MTecknologyshaun__: hi04:25
shaun__I'm new to ubuntu web dev team04:28
shaun__as you already know of coarse04:29
MTecknologyyup :)04:30
MTecknologyhow goes it?04:30
shaun__well I'm trying to get drupal going I think I may already have it installed04:31
MTecknologydid you try that guide at all?04:32
shaun__I have it installed to /var/www/drupal I just checked04:33
MTecknologywhat's your apache config look like?04:34
MTecknologyyour config will be aroung /etc/apache2/sites-available04:34
shaun__Document root is /var/www04:36
shaun__is this correct04:36
shaun__didn't think so04:37
MTecknologyput the 6 at the end of drupal too04:37
MTecknologyfor both parts04:37
shaun__on a side note have you herd of bluefish web editor04:38
MTecknologyerrr- wait..04:39
MTecknologyI was thinking something else04:39
MTecknologynope, I use vim04:39
MTecknologyone of our devs swears by komodo edit - personal i think it's an ugly bloated bug04:41
shaun__now is it just the folder or is it a file inside the drupal directory04:44
MTecknologyyou want that - and everything else lined up04:45
shaun__oops I downloaded drupal 504:45
MTecknologyD5 is nearly dead actually04:47
shaun__Can't I update it from the terminal04:47
shaun__or is that just for Ubuntu's aps04:47
MTecknologydon't use the one from the repo - it's always out of date04:47
shaun__so should I do a MAJOR clean house and reinstall?04:48
MTecknologyaptitude purge drupal504:48
MTecknologyfollow that guide - after removing drupal5/604:49
shaun__I didn't mean reinstalling the system04:49
MTecknologyoh, then - go for it04:49
shaun__That would take for ever04:49
MTecknologyshaun__: I'm heading to bed - it's usually quiet in here but others will be aroudn to help - if not I'll be back on in the (mine) morning04:59
shaun__see ya04:59
shaun__hey guys good morning11:16
stasshaun__: hey11:25
shaun__are you familiar with how to set drupal up11:26
stasshaun__: yes, but I'm not the guy to ask about drupal :)11:27
stastalk to MTecknology11:27
stasthough he's in US tz so it might take a while till he's online11:27
shaun__I'm in US also11:29
shaun__I woke up11:29
staswell dunno then :)11:29
shaun__ok thanks anyway11:29
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ilmariwhy isn't maverick included on packages.ubuntu.com?12:33
MTecknologystas: hi14:19
MTecknologyshaun__: you still need help?14:19
stasMTecknology: hey14:19
mhall119newz2000: stas: MTecknology: Check out http://loco.ubuntu.com15:32
newz2000mhall119: looking good!15:33
MTecknologymhall119: shiny15:33
stasyeah, nice15:34
stasthough that footer sucks when we have just a little content15:35
newz2000great work15:37
knomeum, the header "ubuntu loco team directory" looks weird18:38
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newz2000hey shaun__21:00
shaun__I need some help setting up my system to help with web development21:01
newz2000where are you at in the process?21:01
shaun__I installed Xampp for linux and downloaded and unpacked drupal21:02
shaun__is xampp ok for what we're doing here21:03
newz2000it's good for a nice simple system that doesn't intrude on the normal operation of your computer21:03
newz2000I've not used it for a while myself so it's not fresh in my memory though21:04
newz2000where did you install it to?21:04
shaun__well how do I use drupal (drupal is a bit new to me)21:04
newz2000find out where you want to put it, unzip it (or untar)21:05
newz2000cd sites/default21:05
shaun__I unzipped it to /var/www21:05
newz2000ok. That may not be the normal place for xampp, but it's a start21:05
newz2000cd /var/www/sites/default21:05
shaun__no that's where I installed drupal21:05
newz2000you should see a sample config file there21:05
newz2000yeah, but xampp may not see it there, but it's ok for now21:05
newz2000Do you see the sample config file?21:06
shaun__Oh I'm sorry I actually installed it to /opt21:08
newz2000ok, good21:09
newz2000/opt/lampp/htdocs is a great place to put it21:09
newz2000do you have /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal/ ?21:09
shaun__no but I could move drupal from /var/www to that path21:10
newz2000it'd be easier if you moved it there21:10
shaun__hey thanks for the help21:10
newz2000then cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal/sites/default21:11
newz2000ls to see the sample config file21:11
newz2000I think it's default.settings.php21:11
newz2000cp default.settings.php settings.php21:12
newz2000then edit it to add the database options21:12
newz2000if you don't know the database settings then start xampp and go to http://localhost and I think it will give you a list of helpful info21:13
shaun__this might sound like a "doh!" question but add database settings where (I'm done with everything else)21:22
newz2000shaun__: in that file is a line that says $db_url = ...21:23
newz2000you need to edit that one21:23
newz2000it's remarkably well buried21:23
shaun__found it21:24
shaun__it says ...  $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';21:25
shaun__so I change it to where drupal is or where mysql is?21:25
newz2000you need to use your mysql settings that xampp suggests21:25
shaun__OH DURRRR21:25
newz2000no sweat21:26
shaun__well it's xampp isn't showing any helpful info21:31
newz2000shaun__: when you go to http://localhost do you get an information page so you know it worked?21:32
shaun__so it's showing xampps homepage so I'm finished?21:33
newz2000shaun__: well, you konw it works21:33
newz2000I think there's some tools that come with xampp that give you database access21:33
newz2000do you see something like that?21:33
shaun__phpmyadmin is there21:33
newz2000ok, you'll want to go there and create a database for drupal21:34
newz2000you can just call it drupal21:34
shaun__database made21:35
newz2000ok, so go to your drupal settings.php file21:35
newz2000that line should be something like this:21:36
newz2000$db_url = 'mysql://root:@localhost/drupal';21:36
newz2000(assuming no password)21:36
newz2000Then you can probably go to http://localhost/drupal to see the site21:36
shaun__darn it says object not foudn21:41
MTecknologynewz2000: root:@localhost/drupal  <- really?21:43
MTecknologythat sounds.. bad21:43
newz2000MTecknology: that's the default for xampp I think21:43
newz2000it's only meant for local dev, not for public sites21:43
newz2000shaun__: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html#21:43
MTecknologynewz2000: i suppose - I just like to always make a user for a db instead of having things wide open21:44
shaun__well I think I found the problem21:46
shaun__Do I need to do anything with the DB upon creation of it21:47
newz2000no, as long as your settings.php is right drupal will do the rest21:47
shaun__then there's my problem21:47
newz2000sorry, got to step away for a few min21:48
newz2000I'm back if you still need help22:19
knomewow, what a match22:20
knomeghana should22:28
knomehave won22:28
knomei feel like unsportmanship has won, even if gyan failed to score the goal himself22:28
knomeit should have been a goal without a penalty shot22:28
shaun__still need help22:29
shaun__I've found out that apache isn't in the xampp folder22:29
shaun__unless I'm looking in the wrong place22:29
newz2000how did you start xampp22:30
newz2000shaun__: ^22:30
shaun__well I don't know22:30
shaun__let me look again22:30
shaun__where would it usually be do  you know22:31
newz2000try this:22:31
newz2000/opt/lampp/lampp stop22:31
newz2000everything should shut down, http://localhost should give an error22:31
shaun__confirmed stop yes22:31
newz2000http://localhost no longer works?22:32
newz2000ok, so /opt/lampp/lampp start22:33
newz2000confirm that http://localhost works22:33
newz2000once that works, please try http://locahost/newz2000-rocks22:33
newz2000and confirm that you get a page not found (404) error22:34
shaun__???? >:|22:34
shaun__just had to get that out of my system22:34
newz2000I had to come up with something that was guaranteed to get a 404. ;-)22:34
knomenewz2000, doesnotworkforme22:34
newz2000knome: are you testing xampp too?22:35
knomenewz2000, no, but http://localhost/newz2000-rocks does not give a 40422:35
shaun__yeah it's actually a page I think22:35
knomeit says22:35
knome"just kidding"22:35
newz2000well, I just want to make sure you recognize a 404 error page. Some systems make them so pretty you dn't realize it's a 40422:36
shaun__oh nevermind I typed it in wrong22:36
shaun__yep it recegnizes it22:36
newz2000wait, what?22:37
shaun__I already know because when I run http://localhost/drupal I get a 40422:38
newz2000ok, that's what I'm getting at22:39
newz2000so now in your terminal go to /opt/lampp/htdocs22:39
newz2000create a file called newz2000.php22:39
newz2000inside put:22:39
newz2000<?php phpinfo(); ?>22:39
newz2000save and close it22:39
newz2000then go to http://localhost/newz2000.php22:39
newz2000you should get a nice long php diagnostic page22:43
newz2000if not, then we don't know what your document root is, and when we find that, move your drupal folder there22:44
knome(or create a symlink there)22:44
shaun__yeah that worked22:45
newz2000shaun__: ok, so ls -1 /opt/lampp/htdocs and paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com22:45
shaun__it's there22:50
newz2000shaun__: after you paste it and submit you need to tell the url22:50
newz2000the url you get after you submit22:51
newz2000oh, ok22:51
newz2000mv drupal-6.17 drupal22:51
newz2000then your url should work22:51
shaun__the page shows the word "deprecated" a couple hundreds lines22:53
shaun__e.g. Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal/includes/file.inc on line 92622:54
shaun__what does thsi mean22:56
newz2000shaun__: oh, right, you probably need to hit http://localhost/drupal/install.php22:57
newz2000ereg is deprecated, eh? I guess that's a good thing22:58
shaun__Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal/includes/file.inc:926) in /opt/lampp/htdocs/drupal/includes/install.inc on line 61823:00
newz2000I'm sorry, my php is getting rusty... there's a way to hide deprecation warnings. You need to do that.23:01
newz2000It will probably be in /opt/lamp/[something]/php.ini23:01
shaun__ok I think I remember how to do that23:02
shaun__what language do you use?23:02
newz2000Php, python, javascript, html, css23:02
shaun__ewww python23:02
knomei mostly use finnish and english23:02
shaun__sorry it's just too complicated23:02
newz2000yeah, well, try using django to do a couple web apps and then switch to php23:02
knomepython is not too complicated23:02
newz2000you're perspective will reverse23:03
shaun__so you suggest trying python23:03
newz2000check out python / django or ruby on rails23:03
newz2000I wouldn't normally choose python or ruby for web apps but both of those let you focus on the fun parts of app dev23:03
shaun__but for now I'll stick with php I'm used to it because of c++23:04
shaun__I used to dabble in c++23:04
knomeand knowing python and not php lets you not interact with drupal23:04
newz2000shaun__: /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini23:04
newz2000search for the word error23:04
newz2000maybe error_reporting or something like that23:04
newz2000maybe set it to E_ALL23:05
knomeerror_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED23:06
diekiThe paste.ubuntu.com site is really bad; I've created a modified CSS file for it that makes it match the new branding. Can it be considered for use on paste.ubuntu.com? (Example of page: http://bit.ly/cQ0ESc )23:07
newz2000dieki: yes, I'd love to recommend that23:07
newz2000dieki: would you put it into a branch in launchpad and send me the link?23:07
shaun__; error_reporting23:09
shaun__;   Default Value: E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE23:09
shaun__;   Development Value: E_ALL | E_STRICT23:09
shaun__;   Production Value: E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED23:09
shaun__// This is what's already there23:09
newz2000remove the semicolon from the last option23:09
diekiIs there an existing branch for paste.ubuntu.com that I should branch off of?23:09
knomeshaun__, those are all comments23:09
shaun__oh DUH23:09
newz2000dieki: I don't know where it is but I suspect so23:09
shaun__I can't edit php.ini for some stupid reason23:15
newz2000try sudo23:15
knomeshaun__, try with sudo23:15
shaun__already did it's blank when it opens23:15
newz2000guys, sorry, but I must take off. Get some food and do some relaxing.23:16
newz2000I'll be online over the weekend for sure though23:16
shaun__I'll look into how to do this23:16
diekiHm... I can't find a branch for that anywhere.23:20
Viper550What forum scripts do the LoCo sites usually use?23:56

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