valorieakgraner: jono might have some good input00:39
valoriebecause of http://opensourcebridge.org/00:40
valoriejust a thought00:40
nigelbwhy does my troll alarms ring about now :/07:13
issyl0Pendulum: I'll get the questions to you within two hours of now.  And a photo.  :)19:14
issyl0Pendulum: sorry for the delay :/19:14
Pendulumissyl0: no worries20:15
issyl0Pendulum: PM?20:26
issyl0Pendulum: please?20:27
Pendulumissyl0: yep go for it20:29
czajkowskihypatia: happy belated canada day22:30
IdleOneAs official representative of the Canadas I thank you.22:36
valorieoh, Canada....22:48
valorieI love the Canadian national anthem22:48
valorieit's actually singable22:48

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