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jenkinsmorning all08:45
ChrisWoollardmorning Mr Jenkins09:10
jenkinshey ChrisWoollard09:19
ChrisWoollardI looks lovely outside09:20
jenkinsit better cheer up otherwise i am going to get wet this weekend09:22
* nisshh has finished college for the semester09:38
jenkinsyey nisshh09:39
nisshhjenkins: yea, its a good feeling09:40
jenkinsi bet09:40
thorwilhi vish10:22
vishthorwil: Guten Morgen ;)10:23
thorwilheh, wow :)10:23
thorwilvish: i don't even know what your native tongue is!10:24
vishthorwil: google translate fwiw :D10:24
vishtoday gonna debug my webcam! darn thing hasnt been working for a long time!10:26
thorwilvish: hope there are no fire ants in there!!10:26
jenkinsvish use a jam jar to catch any bugs :P10:28
vishnot the jar again ;p10:29
thorwilvish: would you like to talk about your traumatic experiences with a jar?10:31
vishthorwil: yeah , heard the same jar joke yesterday , is kinda traunatic to hear it again  ;p10:32
* vish hides from jenkins 10:32
thorwilah, jenkins needs a sensitivity training, then ^^10:32
vishyesterday it was better with pictures and all.. today jenkins just got lazy , no pictures ;p10:34
jenkinsthere were only pictures a daker did not know what a jam jar is10:34
c7pjenkins do you use social networks ?10:49
jenkinsc7p i am on twitter and facebook10:50
c7pnice :D10:50
c7pmay i add you?10:51
c7por you add only friends of yours?10:51
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jenkinssee you in a couple of days o/12:29
thorwilnice. http://etherkiller.org/14:06
nisshhthorwil: that etherkiller is cool, hehe15:17
vishheh , i thought i was gonna be about etherpad killer!15:29
thorwilwell, nowadays, ether makes me think -pad often enough15:30
vishzkriesse: your mail to docs went straight to bulk! ;p15:51
vishhint , never send messages with subject "Hi!"15:52
zkriessevish: meaning?15:52
vishit got tagged spam ;)15:52
zkriessei sent it to the one phil bull told me to send it to15:52
thorwiland green in the subject makes it go to hulk!15:53
zkriesseah shit15:57
zkriesseresend it then?15:57
thorwilzkriesse: no, someone made it get through16:01
thorwilyou should have received a copy via the list, too16:01
zkriesseok cool16:01
c7pURUGUAY :D22:17
dutchieif c7p was still here, i would have told him that Ghana deserved to win23:14

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