akgranerhey all  - I'll be away from my desk most of the day today but returning sometime after 3pm EDT...  if you want to look for links and all that good stuffs go for it :-)  the template for Issue 200 is in place and I'll be working on the special parts tonight - but all the regular stuff still needs to happen :-)14:07
akgranerGoal is to have it published on Sunday before 5pm - I'd like to go see the Fireworks as it is 4th of July weekend :-)14:08
akgranercheck back laters..:-)14:08
zkriesseakgraner: ping RE: /contributors17:57
zkriesseakgraner: when ya get this just wanted to let you know i've got about 30 odd pages left and then the contributor list is DONE!!!17:58
nhandlerzkriesse: FYI, she is gone most of the day until after 3pm EDT18:01
zkriessenhandler: oh ok....did not know that...hence the message18:01
zkriesseakgraner: UPDATE: /contributors is finished19:59
scott_evakgraner: ping20:03
holsteinis there an etherpad going?20:04
holsteina google doc?20:04
scott_evnormally is20:05
scott_evI don't have a link, sorry20:05
holsteini'll send AK an email20:05
holsteinno worries20:05
holsteinim just realizing this is the most downtime im going to have this weekend20:05
scott_evman, I let someone edit my wiki....20:08
scott_evI only hope I can fix it20:08
scott_evNEVER EVER delete contents from some one else's wiki...EVER20:08
scott_evEVER, NEVER20:09
scott_evunder no circumstances20:09
scott_evcoment stuff our; perhaps20:09
nhandlerscott_ev: Just revert to an earlier revision20:10
scott_evnhandler: how far back can I go?20:11
nhandlerscott_ev: On wiki.ubuntu.com? All the way to when the page was created20:11
scott_evI've tried to salvage what's left.  It'll take several hours if not days20:11
scott_evnhandler: thanks, I'll see what I can do20:11
scott_evthank you20:11
newboon2age_some potential newsletter articles for akgraner and all...20:12
scott_evnhandler: where do I do that?  I'm looking up top and don't seem to be looking in the right place20:12
newboon2age_Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2 Released http://techie-buzz.com/foss/ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-alpha-2-released.html20:13
newboon2age_Pictures of Ubuntu: Linux's best photo shots at Windows and Mac    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/30/linux_versus_mac_windows_2/20:13
nhandlerscott_ev: Append ?action=info to the wiki url20:13
scott_evnice, thank you20:14
newboon2age_HTC HD2 Given New Life With Android 2.1 and Ubuntu (Video) http://androinica.com/2010/07/01/htc-hd2-given-new-life-with-android-2-1-and-ubuntu-video/20:14
scott_evI really want to eventually apply for membership...20:14
scott_evbeen putting it off for months20:14
newboon2age_this one mentions that HP is offering Ubuntu Netbook on some of their netbooks, which I didn't know... ->  Web confirms webOS on Slate PCs  http://www.techtree.com/India/News/HP_confirms_webOS_on_Slate_PCs/551-112119-580.html20:15
newboon2age_Cisco working on a Atom-powered Ubuntu Linux tablet   http://www.islate.org/index.php/2010/07/01/cisco-cius-ubuntu-linux-tablet-atom/20:16
newboon2age_The following could be used whenever because their not about timeliness...20:17
newboon2age_and another by Linux Girl:  Can a FOSS Firm Hit the Billion-Dollar Jackpot?  http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Can-a-FOSS-Firm-Hit-the-Billion-Dollar-Jackpot-70244.html20:17
scott_evnhandler: that's real slick,  thanks again20:18
newboon2age_Ubuntu: Harder to Use, or Just Harder to Spell?  http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Ubuntu-Harder-to-Use-or-Just-Harder-to-Spell-70281.html20:18
zkriessescott_ev: what's your wiki?20:18
scott_evzkriesse: I just added back a bunch of stuff that needed to be there20:18
zkriessescott_ev: cool...that revision thing helps alot20:19
zkriessedon't know how many times i've deleted stuff from my wiki page that i needed...instead of trying to remember what it all was i learned to use that20:19
scott_evno doubt.  I sorta had a feeling it was somewhere, but asking questions of Ubuntu people generally get me good answers20:19
scott_evin opposition to some other distros...20:20
zkriessescott_ev: mind if i look at your wiki?20:20
scott_evas a matter of fact, no one in Ubuntu has ever said rtfm to me20:20
newboon2age_One that caught my attention by the same author "Linux Girl" -- Katherine Noyes...  Who Should -- or Shouldn't -- Use Linux   http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Who-Should---or-Shouldnt---Use-Linux-70329.html20:20
scott_evzkriesse: sure, you edited it for me and I disagreed with your edits20:20
* zkriesse doesn't follow all the acronyms these days20:21
scott_evread the f**ng manual20:21
newboon2age_Basically concludes with the current state of Linux being so good everyone except those locked into programs that only run on one OS.20:21
scott_evzkriesse: I get that in some IRC channels, never in anything ubuntu20:21
scott_evzkriesse: very old acronym20:21
zkriesseoh gotcha20:21
newboon2age_This one advocates Ubuntu as a starting point for Linux >>>>  The Reg guide to Linux, part 2: Preparing to dual-boot  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/23/reg_linux_guide_2/20:23
newboon2age_and more on Ubuntu from the same author:  The Reg guide to Linux, part 3  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/24/reg_linux_guide_3/20:26
=== MTecknology is now known as MTeck-rcider
newboon2age_Uses Xubuntu >>>>  Linutop 2 Review Linux desktop lightweight – in more ways than one? http://www.reghardware.com/2009/05/12/review_desktop_pc_linutop_2/20:30
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newboon2age_The above articles should provide fodder for a few newsletter editions. :) akgraner20:32
newboon2age_oh you probably got an article about this but just in case you missed it, its so remarkable i have to pass it on: Google Dumps Windows In Favour of Linux & Mac OS  http://www.trustedreviews.com/software/news/2010/06/01/Google-Dumps-Windows-In-Favour-of-Linux---Mac-OS/p120:39
newboon2age_and that's Ubuntu Google went to20:39
scott_evnhandler: do you have a minute?20:44
nhandlerscott_ev: Yeah, what's up?20:45
scott_evI found the rev I want to restore but haven't figured out exactly how?  any suggestions?20:45
scott_evI've tried copy/paste into a new edit and that hasn't worked so far20:46
nhandlerscott_ev: Under 'More Actions' there should be a Revert to this Revision option20:46
scott_evah, thanks.  not sure how I missed that20:46
nhandlerNo problem20:47
scott_evI think that did it.  much appreciated, sir20:47
scott_evgeez, it's so hard to think right after coming in fromi 110 weather20:47
scott_evnhandler: nice, got all straightened out with you and zkriesse's help21:25
scott_evnow I just need to get my name on the list21:25
newboon2age_akgraner: I discovered the hard way that Konqueror is not a 'fully supported browser' for Google mail and Google Docs...21:27
newboon2age_akgraner: its not a huge deal, i'll just load another, but something to be aware of for Kubuntu folks (I'm experimenting w/ Kubuntu)21:27
newboon2age_akgraner: it temporarily prevents me from checking out your Google Doc site for the newsletter...21:28
newboon2age_akgraner: i also e-mailed you some additional potential newsletter items -- if nothing else their interesting Ubuntu or linux related from that past month or so...21:29
pleia2interesting bug, that event was added by crimsun21:44
pleia2not sure how to go about replying to it21:44
* pleia2 nudges another dc loco person21:45
scott_evhow many of you are in DC?21:45
pleia2I'm not, I meant "another" as in someone not crimsun, since he's not around right now :)21:46
pleia2looks like maco isn't either though21:46
nhandlerpleia2: What is the bug?21:49
pleia2someone else might want to do the change-bug-status-foo since I don't know the etiquette :)21:50
nhandlerWell, it isn't really a bug, so Invalid seems appropriate21:51
* pleia2 sets invalid21:51
pleia2thanks :)21:51
scott_evsay, on the membership committee website it still says the next meeting is June17.  anyone know when the meeting is in July?  I guess I can contact them, but I thought I'd ask here to see if there's a quick answer21:57
pleia2I'll update it now, sec21:58
pleia2btw: Meetings are held at 23:59 UTC on the third Thursday of the month21:58
pleia2says it right under the last given date ;)21:58
scott_evnice, that's what I saw, just wanted confirmation.  thank you21:58
pleia2so it'll be on the 15th21:59
scott_evayup, and I'll be there.  I can hardly believe I put this off for so long..22:00
scott_evI coulda done this nearly a year ago22:00
pleia2scott_ev: where in AZ are you, if you don't mind me asking?22:01
scott_eveast Mesa to be more exact22:01
nhandlerscott_ev: The Americas meetings should also be on the Fridge calendar fyi22:01
scott_evwith all the old folks - caretaking for my aging parents22:01
scott_evnhandler: ayup, my memory is so bad sometimes22:02
pleia2I have an aunt in Phoenix, will probably hop over there sometime in the next year22:02
scott_evwell, let me know and we'll do a Ubuntu Lunch if possible22:02
pleia2that would be great :)22:02
scott_evI like face2face meetings22:02
pleia2me too22:02
scott_evI ran into akgraner at SCaLE by accident22:03
scott_evshe happened to spot my LoCo tshirt22:03
nhandlerHmm...We need LoCo shirts in Chicago22:03
scott_evnhandler: my LoCo had a cafe press store but it shutdown.  I went ahead andf made 4 shirts there with just using my LoCo logo22:04
scott_evmade them just for SCaLE22:04
pleia2we had a small local company make them up, afaik they were donated to the team which was great22:04
pleia2need more though, going to another local shop22:04
nhandlerscott_ev: We have an ok logo, and I could get the shirts made fairly cheap at my school. I'm talking to the other loco members now ;)22:04
scott_evnhandler: nice.  the more I handle for my team, the more I find I need to do22:05
scott_evnearly everyone active has moved up or out....22:05
scott_evI'm dang near the only one doing anything administrative22:05
scott_evand it's very very time-co0nsuming22:06
pleia2that reminds me, my aunt in Phoenix asked me recently to "explain your ubuntu thing" and asked if it was popular in AZ too :)22:06
pleia2oh yes, there is a whole team! they have a newsletter!@22:06
scott_evpleia2: we have currently 4 Ubuntu members22:06
scott_evthat reminds me; I need to staet up the newsletter again in craig's absense22:06
scott_evsee, I spend alot of time and effort coordinating the state LUGS because so many of them mainly have Ubuntu users22:07
* pleia2 nods22:08
scott_evoutside of Hans the local PLUG pres, I'm the most active foss guy around22:08
scott_evI likje having the LUGS work togethere22:08
pleia2I ran (the real *grin*) PLUG back in philly, worked out nicely since the ubuntu team and the lug could really easily work together22:08
scott_evI work harder in retirement than I remember working for $22:08
scott_evpleia2: agreed, it helps22:09
scott_evwe have tons of resources; a live server ahd a test server, @azloco addresses available - and that's just some of the things outside of Ubuntu that we've managed to do for ourselves22:10
pleia2nice :)22:10
scott_evjohnc4510: really did a great job witht jhis team before kinda handing it to me22:10
scott_evhe's still the pres and always will be22:10
scott_evI jsut picked up after his departure to do bigger things for Ubuntu22:11
* pleia2 nods22:11
scott_evhe's a very busy guy; caretaking for his mom, self-employed and extremely active in Ubuntu22:11
scott_eva great mentor22:11
scott_evnice.  It helps to be the mailing list admin for my LoCo - hopefully there will be a large AZ LoCo presence in the meeting22:32
internalkerneldig :: http://wirelessstyle.info/2010/07/02/devs-manage-to-get-ubuntu-on-htc-hd2/22:34
scott_evsounds like a lot of work...good for their progress; next they'll actually be able to make calls with ubuntu22:40
internalkernellol... that would be an interesting article...22:47
internalkernelIm just surprised they went with ubuntu and not a native debian...22:47
scott_evunderstood.  people have put debian on the droid22:49
scott_evI'm happy enough with android on the droid that I wouldn't, myself, bother with anything else22:50
scott_evthough I've been running 2.2 for a month and the source jsut dropped a few days ago...22:51
internalkerneltotally... I've been sporting a nexus one for the past few weeks and LOVE it...23:01
akgranerhey all...23:02
scott_evhey akgraner23:02
akgranerwhat a day...23:02
scott_evoh yeah?23:02
scott_evnot a little busy are you?23:02
akgranercorn...  you have to freeze it when it's ready - it won't wait23:02
scott_evinternalkernel: I prefer the droid because it has a KB23:02
akgranerwe have done over 100 dozen this week...23:02
scott_evakgraner: indeed23:02
akgranerand we still have more to do tomorrow23:03
akgranerbut it sure tastes good in the winter23:03
scott_evawesome:  scott gwin 152 n 58th street mesa az 8520523:03
akgranerbeans and such keep a little longer ofter you pick them but not much they'll have to be done next week23:03
scott_evI'll send sweet oranges in dec/jan23:03
scott_evif you like figs....23:04
scott_evthey'll be ready soon.  I make jam with them23:05
akgranerI can't shuck it or pick it  - I can only silk and cut it off the cob b/c I don't have to use my left shoulder than much - but it is still tiring..  but so rewarding once it's all finished23:05
akgranerI want to plant some fig trees23:05
scott_evall I have to do is cut them up and slowly boil them with a little water and can them23:05
internalkernelakgraner: are you coming up this way tomorrow?23:05
akgranerwe have blueberry bushed, plum trees, crab apple trees, and pear trees.. the pecan trees and raspberry bushes aren't bearing yet but should in about 3 more years23:06
akgranerinternalkernel, no can do :-(  I more corn to do23:06
akgraneryou all can head her and we can do work on corn and talk about ubuntu :-)23:06
internalkernellol... shuck some corn... :)23:06
akgranermany hands make light work23:07
scott_evPM me your mailing address amber23:07
scott_evor email it to me at j dot scott dot gwin at gmail23:08
akgranerjohnc4510, ping23:10
akgranercjohnston, hey!23:10
akgranerI'll start adding links to some of the sections in just a little while...23:11
akgranerI've gotten a lot of feed back from people over the last few weeks and will be including a survey for readers to take as well23:11
akgranerbut want to drop it here 1st to see if there is anything else you all would include23:12
scott_evakgraner: I'll be doing my section tonight or tomorrow23:12
akgranerscott_ev, thanks!23:12
scott_evI always go straight to wiki if that's not an issue23:13
akgranertrying to get as much stuff done before Sunday afternoon since I know many people who help with UWN will be celebrating July 4th23:13
akgranerscott_ev, that's fine23:13
akgranerI just want people to have a comfortable way to contribute23:14
scott_evI see that23:14
scott_evI never bang heads editing the wiki since I do it early23:14
zkriesseakgraner: ya there?23:43
zkriesseakgraner: got the /contributors page finished23:47
zkriesseif you want to give me a buzz we can talk about it or anything else you need23:48
akgranerzkriesse,  thanks!23:48
zkriesseskype's on23:50
akgranerthanks  - I'm in the middle of helping with a slide presentation at the moment23:52
zkriesseah ok...23:52
akgranerthen it will be dinner time once I finish this23:52
zkriessewell if you wanna give me a call feel free23:52
akgranerok thanks!23:52
zkriesseif i don't answer means i'm away23:52

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