TakyojiWhat's the typical day that we have meetings?04:11
Takyoji(since I'm so stupid to remember, and considering it's been ages since one)04:11
TakyojiBecause I will harass the mailing list of having a meeting04:11
tonyyarussoIt was Mondays, but if you're instigating it you pretty much have the right to pick whatever's best for you I think.04:13
TakyojiWell, it hasn't been Monday yet (for the month), otherwise I wouldn't know what else would be better to choose04:16
TakyojiI feel the desire to have the Ubuntu Minnesota LoCo as a Wordpress 3 installation..04:23
Takyojior just my other projects for that matter04:24
tonyyarussois WP3 even released yet?04:24
rlaagerMy servers are crying at me to upgrade my website.04:24
TakyojiAnd it has everything I need and love04:24
tonyyarusso"WordPress 3:  Now with slightly fewer gaping security holes!"04:25
TakyojiRandom aside: anyone repurposed an old desktop as a network firewall (and network monitoring) before at all?04:26
TakyojiOoo, too bad it's dated though: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkMonitoringBridge04:26
tonyyarussoNot really - I have some old desktops around to play with that way, but they aren't in production.04:27
tonyyarussoI work with monitoring software for pay now though.04:27
TakyojiI have a 800MHz, 256MB RAM, 80GB harddrive system that I intend on toying with04:28
TakyojiNagios. :P04:28
tonyyarussoI don't get to work with the open source parts quite as much as I'd like though.04:29
TakyojiNagios is pretty much an aggregate of network information, correct? Considering the servers tell the server that has the Nagios installed the information, yes?04:29
tonyyarussoum, sort of?04:30
tonyyarussoIt's state monitoring, and technically isn't even limited to network stuff.04:31
tonyyarussoYou define "services" like "HTTP on foo", "Ping to bar", or "temperature of my pool", and set acceptable ranges for the values.  When the result is outside of the range, it alerts.04:32
* tonyyarusso wonders when we acquired a jussi 09:02
jussitonyyarusso: when you did something wrong :P09:03
jussitonyyarusso: actually, you guys have ubuntulog.09:03
jussiyou should have a locobot..09:03
jussiperhaps you might care to fix that?09:04
tonyyarussoThis is true.  ubuntulog is through RT thought isn't it?09:05
* tonyyarusso grumbles something about hassle09:05
tonyyarussoWe've been through like 5 versions of ubotu and 3 of a log bot in this channel...they seem to drop out randomly and then I get one from whoever answers my e-mails.09:06
tonyyarussojussi: there doesn't even appear to be a nick 'locobot' online.  ?09:07
tonyyarussoiirc, the one I'm supposed to have is run by the ubuntu-eu people, whom I was unable to reach before.09:07
jussitonyyarusso: they have numbers... locobot_1 locobot_2 etc09:07
tonyyarussoah, right09:08
tonyyarussoDo you know who to poke for one of those?09:09
* tonyyarusso looks for old e-mails09:09
tonyyarussoYeah, here it is.  I sent a request for a logging bot to admin@ubuntu-eu.org on October 11, 2009, and never got a response.  So, on November 8 I sent a request to the RT people instead, which was fulfilled on December 4.09:11
tonyyarussoI'd be happy to have the proper bot, but if I can't reach the people responsible that's a bit difficult.09:12
jussithats curious.09:18
jussiperhaps try again - if you dont get a response Ill go annoy some people.09:18
tonyyarussok, is that the right address at least?09:19
jussiI do beleive so09:19
* Obsidian1723 welp, its 6pm on the 4th of July weekend. Time to go blow stuff up. Be safe and have fun. Remember, if someone hands you their beer and says "Hey ya'al.. watch this!!" It will probably be the last thing they do...so be sure to get it on video!! Peace!! :)23:51
TakyojiInteresting; didn't know it was freely available on Ubuntu Desktop: http://www.ksplice.com/pricing23:57
TakyojiOf course, those of us with tinfoil hats would realize that we're pretty much ensuring a full amount of trust to them for not something stupid23:57

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