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maekSpamapS: thanks00:14
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* smoser heads out for a long weekend02:28
zulmathiaz: dude happy canada day....stop working ;)02:29
pictureadayAnyone available to help me out (i'm having boot issues)03:28
smosera happy canada day to all03:28
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kmanHello all.  Is this a good place to ask a question about Ubuntu login problems?05:26
twbThat depends where the problem is05:29
kmantwb so there is someone out there.  I am having a double login issue.  I forgot the password, went through the recovery console, reset the password and now it prompts for login id, then the password, password again, and then back to userid prompt.  I can't log in.05:35
kmanI searched the web and found others complaining about this.  May be something about a bug in the gdm.  Not sure how to get around this.05:36
twbI can't help you with gdm05:37
kmanwas hoping some Ubuntu expert would be able to point me in the right direction.05:37
twbCan you reproduce the problem in the getty?05:38
kmanis there a better IRC I should try for this question?05:38
twb#ubuntu, I suppose.05:39
chrismsnzkman: that doesn't sound right05:42
chrismsnzare you getting help in #ubuntu?05:43
kmanHI there just switched to #ubuntu to see if anyone there can help.  Thanks for the suggestion.05:45
chrismsnzI can try give you a hand if you like05:45
chrismsnzjust let me know - I'm idling at the end of work on a friday _b05:45
chrismsnzso you forgot your password?05:46
kmanWhat would you suggest?05:46
chrismsnzHow did you reset your password? Did you go in via recovery/single user mode?05:46
kmanI'll give a few details if you don't mind.  Am putting together a server for experimenting for a client.  Had a pile of parts - Mobo, CPU, RAm, hard drive etc.  So put it altogether booted the system and it comes up with the login prompt for Ubuntu.  No idea what the password is.05:48
kmanYes I went in through recovery, listed the users, set the password for the one I wanted.  then exit, resume normal startup and now it does the Id prompt followed by 2 password prompts. and then prompts for the id again.05:49
chrismsnzso is this in the graphical screen (GDM?) or the text screen (terminal/tty)?05:50
kmanIt is the text screen on this version.05:50
chrismsnzright - does it have the ubuntu version there?05:51
kmanbeing new to Ubuntu and coming from the Windows world of GUI's I will want the graphical interface.05:51
kmanI think its 9.04.  Restarting now to see for sure.05:52
chrismsnzah ok, sure05:52
kmanYes 9.04 tty1 prompt05:52
kmanThere is no network connection if that makes any difference.05:53
chrismsnzshouldn't matter05:53
chrismsnzso you type in your username and it prompts you with "Password:"?05:53
kmanYes right now it says <login:05:54
kmanI enter the user id and it prompts with Password:05:54
chrismsnzand when you enter the password?05:55
kmanI enter the password I just set in the recovery mode and it prompts again for the Password:  then it goes back to the login: prompt.05:55
chrismsnzwell... that's not normal behaviour. If your password is incorrect it should ask you for your login again directly instead of your password again05:56
chrismsnzafter a pause05:56
kmanAlmost no pause.   Nothing noticiable.05:57
twbThere's little pause because he's authenticating against flat files on the local host05:57
kmanIf it is a pause it is at most 2 seconds.05:57
twbMost likely is that you've mistyped the new password05:57
chrismsnzkman: it might be worth going through recovery again - or a complete reinstall of a current version05:58
twbGet root again, reset the password with "passwd fred", then run "login" and try to log in.05:58
kmanNo I've retried a few time thinking that myself.05:58
twbkman: you might have mistyped it *when setting the password*05:58
chrismsnztwb: my systems always gave me a pause - i always assumed it was some sort of rate limiting feature05:58
twbchrismsnz: it might do that, too05:59
kmanjust going through recovery mod enow.05:59
chrismsnzalso - which user did you reset the password for? it may be a system or disabled user and not allowed to log in at all06:00
kmanI am at the root prompt.  ls /home to see the accounts.  I then select the kman one I expect to log in with.  passwd kman06:01
kmanI get the Enter new UNIX password:  I enter kman to keep it simple.  then it prompts with Retype new UNIX password:  I retype kman.06:03
chrismsnztype "login" from the recovery prompt06:03
kmanIt then indicates passwd: password updated successfully.06:03
kmanI just tried the login.  prompted twice and then says  "Segmentation fault"06:04
chrismsnzmight be looking at a hardware problem there chief, or a corrupt install06:05
chrismsnzlike i said, I've never had a system prompt me twice for a password - and a segfault from the login/bash process is dodgy indeed06:06
kmanI'm surfing on segmentation fault right now to see what is out there.06:06
chrismsnzhaha - it just means the program crashed06:06
chrismsnzare you at a root prompt in recovery at the moment?06:08
kmanIf I installed the OS with a different mobo and moved the hard drive to a new box would this cause the problem?  I bet it's having problems talking to the hardware.06:08
chrismsnzpossibly - if it was problems with the hardware you'd probably notice them earlier in the bootup sequence06:09
chrismsnzdo: grep kman /etc/passwd06:09
chrismsnzand tell me what it says after the last ":" on the line06:10
chrismsnznow type /bin/bash06:11
chrismsnzand see if it breaks for you06:11
kmanno problem it just accepts it with same prompt after I type that.06:12
chrismsnzthis might not work, but try: "su - kman"06:12
kmanThat seemed to work.  The prompt changed to the $.06:13
chrismsnzyep, it means you're a user now06:13
chrismsnzok, type exit06:13
chrismsnzthen reboot06:14
chrismsnztry logging in again normally06:14
kmanI'm remembering now.  This was my experiment with a samba server to share files between windows and Ubuntu.  Mobo did not support Sata drives so I put it aside.  Didn't want to buy IDE drives.  Now I have a different mobo that supports the sata.06:16
chrismsnzit shouldn't really matter - the version of ubuntu is fairly recent and autodetects hardware on boot06:17
chrismsnzyou might be better off with a clean install mate _b06:17
kmanI'm beginning to agree.06:18
chrismsnzi take it you still can't log in?06:18
maek_sorry im confused. does preseed = kickstart?06:18
kmanJust tried to restart normally and still getting the double prompt.06:19
chrismsnzmaek_: pretty much06:19
chrismsnzmaek_: preseeding can automate the install - partitions, packages etc...06:19
maek_chrismsnz: do you know of any good preseed resources that would show all the options and an example of two for said option. do you serve up a preseed file with the kernel option of ks=http://path/to/preseed ?06:20
twbpreseed and kickstart are two different solutions to the same problem.06:20
maek_does kickstart work just as well or is it kind of sticked into ubuntu?06:20
chrismsnzkman: the only thing I can think of that may have happened is that the system was configured to use /dev/hd* as the filesystem, which may not exist using sata drives (they become /dev/sd*)06:20
twbPersonally I'd be using preseed because it has been in d-i longer, and the file format isn't so fugly06:21
chrismsnzbut that still doesn't explain everything.06:21
kmanchris still can't log in.  I'll try a clean install.  That should eliminate some potential issues.06:21
chrismsnzif there's nothing of importance on the system, reinstall with current version and call me in the morning06:21
maek_twb: ok. I have a chance to start over. I just got the go ahead to move our dev and staging to ubuntu and id like to do everything the debian/ubuntu was as much as possible06:21
chrismsnzmaek_: have you had a look at this? https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html06:22
twbmaek_: to invoke preseed uses different boot: parameters; see the appendix of the installation-guide06:22
chrismsnzit's a good starting point06:22
maek_chrismsnz: thanks06:22
kmanThanks Chris.  YOu down New Zealand way?06:22
kmanI visited there for 1 week about 20 years ago.  Nice place.  Wish I'd stayed longer.06:22
chrismsnzit's awesome when the weather is good! :)06:23
maek_and flight of the concords06:23
chrismsnzhehe - gotta love those guys06:23
chrismsnzlittle known fact: they pitched their show to one of the networks here and were turned down before HBO06:24
chrismsnzbet they're kicking themselves now!06:24
kmanGotta go.  Thanks for the help.06:24
maek_yeah, I talked with this girl from nz said they were more famous here then in nz06:24
chrismsnzpleasure, kman06:24
chrismsnzmaek_: yeah, i mean they're popular here, but they have a following in the US really06:25
maek_chrismsnz: yeah I saw them perform in vegas about 2 weeks ago06:25
chrismsnzahh awesome!06:25
chrismsnzI wanna see some shows in vegas06:26
twbchrismsnz: you're not the same .nz chris that wrote an httpd in forth?06:26
maek_we have lots of shows06:26
chrismsnzhaeelll no06:26
chrismsnzhey maek_ - have you heard of a show over there called "Scoundrels"?06:27
maek_if anyone knows what cobbler is for kickstart is there a similar program for preseed? it manage all the bits for you like setting up the pxe dirs and dhcpd stuff and generating the preseed from a template06:27
twbmaek_: di-netboot-assistant or FAI are the things I've seen06:27
twbmaek_: obviously for preseeding, you can simply examine the seeds of an installed system06:28
maek_chrismsnz: no just a chain of pubs called Scoundrels06:28
maek_twb: thanks.06:28
chrismsnzWhen I used netboot/preseed I put it together myself... might checkout di-netboot-assistant06:29
twbYeah, di-netboot-assistant is only SLIGHTLY more useful than annoying06:30
twbIt's dead easy to use dnsmasq for PXE booting06:30
chrismsnzyeah, i had dnsmasq built into the router so that was pretty simple06:30
twbAnd now, you should be able to send the preseed file over TFTP, so you don't need HTTP06:30
sponzorwhat is wrong? http://pastebin.com/fY5AWXzS06:31
chrismsnzanyway i'm out of here06:31
maek_oh cool06:31
twbMeaning that you can just put the preseed files in /srv/tftp next to the netboot kernel/ramdisk06:31
maek_chrismsnz: thanks for the help06:31
twbsponzor: Ubuntu now uses upstart as its init, so everything you know about SysV init goes out the window06:31
twb(Including policy-rc.d, the bastards.)06:32
sponzordamn i dont know notting about upstart :/06:32
lifelesstwb: patches considered ?06:32
twbsponzor: go read the service(8) and restart(8) manpages, as that output instructed you to do.06:32
twblifeless: the Debian upstart maintainer wasn't enthusiastic about it IIRC06:33
lifelessah well06:33
twblifeless: I don't interact with Ubuntu devs06:33
sponzorcan i change it back to init.d?06:33
twblifeless: what I'm doing at the moment is diverting /sbin/initctl and replacing it with a stub (basically /bin/false)06:33
twbI don't even know if that's working, really.  The postinst runs "start foo" and that tries to talk to some dbus-type daemon that isn't running inside the chroot06:34
sponzorbecose service doesnt work like it should? http://pastebin.com/4ZLMXzmq06:35
maek_twb: where would the seeds from the install be?06:35
sponzorcommon this is confusing :/ http://pastebin.com/bxfVVbn906:37
twbmaek_: debconf --get-selections06:39
twbEr, debconf-get-selections, from debconf-utils06:39
maek_twb: thanks06:40
scarsponzor, did you try /etc/init.d/hostname restart?06:42
sponzorscar: that is the first thing i try :)06:43
sponzoris this a bug?06:44
twbTechnically /etc/init.d/hostname restart SHOULD work06:46
twbIt's a legacy compatibility layer06:46
twbsponzor: you cannot change back to init.d06:46
sponzorin my case it doesnt. i think i should downgrade to ubuntu 9...06:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #600908 in bacula (main) "Spurious error during authorization" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60090806:51
twbsponzor: what are you actually trying to do?06:56
twbSet the active hostname from /etc/hostname?06:56
sponzorthe hostname is ok now i m yust confused with new feauteres :P07:00
twbJust cheat07:09
twbhostname $(cat /etc/hostname)07:09
kaihi folks07:24
maek_stupid question. coming from redhat I can do service inetd restart - how do I restart inetd07:29
kaimaek_: /etc/init.d/inetd restart07:36
kaiwith sudo, of course07:36
kaiif you use a recent ubuntu install it might complain about using a different set of commands, and tell you what to use now07:36
maek_kai: thanks, the reason Im confused is there is not init script for inetd in /etc/init.d07:40
bassoHello, can anyone help me getting an ftp server up and running?07:40
maek_I have /etc/inet.conf with my tftpd entry and /usr/sbin/inetd is running, just dont see how its getting started07:41
kaiinteresting, that's new :)07:42
kaiyou can tell I haven't used inetd in a while07:42
kaicheck out man update-inetd07:42
maek_ok thanks07:42
kaithat seems to be a tool to update the inetd.conf, and that also tells inetd to reload the config07:42
maek_yeah I was thinking just hup it but seemed like there would be a slicker way07:43
kaiI'm sure this is somehow related to the new startup stuff07:44
kaibut I haven't really tried to understand that07:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #600920 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.4 failed to install/upgrade: sous-processus script post-installation installé tué par le signal (Interrompre)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60092008:21
Mateo_Hi everyone !08:22
Mateo_I'm trying to setup subdomain with virtualhosts but every subdomain redirects me to the folder of the domain...08:23
Mateo_this is my conf: http://pastebin.com/1u1wy21D08:23
Jeeves_Mateo_: Can you try this? http://pastebin.com/5GzHEANE08:26
Mateo_Jeeves_: now i have a 403 error even if my folder project is chmod 755...08:30
Mateo_Jeeves_: this is the stat of my index.html file: Access: (0755/-rwxr-xr-x)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)08:30
rahmanHi, in our university we have some academic library services that only accessible with the ip addresses of the university. We want the academic stuff to use these services whereever they are, not only from the universit network. But as these services are private we need to do this with user authentication. So, can a proxy server (like squid)  used to achive this purpose? Or there is some other ways to do this?08:32
Jeeves_Mateo_: How's the permission of the upper directories?08:42
Mateo_Jeeves_: the same08:42
Jeeves_ Mateo_ What's in your errorlog?08:43
Mateo_i'm trying to chown the folder for www-data, but i don't remember the format... sudo chwon www-data:www-data my/folder ?08:43
Mateo_Jeeves_: [Fri Jul 02 09:44:53 2010] [error] client denied by server configuration: /home/kunedev/projects/worldcup/index.html08:47
Mateo_Jeeves_: i dont' know how, but now it looks like it works ...08:49
Mateo_Jeeves_: thanks for your help !!!08:51
cpfmase_wk: Hi there :)08:51
mase_wkcpf: hey08:52
cpfSo, what I need to know is how to "start" mysqld without the service/init.d commands...08:52
cpfSo I might catch an error.08:52
mase_wkfirstly can you dpkg -l | grep mysql08:52
mase_wkand pastebin the output08:52
mase_wkk looking08:55
cpfTrying to figure out some things in the logs. Nothing important yet...08:56
mase_wkhmm ok08:56
mase_wkso have a look in  the init script, there will be a mysqld binary somewhere, it may even be in your PATH08:56
mase_wkrun that , i think there is a debugging more08:56
mase_wki take it you just did an apt-get install mysql-server to install this ?08:58
cpfWhen I run it, it freezes... Haven't found any relevant debugging in man also.08:58
cpfPretty much, it was installed by tasksel.08:58
cpfI could always try a reinstall...08:59
mase_wkjust try running that08:59
mase_wkon the off chance something wasn't configured correctly08:59
cpfI'm trying to run the mysqld command, it's hanging...09:00
mase_wknot really sure why your having an issue to be honest09:00
cpfOh, you mean reinstall? :D09:00
cpfMe neither.09:00
cpfIt's weird in a whole, yesterday everything worked like a charm.09:00
mase_wkwait,  did you get prompted for a password during install ?09:00
mase_wkfor the root user ?09:00
mase_wkhmm ok09:01
cpfAnd I used it yesterday.09:01
mase_wkdid the server crash at all ?09:01
cpfBut reinstall did fix it...09:01
cpfI'm not even sure it overwrote my config files.09:02
mase_wkit shouldn't have09:02
cpfIt didn't... Configs are as I set them.09:02
cpfHmm, going to take a reboot, if it fails at that point, it's probably because of that.09:02
cpfOk, so reboot didn't break the mySQL09:09
cpfGuess problem is solved. Although the problem wasn't found.09:10
cpfThanks anyway :)09:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #288358 in nmap "Nmap package missing lua libraries, also doesn't look in debian locations" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28835809:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #600936 in mysql-5.1 "mysql-5.1 fails to build from source in maverick" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60093609:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #365719 in nmap (main) "no nmap package in Ubuntu repository for 9.04" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36571909:31
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Roxyhart0hi there, somebody has intalled gnarwl sucessfully?10:40
oCean_Roxyhart0: it's in the repos isn't it? (never used it myself)10:46
Roxyhart0it is for autoreply ...i am not sure if work fine in ubuntu10:47
oCean_Roxyhart0: don't know. It's in the repos, so installation should not be a problem10:47
Roxyhart0ok, thanks10:48
KnightStalkerI saw my postfix sending(receivng worked) not working so,I searched google and finded out to test host -t mx gmail.com for example,I saw it failing,any reasons?thats showed via postfix tail " Name service error for name=gmail.com type=MX: Host not found, try again"11:17
sorenKnightStalker: Busted DNS setup, probably.11:19
sorenKnightStalker: What's in11:19
KnightStalkernameserver ^_^11:19
KnightStalkeris that incorrect?11:20
kaiKnightStalker: depends, is your name server's IP?11:21
sorenDoes have a nameserver on it.11:21
sorenand is ^_^ something you wrote here or is it in the file, too?11:22
KnightStalkerlol thats something I wrote here oO11:22
sorenKnightStalker: What does "host -t mx gmail.com
soren" do?11:23
KnightStalkerwait a sec11:23
KnightStalker;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached11:23
sorenEither isn't running a nameserver or you're firewall is too restrictive.11:24
KnightStalkeractually how to find out what is running my nameserver?11:24
sorenYou ask your network administrator.11:25
KnightStalkerwell points to my router11:25
sorenThey often run a caching dns server. Yours may or may not.11:26
KnightStalkerdoes having this on hosts.deny have to do anything with this error?    ALL : : deny11:28
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KnightStalkerOh thanks for the tip,soren,I found it out via my router11:40
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Mateo_Anyone used to work with ISPconfig please ?11:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #600565 in samba (main) "cifs hangs with "Server not responding"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60056511:49
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KnightStalkeroh well,host -t mx now works but postfix still having issues12:10
rahmanHi, in our university we have some academic library services that only accessible with the ip addresses of the university. We want the academic stuff to use these services whereever they are, not only from the universit network. But as these services are private we need to do this with user authentication. So, can a proxy server (like squid)  used to achive this purpose? Or there is some other ways to do this?12:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #601004 in setserial (main) "setserial fails to build from source in maverick" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60100413:26
zulare you serious?13:28
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_chris_hej all13:40
_chris_when i use 'top' i can sort by %Mem by pressing shift+m , is there also an option to sort by %cpu ?13:41
_chris_ah ok just found out with shift+o i can select by what he should sort^13:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #601022 in libcommons-fileupload-java (main) "Sync libcommons-fileupload-java 1.2.1-5 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60102214:11
_ruben_chris_: and shift-p for the (default) sorting by %cpu14:13
mika__hi, i'm setting up an ubuntu server machine which will be a web server to manage support tickets (using otrs)... what should i install on a server for it protection, maintain, tools, etc?14:23
jpdsmika__: Apache with mod_ssl?14:24
Guest92581i did a "cp -v source dest" so I could see what it was doing... however it doesn't provide an average speed so that I can determine how long i'm goinig to have to wait... i didn't see an option in the cp man page... is their a means to determine that?14:25
jpdsGuest92581: No.14:25
jpdsGuest92581: But if you want that, why not use something like rsync?14:26
Guest92581i plan to once i have removed all the unessary files and learn to use rsync.. i didn't realize that rsync would provide me that for an initial copy.. is it as fast for the inital copy as cp?14:27
mika__jpds:  mmm...yes..what else? now i've just installed htop and uptimed.... and i'm installing  postfix (which config do you suggest to use considering that all the emails will be sent directly from the server without using external smtp: internet site or internet with smarthost?)14:27
jpdsGuest92581: rsync -aPhv --delete-after sauce dest ?14:28
Guest92581jpds, guess i shoulda used rsync.. the cp has been running so I don't want to stop it now... or since rsync does incremental copies should i stop it and restart the copy with rsync so that i can determine the transfer speed?14:31
jpdsGuest92581: rsync hashes everthing and continues where things left off.14:31
lamontmika__: the diff between those two is just relayhost being set, causing mail to  all be sent to $relayhost, instead of trying the ultimate destination directly14:32
mika__lamont: what do you suggest to use?14:32
jpdsGuest92581: Or you could use something like io{stat,top} to see the disk activity (if the kernel supports it).14:32
lamontGuest92581: speedwise, about the same for the initial copy.  the other thing that rsync gives you is matching timestamps14:33
lamontmika__: depends on how the mail that host delivers to the net needs/wants to be sent14:33
Guest92581lamont, ah so the cp will touch every file?14:33
lamontif you want it all to go through some central mail hub, then with smarthost.  if there's no need or desire, internet site would tend to be better14:34
lamontGuest92581: I'm not aware of an option to fix the timestamps with cp.. then again, once one has rsync, one stops using cp14:34
lamontat least for large tree copies14:35
mika__lamont: the mail will be the ticket response generated from otrs, and they will be sent to all addresses (gmail, hotmail, etc)... having my host to be the ultimate destination would cause delivery problems?14:35
thesheff17does anyone use vmbuilder w/ a vmbuilder.parition file...I'm trying to just use the example from the documentation and it keeps bombing out.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/458315/14:35
lamontlarge tree syncs tend to be disk-bound, so any inefficiencies of the way rsync does the extra checking around the initial copy are generally moot14:35
lamontmika__: so you have an email that you want to deliver to gmail...  do you want this machine to directly connect to google's machines, or does it want to dump that task on some other machine in your infrastructure (the relayhost)?14:37
mika__lamont: this is the only machine i've in the infrastructure...so i think it would be deliver directly to gmail... right?14:38
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lamontright.  therefore, you want 'internet site'14:38
mika__lamont: ok, thank you :)14:39
mika__lamont: do you think that would be delivery problems? i've already set the spf on the domain name adding the machine ip14:39
lamontdepending on your isp, no14:40
lamontthat is, if you have a commercial ISP account, they probably don't block outbound traffic to port 25.  if this is a home machine at the end of a consumer-ISP link, odds are good that you need 'internet with smarthost' and the ISP's mail server as the relayhost (because many ISPs block outbound port 25 from consumer links)14:42
mika__lamont: ok, thank you :) (it's a commercial isp)14:42
mika__lamont: do you have any other suggestion? like stuff to install, etc14:43
lamontI tend to avoid making such suggestions14:43
mika__lamont: ok..14:46
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Guest92581i've got about 6 large directories that have within them many of the same files. Some of the files are only located in one subdirectory.  I need to consolidate all of the directories into one directory that contains only one copy of each of the files.  How may I accomplish this?15:06
sgsaxthere should be an option in rsync to accomplish this15:13
steffanGuest92581: remove the duplicates first using fdupes or similar15:14
steffan!info fdupes | Guest9258115:14
ubottuGuest92581: fdupes (source: fdupes): identifies duplicate files within given directories. In component main, is optional. Version 1.50-PR2-2build1 (lucid), package size 18 kB, installed size 84 kB15:14
sgsaxrsync -av --ignore-existing /source/dir/ /dest/dir15:15
sgsaxI think something like that should work15:16
sgsaxI forgot to add --progress in there15:16
kirklandhallyn: did you find https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess ?15:17
kirklandhallyn: get that filed, and i'll pull the trigger on the actual sync15:18
kirklandhallyn: seabios uploaded15:30
kirklandhallyn: what's the location of your qemu-kvm branch?15:31
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kirklandhallyn: and qemu-kvm's multiboot fixes uploaded15:48
failoverHello, i setup 3 dns servers ( bind ), one as master and two as slave, the slave A update the zones when i change the serial on Master, the slave B just update zones if first i remove /var/cache/bind/* and them restart the bind daemon15:51
failoverAny ideas ?15:51
maekwhats the new startup stuff called? upstart? is there a place I can read how to use it, so I can figure out the slick way to restart inetd?15:53
hallynkirkland: thanks!16:03
hallynkirkland: so since it turns out there was already a seabios bzr tree, will that automatically get updated?16:03
kirklandhallyn: yeah, i think so16:07
hallynkirkland: sync request filed16:22
kirklandhallyn: bug number?16:30
hallynkirkland: bug 60110016:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 601100 in lxc "sync lxc 0.7.1-1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60110016:30
hallynjdstrand: are you considering merging 0.8.2 libvirt when it comes out (in 1-2 weeks)?16:47
serverhorrorhi, just started with UEC. I downloaded images thru the web interface and then removed everything again with euca-deregister problem is now that i can't download the images from the store again (cause the webinterface still says the images are installed) and I can't find the button to push so that the webinterface knows that the images aren't actually available16:51
hggdhOK. This did not go as expected. Brazil played like <$@&%+>16:51
serverhorroroh and yup I know I could manually download and re-register the images. But I unfortunately specifically need the web interface part16:52
mathiazttx: yo!17:00
ttxmathiaz: yoyo!17:05
mathiazttx: catchup mumble?17:05
ttxsure, quick one17:06
* ttx just realizes that mumble crashed a few hours ago17:07
DelemasI'm running slapd using a slapd.conf. It isn't logging where it should or anything at all. What else other than the init and config could be affecting slapd logging?17:24
DelemasI'm running 10.04 LTS and slapd 2.4.21-0ubuntu5.17:25
failoverHi, my bind setup is return a lot of errors like this:17:32
failoverJul  2 13:17:32 faraday named[2115]: error (network unreachable) resolving 'www.google.me/A/IN': 2001:500:4f::1#5317:32
failoverSomeone know why?17:33
serverhorrorfailover:  do you have ipv6 on that bind server?17:35
failoveri don't think so17:36
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serverhorrorfailover:  " resolving 'www.google.me/A/IN': 2001:500:4f::1#53" <- look up the IPv4 record of www.google.com on the server "2001:500:4f::1" (which is an ipv6 server). And if you don't have IPv6 that of course fails. Now the question is why is your bind thinking that this IPv6 server can answer your request...17:38
failovergood question, just using basicly the default lucid conf17:39
failoverthis is a default behavior: listen-on-v6 { any; };17:41
serverhorrorfailover:  you can deactivate that _or_ get a tunnel from sixxs (if you can't get "native" IPv6 from your provider). And get yourself familiar with IPv6 (IMHO the better solution in the long run)17:44
failoveri set listen-on-v6 from any to none, but still getting the errors...17:50
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pedrocrI'm trying to install ubuntu server from a USB disk18:06
pedrocrit boots fine but then starts searching for a cdrom18:06
pedrocrinstead of installing from the USB disk18:06
Davieypedrocr, What version, and how did you put it on the usb stick?18:13
pedrocrDaviey, 10.04 and I used the GUI usb creator in my 10.04 desktop installation18:13
pedrocrgave it the server iso and it installed it fine18:13
Davieypedrocr, Odd.. that is the way to do it.. There was a known bug in some earlier releases.. but that should work in lucid :/18:14
pedrocrit boots just fine but keeps trying to use the physical cdrom18:14
Davieyyeah.. that was a bug in previous versions18:14
pedrocrshould I disconnect the physical cdrom device?18:14
pedrocrany suggestions?18:16
pedrocrI'm using ubuntu-10.04-server-amd64.iso by the way18:16
Davieypedrocr, When you get to the boot screen where it asks if you want "ubuntu server ; Ubuntu enterprise cloud" etc18:16
Davieytry f618:17
Davieythen press Esc18:17
Davieyadd "cdrom-detect/try-usb=true" to the end of the kernel line18:17
pedrocrit has that already18:17
pedrocrdidn't work anyway18:17
pedrocrI even tried to open a shell and mount the drive on /cdrom but it didn't work anyway18:18
Davieypedrocr, Do you have another USB pendrive you could try?18:18
Davieypedrocr, Can you try that, and report back.. I might be not still be around; but try18:19
pedrocrI'm doing that right now18:19
pedrocrshould I try the alternate image instead?18:19
pedrocrthat worked18:23
pedrocrit was able to mount the disk just fine18:23
pedrocrshould I use swap in a server and how much?18:25
pedrocrI will have 4 disks in raid should I put a swap partition in each of them?18:25
thesheff17pedrocr...I only create 1 swamp file max 2GB now....you should control each application on how much RAM it uses....I have even heard of people disabling swap all together18:48
maekzul: thanks. re upstart18:51
pedrocrthesheff17, thanks19:05
pedrocranyone know how to check how long a partition format will take in the installer?19:05
pedrocrI'm formatting a 4.5TB raid5+lvm partition and wondering how long it will take19:06
pedrocr20 min have passed already19:06
thesheff17haha long19:06
pedrocrany idea?19:06
thesheff17I would give it at least an hour....not only does it have to format all the drives it is also starting to construct the raid5 in the background.....I haven't used it raid5 w/ lvm...will lvm wait till the raid5 build is complete....if that is the case it could be several hours.19:07
pedrocrI see19:08
pedrocrI'll probably leave it for tomorrow then19:08
thesheff17yea I would check back every hour or so19:09
pedrocrhah, done19:10
pedrocr30 min apparently19:10
thesheff17the raid is prob still constructing in the back ground. you can switch to another console and do cat /proc/mdadm19:10
thesheff17and that will tell you the state of the build....so if your machine feels sluggish this is prob why.19:10
pedrocryep, md1 still going19:11
pedrocrthe 5GB raid1 is done of course19:11
pedrocrfinishes in 2241 minutes19:12
thesheff1737 hours :)19:12
pedrocrit's probably overstated as the volume is being hit by the installer right now19:13
thesheff17yea once you have the os boot check it then19:13
thesheff17hehe what are you doing with your new 4.5TB machine?19:16
pedrocrthesheff17, just backups mostly19:21
pedrocrgot to run19:21
peeps[work]is there any easy way to share folders over samba?  I tried editing smb.conf, but this is a nightmare the man page is huyndreds of pages long19:58
peeps[work]when i try to view the workgroup from a windows client, i get an error that it cannot get access19:59
qman__peeps[work], sharing folders is easy, there is an example in the configuration file itself19:59
thesheff17one sec when I get my smb.conf19:59
qman__the manual is huge because samba is a lot more than just a file sharing software19:59
thesheff17this is all I have in my smb.conf20:00
thesheff17       comments=shared20:00
thesheff17       path=/mnt/share120:00
thesheff17       guest ok = yes20:00
thesheff17       browseable = yes20:00
thesheff17       writable = yes20:00
thesheff17sorry for pasting that20:00
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:00
qman__that will work, but it is not at all secure, just so you know20:01
thesheff17then use smbpasswd username20:01
thesheff17to set the password for the samba user you want to access the share20:01
qman__fine for your home network but if you're running in a production environment you're going to need to tighten it a bit20:01
thesheff17yes this is for my home network20:01
thesheff17erichammond: thanks for that response about vmbuilder and tmpfs..I got some help from the ubuntu-server mailing list maintainer of that project.20:07
peeps[work]ok i took out all the comments so that the file is legible. this is what i have right now.    http://paste.ubuntu.com/458438/20:07
peeps[work]i have a user named20:07
peeps[work]"share" and i want to share a folder under that home dir20:08
peeps[work]i just want to use the user's regular linux password for authentication, and be able to access this from windows client20:08
thesheff17I believe you just have to use smbpasswd to set the samba password for that user20:09
thesheff17I have always had to change the permission to that folder as well to get it work....chmod 777 /home/share/shared20:10
thesheff17restart samba and see if works20:10
qman__it synchronizes them by default, but you have to set it once20:11
qman__you don't need to make the folder 777, you just need to give the user access20:11
qman__either chown it or add the user to the group owner20:11
peeps[work]don't know how to use smbpasswd20:12
thesheff17I think it is in the samba tools package20:13
thesheff17apt-get install samba-tools20:13
qman__sudo smbpasswd -a share20:13
qman__and put in the password you want20:13
ribois the ppa keyserver.ubuntu.com down? I can't seem to add any PPAs with add-apt-repository with: gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host20:14
peeps[work]thesheff17, qman__ what i mean is, I tried to use it and got an error, see my paste20:14
qman__yes, you need the -a20:14
thesheff17oh yea20:14
qman__but only the first time20:14
guntbertribo: you can use any other keyserver as well20:14
peeps[work]qman__, i did use -a.20:14
qman__well, that error is interesting20:15
qman__looks like a kernel panic20:15
thesheff17yea I have never seen something like that before20:15
peeps[work]do i need a different "passdb backend" or something, i just used the default20:15
qman__something is seriously wrong with your system, hardware or software20:15
guntbertribo: for instance http://pgp.mit.edu/20:15
qman__that is not a normal error nor is it a configuration error20:16
qman__might be hard disk failure or corrupt binaries20:16
peeps[work]what is best way to check HDD integrity20:16
riboguntbert: hrm add-apt-repository doesn't take any arguments but the ppa archive20:17
qman__fsck, maybe check the SMART information20:17
peeps[work]are you guys sure my settings  look sane?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/458438/20:17
qman__that is not a problem with settings20:17
peeps[work]so what should I do now20:18
qman__the backend crashed in an unexpected way20:18
guntbertribo: but you can download the key and add the repo to your sources in "the old style"20:18
qman__might try apt-get reinstall for samba20:18
riboah ok20:18
qman__sudo apt-get install samba --reinstall20:18
qman__I think20:18
riboI did it the hard way, made a hosts entry for keyserver.ubuntu.com :P20:18
peeps[work]will a reinstall overwrite my settings20:18
qman__only if you purge the package first20:19
qman__a simple reinstall leaves the config files alone20:19
peeps[work]did a reinstall, same error20:19
qman__well, the error is most definitely caused by the binaries20:21
qman__so either you've got a corrupt file, a bad compile (bad package), or some other bug20:21
qman__could be caused by any number of things20:22
qman__a google search indicates that it's not likely a bug in the standard package20:22
qman__corrupt files are more likely, or if you compiled it yourself20:22
peeps[work]hmm, where do routine filesystem check logs go.  i have a headless server, so I never see when they run20:23
peeps[work]er,nm i think i see them in /var/log/fsck  not much to them20:25
peeps[work]ok, forcing another fsck...20:26
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peeps[work]hrm, i did a "sudo shutdown -Fr now" but i don't think it checked anything20:29
peeps[work]er, i guess this version of shutdown doesn't have -F20:30
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guntbertpeeps[work]: Use: sudo touch /forcefsck20:31
guntbertthen reboot20:31
peeps[work]if i had serial connection, could I connect while it was doing fsck?20:36
peeps[work]instead of ssh over ethernet?20:36
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peeps[work]ok i did a fsck.  i don't know how to view the results.  i see /var/log/checkfs and /var/log/checkroot files.  but neither of these were touched today20:41
qman__well, only if you configure it a certain way20:41
peeps[work]i'm sure it did some check because it took a long time before I could reconnect over ssh20:41
peeps[work]hmm, i found this launchpad entry.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/30260520:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 302605 in samba "smbd doesn't start, fails to generate "machine SID," dumps core" [Undecided,Invalid]20:44
peeps[work]says removing secrets.tdb fixes it.  what is that file20:44
qman__that's the tdbsam password database20:45
qman__worth a shot20:45
qman__I dismissed it because that's quite old and an isolated incident, but it could be the same case for you20:45
peeps[work]this machine has gone through many distro upgrades, so maybe it got left with an old version of the file or somthing20:46
peeps[work]looks like it works now20:47
peeps[work]i will never understand how the windows share protocol can be so freaking slow on a LAN20:49
peeps[work]still, i would like to know how the fsck routine went, any comments on that issue?20:52
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peeps[work]where'd everyone go :-(21:02
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goldinshi I'm running apt-mirror so that I can run my own copies of the repositories and it downloads all the 32 bit and 64 bit packages but only makes the indexes for the 32 bit packages. how do I make it make the indexes for the 64 bit packages?21:41
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Italian_Plumberis there any gee-whiz way to "make sure" that ubuntu server is using all four cores of a quad core processor?  Or does that even make sense?21:45
goldinsItalian_Plumber: well how do you mean 'using' ?21:46
thesheff17goldins this is what I have in my mirror.list21:46
thesheff17and that should work for 64 bit21:46
goldinsItalian_Plumber: if you run some sort of hardcore process four times, check and see if top says that it's using 100% (or close to it) for each PID21:46
goldinsthat is four instances21:47
thesheff17it also has Hardy in there...edit accordantly21:47
thesheff17Italian_Plumber: you can do cat /proc/cpuinfo21:47
thesheff17and it will show you your processes...21:47
thesheff17most programs though are not multi threaded21:47
Italian_PlumberI want to know if the OS is ignoring some of the cores.  If they are idle.21:48
thesheff17as long as you see them in that output21:48
thesheff17it won't21:48
Italian_PlumberI moved from an Athlon XP 1800+ to a AMD Phenom 9460 and didn't see as much of a perfromance increase as I was expecting.21:48
thesheff17and top tells you allot21:48
goldinsalso numa-ctrl --hardware21:48
thesheff17most systems are not CPU bound21:49
goldinsthesheff17: so for the 386 ones mine just says 'deb'...21:49
Italian_Plumberthis is my top: http://pastebin.com/uDPBuweM21:49
thesheff17so this 96.0%id21:50
thesheff17is how idle your whole machine is21:50
thesheff17goldins I would change it to deb-i386 and deb-amd6421:50
thesheff17deb is prob just 32 bit21:50
thesheff17Italian_Plumber: so if you have 4 cores on that machine and you see that number at 75%...it means 1 core is 100% used and so on21:51
qman__Italian_Plumber, cat /proc/cpuinfo21:53
qman__if there are four processors, it's using them21:54
qman__I have never heard of ubuntu not using all cores of a multicore processor though21:54
goldinsthesheff17: :-/ still doesn't work21:55
qman__I don't know what it's tuned to, I think maybe up to 64 by default21:55
thesheff17what is the error?21:55
qman__but the default kernel most definitely supports and uses quad cores21:55
qman__thesheff17, I gave up on apt-mirror and just used squid as an apt proxy21:56
goldinsthesheff17: I mean, the index doesn't get generated so when I run apt-get update on my desktop I get a 40421:56
qman__it's easier to set up, only downloads what you need, and is totally automatic21:56
goldinsthis is my mirror.list21:56
thesheff17I would use your local mirror so us.archive.ubuntu.com21:57
qman__with some iptables trickery, you can set it up transparent21:57
qman__so there's no client configuration at all21:58
goldinsthesheff17: I'm at NIH.gov, my connection to ANL.gov is much much faster21:58
thesheff17chances are they are only mirror a subset21:58
goldinsI'm pretty sure they don't, I mean, why would they?21:59
Italian_Plumberhere's the output to that command: http://pastebin.com/SVUHcV0h21:59
thesheff17bandwidth...not sure21:59
goldinsthey have 10Gs21:59
Italian_Plumberso yeah looks good21:59
goldinsalso they're on Internet222:00
thesheff17well I can try to mirror off you mirror file and see what happens22:00
goldinswe're also on Internet222:00
thesheff17can you pastbin the exact error22:00
goldinsI mean it's just this like 20 times (once for each repository):  W: Failed to fetch http://block/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found22:01
thesheff17yea for some reason it isn't on the mirror :-/22:01
goldinsthat's obnoxious.22:01
goldinswell I guess I can use us.22:01
thesheff17maybe they are only mirroring 32 bit?22:01
guntbertgoldins: use another mirror?22:01
goldinsI'm pretty sure I've used them on my desktop directly22:02
goldinsbut not certain22:02
goldinsthey're also one of the few mirrors that mirrors all of the ISOs as well22:03
thesheff17qman the thing a local mirror solves is that I update my mirror on the 1st of the month...roll all the patches to the dev environments...and then roll to prod when I know everything works....a proxy is nice if you can always have the latest and greatest but so many packages change so fast... I don't want my prod servers to have any problems.22:03
thesheff17if you take my mirror list and just do a find and replace and see if that helps at all....22:03
goldinswell I'm trying US now22:04
thesheff17also maybe they removed karmic since 10.04 is out now22:07
goldinsthere is something wrong with nih's proxy that makes my connection to us.archive.ubuntu.com fluctuate wildly :-/22:09
goldinsmy inclination is to blame websense22:10
thesheff17once you get the whole archive though it will be quick to update everyday22:11
thesheff17goldins does it look like it is working?22:17
goldinsthesheff17: it's certainly downloading a whole lot :-/22:32
goldinsI'm not sure if it's redownloading everything as a matter of principle22:32
thesheff17it will eventually tell you how many GB it needs to download22:33
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