bazhangblendmaster1024, how can we help you?01:15
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
IdleOneblendmaster1024: I'm sure you are aware of the no idle rule for this channel. in case you aren't, we have a NO idling rule for this channel. Please state your business or part now. Thanks01:19
blendmaster1024how am i in here again?01:20
blendmaster1024sorry i didn't even know i was in here.01:20
IdleOnebazhang: rude? never seen that02:50
funkyHatI seem to have had a netsplit all on my own :!02:51
bazhangIdleOne, he/she insisted that chatting about support was the same as chatting about steam for linux02:51
IdleOneyeah just read back02:51
bazhangI guess that qualifies as rude, then; asking her/him to stop and him/her refusing to follow the channel guidelines02:52
IdleOnehe seems ok now. just was in the wrong channel.02:52
IdleOneI gather he is new to irc02:52
IdleOneor seems from what he said about sticking to forums02:52
IdleOnefunkyHat: you on that secret freenode server alone again?02:53
funkyHatIdleOne: looks like it02:53
IdleOnefunkyHat: was you, maco and ubuntulog that split02:54
IdleOneactualy not maco02:54
IdleOneyou and the bot heh02:54
funkyHataw. I was just about to say yay I'm not alone.02:54
funkyHatMaybe this server isn't on the round robin dns or something02:55
IdleOnecalvino should be02:56
IdleOneadd a , in there02:56
funkyHat~99% of #ubuntu aren't on it either, it seems02:56
IdleOneI just use irc.freenode.net where ever it sends me I am usualy fine02:57
funkyHatI have a bunch of freenode servers configured individually in irssi02:57
IdleOnetoday I am in France02:58
IdleOnetry barjavel.freenode.net02:58
funkyHatAnd lose my uptime? nowai!02:59
bazhang [mininessie] (~todd@ seems to be trolling03:02
Seeker`bets on how old Kjixill  is?03:02
bazhang|_ocke is unbanned in -ot ?04:53
IdleOnenot according to bt04:59
IdleOneunless I am reading it wrong05:01
bazhangI just see removals from here, #ubuntu and -ot05:01
bazhangI see 21181 no 2118005:03
erUSUL12:13  * AmberJ Gets erUSUL sa <%)11:14
erUSUL12:14  * AmberJ Gets erUSUL es <%)11:15
erUSULbot in the channel ...11:15
jussierUSUL: which channel?11:20
erUSULis a script the nick is a person ... ;)11:20
erUSUL12:17 < AmberJ> Gryllida: Yeah. sorry..mistakenly loaded that script11:20
jussierUSUL: you are better off jumping into #ubuntu-ops for reporting stuff in #ubuntu. just remember to part afterwards11:20
* erUSUL looks around; ....11:21
erUSULthis channel is #ubuntu-ops11:21
jussiIm sorry11:21
erUSULanyway i'm off11:22
jussisee you11:22
* jussi blushes11:22
jpdsjussi: At least you have 1Mbps.11:22
erUSULtired to be pushed out of here anytime i try to be of any help11:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !enter is also <reply> like this12:35
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !enter is also <reply> because that would be really annoying.12:35
Blockcoldikonia, mind you bussiness here13:45
ikoniawhat ?13:46
Blockcoldwhy are you annoying me in other channels ?13:46
ikoniaerrrr I'm not13:46
Blockcoldin past i give you the  warning that don't annoy me another channel ?13:46
Blockcoldnow you are trolling here13:47
bazhangBlockcold, did you wish to discuss your bans?13:47
ikoniaBlockcold: this channel is only used to discuss your bans in #ubuntu13:47
ikoniaanything else please leave the channel13:47
Blockcoldikonia, is your last chance mind it !13:48
ikoniaBlockcold: bye now13:48
bazhangwhy does he still have a cloak?13:48
ikoniaI've spoke to staff about it, it's up to them what they do13:48
bazhangbtw Iraqi just got a cloak13:49
gnomefreakwhy isnt he banned would be a better question, it seems he has no plan on changing13:49
bazhanggnomefreak, he is, in #ubuntu13:49
ikoniabazhang: that's fine, he's entitled to one13:49
gnomefreakbazhang: here i meant13:49
gnomefreakforward him to #ubuntu-irc maybe13:50
gnomefreakor to /dev/null13:50
bazhangthere used to be a channel youvegottobekiddingme iirc13:51
gnomefreakdisterbing this channel should be kept to a min.13:51
marienzbazhang: still exists13:51
bazhangmarienz, nice13:51
marienzbazhang: ##you_have_got_to_be_kidding iirc13:51
gnomefreakthere is?13:51
bazhangI have no problem with Iraqi as long as he is running Ubuntu, and follows channel guidelines (ie being unbanned)13:52
marienzas far as I can tell iraqi is pretty recognizable both with and without a cloak13:52
marienzif that's not actually correct please let me know13:52
bazhangBlockcold, ban dodging again13:52
bazhangmarienz, yes that's right13:53
ikoniaspeaking to staff now about progressing this13:53
Blockcoldhi bazhang sup ikonia is annoying me in centos13:53
bazhangBlockcold, and you ban-evaded for the nth time13:53
ikoniaahh marienz is active in here, marienz I spoke to tomaw about Blockcold/jungli's multiple accounts and ban dodging13:53
ikoniahe's just ban dodged again by using his cloak to hide ip13:53
Blockcoldbazhang, i love centos from myheart13:53
Blockcoldand this ikonia burm my love there :(13:54
ikoniamarienz: can you please take this up with staff again please13:54
gnomefreakBlockcold: if you have nothing else please /part13:54
Blockcoldbut one question13:54
Blockcoldplz answer13:54
IdleOneBlockcold: what ikonia does in channels that are not ubuntu related is his business and has nothing to do with this channel. Do you want to discuss why you were ban evading just now in #ubuntu?13:54
marienzikonia: looking into it13:54
IdleOneBlockcold: FOREVER is the answer13:54
ikoniamarienz: thank you,13:54
gnomefreakBlockcold: please /part on your own13:54
Blockcoldwhy your ops i annoy me in another channel ?13:55
ikoniaBlockcold: this is nothhing to do with ubuntu. Please leave the channel13:55
gnomefreakI am not and as for other channels do you have the channels and logs on what the ops are doing?13:55
* gnomefreak has given you enough warnings 13:56
gnomefreakhe is start to annoy me now13:57
IdleOnejust starting13:57
ikoniathat's his intention. Staff are on it13:57
IdleOneGood morning btw13:57
gnomefreakstaff can only really do what we do as in he can still dodge staffs ban13:57
gnomefreakIdleOne: morning13:58
ikoniagnomefreak: it's up to them how/what they do13:58
marienzthis is strange, I'm not sure why he still has two cloaked accounts13:58
marienzI'm currently trying to figure that out13:58
Picimarienz: thanks for lookin into it13:58
* gnomefreak only has 113:58
gnomefreakhow many could you need13:58
IdleOnePici: msg?13:58
ikoniait's appreciated13:58
PiciIdleOne: always13:58
bazhangBlockcold, yes?14:00
Blockcoldif have RHCe then why ppl annoying me ?14:00
bazhangBlockcold, did you wish to discuss your bans?14:00
ikoniaBlockcold: again this is nothing to do with ubuntu14:00
Blockcoldwait !14:00
Blockcoldi come back in 20 min14:01
Blockcoldtea time now14:01
Blockcoldsorry i ahve to go14:01
ikoniaplease leave the channel if you do not wish to discuss your ban14:01
Blockcoldikonia, you are Paranoid14:01
ikoniainfact, someone else can deal with this, as it is as waste of time, I'm happy that staff are now looking into it14:01
Blockcoldlememcome back agian14:02
bazhangBlockcold, please /part the channel14:02
ikoniait's a troll attempt14:02
ikoniahe joins distro channels and says "I love you $different_distro_name"14:03
bazhanghe brags about it openly, always has14:03
ikoniait's up to the other ops/staff now, it's too much time wasting to deal with this stupid circle14:03
IdleOneI was going to say, this circle with Jungli/Blockcold has not changed. Why do we still allow him to come here and aggravate us?14:04
ikoniabecause it's policy to allow someone to discuss/appeal their ban14:05
bazhangjust change it to a straight ban imo14:05
IdleOneikonia: and if the person has joined 20+ times and refuses to discuss the ban and continues to troll....14:05
gnomefreakmaybe we should have the council deal with him if it keeps up. <ducks>14:05
ikoniaIdleOne: yss14:05
ikoniafor the record his current dodging address that he hid behind his cloak is
ikoniaI believe he's just rejoined 14:06 -!- seanty [~peach@] has joined #ubuntu14:06
ikonianot %10014:07
ikoniaprobably not14:07
IdleOneikonia: I think we should allow him one more chance to join here and discuss a resolution to his bans, provide links for guidelines, CoC, appeal if needed. If he does not want to discuss the ban in #u* then ban from here also (2 weeks?)14:07
ikoniaIdleOne: that's not how it works14:07
ikoniaand it's not our place to make that decision14:07
ikoniayou'll have to contact the council explaining the issue and allow them to do it14:08
gnomefreakwell im sure we can tell if it is him if he speaks14:08
bazhangno point in banning him from here14:08
ikoniait's not him14:08
ikoniathat user has been around more14:08
ikoniaI was over reacting14:08
bazhangif he evades, he always says hello to the latest person to ban him14:08
jpdsbazhang: That's what he wants you to think.14:09
gnomefreaknot even a temp ban?14:09
gnomefreaki would say forward him to #freenode, never a good idea though14:10
IdleOneI don't see why we can't set a temp ban on him here. He has proven on more then enough occasions to be a troll and refuses to even try to work with us.14:10
marienzgnomefreak: wouldn't work, I doubt we have #freenode +F14:11
bazhangeither he'll straighten out, or he'll continue to escalate. we have done what we could imo14:11
marienzalso, please prod me if jungli/blockcold joins and I miss it (I have those two nicks hilighted but he's used others)14:11
bazhangmarienz, thansk very much14:11
bazhangerr thanks14:11
ikoniamarienz: ne0|penguin14:12
ikoniaoops, sorry, didn't mean to past ethe other lines14:12
gnomefreakwe should really have a way to handle there types of things14:14
ikoniathere is - follow the process14:14
gnomefreakthose, and i meant a policy on how to handle it14:14
ikoniaresolve ban, or escalate14:14
marienzbah, just missed him again14:14
gnomefreakikonia: and how is that working for you ;)14:14
gnomefreakmarienz: you are looking to talk to him?14:15
marienzgnomefreak: jungli/blockcold: yes14:15
gnomefreakmarienz: good luck14:16
marienzthank you!14:16
gnomefreakyour welcome14:16
marienz(I also have an Iraqi in #freenode, fun!)14:16
gnomefreaki know that nick (in lower case)14:17
gnomefreakhe is another one just dont recall who it is14:17
* gnomefreak be back in abit14:19
PiciThat analogy is getting confusing.14:26
IdleOnethe father/son one14:27
IdleOneyeah he side tracked me and I lost my point14:28
bazhangI don't think we're helping at this point. It's like ganging up14:28
IdleOnebut I think Avasz was almost where I was trying to go14:28
marienzhmm, I'm a little biased against Avasz because he used ctcp version as a reason for Iraqi to request a cloak in ##club-ubuntu14:30
IdleOnebazhang: I wasn't trying to attack but trying to explain in terms he may understand.14:30
marienzseems to be doing ok now though14:30
bazhangIdleOne, no, I didn't think you were, he just doesn't seem clear on resolving bans, and wants people to just /ignore him and allow to do as he pleases in any channel. afaik the only way to resolve bans is to speak the operators of the various channels ##linux , #backtrack-linux , etc and resolve it with them. freenode has nothing to do with that14:31
ikoniathe big problem for the other channels was the illegal acivity14:32
ikoniaasking how to get his neighbours wifi for free14:32
marienzI think we were doing a reasonable job trying to explain things to him, but the language barrier really isn't helping14:32
bazhangand just refusing to listen to any and all advice, warnings etc14:32
ikonia##linux doesn't like that, #backtrack-linux didn't like their product being used for illegal stuff, #aircrack-ng didn't like it, there was a ton of channels14:32
ikoniathe issue is, he thinks he's banned because ubuntu operators told the othe channels he's using back track and they hate back track14:33
IdleOnemarienz: I don't think it is language barrier so much as a cultural one14:33
marienzthat too, I suppose, although you would expect him to figure that out before getting himself banned from quite as many channels as I understand he has14:33
ikoniait's quite odd as he has a moral code that wont allow bad language, however it's fine with stealing peoples resources14:34
ikoniaconfusing fellow14:35
IdleOneI'll bet he has some sort of a barter system arranged with his neighbor.14:35
ikoniaI don't think so14:36
ikoniahe was quite explicit about getting it without his neighbour knowing14:36
ikoniahis english was fine with that ;)14:38
IdleOnegoogle translate must see theft the same way in all languages14:38
marienzI saw14:43
marienzplease let me (or some other staffer) know if jungli/blockcold/etc manages to get another account cloaked.14:45
bazhanghe's made that promise more than a dozen times now14:45
ikoniamarienz: heads up on blockcold14:45
marienz(jungli and blockcold are no longer cloaked)14:45
jpdsikonia: 14:43:04 <+marienz> I saw14:46
marienzno problem, too many pings usually beats no pings14:47
bazhangne0|penguin ban evading again15:05
PiciAre you sure?15:06
PiciOr were the other bans against his cloak?15:06
bazhang* ne0|penguin (~bobo@ has joined #ubuntu15:06
PiciWell, that is a change in ident.15:06
bazhangit's him alright, and a slight change in ip address, there are others by a slightly different ip address and cloak, and nickname Jungli15:08
marienzthat's the same ip that was just in #ubuntu-offtopic as blockcold, right?15:10
bazhangand as ne0|penguin a moment ago in #ubuntu-offtopic15:10
PiciHes not banned in -offtopic iirc.15:11
ikoniahe's back on as jungli now15:22
jpdsWe so need a Nagios instance that just SMSs us when people come on.15:25
bazhangxchat has no /watch afaict; konversation (my last client) did15:26
ikoniajpds: I'll get on that, it shouldn't be hard to write a perl poller for that15:26
ikoniajpds: I've got a nagios instance running, I'll set it up ;)15:27
Junglii say sorry to all of you15:56
bazhangJungli, for ban ban evading again?15:56
Jungliif i annoy some body15:56
Jungliyes bazhang15:56
bazhangJungli, as user ne0|penguin ?15:57
Junglimay be i lots of wrong thing here15:57
Junglii can't read irc guide lines15:57
bazhangJungli, sure you can15:57
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:57
Jungliif i hurt some body for ban evading i really say sorry to him15:58
bazhangJungli, just don't do it in future15:58
bazhangJungli, also read the code of conduct please15:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .15:58
Jungliand a personal point of view i say sorry15:58
JungliIdleOne, yes i do some trolling in channels but i say sorry plz i never do troll in this freenode its for help its not for fun15:59
Junglisorry for my poor english too16:00
Jungligod bless you all16:00
Junglihia again :)17:04
IdleOneJungli: how can we help you?17:06
IdleOneJungli: How many times do we have to tell you not to idle in this channel.17:07
IdleOneExplain why you are here or /part. Thank you17:07
Jungliwhen i am freeley ask question in Ubuntu ?17:07
IdleOneI don't understand17:08
Junglii want to unbanned in #ubuntu :)17:09
IdleOneDid you read the links given to you earlier by bazhang ?17:09
Jungliyes :)17:10
IdleOnehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/17:10
IdleOneand you understand them?17:10
Jungliyes i never do rnodom ctcp to nay others and be good for every one :)17:11
IdleOneyou agree to follow the guidelines and the code of conduct in all Ubuntu channels?17:11
Jungliyes sir i follow this from now :)17:12
Jungliand i also learning english17:12
Junglifor better aspect :)17:12
IdleOneJungli: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu support and not for chat, you understand this?17:13
Jungliyes i never chat to any body in that channel from now :)17:13
IdleOneI am going to remove the ban. Do not make me regret my decision please17:14
IdleOneplease join #ubuntu17:15
JungliIdleOne, my nick is register and you all are familer with my ip :)17:15
JungliIdleOne, thanks17:15
JungliIdleOne, if you want come in India in future meet me plz :) i'll take you to TajMahal and the world of ancient India :)17:16
IdleOneJungli: I want you to join #ubuntu to test that the ban has been removed17:16
JungliCannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).17:16
IdleOnetry now17:17
JungliCannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).17:17
IdleOneone more time please17:17
Junglidone sir :)17:18
IdleOneJungli: Please part this channel and remember to follow the rules.17:18
IdleOnehave a good day.17:18
Jungliand  my request17:18
Junglicome to India once in a Life time17:19
IdleOneMaybe one day.17:19
Jungli:) thats gr817:19
IdleOneThank you for the offer. Now please leave this channel.17:19
Junglihave a nice day sir17:19
IdleOneSame to you.17:19
IdleOneI only removed the ban on his nick and his current ip addy.17:20
IdleOneother ip's should still be banned17:21
Tm_TI jut did set his nick to hilight17:22
IdleOneI just added it to highlight also.17:24
IdleOnestepping away from this infernal machine...need air,sun light. later17:25
ubottuSpaceGhostC2C called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Patero-ng  :()18:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:41
Picitxwikinger: thanks18:43
txwikingernp Pici18:43
Pici(just got back to my desk)18:43
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, shadeslayer said: !debdiff is A simple way to patch debian packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report,or send it to the team which handles the package,lear more about it here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:10
ubottuIn #kubuntu-devel, shadeslayer said: !debdiff is A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report,or send it to the team which handles the package,lear more about it here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:10
macoi think that should be learn, not lear19:11
* Pici leers at maco 19:11
ubottuuse @whoami19:11
ubottuIn ubottu, shadeslayer said: !debdiff is A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report,or send it to the team which handles the package,learn more about it here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:11
Tm_Tidentity chrisis19:11
Tm_Tubottu: debdiff is A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report, or send it to the team which handles the package: learn more about it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:13
ubottuI'll remember that, Tm_T19:13
jussi!debdiff is <reply>A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report,or send it to the team which handles the package,learn more about it here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:13
ubottuBut debdiff already means something else!19:13
jussi!no, debdiff is <reply>A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report,or send it to the team which handles the package,learn more about it here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:13
ubottuI'll remember that jussi19:13
jussiyou need the reply last time I checked...19:13
PiciYes, but Tm_T changed other things.19:14
Tm_Tit's mandatory now?19:14
PiciTm_T: otherwise the bot will reply: debdiff is A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report...19:14
Tm_Tubottu: no, debdiff is <reply>A simple way to patch debian/ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report, or send it to the team which handles the package: learn more about it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff19:15
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T19:15
knome"debian/ubuntu" -> "Debian/Ubuntu" ?19:15
Pici!debdiff =~ s/\: l/. L/19:16
ubottuI'll remember that Pici19:16
h00k!debdiff =~ s/debian\/ubuntu/Debian\/Ubuntu/20:59
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, h00k said: !debdiff =~ s/debian\/ubuntu/Debian\/Ubuntu/20:59
Flannel!debdiff =~ s#debian/ubuntu#Debian/Ubuntu#21:07
ubottuNothing changed there21:07
Flannelso it didn't.21:08
IdleOnemetabot is having conection issues21:59
h00kFlannel: did I have my syntax correct?22:00
IdleOneubottu: sees |> as >22:07
IdleOnethings you learn when making mistakes22:08
Flannelh00k: You did.  It's just easier to use a different character as a separator to not have to escape stuff22:29
ubottuIn ubottu, cloakable said: !nis is not good. Use LDAP instead23:18
Tm_Tseriously now... never had this often reconnects23:46

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