in linaro wiki yesterday,14:10
yaoericm|ubuntu: yes,14:10
ericm|ubuntuyao, cool - now I know who to harass should there be issues in toolchain ;-)14:11
yaoericm|ubuntu: oh, absolutely,14:12
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* cking may go offline, CPU is at 85 degrees and I'm not happy about it overheating15:07
smbNeither the CPU I guess15:08
ckingit's smokin'15:08
komputesI'm looking at Bugs #561926, #425264 & #550401 concerning Thinkpad X31 suspend/resume issues. Would anyone in #ubuntu-kernel be able to offer a fix for this issue?15:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 561926 in linux (Ubuntu) "Thinkpad X31 fails to resume after suspend (affects: 6) (heat: 62)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56192615:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 425264 in linux (Ubuntu) "[IBM 2673PXG] Thinkpad X31 suspend/resume failure (affects: 6) (heat: 38)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42526415:14
ckingthat's better15:15
tgardnerkomputes, I think there are some patches coming via stable updates in Lucid that might help this. You could have them try the Lucid kernel in http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/pre-proposed/ubuntu (if it ever builds)15:19
komputestgardner: thanks tim, so this is something that will be included in maverick kernels15:21
tgardnerkomputes, yep15:21
komputestgardner: sweet, thanks15:21
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ckingHrm, Lenovo "Rest in Peace". It's dead jim15:32
tgardnercking, did you manage to let the smoke out of your Lenovo?15:36
ckingit's not a happy bunny15:36
ckingnormally the thermal trip kills it at 80 degrees C, it got to 95 and it's not happy15:36
ckingho hum15:37
smbTime for the fridge?15:37
ckingtime to get reserve H/W out of the box15:37
ckingheh, plenty of H/W to chose from15:45
apwcking, testing your machines to destruction again?15:47
ckingnot by choice15:48
ckingI think my lenovo's days are looking numbered15:48
apwwas that running maverick ?15:48
ckingyes, for about 10 mins15:48
ckingcooked it15:49
ckingX was maxing out one CPU15:49
apwnot had any issues with stuff running maverick kernels overheating ...15:49
komputescking: my friends laptop runs at ~100c and HP says it's "normal"15:49
apwhp is full of doo-doo if they think anything will live long at 100c15:49
ckingkomputes, my lenovo usually hits thermal trip at 8015:50
ckingI don't want a machine that can boil water15:50
* cking will get the screwdriver out over the weekend and poke around15:50
johanbrmy last HP laptop had some weird multi-threaded ACPI setup, and it took a while before a kernel came out that could understand that15:52
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johanbrI smelled really hot metal once, and I think it got to 105 degrees before it shut itself down. It still runs, though.15:53
ckingit's when one sees blue puffs of smoke you know you are in trouble15:53
apwbonkers ... how can that heat hope to stay away from ones groin ... scorching15:55
ckingit's a laptop not a nut cooker15:56
apwcking, :)15:57
ograapw, hmm, seems we still get a linux-ti-omap4 binary ... http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/l/linux-meta-ti-omap4/16:05
tgardnerogra, the source package is still names ti-omap4, but the binaries it produces should be just -omap4. I don't see any incorrect 901.2 packages yet 'cause I think its still pending a build.16:07
apwogra, none of the binary packages have even been NEWd so the ones there are likely old16:08
ckingpgraner, ping16:08
ograapw, oh, indeed, i'm confused because the former ones also ended up in universe 16:08
lag_tgardner: What's the difference between doing "git diff HEAD..FETCH_HEAD" and "git diff HEAD FETCH_HEAD"?16:08
apwogra, indeed only the source is in there, the binaries are not there at all16:08
ograi was just reacting on the new dir that showed up suddenlx16:08
apwlag_, i would expect them to be identicle16:09
ogratgardner, the build finished a while ago16:09
lag_What's the .. all about then?16:09
ogratgardner, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta-ti-omap4/
ckingit works like a set operator16:09
tgardnerogra, oh. I would have expected the binary packages to end up in main16:09
apwlag_, the <x> <y> and <x>..<y> forms are synonymous16:09
ograsorry for the confusion, there is indeed a linux-omap416:10
ogratgardner, that needs some admin fiddling for new packages 16:10
ogratgardner, but its all sorted16:10
lag_kk - thanks16:10
apwogra, the binaries should end up in the source packages directory right?  and that has ti- in it still as its the branch name which is not changes16:10
apwlag_, the first form is the original form, the second is there as that has become the common form for other commands, and it allows understanding of the <x>...<y> form as well16:11
ograapw, right, NEW is the issue here16:11
apwogra, indeed, and they are new packages cause they changed names, so all is as expected16:11
ograconfusion was on my side 16:12
ogramy brain is fighting the heatwave here 16:12
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pgranercking: pong16:22
ckingpgraner, earl send me a couple of laptops but they are stuck in customs - I got a demand for £143.09 to pay the tax and release them16:34
ckingdo I pay this and we extract the expense from earl later or what?16:35
m4tr1xwhat's the correct way to commit a kernel patch to ubuntu?17:31
apwm4tr1x, normally we look at patches sent tot he kernel-team email list, details can be found in the FAQ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ#Can I get a patch included in the Ubuntu Kernel?17:34
dandelapw, make-kpkg has a few problems on ubuntu 10.04 and making sure the i8042 driver is built into the kernel in the latest torvalds git repo.17:35
m4tr1xi fix the problem with marvel 9123 sata3 controller17:35
apwm4tr1x, sounds excellent, thanks for looking at it ...  is there a bug report open for that ?17:36
m4tr1xi think yes17:36
apwdandel, yeah not many of the kernel team use the make-kpkg so i can believe it could have bit-rotted for our use17:37
apwdandel, whats the problem with i8042 ?17:37
dandellatest kernel git doesn't include it at all.17:37
dandelhowever, i tested against 2.6.35rc1, 2.6.35rc2 and so forth17:37
apwdandel, ??17:37
dandel it's not built at all17:38
dandelhttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16325 (i made a kernel report about it)17:38
apwfor maverick kernels or for the mainline kerenls17:38
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 16325 in Input Devices "i8042 input regression" [High,New]17:38
dandeli used make-kpkg to make it easier to clean up after each bisect (but it took an insane time to build)17:38
m4tr1xapw, https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1454317:39
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 14543 in Serial ATA "AHCI SATA: hard link reset on controller power management change" [Normal,New]17:39
apwm4tr1x, sounds bad ... thanks17:39
dandeli already identified the patch which is causing the chaos though: namely commit: 0b28bac5aef7bd1ab213723df031e61db9ff151a17:39
apwmake sure you mention that in the bug report17:39
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apwdandel, i wonder why our maverick kernels are not affected17:40
apwbeing 35-rc3 based17:40
dandelanyways, how do i get make-kpkg to let me customize the config params then.17:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 539467 in pm-utils-powersave-policy (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 4 other projects) "SATA link power management causes disk errors and corruption (affects: 19) (heat: 139)" [Undecided,Fix released]17:40
apwdandel, if i am fair i never have used it17:41
apwdandel, i use the normal build system as i care if that works for my uploads17:41
dandeleither way, the patch changes the default setup by explicitly disabling i8042 input driver whenever the X86_MRST flag is set17:42
apwdandel, we have _MRST turned on17:43
apwand seem to have 8042 enabled too ?17:43
dandelyes, and i8042 is required for the test machine.17:44
dandelwithout it, i have no mouse and keyboard17:44
apwright, but i have both turned on in a 35-rc3 kernel there i believe17:44
dandelit's post -rc3 commit.17:44
apwdandel, ahh ok, so we are about to get mooshed by it ... hrm17:45
apwdo yo have a fix, or just the offending commit ?17:45
dandelno fix, just unroll the offending commit17:46
dandeli'm trying to find the i8042 driver in the config file of default kernel t ho17:46
apwdandel, i thought this was familar17:47
apwwe hit the bug he is tryign to fix, namely that the serial must be =y if atkbd=y17:48
dandeland i'm not able to find the i8042 driver in the input devices on the latest config.17:48
apwbut we fixed the config, but his change seems wrong17:48
dandeli'm expecting it to be under device drivers -> input device support -> keyboards (at keyboard has a star)17:49
mjg59You can;t modify the i8042 settings unless CONFIG_EMBEDDED is on, IIRC17:50
dandelhowever, i8042 is missing.17:50
apwyep, and its not allowed to be if the other one is on under the new17:50
apwconfig as he did it17:50
dandeleither way, it's best to know of the bug and squash it before you get the whack from it.17:51
apwyep, thats just plain the wrong change as far as i can see17:51
apwdid you only report it in the bugzilla or also email randy ?17:51
dandelbugzilla only17:51
dandeleither way it's a high priority bugfix.17:51
apwbe best to email him direct and CC: lkml and mention the issue, feel free to copy our team list too17:52
mjg59It's been discussed upstream already17:52
apwmjg59, ahh ok17:52
mjg59And a patchset to replace it with a boot-time check has been psoted17:52
apwok so hopefully we can suck that up instead17:52
dandelthe if statements that that guy setup explicitly makes it impossible to even set that as a loadable driver also.17:53
apwmjg59, i won't ask how you can keep abreast of the whole of lkml17:53
apwdandel, yeah we need to find the upstream discussion17:53
dandelapw, where's the conig option for embedded at?17:53
apwdandel, i normally just edit the configs with VI17:54
dandeloh and sad part, the patch is from oracle ><;17:54
dandelthe fix for that should have been in code, not kconfig.17:55
apwdandel, heh its easy to say once you have messed up everyones machines :)17:55
apwdandel, randy suggests reverting that patch regardless of whether they ahve a fix17:56
apwso i suspect they will at least do that for -rc417:56
dandelthat will be good, anyways, i think that the i8042 chips are super common for laptops.17:57
apwdandal thanks for bringing it to our attention :)18:00
dandelfound the thread and post.18:00
dandeljun 9th is when the patch hit the mailing list.18:00
apwyeah that looks like a foundation for a solution18:00
smbActually the i8042 is super common for all intel based machines I know of18:01
dandelapw, also, this bug report is now fixed (just waiting for the patch to make it into mainline) https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1473618:03
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 14736 in Config-Interrupts "Toshiba P305D unhandled ACPI Interrupt" [Normal,Resolved: code_fix]18:03
dandelas of 35-rc1 the suspend is working nicely (except for memory corruption errors on suspend/resume that is caused by radeon kms)18:04
apwjoy for bad biosen18:04
dandelyea, it's a pheonix bios18:05
keessmb: for CVE-2010-1643 you have upstream marked as not-affected.  should that be "released" instead?  (there an upstream patch)18:43
ubot2kees: mm/shmem.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.28-rc3, when strict overcommit is enabled, does not properly handle the export of shmemfs objects by knfsd, which allows attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and knfsd crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via unknown vectors. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-1643)18:44
smbI guess that would be better. I usually tried to mark it as released18:44
smbkees, Sorry if that one went wrong18:44
keessmb: yeah, everything else looks great.18:44
keessmb: oh, no worries at all.  all the rest are fantastic.  :)18:45
* kees loves "git tag --contains SHA1"18:46
smbkees, Yeah. Hm, I am a bit confused atm. Give me a sec I have the feeling I did not work on that18:46
keessmb: well, that upstream commit shows up in 2.6.28, so the rest of the triage on that CVE looks accurate.18:47
smbkees, Something strange. I cannot find the update to that in the cve tracker18:49
smbout branch18:49
smbI realize18:50
smbThat one I did a few days ago18:50
smbSo its just not in the right sequence18:50
smbkees, Its the one that is for some reason related to the 2008-... one18:51
smbkees, That would also explain why I did things differently then. :-P18:51
sconklinI'm uploading a test build19:04
* tgardner lunches19:05
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* manjo out early22:01
simarPlease help me triaging the bug 566543. In this the synaptics module is not loaded after the kernel upgrade for ALPS touchpad. Wheather the support has finished or is it a new bug ???22:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 566543 in snort (Ubuntu) "RFE: Support for variables like $eth0_ADDRESS in debconf script (affects: 1) (heat: 52)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56654322:23
simarPlease help me triaging the bug 565543. In this the synaptics module is not loaded after the kernel upgrade for ALPS touchpad. Wheather the support has finished or is it a new bug ???22:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 565543 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "horizontal scrollbar does not work in VAIO VPCEB15EL touchpad. (affects: 9) (heat: 54)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56554322:24
simarSorry for the wrong bug no above...22:24
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warewolfanyone here willing to help me figure out why my touchscreen won't work?23:44
jonohey all23:44
jonoI need to get the digital in on a M-Audio Fast Track working and I saw http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/M-Audio_FastTrack_Pro23:44
warewolfjk- was helping before, but no matter what I do the hid-mosart driver doesn't "attach" to the device.23:44
jonoI am not entirely sure what I need to do, can someone help?23:44
jonoit seems it is possible to turn it on if you pass args to the module23:45
jonobut I am not sure what to pass and whether the Lucid kernel includes the driver23:45

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