manusheeldfarning: Good morning, India time.03:53
dfarningmanusheel, good morning.03:54
dipankarhello dfarning,04:27
dfarningdipankar, good morning how are you?04:28
dipankardfarning, I am fine. Thank you. And you? How was your day?04:29
dipankardfarning, Just saw on irc: You were babysitting 5 children!04:29
dipankar*irc logs04:29
dfarningyes, my sister has a large family.  I live about a block down the road so we are together alot04:30
dipankardfarning, Thats nice. Are they all toddlers?04:31
dfarningdipankar, 1, 2,5,7,13 years old. And I get to me the crazy uncle who spoiles them.04:32
dfarningget to be the crazy uncle04:32
dipankardfarning, thats a varied range. right from toddler to teenager!04:33
dfarningdipankar, how did yesterday go.  It looked very productive.04:33
dipankardfarning, you must be having a really *tough* time handling them :)04:33
dipankardfarning, It went good04:33
alsrootkandarpk: Re: that means installing language packs under debian wont effect sugar-language ? -- in sugar, it regular gettext translation workflow, sugar package installs .mo files to /usr/share/locale (like sugar-base.mo sugar-toolkit.mo and sugar.mo)04:34
dipankardfarning, Luke was to send an e-mail on further work, as he would be traveling today.04:34
dfarningdipankar, I am single and live alone (with my dog) so it is nice to have family nearby.04:35
dfarningdipankar, yes I think he sent it to manu for review.04:36
kandarpkalsroot, I didn't get the point ....04:36
kandarpkdfarning, Hi04:36
alsrootkandarpk: I just tried to answer to your question "that means installing language packs under debian wont effect sugar-language ?"04:37
dipankardfarning, ohk. In the meantime I was thinking of working on the documentation so that when fellow team-members need to work on git they can follow it directly.04:37
kandarpkalsroot: I mean, what do I need to do with those .mo files ?04:38
kandarpkare they different for Debian ?04:38
dipankardfarning, Then there is this fact, I can't be clear as Luke is  :) So Luke and you have to answer their doubts that I won't be able to clear :)04:39
kandarpkthe language packs04:39
dfarningdipankar, rather than createing documenation today, would you be willing to work directly mentoring other seeta the way luke mentored you?04:39
* alsroot looks to http://openetherpad.org/0OCNClgARq04:39
dfarningdipankar, as you have seen so much of open source depends on teaching eachother and commicating?04:40
alsrootkandarpk: sorry, just scrolled back irc logs, if problem was not yet solved, could you explain it04:40
kandarpkalsroot: sure04:41
dipankardfarning, I don't think that will be a good option for me. For I know I can work things out but I am not good in mentoring right now.04:41
kandarpkalsroot: selecting language does not provide any furthwer options in Sugar04:41
alsrootkandarpk: what you mean by "furthwer options"?04:42
dipankardfarning, I hope I did not disappoint you.04:42
kandarpkalsroot: what is the language option supposed to do ?04:42
dfarningdipankar, ok then how about doing a hands on packaging of some more activites via git?04:42
alsrootkandarpk: it just change all sugar related translated strings04:43
kandarpkShouldn't it provide a list of languages to select from04:43
dipankardfarning, sure04:43
kandarpkalsroot: change them to ?04:43
dfarningdipankar, not disapointed at all:) it takes time to learn to stand up infront of ones peers and talk about some one does not fully understand:)04:44
kandarpkdfarning: was my report ok ?04:44
dipankardfarning, I didn't get one thing: We had so many activities on Ubuntu Sugar. How come they are not on git??04:44
dfarningkandarpk, one moment please.04:45
alsrootkandarpk: let explain how it works, sugar packages contains .mo files per lang, language combobox in control panel, list of all registered in system locales(regardless of what langs sugar supports), after choosing lang in lang combobox (and restarting sugar), you will see all strings in sugar UI translated to newly choosen lang04:46
manusheeldipankar: You are very good in mentoring. You should need to realize this.04:46
manusheeldipankar: Ishan likes your mentoring abilities, and the systematic process of sharing goals and plans.04:47
dfarningdipankar, for the huge activity blob on in the sugar activities package I just stuck a bunch of packages together to we would have something that worked well enough that it is worth improving:)04:47
kandarpkalsroot: that is the point I am making04:47
kandarpkI do not see any language combobox to select language from...04:47
kandarpkafter clicking on language option04:48
dfarningdipankar, now we have to go back and do it right:)04:48
dipankarmanusheel Sir, Good morning. I am glad you consider me that way. But somewhere down the line I still think I need to learn a lot more before I guide perfectly someone. :)04:49
kandarpkalsroot: or is there some other place to look out for ?04:49
dipankardfarning, Actually I did not fully understand your last statement :(04:49
alsrootkandarpk: try, "My Settings"/Language04:49
kandarpkalsroot: that is what I am doing04:49
dipankar*<dfarning> dipankar, for the huge activity blob on in the sugar activities package I just stuck a bunch of packages together to we would have something that worked well enough that it is worth improving:)*04:49
manusheeldipankar: One needs to strive for excellency. Perfection will come along way.04:50
alsrootkandarpk: and you don't see language item or language box in Language tab?04:50
kandarpkalsroot: but clicking on language option does not provide me with a list of available languages to choose from04:50
kandarpkalsroot: No.04:50
manusheeldipankar: I am happy with your mentorship given to Ishan. Please do not underestimate.04:50
kandarpkDo not get any option04:51
alsrootkandarpk: could you pastebin shell.log then?04:51
alsrootkandarpk: ..after trying to open Language tab04:51
kandarpkactually, I am working on some other PC04:51
kandarpkwill do that as soon as I get back04:51
dfarningdipankar, if you you look inside the sugar-activies bundle in the ppa, you will see that it is packed incorrectly.  It is just a shell script that copies the activity bundles to a dir.04:52
alsrootkandarpk: at the end, it should be an error if don't see language box (or it is empty)04:52
kandarpkalsroot: NO language box appears04:52
kandarpkthe only change I see after clicking on language04:53
dipankarmanusheel Sir, Thank you. Then I will try my best to guide new members properly :)04:53
kandarpkis the appearance of a cross and a tick on top right corner04:53
dfarningdipankar, that is not acceptable to either debian or ubuntu developers so we must go back and package each one correctly.04:53
dipankardfarning, ok got it now. I thought they were correctly done and packages are made that way only. :P04:54
alsrootkandarpk: and after restarting sugar, strings are not translated, you mean?04:54
kandarpkalsroot: I think I am not able to explain my point04:55
dfarningdipankar, to get a usr prototype working 'well enough' to attract contributors I had to take a lot of short cuts:)04:55
kandarpkalsroot: There is no option to change the language04:56
kandarpkrestarting Sugar won't lead to any change04:56
alsrootkandarpk: after you got access to sugar box, pasterbin content of ~/.i18n file04:57
dipankardfarning, How did you take shortcuts? So whats the actually procedure of making a package??04:58
dfarningdipankar, the short cut as in how the package wraps many discreate things (the activies) together, it has no linscense or other information.05:00
dfarningdipankar, we need to match the package style jonas used in git to package activities.05:01
dipankardfarning, got it. But i think the scripts _are_ required for installation process to complete. Isn't it so?05:05
dfarningdipankar, yes, but mine was particularly ugly.05:06
dipankardfarning, But I liked it. I am also a short-cut guys. My programs always aren't accepted by professors here :P05:09
dipankardfarning, I guess right now, we have to move the packages to git repos and modify them according to Debian Standards.05:11
dipankardfarning, after that they will accepted for Debian05:11
dfarningdipankar,  Yes that is correct.05:12
dipankardfarning, I just received an e-mail from Manu Sir05:13
kandarpkdipankar, I am assigned to learn about moving debian packages to Ubuntu05:13
dfarningdipankar, and that way we share effort of package each activity between Debain and ubuntu, because git makes is easy to maintain branches05:13
kandarpkso, please let me know how you move Ubuntu packages to Debian when you have time05:14
dipankarkandarpk, Sir, I am confused! you mentioned Ubuntu to Debian or Debian to Ubuntu ? (Actually you mentioned both in two statements)05:16
kandarpki think the approach should be similar05:16
kandarpkdipankar: got it ?05:16
dipankarkandarpk, Sir, I get your point.05:17
dipankarI guess lfaraone is online!05:18
dipankardfarning, that means : all the activities will have two branches - debian and ubuntu?05:35
dipankar* on git?05:36
dfarninggood morning all12:53
Manusheeldfarning: Good morning.12:55
Manusheeldfarning: Did you take good rest?12:55
dfarningManusheel, yes thank you.  did you have a good day?12:55
Manusheeldfarning: Yes, David. I had a wonderful day.12:56
Manusheeldfarning: Sending you an e-mail from Curriki.12:56
dfarningManusheel, great.12:56
kandarpkalsroot, around ?16:21
alsrootkandarpk: yup16:21
kandarpk.i18n contains the following two lines:16:22
alsrootkandarpk: what lang you are trying to select from "My Settings" ?16:23
kandarpkalsroot: when I click on language16:23
kandarpknothing happens16:23
kandarpkthere is nothing to select from16:24
kandarpkits as if I hadn't clicked16:24
kandarpkexcept for the cross and tick16:24
alsrootkandarpk: could you try once more and pastebin shell.log content16:24
kandarpkappearing in top right corner16:24
kandarpkplease have a look here :16:26
alsrootkandarpk: could you call "locale" in Terminal, what it outputs?16:27
alsrootkandarpk: could you pastebin `locale -av`?16:31
kandarpkalsroot: http://pastebin.org/37540216:32
alsrootkandarpk: the problem is that you don't have en_US locale installed, you can "fix" it just by replace en_US by en_IN in ~/.i18n, will file a ticket to bugs.sl.o16:34
kandarpkalsroot: Its working :)16:36
kandarpkhow did you figure that out ?16:36
alsrootkandarpk: `locale -av` doesn't contain en_US, but en_US is a default locale in sugar16:36
kandarpkalsroot: shall I file a report at bugs.sl.o ?16:38
alsrootkandarpk: I'm just creating a report16:38
kandarpkplease mail me the link to the report so that I can learn how to report in the future16:39
kandarpkafter you create it16:39
kandarpksorry not mail16:40
kandarpkjust put the link here16:40
alsrootkandarpk: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/207316:41
kandarpkalsroot: thanks16:44
kandarpkneeraj: hi16:46
alsrootkandarpk: could you apply http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2073 patch, remove ~/.i18n, restart sugar and open Language control panel to test if it is ok17:14
kandarpkalsroot: applying the patch now17:16
kandarpkalsroot: dont know how to do it17:22
kandarpkno help found with the file17:22
kandarpkalsroot: can you let me know the steps if it would be convenient to you17:23
alsrootkandarpk: just replace /usr/share/sugar/extensions/cpsection/language/model.py file with http://people.sugarlabs.org/~alsroot/tmp/model.py17:24
kandarpkwill take a few minutes17:28
kandarpkalsroot: its working17:32
kandarpkperfectly now17:32
alsrootkandarpk: thanks17:35
kandarpkalsroot: it should be the other way round17:35
kandarpkfor helping17:35
kandarpkmanusheel sir: around ?17:36
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.17:37
kandarpkmanusheel sir, alsroot just helped me out in fixing the language selection problem17:38
kandarpknow only two issues are left17:38
kandarpk1) read-activity not starting17:38
manusheelkandarpk: great, kandarp.17:39
kandarpk- thats because read-activity is not upto date17:39
kandarpk2) automatic restart17:39
kandarpk- David said Sugar is not like an application but rather like a session17:39
kandarpkso the default behaviour might be like that17:40
dfarninggood afternoon all17:48
manusheeldfarning: Good afternoon.17:48
kandarpkdfarning, good afternoon17:48
manusheeldfarning: Kandarp has done neat work, and fixed two major blockers on Sugar on Debian.17:49
dfarningkandarpk, It look like you worked well with alsroot this morning.17:49
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I didn't.17:49
kandarpkalsroot did everything17:49
dfarningkandarpk, congratulations.17:50
kandarpkdfarning, alsroot solved the issue a little while ago17:50
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, sorry. Very nice that you worked with alsroot on these issues.17:50
manusheelkandarpk: Happy that you were able to arrive at a good conclusion on them.17:50
manusheelkandarpk: That is important.17:51
dfarningkandarpk, 90% of open source development is finding the people who have the knowledgeable to help us solve our problems.17:51
dfarningkandarpk, the problem space is just too big for any single person to fully understand.17:51
kandarpkdfarning, True.17:52
manusheelalsroot: Thank you Aleksey. Appreciate your support.17:52
alsrootmanusheel: np, it was just an ugly bug in sugar17:52
manusheelalsroot: Ok. alsroot, how can we arrive at a good conclusion on the read activity issue?17:54
manusheelThat is a terrible bug.17:54
manusheelkandarpk: What all have we tried there?17:54
kandarpkin ~/.i18n17:55
kandarpkLANG was set as en_US17:55
kandarpk(default in Sugar)17:55
kandarpkwhile on my system17:55
kandarpkit was en_IN17:55
kandarpkso, thats why some mismatch17:55
dfarningkandarpk, credit in open source is also strange.  You were assigned the tasks. and now they are complete:)  It is pretty much expected that you seek help from other resources in our case alsroot is a core developer with a strong knowledge of debian.17:56
alsrootmanusheel: I guess you mean http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1900? since sayamindu is an author, better to ask him, evince devs changed API a lot..17:56
manusheelkandarp: Ok, I'll ask Marco Gritti and Sayamindu on this issue.17:56
manusheelkandarpk: I know the Evince team very well. Good friends.17:57
manusheelalsroot: Thank you for the pointer.17:57
manusheeldfarning: Very good pointers indeed. Thank you.17:57
kandarpkmanusheel sir: alsroot has already applied patch on it17:58
* alsroot only attached patch to the ticket, it should be reviewed by maint and commited to the trunk17:59
manusheelkandarpk: Great, that was very quick. Neat to hear.17:59
manusheelalsroot: Thank you.17:59
kandarpkdfarning: what should we do next ?18:08
dfarningkandarpk, are there still remaining bugs outstanding18:08
kandarpkonly two18:09
kandarpk1) read activity18:09
kandarpkwhich is outated18:09
kandarpk2) restart issue18:09
dfarningkandarpk, can you talk to alsroot about the restart issues?  My guess is the problem is not that the session/emulator close.  The problem is that they don't restart s expected.18:12
kandarpkalsroot: around ?18:12
alsrootkandarpk: yup18:12
kandarpkalsroot: please have a look here18:14
alsrootkandarpk: it not a bug, it just wasn't implemented :)18:16
kandarpkalsroot: that is what was confusing us18:16
kandarpkbecause non of the options caused sugar to restart18:17
kandarpkit just closed18:17
kandarpkdfarning: congrats18:17
alsrootkandarpk: in fact, people use sugar-emulator as "emulator or sugar" in most cases, so workflow you mentioned was not considered as a bug18:18
kandarpkdfarning: now only read activity needs update18:19
kandarpkalsroot: thanks for helping18:19
kandarpkyou are so quick !!18:20
dfarningkandarpk, great.18:20
dfarningkandarpk, is that all of the tasks in the queue?18:21
kandarpkdfarning: till now, yes18:21
dfarningkandarpk, does any one else have open tasks that need help?18:21
kandarpkdfarning: no-one has reported bugs18:23
dfarningkandarpk, ok so let's start learning about git.18:23
dfarningare you familiar with git and what it is?18:23
kandarpkbut you can help me out by helping me understand how to install Debian packages in Ubuntu18:23
kandarpkI went through git documentation in the morning18:24
kandarpkwill be more comfortable once I start using them18:24
dfarningahhh. nice segue:)18:24
dfarningwe can usually not install debain packages directly in ubuntu... instead they need to be rebuilt.  There are often minor differences which prevent ppackages from running on both system]18:26
dfarninginstead we need to rebuild the packages for each distro.18:26
dfarningthis is where git comes in.18:27
dfarningas you have read git allows us to have several branches.18:27
dfarningso we can have one branch for debian, one, for ubuntu 10.04, and 10.1018:28
dfarning99% of the branches will be the same but sometimes there will be slight differences.18:28
dfarningdoes that make sense?18:29
kandarpkdid read that we have branches in git18:30
kandarpkbut didn't understand its purpose then18:30
dfarningI just think of a branch as a variant of the mainline.18:31
kandarpkdfarning: much better understanding now18:31
dfarningin this case we can think of debain as the mainline and the ubuntu versions as branches.18:32
kandarpkthat means we make branches whenever there's some difference ?18:32
dfarningyes that is correct.18:32
dfarningand the cool thing is that it is very easy to merge things between branches.18:33
kandarpkdfarning: why would we require to merge branches ?18:34
kandarpkif they are specifically made as they are different18:34
dfarningIf you are maintaining the Ubuntu 10.04 branch and Jonas make a fix to the debian mainline. you can just 'pull' the change into your branch.18:35
kandarpkshouldn't we make branches for codes that are completely different ?18:35
kandarpkcommon code in two branches ?18:36
dfarningthe difference between branches are call commits.  And you can pull and push commits around as needed.18:37
dfarningkandarpk, please take a look at http://students.ceid.upatras.gr/~sxanth/ungit.html I think it will make more sense.  I'll be here if you have questions.18:39
dfarningneeraj_, how are you coming along?18:40
dfarningkandarpk, I have asked bernie to join us.  He is a git genius:)18:47
kandarpkdfarning: Thats great18:47
dfarningkandarpk, do the article I linked to make sense now that you understand branches better?18:48
kandarpkdfarning: reading about commiting right now18:49
dfarningkandarpk, do you perfer to read or work through tutorials to learn?18:50
kandarpkI would like use git18:50
kandarpkdfarning: reading doesn't help18:51
kandarpkuntil I start using the codes18:51
dfarningkandarpk, ok, there is a very simple tutorial that you can try at http://niteshrijal.com.np/hands-on-git/ it walks you through most of the basic commands.18:52
kandarpkOk, will try this one first18:53
dfarningkandarpk, Ok, I am going to go to lunch now.  I understand that several of you will be meeting this weekend?18:57
kandarpkdfarning: thats true18:57
kandarpktomorrow morning18:57
kandarpkdfarning: you have your lunch18:57
kandarpktill then, I'll go through these tutorials18:58
dfarningkandarpk, great, That will be a good chance for you to learn about git teach the others about sugar on debian.18:58
dfarningsee you18:58
berniekandarpk: hello, david told me you could use some tips with git.19:04
berniekandarpk: git is my passion, so just ask anything and I'll try to answer19:04
kandarpkbernie: Hi19:04
kandarpkhe gave me some links to study19:05
kandarpkwas doing that19:05
kandarpkbernie: do you have some tips on getting started ?19:06
berniekandarpk: so, you won't like my tip #1, but it's the most important one: git needs to be learned from the bottom up.19:11
berniekandarpk: which means that before learning the basic commands, one should get an overview of the repository structure and the fundamental concepts.19:12
kandarpkbernie: I am a bit fimiliar with that19:12
kandarpkbernie: right now I know that,19:13
berniekandarpk: git is very much like UNIX and C, if you know what I mean... they can't really be learned by asking a series of "how do I...?" questions.19:13
berniekandarpk: sorry, go ahead...19:13
kandarpkto work on large number of files present on servers, by different users19:14
kandarpkgit like tools are used19:14
kandarpkwhich allow local modification to source files19:14
kandarpkand then push only changes made in the sources to the servers19:15
kandarpkbernie: is my overview about the subject ok ?19:15
kandarpkbernie: and yes, I too believe that these tools cannot be learnt until used/practiced19:16
* bernie reads19:21
berniekandarpk: ok, I see19:21
berniekandarpk: so, git is a very efficient tool for transfering stuff that can have meaningful deltas19:21
berniekandarpk: very good for text files, very bad for multimedia and compressed binary files19:21
berniekandarpk: if your requirement is only to transfer files back and forth without the ability to see the history of all versions, you might find rsync simpler and more efficient for the task.19:21
berniekandarpk: so, what kind of files are you working with?19:22
kandarpkbernie: have to use git to maintain Debian packages19:22
kandarpkgit is good for text because it uses diff ??19:23
kandarpkto generate patches ?19:23
kandarpkbernie: around ?19:43
berniekandarpk: sorry, I'm back19:45
berniekandarpk: ok, if you push the source tree + debian dir in git, that's the ideal usecase for it19:45
berniekandarpk: I think debian has a bunch of scripts to automate package management with git19:46
berniekandarpk: that is, to automate the typical workflow of a maintainer, which is to import pristine sources released from upstream and add a bunch of patches on top of them19:46
kandarpkbernie: git involves three different directories19:47
kandarpk1) server19:47
kandarpk2) user19:47
kandarpk3) .git19:47
kandarpkwhat is .git used for ?19:47
berniekandarpk: this is typically done by keeping the pristine versions in a separate branch. and the distro patches in the master branch (i.e. where you usually work and build the binaries from).19:48
berniekandarpk: does it make sense? I'm not familiar with these tools, though. I heard from lfaraone that the debian git stuff is kind of obfuscated19:48
kandarpkbernie: getting it.19:49
kandarpkbernie: how does maintaining a branch having pristine versions help ?19:51
kandarpkbernie: its quite late now, and I should go to sleep20:27
kandarpkthanks for your help20:28

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