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aragood morning!06:28
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* ara reboots after upgrading to maverick12:00
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moustafadavmor2, fader_ : Geronimo!13:44
davmor2moustafa: howdy dude13:46
davmor2how's life13:46
fader_moustafa: Hey man!13:46
moustafadavmor2: Pretty good actually, going on paternity leave tomorrow (we have one year after the baby's birth to take it )13:49
moustafafader_ Hey!  It's been a while!13:49
fader_moustafa: Yeah, I thought you didn't love us anymore :'(13:49
fader_Paternity leave sounds nice though :)13:50
davmor2fader_: no he's only fallen out with cr3 that's why he's on today ;)13:51
davmor2fader_: how the lurgi today?13:51
moustafafader_ How could I stop loving you guys?13:52
moustafadavmor2: cr3's not here today?  Is that even possible?13:52
fader_davmor2: I had to google that one... :)13:53
* fader_ hugs moustafa.13:53
davmor2fader_: germs, bugs, illness.  A childhood term used thus don't go near him, he's got the lurgi13:54
fader_davmor2: Yeah, that's about what teh interwebs said13:54
fader_Doing better, anyway :)13:54
fader_I think it's all jetlag13:54
davmor2fader_: that or manflu13:55
moustafadavmor2: Manflu sounds like something guys would catch just to show how tough they are13:56
davmor2moustafa: no it's just the sniffle your missus had the week before ;)13:57
moustafaUgh...Windows users.  They make Santa cry14:08
davmor2moustafa: so stop using it santa is crying enough14:10
moustafaBelieve me, if I could use something better at work, I would14:13
fader_moustafa: Install Ubuntu and use one of the hideous Windows-like GTK themes ;)14:13
moustafaThe funny part is that so far, most of my current work I could probably use Ubuntu (or any other distro for that matter)14:15
moustafafader_ Oh, God no14:15
moustafaNo ugly GTK14:15
fader_Better to have the delicious creamy Linux center even if you don't have the crispy Ambience shell14:15
moustafaAmbiance/Radiance is rather nice, indeed.  Although, I use my own customized Ubuntu Studio theme based on Nodoka14:20
cr3moustafa: hey dude, what's up?14:51
moustafaWork work work!  And going on Paternity leave for the next two weeks14:55
moustafacr3: which reminds me, we should go and eat someplace soon!  My treat :P14:56
davmor2cr3: take him up on that baguette offer quick15:02
cr3moustafa: you only say that because you know I only eat coffee :)15:02
moustafacr3: Actually, I was thinking of the pakistani place15:14
cr3moustafa: sounds good, I'm available any time except on the 6th15:18
moustafacr3: Crap, that's my only free day next week.  How about the week after?15:19
cr3moustafa: most likely, just ping me15:20
moustafacr3: What's your IP :p15:25
bladernr_moustafa:  cr3's IP is  You'll find that no matter where you are, he'll always be there with you ;-)17:12
fader_bladernr_: Heh, now that I have his IP address I'm going to start a DDOS on him... just watch!17:39
* fader_ has quit (ping timeout)17:39
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