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dholbachgood morning07:03
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kaushalwhen is Thunderbird 3.1 available on 10.04 desktop ?09:47
kaushalis there a plan to integrate it ?09:47
kaushalI have TB 3.0409:47
RAOFIt may get backported once it's available in Maverick, the current development release.09:48
Rhondakaushal: 10.04 itself is already releease, there won't be new versions added to it. Though, backports might be a possibility, but then it would first to have get packaged.09:55
RhondaGiven that it would require a newer xulrunner and through that also a newer firefox I think it might rather be unlikely, though.09:57
RhondaOh, wait, lucid already has xulrunner 1.9.209:58
RhondaAlso, it hasn't be released for a long time yet so the stability experience isn't really there yet.10:00
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raywangdirecthex, ping19:18
directhexraywang, pong19:19
raywangdirecthex, I just downloaded your lucid grub2 gfxmenu, is there any instructions about how to install it? :)19:19
directhexraywang, check the README19:20
raywangah, ok19:20
raywangdirecthex, thanks a lot, I was not aware of it :)19:20
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geserLaney: how to solve this http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51289159/upload_1850541_log.txt? drop configfile-doc from haskell-configfile?23:06
* Laney blinks23:10
LaneyI'm not sure I understand what that says23:10
Laneyhow did that happen?23:10
Laneyoh, it's that weird dummy thing23:12
james_wthe spitting thereof?23:16
Laneywe introduced a haskell-dummy source package that now provides *-binary23:17
LaneyI am trying to recall the motivation behind this23:19
Laneyoh it's coming back to me23:25
Laneygeser: right, yes here's what it is... we're moving to standardise on libghc6-*-doc for doc package names23:25
Laneythese other ones are there to provide an upgrade path23:25
Laneyso the correct solution is to rename the binary package to libghc6-configfile-doc (in Debian, of course)23:25
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