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sidhi run mythbuntu 10.04 for 3 days, 2 days ago while I was watching livetv, it crashed, then i installed openssh-server (i relly don't understand it is not installed by default btw) , yesterday after several hours of watching tv it crashed again, but before rebooting by ssh , i got in the log these 2 errors :13:15
sidh[37715.880487] __ratelimit: 9 callbacks suppressed13:15
sidh[37715.880497] mythfrontend.re[3270]: segfault at 40 ip 0150f4a3 sp ad9be650 error 6 in libmythtv-0.23.so.0.23.0[eec000+bad000]13:15
sidhit seems that 's a pulse audio related problem13:15
sidhany idea to fix that ?13:15
sidhbecause if i remove pulse audio , it will remove the desktop too13:16
qwebirc15542hi.. i'm using the trunk builds from http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/0.24/ubuntu/ but the mythvideo (and mythplugins) builds seem a little out of date, and dont work with the latest front-end15:11
Zinn[ppa.launchpad.net] Index of /mythbuntu/0.24/ubuntu15:11
qwebirc15542how does one request a build? or do i just wait for a new one to happen?15:12
qwebirc15542specifically, frontend = trunk 25247 and mythvideo = 2519815:12
qwebirc15542and Plugin mythvideo (0.23.20100628-2) binary version does not match libraries (0.23.20100630-3)15:13
qwebirc15542is the debugged error message..15:13
qwebirc50582Anybody can explain how to setup the mythbuntu backend directories to my external USB drive?15:24
qwebirc15542mythtv-setup > storage directories15:26
qwebirc15542select the place you want them15:27
qwebirc15542or symlink the existing directory to where you want15:27
qwebirc50582I've set up a new directory linking to the folder15:28
qwebirc50582now where can I find the folder in the frontend15:29
qwebirc15542you might not have any content in them yet? but typically looking in "watch recordings" or "watch  videos" should find them15:31
qwebirc50582Sorry, but I can only find watch recordings, and that's empty. Do I need to run some kind of library check before those folders show in the frontend? folder is full with videos15:35
qwebirc15542you should be able to do "scan for changes" in the context menu15:36
qwebirc50582in frontend?15:37
qwebirc15542make sure you  backend also gets restarted15:39
qwebirc15542but it should do automatically after finishing mythtv-setup15:39
qwebirc50582man, I can't even find the scan for changes15:44
qwebirc15542after you select " watch videos"15:47
qwebirc15542press M15:47
qwebirc15542to bring up the menu15:47
qwebirc50582I'll give it a try, But I can only find "MY RECORDINGS"15:49
qwebirc15542are you using the latest auto-update builds?15:50
qwebirc15542i'm using it, and it seems to have broken the video handling of my system15:50
qwebirc50582I've found in the Mythbuntu control center a bunch of plugins with MythVideo, mythmusic,.... do I need to enable these?15:52
qwebirc50582I'll run a update check15:52
qwebirc15542i'd hold off on doing updates15:53
qwebirc15542but for video playback, you'll need mythvideo15:53
qwebirc50582I've found it, I guess. still need to work around the "No File"15:57
qwebirc15542does the mythtv user have permissions to read the files on the usb drive?16:03
qwebirc50582I think so, because in file explorer I can get to them...16:04
qwebirc15542on my system, the mythbackend runs as the user "mythtv" - not as the user that i login with16:08
qwebirc15542there's a chance that your user can access it, but not the mythtv user16:09
qwebirc50582So in witch group should I insert the folder with my videos?16:09
qwebirc15542i dont have a usb drive handy to test what permissions it gets mounted with16:09
qwebirc50582I'll check16:16
qwebirc50582I'm shure permissions are not the problem. Sharing maybe?16:24
qwebirc50582Any other folder on my computer works, but nothing on the USB drive "/media/MAXTOR/VIDEO/"16:33
qwebirc15542i have to leave but if anyone has an answer to my previos question, please send a message and i'll check out the IRC log archives @  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/07/02/%23ubuntu-mythtv.html to see the response - thanks!16:41
Zinn[irclogs.ubuntu.com] /srv/irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/07/02/#ubuntu-mythtv.txt16:41
tgm4883<qwebirc15542> and Plugin mythvideo (0.23.20100628-2) binary version does not match libraries (0.23.20100630-3)17:09
tgm4883Those don't look like trunk builds17:09
tgm4883looks like 0.2317:09
tgm4883but it does look like those are waiting to build, so just wait it out  https://edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/0.23/+build/184360417:10
Zinn[edge.launchpad.net] amd64 build of mythplugins 0.23.0+fixes25190-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2 : 0.23 : “Mythbuntu Developers” team17:10
douglanyone have a pvr2000 leadtek remote working? I just installed mythbuntu and the remote does not work.17:58
dae_Hi, I have a diskless mythbuntu frontend setup based on ubuntu 10.04. What is the proper way of getting remote NFS filesystems mounted on the client at boot time?19:15
dae_The only way I was able to do this was to add 'mount -a' to /etc/rc.local but with the "nolock" option present in /etc/fstab. Without that the mount would fail due to statd not ready yet. Very tricky to find the error message during boot though.22:37

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