Jordan_Upvl1: isomaster is pretty good.00:00
darolujohndee: run "gnome-volume-properties" and disable "mount removable * option00:00
bawnyou can shut off the nvidia drivers, you just wont have 3d acceleration and such without them00:00
ponderain ubuntu is there a way to scal the UI(windows) down in size ?00:00
pvl1Jordan_U, thank you, ill look into it00:00
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Jordan_Upvl1: You're welcome.00:00
johndeedarolu: Somehow I don't have such thing00:01
EGL-Owner|AD7CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!>!???00:01
johndeedarolu: There is gnome-volume-control, but that's prolly the volume applet00:01
bawnEGL-Owner|AD7, tell us what you need help with00:01
EGL-Owner|AD7Bawn: i need help with my mouse00:02
EGL-Owner|AD7Bawn: when i open firefox i cant click anymore00:02
EGL-Owner|AD7bawn: and i have to use my keyboard -.-!00:02
bawnclick anything out of firefox?00:02
EGL-Owner|AD7bawn: no i cant00:02
ponderaAnyone here know how i can scale down the User Interface in Ubuntu ?00:02
darolujohndee: uhmmm probably changed in lucid; well you can always control it via fstab file00:02
EGL-Owner|AD7Bawn: also when i open any windows00:02
EGL-Owner|AD7Bawn: i could show you if you knew a sort of teamviewer00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7for ubuntu00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7or somehting00:03
bawnEGL-Owner|AD7, it works thru wine00:03
bawnlets do that00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7ok let me switch partitions00:03
MaRk-Ithere's a beta teamviewer for linux00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7do you have msn or something?00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7ok sounds good00:03
EGL-Owner|AD7ill get xchat00:04
johndeedarolu: Yep. Removable USB drives? I think something like HAL is responsible for this inhuman behaviour, but there's no service control for it :\00:04
bawnthats what im using right now00:04
soreau! help | EGL-Owner|AD700:04
balgarathany unicorn users here that have gotten this before? - uninitialized constant CHIMNEY00:04
ubottuEGL-Owner|AD7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:04
MaRk-Ijohndee: you can disable automount through policy kit... or pol.kit00:05
MaRk-Ilook it up00:05
bawn! av | bawn00:05
ubottubawn, please see my private message00:05
ponderais there a way i can scale down the size of the user interface in ubuntu ?00:06
sebsebsebpondera: meaning what exactly?00:06
bawnpondera, it sounds like you need to have a higher resolution00:07
darolujohndee: well the catch is Lucid doesn't use HAL anymore, anyways, press ALT+F2 and type (without quotation marks) "gconf-editor" there navigate to apps-nautilus-preferences and sdisable the "media automount" option00:07
ponderawell i can get my resolution higher so i though maybe i could scale down everything else00:07
ponderai cant**00:07
ponderai cant get it anyhigher then 1280x80000:08
bawnpondera, i can't help you from here, I am no expert at that type of stuff00:08
ponderai see well thanks anyway00:08
mistermattwicd said it couldn't get an IP address.00:08
xorwhypkill x; pkill y; pkill z does not kill x, y and z00:09
mistermattso maybe there is another problem, that isn't ubuntu related00:09
mistermattbut it worked on windows 700:09
BraddersKdarolu: ok then, reboot... here goes nothing!00:09
johndeedarolu: I thought so too, but for some reason it is here and running. I just tried killing it, but automount still works. Hence, something else is monitoring devices. In mtab every mounted device has uhelper=udisks mount option to it. Looks like udisks is the one that does it. Not much info on it tho :\00:10
xorwhypkill x; pkill y; pkill z does not kill x, y and z. What single line command will kill these three theoretical apps?00:11
johndeeMaRk-I: Thing is I don't even see any polkit tools on my system :\00:11
grendal_primeok what happened to grub?00:12
Oertell us, grendal_prime ?00:12
grendal_primei need to change the order on this machine.  I want it to default to the windows installation (these guys need windows primairly and the ubuntu if being used as a diag system)00:12
aeon-ltdxorwhy: random guess but use && instead of ;?00:12
MaRk-Ijohndee: it's under System/Administration/Authorizations00:13
grendal_primei use to edit the menu.lst file and just change the order00:13
bawnthank you all for being the help center of all of ubuntu00:13
grendal_primenow we have to use some gui thing to adjust this?00:13
mistermattI wonder if I need a new router00:13
mistermattmaybe that is it00:13
xorwhyaeon-ltd: if I disconnect from this channel, consider your suggestion a success :)00:13
grendal_primedo i need xorg installed for that oer?00:13
johndeeMaRk-I: No such thing here either. Are we both talking about Lucid? :P00:14
danielhey guys I got problem I got noise in my headphones Im using alsa.00:14
grendal_primei guess what i mean is it like a curses based gui or...what the hell is it (before i run it00:14
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johndeeMaRk-I: Anyway, polkit controls who can or can, if I get it right.00:15
johndeeor can't do something in the system00:15
xorwhyThe command structure works perfectly, but it does not work when I set the string as a custom launcher in gnome-panel.00:15
MaRk-Ijohndee:  correct and there you can disable automount removable media00:16
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Oergrendal_prime, no sudo update-grub does not require a desktop, i used to do this in terminal00:16
mistermattwhat do I do when wicd can't get me on my wireless/00:17
grendal_primei dont see that it generated anything as far as a menu.lst00:17
Jordan_Ugrendal_prime: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober && sudo update-grub00:18
Jordan_U!grub2 | grendal_prime00:18
ubottugrendal_prime: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:18
wildbat is there any text editor for linux that support multi-line regex search/replace?00:18
FoolsRunHi, I installed Edubuntu today on a server using the "whole hard disk" option and I don't seem to get a GRUB menu at boot. Is it possible it wasn't installed? The machine boots (mostly, it seems to fail to boot every second time)00:19
Jordan_Uwildbat: vim and emacs, and I'm sure there are more graphical options as well.00:19
Jordan_UFoolsRun: Hold shift during boot to get the grub menu.00:19
FoolsRunJordan_U: I'll try that. Since I'm here, any insight into why every _second_ boot, I get the stuck-at-blinking-cursor?00:20
johndeeMaRk-I: Okay. Funny thing is there are tons of forum post about how lucid won't automount and not a single working solution on how to disable it. I disable it in gconf, in nautilus's prefs, added hald rule (which is not used anyway)00:20
mistermattwhere did actionturnip go :(00:21
ponderacan anyone tell me how to get more (higer) resolutions then whats available by default ?00:21
Jordan_UFoolsRun: Is it consitently every other boot or just about a 50% chance of working or not?00:21
grendal_primei just need to set the primary boot to the windows chain loader.00:21
johndeeIt still does automount, even if it not automatically opening a nautilus window. What an achievement :P00:21
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MaRk-Ijohndee: I was going to mention that00:21
Jordan_Ugrendal_prime: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober && sudo update-grub00:21
FoolsRunJordan_U: I only had time to try it four times, it happend the first and third time00:21
hiexpo!ask | ekzp00:22
ubottuekzp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:22
BraddersKOk, i have tried using testdisk to restore a broken ext4 partition and i get the grub error - partition not found/exist. Does anyone know how to use testdisk properly, and maybe something clever with fsck? Thanks00:22
judgenekzp, just got back, what is the problem.00:22
ekzpdo you have teamviewer?00:22
ekzpi could show you00:22
ekzpi cant click00:22
FloodBot4ekzp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:22
judgenezrafree, teamviewer?00:23
Jordan_UFoolsRun: See if you can reproduce it when holding shift, to see if the freeze is happening before or after grub, also try booting the recovery mode entry instead of the normal one as it will give a more verbose boot.00:23
ekzpjudgen: i cant go to anouther application00:23
ekzpjudgen: once im at one00:23
ekzpbecause my left click00:23
ekzpjudgen: wont work anymore so idk what to do =\00:23
mistermattI am trying to troubleshoot my wireless on linux. I tried connecting via the connection manager, but no dice. i can see it on the list of available networks but I can't connect. I tried removing encryption, but I still can't. I tried wicd, but i wasn't able to get an ip address. What is the next step here?00:23
slidinghorn!enter | ekzp00:23
ubottuekzp: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:23
FoolsRunJordan_U: Recovery Mode will only be available if Grub is available, I assume. The boot seems _really_ fast, too. It could be the hardware but when it works there's no splash and boot is SUPER fast.00:24
judgenezrafree, please use one lines, as much as you can or the bot's will ban you by automation to detect flooding00:24
FoolsRunJordan_U: not sure if that's indicative of anything00:24
judgenekzp, please use one lines, as much as you can or the bot's will ban you by automation to detect flooding00:24
slidinghornmistermatt, sounds like a driver issue...try checking this out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88584700:24
ekzpjudgen: ok sorry00:24
bawnhow do i switch from usplash to plymouth00:24
ponderais there a way to make more Resolutions availible then whats on my list ?00:24
ekzpjudgen: do you have a p2p viwer were you can help me like teamviwer00:25
judgenekzp, but i am listening, dont worry00:25
slidinghorn!res | pondera00:25
ubottupondera: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:25
grendal_primewhat a pain in the ass00:25
grendal_primeforget it..i dont have time for this now..ill fix it later.00:25
judgenekzp, url to the app or functionality you want?00:25
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mistermattslidinghorn, what is ndiswrapper?00:25
slidinghornit's an application that uses windows wireless drivers to work in linux00:26
BraddersKhey, i have tried using testdisk to fix a broken ext4 partition and i get the grub error - partition not found. Does anyone know how to use testdisk properly, and maybe something clever with fsck? Thanks00:26
judgenmistermatt, It is a way to use network windows drivers in linux00:26
mistermattI think my drivers should be in the kernel though00:26
mistermattI could be wrong though, I'll give this a shot00:27
dapeamelhey guys how do I autoreconfigure my soundcard?00:28
ekzpjudgen: when im on one screen im locked to it unless i right click on that screen and then right lcick on anouther screen then my mouse buttons will work again00:28
Jordan_UBraddersK: How was the partition broken, what did you do with testdisk, and what did testdisk report?00:28
dapeamelhey guys how do I autoreconfigure my soundcard?00:29
BraddersKJordan_U: I broke it by attempting to resize it, via the live cd (a stupid move, i know)00:29
mgolischwhat did testdisk do wrong?00:30
Jordan_UBraddersK: I wouldn't say it's a stupid move to try to resize a partition with a LiveCD, not having important data from it backed up might be though :)00:30
runningamokQuestion: Would reinstalling Ubuntu (over itself) preserve the GRUB dual boot?00:31
Jordan_UBraddersK: What tool did you use to resize the partition, and what errors if any did it report?00:31
Jordan_Urunningamok: Yes.00:31
BraddersKJordan_U: indeed, at least i had little to lose. gparted, and there were no errors.00:31
Jordan_UBraddersK: What did you do with testdisk and what did it report?00:32
BraddersKJordan_U: it only found the linux partition + swap, not the new windows one that i created.00:33
BraddersKJordan_U: Do you think fsck could help?00:34
BsimsIs there a way to automaticaly tell apt/synaptic to automatically download all -dev packages for all libraries?00:34
Jordan_UBraddersK: Other than grub, is there any indication of anything wrong with the partition? Can you mount it?00:34
BraddersKJordan_U: i cant...00:35
mgolischso it doenst mount?00:36
tenochslb is it ok to have more than one kernel on this directory? /lib/modules/00:37
mgolischtenochslb: sure00:37
yokobris there any way to use my sli mobo with two completely different cards, with one card as a "graphics processor" and the other for "physics"?00:37
ShifftyOneJrI cannot move windows (programs) between monitors.  I shut off all the compiz effects and it still doesn't work.  Is there a way to do it besides try and moving it off screen?00:38
tenochslbmglisch, thanks for your response00:38
johndeeBetter. You can kill udisks processes for one %)00:38
infidif i run wireshark as my normal user, it doesn't show anything under 'interfaces' and if i gksudo it it says running as root is dangerous. what should i do?00:38
yokobrinfid, be dangerous.00:38
BraddersKJordan_U: btw I get an error just like this one when running fsck http://paste.ubuntu.com/458066/00:38
Jordan_UBraddersK: Ok, run "sudo fsck -f /dev/sdXY 2>&1 | tee fsck.log"00:39
karmapolisHello. I have my Lucid set with a US-International keyboard layout. It works fine everywhere except virt-manager. So when I use it with a kvm virtual machine, my dead keys are *really* dead: they're ignored completely as if they had not been pressed. This kvm virtuam machine is known to work with dead keys in another host, so the issue is either Ubuntu's kvm or Ubuntu's virt-manager. Can anybody help me?00:39
mgolischShifftyOneJr: how did you configure yur screens? you cant move them between screens if its seperate x displays00:39
slidinghornShifftyOneJr, As far as I'm aware, that's a compiz cube effect...without that enabled, you have to do it by right clicking and selecting "move to workspace"00:39
mistermattthat guide is too complicated for me00:39
slidinghornShifftyOneJr, ignore me...read your question wrong00:39
tenochslbmgolisch, yea i am trying to get some help on my sound card00:39
slidinghornmistermatt, well if you want your wireless to work, that's how to do it00:39
ShifftyOneJrI believe it is separate x displays.00:39
ShifftyOneJrlet me load nvidia settings.00:40
mgolischShifftyOneJr: thats the reason then00:40
mistermattslidinghorn, I think that's why linux is never going to take off :(00:40
BraddersKJordan_U: "e2fsck: need terminal for interactive repairs"00:40
mgolischShifftyOneJr: you cannot move windows between screens if they use seperate x displays00:40
Jordan_UBraddersK: Are you sure that the partition is still sda1, and wasn't renumbered when you created the windows partition? What is the output of "sudo blkid"?00:40
soreauShifftyOneJr: Sounds like you have setup two separate X screens, in which case you cannot move windows between screens00:40
slidinghornmistermatt, not the fault of ubuntu/linux -- blame the manufacturers for not supporting all systems and being in M$'s pocket00:40
ShifftyOneJrOKay.  How do I need to set them up?00:40
mistermattI think it might be my router00:40
soreauShifftyOneJr: Which graphics driver are you using?00:41
ShifftyOneJrnvidia current00:41
mgolischShifftyOneJr: select the other option, twinview or whatever nvidia calls it or use xorgs xinerama feature00:41
soreauShifftyOneJr: use twinview00:42
ShifftyOneJrYes Twin view, but doesn't that make it show the same desktop on both screens?00:42
BsimsIs there a way to automaticaly tell apt/synaptic to automatically download all -dev packages for all libraries? I build some things from source and it would save the ./configure, growl, apt-get, repeat dance00:42
BraddersKJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458068/00:42
MamboKinghello all, on redhat based systems you are able to add network card config in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, how do you add configuration for eth1 to ubuntu server from the console?00:42
soreauIf you try xinerama, it will disable composite (which means compiz wont work)00:42
profxavieranyone able to develop for iphone apps under Ubuntu ?00:42
Jordan_UBraddersK: grr, there's probably a cleaner way to get the output logged (if you get to a point where it actually starts fixing things there will be a lot of output), but this should work. Run "script" then run fsck, then "exit" and a log of the entire session will be saved to "typescrypt"00:42
profxavierI have been following: http://iphonesdkdev.blogspot.com/2008/11/upgrade-vmware-image-to-ubuntu-810-for.html00:42
mgolischShifftyOneJr: yeah it basicaly makes one big virtual screen out of your two displays00:42
ShifftyOneJrI can pass on compiz if I can get this working.00:42
profxavierbut having a few issues00:42
slidinghorn!enter | profxavier00:43
soreauShifftyOneJr: Try twinview first00:43
ubottuprofxavier: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:43
ShifftyOneJrI want to be able to start a program and be able to move it between two monitors on this system like I did in Windows.00:43
Jordan_UBraddersK: Ok, is /dev/sda5 possibly the partition in question?00:43
ShifftyOneJrOkay.  I will try and and come back.  Thank you.,00:44
BraddersKJordan_U: I doubt it, since there are no sda1-4 :S00:44
tenochslbAnyone with experience is sound problems under ubuntu please check bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/60004100:44
mgolischBraddersK: logical partitions start at offset 500:44
yokobrwell, does anyone knows if i can put two different gpus in an SLI mobo?00:44
[Screamo]anyone know of a decent video converter for ipod?00:45
[Screamo]preferably one with a GUI00:45
dugger5688Screamo: You want handbrake.00:46
Zelozelos[Screamo], u lookin for mp4 right?00:46
BraddersKJordan_U: I get the same error in the log - e2fsck: need terminal for interactive repairs00:46
[Screamo]w/e is for the new nano00:46
[Screamo]they keep changing stuff00:47
yokobroh god00:47
airtonix[Screamo], easiest solution is to stop buying apple products00:47
bawnairtonix, i agree00:47
[Screamo]airtonix, heh, cant00:47
airtonix[Screamo], LG and samsung make awesome mp4 players00:47
[Screamo]i have yet to find a different mp3 player the i actually like00:47
bawn[Screamo], use avc converter for windows and use wine00:48
[Screamo]i thought handbrake was for dvds00:48
airtonix[Screamo], until you're next wise purchase, i'd check out handbrake, and the other fourteen hundred transcoders in the repo00:48
con-man_my num pad is moving my mouse around, whats the command to stop that and make it a num pad again?00:48
Zelozelosnum lock?00:48
[Screamo]con-man_, look under accessability setings00:48
ShifftyOneJrTwinview is working perfectly as I wanted.  Thank you for the help.00:49
Typos_Kingcon-man_:    on some mobiles, there's a [fn] combination to disable/enable the touchpad00:50
yokobrcan u guys read my messages?00:50
Claudinuxyokobr, sure00:50
tenochslbyokobr, yes00:50
Zelozelosyokobr, if no body answers, no body knows just try re-asking untill someone w the knowledge u seek is listening00:51
tenochslbAnyone with experience is sound problems under ubuntu please help me, check this please bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/60004100:51
yokobrsure.. i've just asked 'cause sometimes i have internet issues...00:51
dugger5688yokobr: I'm fairly certain you can't run two different gpus in an SLI setup.00:52
bLiNdRaGeok so i'm not new to ubuntu or linux, but this is an odd one00:54
bLiNdRaGei just installed 9.04 on my asus g73...boot, can't move wireless mouse or keyboard (or trackpad or keyboard attached to laptop)00:54
yokobrdugger5688, i do not want SLI... well, i just wanna one to process graphics, and the other to process physics00:54
bLiNdRaGebooted it up into a virtual machine, still can't move mouse or keyboard00:54
Jordan_UBraddersK: Try mounting /dev/sda5, it's probably the partition you want.00:54
bLiNdRaGecan't really do anything00:54
tim_hello I am trying to set up file sharing between my Ubuntu 10.04 computer and my roommates Windows 7 computer. I keep running into this dumb wall; when it asks me for the password to access ther windows seven computer I can't ever seem to figure out the password. what am I doing wrong here? I am getting frustrated and can't find any docs out there...00:55
OerbLiNdRaGe, virtual box ose ?00:55
bLiNdRaGevmware 6.5.200:55
BraddersKJordan_U: Error mounting: mount: /dev/sda5 already mounted or /media/ebf09d71-c59a-41c7-ab35-715139d48060 busy00:55
pedahzurSimple question, I think, but I just realized I don't know how to do this.  If I have a route table with, say two interfaces, the only route that lists an actual gateway address is the default route.  How do I discover the gateway for a non-default destination (as it's listed as by route -n)?00:55
bLiNdRaGeubuntu 10.04 worked, but i had issues with wireless and vmtools so i downgraded to 9.0400:56
bLiNdRaGethink it's just compat issue with my g73? although that wouldn't explain why it wouldn't work in a vm00:56
marks__yeah yeah mirc00:56
Jordan_UBraddersK: Ok, look at what's mounted in /media.00:56
dugger5688yokobr: Then I have no idea. But I'm pretty certain that the Linux Nvidia drivers don't simulate physics.00:56
Jordan_UBraddersK: You probably just need to re-install grub since the partition number changed.00:57
WXZhow do u turn off gnome's screenshot manager?00:57
WXZand get it to automagically copy to clipboard00:57
BraddersKJordan_U: Its empty. I tried grub ages ago. I got Error 15.00:57
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simonse me fue la luz por 6 horas y media01:15
simonim reinstalled ubuntu,and when i reboot it dont use my old configuration of my /home partition01:16
Typos_Kingpedahzur:   .... I see.... hmmmm.... can't say.. .maybe something like Wireshark may help :|01:16
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simonthe archives are there.but ubuntu dont use them01:17
pedahzurTypos_King: OK, thanks.01:18
lfmshi i work with a open source ERP, i want to create a apt-get repository for the users download and install de system. Can anyone help-me?01:19
simonany help :(?01:21
happyfaceis there a way to turn on buffering in the console? (i'm getting flickering)01:22
otaksimon:I dont really understand your question. where are your archives?01:23
no-name-is there a way to change the terminal background transperacny with a command rather than using the gui?01:23
simonin /home partition,and they are there01:23
simonbut the themes and configurations dont apply to ubuntu01:23
simony reinstalled ubuntu using old partitions01:24
simonbut themes and configurations didnt apply when i reboot01:24
otaksimon:have you mounted the /home partition in the right place?01:25
unknownsoldiCould someone help me get my Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard working in Linux Mint?01:25
simonyes i did01:25
simonpersoal folder is the same01:25
IdleOne!mintsupport > unknownsoldi01:26
ubottuunknownsoldi, please see my private message01:26
judgenI have coded for 12 hours, soon time for some sleep. it is 02:25 so i deserve it i think.01:26
freedomhi for everybody01:26
freedommay some help plz01:26
unknownsoldiNobody is responding over there. :(01:26
unknownsoldiThanks anyways.01:26
IdleOneunknownsoldi: you need to be patient. We don't provide support for mint01:27
freedomi have hp pavilion dv 6000 how can i config my webcam01:27
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freedomanybody know?01:28
jimmieskipshey hey i am a noob with linux and need a hand with an install on a wireless usb device01:38
otaksimon: well if the old partition is mounted right and permissions have not changed it's probably beyond me. ubuntu uses drive blkid no,s not just device folders...01:38
wildbat!wifi | jimmieskips, read this.01:38
ubottujimmieskips, read this.: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:38
simonotak, icheked blkid and fstab and all is right01:38
judgenjimmieskips, this is probably my last post for today, but do an lspci in an terminal an look for the wireless chip. People are more helpful in matters that they peronally have experienced.01:38
judgenif they know the chip, they are better to fix problems.01:38
judgenlike in my instance i have a lot of of experience with ralink chips01:38
MaRk-Ijimmieskips: if it's a usb device type lsusb01:38
judgenjimmieskips, and if it is an 27*xx or a 28*xx chip from ralink you must blacklist the other driver to get it to work.01:38
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simonany help with my problem =(?01:38
ace_anybody know of a good open source irc chat that will run in Windows 7?01:39
d3ngarsimon: what problem?01:40
dotben_ace_ I've always like Chatzilla for Firefox. but this is Ubuntu chan, so you might want to check over on a Win7 chan01:40
m1chaeldoes anyone know how i could produce a text document with "page breaks" ? i would be using something like python to loop through a bunch of text files (each file represents a page) ...01:41
Out`Of`Controlace_ pidgin01:41
Typos_Kingace_:   kvirc, pidgin offhand01:41
dotben_what is the best way to discover what process is responsible for a connection in netstat01:41
ace_dotben I want to be able to get this channel but do it on Windows01:41
dotben_my box has started to make connections that I don't recognize but there is no pid in netstat :(01:41
ace_OUt: pidgen?01:41
ultimateI just downloaded UE 2.7 and i can not get the wine program to work01:41
MaRk-Idotben_: netstat -h01:42
xangua!ultimate > ultimate01:42
ubottuultimate, please see my private message01:42
simoni reinstalled ubuntu.and i use my old home partition01:42
ultimateI had return to castle wolfenstien working before01:42
mgolischdotben_: use the switch that lists the process with the connections?01:42
WXZace_ pidgin is an open source application on which you can make irc accounts01:42
ultimatewhat private message?01:42
simonbut when i reboot it dint use my old setting and themes01:42
mgolischi think its -p01:42
ace_ty all very much01:43
ace_I will try pdigen01:43
WXZyour spelling is horrible01:43
ace_lol pidgen01:43
d3ngarIt's www.pidgin.org01:43
WXZanyone know how to bypass the dialog for screenshot manager01:43
ace_oh pidgin01:43
Typos_Kingdotben_:    try with netstat -p01:43
ace_got it now thanks01:43
ultimatewine is wine regardless people01:44
hiexposudo apt-get install pidgin01:44
WXZhe's using windows I think hiexpo01:44
Typos_Kingdotben_:   it gives the pid and app name for most, not all, but pid for all01:44
ace_I might try it on Ubuntu after I try it on windows thanks01:44
ultimateanyone ebver try OSX in virtual box?01:44
d3ngarups, it's actually www.pidgin.im01:44
WXZI'm using it right now ace_01:45
ace_WXZ cool01:45
r3c4llHi everyone01:45
d3ngarThe setup is more like a chat programme, but it's got a pretty decent IRC function too01:45
r3c4llI need to know if the Open Source version of Zimbra (NOT Network Standard or Pro) can manage/admin/offer multiple domains in a single installation01:45
r3c4llI mean (excuse my bad english) i have only one physical server... and i want to know if i can install Zimbra Open Source Edition on it an have 3 domains of email. (ej. mydom1.com, mydom2.net and otherdom.org)???01:45
ace_ah d3 thanks for the info01:45
hiexpoafter 15 years of experiments have found xchat to be the best  for this01:46
r3c4llsomebody know it?01:46
WXZok, different approach01:46
hiexpo!hello | ultimate01:46
ubottuultimate: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:46
WXZmy scrnshot button doesn't work01:46
mgrandiDoes anyone know if the "encrypt home folder" option double the amount of space used to store files on the hard drive?01:46
ImaLamerhiexpo, how about paging through channels with the KB?01:46
h00k!anyone | ultimate01:46
ubottuultimate: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:46
Typos_Kingace_:   http://webscripts.softpedia.com/screenshots/KVIrc-14400.png   kvirc01:46
WXZwhen I press it and try to paste in gnupaint01:46
WXZnothing happens01:46
h00kmgrandi: no, it doesn't01:46
ultimatehow can you get wine to run windows games?01:47
mgrandih00k, you sure?01:47
ace_ty Typos01:47
hiexpoImaLamer,  no never done that01:47
h00kmrunknown: it doesn't here01:47
ImaLamerhiexpo, love it too, but chatting keeps my hands on the keys of course :/01:47
mgrandiso if it doesn't use 2x the space, why does baobab report that .encryptfs is using 200 gigs?01:48
mgrandibecause it does, and it doesn't say there are any hard/soft links01:50
h00kmgrandi: * it doesn't here01:51
mrunknownh00k: wrong peerson.01:51
h00kmrunknown: sorry, wrong tab01:51
hiexpoImaLamer,  is it terminal01:51
ultimateFUCK THIS CHAT01:51
mrunknownmgrandi: why would it double it?01:51
r3c4llI need to know if the Open Source version of Zimbra (NOT Network Standard or Pro) can manage/admin/offer multiple domains in a single installation01:51
=== sarah is now known as Guest55606
mrunknownultimate: i love you01:51
r3c4llI mean (excuse my bad english) i have only one physical server... and i want to know if i can install Zimbra Open Source Edition on it an have 3 domains of email. (ej. mydom1.com, mydom2.net and otherdom.org)???01:51
ImaLamerhiexpo, i mean in xchat01:51
hiexpoImaLamer,  oh ok01:51
ImaLamerwhat about upgrading grub2 in wubi...?01:51
mgrandih00k, but again i'm saying, look at the screenshot: http://imgur.com/rBpRc.png  why does it say that its using the same space as my home folder?01:52
ImaLamerreads "cannot find /boot/grub/menu.lst"01:52
mgrandior is this baobab freaking out01:53
Random832ImaLamer: i didn't think you were supposed to use grub in wubi01:54
Random832doesn't it use the windows bootloader?01:54
Guest55606my lan port on the back of my mobo doesnt recognize that a cable is in it. the cable is fine. i believe my drivers are fine. any way to tell if its the port thats screwed?01:54
ImaLamerRandom832, yeah, but the apt-get upgrade has installed it - it's asking me to create a menu.lst01:54
ImaLamerGuest55606, ping it first01:54
no-name-is it a bad idea to $ mv lost+found .lost+found (to hide it)01:55
Random832no-name-: yes.01:55
Random832i think fsck will recreate it if it needs to?01:56
no-name-is there a way to hide it without changning the name?01:56
Random832no-name-: why do you want to?01:56
Random832why are you doing ls in the root directory often enough to care?01:56
no-name-cause i don't like it there lol01:56
mgrandiRandom832, it will do it on any ext3 drive01:56
mgrandiso if he has like a external usb drive that uses it, it will be there01:56
h00kmgrandi: I'm not terribly familiar with what the 'mark' folder or what is in there, but that appears to be where most of the space is taken01:57
mgrandih00k, thats my home folder01:57
h00kmgrandi: dig deeper into that and see what appears so large01:58
mgrandii know whats in my own home folder01:58
mgrandiim just curious on why .encryptfs is the exact same size as my home folder and has the exact amount of files as my home folder01:58
mgrandiit looks like it has an encrypted version of each file and its doing some sort of weird voodoo magic to make it appear not encrpyted?01:59
IConrad01Hello, one and all.  It's cranky ol' IConrad01 again -- this time with a brand new issue.01:59
IConrad01Ack ... wrong channel.01:59
milkcan anyone help my with setting up bluesmash ? i ran into some trouble when i executed install.sh but i figured out the problem and modded install.sh, but now i cant get it to complete the install without a problem02:00
AshexAnyone have a problem of Nautilus locking up and not wanting to die?02:00
jimmieskipshey I was looking at the wifi page you showed me, I am trying to setup a asus usb-n10 adapter and some of the research i have done looks like I might run into problems could someone talk me through some of this?02:00
AshexI've got multiple windows that are hung and I can't kill them02:00
mrunknownmgrandi: my guess is your home folder is mounting the encrypted files. So, the home folder filesize is kinda fake02:00
mgrandimrunknown, hmm thats what i was thinking.02:01
mgrandiok thanks =)02:01
h00kmrunknown, mgrandi: I believe that is correct, yeah. Mine 'appears' double (20.9gbx2)02:01
milkmake: *** [bss] Error 102:01
milkstrip bss02:01
milkstrip: 'bss': No such file02:01
milkmake: *** [install] Error 102:01
milkrm -f bss bss.o l2ping.o replace.o02:01
xanguaAshex: try: nautilus -q02:01
FloodBot2milk: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
milk/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lbluetooth02:01
milkcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status02:01
h00kmgrandi: but it really isn't02:01
=== scott___ is now known as wookienz
mgrandiok. I was just worried for a moment.02:02
h00kif I take a look from another user that doesn't have access to it02:02
r3c4llI need to know if the Open Source version of Zimbra (NOT Network Standard or Pro) can manage/admin/offer multiple domains in a single installation02:02
mrunknownmgrandi: just buy a few 2TB HDDs02:02
r3c4llI mean (excuse my bad english) i have only one physical server... and i want to know if i can install Zimbra Open Source Edition on it an have 3 domains of email. (ej. mydom1.com, mydom2.net and otherdom.org)???02:02
r3c4llsomebody know it?02:02
FloodBot2r3c4ll: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
mgrandimrunknown, i'm not made of money you know =P02:02
Ashexxangua, no luck. it's sitting as though it's processing the command02:02
mrunknownhey now, I don't even own a 1TB drive, so you are better off than me lol02:02
AshexWait, I got this error: (nautilus:11317): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply.02:02
wookienzit has finally happened! After 2 years of trying and failing Ubuntu is now the OS of choice. See ya Winblows 7. Now for the problems......02:02
mgrandii have a 1 tb drive as backup, my main hd is 640 split between windows and ubuntu.02:03
mrunknownwoodworks: why? I thought Windows 7 was your idea?02:03
kinasbgLol Windows sucks02:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:04
mrunknownmgrandi: my laptop has 500GB, desktop is only 250GB. =\02:04
jimmieskipscould someone help me out with setting up a wifi usb device02:04
kinasbgIm 13 years and i use Linux Ubuntu 10.10 fluxbox02:04
mrunknownkinasbg: each has their advantages and disadvantages02:04
h00k!maverick | kinasbg02:04
ubottukinasbg: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:04
wookienzso... my old winblows 7 install had two 250 raid 0 drives set up just for data. How can i get them up and running on ubuntu?02:04
bazhangkinasbg, #ubuntu+1 for maverick ; #ubuntu-offtopic for chat02:04
kinasbgi know but i dont understand why people use it02:04
red2kicDoes anybody here know how to mirror a website to local using wget? I tried various of commands but it didn't do the trick. :<02:05
bazhangkinasbg, this is NOT the chat channel02:05
mrunknownyell at me too... lol.02:05
mgrandired2kic, if you look at the man pages there are some commands in there for mirroring. HOWEVER its really a bad thing to do because you are essentially ddosing the website02:05
mgrandired2kic, if you look at it, there is usually a wait time, set it to 2 seconds or else you might have the server IP ban you for a while for downloading their enitre site02:05
jimmieskipscould someone help me out with setting up a wifi usb device02:06
wookienzany suggestions on an itunes replacement on ubuntu?02:06
aurilliance"FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder: MPEG AAC Audio" <- How can I fix that?02:06
red2kicmgrandi: It's just a single html (with few images) but for some reason, it didn't pull in images.02:06
mrunknownhope you don't plan on using an iPod. or at leas thave an older one02:06
aurilliancered2kic, what's up?02:06
h00kwookienz: Rhythmbox works well.02:06
mgrandired2kic, last time i did it, there was a command to pull in required assets, like if the web page had a link to /image.jpg, it would download that too02:06
red2kicaurilliance: Nothing. You? Meh.02:07
bazhangjimmieskips, usb or pci? lsusb if the former, lspci if the latter to get the chipset; paste.ubuntu.com with the output (dont paste here)02:07
aurilliancered2kic, thought I might be able to help with your problem...02:07
mgolischraid0 for data02:08
red2kicaurilliance: Really? I somehow doubt it because I tried many commands. :P  You're welcome to challenge my doubtful. :)02:08
aurilliancered2kic, I don't know what your problem is tho ;) (I joined after you, hence me asking what's up)02:08
aurilliance"FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder: MPEG AAC Audio" <- How can I fix that?02:08
red2kicaurilliance: Oh. Mirroring a simple website (a single page).02:08
aurilliancered2kic, I do that using a batch script, want me to pastebin it?02:08
mgrandired2kic, you probably want to use --wait 2 --mirror --convert-links02:12
cyberjorgewhat's the best opensource Web Hosting manager I can use for linux?02:21
cyberjorgea cpanel alternative?02:21
bazhangjimmieskips, now the output of lspci please02:23
samalexalso the backup drive is formatted to NTFS which LInux can write to ... good idea to leave it or reformat to ext3 or ext4?02:23
bazhangsamalex, fine to leave it02:24
PerryArmstrongcan anyone tell me how i can install sun java on my ubuntu 10.0402:25
bazhangPerryArmstrong, enable the partner repo02:25
loctricedid I make it?02:25
bazhang!partner | PerryArmstrong02:25
ubottuPerryArmstrong: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »02:25
samalexbazhang: i just wasn't sure if some naming conventions used in ext3 would conflict with NTFS and and bomb the backup02:25
red2kicaurilliance: You know what? I found the solution. Lame as it may be. :\02:25
dirtyfreebooterhow do you disable an upstart service? update-rc.d just seems to remove init.d links from rc*.d.. no matter what i do atd insists on starting up02:26
jimmieskipsbazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/458098/02:26
loctriceah, finally. took a while to remember how to use irc cli02:26
red2kicaurilliance: Okay. I guess I can't wget. File --> Save As  (or Print as PDF) will do the trick. :(02:26
Outlanderwhat's the best way to convert cvs repo to bazaar?02:26
Outlanderthere seems to be a few ways02:26
ljsoftnetwhat are other visual basic alternative? exept for monodevelop and gambas?02:26
loctricewhat's wrong with mono?02:26
hooferso I have this strange bug, whenever I plug my charger in on my netbook it goes to sleep. ubuntu 10.04 UNR any clues?02:26
PerryArmstrongbazhang; i run that command in terminal....02:26
loctricegambas was basic i thought, not visual basic. mono has a vb compiler with it you don't have to use them to use the compiler I don't think02:27
PerryArmstrongbazhang; what next02:27
aurilliancered2kic, sad02:28
bazhangPerryArmstrong, sudo apt-get update then install the packages you want02:28
aurilliancehoofer, what netbook! I used to have the same issue!02:28
PerryArmstrongbazhang; ok thank you very much02:28
upgrdmanwhenever i make files in /var/www I have to use sudo. is it safe to chown them to the primary user?02:28
loctriceno, make a sim link to a dir in /var/www02:29
hooferaurilliance: acer aspire one02:29
PerryArmstrongbazhang; do i have to check for any environment and variable settings...as we do for windows??02:29
Dr_Willisupgrdman:  i think the 'proper' way to allow users access to that. is to use 'groups'02:29
simoni reinstalled ubuntu using my old /home.but when i reboot, it use deafult setting of ubuntu02:29
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, printenv02:29
Dr_Willisupgrdman:   If you just chown/chmod the files. Its possible apache wont properly access them02:29
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, wats that??02:29
simoni have my archives but my ubuntu didnt apply the themes os settings02:29
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, open a terminal and type "printenv"02:29
bazhangjimmieskips, I dont see a wireless device in those pastes you provided02:30
aurilliancehoofer, I have a Gigabyte t1028x, are you running Ubuntu Netbook Edition by any chance?02:30
upgrdmanDr_Willis, ok. current the owner and group is root, can i safely chgrp?02:30
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, ok02:30
Dr_Willisupgrdman:   If you just chown/chmod the files. Its possible apache wont properly access them02:30
hooferaurilliance: Yes I am running UNR 10.0402:30
jimmieskipsbazhang i think its the usb paste where it says asus02:30
loctriceupgrdman; what are you trying to do exactly?02:30
simonthis is as if I were not the owner of them02:31
technobowlhello everybody02:31
aurilliancehoofer, ok, I had that same issue, the problem was that when I pulled out/plugged in my cable, Ubuntu interpreted that as me hitting the susspend button / closing the screen (or something like that).02:31
bazhang0b05:1786  what does a websearch say about that ID jimmieskips02:31
Dr_Willis"How do i let my users change files in /var/www' gets asked quite often. Im not sure what the 'proper' fix is for it.02:31
upgrdmanloctrice, i use ssh to access my home server (no monitor is attached to it...) and I want to be able to copy files to /var/www from my main pc without having to use sudo. ssh'ing as root seems like a bad idea02:31
hooferaurilliance: yes, thats it. How did you fix it?02:31
technobowlare there any gurus that know how to change public dynamic ip address02:31
Dr_Willisupgrdman:  you could ln -s the location to your users home dir some where also.02:31
aurilliancehoofer, if you go to the power settings and make it so that hitting suspend merely dims the screen / goes to screensaver, it stopped turning off the computer when I pulled out the cable02:32
technobowlchange ip address02:32
Dr_Willisupgrdman:  but still that wont affect teh ownership :) just make scp a little easier to use02:32
loctricethat's what i do, give them a soft link to the files02:32
GrazzManQuestion, Trying to access a windows workgroup, saying it can not retrieve share list from server... ??02:32
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, it's taking 10 min's to install the java02:32
aurilliancehoofer, it's a hack, but it works for now (I think there is a bug filed for the t1028x, maybe file one for you)02:32
aurillianceaurilliance, ?02:32
simonany help :(?02:32
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, i'll run that command once the installation is done02:32
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, ?02:32
joshmuffin!offtopic > joshmuffin02:32
FloodBot2aurilliance: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
ubottujoshmuffin, please see my private message02:32
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, oh, I see02:32
hooferaurilliance: I had not thought of that. I think it should work. Thanks! :D02:32
aurilliancehoofer, np02:32
Dr_WillisGrazzMan: double check with the 'findsmb' and 'smbtree' commands. I also somdeiomts have to enter the whole URL to the share.  ie: smb://server/sharename02:33
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, what do you want to do, check for environment variables, or edit the registry, or something else?02:33
jimmieskipsbazhang says usb wireless adapter02:33
hiexpoDr_Willis,  - how it goes02:33
zahmis there a way i can chat with android use02:33
bazhangjimmieskips, yes, but what chipset; also does it show in ifconfig02:33
GrazzManDr_Willis: End goal is to see Upnp servers, would I do that the same way?02:34
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, usually in windows this is compuslory to set the environment so that we can execute the code in a particular directory....is there something like that in ubuntu....02:34
loctriceanyone hear any dates about the linux steam client?02:34
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, for a batch script?02:34
Dr_WillisGrazzMan:  Upnp is handled totally different then samba/smb02:34
bazhangloctrice, try in #ubuntu-offtopic as that is the chat channel NOT here02:34
aurilliancebazhang, are you an op?02:35
hiexpobazhang, :)02:35
loctricebazhang; so that is a no? I thought this was a "entry point" I'm pretty new to participating in the community02:35
bazhangaurilliance, what is the issue02:35
jimmieskipsbazhang i dont understand the chipset or ifconfig02:35
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, i dont know wats a batch script....this is usually done right after installation.. so that we can compile and execute the java program....is anything like that required here02:35
Agu10when I suspend from ubuntu, and I try to go back to ubuntu, my laptop turns off02:35
bazhangloctrice, its offtopic here02:35
Agu10can I fix this somehow???02:35
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
loctricewell, you can feel free to ignore me then02:35
bazhangPerryArmstrong, no need to compile, just install the packages you want02:35
bazhangloctrice, err, no; take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic02:36
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, afaik no, I don't think you have to do anything02:36
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, I'm probably not the right person tho; I'm not exactly sure :/02:38
loctriceyou're chatting here, I have been watching you02:38
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, bazhang, so after installation i can right away compile and run my java programs02:38
PerryArmstrongaurilliance, thank you very much for the help02:38
* DarkStar1 greets everyone02:38
bazhangjimmieskips, type ifconfig in the terminal; you should see eth0 lo and wlan0 (or the like)02:38
aurilliancePerryArmstrong, it should be fine (it was for me); no problem mate02:38
sbyrneWhen using XFCE, is there a way to mount a CD without using the CLI?02:38
simoni didnt fix the problem....thanks anyway02:39
LJRuffHow can I increase my monitor's brightness? I am on a laptop, it's plugged in. when I use the Fn+brightness up key i can see it's at max...02:39
=== Prodego_ is now known as Prodego
bazhangLJRuff, this is for debian?02:40
jimmieskipsbazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/458103/02:40
hooferaurilliance: unfortunately there is no blank screen option like that anymore D:   http://imgur.com/KO9fZ.png02:40
DocPlatypusokay, got a little problem02:40
LJRuffbazhang, It's in both Debian and Ubuntu02:40
Agu10how can I fix "suspend" ?02:41
Agu10I really care about that function02:41
DocPlatypusI'm trying to upgrade a limited-space install from 9.10 to 10.04 and update-manager blew up in the middle of the process02:41
DocPlatypusnow, it segfaults on restart02:41
MaRk-Ijimmieskips: is the usb device plugged in?02:41
jimmieskipsmark-i yes02:41
DocPlatypushow do I do from the command line what update-manager would do in the GUI?02:41
DocPlatypusis it just "apt-get dist-upgrade" or is there more to it?02:42
aurilliancehoofer, one moment, i'll imagebin my settings that seem to work ok?02:42
jimmieskipsi can put this into another port02:42
DarkStar1DocPlatypus: I'm not sure I can help but what do you mean when you say "blew up"02:42
bazhangjimmieskips, could be that it is mis-identifying it as eth1 ; do you see any drivers in system administration hardware drivers? also what does sudo dhclient eth1 return02:42
Agu10can anyone help me?02:42
bastid_raZorDocPlatypus: apt-get update   then apt-get upgrade02:42
MaRk-Ilooks like its not being detected... unplug it wait like 10 seconds and plug it back paste the last 10 lines from the command:  dmesg02:43
DarkStar1Agu10: Ask and ye might receive :)02:43
jimmieskipsno such device02:43
DocPlatypusbastid_raZor: thanks02:43
DocPlatypusDarkStar1: it said "the upgrade is now aborted" halfway through02:43
matematikaaditHello there.02:43
Agu10well, I tried with acpi=off, but that just doesn't show the "suspend" option in the menu02:44
kliwonhello matematikaadit02:44
Agu10I want to be able to suspend02:44
DarkStar1DocPlatypus: No reason why?02:44
Agu10I just tried s2ram, but it doesn't have my laptop in it's database02:44
DocPlatypusDarkStar1: some packages kept erroring out either due to corrupt archives or other reasons02:44
matematikaaditkliwon: indonesian?02:44
kliwonmatematikaadit, : yes, i'm02:44
mgolischAgu10: shouldnt suspend work out of the box?02:45
Agu10mgolisch, yes02:46
mogragot a server, i think it is running 8.04, that wont update. a number of the pkgs are returning "half updated", including the kernel update.02:46
Agu10but it doesn't always02:46
DarkStar1DocPlatypus: OOhh then I can't help you. I hope bastid 's answer works for you02:46
aurilliancehoofer, http://i.imgur.com/dXw1S.png02:46
matematikaaditkliwon: would you mind if i PM you?02:46
aurilliancehoofer, that's my settings, let me know if they work for you?02:46
mgolischAgu10: what doenst work for you?02:46
jimmieskipsbazhang i get no such devoce02:46
kliwonmatematikaadit, : silahkan gan02:46
DocPlatypusI have a working command prompt still02:46
DocPlatypusbut no idea if it will boot if I reboot02:46
Agu10when I try to go back to ubuntu, after having suspended, the laptop just turns itself off02:46
DarkStar1Agu10: It's always there. I've found that because of the proximity of your name next to the icon some people tend to think the shutdown menu isn't working right :)02:47
DarkStar1Agu10: Oh it's an actual problem... sorry my bad02:47
bazhangjimmieskips, that seems to be a realtek 8188 chipset02:48
AshexIs there any way to get a dedicated panel for a dual-monitor setup?02:48
mgolischAgu10: what laptop is that?02:49
Agu10DarkStar1, what?02:49
AshexDoesn't appear to be a way to do it with gnome or Gnome-Do :/02:49
Agu10mgolisch: it's an Acer Aspire02:49
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kliwonjimmieskips, : can you try lsusb ?02:49
jimmieskipsbazhang how did you find that and what can i do now02:49
bazhangjimmieskips, let me check the ubuntuforums, just a moment02:50
mgolischAgu10: so it doenst even try to resume?02:51
mgolischAgu10: but just turns power off?02:51
Agu10it waits like 3 seconds02:51
DocPlatypusokay... how important is apport?02:51
Agu10and then it powers off02:51
jimmieskipskliwon http://paste.ubuntu.com/458097/02:51
Agu10during those 3 seconds, the fan is on, the backlight too, and the power button light too02:51
Agu10like if it was ON02:52
Agu10but then it just powers off02:52
STiKOk fresh CM build.. see what happens lol02:52
hooferaurilliance: It works. clever workaround, thanks again mate. :D02:52
kliwonjimmieskips, : sorry just joining , what usb devices are you try to work with ?02:53
jimmieskipskliwon a asus usb-n1002:53
Agu10mgolisch, I found something:02:54
aurilliance hoofer Great! I'm glad it worked for you - thnx for letting me know :P02:54
jon5001hello.  each time i boot, I have to go to system/appearance/visual effect and select something other than basic, otherwise I get no window controls and cant close or move windows!  using 10.04 on dell inspiron 9300 with a radeon x300 mobility driver.  help02:54
Agu10there's a bug filed under the timeline series02:54
Agu10acer timeline series can't Suspend right02:54
hooferjon5001: after boot try : metacity --replace02:54
jimmieskipskliwon i found this online http://samiux.blogspot.com/2010/05/howto-realtek-8192su-usb-dongle.html02:55
jon5001hoofer, one time fix, or each time i boot?02:55
kliwonjimmieskips, : ok checking...02:55
hooferjon5001: actually now that I think about it try this, press alt+f2 and run gconf-editor02:56
rogue780I installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop. The hard drive indicator won't stop flashing...any ideas what the cause might be?02:56
mgolischis there any way to use the touch gestures of a magic mouse with linux?02:57
kliwonjimmieskips, : so the d-link and asus using the same chipset ( realtek ) ?02:57
jimmieskipskliwon i dont know what you mean02:57
hooferjon5001: then navigate to dektop>gnome>session>required_components02:57
kliwonjimmieskips, : asus n10 using realtek chipset like D-Link DWA-131 Nano USB ?02:58
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hooferjon5001: then make sure where it says windowmanager it says metacity next to it (or compiz if you prefer the visual effects)02:58
kliwonjimmieskips, : from the link you gave me you need to build from the source...02:59
jimmieskipskliwon i found that doing google searches for the firmware through this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146127103:00
mogranarrowed down the error a little more, got "could not find postinst script [update-grub]"? this have to do with it being a linode srvr(just learned from client)?03:01
DocPlatypus"Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should reinstall it before attempting a removal."03:02
DocPlatypusanyone ever seen this?03:02
kliwonjimmieskips, : wow..these hard...man... :D03:02
jimmieskipskliwon i am a noob and am pulling my hair out03:02
kliwonjimmieskips, : a lot of effort to make these devices works03:02
kliwonjimmieskips, : same as me my friend...03:03
jon5001hoofer, this is what it says:  <gconf>03:03
jon5001<entry name="windowmanager" mtime="1278035471" type="string">03:03
FloodBot2jon5001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:03
jimmieskipskliwon i might just scrap this device and get one thats compatable03:03
matthew_I know there is documentation but I don't know exactly what to search for...I dual boot 10.04 and win7 and I'd like to access files on my Ubuntu partition from within Windows...can someone point me in the right direction?03:04
IdleOne!samba | matthew_03:04
ubottumatthew_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:04
kliwonjimmieskips, : that's good idea... :D03:04
VladTheImpaledmatthew_, You'l need to setup a Samba server in Ubuntu for Win to access03:04
jimmieskipskliwon any suggestions?03:05
jon5001hoofer, this is what it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458110/03:05
matthew_VladTheImpaled...if I were to, say, play music from my Ubuntu partition in Windows, using Samba would there be risk of delay/lag?03:06
jimmieskipsbazhang did you happen to see the 2 pages i posted on this device03:07
VladTheImpaledmatthew_, the samba server is pretty stable.  however my experience with smb as a protocol in general isn't that hopeful03:07
bazhangjimmieskips, from the forums?03:07
VladTheImpaledmatthew_, I've had much better results with NFS, but getting a decent NFS client for Windows can be a challenge03:07
jimmieskipsbazhang yep03:07
bazhangjimmieskips, seems you need to compile for that03:07
matthew_ok, thanks VladTheImpaled, IdleOne for the information!03:07
aurillianceIf I type "diff .htaccess .htaccess_backup" and get absolutely nothing printed to the terminal (I get an empty prompt again) does that mean the files are identical?03:07
IdleOnematthew_: sure thing03:08
MaRk-IVladTheImpaled: I think his partition is in the same HD or machine, I dont think he needs samba... and I doubt win7 could read an ext3/4 partition?03:08
jimmieskipsbazhang i think i should probably scrap that device and get something else03:08
bazhangjimmieskips, atheros and intel are good choices then, even broadcom in a pinch03:08
VladTheImpaledMaRk-I, Yeh, I see what you mean.  IE, he won't have both partitions active at the same time03:08
kliwonjimmieskips, : dont have idea yet...03:08
aurillianceMaRk-I, win7 can read ext4/3, sometimes03:08
aurillianceMaRk-I, you have to install a driver though03:09
jimmieskipsbazhang will these be plug and play?03:09
MaRk-Iaurilliance: thanks, dont worry tho that person left03:09
VladTheImpaledmatthew_, so what you really need to do is to mount the Linux partition as a disk drive in Windows7, right?03:09
kliwonjimmieskips, : try these https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported#Wireless%20USB%20Adapters03:09
aurillianceMaRk-I, sure03:09
bazhangjimmieskips, intel yet, the others have well supported drivers03:09
aurillianceIf I use diff on 2 files and get nothing printed to the terminal, does that mean they are identical?03:09
un214yes [unless they differ by null bytes]03:10
jimmieskipsthanks alot guys!!! hAVE A GOOD NIGHT03:10
aurillianceun214, me?03:11
kliwonhi jimmieskips : try also these http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-usb-wireless-compatibility-adapter-list.html03:11
aurilliancejimmieskips, YOU TOO!03:11
aurilliancejimmieskips, :P03:11
aurillianceun214, thanks!03:11
rogue780My hard drive light won't stop flashing on my laptop. Does anybody know what causes this and how to fix it?03:13
un214rogue780 -- does it still do that if you boot single user?03:14
rogue780un214, how do I boot non-single user?03:14
un214non single user is the default03:14
un214single user boots to a # prompt on console03:15
rogue780un214, I boot, it starts x and logs me in automatically03:15
IdleOne!ask | Supertata03:15
ubottuSupertata: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:15
Supertatacan someone read this?03:15
un214maybe it's called recovery mode03:15
bazhangSupertata, yes, ask a question03:15
VladTheImpaledSupertata, pastebin?03:15
DocPlatypusokay... well this is frustrating03:15
un214(to start wired networking from there the command is dhclient eth0 -- if you want wireless I can't help you)03:16
DocPlatypusthe kernel for 10.04 won't boot03:16
DocPlatypusonly the old one that came with 9.1003:16
Supertatanah, I've got no question, I'm just using irc via netcat and that is damn awesome :#03:16
DocPlatypusand that, only into text mode03:16
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, are you trying to do an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.4?03:16
un214DocPlatypus: willing to try xforcevesa?03:16
DocPlatypusVladTheImpaled: yes03:16
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, its not really a recommended thing03:17
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, its typically better to do a fresh install03:17
un214oh come on03:17
DocPlatypusVladTheImpaled: that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid03:17
DocPlatypusand there's no point in having an upgrade procedure if it's useless03:17
DocPlatypussomeone please tell the people at Canonical that if they're going to insist it's not recommended03:18
ShpookIt's been a long time since I've used any linux distro. Now I'm trying to install the latest Ubuntu on a Gateway laptop. Trying both a live-cd and a wubi install, I get a blank screen after grub...no splash, no login, nothing. No response to any keystrokes. I've always had issues with Gateway display drivers, but I honestly don't know/remember where to start here. Any suggestions? Thanks.03:18
jimmieskipskliwon i was thinking asus usb-n13 from that link you sent me03:18
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, you can do that03:18
un214Shpook, try the alternate cd03:18
bazhangVladTheImpaled, upgrades are fine. fresh installs are merely another option03:18
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, Microsoft people also need to be done that03:18
VladTheImpaledbazhang, I'd love to have your faith, but it has worked about 15% of the time for me, and my installs are pretty basic03:19
DocPlatypusjust did a 'dpkg --configure -a' and that configured a bunch of stuff the upgrade didn't bother with03:19
kliwonjimmieskips, : maybe you can compare the 1 price 1st...03:19
bazhangVladTheImpaled, please dont say that upgrades are not recommended here03:19
Shpookun214, will do, I'll start the download now. I'm not in a big rush or anything, but it does get aggravating.03:19
VladTheImpaledbazhang, whatever03:19
un214Shpook, you may also have to try to boot rescue mode or xforcevesa03:19
VladTheImpaledbazhang, I'm just sharing experience.  Take a vote on it.  I think I'd win03:19
bazhangVladTheImpaled, no.03:20
mogra"this is not a democracy"03:20
un214[I have reason to believe the alternate cd will behave better if drivers are buggy]03:20
VladTheImpaledbazhang, nice comeback03:20
un214after a few botched upgrades I now recommend updating sources.list manually and running apt-get update followed by apt-get dist-upgrade03:21
Shpookun214: Awesome. I'll use google from here, I just wanted a shove in the right direction. Thanks a lot, if I have any issues from there, I'll just come back and ask. :D03:21
VladTheImpaledthe fact is that although Ubuntu might just upgrade fine, there's no guarantee that the drivers, 3rd party software, etc. will play fair.03:21
DocPlatypusVladTheImpaled: I have next to no third party software03:21
VladTheImpaledIts not a problem isolated to Ubuntu.  Windows has had this problem for 20 years03:21
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, well I'm no psychic as to your computer issues, but the fact is you are having problems03:22
DocPlatypusVladTheImpaled: part of the reason I dumped Windows. of course Windows by itself is almost useless03:22
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, true03:22
DocPlatypusyou have to buy a lot of third party software, Microsoft sells very little03:22
VladTheImpaledDocPlatypus, +103:22
r0zzhi, somebody can tell me why i cant use the wrjpgcom comman in ubuntu?03:22
MaRk-IShpook: what videocard is your machine using?03:24
mdgI have a question about ethernet over USB.  If one used a USB cable from their modem to their USB port on computer, would it work out of the box?03:25
DocPlatypusmdg: this a cable modem?03:26
DocPlatypusor DSL modem?03:26
mdglets assume DSL03:26
StylesI have a laptop that wont load up I think last time I turned off ACPI03:26
mdgI'm asking on behalf of someone else03:26
DocPlatypusI'm not sure if those are standardized or not...03:26
StylesCan somebody assist with this?03:26
mdgDocPlatypus: its a very old computer with no ethernet port03:27
DocPlatypusI've learned it's best to assume everything like that is a screwball proprietary protocol supported only by Windows and maybe MacOS X unless proven otherwise03:27
DocPlatypusin your case you have nothing to lose by trying it03:27
ejvHello, wireless support for Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) has broken under the recent Ubuntu 10.04 update to vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic, how do I make it work?03:27
mdgDocPlatypus: thanks!  :003:27
VladTheImpaledStyles, what brand of laptop is it?03:27
DocPlatypususually on Ubuntu you can just plug it in and if it will work, it usually works right away03:28
dugger5688Yeah, I'm actually surprised now when hardware doesn't work right away /w Ubuntu.03:28
pictureadayHow does one enable verbose output during boot?03:29
dugger5688pictureaday: does ur computer boot to a terminal or graphical login?03:30
VladTheImpaleddugger5688, I think its a wise practice to first check with any vendor for Linux compatibility with any hardware.  Their primary focus is typically Windows.  I use a lot of screwball hardware devices on servers, etc. such as funky RAID cards, PCI boards, etc. and unless they use a common chipset, its hard to find Linux compatibility03:30
VladTheImpaleddugger5688, but if I stay with the common ones, they work perfectly well (typically better than on other OSs)03:30
dugger5688ugh, yes RAID cards ARE a pain.03:30
pictureaday@dugger, it doesnt get that far03:30
pictureadayI'm running server edition03:31
pictureadayit hangs on boot03:31
VladTheImpaleddugger5688, I just had to add a PCI eSata card to a server for external drive backups, and I had to go through about 5 cards before I found one compatible with Linux.03:31
VladTheImpaleddugger5688, but it runs like a champ now03:31
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mgolischVladTheImpaled: ?03:32
pictureadaydugger, I'm working on booting up from a live cd now though03:33
VladTheImpaledmgolisch, you rang?03:33
dugger5688It doesn't boot from live?03:33
mgolischVladTheImpaled: what shity sata host cards did you use that were not supported by the kernel?03:33
pictureadayno, no, I'm sure it does, I just had to find my disk03:33
pictureadayI have to use an old usb dvdreader to boot it too, so it's not quick haha03:34
ShpookI know this channel is more for help, but I'd like to know why Ubuntu STILL isn't at the level to just WORK out of the box.03:34
VladTheImpaledmgolisch, Anything that didn't use a common chipset (off memory, and I'm probably wrong, but I think the one that did work was a SIL chipset or something like that?)03:34
r0zzhi somebody can tell me about the wrjpgcom command?03:34
dugger5688pictureaday: sorry, I don't have my server Virtual machine ready or I'd boot that and see if I can get output like u want.03:34
ejvHello, wireless support for Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) has broken under the recent Ubuntu 10.04 update to vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic, how do I make it work?03:34
jMyleshow can I tell what public key a client is attempting to use when SSHing in?03:34
doglinoi need a program to control linux remotely (like in the windows), some recommendation?03:35
dugger5688Shpook: What OS is?!?! I want to use it!03:35
VladTheImpaledmgolisch, I could only use PCI cards and shopping for them typically ended up with some Chinese provider sending the card from Hong Kong on eBay03:35
ejvdoglino: google putty03:35
DocPlatypusShpook: it's close enough to that for my purposes03:35
doglinoejv: no03:35
VladTheImpaledmgolisch, so the cards were not 'name brand' simply because the major manufacturers weren't selling PCI cards anymore03:35
doglinoejv: not ssh03:35
ejvdoglino: ? yes?03:35
StylesSo, how can I mount a USB device (hard drive) with an unknown partition type03:35
doglinoevj to use mouse03:35
ejvdoglino: ah well you should specify that in your question bro03:36
pictureaday@dugger, its ok..03:36
pictureadaythanks anyways03:36
Shpookdugger5688: Fair enough. :) That's the ONLY thing I have to say Win***s has over *nix though. That saddens me.....I hate Win***s.03:36
dugger5688doglino: Viangre, VNC, etc.03:36
ejvdoglino: vnc or nx03:36
doglinoejv: thanks03:36
VladTheImpaledmgolisch, If I was using brand new hardware in that server, I could probably have avoided all of it, but the end result is that its working perfectly.  Its a 5TB SAN, so it has to be rock solid03:36
dugger5688Did I miss something, last time I installed windoze I spent days hunting down drivers.03:36
Shpooknot to say win***s doesn't have problems....but it's always been a nightmare to get wireless/display drivers working in *nix03:36
gooberswhere you on 56k???03:37
doglinodugger5688 gracias muchacho03:37
ridinhow do i install winamp skins in audacious?03:37
doglinoridin:  its possible?03:38
ridindoglino it says that in the ubuntu software center03:38
VladTheImpaledprops to Banshee.... The 1.6.1 release seems to have fixed all their memory leaks from the past03:39
doglinoridin:  i did not know03:39
arloridin: i do not know either.03:39
doglinoridin I use winamp on windows03:39
dugger5688What's up with apt-get keeping back kernel upgrades....03:40
doglinoits "on the Windows" or "in the windows" ?03:41
defryskdugger5688, try a dist-upgrade03:41
ridinon Windows?03:41
dugger5688defrysk: That's what I've been doing... seems silly though. thanks.03:42
defryskdugger5688, whet new packages need to be installed like with a kernel upgrade a dist-upgrade is reqired03:43
defryskdugger5688, if you are not hppy with that try aptitude safe-upgrade03:44
dugger5688defrysk: Yup, just read the manual! :-)03:44
defryskdugger5688, cool03:44
doglinoridin thanks bye03:44
dugger5688has it always been this way, 10.04 is the first time I've run into this.03:45
osmariohi all. Does someone know how to clean extras entries in Grub?03:45
dugger5688osmario: grub 1 or 2?03:46
osmarioGrub that comes with 10.0403:46
defryskdugger5688, not sure, i have not used ubuntu every version03:46
xanguaosmario: remove the old kernels03:47
osmariohow to remove the old kernels?03:48
FoolsRunForgive my asking the same question hours apart, but has anyone seen a situation where a fresh install of Ubuntu onto a RAID array (striped) will boot successfully every other time? On my first and third reboot I only got a blinking cursor, on my second and forth I got the desktop.03:48
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: software or hardware RAID?03:49
xanguaosmario: from synaptic, you search them and remove them03:50
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: It's server hardware so I believe it is hardware RAID. I don't have the machine in front of me and didn't check for sure before installing. The Ubuntu installer named a card when choosing the array to install onto.03:50
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: that does seem odd. it could be just coincidence that it's every other time03:51
osmariook. thanks. I'll try03:51
DocPlatypusI know Windows is terrible about leaving the hardware in some kind of weird state on a warm reboot03:51
DocPlatypusI would like to think most GNU/Linux distributions are better03:51
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: if it is coincidence, what might the problem be? Is there something that might cause intermitent booting?03:51
Vin73hi I had posed a query yesterday about an issue with reboot after installation of the latest Ubuntu03:51
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: I suppose I can't prove that it's warm/cold because when I get the blinking cursor, I have to shut it all the way down.03:52
Vin73the reboot hangs....and I was asked to do three checks...check the md5 sum...check the media...check the RAM03:52
Vin73I have done all the three checks successfully...but still the problem persists...can someone help?03:52
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: I've seen some posts suggesting creating a /boot partition at the top of the array. Worth a shot?03:52
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: yeah you have an issue where warm reboots don't work. your workaround for the moment is "don't do that"03:52
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: maybe. what's your partition structure right now?03:53
FoolsRunWhatever the Ubuntu default "use the whole disk" is. I didn't have time before the end of the day to review it. Too hung up on the boot issues.03:53
DocPlatypusoh my03:53
DocPlatypusummm... that may well be one big partition03:54
DocPlatypusI've never done it that way03:54
DocPlatypusI always make separate /usr /var and /home and usually /tmp03:54
FoolsRunCould that theoretically cause boot issues like this one?03:54
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: to be honest boot issues like that are the least of your possible worries when doing an install to one big filesystem03:55
mj8741Vin73: Hi, when you say it hangs - you mean the computer won't start?03:55
Vin73mj8741: yes....I cannot boot from the disk after installation...I get a string of I/O errors03:56
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: so the Ubuntu default isn't desirable, then. That seems unintuative for an installer.03:56
mj8741Vin73: did it work ok with live cd?03:56
Vin73mj8741: I even tried a hard reboot....no success03:56
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qwerty44hello all03:56
ajmetal87Is this a ubuntu help channel? I have a basic question i'm sure anyone with intermediate Ubuntu expierence can answer.03:56
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: is it booted up right now?03:56
Vin73mj8741: yes, I was able to boot from the live CD...03:56
timMy new apple remote works fine in the gnome-lirc-properties window, but i can't get boxee to do anything with it. What can I do to connect the lirc properties and the boxee remote properties?03:57
Vin73mj8741: I had to alter some settings using F6 before I could boot successfully03:57
mj8741Vin73: what setting did you change?03:57
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: I'm not at it. It's at work.03:57
FoolsRunAlso no, I shut it down before leaving03:57
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: okay, look at /etc/fstab or do a df command03:57
DocPlatypusthat will tell you what exactly you have03:58
FoolsRunIf the partitions are all on the same volume, what's the difference between partitioning and installing to a single filesystem?03:58
Vin73mj8741: I selected all the options except the first and the last....this was as per the instruction provided in a webpage disucssing issues with booting from live CD from my laptop model, which is compaq nx9010...I was not able to boot from the live CD before following these instructions...also I did break=top from the commandline03:59
nyxtomI have a built-in webcam in my hp laptop and I can't see to get it to consistently work. It doesn't show up on lsusb, where do I go to scan for it/reset it?04:00
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timFoolsRun: Partitioning allows you to have different file system formats on the same volume.04:00
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: if you have corruption on something like /usr you don't lose everything necessarily04:00
Vin73mj8741: Also, I wanted to mention another observation regarding the RAM test04:00
FoolsRunDocPlatypus: that makes sense, but it's unlikely to have cause my boot issue04:01
DocPlatypuswhereas with everything on one filesystem, the odds of losing it all go way up04:01
FoolsRunI've had a lot more problems with disk crashes than with file system corruption, though, and separate partitions won't save a bad disk04:01
DocPlatypusFoolsRun: it's more likely to be just a bug in the warm reboot process that the BIOS/boot code can't handle04:01
timFoolsRun: Partitioning allows you to have different file system formats on the same volume.04:02
[Rickmasta]Hey guys, can these specs run ubuntu smoothly? http://tinyurl.com/28tmt6c04:02
ajmetal87Does anyone know how I go about accessing /$HOME/.wine/user.reg ?04:02
FoolsRuntim: Yeah, I get that, but I don't need that on this system04:02
Vin73mj8741: I had run the test overnight and it had run for almost 18 hours...but when I returned to my desk, I found the tests to be still running albeit there was a message at the bottom of the screen which said tests were completely done and press esc to exit the screen...is this normal behavior?04:02
timFoolsRun: Keep in mind, Ubuntu (under the guided partititoning when you installed) uses partitions for basic use.04:03
mj8741Vin73: I've never experienced that - I'm sorry I don't know how to advise you -04:03
timajmetal87: Accessing how?04:03
FoolsRuntim: I chose "erase and use the whole hard disk" on intsall, so if that's true, I probably have several partitions now.04:04
Vin73mj8741: ok...04:04
Vin73has anyone faced the same issue as the one that I reported now? please comment04:04
mj8741Vin73: is that using ubuntu 10.04?04:04
Vin73mj8741: yes...the latest version04:05
ajmetal87Tim: I need to get this working in Wine, and according to this link ( http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=9971&iTestingId=35018 ) I need to modify something or another...Basically, Im trying to get Eve running without crashing after login, and im failing miserably.04:05
mj8741Vin73: did 9.10 work or 9.04?04:05
timFoolsRun: Yep. You've got a swap space and the regular file space. Check here to get more about partitioning. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes04:05
Vin73mj8741: I did not try the previous versions....I had installed Fedora on the laptop previously and wanted to switch to Ubuntu...and I downloaded and burnt the live CD from Ubuntu website04:06
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mj8741Vin73: which ver of Fedora04:06
ajmetal87help notice04:07
Vin73mj8741: fecora 1204:07
timajmetal87: That seems like it can be done by editing the file in gedit. Go to the terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and typing in "gedit /$HOME/.wine/user.reg"04:07
ajmetal87notice tim Thank you!!!04:07
cor3vusyo #ubuntu, im really happy for you and imma let you finish. but #slackware has some of the bets linux of all time04:07
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mj8741Vin73: on reboot can you press shift key and get into grub menu?04:07
jMyleshow can I tell what public key a client is attempting to use when SSHing in?04:08
Vin73mj8741: i will try that now and get back....04:08
timajmetal87: Sure thing! I hope that works for you.04:08
timMy new apple remote works fine in the gnome-lirc-properties window, but i can't get boxee to do anything with it. What can I do to connect the lirc properties and the boxee remote properties?04:09
PingJI'm looking for some help running Ubuntu.04:10
Vin73mj8741: I guess I could...04:10
PingJWould anyone mind helping me out?04:10
Vin73mj8741: are you looking for a specific text output?04:10
scott_inoPingJ, wha's your issue? don't ask to ask, just ask your question04:10
timPingJ: Just type your problem in, and someone will take a whack at it.04:10
mj8741Vin73: can you use arrow key and go down to 1 space after quiet splash and type in nomodeset then ctr x04:11
mahipalI want to use vesa instead of intel driver for my netbook to connect to tv. Where is the xorg.conf in ubuntu lucid ?04:11
PingJI loaded Ubuntu 10.04 onto my computer but when I boot into it, it doesn't load past a blank backround and a mouse pointer.04:11
Vin73mj8741: working...04:12
Vin73mj8741: working on it...04:12
no-name-is it possible to rename all the sub directories within a directory to the lower case equivelant with one command?04:12
timno-name-: Yes. It is possible to write a quick little script in bash, but it's not possible with one command.04:13
scott_inoPingJ, do you get the full gui or is it just command line?04:13
Vin73mj8741: I can use the arrow key and get the stickman screen....and then it goes blank...this was the problem that I used to face before I set the F6 settings mentioned before...04:13
coz_no-name-,  did you look here ?  http://tips.webdesign10.com/how-to-bulk-rename-files-in-linux-in-the-terminal04:13
[Rickmasta]http://tinyurl.com/28tmt6c Hey Guys, can this netbook run ubuntu smoothly?04:13
no-name-ok thanks04:13
switch10_jMyles: .ssh/id_dsa.pub in server home should match the one the clients /home/.ssh/known hosts04:14
PingJWell thats the thing, There's no command line. No buttons work, mouse clicks do nothing. Its just a blank screen and a movable pointer.04:14
FoolsRunPingJ: have you tried rebooting to Recovery mode?04:14
PingJYou mean booting Ubuntu in recovery mode?04:14
mj8741Vin73: ok, sorry I just don't know then...04:15
scott_ino[Rickmasta], probably not it's 300 mhz dude04:15
FoolsRunPingJ: yes04:15
PingJHow do you do that?04:15
Vin73mj8741: ok04:15
mj8741good luck Vin73...04:15
FoolsRunPingJ: I beleive you can hold SHIFT on boot to get the GRUB2 menu. It should be an option from there.04:15
[Rickmasta]scott_ino, how much does the average computer run on?04:15
Vin73mj8741: thanks and thanks for your time04:15
tim[Rickmasta]: I don't really think so... The page says it has an ARM processor. Many applications aren't written for that archetecture. Check it out here: http://www.ubuntu.com/news/arm-linux04:15
mj8741Vin73: no problem04:15
IdleOne[Rickmasta]: also low on ram04:16
Vin73has anyone faced the same issue as the one that I reported now? please comment04:16
PingJSo if it boots in recovery mode, where should I go from there?04:16
wookienzhi, i have moved a raid 0 array from windows to linux The buis can see the array and says it is healthy and functional, but i can gte ubuntu to see it. I have tried building a md0 array of the drives but when i mount it it says not a vsalid ntfs array. anyone familiar?04:16
[Rickmasta]Alright, that's all i needed.04:16
IdleOne[Rickmasta]: check the minimum requirements on ubuntu.com04:16
scott_ino[Rickmasta], well for ubuntu I'd suggest at least 750mhz which I have done... but still might not run that great04:16
PingJhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/6510 Thats what I found so far.04:16
scott_inowouldn't use ubuntu fo something that low spec04:16
FoolsRunPingJ: If you get GNOME in recovery mode, I'd first look at your video drivers.04:16
scott_inothere are tons of variants04:16
PingJI'll be able to connect to the internet in Recovery?04:17
lordppmhi my system becomes significantly slower after upgrading to linux kernel 2.6.32-23. How does it happen?04:17
scott_ino[Rickmasta], tons of ubuntu variants, that work a lot better with lower spec, still 300mhz is pretty low04:17
FoolsRunPingJ: I believe so, but I'm not positive. Someone else might be able to answer that for sure.04:17
tim[Rickmasta]: Sorry it won't work... You might be able to run a vanilla linux kernel with a really small gfx, but not ubuntu.04:18
[Rickmasta]So anyone know any cheap laptops/netbooks that can run ubuntu smoothly?04:18
PingJLet me try that and I'll be back. Thanks Foolsrun, I appreciate it.04:18
FoolsRunPingJ: no problem. Good luck!04:19
tim[Rickmasta]: The HP mini's run Ubuntu great. Everything worked out of the box for me, it even has really smooth desktop effects. They run about 300USD for a new one. I reccommend it.04:20
ponderathe netbooks tim ?04:20
valbacatim: which version of ubuntu?04:21
[Rickmasta]I might just save my money and go with a MBP.04:21
ponderaya i set up ubuntu netook addition on my friends and she doesnt what to go back to windows lol04:21
jnewbuntuwookienz, how did you move the array from win to linux? different box?04:21
timvalbaca: I'm running Karmic and it's amazingly smooth and all of the hardware works wonderfully.04:21
timpondera: I'm sorry. I'm confused. What were you asking?04:21
valbacathanks, I've been looking for one for the g/f and just happened to look at xchat when you mentioned the hp04:22
ponderatim you were talking about the ubuntu netbook edition right ?04:22
NeverCastSo I removed an Application from Ubuntu Software Center04:23
NeverCastbut it remains in the Applications menu04:23
NeverCastHow do I go about removing it?04:23
NeverCastUsing 9.1004:23
wookienzjnewbuntu: same box, same controller, new OS!!04:23
timvalbaca: Oh yes. I've got the HP Mini 110 and it's liquid smooth on regular Ubuntu. I didn't like Ubuntu Netbook's interface, but it works fine as well.04:23
timpondera: Nope. Wasn't asking. Are you having problems?04:24
jnewbuntuwookienz, you said the BIOS recognized it.  So it is SATA raid I assume04:24
valbacatim: thanks again04:24
wookienzjnewbuntu: yes.04:25
timNeverCast: This can happen sometimes. What you've got to do is logout and log back in and it will probably go away. Or, you can go into the terminal and do a "killall gnome-panel" and see if that takes care of it. If it doesn't, you're going to have to manually remove it by right clicking on "Applications" and going to "Edit Menu" and deleting the entry.04:25
jnewbuntuwookienz, Follow this on how to set up fakeraid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto.  The recognition of raid is not automatic in ubuntu04:25
wookienzjnewbuntu: i can build a new array, but just cant mount it.04:25
ponderaoh for anyone who can answer.  would i be able to install windows 7 on a hardrive that has 4 partitions ? i tried xp but it said to many partitions04:25
timvalbaca: Of course! Best of luck!04:25
lunksHow can I have video conference on Ubuntu?04:25
jnewbuntuwookienz, did you use mdadm on the raid device?04:26
timlunks: Have you given ekiga or skype a try?04:26
NeverCastThanks tim, I tried the restart / log out options and that didn't work04:26
NeverCasttim, however I did find the entries in /usr/share/applications04:26
=== ExcruciationX is now known as oMg-iTz-eX
lunkstim: installing ekiga, but skype does not allow more than one contact at a time, I need to send my screen to more than one person04:26
NeverCasttim, Just need to use super user from the terminal to get rid of them.04:26
timNeverCast: Don't remove those.04:27
NeverCasttim, why not?04:27
lunkstim: I actually want to share my screen rather than my webcam... Skype was fine until I had to add one more person. :P04:27
NeverCasttim, they are just broken links04:27
NeverCasttim, are they not?04:27
timNeverCast: You might mess up a config file.04:27
scott_inolunks, is this specifically for screencasting/training04:27
timNeverCast: It's better to just remove the entry in the Applications menu.04:27
lunksscott_ino, yep04:27
NeverCastOkay I'll do that.04:27
NeverCasttim, Fixed it. Thanks (:04:28
scott_inobecause i would't use either for that... sadly the best tools for this aren't free04:28
wookienzjnewbuntu: yes. the raid array has data on it that icant afford to lose. so i need to get it back up and runnign without frucking it04:28
timlunks: Hmm... There are a few proprietary video conferencing programs, but of course those cost money and might just work in windows. Skype will eventually add multi person conferencing in linux.04:28
Alcohol52[pondera] I have could install in hard disk with 6 partition(3 ntfs, 1fat, 1 ext4 and swap)04:28
timNeverCast: Sure thing! Hope you don't have that problem.04:29
scott_inolunks, yuuguu I think can do it, not sure if it allows multiple people though04:29
rjbrunning ubuntu 10.04, firefox 3.6.6 in debug mode i get Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision04:29
NeverCasttim, Where would I ask about Java causing Ubuntu to completely freeze, mouse freezes and everything.04:29
timpondera: I think the trick is for windows is to install the os on the last partition. It really is pretty picky on install.04:29
scott_inolunks, depending on what your budget is, elluminate is an awesome java based tool I use frequently.04:29
timNeverCast: Which version of Java are you running?04:29
NeverCasttim, 1.6.20 I think.04:30
NeverCasttim, Believe it's the latest04:30
NeverCasttim, I'm unsure if it's OpenJDK or Sun04:30
lunksscott_ino, I'd rather want it free. :P04:30
scott_inolunks, http://www.yuuguu.com/home04:30
NeverCasttim, as I think I have both installed.04:30
timNeverCast: Is it OpenJDK or something else?04:30
wookienzjnewbuntu: i have tried mdadm --build /dev/md0 -n2 -l0 --chunk-64 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1, it creates successfully - i just cant then mount it. i have also tried chunk 128, sdb1 then sda1 all of which still same issue wheni try and mount.04:30
timNeverCast: Woops. Already answered my question.04:30
timNeverCast: When it crashes, which one are you using?04:30
jnewbuntuwookienz, As far as I understand, you need to use dmraid as per the post I gave before.  Do not use mdadm when you have fakeraid04:31
NeverCasttim, I'll check the startup log, one sec.04:31
timNeverCast: Okiedokie.04:31
NeverCasttim, Java version: 1.6.0_20 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) <http://java.sun.com/>04:31
jnewbuntuwookienz, even though ubuntu recognizes them as 2 devices, the BIOS says it is one and that is where the conflict arises.04:31
NeverCasttim, so Sun I believe04:32
timNeverCast: I would uninstall both and start over.04:32
NeverCasttim, Okay I'll give that a go.04:32
NeverCasttim, The application I'm trying to run is a Java game, using OpenGL04:32
=== sen_ is now known as sen_x
NeverCasttim, how do I go about updating Graphics drivers and OpenGL? as that is something I will probably have to try if this fails.04:33
wookienzjnewbuntu: dmraid -r shows "/dev/sdb: pdc, "pdc_fhdeecgf", stripe, ok, 486328064 sectors, data@ 0"04:33
lyhana8_hi, how can I find a network printer using the command line ?04:33
timNeverCast: If you've updated through the Update Manager, you're up to date.04:33
scott_inolunks, honestly skype or yuuguu are your only real free options unless you wanna do something more complicated04:33
NeverCasttim, okay sweet. Thanks.. Be back shortly, removing Java's04:33
jnewbuntuwookienz, right so /dev/sdb is a part of fakeraid.  Do not create software raid on it using mdadm04:34
timNeverCast: The program you're trying to run. Was that installed though the Software Center or something else?04:34
lunksscott_ino, I could complicate things a bit, if you have one crazy idea which could work. :)04:34
skornHow can I  mount a USB hard drive?04:34
jnewbuntuwookienz, In any case always back your data up.04:34
NeverCasttim, Java Web Start.04:34
NeverCasttim, http://wurmonline.com/04:35
skornIt doesn't appear under media.04:35
scott_inolunks, I'd give yuuguu a go first, haven't used it in quite some time, but i know it works, just not sure about multiple people04:35
NeverCastskorn, It should just appear on your desktop when you plug the device in.'04:35
tgalalI need to ssh-keygen for a user, without actually being logged in with that user.. Is it possible ? If logged in as root?04:35
timNeverCast: Then I don't know what the problem is. It may just be an issue with the game. Java Web Start, if installed through the Software Center, should work out of the box.04:35
wookienzjnewbuntu: quite correct....but presently I cant the raid up to back it up! originally i was just going to reinstall windows 7 again - but it could see the raid either. the drive was there - but just couldnt access it. so i moved to ubuntu  (finally!) thinking that it can do anything..04:36
NeverCasttim, the game works up to login and connect, when the 3D window pops up the whole system halts.04:36
timskorn: You can view mounted drives either on the desktop, or by going to Places>Computer04:36
skornI looked under /dev/disk and it says something about USB but it isnt mounting04:36
NeverCastskorn, should mount automatically04:36
NeverCasttim, so you suggest OpenJDK over Sun Java?04:36
neo_I'm using xfce04:37
dakotaI have had some problems with installation of ubuntu on my desktop...04:37
timNeverCast: I've got OpenJDK, but I don't really do anything with java. I've had problems with Sun Java, but they might have fixed it.04:37
alex87i have an if statement in beforeFilter setting different Auth->allows depending on whether the user is admin or not, but any logged in user can access all pages04:37
jnewbuntuwookienz,  All fakeraid stuff belongs in the BIOS. See if you have BIOS options to enable/re-enable it.04:37
neo_could anybody help me to change the GB18030 code for Chinses04:38
=== gh is now known as Guest2776
timNeverCast: I would suggest posting a bug on the game's website or contacting the developers. This isn't an Ubuntu or Java issue, but something with the game.04:38
sweetpitgalal: the use the -f option to specify where the file goes(man ssh-keygen)04:38
neo_the default code is UTF-04:38
NeverCasttim, Okay will do.04:38
dakotaGrub keeps finding my windows boot drive automatically, which I don't like , I wanted the Windows and Ubuntu installs to be separate, I already have other means for selectin a boot device.04:38
NeverCasttim, I'm just supprised that an application can cause the entire system to halt.04:38
timNeverCast: Entire system?!04:38
jnewbuntuwookienz, You also mentioned raid 0.  Do you have another disk? perhaps /dev/sda?  Has that gone bad?04:39
dakotaany ideas?04:39
kickingintenderdakota how04:39
skornSince it isnt mounting what can I do to find out what it is under and mount it04:39
NeverCasttim, Nothing works, I have to pull out the power.04:39
timdakota: Try installing a program called Startup Manager.04:39
=== STiK is now known as Gui_Luver
NeverCasttim, I don't know if it's just GNOME that dies, or everything.04:39
ajmetal87If a help file were to tell me to "add voiceenabled=0" to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini" Where would I go to modify what needs to be taken care of?04:39
neo_I think the grub.conf could help04:39
ejvHello, wireless support for Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) has broken under the recent Ubuntu 10.04 update to vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic, how do I make it work?04:40
neo_I have changed the order of boot with Windows and Ubuntu04:40
dakotawell in my bios theres an easy way to switch a different boot drive with the F12 button, so I dident want windows in my GRUB boot loader because there on two separate Hard drives.04:40
ajmetal87If a help file were to tell me to "add voiceenabled=0" to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini" Where would I go to modify what needs to be taken care of?04:40
neo_could anybody call my name04:40
trismdakota: if you don't want grub to add other operating systems, you can sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober; sudo update-grub; and if you want them to be probed in the future you can make the script executable again and rerun update-grub04:40
wookienzjnewbuntu: yes sda and sdb are the raid 0 array. the chipset is sb710 which is fakeraid - just looking at it now to try and get more info... ill paste trhe output of fdisk as it talks about GPT partitions.04:40
timNeverCast: Wow. That sucks. It's probably an X11 problem. Try to drop it to a TTY when that happens. Press Control+Alt+1 or 2 or 3 and get it into a terminal and see what's running.04:40
dakotaWhat does start-up manager do?04:41
sweetpiajmetal87: ~ means your home directory04:41
timdakota: It lets you edit GRUB in a nice graphical program.04:41
ajmetal87sweetpi How do I access that? I'm sorry, I am brand new.04:41
dakotaI am also having a problem gettin my AMD desktop to boot from a Ubuntu USB installer. it just hangs..04:41
wookienzjnewbuntu: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/kJyVfR8P04:41
=== Gui_Luver is now known as ^oo^
kickingintendermanages startup app's i think04:41
tgalalsweetpi: so I dump the key into a users .ssh folder, the private and public keys would just be associated and working correctly for that user ?04:41
skornWould it make a difference that my drive is hfs+ in it mounting?04:41
timajmetal87: put in the terminal "gedit ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini"04:42
rjbUbuntu 10.04, Chromium, Nvidia 256.35 error: Program received signal SIGPIPE, Broken pipe.04:42
NeverCasttim, Control+Alt+1,2 or 3?04:42
sweetpitgalal: yes, just make sure you output them to the users .ssh directory(sudo)04:42
NeverCasttim, does this toggle between04:42
NeverCastTTY and UI?04:43
timNeverCast: It toggels between TTY's04:43
tgalalsweetpi: great! thanks a lot will try that04:43
ajmetal87tim, When I do that , it opens 3 empty windows, Local, Application and prefs.ini04:43
dakotaAnyone got any good Video conference app ideas?04:43
sweetpiajmetal87: wrap the path in quotes04:43
NeverCasttim, How do I get back to the UI04:43
jnewbuntuwookienz,  Do an fdisk on /dev/mapper/pdc_fhdeecgf or an ls -l on /dev/mapper/pdc_fhdeecgf04:44
timNeverCast: Whoops. It's Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2 or F3.04:44
=== ^oo^ is now known as STiK
timNeverCast: Ctrl+F7 gets back to GUI04:44
ajmetal87Is the path ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini ?04:44
sweetpiajmetal87: gedit "~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini"04:44
wookienzjnewbuntu: only "control" shows.04:44
timNeverCast: I mean Ctrl+Alt+F704:45
arunkumar413hi,when i compile a c code it is replacing the previous compiled file.how to compile without affecting the already compiled files04:45
timNeverCast: Haha. I'm sorry about all of the typos...04:45
sweetpiajmetal87: its because of the spaces i the path04:45
jnewbuntuwookienz, ok.  If fakeraid enabled in BIOS?04:45
Abhishek_Singhhello everyone!!04:45
timajmetal87: Can you explain where the file is you want to edit?04:45
wookienzjnewbuntu: yes. same setup when it was running w7.04:46
FAILINGNEVERCASTUh guys, I'm connected with Telnet, why? because I can't get back to the UI04:46
wookienzjnewbuntu: the raid config in bios reports it as healthy and functional04:46
FAILINGNEVERCASTHow do I get back to O.. gnome?04:46
Abhishek_Singhcan anybody please suggest me how to connect a huwaei datacard in ubuntu 10.04?04:46
ajmetal87Tim, my wine help file in winehq states "If Eve crashes/hangs after the character selection you need to add "voiceenabled=0" to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/settings/prefs.ini. This is needed if you have a voice enabled account or try to test on Singularity when voice is enabled there."04:46
FAILINGNEVERCASTtim, how do I get back to Gnome?04:46
jnewbuntuwookienz, and yet you cant boot to win704:46
synthIs it possible to configure a WPA2 wireless interface in /etc/network/interfaces?  Network Manager refuses to reconnect to my wireless.  It did the first time.. ever since then it wont reconnect.  even if I delete the entry and readd it.. so I want to go around networkmanager unless there's a fix. anyone?04:47
timFAILINGNEVERCAST: Hmm.. Are you on your computer right now?04:47
Nai-uxhi, im trying to troubleshoot a networking problem with a live cd, eth0 is up, hosts file ok, default route set, iptables flushed, tcpdump shows "truncated-arp" when i ping04:47
Abhishek_Singhi am hving problem doing so, since huwaei is compatible with windows and mac04:47
FAILINGNEVERCASTtim, I'm in the TTY using telnet for iRC04:47
CkhiKuzadi need some help. i have an m-net shell now, and i need to know how to get files from my computer onto the shell04:47
timajmetal87: Go to "Applications>Wine>Browse C: Drive" and find the .ini file and add it to that using gedit.04:47
sweetpiajmetal87: see my previous msg about gedit, since the path had spaces it was opening individual files04:47
=== SpyderBite is now known as Spyder|zzz
timFAILINGNEVERCAST: Have you tried booting Ubuntu into recovery mode?04:48
wookienzno, w7 is long gone...i installed ubuntu on the boot drive (/dev/sdc, a ssd). even when i resinatlled w7 back on the boot drive it couldnt access it though i may not have loadedd the driver at install time.04:48
Abhishek_Singhhow can i connect huwei datacard in ubuntu 10.04?04:48
FAILINGNEVERCASTtim, lol.. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F1, ended up in a TTY.. now I'm in the TTY I don't know how to get back to GNOME.04:48
FAILINGNEVERCASTtim, How do I get back to the UI?04:48
synthI cant be the only one having trouble with Network Manager04:49
alex87FAILINGNEVERCAST, ctrl alt f704:49
NeverCastThanks guys04:49
False_chickenMy drive is failing and I cant boot into it. But I can get to my home folder from the live cd. And I want to back it up and restore it on a new install. But many files I dont have permission to access. Any Advice?04:49
NeverCastl2know IRC Protocol.04:49
timFAILINGNEVERCAST: Press Ctrl+Alt+F704:49
NeverCasttim, I'm back (:04:49
wookienzjnewbuntu: w7 is long gone...i installed ubuntu on the boot drive (/dev/sdc, a ssd). even when i resinatlled w7 back on the boot drive it couldnt access it though i may not have loadedd the driver at install time.04:50
timFalse_chicken: You can do some transfers in Ubuntu by going to the Terminal in Applications>Accessories>Terminal and typing "gksu nautilus"04:50
timNeverCast: good! What's next?04:50
arunkumar413hi,when i compile a c code it is replacing the previous compiled file.how to compile without affecting the already compiled files04:51
NeverCasttim, I'm going to install OpenJDK04:51
NeverCasttim, and run the game04:51
NeverCasttim, I'll let you know what happens04:51
DocPlatypusFalse_chicken: try 'gksudo nautilus'04:51
timNeverCast: Ok. Fingers crossed!04:51
False_chickenOh. thanks! Now after I backup how can I restore the files to the new user (Same name and password) and set the permissions?04:51
jnewbuntuwookienz, I take it that sdc is not a part of fakeraid.  Where did you install the GRUB of ubuntu?04:52
wookienzjnewbuntu: sdc04:52
sweetpiarunkumar413: maybe your looking for the -o outputfile option04:52
jnewbuntuSo with your BIOS set to sdc can you boot into ubuntu04:52
jnewbuntuwookienz, So with your BIOS set to sdc can you boot into ubuntu04:52
timFalse_chicken: Yes. What are you transferring them to? A USB hard drive or another drive with Ubuntu installed?04:52
False_chickenA usb drive. Then after new install I would like to restore the home folder04:53
DocPlatypusFalse_chicken: simplest way is to format the USB drive as ext4, second easiest is to make a tar.bz2 of your home dir04:53
th_hi all. I have dual screen system and I'd like 2 wallpapers. is this possible?04:53
wookienzjnewbuntu: "set to sdc" i have a 6 port SATA stack. First 4 ports have  2 x 250gb drives (the raid 0) ie 2 not used. Port 5,6 is the ssd (sdc) and cdrom. BIOS is set to raid fro port 1-4 and IDe for port 5-6.04:54
wookienz"set to sdc" ?04:54
skornPlease can someone help me mount an hfs+ journaled drive04:54
timFalse_chicken: Don't really worry about formatting your USB stick to anything special. Just transfer the files over to the stick and when you put them back on your computer, they will be fine.04:54
False_chickenOh. So as long as the username and password are the same ill be ok?04:55
NeverCastOpenJDK is apparently out of date.04:55
NeverCastand it's the latest lol.04:56
skorndoes anyone know how to mount hfs+ drives04:56
timFalse_chicken: It's pretty complex. When you take them from your Ubuntu HD (probably ext4 or ext3) and put them on a USB, it will lose the special permissions because the USB drive is FAT32. When you transfer them back when you get your Ubuntu back up, they will be given the right permissions by whatever user you are logged in as.04:56
jnewbuntuwookienz, are you able to boot into ubuntu?04:57
False_chickenOh. ok. Thanks All.04:57
NeverCasttim, Okay here goes. I'm going to hit 'play' I'll let you know if this thing dies.04:57
wildbatis there a tools to modify the moditfied/access time of the file ?04:57
timskorn: Yes. Hold on. I'm looking it up real quick...04:57
NeverCasttim, It WAS working for like 10 seconds04:58
NeverCasttim, Now Java crashed.. which is better than my computer crashing :P04:58
timNeverCast: Well. That's better than nothing. Try getting a PPA for OpenSDK04:58
NeverCasttim, 'PPA' ?04:58
ejvHello, wireless support for Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02) has broken under the recent Ubuntu 10.04 update to vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic, how do I make it work?04:59
timNeverCast: Personal Package Arcives. They usually have an unstable version of the program, but they are the bleeding edge and might work magically.04:59
wookienzjnewbuntu: where i am now.05:00
NeverCasttim, Okay I'll look into it.05:00
IdeAleSsOpenoffice on 10.04 is about to drive me nuts.  I am working on 5 similar docs.  It works for a while then won't open them.  I have already redone them once and have wasted over 10 hours.  Anyone know how to tell what in the odt file is crashing the program?05:00
timskorn: Ok got it. Go to the Ubuntu Software Center and install these programs: hfsplus, hfsprogs, and hfsutils05:01
timskorn: That should help you.05:01
jnewbuntuwookienz, I assuming you are able to get into ubuntu.  Can you fire up gparted.05:01
timNeverCast: Ok. Hope it solves your problem. That sounds annoying...05:01
TohuwI've got a folder "foo". I ran chmod 2775 . from within the directory to add a sticky bit. Why doesn't chmod 0775 . unset it?05:01
IdeAleSskickingintender :-)05:01
timNeverCast: Here you go. https://launchpad.net/~openjdk/+archive/ppa05:01
UbubeginI like to download some stuff from a ftp folder.. How can i use wget to recursively download all the stuff inside..05:02
IdeAleSskickingintender, oh, :-)  no, no macros.05:02
timNeverCast: Add that PPA, update and upgrade.05:02
NeverCasttim, Ironically that is the same link that firefox gave me for 'OpenJDK PPA' lol.05:02
IdeAleSskickingintender, a header / image / four cell table, and text.05:02
=== AndIrc___ is now known as c0Ld_
timUbubegin: Recursively? What do you mean?05:02
=== c0Ld_ is now known as c0Ld_Fire
timNeverCast: Haha. Do you know how to install that PPA?05:02
wookienzjnewbuntu: i started gparted about 30 minutes ago and it is stuck sitting on "searching /dev/sdb partitions"05:02
kickingintendermight be a bug05:03
kickingintenderupdate/report a bug05:03
TohuwUbubegin: you'd need to scan all the contents of the directory, then grab them.05:03
timIdeAleSs: Can you explain again what the issue is?05:03
IdeAleSskickingintender, it is a pretty major bug!  Renders OO useless for me.05:03
Ububegintim,Tohuw : found this link, guy.. http://rasterweb.net/raster/2007/02/14/recursive-ftp-using-wget/05:03
TohuwUbubegin: in other words, ls . > list and run wget against that list (or so, there's a million ways)05:04
TohuwI odn't use wget enough05:04
timUbubegin: Hope that solves it!05:04
TohuwI've got a folder "foo". I ran chmod 2775 . from within the directory to add a sticky bit. Why doesn't chmod 0775 . unset it?05:04
NeverCasttim, I'm sure I will know how to install it once i download it (:05:04
IdeAleSstim, I am creating some bid sheets for an auction.  As long as the files were small (3 or 4 pages) there were no problem.  They are now 8 to 12 pages and worked fine until I close them.05:04
Ububegintim : quite cool huh.. just use wget -r ... :D05:05
timNeverCast: Well... You aren't really installing or downloading anything...05:05
timUbubegin: Wow! Easier than I thought!05:05
IdeAleSstim, now when I open one the memory takes of and tops at about 2GB and the program is non responsive.  Sometimes it may try to act normal until I save the file and the same thing happens.05:05
jnewbuntuwookienz, does sudo fdisk pdc_fhdeecgf give anything?05:05
timIdeAleSs: Can you try opening those documents in AbiWord or Google Docs to see if you can save them in a different format?05:05
Ububegintim,Tohuw : Yeah.. Linux just makes everything simple.. Heil Linus Torwalds...05:06
Petskulldoes this crash firefox on ubuntu for anybody? http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/hard_surface_02.php05:06
jnewbuntuwookienz, actually sudo fdisk -l pdc_fhdeecgf05:06
TohuwUbubegin: in this case, you'd be hailing GNU, not Linux ;)05:06
IdeAleSstim, I will try.  I don't have AbiWord installed but I can.05:06
timUbubegin: Haha. Linus really didn't have anything to do with wget.05:07
timPetskull: It's messing up on Google Chrome for me.05:07
wookienzjnewbuntu: nothign05:07
timIdeAleSs: It might just be a problem with ooffice, but it might also be a problem with the documents themselves.05:07
synthIs it possible to configure a WPA2 wireless interface in /etc/network/interfaces? Network Manager refuses to reconnect to my wireless. It did the first time.. ever since then it wont reconnect. even if I delete the entry and readd it.. so I want to go around networkmanager unless there's a fix. anyone?05:07
synthor does someone know a fix for networkmanager.. cause I cant find jack on google05:08
rocket16How to replace nautilus completely with PCmanfm? I tried the guide on Ubuntuforums, and backed up and removed nautilus as said in both guides of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=692238 but still nautilus is loading, :(05:08
timPetskull: I think it's that video on the page. It isn't playing. The page loads, but it crashes Totem.05:09
timrocket16: Can you remove nautilus from your startup programs?05:09
sweetpisynth: you can use wpasupplicant in combination with the wpa-conf option in your interfaces file05:09
Petskullhmm... can I set it to not load it?05:09
jnewbuntuwookienz, I am sorry, I am out of ideas.  tried whatever I knew of fakeraid here.  Hope someone else can help. Or you could try the forums - http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33105:09
Petskullit must be the filesize05:09
synthsweetpi: I will google that thanks05:09
rocket16tim: Nautilus isn't there, :'05:09
JoeSomebodywill an asus eee pc like ubuntu?05:10
timPetskull: Go to the preferences and remove Totem from when videos play?05:10
wookienzjnewbuntu: thanks for persisting. I have run out of time as well - got to hit the road. once again thanks.05:10
timPetskull: Don't mess up Firefox though...05:10
IdeAleSstim, google docs uploads them and shows them fine minus so layout and formating.05:10
PetskullI just want to click a link on that page05:10
Petskullthe 'dl the video' link05:10
timrocket16: Hmm... don't know what to tell you...05:10
jnewbuntuwookienz, My idea was to get to the /dev/mapper/xxxxx whatever and have it mounted in the fstab.  But that never fired05:10
rocket16tim: No problem, :)05:11
timPetskull: Here you go: http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/HSE_Part2.zip05:11
IdeAleSstim, it is also throwing away the header and footer05:11
ajmetal87Why the heck wont my Ubuntu boot from my windows ISO on disk? I select the bootmenu upon startup, and select CDrom and then it hangs up like its gonna do something, and bam!! BaCK To ubuntu...05:11
JoeSomebodywill an asus eee pc like ubuntu? anyone using one with 10.04?05:11
wookienzjnewbuntu: ok thanks.... im trying dmraid but im not sure if it supports my fake raid controller...ill wil continue later when i get back. once again thanks.05:11
jnewbuntuwookienz, You are welcome05:12
timrocket16: Keep in mind, that tutorial is quite old...05:12
rocket16tim: Yeah, :(05:12
timIdeAleSs: Have you tried opening it in AbiWord?05:12
NeverCasttim, Normally I don't fail at installing stuff lol. I would like to think I was proficient enough in Linux to achieve this. But how do I install the PPA? :P05:12
Petskullcan you get me the 3rd one?05:12
dankobumrolf@Dell-D810-Ubuntu:~$ ssh
bastid_raZorajmetal87: that has nothing to do with Ubuntu. it is your pirated windows iso that is faulty05:13
dankobumrolf@phenom-ubuntu:~$ export DISPLAY=Dell-D810-Ubuntu:0.005:13
dankobumrolf@phenom-ubuntu:~$ gedit &05:13
dankobum[1] 186405:13
dankobum(gedit:1864): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: Dell-D810-Ubuntu:0.005:13
FloodBot2dankobum: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
timNeverCast: No worries. It shouldn't be this hard in the first place. The developers should do somethig about that.05:13
IdeAleSstim, just installed AbiWord and trying now.05:14
NeverCasttim, I got key 214AEA0E: public key "Launchpad PPA for OpenJDK" imported05:14
NeverCastbut where do I go from here.05:14
timPetskull: Hold on... I'm going as fast as i can...05:14
Petskullno hurry05:14
NeverCastPetskull, I think tim's mental resources are at 100% at the moment.05:15
timNeverCast: Ok. Now terminal "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" then launch the wurms app when it's done.05:15
Petskullpage it out on your arm, man!05:15
sweetpibastid_raZor: since when are iso files automatic piracy?05:15
NeverCastOh yup05:15
NeverCastI typed update and not upgrade.05:15
rocket16Is there a Firefox-like browser which functions exactly like Firefox, consuming less memory? (Chrome is horrible, and Opera isn't open-source)05:15
IdeAleSstim, AbiWord opens it about as well as GD.  It did keep the footer though.05:15
NeverCastrocket16, How much memory do you consider little memory?05:16
resnoive got the server runnig at home now-a-days.when i issue " sudo modprobe cpufreq_ondemand" i get module unknown.05:16
bastid_raZorsweetpi: please join #ubuntu-offtopic for offtopic chat05:16
NeverCastrocket16, You can probably find a build of Firefox with struff stripped out.05:16
rocket16NeverCast: Around 20 MB05:16
timIdeAleSs: That looks like it's the best you're gonna get... :p I would try saving the document in .doc05:16
dankobumhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/458145/   I have a problem with opening a display via ssh05:16
rocket16NeverCast: I am checking out the SWiftfox a fox, lets see if it works, :)05:16
sweetpibastid_raZor: how is this off-topic, the user is talking about ubuntu05:17
JoeSomebodyhello hello :) will an asus eee pc like ubuntu? anyone using one with 10.04? the xp sticker is half wore off, and i am told ms are aholes on such matters05:17
prince_jammysdankobum: use ssh -x, or ssh -Y05:17
needpieceofmindwhats the simpliest way to get the new 10.4 to see the bcm43xx05:17
bastid_raZorsweetpi: attempting to boot a cd has nothing to do with Ubuntu.05:17
resnoi am trying to setup cpu throttling and power management. when i issue " sudo modprobe cpufreq_ondemand" to change the mangement i get module unknown.05:17
IdeAleSstim, I did.  Well, I downloaded from GD in .doc.  I would save it that way from OO if I could open it.05:18
sweetpibastid_raZor: he is talking about booting an iso via grub, which was installed by ubuntu05:18
IdeAleSstim, this is the first time that OO (linux / open source) has really let me down.  I have wasted hours on this and am so tempted to just do it at work with word.  Never thought I would think that.05:18
dankobumprince_jammys, both does not work, same problem05:19
=== _rwc is now known as _rwc_afk
koanheadis there a key combo to put my desktop to sleep?05:19
NeverCasttim, I didn't get the outdated warning this time.05:19
timPetskull: http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/HSE_Part1.zip http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/HSE_Part2.zip http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/HSE_Part3.zip http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/hard_surface_essentials/HSE_Part4.zip05:19
FloodBot2tim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
Petskullthanks a lot, man05:19
timNeverCast: Good. Is it working?05:19
needpieceofmindactually let me rephraze my question how can i get the file manager in 10.4 to see my cdrom05:19
NeverCasttim, starting now..05:19
timPetskull: Sure thing. Good luck!05:19
resnoneedpieceofmind: is your cdrom mounted?05:20
prince_jammysdankobum: where do you want gedit's window to appear? in the machine you're ssh'ing from?05:20
needpieceofmindi cant even get ubuntu to see it to be able to mount it05:20
timIdeAleSs: I'm sorry you're having problems... I don't like to use the .odf format. I usually don't mess around with it.05:20
koanhead@needpieceofmind: are you using ubuntu or xubuntu of other variant?05:20
odinswandim trying to download a web directory using wget -r, but it only downloads the index page? this is killing me05:20
odinswandany clues?05:21
odinswandthe directory is http://gd2.mlb.com/components/game/mlb/year_2010/ btw05:21
resnoi am trying to setup cpu throttling and power management. when i issue " sudo modprobe cpufreq_ondemand" to change the mangement i get module unknown.05:21
needpieceofmindubuntu  with linux 2.6.32-21-generic05:21
prince_jammysdankobum: ssh -x  and then just gedit &05:21
DocPlatypusIdeAleSs: try running 'unzip -t' on your .odt files05:21
NeverCasttim, The game is running ^.^05:21
bastid_raZorresno: you are probably talking about cpufrequtils.. http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_use_cpufrequtils05:21
resnoodinswand: why are you trying to download mlb.com?05:21
koanheadanyone know how to put my desktop to sleep?05:21
odinswandresno: just the game day data, for statistical analysis05:21
timNeverCast: Good! I hope it works!05:21
DocPlatypusyes it's kind of silly but it will at least tell you if they are valid zip data (yes they are zip files)05:21
adarshathere seems to be some problem in the sleep function in ubuntu. if i put my computer to sleep, after waking up my comp becomes extremely slow.05:21
resnobastid_raZor: thanks, ill take a look at it05:22
PingJHow do you generally connect to the internet wirelessly on Ubuntu?05:22
Rocketplumberoops, looking for xubuntu help05:22
PingJDo you have to type in all the information about your network?05:22
koanheadadarsha: that's interesting. desktop computer or latptop? How do you put it to sleep?05:22
needpieceofmindone time the file manager sees it and my flash drive and then the next it dont05:22
=== Xerora^ is now known as Xerora_^
dankobum(gedit:2242): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:05:22
_rwc_afkanyone have issues with the latest kernel release and their wireless?05:22
NeverCasttim, I have no input :P05:23
needpieceofmindrwc  i aint been able to connect at all but i have the dreaded bcm43xx prob05:23
adarshakoanhead: it's a laptop. i use the sleep button.05:23
IdeAleSsDocPlatypus, everything is okay.  I actually recovered some from the last crash by deleting some content from the content.xml file in the archive.05:23
DocPlatypusIdeAleSs: cool05:23
timNeverCast: Oh my... :p05:23
NeverCasttim, Game is running, stuff is moving around, but I can't interface with the game lol.05:23
adarshakoanhead: e.g., in kde, i use k->leave->sleep05:23
prince_jammysdankobum: do you have ''X11Forwarding yes'' in your remote machine's /etc/ssh/sshd_config ?05:24
koanheadah, I have desktop and wondering how to put it asleep. what does dmesg say after waking?05:24
timNeverCast: Now that's a java problem... You're going to have to wait until they update...05:24
_rwc_afkneedpieceofmind: I see, just updated my kernel and having issues with network connection ... not sure how to go about solving the problem. Wonder if there is a fix.05:24
Pr0jectRec0nhey all, I have set in Ubuntu -> System -> Preferences -> Power Management -> On AC Power -> NEVER for 'Put computer to sleep when inactive for ' and still the screen gets locked after say 5 mins (even on AC power). Is there some other setting?05:24
NeverCasttim, I'll just mess with settings, might be a AWT thing.05:24
quietonecan i access my laptop (with a dead screen) from a desktop, without moving the monitor off the desktop? How?05:24
adarshakoanhead: i had the same problem since ubuntu 9.04 (i upgraded the same till 10.04)05:24
djmccormickwould any kind soul be willing to help me diagnose a network card issue? it's not showing up in my ubuntu CLI-only installation and i'm unsure how i can diagnose the issue. it's a card well known for working well with linux from what i can tell (D-Link DFE-530TX+)05:24
timNeverCast: I hope so....05:24
ajmetal87Anyone here have Eve-Online running on Ubuntu?05:25
NeverCasttim, Me and a small team are making a clone of this game, so would be nice to get it running :P05:25
DocPlatypus[drm:intelfb_restore] *ERROR* Failed to restore crtc configuration: -22 <-- what is this?05:25
koanheadok, i'm an ijit for not thinking of that menu item- but I would like to define a keybinding for it and gnome-keybindings does not answer05:25
dankobum I have "ForwardX11 yes" in /etc/ssh/ssh_config05:25
sweetpiquietone: with ssh or vnc installed and setup on the laptop, yes05:25
prince_jammysdankobum: sshd_config  , with a 'd'05:26
Pr0jectRec0nanyone with a solution for me ?05:26
timNeverCast: Don't know what to tell you man...05:26
Pr0jectRec0nhey all, I have set in Ubuntu -> System -> Preferences -> Power Management -> On AC Power -> NEVER for 'Put computer to sleep when inactive for ' and still the screen gets locked after say 5 mins (even on AC power). Is there some other setting?05:26
timNeverCast: Sorry... :p05:26
PingJI have a graphics problem with Ubuntu. Can't run it outside of Recovery Mode.05:26
PingJCan anyone help?05:26
NeverCasttim, It's fine man, You have been a massive help :D.05:27
NeverCasttim, Thank you (:05:27
timPr0jectRec0n: Give Ubuntu Tweak a go. They've got better power management than the regular setup does.05:27
sweetpiPr0jectRec0n: that would be controlled in your screensaver settings05:27
quietonesweetpi, and they won't send a confirmation msg to the laptop before allowing access?05:27
timNeverCast: You're welcome! Good luck to you!05:27
disappearedngHey everyone, when I do nslookup www.google.com I am getting  "can' resolve error". What's wrong? (I am still clearly online)05:27
Pr0jectRec0nsweetpi, ah, thats what I was thinking as well05:27
NeverCastwoah, Need to increase this games nice05:27
koanheadPingJ, we will need more information, such as output of /var/log/X11/error.log (I may have the pathname wrong, someone please correct me)05:27
NeverCastgot massive system lag lol.05:27
odinswandwget -r is not working? please help a noob out. throw me a bone.05:27
dankobumprince_jammys, yes I have05:27
sweetpiquietone: no, they need to already be setup on the laptop05:27
prince_jammysdeadsoul_: .. and you have tried both ssh -x and ssh -Y _without_ setting the DISPLAY variable?05:28
timNeverCast: Haha.05:28
timodinswand: I'm trying... Hold up...05:28
Pr0jectRec0ntim, thanks for the suggestion, but yeah, the screensaver thing was what I wanted  to look @05:28
PingJHow would I access that?05:28
odinswandtim: cheers dude05:28
quietonesweetpi, can do. and as this is stressing me a bit, is one consider easier than the other?05:28
timPr0jectRec0n: Okiedokie. Best of luck!05:28
Niglopwhat program to burn vide ts files on linux?05:29
adarshadisappearedng: r u using a proxy? 'coz the same command works fine for me05:29
sweetpiquietone: well, with vnc you will be able to see/control your desktop.05:29
disappearedngadarsha: no I am not05:29
prince_jammys!info devede | Niglop05:29
ubottuNiglop: devede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.16.8-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 1976 kB, installed size 4024 kB05:29
disappearedngmy /etc/resolv.conf has
sweetpiquietone: its just one checkbox under Remote Desktop05:29
timodinswand: Terminal "wget --help"05:29
dankobumI have tried both ssh -x and ssh -Y _without_ setting the DISPLAY variable, yes05:29
NiglopI said burn them to dvd prince_jammys05:29
adarshadisappearedng, does it work for any other url?05:29
resnothanks bastid_raZor my command was faulty05:30
disappearedngadarsha: no url works05:30
odinswandtim: yeah i tried a lot of different options05:30
timodinswand: Recursive is backwards. You need the files in the directory, correct?05:30
odinswandtim: hm, yes05:30
synthyay, wireless is working without network manager trashing it05:30
disappearedngadarsha: nslookup www.yahoo.com; ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached05:30
timodinswand: This could be a problem05:30
Niglopwhat program to burn video ts files on linux?05:30
synththanks for helping sweetpi05:31
adarshadisappearedng, try sudo apt-get update, and tell my what happens05:31
sweetpidankobum: trying to run a program over ssh?05:31
dankobumsorry, sorry, it works now05:31
prince_jammysNiglop: k3b05:31
odinswandtim: it downloads index.html which isnt actually on the server. i dont know why it cant follow those links. its my understanding that that is what the recursive option means but i could be wrong05:31
=== _rwc is now known as _rwc_afk
dankobumssh -Y _without_ setting the DISPLAY variable       works fine now05:32
prince_jammysdankobum: ;)05:32
PingJHow would I diagnose a graphical boot up malfuction?05:32
Niglopprince_jammys>  any programs that arent 240mb.. lol?05:32
NeverCastWhen I click on the Game window05:32
NeverCastand press keys05:32
Spaztic_OneGreetings guys, Having wireless issues with atheros 5001 (as per lspci) card in my laptop. Help and or wiki link?05:32
timodinswand: Yeah... Try the FireFox extension Scrapbook.05:32
NeverCastthe keys type into XChat ( My IRC Client, Only other window open )05:32
dankobumthank you very much05:32
NeverCasttim, instead of going to Java.05:32
quietonesweetpi, thank you.05:32
prince_jammysNiglop: i don't know. k3b is probably dragging a bunch of kde libraries05:33
timNeverCast: Hmm. Try closing xchat?05:33
prince_jammys!burner | Niglop : see if one of these others does what you want05:33
ubottuNiglop : see if one of these others does what you want: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:33
NeverCastdon't know if it will work as it's like everything is going straight through the Java window but can try05:33
sweetpiquietone: yw05:33
PingJCan anyone help me with a boot up problem?05:34
PingJI can't get Ubuntu to run on my laptop.05:34
adarshaPingJ, what's wrong?05:35
timNeverCast: Did it work?05:35
Spaztic_OneGreetings guys, Having wireless issues with atheros 5001 (as per lspci on Lucid) card in my laptop. Help and or wiki link?05:35
NeverCasttim, Nah]05:35
guestany buddy using micromax usb modem05:35
guestany buddy using micromax usb modem05:36
timNeverCast: Don't know what to tell you... I'm not too good at Java.05:36
PingJadarsha: When I boot up in Ubuntu, it eventually gets to a backround and the mouse pointer works. But nothing else.05:36
guestany buddy using micromax usb modem05:36
NeverCasttim, You've got me further than I could have so no worries man, thank you (:05:36
prince_jammys!wireless > Spaztic_One05:36
ubottuSpaztic_One, please see my private message05:36
Spaztic_OneThanks prince_jammys05:36
timNeverCast: You're welcome! Best of luck!05:36
packratGentlemen: I am attempting to install 10.04 Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire One GZ5, and its spitting back to me that it "Can not mount /dev/loop1 on /cow".  what does this mean?  I seems like its asking me to mount a filesystem or something05:36
juniorMinThi can anyone help me with the notification area05:36
juniorMinThi can anyone help me with the notification area settings05:37
adarshaPingJ, sorry, I'm not sure about that. did u try booting through recovery mode?05:37
PingJIt runs through Recovery Mode.05:37
=== deadsoul_ is now known as deadsoul
PingJI can't get a wireless internet connection, though.05:37
kb_one*** ajmetal87 ***05:38
adarshaPingJ: may be u can try booting into terminal and try apt-get gdm.05:38
PingJWhat'll that do?05:39
prince_jammysgive an error message :)05:39
LJRuffMy network daemon hangs for like 20 seconds on startup, vastly increasing my boot times. How can I use it's pitchfork to speed it the hell up?05:40
raddyHello Everybody05:41
NeverCasthello raddy05:41
LJRuff!hi | raddy05:41
ubotturaddy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:41
adarshaPingJ, i think it'll install gdm (it's the login program)05:41
raddyI am using Ubuntu Lucid in a Lenovo Laptop containing synaptic touchpad.05:41
JoeSomebodywill an asus eee pc like ubuntu? anyone using one with 10.04? the xp sticker is half wore off, and i am told ms are aholes on such matters05:41
LJRuff!ask | raddy05:41
ubotturaddy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:41
detrix42Hello everyone.  How do I edit the grub menu.lst, when its no longer where I used to have it????05:41
PingJI think its a graphic problem.05:42
LJRuff!language | JoeSomebody05:42
ubottuJoeSomebody: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:42
prince_jammys!grub2 | detrix4205:42
ubottudetrix42: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:42
LJRuffJoeSomebody, asus eee pc's run ubuntu well afaik05:42
adarshaPingJ, may be... i'm not so sure...05:42
raddyWhenever the OS boots the touchpad is in locked state, i have to unlock it each time using FN+F8 key.05:42
LJRuffdetrix42, find menu.lst05:42
detrix42prince_jammys, thanks05:42
prince_jammysdetrix42: if you are using a recent-enough ubuntu, menu.list is no longer used.05:42
raddyWhen i installed Synaptic driver in Windows too, this the case.05:43
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LJRuffraddy, It was doing it in both windows and ubuntu?05:43
raddySo have uninstalled synaptic driver in Windows05:43
kmanHI all anyone come across a login problem where you it prompts for ID, then password, the password again, and then starts again with user login prompt?05:43
raddyLJRuff: Yup, if synaptic driver kept installed in Windows, it would do the same.05:44
LJRuffraddy, then it sounds like a hardware issue. Has it always done this?05:44
IdeAleSstim, found the problem if you are interested.05:44
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raddyLJRuff: It has been doing this since sometime, but when i had installed Alps driver in Windows, this problem is not coming, even though the driver is not compatible with this touchpad.05:45
IdeAleSstim, I was using the draw toolbar to put in some horizontal dividing lines.  They were causing the crash.  I edited the content.xml and deleted all the <Draw:Line>...</Draw:Line> code sections and things seem to be happy.05:45
timIdeAleSs: Nice! How did you figure that out?05:46
LJRuffraddy, Sounds like it needs a newer driver - otherwise it's not much of an issue other than a simple inconvienance.05:46
NeverCastYo Tim05:46
timnewboon2age_: Yeah?05:46
NeverCastUnder 'Gameplay problems' on Wurmonline Client Troubleshooting05:46
timNeverCast: Yeah?05:46
NeverCastthere is only one Q and A05:46
NeverCastWurm runs, but doesn't accept keyboard or mouse input/gain window focus after login (Linux)05:46
timNeverCast: Haha. Talk about documentation.05:46
raddyLJRuff: It is not an inconvenience in Windows after uninstalling Synaptic driver.05:47
timNeverCast: What's the solution?05:47
linuxQuick question regarding choice of processor in my PC I'm about to buy...05:47
timlinux: Go ahead.05:47
LJRuff!ask | linux05:47
ubottulinux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:47
NeverCastTry a combination of switching the renderer between JOGL and LWJGL, and also experiment with 'Release OpenGL context each frame' in the advanced options menu.05:47
NeverCastYou should also check that you are using the official Sun JRE 1.5, instead of [Blackdown Java-Linux] 1.4.2-02 (as included by default with many 'fully GPL' distros), as it is known to cause problems.05:47
linuxShould I get the Phenom II Quad, or the Athlon 64 Quad? Which performs better?05:47
LJRuffDo you need a 64 bit processor?05:47
timNeverCast: Well.05:48
timNeverCast: Give that a shot?05:48
IdeAleSstim, I had tried to delete them within OO.  I noticed they were not staying put to their anchor point.  Sense the crash got worse even on file that were good the more I opened them I did some snooping.  I searched the file I had deleted them from for Draw and noticed that there were still some in there even though I had deleted all the visible ones.  Just seemed odd to I removed the remaining ones.05:48
timIdeAleSs: Hmm. I would stick to .doc from now on...05:48
linuxYeah, with all the video production I do, I need a 64bit05:49
NeverCastLol odd05:49
NeverCastFurther than last crash05:49
NeverCastbut crashed05:49
IdeAleSstim, I will at least be avoiding the draw toolbar!05:49
FloodBot2NeverCast: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:49
timNeverCast: Hmm.05:49
timIdeAleSs: Haha. Good idea!05:49
ShpookOk, I'm back. I've installed Ubuntu from the alternate install CD....still get a blank screen after the splash screen. No response to ctrl-alt-F1. Anyone?05:50
NS_techwhat is the room for css help?05:50
Shpooki believe05:50
LJRufflinux, i've never looked at them. maybe ask in ##linux?05:50
linuxmay be a good idea :D05:51
prince_jammysand ##hardware05:51
ShpookOk, well, anyone know how I can boot into a command line05:51
jjackhey guys i dont have a printer nor i use bluetooth so please tell me how 2 disable these updates and services05:52
prince_jammysShpook: did you try booting 'single user mode', or 'recovery'?05:52
ShpookI just let it boot...I can't seem to find information on the shortcut to get into recovery :/05:52
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"05:52
Shpookwow....my face is red05:53
Shpookthanks :D05:53
prince_jammysno, it used to be in the grub menus05:53
prince_jammysbut (blush) i don't know for sure, not running ubuntu05:53
prince_jammysi think they have a hot-key now to enter the menu?05:54
DanDareHello, I know this is just offtopic but can someone help me? Need to know if my web server is accessible from the outside... making tests and with weird results,.. some guys cant connect despite of configuration being OK... just to know if trouble is the other point not me05:54
Shpooknot sure how much it'll help...it always blanks out after usplash. From a wubi install, live-cd, and a fresh install05:54
Shpooki think so too, but google is failing me05:54
Shpookor am failing google05:54
timDanDare: I'll take a look. What's the address?05:54
DanDaretim, can I PM you ?05:54
UbuntuNubDanDare, i tried this: in a browser, type your IP address05:54
deltree_how can i use custom sounds in ubuntu 10.04?05:55
timDanDare: Sure.05:55
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NiglopI copied the files from a disc of lost to my computer and its 6.4G and my discs are only 4.7g is there a way i can compress it or something?05:55
jjackhey guys i dont have a printer nor i use bluetooth so please tell me how 2 disable these updates and services05:55
timjjack: You can delete the completely by removing any packages in the Software Center with "cups" and "bluez" in the name05:56
Shpookmaybe usplash is preventing x from loading?05:57
jjacktim it says it will also remove ubuntu desktop package05:57
prince_jammysShpook: hard to say when you can't log at any logs or anything. work on being able to boot to a command line05:58
deltree_i just got this zip of star trek sounds i want to use and im tired of the hippy drums intro05:58
timjjack: That's fine. That's only a dummy package05:58
prince_jammysShpook: *look at any logs, i mean.05:58
timdeltree_: Haha. Hippy drums! Perfect description!05:58
deltree_it is!05:58
Shpookyeah, that's my mission now :)05:58
deltree_i need some beep boop action05:58
prince_jammysShpook: i'm guessing it might have to do with video mode05:58
timdeltree_: What's inside the zip file?05:58
sweetpiShpook: what video chipset?05:59
NiglopI copied the files from a disc of lost to my computer and its 6.4G and my discs are only 4.7g is there a way i can compress it or something?05:59
deltree_it says extract to usr/share/sounds but im not allowed05:59
Shpooksweetpi: intel something or another06:00
timdeltree_: You're going to have to use "gksu file-roller" in the Terminal. Then, open the directory and extract it to that destination.06:00
needpieceofmindhow do i make see my cdrom and flash drive in 10.4 lucid06:00
sweetpiShpook: add "video=vesa i915.modeset=0" to your boot options06:01
juniorMinTcd /media/06:01
LJRuffneedpieceofmind, are they in fstab?06:01
juniorMinThey can anyone help me with my notification areaa settings06:01
LJRuffCan't mount something if it's not in fstab06:01
LJRuff!ask juniorMinT06:01
deltree_oh man im so new to this os. win since 3.1. i love ubuntu though just have no idea what that means sorry06:01
Shpooksweetpi: forgive me for being naive, but how do I edit the grub file?06:01
needpieceofmindok im a complete noob with ubuntu  so i have to admit i dont know what a fstab is06:01
deltree_is that a command in the terminal06:01
LJRuffdeltree_, win since 3.1 too06:02
xpikeI am told to o recompile the module for VB sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup06:02
prince_jammysShpook: press 'e' in the grub menu to edit the boot command line06:02
xpikeo recompile the module for VB.06:02
xpikesudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup06:02
sweetpiShpook: no need to edit just to test, when you get into grub, press e and change the options there06:02
xpike* Usage: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv {start|stop|restart|status}06:02
timdeltree_: Yep. Sorry I wasn't any clearer... You're going to have to open the Terminal and put that command in. Then, the graphical program will pop up.06:02
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deltree_ive got dos skills... hee. you rock hold on....06:02
needpieceofmindxpike who are you talking to06:02
xpikeanyone lol06:03
xpikeI'm trying to get VB working06:03
Grayhanehow do I delete unused master pages in open office impress ?06:03
needpieceofmindok just asked cause i wasnt sure06:03
bullgard_How to determine the wireless chip and the wireless driver in use of the current Ubuntu 10.04 computer?06:03
{C}ronosI am about to do a new install, and was wondering on some opinions on how to partition ubuntu. between / /home and swap, wich is primary? what goes in the begining or end of the drive? I have a 500 gig HDD with 4 gigs of RAM.06:03
OptimisticBearSo I accidentally got rid of the applet on my toolbar that shows active programs, and maybe a separate one that is the letter. both are present when i installed so i dont know the names of them... 10.04 btw06:03
jjackubuntu installation should allow me tell 2 select perphirals that i have06:04
LJRuffbullgard4, lspci | grep -i wireless06:04
deltree_error cannot open roller (no such file or dir)06:04
Shpookprince_jammys, sweetpi: I don't actually get a grub menu...it pauses for a moment with a cursor, then goes to usplash, then goes blank. pressing "e" does nothing. :/06:04
ShpookI used to be a little sharper with all this :/06:04
sweetpiShpook: hold shift while booting, or press esc06:04
LJRuff{C}ronos, All are primary, all at beginning - / should be around 7 gigs, swap should be at least the size of your ram and /home should take up the rest06:05
timdeltree_: The command in the terminal should be "gksu file-roller"06:05
LJRuff{C}ronos, don't forget one for /boot too to hold grub (1 gig)06:05
deltree_oh wait\06:05
Shpookahaha! thank you.06:05
UbuntuNubIs the CLI the only way to edit a config file?06:05
deltree_im a fool\06:05
prince_jammysUbuntuNub: no06:05
LJRuffUbuntuNub, No, show hidden files and open them with gedit or another graphical text editor06:05
needpieceofmindis there anywhere i might find a stable ubuntu that already has the broadcom firmware in it06:05
timUbuntuNub: Nope. You can use gedit to get the file.06:05
UbuntuNubOk, when I open config files with gedit, they say that they are read only.06:06
deltree_so i use the archive manager that just opened to navigate to the sound fileand extract to usr/share/sounds yes?06:06
LJRuffUbuntuNub, chmod and add write perms to the file06:06
{C}ronosLJRuff, Thanks for the info. I have been reading alot on it, but wanted to see some answers in real time.06:06
OptimisticBearHelp: Deleted the letter icon on my panel and I cant find the name of it anywhere online to add it back to my panel06:07
bullgard_LJRuff: Your recipe does not function on my IBM Thinkpad T42 computer. It does not produce any outbut although this computer is wireless operational.06:07
timdeltree_: Yep. Sounds like you got it.06:07
sweetpiUbuntuNub: cause you need write permissions look at sudo or gksudo06:07
LJRuffbullgard4, I have a thinkpad too. Can you just lspci and pastebin the output to me?06:07
sweetpibullgard4: lshw -C network06:07
OptimisticBearcan someon right click and tell me the name of that letter icon on the top panel (default)06:08
LJRuffor that works, thx sweetpi06:08
UbuntuNubOk, I'll have a stab at that.06:08
timOptimisticBear: Letter icon? Can you be more specific?06:08
OptimisticBearthe one that looks like snail mail06:09
xpikecan anyone help me install Virtual Box OSE? It's said I need to recompile some modules for the driver to work06:09
deltree_wow sweet time! thanks ubuntu guru!06:09
OptimisticBearlike a piece a mail you send to the post06:09
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: Sorry, wireless is a little rough in Ubuntu out of the box, because there aren't free drivers for a lot of hardware.06:09
bharat1usb modem help i need06:10
deltree_so why was i denied permission to extract before using the terminal to open the archive manager?06:10
timOptimisticBear: Oh. That could be two things. It could be Evolution, the mail manager, or it could be the notifications area in the pane.06:10
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: Have you tried ndiswrapper?06:11
bullgard_LJRuff: http://pastebin.com/MuC61c2606:11
OptimisticBeartim: I have the notifications area on my panel but i cant see running applications like amarok. ill try mail manager06:11
simoni have some problems06:11
simoni install ubuntu using my old /home06:12
needpieceofmind@maxwellian not yet if ur refering to my network problems06:12
prince_jammysdeltree_: because you ran fileroller as admin using 'gksu', which allowed you to write to /usr/share/whatever06:12
timdeltree_: You were denied permission because the /usr/ directory is owned by root. You needed to do "gksu" which runs root with graphics so you can use the extractor program to get those files from the user side to the root side.06:12
simonbut i reboot and it uses deafult config06:12
LJRuffbullgard_, did you try sweetpi's suggestion? (lshw -C network)06:12
prince_jammysdeltree_: had you just typed 'fileroller' you still would have been denied permission.06:12
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: What have you tried?06:13
needpieceofmindthe fwcutter06:13
timOptimisticBear: Running applications would be listed under the "Window List" applet in the panel.06:13
needpieceofmindbut thinking about downgrading to feisty06:13
simonthis should look like this http://img191.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img191/9974/screenshot011ac.png06:13
deltree_ fascinating. Thank you very much. im still getting my head around the file system and no virtually no terminal commands (except old dos throwbacks like dir ect)06:13
simonbut it looks...06:14
sebsebseb!feisty | needpieceofmind06:14
ubottuneedpieceofmind: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.06:14
simonany help?=(06:14
prince_jammysShpook: mm, that sucks. i had this problem with one of my monitors. it still has to do with video mode, i think, but i don't know the solution.06:14
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:14
Shpookalright, that didn't work either, neither did nosplash06:14
ubuntlessCan anyone help me configure VirtualBox Ose? I'm trying to install windows xp06:15
prince_jammysShpook: ah, you were able to edit the boot line?06:15
sebsebsebubuntless: #vbox06:15
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: What are you using now?  Gutsy?06:15
Shpookprince_jammys: eventually I'll get it figured out...I have video problems on every gateway I've ever tried installing ubuntu on06:15
Shpookprince_jammys: yeah, through the grub editor06:15
OptimisticBeartim: well its not just the a list of the windows its like a background application06:15
sebsebsebubuntless: /join #vbox06:15
bullgard_sweetpi: Thank you very much for your help.  --  And how can I determine what driver drives my wireless interface?06:15
timOptimisticBear: I'm sorry... I'm still not understanding what you're talking about...06:16
sweetpibullgard4: it should be listed in that command, something like "driver: ath5k"06:16
prince_jammysbullgard_: there is a 'thinkwiki' site that may be useful in general, for a thinkpad user, btw.06:16
needpieceofmindim sure it would all be much easier if i had net on that box but no net except wireless card and i have tried a few tuts i have found to get it to work but nothing i have a done has worked  i have read numerous articles about issues with the 4318:14e4  which is what i have06:16
djmccormicki'm having trouble getting my D-Link DFE-530TX+ network card to work properly. it shows up in ifconfig but all the packet numbers are all zero. any tips?06:17
OptimisticBeartim: ok so instead of minimizing the application i can "close" it and it will still run and an icon of the running application will pop up next to the mail manager icon, which i cant find still.06:17
sweetpiShpook: what was your exact command line?06:17
ross__what does "sudo bash" do06:18
OptimisticBeartim: Indicator applet!!06:18
timOptimisticBear: Is that "alltray"?06:18
FlameTai1hi guys06:18
prince_jammysross__: starts a shell as root. you may as well do ''sudo -i''06:18
timOptimisticBear: Ok good!06:18
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: It's frustrating, I know.  I've never tried to work with the Broadcom cards, so I may not be much use.  But we can try.  What distribution are you using now?  Gutsy?06:18
ross__prince_jammys: can you expound on that?06:18
prince_jammysross__: do you know what bash is?06:18
ross__prince_jammys: no06:18
bullgard_sweetpi: Yes, you are right. I overlooked it. Sorry.06:18
OptimisticBeartim: thanks for the help06:18
ross__prince_jammys: how do you get out?06:18
prince_jammysross__: exit06:19
timOptimisticBear: Sorry I wasn't any better...06:19
bharat1Any buddy using micromax 300g usb modem .. plz help me to how to connect ?06:19
ross__prince_jammys: what is bash06:19
Dat001hi all06:19
bharat1Any buddy using micromax 300g usb modem .. plz help me to how to connect ?06:19
Shpooksweetpi: video=vesa i915.modeset=006:19
prince_jammysross__: it's the interpreter for the shell (the commandline you see in a terminal, for example)06:19
mistermattdoes anyone know any cheap usb wifi adapters that will work out of the box with ubuntu?06:19
mistermattor with very minimal configuring06:19
bharat1Any buddy using micromax 300g usb modem .. plz help me to how to connect ?06:20
prince_jammysross__: when you open a terminal and see a prompt, that is bash running in interactive mode.06:20
sweetpiShpook: there wasnt any other options before that?06:20
NeverCasttim, IT WORKS :D06:20
timNeverCast: Yay!06:20
Shpookprince_jammys, sweetpi: I was able to boot into recovery and low graphics mode, so now I'm going to go over the logs06:20
prince_jammysShpook: excellent06:20
ross__prince_jammys: i see06:20
NeverCasttim, oh wait it stopped...06:20
Dat001my normal 3 g modem and wi-fi modem work out of the box06:20
timNeverCast: :p06:20
ross__prince_jammys: so sudo bash sets it in the shell mode?06:20
Dat001pluged it in and it work06:20
needpieceofminddat what kinda wifi do u have06:20
NeverCasttim, Damn it IRC killed it :P06:20
Shpooksweetpi: oh, yes there were, I just don't remember them all. an initd something I believe, and a few others06:20
Dat001the vodafone 3 g modem with wi-fi06:21
prince_jammysross__: 'sudo' runs a program as root. 'sudo bash' starts an interactive shell as root06:21
prince_jammyswell, sudo with no user argument runs as root, or superuser06:21
Dat001connection to n  of the shelf wi-fi router06:21
ross__prince_jammys: looks like i need to read more about linux : (06:22
needpieceofmindwhat brand06:22
simonany help ;_;?06:22
maxwellianross__: Why are you trying to do sudo bash?06:22
timNeverCast: I'm sorry but i've got to go.06:22
needpieceofmindsorry missed the first part06:22
NeverCasttim, All good mate, Cya later ;)06:22
timNeverCast: Good luck!06:22
prince_jammys!manual | ross__06:22
ubottuross__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:22
prince_jammys!bash | ross__06:23
ubottuross__: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:23
jendaMorning. I'm using Lucid and compiz (or whatever the accelerated desktop is called now - it was installed as default). I have four workspaces and I often switch between them - I have very specific applications running on each. However, the Ctrl+Alt+arrowkey shortcut only works in one out of ten times. There doesn't seem to be any explanation (or any difference between the cases). I press the keys once and the workspace slides - the next second, the same s06:23
seidosmy sound mixer icon is missing from the gnome-panel, how can I start it?06:24
mistermattI'll make a forum post on the ubunutu forums maybe06:24
sweetpisimon: adding a theme isnt going to install programs the user had, where you downloaded it, you should ask what programs were running06:24
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:24
sebsebseb!panels | seidos06:24
ubottuseidos: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:24
deltree_ok more entry level questions. in my users and groups settings i have disabled the login password. yet i am still asked to unlock the default keyring at login. how can i disable this prompt while keeping a password for system changes and installation of programs?06:24
seidossebsebseb, that won't work, restarting doesn't fix the problem06:25
simonsweetpi, but i shouldnt have hemes and csettings?06:25
ActionParsnipdeltree_: there's a pam keyring package which should unlock the key at login. Let me find a guide06:25
sebsebsebsimon: and you can't just add it to panel either?06:25
sebsebsebseidos: ^06:25
deltree_and do you people get paid for helping everyone out or are you just packed full of awesome?06:26
sebsebsebdeltree_: volunters not paid06:26
sweetpisimon: sry didnt realize yours looked stock, maybe the theme isnt compatible06:26
seidossebsebseb, what?06:26
simonsweetpi, the problem is the configuration06:26
deltree_bonus awesome to all you06:26
sebsebsebseidos: as in above, since I messaged simon by mistake06:26
simoni install using the old /home partition06:26
ImaLamerdeltree_, what is money?06:27
prince_jammys!compiz > ross__06:27
ubottuross__, please see my private message06:27
sweetpisimon: how are you adding the theme?06:27
maxwellianImaLamer: :)06:27
ImaLamerno really, it's been a while :(06:27
deltree_money is a tool of the greedy to give you nothing for something06:28
ActionParsnipdeltree_: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/12/automatically-unlocking-the-default-gnome-keyring-pam-keyring/06:28
seidossebsebseb, ah, didn't think about that.  Let me try.06:28
Spaztic_OneOK, so, I just noticed that my wireless is listed as "disabled" How do I enable it?06:28
simonthe themeis in /home,i reinstalled and it isnt installed06:28
ActionParsnipdeltree_: personally I use wicd and it seems to sidestep that for some reason.06:28
ShpookVESA(0): Bad V_BIOS checksum.....not good, eh?06:28
ActionParsnipSpaztic_One: run: sudo lshw -C network ,websearch for the product line to find guides06:29
ActionParsnipSpaztic_One: if it says broadcom 43xx then use this06:29
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:29
Spaztic_Oneits an atheros06:29
ennuidoes anyone know of a way to remove or hide the gnome title bar on windows?06:29
seidossebsebseb, thank you, adding to panel worked06:29
sebsebsebseidos: np06:29
ActionParsnipSpaztic_One: ok then the link is no good. Throw the full chip into a search engine to find guides06:30
ross__how do you set up06:30
Spaztic_Onehowever, broadcom is what my desktop uses, but that is irrelevant at present06:30
ross__other desktop environments06:30
ross__such as KDE06:30
boxbeats1hi guys, im looking for a resource to teach me how to create a public mySQL server i can access from multiple EC2 servers06:30
boxbeats1i've googled for half an hour but no luck06:30
boxbeats1any suggestions?06:31
Shpookprince_jammys, sweetpi: Thanks for the help guys. I'll get the rest of it figured out tomorrow, ou got me pretty far though. Again, thanks.06:31
maxwellianSpaztic_One: are you saying you have another machine that has a broadcom card?06:31
ActionParsnipross__: you can install them by installing kubuntu-desktop, fluxbox, lxde or whatever de you desire. There are many in the repo06:31
prince_jammysShpook: welcome06:31
BaSHserver irclobby.com06:31
ross__would sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop work?06:31
ActionParsnip!sl | boxbeats106:32
ActionParsnipWow, no factoid. Will suggest later06:32
boxbeats1o ok ActionParsnip06:32
maxwellianIs there a list of the factoids?06:32
deltree_i opened that file with gedit but cant seem to actually edit anything06:33
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: Yes, but that is not the computer I am trying to get working. That one is also running Windows XP, but I need wireless for my laptop for school which has an atheros card06:34
deltree_i installed pam06:34
rollmanis there a way bring back a file that's been deleted?06:35
needpieceofmindok i have a 4318  which uses the bcm43xx i just ran sudo iwlist scan and got a list of networks now the next question is how do i connect06:35
rianhi all06:35
ActionParsnipboxbeats1: you can install an sql server on ubuntu. Sql is a defacto standard so whatever you want to connect to it will be fine06:35
prince_jammysrollman: how did you delete it?06:35
riancan i ask something?06:35
rollmanempty trash lol06:35
boxbeats1ActionParsnip: right now i'm connecting to the mysql server via "localhost"06:35
prince_jammysrollman: that can be very painful.06:35
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What kind of Atheros card?06:35
ActionParsnipRollman: use backups06:35
boxbeats1ActionParsnip:  what is the address i use externally from other servers?06:35
ActionParsnipneedpieceofmind: use network-manager06:35
rianhow to see what wireless ip that i use now?06:36
maxwellianneedpieceofmind: If the scan works, you should have a gui of some kind to connect.  Network manager is installed by default, I think06:36
deltree_should i use a dif program to edit ect/pamd/gdm?06:36
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: 5001, I belive. just a sec and I can paste bin the results of my lshw06:36
bullgard_rollman: It depends. As a rule: No. But if you have been deleting a file using GNOME programs, you should find it in the Trash folder where you can retrieve it.06:36
ActionParsnipboxbeats1: the ip of the network device it attatches to the network with. ifconfig will show the address06:36
boxbeats1ActionParsnip: ah ok. and i dont need to configure anything else?06:37
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/2tuihKB706:37
ActionParsnipdeltree_: gksudo gedit ,will open it. I suggest you make a copy of the current one in case of catastrophe06:37
deltree_cool brb06:38
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Thanks, don't know if I can help, but I'll compare my own setup.  Give me a minute.06:38
rollmani need the source for an assembly program i wrote and deleted i want to see what i done bullgard no i emptied the trash06:38
ross__i just installed kubuntu desktop in the termianl06:38
ross__and i am stuck06:38
ActionParsnipboxbeats1: if its working as normal from localhost then it will be the same on that ip. I suggest you put the server on a static ip (dhcp for servers is a disaster waiting to happen)06:38
ross__in the instructin page06:38
ross__the last line06:38
ActionParsnipross__: quit hammering enter, you are spamming the channel06:39
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: OK. I think it might be that Lucid says that the card is disabled, and I am uncertain as to how to enable it06:39
ross__default display manager, how do you get out of this? I tried hitting enter, q, and tab, and it doesn't work06:39
boxbeats1ActionParsnip: icic ok.  thanks!06:39
prince_jammysross__: do any options appear?06:39
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Just to be sure, is there a switch for your card?06:39
ross__1 gdm 2 kde 3 ..06:40
ActionParsnipross__: use cursors and enter06:40
ross__wait...i picked option 2 and entered, it seems to be unpacking a lot of packages..06:40
ActionParsnipross__: or maybe tab06:40
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: Heh, not sure. Its new to me, just button with a wifi looking symbol on it that is blue.  It was red earlier and I'm not sure what made it change colors. pressing it doesn't seem to do anything06:41
ActionParsnipross__: yes you picked kdm and the install is continuing06:41
ross__what if i had picked the other ones06:41
ross__gdm, i already have this environment06:41
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, ack, highlighted and deleted half my post. Computer is new to me, just got it in the mail today off of ebay. There is a button  with a wifi (etc)06:42
deltree_well nothing bad happened but i still needed to unlock the keyring manually. what was the other method somone suggested?06:42
bullgard_rollman: It depends how you write the source code of the assembly program. Usually people write the source code of an assembly program in a text editor. May be this text editor automatically made a copy of your assembly source code text. If you wrote the assembly source code in a programming environment, chances  are that the programming envoronment automatically made a copy of your source...06:42
bullgard_...code text.06:42
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Do you know when the switch is on/off?06:43
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Google your laptop or whatever to figure that out first, if not.06:43
deltree_and do i need to remove this pam business if it doesnt work?06:43
rollmanbullgard i'll check see06:43
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, yeah... lol, knowing what I'm using would probably be most beneficial06:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Hardly ever hurts. :)06:44
rianWhat the hell?06:46
mneptokrian: watch the language06:46
dan_jak je06:46
dan_ja mam xubuntu06:47
dan_hej stetu06:47
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, found a lable saying it is a HP, Compaq Presario CQ5006:47
mneptok!no | dan_06:47
ubottudan_: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!06:47
ImaLamerSpaztic_One, your wifi doesn't come on06:47
Spaztic_OneBlue wifi light means that it is turned on, according to someone on yahoo answers or whatever06:47
maxwellianSpaztic_One: And it's blue now?06:47
dan_ahoj mam xubuntu06:48
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, yes.06:48
ImaLamerSpaztic_One, likely need the broadcomm drivers first06:48
maxwellianImaLamer, He's got an atheros card.06:48
Spaztic_OneImaLamer: I have an atheros card in this computer06:48
maxwellianImaLamer, Or she, sorry.06:48
ImaLamerSpaztic_One, i have an HP that does the same without the driverrrr nvm06:48
dan_kdo ma xubuntu06:48
FloodBot2dan_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
ImaLamerthen idk, my atheros always 'just worked'06:48
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, I'm a guy. :)06:49
maxwellianSpaztic_One, Okay, now we know what kind of computer you have, and your gender.06:49
* maxwellian cracks knuckles.06:49
Spaztic_OneHaha, sounds like we're making progress then06:49
maxwellianSpaztic_One, Now we can get some work done. :)06:49
mneptokdan_: English only.06:49
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Which distribution are you using?06:49
Spaztic_Oneupgrade from karmic 9.1006:50
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, try this: lsmod | grep ath06:50
Spaztic_OneReason why it was an upgrade is because I had burnt a CD a while back and saw no reason to make a new one06:51
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, ok, its listing a few things06:51
joshx12Hi all. I've just installed likewise-open here at work so I can use ubuntu at work. Everything works 100%. I just can't login now as my local user ("josh") or ("root"). Does anyone know why this is? i can log in as the AD user, just can't access my local user(s) to add the user to the sudo list.06:52
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, from here on I'm just guessing, since my problem has always been that the module wasn't listed.  But if you like, we can keep trying?06:52
maxwellianSpaztic_One: At least till someone more knowledgeable decides to jump in... :)06:52
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, Sure, why not? so, what do I do with the information that was dumped by the lsmod?06:53
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Can you tell me what they are?06:54
AshexWhere are the default gnome themes stored in the system?06:54
AshexWant to modify one of them06:54
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/WqbkSUeG06:55
sweetpiAshex: /usr/share/themes/06:55
AshexAh, thanks sweetpi06:55
ActionParsnipYo yo yo06:57
prince_jammysyo no soy marinero06:58
* sinistrad waves at ActionParsnip 06:58
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Thanks, I'm Googling around.  What have you tried?06:58
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So I can skip it. :)06:58
Spaztic_Onechecked a couple of blacklistings, not much else. I don't understand all of the workings of ubuntu as of yet.07:00
Spaztic_OneI did add one or two blacklistings, one was already in one of the other files as i discovered later07:00
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So from a fresh install, it wasn't working.  Then you tried to blacklist a couple of things.  What did you try to blacklist?07:01
ActionParsnipPretty quiet today07:02
=== DaZ is now known as Guest45932
kickingintenderupdating the kernel broke my sys07:05
seidoskickingintender, what kernel?  what happened?07:05
ActionParsnipkickingintender: hold shift at boot, use the old kernel and log a bug07:05
kickingintendernothing worked07:05
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, ath_hal and ath_pci, one of which was already listed in one of the other .conf files07:05
OsamaKOther than /home/.ecryptfs/user/.Private, where does ecryptfs save encrypted files? (My Desktop -not the whole /home- is encrypted and I cannot find where to mount it)07:06
kickingintenderit said ubuntu is running in safe graphical mode07:06
ponderahey im having an issue. i have a mackbook with refit install , leopard as primary os and ubuntu as secondary, i tried to install another os and it messed up my grub thingy, now i get a grub command line screen when i try to load ubuntu07:06
ActionParsnipkickingintender: you can edit /etc/default/grub to set the default as the older kernel07:06
ActionParsnipkickingintender: you will need to install your video driver for that kernel then07:06
kickingintenderi just swept the ubuntu installation drive now i will do clean instlal07:06
ashiswinhey anyone here knows how to use a huawei e1550 mobile broadband on ubuntu?07:07
ActionParsnipashiswin: run: lsusb ,search for the 8 character hex id to find guides07:07
ponderahey im having an issue. i have a mackbook with refit install , leopard as primary os and ubuntu as secondary, i tried to install another os and it messed up my grub thingy, now i get a grub command line screen when i try to load ubuntu07:07
kickingintendersomebody in this channel told me that i can safely remove the cups and ubuntu desktop pakage and i did that07:07
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Just saw an interesting post, what happens when you type rfkill list07:07
ashiswini did and i used the guide but it didnt work07:08
kickingintenderi dont have printer so i removed cups and its dependencies and some cups related packages is it safe to remove them?07:08
ashiswinand modem_modeswitch said founddevice then it says could not find device07:08
Spaztic_Onephy0: wireless lan soft blocked, no, hardblocked, yes07:08
ActionParsnipashiswin: there will be a few. Try a different one. If you can give the id someone could help look (web is painfully slow for me)07:09
BlackWebis anyone familiar with slackware07:09
prince_jammyskickingintender: it is safe to remove cups, yes.07:09
ashiswini used 12d1 for vendor and 1001 for product ids but they didnt work07:09
kickingintenderwht cud be the issue .....Actionparnship07:10
ponderahey im having an issue. i have a mackbook with refit install , leopard as primary os and ubuntu as secondary, i tried to install another os and it messed up my grub thingy, now i get a grub command line screen when i try to load ubuntu07:10
ashiswinanyone knows whats wirong?07:11
mneptokActionPawnshop: hi!07:11
* mneptok laughs07:11
kickingintenderempathy  doesnt log me into ubuntu channel why07:12
ashiswinseriously... noone has had the problem?07:12
kickingintendershould i download xchat?07:12
DocPlatypusI'm getting a message "Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!" when booting the kernel in 10.0407:12
_rwcAny have a clue to why my wireless worked prior to kernel 2.6.32-23-generic #37?07:12
DocPlatypusthe kernel from 9.10 still boots but I can't get a GUI07:12
ActionParsnipkickingintender: it can do with config. If you prefer xchat then use that07:13
kickingintenderwht configuration?07:13
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: phy0: wireless lan soft blocked, no, hardblocked, yes07:14
ActionParsnip_rwc: log a bug. My wifi had issues 2 kernels ago in maverick but has been solved now :)07:14
=== netrat is now known as UNRrat
ActionParsnipkickingintender: your config in empathy. I'm sure you can add the server / channel etc07:14
maxwellianOkay, so I've seen this issue on a couple of posts.  Apparently their is some kind of issue with your wireless switch.07:15
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Heh, there.07:15
kickingintenderActionParsnip is it safe to remove printer related cups from software center07:16
Spaztic_OneIs it a physical issue that would mean replacing the switch, or some configuration that can be fixed more easily?07:16
kickingintenderi dont have printer07:16
kickingintenderor how do i tell ubuntu that i dont have printer07:16
_rwccould anyone walk me through some obvious steps to correct my wireless?07:16
ActionParsnipkickingintender: could try it, see what else it wants to remove with it. Its very light and if you grab a printer later it may cause issues07:17
ActionParsnip_rwc: sudo lshw -C network ,websearch for the product line.07:17
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Did your wireless work on 9.10?07:17
Spaztic_OneDon't belive so. I think that may have been when the light was red, though I didn't really attempt anything at that point07:18
kickingintenderi think updating the kernel broke my system07:18
ActionParsnipkickingintender: then use the previous one07:18
kickingintenderi tried but both are not booting07:19
_rwcActionParsnip: Switching back to the prior kernel doesn't appear to fix my wireless issue.07:19
ActionParsnipkickingintender: then edit the boot and watch the kernel messages rather than the stupid splash getting in the way. Can reveal good stuff07:19
kickingintenderi just filed a bug07:20
ActionParsnip_rwc: then i'd set it up from scratch using guides online. May make it jump into life07:20
hopeless8009I need some help getting my Ubuntu 10.4 server on my wireless network. I want it to get is IP address form the DHCP server in my router07:20
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Did you say you have a boot disc of some kind?  Preferably 9.10?07:21
ActionParsniphopeless8009: that is the default behaviour07:21
HandyGandyI'm running karmic upgraded to lucid. Can I can KDE 4.5 backports right now?07:21
kickingintenderHandyGandy ur using kubntu or ubuntu07:22
hopeless8009ActionParsnip: I dont thank i set it up right07:22
HandyGandykickingintender: Ubuntu.07:22
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, yes, its either 9.10 or 9.4. I can put my hands on it in just a minute and find out07:22
HandyGandyI isntalled KDE.07:23
ActionParsniphopeless8009: then check you have an ip with: ifconfig07:23
=== plop is now known as plop_ag
maxwellianSpaztic_One: This is strange, but someone reported that by booting into Jaunty (I'm guessing Karmic would work), they were able to push switch and it removed the hard block.07:24
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, wlan0 shows no IP07:24
ActionParsnipHandyGandy: http://www.manast.com/2010/05/31/upgrade-kde-4-5-rc-1-kubuntu-lucid-10-04/ use at your own risk07:24
maxwellianSpaztic_One: It won't hurt anything to try, but this is voodoo at this point.  I have no idea why this would work.07:24
ashiswinnow it works:)07:24
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, Yeah, I think I remember hearing about numerous people having issues where if they disabled their wireless in windows and rebooted into ubuntu, it was disabled and couldn't be enabled without returning to windows07:24
ActionParsniphopeless8009: ok then run: sudo iwlist scan ,do it show APs?07:24
Spaztic_Oneand that was with laptops in general, not any one in specific07:25
deltree_so i have disabled my login and taken anything that says keyring out of my startup programs, installed and configured pamkeyring and still must enter password at startup. any ideas?07:25
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, either way, I will try that and we shall see. Be back in a couple minutes.07:25
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, I can see my home wireless network07:25
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Good luck!07:25
qwrfwgdvshi lol07:26
ActionParsniphopeless8009: ok that's good. The hard bit has been done. Ok scroll up, what device found the APs. Its name (wlan0, ath0, eth1 are common)07:26
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, Wlan007:27
ActionParsnipdeltree_: if you set a blank password for the key you don't get bothered for that you know.07:27
ActionParsniphopeless8009: ok cool, if you single click the tool in the top right for wireless, do you see your SSID?07:28
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, im on a server i have no GUI07:28
ActionParsniphopeless8009: I see. Then you will need iwconfig07:28
maxwellianhopeless8009: Ha, hardcore.07:28
ActionParsniphopeless8009: or you can use /etc/network/interfaces07:29
ActionParsnipmaxwellian: its quite simple really. People just think it is as its not all pretty and clicky07:29
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, im not sure what that is my main concern is getting it online right now07:29
ActionParsniphopeless8009: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/07:30
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, your great help so far07:30
maxwellianActionParsnip: No, I use CLI for most things.  I just like hearing about other people doing it. :)07:30
greezmunkeyActionParsnip: what about dhclient Wlan0 ??07:31
ActionParsnipgreezmunkey: its not associated07:31
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, what is this?07:31
greezmunkeyActionParsnip: I just jumped in, I should have followed the thread back first ;)07:31
ActionParsnipmaxwellian: me too. I use the interfaces file most times so network manager apps aren't needed07:32
maxwellianActionParsnip: Well that's more hardcore than me.  I'll have to read that link. :)07:32
greezmunkeyActionParsnip is all pretty and clicky...07:33
ActionParsnipmaxwellian: makes system boot faster and use less ram (no nm stinking the place up)07:33
maxwellianActionParsnip: Not only that, but I've had problems where iwlist scan would show my networks, but the nm wouldn't see them.07:33
hopeless8009ActionParsnip, where do i type auto do i have to edit a file to do this07:35
=== ^cheeky_ is now known as ^cheeky
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: I think he's gone...07:35
maxwellianhopeless8009: He probably got dropped somehow.  Hang in there.07:36
greezmunkeyI thought I cheezed him of for a sec...07:36
maxwellianhopeless8009, If you're talking about the link he gave you, it's referring to your /etc/network/interfaces file.07:36
hopeless8009greezmunkey, maxwellian, thanks guys do you have any info for me07:36
=== thoffmeyer is now known as thoffmeyer|AFK
hopeless8009maxwellian, i have never edit a file nor opened one in termenal07:37
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: possibly, how far did you get, iwlist shows your network?07:37
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes it does07:37
=== deadsoul is now known as DeaD_SouL
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i have never edited a file07:38
deltree_changing my default keyring and login passwords to nothing stll required me to enter my previous password to get to desktop07:38
deltree_im having n oo b pains07:39
maxwellianhopeless8009: You'll be okay, don't worry. :)  If you do set about editing it, we'll have you make a backup first.07:39
hopeless8009maxwellian, it would be great if you could walk me thow this07:40
maxwellianhopeless8009: I'd love to, but I don't know how to set up the network with that file. :\07:40
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, it's pretty easy. Change to the /etc/network directory.07:40
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Any luck?07:41
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian: Hey, i'm on 9.10 currently (which took forever to boot up from off of the disk) and it doesn't seem to be any different than lucid07:41
patman023hey all, any guesses on performance of ubuntu vs xubuntu on a 2000-vintage POS dell? p3 sub 1GHz 256 mb ram? client has 0 money (paying in coffee) and I couldnt salvage windows due to HDD slowly dying07:41
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So rfkill shows the hard kill?07:41
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you there?07:41
Spaztic_OneOh, haven't checked that yet07:41
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes07:41
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i am now07:41
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, now type sudo cp ./interfaces interfaces.orig07:42
Spaztic_OneYeah, maxwellian, it still says soft blocked, no, and hard blocked yes07:42
mcs-che_type update-initramfs -u -k all but nothing happened, why? who ca help?07:42
maxwellianSpaztic_One: And if you press the switch and check again, it doesn't change?07:42
otakdeltree_: ifyou just want auto login then run sudo gdmsetup07:42
prince_jammyspatman023: how much coffee?07:42
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i didit07:43
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, that is, unfortunately, correct.07:43
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: type ls - do you see your copy?07:43
Spaztic_OneDo you think that maybe I need to see if there is something I can do in the BIOS?07:43
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: lowercase LS07:43
patman023prince_jammys: enough - basically shes a coworker, every break for the near future (and it's Tim Hortons)07:44
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes07:44
prince_jammyspatman023: anyway, that should run fine on a lighter system, like xubuntu or fluxbox, or others.07:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Rats.  I was banking on it working this time. :\07:44
deltree_it auto logs in but asks me to unlock the default keyring although i changed the default password to nothing and installed something called debkeyring that did nothing07:44
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: now sudo touch testfile07:44
patman023prince_jammys: xfce better than gnome i assume you mean?07:44
prince_jammyspatman023: yes07:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, well at least we can be pretty sure that the problem is with that switch.07:45
otakpatman023: hey i have a c.2000 pos dell07:45
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Or rather, how the kernel is dealing with that switch.07:45
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i did that07:45
Spaztic_OneAh, so it is likely fixable, though it may be a pain in the neck...07:45
maxwellianSpaztic_One: If it's showing as a hard kill, that means the kernel thanks the kill switch is on.07:45
prince_jammyspatman023: you may test out both if you have the drive space. maybe gnome isn't so bad there. xubuntu should be fine. fluxbox would definitely be just fine.07:45
Spaztic_OneIs there some command to change that?07:46
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: what your'e going to do next is edit the testfile you just made to get familiar with vi, ok.. type sudo vi testfile (you will see an empty file)07:46
patman023been waiting 45 minutes for "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop " to finish07:46
Spaztic_Onealso, since I don't need to be on 9.10, I'm going to switch back to lucid in a minute07:46
patman023ah just done07:46
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Not from what I can see...the SOFT kill can be changed with software, but the hard kill can't, apparently.07:46
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Go ahead, I'll check some more on Google.07:47
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: do you have a notebook handy, and something to write with, if not please get them.07:47
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i see a bunch of blue dashes along the left side07:47
deltree_yeah its already on auto login07:47
Spaztic_OneAlright, and thank you so much for your assistance thus far07:47
otakpatman023: it  runs debian xfce slow-ok. gnome laughable. I think lxde is quicker than either tho'07:47
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i have a office doc open shoot07:47
maxwelliangreezmunkey: You don't want to try an easier editor for this?07:47
DocPlatypuspatman023: I'm using a Compaq of similar vintage and it's only really useful for very limited things like IRC and email. running Ubuntu (GNOME) and I really don't want to try to learn Xfce07:48
maxwelliangreezmunkey: (Sorry to butt in, I just wonder if it'd be easier in pico or something.)07:48
patman023otak: tried lxde didnt like it too much yet, but thats cause not enough tweak time or resources found yet)07:48
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok getting into a file is vi {filename}, you just did that. Getting out is - :q - do that.07:48
greezmunkeymaxwellian: don't know it, or use it.07:49
otakdeltree_: do you have gnome-keyring-daemon in your startup applications?07:49
greezmunkeymaxwellian: I'll be done i a few minutes.07:49
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok im out of the file07:49
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: get back in07:49
deltree_nothing that has the word keyring is in my startup programs07:50
maxwelliangreezmunkey: I only use vim too, or I'd offer to help with the editor part. :P  Just checking...07:50
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok im back in07:50
deltree_just touchpad sound ect07:50
patman023docp: she's looking for email online bank facebook and such it's her first PC she never got used to utub even cause on the stock win2k it took 10 minutes load for 3 minutes vid07:50
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: press i and then type a few characters, then press the escape key.07:50
JKLhow to make bash understand that link to folder is foled. so with tab it fils /home/folder/ not /home/folder ?07:50
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: i == insert escape cancells edit mode.07:51
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i did that07:51
greezmunkeyhope write those down07:51
Guest66625hi im having an issue with my video card and loading the xserver, its an ATI Radeon HD 420007:51
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: save your file with :wq07:52
Guest66625i have ubuntu server07:52
razz1I am unable to install vlc, quite a few seems to be having this problem. any help?07:52
deltree_id be eating this netbook if it werent for you folks07:52
patman023where you trying to grab install from?07:52
odb|fidelrazz1: what happens on: sudo apt-get install vlc ?07:52
patman023(@ razzl)07:52
hopeless8009greezmunkey, it reads "e45: readonly option is set (add ! to override)07:53
serentry :wq!07:53
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: :wq! then07:53
razz1obd, just a sec, I am installing another program07:53
otakdeltree_: sorry i didn;t notice if you use gnome?. for good eating spread jam thickly on keyboard07:53
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: my bad, I should have anticipated that...you are almost there.07:53
Guest66625hi im having an issue with my video card and loading the xserver, its an ATI Radeon HD 420007:54
deltree_i assume gnome? its ubuntu 10.04 desktop? does that help?07:54
prince_jammysGuest66625: describe the whole problem and someone might be able to help.07:54
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, you can create an empty file, open it in vi, insert characters, and save and exit. just two more commands, and you are set!07:54
patman023hrm @ docp / otak / p_jammys i get a Lubuntu Netboox automatically in login screen settings this may prove to be workable07:54
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, three07:54
odb|fideldeltree_: if you dont know what you are using - logout and check the session type at login screen of (most likely gdm)07:55
shubbarafter i downloaded a package source with apt-get source, where can i find it?07:55
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: did the file save and exit?07:55
deltree_ok logging out07:55
maxwellianshubbar: Should have ended up in the current directory?07:55
maxwellianshubbar: Why are you downloading source anyway?07:56
hopeless8009greezmunkey, im trying to remember07:56
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: are you out of vi now?07:56
Guest66625the fglxr is not finding a matching device, meaning i can not load xserver, cause my ATI RAdeon HD 4200 is not on their list i guess07:56
shubbarmaxwellian, to make a modification and compile it07:56
prince_jammysGuest66625: you may need to use the open-source 'radeon' driver.07:57
deltree_yeah, it wouldnt let me log back in.07:57
odb|fideldeltree_: ?07:57
hopeless8009greezmunkey, when i did :wq! it says press enter or type command to continue07:57
deltree_failure to initiate authentication something something it displayed very fats07:58
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: press enter07:58
Jordan_Uhopeless8009: For a very good tutorial on vi/vim run the command "vimtutor". You may also prefer to go with an easier terminal based text editor like "nano" (or a GUI one liek gedit).07:58
razz1obd, I followed this link http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html, but I could not find VLC in the repositories. so followed this link http://www.unixmen.com/news-today/1037-vlc-110-is-released-install-via-ppa, I could install. Not sure why I  could not get it from the repositories, all the repositories were checked.07:58
hopeless8009greezmunkey, there is more can't open file for writting07:58
odb|fideldeltree_: i bet there isnt written SOMETHING ;)07:58
deltree_sorry about my noobery07:58
jzacshany know how to check the version of flash running ??07:58
jzacshi have no idea how07:58
patman023razzl: try looking for the VLC PPA07:58
prince_jammysjzacsh: in firefox, you may look at tools->addons07:59
maxwellianshubbar: Cool, if that works, let me know how you did it.  I've struggled with figuring out which packages have been applied and whatnot.07:59
patman023on launchpad that is07:59
maxwellianshubbar: Er, patches.07:59
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian: Hey, tried looking through the BIOS menus, couldn't find a switch there.07:59
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: hit ESC, then :wq!, and enter - see what happens07:59
jzacshprince_jammys: no, sorry07:59
otakhopeless8009: the q! means quit without applying changes. you cannot change it unless you are root.07:59
jzacshi meant -- how do you check if you're running the old 64 bit07:59
jzacshi want to make sure i went back to 32 bit flash07:59
deltree_it doesnt affect my system performance to have to unlock that default keyring every time i login its just redundant and unnessasary for me08:00
razz1patman, I used this PPA - http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu08:00
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok im out i understand08:00
plitteris there anyone here who has managed to configure empathy for diamondcard?08:00
patman023razzl: ah my bad08:00
deltree_a simple option to disable it would have been nice08:00
shubbarmaxwellian, i m trying to add fribidi support to mencoder08:00
deltree_seems like a reasonable enough option08:00
deltree_can i delete my default keyring?08:00
jzacshflash 32 bit vs 64 -- how do you tell, anyone?08:01
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Hrm...there's a bug report about rfkill, but I don't know if it's the same issue.  Hasn't been resolved, unfortunately.08:01
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, a bit rocky, but that's ok. In vi you have to be deliberate in what you do. Now, sudo vi testfile - I'll show you the last stuff you need to know, remember to write stuff down!08:01
Spyzerhi all, my laptop is 3 years old now. I am currently running Ubuntu 10.04 with latest updates and upgrades. But sometimes ubuntu hangs like it just turns into a screenshot. The entire desktop freezes and there is no responsiveness from keyboard or mouse, no matter what i do. What exactly is happening???08:01
patman023jzacsh, easy- 64 barely works08:01
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I'm not entirely convinced that this couldn't be a driver issue.08:01
odb|fidelSpyzer: 'top' or 'htop' might help searching the reason08:02
odb|fidelat least it should show you if its a specific process eating all your resources or not08:02
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian Aye, I was slightly surprised when it found no proprietary drivers available for my system.08:02
jzacshpatman023: well, something more definitive08:02
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: your file should be open, and ready for editing08:03
Spyzerbut when i am hanged i don't think i can even TYPE htop ??08:03
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I've seen other posts about people replacing ath5k with the madwifi driver.  Problems there seem to be with WPA authentication, and apparently having to compile from source.08:03
Spyzercan this be related to heating problems ??08:04
odb|fidelSpyzer: can you login via ssh at that point?08:04
hopeless8009greezmunkey, no im sorry im stuck in the test file it says e481 no rage allowed08:04
hopeless8009greezmunkey, sorry bro im really trying08:04
odb|fidelSpyzer: the real problem is - your error-description is far away from being detailed - so its wild guessing at that point ;)08:04
Spyzerohh okay i'll try to be more detailed, the next time the error happens :)08:05
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: alright...ESC :wq! ENTER, and call it jake.08:05
patman023Spyzer, does it fade out grey?08:06
Spyzerits like the entire screen becomes a screenshot08:06
=== karthik is now known as karthi
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: are you out?08:07
patman023so in essence the system freezes. any self recovery?08:07
odb|fidelSpyzer: can you login via ssh at that point? i.e. from another comp08:07
lorenzosuHi all is there a way to search for files on a samba share mounted through gvfs?08:07
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok yes now im out man this is pain but i really wnatt his thing online08:07
abhi_navhi abhinav_singh08:07
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: try this instead, sudo pico testfile - see what happens08:08
Spyzeri.e the only thing i haven't tried will do that as soon as the error reoccurs08:08
odb|fidelSpyzer: that should at least show if its just the gui environment or the entire box08:08
otakSpyzer: Is it a screensaver fadeout. what happens if you touch nothing when it fades?08:08
hopeless8009greezmunkey, looks like a diffrent editor opened08:08
=== _rwc is now known as _rwc_afk
Spyzerno its not a screensaver fadeout08:09
Spaztic_OneSo, maxwellian, what do you suggest I do?08:09
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: play with it, type some characters, move around with your arrow keys, then ctrl+x, watch the status line at the bottom for clues on how to proceed.08:09
riz0nHey guys, I am using Ubuntu-Server. For some reason, when switching to 10.2 LTS, my identd server has failed to respond to IDENT requests. Can someone recommend a good daemon to install? Thanks so much!!!08:10
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i like this one better seems easyer08:10
cyberjorgehi, is BIND preinstalled with ubuntu? or with lampp/08:10
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: can you browse the web?08:10
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Oh, here's another thing.  Do your function keys have little pictures on them?08:11
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes i can on this computer im talkign to you on08:11
Spaztic_OneThey do08:11
maxwellianSpaztic_One: On my machine, I have a switch, but also there's a function key to control the wireless for some reason.08:11
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, I'll send you a link in a sec...08:11
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Do you see one with an antenna on it or something?08:11
Spaztic_OneI do not, no.08:12
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458187/08:12
Spaztic_OneOne that says www, but that opens up a new tab in firefox, or a new file browser window08:12
yohow to enable login screen in ubuntu 9.0408:12
shubbarmaxwellian, fribid check is not coming when configure08:12
Spaztic_Oneit depends on if I'm focused on Fx or on the desktop08:13
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i see it08:13
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Nothing on there that could possibly be related to wireless?08:13
otakSpyzer: You can start top in a shell: ctrl-alt-f1:login:top:ctrl-alt-f7. If X freezes you can still switch back to the shell.08:14
maxwellianshubbar: What does "not coming" mean?  And by "configure", do you mean you ran ./configure?08:14
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: now, sudo pico interfaces - compare to the pastebin, remember the paste is only an example.08:14
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Otherwise we're sort of back to square one, unfortunately. :(08:14
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, there are, in order from F1 to F12 (and scroll lock, pause, insert, delete and then going down the side, home, page up and page down)08:14
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok so what do i do form here08:15
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you know what wireless interface you have, the interface name?08:15
hopeless8009greezmunkey, wlan008:16
Spaztic_Onea question mark, a printer, www, monitor switch, moon (standby?) a lock, brightness up, brightness down, play/pause, stop, previous, next, num lock, break, print screen, sys rq (which acts as print screen for some reason) mute, volume up, and volume down08:16
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ?08:16
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: here08:16
Kealdrothli, you still having trouble with 800x480?08:16
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok, does your wifi router hand out ip addresses automatically?08:16
shubbarmaxwellian, " Checking for fribidi with charsets ... no" when running ./configure ... i added that to debian/rules but seems its not added08:16
=== adrian is now known as Guest46362
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes i have it set up for DHCP08:17
hopeless8009greezmunkey, do i change static to DHCP08:17
Spaztic_OneThere is also some button immediately above the mouse touch pad, but the icon depicted for it is that of the touch pad, and I haven't figured out what it might do other than go from white to orange when I press it.08:18
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: create an entry in the interfaces file that follows lines 12-14, make the appropriate changes based on your interface id, and SSID08:18
shubbarmaxwellian, i got the fix from this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer/+bug/55620008:18
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: when you are done, ctrl+x, and save the file - I'll be right back...08:19
razz1anyone using the latest nvidia driver - 256, any issues?08:19
maxwellianshubbar: Sorry man, like I said, I don't know how to modify a package.  You are probably missing a build dependency.  You will probably get more help at #ubuntu-motu on irc.freenode.net08:20
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you got that?08:20
mneptokmaxwellian: psssst .... *this* is Freenode ;)08:20
=== Laibcoms is now known as Laibcoms-XMPP
brand0nwhat are some good gtk themes guys08:20
brand0nim using fuzzy right now08:20
brand0nits a masterpiece but i wanna change it up08:21
brand0ni like dark themes08:21
brand0nanyone got any suggestions?08:21
FloodBot2brand0n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:21
brand0nfloodbot, stfu08:21
mneptokbrand0n: language.08:21
mrwizeguy1983anyone an expert with nvidia drivers or linux-firmware?  i'm going insane here....the linux-firmware update messed something up and it can't load nvidia kernel module, reinstalling the old version and/or upgrading to a newer linux-firmware did not fix it08:21
brand0nstfu isnt a word its an acronym08:21
brand0nso you can stfu too08:21
abhi_navbrand0n, some nice themes : http://www.bisigi-project.org/?lang=en08:21
=== Laibcoms-XMPP is now known as laibcoms
maxwellianPhew, for a minute I thought it said brand0n got ops.08:22
serenstealth-mod :)08:22
maxwellianThat would have been interesting...08:22
Spaztic_OneThat would have been sad, and a bit scary.08:23
maxwellianmneptok: Really, XChat seems to think it's irc.ubuntu.com...maybe it's forwarded?08:23
greezmunkeyI'm still trying to figure out the acronym :)08:23
txwsqkwhat are the display manager in ubuntu ?  except gdm / kdm08:23
hopeless8009greezmunkey, is this good idea http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1513170&highlight=iwconfig08:23
mneptokmaxwellian: irc.ubuntu.com is a Freenode alias.08:23
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: looking...08:23
maxwellianmnemon: Ah, interesting.  Thanks, I'm new to IRC.08:24
panoetim new here08:24
panoethow can I join a room?08:24
txwsqkwhat are the display manager in ubuntu ?  except gdm / kdm08:24
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, I'm wondering, you say it may be drivers? Should I try going to ndiswrapper, or seeing if I can get a driver from compaq or what have you?08:24
mrwizeguy1983mneptok, you're an op here, you must be very knowledgeable, could you help with my nvidia kernel module problem?08:24
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: maybe, later - let's get it working first with dhcp. Did you change and save the interfaces file?08:24
serenyou can join room with /j #channel (channel is your channel) :)08:24
mneptokmrwizeguy1983: probably not, as i do not use nVidia proprietary drivers.08:25
panoetseren, thx :)08:25
hopeless8009greezmunkey, no08:25
panoetare there all ubuntu user?08:25
mneptokpanoet: use "/join #freenode" as your first test. ask IRC related questions there, please. :)08:25
mrwizeguy1983mneptok, is there another way to get full support for an nvidia gt 330m than using the proprietary driver?08:25
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Those two things would likely be the same.  You would get a driver from them, and use ndiswrapper to get it loaded into the kernel.08:25
txwsqknobody help me08:26
txwsqkwhat are the display manager in ubuntu ?  except gdm / kdm08:26
mneptokmrwizeguy1983: i haven't the least idea if Nouveau supports that chipset08:26
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you can go ahead and add the "mode managed" line and the "channel n" line as well if you already know it.08:26
corinthWhat's the easiest way to install KDE 3.5.X in Ubuntu 10.04?08:26
Spaztic_OneEr, yeah.... Sorry, I meant should I try getting drivers from compaq and using ndiswrapper08:26
mrwizeguy1983sadly nouveau said no devices found mneptok, good thought though08:26
patman023txwsqk,  xfce  and lxde08:26
Spaztic_Oneand, I guess, do you know of any open drivers that might work instead?08:26
otakSpaztic_One: on my son's laptop I had to hold the wifi slider switch across for surprisingly many seconds. i guess it's polled only every two or three seconds08:26
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: heh, what security are you using on the wireless?08:26
patman023as well as fluxbox from what i been told08:27
mrwizeguy1983mneptok, any ideas where i should look for help on this one?  google finds similar problems but no solution for this one08:27
hopeless8009greezmunkey, im using WPA08:27
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: add the "wireless-key ksdjhskdjfs" line as well08:27
yohow we can enable login screen of startup in ubuntu 9.0408:27
mneptokmrwizeguy1983: the forums?08:27
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: (substitute you real key!)08:28
Spaztic_Oneotak, problem is that the laptop has it lit up blue (enabled) and ubuntu thinks its switched off. As a side note, I just held it for 20 seconds and it did not toggle it.08:28
mrwizeguy1983mneptok, the forums came up on google, and they didn't have a fix for my specific issue, it was listed but no fix08:28
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i have not edited any thing yet i got confused08:28
mrwizeguy1983is there an #nvidia or something like that on this server?08:28
mjungwirthwhere can I find information about /sys/class/net/*/features08:29
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: about what?08:29
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i understand what you want me to do i jsut dont know where to insert thows lines08:29
maxwellianSpaztic_One: madwifi is another option.08:29
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i have the file open08:29
Spaztic_OneI have not heard of it other than your mention earlier08:30
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: look at the paste I sent you, you have it?08:30
hopeless8009greezmunkey, like where do i enter them between other lines08:30
Spaztic_Onealso, we are using wep2, and you said it had issues with wep. Does that include wep2 as well as the original?08:30
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes im looking at it now08:30
otakSpaztic_One: sorry just checking I came in late. well i thought ath5 was improving and madwifi in " development hiatus"08:30
boris_salut j'aimerais savoir si ya un firewall active en natif sur ubuntu 10.04 car xbmc ne marche pas sur ma free ?08:31
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: I'll paste a better example...08:31
boris_sorry frensh08:31
hopeless8009greezmunkey, do i need to change etho to wlan008:31
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: absolutely, that was just an example!08:31
maxwellianotak: That's what I read too, but some people are having luck with madwifi when ath5k isn't working.  Do you have experience with it?08:31
Spaztic_OneOtak, its no problem. Your help is much appreciated. I was just informing you of what we have figured out thus far.08:32
otakboris_: /join #ubuntu-fr08:32
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok so we will start with changing all the eth0 to wlan0?08:32
boris_otak,  thank's i yet do it08:32
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: look at this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458193/08:33
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I thought I said WPA, but I'm not actually sure which is the problem.  Hold on.08:33
hopeless8009greezmunkey, im looking at it08:33
hopeless8009greezmunkey, :-)]08:33
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: is that better?08:33
steeriohey all08:33
steeriocan you guys tell me the package/executable name of ubuntu's usb startup disk creator?08:33
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ya that makes more since08:34
txwsqkI  just want to change my login manager,  not desktop environment , how should i do08:34
tootDoes any know/can guess what software that bottom panel is in this Ubuntu screenshot: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_JSR8IC77Ub4/S9bv0EOk2oI/AAAAAAAAAXQ/uWqwqarq4BQ/s1600/best-linux-desktop-37-mini.jpg08:34
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: the tabbed lines really don't matter, it's just for readability.08:34
patman023anyone here think i should tweak swappiness on my client's POS PIII 256 ram junker?08:35
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok so should i had them at the end or change what is there08:35
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: add the lines to the end, it's a new interface definition.08:35
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, you may have said wpa and I just remembered incorrectly08:36
otakpatman023: got preload? I changed swappiness with no obvious difference.08:36
=== adrian is now known as Guest57942
vizzyhi all, a friend has installed latest ubuntu, i dont know the codename, but he said its the latest. now we try to install a php script but unfortunately it fails with php5.3. is there a php5.2 package for backwards compatibility? we tried php-compat, but doesnt help08:37
patman023Otak, preload wha?08:37
yoi created new user using adduser command . but how can login using created user08:37
tootpatman023: are you running GNOME on 256mb ram? I suggest IceWM or enlightenment.org08:37
greezmunkeyyo: su {username} in a terminal08:38
vizzyyo, add a password, open console and login08:38
NeverCastIs there any possible way08:38
NeverCastthat I can use Windows drivers in Linux08:38
induswhich is the best window manager08:38
NeverCastat all?08:38
patman023toot, xfce08:38
NeverCastregardless of how unstable or what ever08:38
patman023NeverCast, nope08:38
indusNeverCast, why would you want to do that08:38
otakpatman023: preload runs in the background keeping ram topped up with things you'll probably need soon.08:38
vizzynever, no08:38
=== romeo` is now known as Guest9410
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I think I've seen mention of issues with WPA, but I can't say there won't be a problem with WEP.08:39
NeverCastindus, Because my cell phone connects via USB, and to do anything with it to my computer, I need the drivers for it08:39
indusNeverCast, there is some for wireless , its called a wrapper , used to be for broadcom wireless08:39
patman023otak, no idea, any quickread resources on it? or commline?08:39
NeverCastindus, and they only support Windows and MAC08:39
hopeless8009greezmunkey, when it says (your ssid here) to i put in the ()   ?08:39
GryllidaHow do I split Open Office window horizontally? I seem to be  able to find the Window -> Split menu in Calc, but not in  Writer.08:39
indusNeverCast, well,there are tools forthat in windows08:39
NeverCastindus, Wireless is fine, I have Atheros08:39
steeriocould someone please check the name of the executable that's started by System > Administration > Create USB startup disk?08:39
indusNeverCast, i mean linux08:39
yovizzy:, but how to login through login screen08:39
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: the wireless network name, what you saw in iwlist.08:39
NeverCastindus, But do these tools support my phone?08:40
indusNeverCast, ah yes atheros opened their drivers recently i believe08:40
NeverCastindus, I doubt it08:40
patman023otak, not installed08:40
indusNeverCast, which phone08:40
NeverCastindus, ZTE R10008:40
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: your ssid does not contain spaces, does it?08:40
yovizzy:, startup login screen08:40
indusNeverCast, well, you might not get all the apps working, but there are things which work08:40
vizzyyo, press crtl+alt+f1 this opens a textconsole, the login, or logout from x and login as new user. you also can open a new x session. alt+f7 will get you back to x08:40
hopeless8009greezmunkey, no its Liles_AP08:41
Kuninafter a HD failure I reloaded a backed up copy of my OS drive (just a tar.gz of /), reinstalled grub, now when I boot it gives me a error 15 file not found what did I do wrong?08:41
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Here's another quick one, try sudo modprobe -r ath5k; sudo modprobe ath5k08:41
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: type it in _exactly_08:41
vizzyUbuntu version is  Lucid Lynx, is there a php5.2 package for this release?08:41
indusNeverCast, what exactly would you like to do08:41
patman023hopeless8009, shoulda made it something smart like "i_can_hear_you_doing_it"08:41
yovizzy:, atl+alt+f1 not working08:41
vizzyyo, ctrl+alt+f1 ;) not alt+alt08:42
patman023yo, try f2?08:42
greezmunkeypatman023: darn, now I'm going to have to change mine...08:42
otaksteerio: System-preferences-main menu- find item and select properties: usb-creator!08:42
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok eveything is edited to how you said08:42
steeriootak: i have a heavily tweaked ubuntu system with gnome completely removed for example08:43
patman023for a while i had "STFU_Loud_Green_Truck" - dealer would rev engine at 4am08:43
indusNeverCast, try gnokii08:43
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i have one more question should there be a blank line between eth0 section and wlan0 section?08:43
yovizzy:, ctrl+alt+f2 f1 f7 not working08:43
indus!info gnokii08:43
steeriootak: but i assume that's the executable name then :)08:43
ubottugnokii (source: gnokii): Datasuite for mobile phone management. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.28.dfsg-1 (lucid), package size 0 kB, installed size 20 kB08:43
steeriootak: thanks08:43
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: yeah, add one.08:43
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, would that have had a visible result?08:43
yovizzy: where is file stored of login screen08:43
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok now what?08:43
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: it isn't really necessary, but does make it easier to read.08:43
yocan i change that08:43
Spaztic_OneHoly crap, it worked08:44
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ctrl+x, Y, (enter)08:44
otaksteerio: np. also try $aptitude search .......08:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Really?!08:44
Spaztic_OneSomething did08:44
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok now what?08:44
Spaztic_OneI did sudo modprobe -r ath5k; sudo modprobe ath5k08:44
Spaztic_Oneand it asked for my sudo word08:44
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart08:45
vizzyyo, file of login screen? thats not a file, this is an application, and there are several, kdm, xdm, gdm etc pp08:45
j_Hi, is there a way to check which App(s) uses the HDD, the HDD light looks always ON08:45
Spaztic_OneI gave it, it put me back at the command line08:45
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: write that down ;)08:45
Spaztic_OneI did the rfkill list08:45
Spaztic_Oneand it had the exact same result. I tried pressing the button, nothing happened, I entered it again08:45
Spaztic_Oneentered sudo modprobe -r ath5k; sudo modprobe ath5k that is08:45
NeverCastindus, That is for nokia, and I need drivers for my phone to install the Serial interface08:45
NeverCastindus, and I want to be able to bit files on my phone08:46
Spaztic_Oneand it connected (I had the passkey and etc set up already)08:46
steeriootak: i tried apt-cache search with terms like 'startup disk' etc, no results for that :)08:46
indusNeverCast, can you connect your phone and type lsusb08:46
Sc00t3rAnyone got a clue why I might be getting a disk I/O error when booting from a 2003 Athlon XP CPU and not from a Phenom II 965?08:46
yovizzy: ,where is GUI login configuration files.08:46
Sc00t3r(With a USB Install, woops)08:46
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok its doing something08:46
indusNeverCast, bit files?08:46
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: give it a few seconds for the squirrels to do their thing, and type ifconfig to see if you recieved an address.08:46
yovizzy:, we can modify that file to enable login screen at startup08:46
Spaztic_OneBut yeah, it is not hard blocked anymore, and the button is now orange which would normally mean that it is disabled.08:46
maxwellianSpaztic_One: That's great news!!  Weird about the colors though... :P08:47
NeverCastindus, Bus 002 Device 003: ID 19d2:0010 ONDA Communication S.p.A.08:47
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok you going to be around when its done?08:47
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: not much longer bud, I have to get up for work in 4.5 hrs.08:47
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, Yeah, well, its my computer, therefore it must have some character (as if linux wasn't enough lol)08:47
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Now you should try a reboot to see if it works across boots.  Cross your fingers!!08:48
=== Sereph is now known as Merovingian
Spaztic_OneI dunno if I want to risk it! haha, but I should... be back in a minute or so08:48
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok  where it says inet6 addr: it reads fe80::222:6bff:fea5     and so on08:48
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Good luck!08:48
=== Merovingian is now known as Sereph
vu1kanso, the other day my up key got bound to 'take a screenshot' all on it's own; I checked the config utility and it said that function was still bound to my print key, but when I'd press that key nothing would happen. Now, it fixed itself after I logged out, but what I'd like to know is how that happened, so i can prevent it's recurrence.08:48
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: is that all you see?08:48
hopeless8009when i run Ifconfig wlan0  i do not see any IP addresses08:49
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ifconfig wlan008:50
loopidityhow to make a bash script execute on double click, instead of havin it to ask08:50
hopeless8009gree ya thats what a ran08:50
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: it's all lowercase08:50
patman023loopidity, chmod =x?08:50
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: hmm, ok08:50
hopeless8009greezmunkey, you want me to go back in and retype it08:51
Kuninubuntu grub2 wiki says: dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc but that package isn't installed...08:51
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: sure08:51
confreyhi everybody08:52
yopatman023: where is the GUI configuration file of lxsession08:52
yoany body help me08:52
maxwellianKunin: can you explain your problem?08:52
patman023yo, LAWL NAFclue08:52
confreywhere is sun-java6-jre deb package?08:52
alkisgKunin: did you run "chroot /mnt" before running dpkg-reconfigure?08:52
confreywhy can't I install it?08:52
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok this is what i put in08:52
indusNeverCast, hi08:52
indusNeverCast, i have some internet trouble08:53
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: type: tail -20 /var/log/syslog - look for wla0 related stuff, what do you see?08:53
chantican anybody help me, i am using ubuntu10, dell inspiron 1545 is my sys. from last few days my laptop inbuilt speakers are not working, but sound coming through headphones08:53
=== acperkins_ is now known as acperkins
indusNeverCast, you there ?08:54
hopeless80091- auto wlan0   2. iface wlan0 inet dhcp 3. wireless-essid Liles_AP 4. channel 6 5. mode managed 6. wireless-key Liles800908:54
MrXhi folks :)08:54
hopeless8009greezmunkey, 1- auto wlan0   2. iface wlan0 inet dhcp 3. wireless-essid Liles_AP 4. channel 6 5. mode managed 6. wireless-key Liles800908:54
patman023chanti, do you have the pulse audio volume control installed?08:55
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: type: tail -20 /var/log/syslog - look for wla0 related stuff, what do you see?08:55
induschanti, did you try click on volume icon and go int o preferences08:55
MrXhow do I get libva running on Lucid ? I installed libva1, but I don't know how to activate it08:55
indusMrX, what is libva08:55
indus!info libva108:56
ubottuPackage libva1 does not exist in lucid08:56
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i see a bunch of stuff08:56
Kuninallkisg maxwellian yes, I did chroot.  My SSD died, replaced it, took the tar I had previously made of / (everything but /home as that's a seperate disk), put it back, did all the mount/mount --bind/etc grub-install, grub-install --recheck, rebooted and got the grub screen BUT Error 15 when it tried to actually load Ubuntu08:56
vu1kan!sound | chanti08:56
ubottuchanti: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:56
MrXVGA is a Mobility Radeon 9600 M1008:56
chantiindus: yes08:56
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, hmmm.... doesn't seem to be working.08:56
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: errors? elaborate please.08:56
Kuninallkisg maxwellian just tried grub-update/grub-install/grub-install --recheck for a second time08:56
induschanti, in audio output tab, is speakers or headphones sleevted08:56
Kuninallkisg maxwellian same deal....08:57
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you are on server, right?08:57
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I was afraid of that.  Do lsmod | grep ath08:57
Spaztic_OneI had to do the modprobe again on login, and do it twice... and it says that I was connected, but it wasn't actually loading pages and wouldn't let me connect to the irc server08:57
chantiindus: i checked all combinations in preferences08:57
maxwellianKunin: I don't know about your problem, sorry.  Stick with allkisg.08:57
MrXubottu: there are repos for libva, but there's no manual for that08:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:57
chantipatman023: No08:57
induschanti, what were you doing when this happened08:57
MrXI want to have gpu-decoding-support for my vlc08:58
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes name server cannot be used reason temporary  failuar in name resolution08:58
induschanti, i mean any installation of any software etc08:58
induschanti, and has sound worked before '08:58
Spaztic_OneAlso, maxwellian, the leading digit has changed froma 0 to a 208:58
MrXcurrently using 1.208:58
chantiindus: through external speakers i am hearing sound08:58
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What says you were connected, and what leading digit?08:58
MrXbut I need libva working for that08:58
induschanti, laptop this is ?08:58
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you are on server, right?08:58
Spaztic_Onethe leading digit on the rfkill list08:58
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes08:58
MrXit's working perfectly fine on windows xp08:58
chantiindus: Yes from last 15 days i have been suffering this problem08:58
hopeless8009greezmunkey, but im talkign to you form my laptop08:58
Spaztic_Onewhich has to do with the number of times i've done modprobe I have just discovered08:59
MrXso my vga seems to be supported08:59
otakSpaztic_One: so you've got a signal but no dns-server? what can you ping?08:59
vu1kan!enter | Mrx08:59
ubottuMrx: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:59
Spaztic_Oneand the computer says I'm connected08:59
induschanti, external speaker means what08:59
chantiindus: Dell inspiron 154508:59
induschanti, you have connected external to the audio out i suppose08:59
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: hit alt+F2, and log into a second session, in there type: tail -f /var/log/syslog - then alt+F1 to get back to your first login session.08:59
Spaztic_OneI, er, I don't know.08:59
chantiindus: enternally connected speakers08:59
nickeeWhat's the package that with some Tab key combination, like Alt-Tab, not only shows you the _names_ of the windows it can switch to, but shows an _image_ of that window?  Compiz???09:00
chantiindus: like audio system, head phones etc09:00
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Where on the computer does it show that you're connected?  In the upper right corner, a little picture of bars or something?09:00
induschanti, ok best option is to go through that how to and step by step09:00
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.09:00
chantiindus: ok09:00
Spaztic_Oneyes, top right corner, and I can't tell if the bars are full or empty09:00
Spaztic_Onebut all of them are teh same color intensity09:01
induschanti, it shouldnt be difficult, generally i have seen audio is easy to sort out09:01
induschanti, that above link should be fine09:01
induschanti, i be back in 1 hour09:01
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Click on the bars.  Does a list come down of the various networks?09:01
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok i did that09:01
chantiindus: ok09:01
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: did you write donw the networking restart command I gave you earlier?09:02
Spaztic_OneJust one, mine. Don't know if my neighbors have theirs on atm or not.09:02
maxwellianSpaztic_One: And does it say you're connected?09:02
alkisgKunin: use "tab" to autocomplete the names - mine has a single "l" so I wasn't seeing your replies. Was that an upgrade from a previous ubuntu version?09:02
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes09:02
patman023nickee,  ccsm to configure compiz09:02
Spaztic_OneIt says available, and I have the option to disconnect09:02
hopeless8009greezmunkey, yes09:03
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: issue that again, then ass soon as you enter the password, flip over to alt+F2 to see what it's doing.09:03
maxwellianOkay, try right clicking on the bars.  Do you see an option for "Connection information"?09:03
vizzya standard option for linux desktopns should root-tailing all logfiles on the desktop ;)09:03
Kuninalkisg, no, it was a restore (luckly made right before the drive failed)09:04
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok09:04
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Whatever you do, don't click that.09:04
alkisgKunin: yes, but that installation that you're trying to install, is it a clean 10.04 or has it been upgraded from e.g. 9.10 to 10.04?09:04
maxwellianSpaztic_One: No, just kidding. :)  Click that.09:04
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: a play by play would be nice...I'm just sayin'09:04
nickeepatman023: thanks,  you think compiz is what I'm thinking about?09:05
Spaztic_OneUm, yeah, it is saying that my IP is different than what out LAN is...09:05
Kuninalkisg, 9.10, the drive failed while I was trying upgrade to 10.0409:05
Spaztic_OneThough the eth0 one is correct09:05
hopeless8009greezmunkey, b44: eth0 : powering down phy09:05
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What do you mean, different than what our LAN is?09:05
Kuninalkisg, the backup was made just before I attempted the upgrade (learned the hard way)09:05
alkisgKunin: by default, 9.10 installations get grub2. If you first installed to 9.04 and then upgraded to 9.10 (and then tried to upgrade to 10.04 and failed), you'd have grub legacy. So it once was a clean 9.10 installation?09:05
hopeless8009greezmunkey, there is already a pid file /var/run/dhclient.wlan0.pid with pid 141009:06
hopeless8009greezmunkey, killed old client process, removed pid file09:06
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: ok so far09:06
hopeless8009greezmunkey, internet system consortium DHCP client v3.1.309:06
brunsgenusDoes anyone have the download for; https://launchpad.net/umbragui09:06
brunsgenusits the umbru GUI09:07
Spaztic_OneOur LAN address is for the router, and all computers are and up for each subsequent computer09:07
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: keep it to error, or successes09:07
Kuninalkisg, to be honest, I can't remember... I believe it was a clean install of 9.10, but either way it did have grub2, and it did boot into grub but for some reason cannot find any of the img files (has the list, but gives error 15)09:07
Spaztic_Oneit is listing my IP for this computer as
alkisgKunin: ok, inside that chroot, what do you get with this?    dpkg -l 'grub*' | grep ^ii09:07
greezmunkeySpaztic_One: sounds like internet connection sharing to me.09:08
Spaztic_Onewired one says
Kuninalkisg, just a second, getting back into the livecd09:08
brunsgenusDoes anyone know where I can download the umbra program for GUI https://launchpad.net/umbragui09:08
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Normally the wireless router assigns an IP address for you.  It's common to get 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x09:08
brunsgenusin case you dont know what I am talking about that is the link09:08
Spaztic_OneMaxwellian, yes, but we have our router configured to use the 114.114.114 domain09:09
heroxbdHello. Can I use wubi to install ubuntu-10.10-alpha?09:09
Spaztic_Onenot the 192.whatever the linksys default is09:09
brunsgenusDoes anyone know :/09:09
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, I don't know much about router configuration, I pretty much take them as they come...09:09
Kuninalkisg, hmm, I think I see a problem... it was an upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10, using ext3 but this time I formatted it as exy409:09
greezmunkeySpaztic_One: that's public address space, kind of dangerous.09:10
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok from what i can under stand is it says DHCPDiscover on wlan0 to port 67 interval 3 then it does the same thing a few time one with diffrent ports and intervals no ipv6 rounter present  then name server cannot  be used , reason : temporary failure of the name resolution09:10
Spaztic_OneBasically, its getting what I think is a bogus IP09:10
maxwellianSpaztic_One: 192.*.*.* is a private network...09:10
alkisgKunin: if it was an upgrade, it probably has grub legacy, so you should follow the method for grub legacy recovery instead09:10
hopeless8009greezmunkey, im on a satalite connection but evey thign seems to be working09:10
hopeless8009greezmunkey, shoud i try and reboot09:11
otakSpaztic_One: whois that address gives a chinese server.09:11
chantiafer upgrade ubuntu to 10.0 version, gnome panel some times not responding, date also not display in panel after killing panel process, any solution09:11
Kuninalkisg hmm, thought I had done the grub2 upgrade though09:11
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: did you see anything realated to negotiating with the AP, like connecting, disconnecting associating, dissassociating?09:11
Spaztic_OneWhich address, my local, or the one that my wireless thinks it has?09:11
jayanthey guys.. i got windows 7 starter edition and it wont let me install ubuntu in the free spapce of my harddisk...09:11
Kuninalkisg, the grep you asked for gives me grub and grub-common (which is labeled as version 2)09:12
maxwellianSpaztic_One: 114.*.*.* is not reserved for private networks.09:12
maxwellianSpaztic_One: From what little I know about networking, I'm amazed you're able to use the Internet at all.09:12
Spaztic_OneEr, we've used that as our private network for years, like, since we first got a router09:13
otakSpaztic_One: 114.114.anyting09:13
hopeless8009greezmunkey,  no09:13
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you could try a reboot, it couldn't hurt at this point.09:13
alkisgKunin: grub currently on Lucid is 0.97-29ubuntu60 ==> grub legacy09:13
Kuninalkisg, grub-install -v says GNU GRUB 0.9709:13
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where i can get the UMBRA GUI09:14
alkisgKunin: right, so follow the legacy how-to09:14
Kuninalkisg, hmm, guess I didn't upgrade to grub2 then... ok09:14
Gorlistmorning, im running "ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa" to resolve the audio problem in skype, however they just updated the package twice in a row and both updates seemed to have regressed. Unfortunately I forgot to lock the package - how can I do a back date?09:14
pseud0cod3ris there any good alternative for idm??09:14
hopeless8009greezmunkey, how much dammage have i done09:14
pseud0cod3rfor ubuntu i have tried most of them they are just not good09:14
hopeless8009greezmunkey, i have a back up of the interfaces file09:14
MjateznikHello, could someone please help me get my wireless back up'n'running?09:15
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: none, you are good. The rest of the issues will have to be taken one at a time. Your interfaces file is totally cool. You did good.09:15
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I don't know enough about it to know whether that was ever supposed to work or not. :)  Any reason why you use that space?09:15
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where i can get the UMBRA GUI09:15
Spaztic_One114 is our street address lol09:15
Kuninalkisg, to restore legacy do I need to use an older version of ubuntu livecd?09:16
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok it looks like the server is booting up09:16
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay... :)09:16
pseud0cod3ranyone ?09:16
MjateznikI got a Dell with Broadcom Corp BCM4322 wireless09:16
MjateznikI got the drivers for this card installed and it have worked for over a year.09:16
MjateznikI followed this forum but I'm stuck on the last post. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-wireless-networking-41/wireless-network-problem-on-lenovo-3000-g430-with-ubuntu-8-10-a-697170/09:16
FloodBot2Mjateznik: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
alkisgKunin: nope09:16
hopeless8009greezmunkey, im loged  in09:16
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where i can get the UMBRA GUI09:16
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: my issue is that I have to go now. Hang out in here, there are lots of folks who can help, if not you can always try again tomorrow.09:16
Mjateznikfloodbot: sorry.09:16
hopeless8009greezmunkey, ok thanks bro09:17
Spaztic_OneBut yeah, I can't do anything while disconnected from the ethernet cable09:17
greezmunkeyhopeless8009: you'll be fine, stick to it! :)09:17
hopeless8009greezmunkey, any one out there who can take over where greezmunkey left off09:17
brunsgenussomeone please help :(09:17
hopeless8009anyone out there who can take over where greezmunkey left off09:17
pseud0cod3rhopeless8009, what problem09:18
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where i can get the UMBRA GUI09:18
hopeless8009pseud8cod3r: im trying to get my 10.4 server online09:19
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I don't know how to proceed, because I don't know if the IP address space you're using with the router is causing trouble.09:19
Mjateznikplease help me get my wireless working again09:19
pseud0cod3ri am not familiar with server version sorry09:20
brunsgenusdoes anyone know where i can get the UMBRA GUI09:20
xmanxubuntu v10.04 -- what is the name of the synaptics package do I need to select to get the kernel source files ?09:21
hopeless8009can someone give me some help with 10.4 server09:21
vu1kan!patience | brunsgenus09:21
ubottubrunsgenus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:21
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abhi_navbrunsgenus, http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Umbra?content=98344&PHPSESSID=b4ca6a2f44ac2  and https://launchpad.net/umbragui09:22
MjateznikHow do I reset /etc/network/interfaces to default? Whats the default?09:22
Spaztic_OneEh, I need to go do some things and get a couple hours of sleep09:22
Spaztic_Oneits almost 4:30 AM09:22
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, well make sure you remember how to unload/reload the module.09:23
MjateznikSpaztic_One: no no, your clocks wrong, it's 10:20 in the morning! :)09:23
=== mcs-che_ is now known as mcs-che
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Ideally you wouldn't have to do that manually, but we didn't get far enough into it.09:23
maxwellianSpaztic_One: sudo modprobe -r ath5k; sudo modprobe ath5k;09:23
maxwellianSpaztic_One: That unloads and then loads your ath5k driver.09:23
Spaztic_OneOh, yeah, well, that only made it appear to work... >.>09:24
djmccormicki've just installed a new hard drive for my /home and copied over all the files. i now have it mounted successfully at /home but i'm wondering how i can delete the files from my old /home out of the main hard drive09:24
Mjateznikplease help me activate my wireless.09:24
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Getting an IP address from the router is pretty close to being fixed. :)09:24
Mjateznikdjmccordmick: why won't a standard delete work?09:24
maxwellianSpaztic_One: At this point, we're doing regular old network troubleshooting, not so much driver stuff.09:24
djmccormickMjateznik: i'm sure it will, but now that it's not mounted at /home i was just wondering where i can find the files09:24
Night_ElfIn the logfile of my bind9 server I see log entries like:    named[32516]: connection refused resolving 'apt.modmyi.com/A/IN':    When I do a "host apt.modmyi.com"  it provides an ip address.09:25
vizzySpaztic_One, oh, using ath5k and wlan?09:25
Night_ElfWhat is this thing in the logfile then ?09:25
maxwellianvizzy: Yeah vizzy, you have some insight??09:25
Spaztic_OneHmm, well, if you think we're close....09:25
vizzySpaztic_One, watch out the logfiles! if your connection is bad, you may also see some errors there, like cannot set frequency for scan etc09:25
maxwellianvizzy: He has to go, but we've been struggling with it.09:25
Spaztic_OneI should go, yes, but if we are close to resolving this, I will stay09:26
vizzymaxwellian,  i have an thinkpad t42p with ath5k, and know those errors and problems well09:26
Spaztic_OneI'll just deal with the repercussions of not going to bed later >.<09:26
vizzyat first you should sit near your router to avoid wireless lan cable problems :)09:26
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Well with the people currently here, what may be one simple command could take hours to discover.09:27
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So "close" is sort of relative.09:27
Spaztic_OneWhat do you mean, wireless and cable problems?09:27
vu1kanso, the other day my up key got bound to 'take a screenshot' all on it's own; I checked the config utility and it said that function was still bound to my print key, but when I'd press that key nothing would happen. Now, it fixed itself after I logged out, but what I'd like to know is how that happened, so i can prevent it's recurrence.09:27
maxwellianSpaztic_One: If you come back tomorrow explaining that you are able to connect to the router, but you can't do anything with the connection, someone will probably be able to guide you.09:28
vizzySpaztic_One, empfangsprobleme :) i mean if you sit 300meters from your router, and thick walls between you and the router, you may have wlan cable problems :)09:28
djmccormickif i've mounted a new drive over /home where can i find my original /home to delete it?09:28
vizzyso, in this case you maybe can connect to the router, but never get a right connection09:28
vizzythis is indicated by message sin the logfiles saying something like: can not set scan frequency to xxxxmhz or so09:29
Spaztic_OneAh, well, i'm resonably close... within er... probably under 10 meters09:29
Spaztic_Oneand where are these logs so I can check?09:29
vizzybut sorry, i dont know exactly what the problem is, i didnt follow your discussion09:29
vizzySpaztic_One, ok, so open a terminal, alt+f2 and type xterm09:30
vizzy(alt+f2 at least works in kde.... i dont know about gnome)09:30
Spaztic_Oneand it does work09:30
Spaztic_Onefor future reference09:30
vizzySpaztic_One, now enter: tail -f /var/log/messages /var/log/debug09:30
Mjateznikcan someone with a working wireless check their etc/network/interfaces and tell me what says there? Thanks.09:31
vizzythis gives you thelast few lines of these two logfiles09:31
Kuninalkisg, thanks, I figured it out... menu.lst was using UUID and I just had to change that... now it's booting, let's see if it... YES, it worked!09:31
maxwellianMjateznik: Most people are probably using a program to manage their connection, not that file.09:31
vizzy(i'm on lenny, maybe ubuntu doesnt have /var/log/debug)09:31
vizzySpaztic_One, then try to connect to your router and watch out the messages09:32
vizzyfor reference :) type in: ls -al /var/log/ and then press TAB TAB09:32
anodehey, i'm trying to install kde-l10n-ja and I'm getting errors about tex-common and texlive-binaries.. is this something that has been happening commonly?09:32
alkisgKunin: it's easier to use tune2fs to change the UUID than to edit menu.lst and fstab ==> for next time ;)09:32
Kuninalkisg, thanks!09:32
vizzySpaztic_One, this gives a list of all files located in /var/log, the most common location to store logfiles09:32
vizzySpaztic_One, tab tab is for autocompletition :)09:33
=== sree is now known as sreR
vizzySpaztic_One, if you want see logs on your screen in background, install root-tail and type root-tail -g 800x600+300+250 /var/log/messages,yellow /var/log/syslog,red /var/log/debug /var/log/dmesg09:35
vizzyi suggest it as standard background instead of funny pics :))09:35
Spaztic_Oneit says no active ibss stas - trying to scan for other ibss networks with same ssid09:36
Spaztic_Onethats for the first long thing09:36
vizzyibss? hmmm, never heared of that09:36
vizzySpaztic_One, did the connection work in the past?09:36
Spaztic_OneI just got this computer in the last 12 hours09:37
vizzyah ok, new setup09:37
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Have you ever had wireless working on any machine on this network?09:37
Spaztic_OneI got it off of ebay with no OS, and everyting was tested and ok09:37
Spaztic_Oneand yes, my desktop is online09:37
maxwellianSpaztic_One: With wireless?09:38
vizzyah! Spaztic_One check your router and look if hardware access is enabled, i mean MAC address verification or how it is called09:38
Spaztic_Oneits signal is poor, but its also at the opposite end of the house as the router09:38
vizzySpaztic_One, maybe you have to enter your wireless mac to the router09:38
skynet1994Hello the worldbuntu09:38
Spaztic_Onethe MAC of my laptop?09:38
vizzyyes, you got 2 nics, eth0 and wlan0 or wmaster 009:38
maxwellianSpaztic_One: vizzy's talking about a feature that is usually disabled by default.  Do you remember setting up MAC address filtering on your router?09:39
vizzythe mac is written on the backside of your computer09:39
Spaztic_OneI remember seeing that it was not enabled09:39
vizzyok, so if disabled there is no problem with that09:39
vizzyjust an idea ;)09:39
Spaztic_Oneyep, and a good one.09:39
maxwellianSpaztic_One: It's not a bad idea, since it's a new machine.  If it were enabled, you would have been blocked for sure.09:39
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Is your desktop on right now?  How easy is it to find out the IP address on it?09:40
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Oh, and is it running Windows?09:40
vizzymaxwellian, in parrallel? hmmm, yeah, somttimes windoz screws up hardware09:41
Spaztic_OneDesktop is running windows, and its IP should be either or maybe .100 or .10209:41
MadRobotIt seems I have a problem with the public key of my Ubuntu repository links: http://pastebin.com/MsjmmRU4 How do I fix that?09:41
maxwellianvizzy: I just want to see what kind of address the Windows machine is getting.09:41
Spaztic_OneI can go do an ipconfig and get exactly what it is if you would like09:42
vizzySpaztic_One, can you paste a full oogoutput, or relevant lines to pastebin.com please09:42
maxwellianSpaztic_One: You know for sure it starts with 114 and not 10 or 192?09:42
vizzylogoutput ^09:42
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, yes, 100% positive.09:42
Spaztic_Oneand vizzy, what is that?09:42
False_chickenAnyone know of a manual partitioning guide? I would like to give it a shot because I hear of the advantages of having seperate partitions.09:43
bleahhi , i have a problem whit my webcam , the image is mirrored , i use ubuntu 10.0409:43
vizzySpaztic_One, pastebin? its a website where you can put logoutput and codesnippets getting too long for irc09:44
Spaztic_OneNo, the oogoutput09:44
vizzylogoutput :)09:44
vizzyjust a typo09:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Can you right click the bars in the top right and get the connection information again?09:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I need to know what's given for broadcast address, subnet mask, and default route.09:45
Spaztic_Oneof the wired connection or the wireless?09:45
Spaztic_Onealso, vizzy, my linux does not know the command logoutput09:46
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Of the wireless now.09:46
vizzySpaztic_One, type in cnsole: ifconfig , and then copy output to pastebin please :)09:46
vizzySpaztic_One, i mean the output you get from the tail command you typed in the console09:46
vizzysorry, my english isnt the best09:46
mrwizeguy1983i need to patch the ubuntu kernel with a .patch file, the documentation implies that it may not be necessary to compile a custom kernel for this, just use the headers?  anyone know anything about it?09:47
^DEMOSS^hello - say me please terminal commant for edit file with gpedit ( i do not remember its good - but looking like as " gtcsudo gpedit /part/file.")09:47
Spaztic_Onebroadcast is, subnet is and there is no default route for the wireless09:47
maxwellianSpaztic_One: It's just blank?09:48
mrwizeguy1983^DEMOSS^, are you looking for gksudo gedit ?09:48
vizzyno default router!09:48
linuxWould anyone in here be able to tell me if this PC (I am buying it) would be compatible with Ubuntu? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350371341736&refid=store#ht_17272wt_93409:48
Spaztic_OneThere is no line for it under the wireless tab of the connection information09:48
Spaztic_Onenot like "Default Route:    " and a blank space, its not there at all09:48
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, I'm using Xubuntu, so my program is a little different than yours.09:49
vizzySpaztic_One, as root do: route add default gw ip.of.rout.er09:49
mrwizeguy1983linux, fyi any pc that high end will be hell to get working on ubuntu, but you can probably do it if you get the right info or help09:49
dumonthow do I get unixtime for year 2161 jan 1st 00:00:00?09:49
maxwellianvizzy: We don't know if he doesn't have a route already.09:49
^DEMOSS^mrwizeguy1983: YESSS - it's work - thank you wery mutch )))09:49
Spaztic_Onemax, on the wired side, it has it and different addresses09:50
Spaztic_Onesub is the same thiough09:50
mrwizeguy1983^DEMOSS^, i have a laptop that was only about 1/2 of that price, a bit less, and it took forever to get the graphics driver working etc.09:50
stixHi guys. I have done the following to install sun-java plugin for my firefox: http://pastebin.com/pMdjBjng. The install completes with success but the plugin is not showing in about:plugins in firefox?09:50
linuxmrwizeguy: alright, maybe the "uncostumized" version will do... http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-AMD-QUAD-X4-PHENOM-965-3-4GHz-500GB-HDD-4GB-DDR3-PC-/290448990255?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item43a01be02f09:51
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Type route -n09:51
dumontlinduxed you know you could probably build that syste for ~$2500 ?09:51
eokestix: I think you have to tell Ubuntu which version of java to use as the default whether that'll affect Firefox or not I'm not sure.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java09:52
induschanti, hi09:52
induschanti, solved?09:52
mrwizeguy1983might be a bit easier linux but generally newer hardware is either not yet or badly supported on linux in my experience, you can usually force it to work if you or friends know the ins and outs09:52
linuxdumont: yeah, but im lazy - just rebuilt and old Dimension 2400 from Dell and I'd rather not do it agian for a while lol09:52
dumontlinux and fyi, any fking computer with a decent memory can be run on ubuntu!09:52
Corkanyone know how to let nautilus use sftp/smb and the like when started over ssh?09:52
vizzySpaztic_One, is eth0 enabled? maybe unload the module. thah fixes problems for me sometimes. to use wlan i have to disable eth0 by removing e1000 module09:52
linuxdumont: mhmm, i know - just wanted to know if a high-end model would work09:52
mrwizeguy1983personally, i'm only an average user of ubuntu so it took a few months for my laptop to work near perfectly09:52
dumontlinux excuse me? rebuilt a dell? that's like masturbating to a trashcan09:53
linuxdumont: lol it was all i had at the time09:53
mrwizeguy1983lol dumont that's funny but not very nice09:53
dumontlinux any computer works09:53
vizzySpaztic_One, can you paste the output of the following command to pastebin? tail /var/log/messages; ifconfig; route09:53
oCean_dumont: watch your language in this channel09:53
=== ashiswin_ is now known as ashiswin
dumonthow do I get unixtime for year 2161 jan 1st 00:00:00?09:53
mrwizeguy1983personally i prefer sony asus or (ibm/lenovo) dumont09:54
linuxdumont/wizeguy: so the AMD 64bit quad cores aren't support very well?09:54
dumontcould I do it with a date? but I don't want to change computer bios date/running time to do i09:54
mrwizeguy1983linux the processor is supported VERY well09:54
sam555hello all!09:54
linuxwizeguy: hmm i think that high one would work very well. most everything on it is already supported, just newer or higher end09:55
mrwizeguy1983i use the i7 720qm and it works amazing, it was the audio, hdmi, wireless card, and video card and screen i had to force to work linux09:55
maxwellianSpaztic_One: It looks like you don't have a default route.09:55
sam555i'm having trouble getting my nic to work using ubuntu server09:55
linuxwizeguy: just want a second opinion09:55
vizzySpaztic_One, ok, forget about eth0, for me eth0 and wlan0 are i the same network ;)09:55
sam555i just switched out the motherboard09:55
linuxbut ill be back :D wifey time09:55
sam555this is the second new motherboard I've tried and when I ifconfig, it only list vm IPs and local ip09:55
Spaztic_Onevizzy: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/KJPjMN2c09:55
dumonthow do I get unixtime for year 2161 jan 1st 00:00:00? cmon... how do you get a unixtime stamp for a specific date?09:55
stixGuys, I have just installed ubuntu 10.04 amd64, but my system shows as a i686 - isn't that wrong?09:56
mrwizeguy1983linux i'm far from the most knowledgeable on here, a second opinion is a good idea.  i think you could make it work, but i'd bet money it will take a good bit of work to do09:56
chantiindus: not solved09:56
vizzySpaztic_One, hmmm09:57
Spaztic_OneAlso, maxwellian, will having a default route make it difficult to join other networks, such as public access points, or my school's wireless?09:57
otakCork: checkout: http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/ssh/ch09_01.htm09:57
oCean_dumont: -d for specific date %s for unixtime09:57
vizzySpaztic_One, another 'idea': is your router set to a,b,  or g network? maybe have 300mbit option enabled?09:57
Spaztic_OneIt should either be g or n09:58
dumontoCean_ but wouldn't -d change my system time?09:58
Corkotak: thx09:58
vizzyi had funny problems when switching on 300,mbit otion on my router, or using different networks09:58
maxwellianvizzy: The pastebin output shows that he does not have a route to the router, I believe.09:58
oCean_dumont: no, it's just about printing a date, not setting09:58
dumontok thanks09:58
oCean_dumont: date -d "2161-1-1 00:00:00" +%s something like this09:58
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if you went to a public library right now, it would work no problem.09:59
mrwizeguy1983looking for someone a bit more knowledgeable about ubuntu that can help me with patching a kernel09:59
maxwellianSpaztic_One: The problem is that your laptop is expecting a router with an address like
Spaztic_Onethats... weird09:59
maxwellianWell that's default.10:00
dumontit says invalid date10:00
maxwellianActually, or
dumontdoes someone have a 64 bit syste? could they run this command? "date -d "2161-1-1 00:00:00" +%s"10:00
Spaztic_OneI've never heard of one starting with 10 though10:00
maxwellianSomething like those.10:00
Corkotak: i've already gotten that far, the problem is when i try to access someting like sftp:/server/home/cork/ in nautilus stated remotly i get "Could not find "/home/cork/seft:/server/home/cork"10:00
maxwellianMine does. :)10:00
Spaztic_Onethe 192 yes, but... yeah...10:00
Spaztic_Oneah, lol10:00
mrwizeguy1983sure, why not dumont i'll do it, i run 64 bit10:00
mrwizeguy19836027454800      <----what it gave back dumont10:01
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So if you're not going to change your router to use a real private network range, then you have to try to configure your card to use the wacko street address one. :)10:01
dumontthank you very much!10:01
Spaztic_Onebe back in a sec10:01
anodehey, i'm trying to install kde-l10n-ja and I'm getting errors about tex-common and texlive-binaries.. is this something that has been happening commonly?10:01
vizzySpaztic_One, maybe your router is configured to put wlan in its own private network (again guessing a lot)10:01
dumontmy unix time stamp goes up to only 2038 on 32 bit system :)10:01
anodeactually, anything I install is giving me errors about tex10:01
dumontthank you very much!!!!!!!!!! 2nd time :)10:01
mrwizeguy1983dumont, i have no idea why you wanted to know but glad to help lol10:02
maxwellianvizzy: He's 100% sure his Windows machine is in the same network as the router.  I have no idea how that happened though.10:02
vizzymaxwellian, ok :)10:02
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I know it's late, but do you mind going over and getting the info from the Windows box?10:04
TrikksCould someone help me get iTunes installed on Ubuntu?10:04
mrwizeguy1983maxwellian, do you know how to patch a kernel to support something additional?10:04
Spaztic_OneWhat info?10:05
mrwizeguy1983Trikks, as best i know that would have to be done using wine10:05
maxwellianSpaztic_One: We need IP address, broadcast address, subnet mask, and default route, if they're available.10:05
ddavidshello all10:05
Spaztic_Onealright, be back in a moment10:05
maxwellianmrwizeguy1983: No way dude, sorry. :P10:06
mrwizeguy1983lol you're joking maxwellian ?10:06
mrwizeguy1983somehow i get the feeling it's something simple i just haven't had to do before...10:06
maxwellianmrwizeguy1983: No, I've never compiled the kernel.10:06
mrwizeguy1983oh, well the documentation implies i don't have to10:07
mrwizeguy1983under the documentation, section for reasons NOT to compile a custom kernel, it said this:   You merely need to compile a special driver. For this, you only need to install the linux-headers packages.10:07
maxwellianmrwizeguy1983: If you patch the kernel, you have to compile it.  Otherwise the patch doesn't do anything.10:07
otakTrikks: have you tried rhythmbox?10:08
nunners42Does anyone have any experience of 10.4 Lucid crashing regularly?  I've installed it about 2 weeks ago, and can't get it stable.  When it crashes the who thing freezes.  Nothing in logs, and no regularity of what it could be.  I've been raising it on the forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9537321) but no luck so far...10:08
TrikksThe thing is, I have an iPhone :-/10:08
maxwellianmrwizeguy1983: Sorry, again, I've never done anything like that.10:08
TrikksNot technically by choice, either.10:08
TrikksHowever, I do love the little thing. ^.^10:08
mrwizeguy1983maxwellian, if nothing else you made me feel better about not knowing how to do it lol10:08
vizzynunners42, maybe run memorytest10:08
eokeTrikks: Most people here aren't going to hold an iPhone against you, RhythmBox will certainly talk to iPods so it's worth giving it a try if you just want to transfer Music.10:09
sam555how does one restart the network in ubuntu?10:09
Spaztic_TwoHey, vizzy and maxwellian, on my windows box10:09
sam555what's the command?10:09
TrikksOh, It can do that??10:09
maxwellianSpaztic_Two: Heh, welcome again. :)10:09
TrikksYou're pullin' my leg.10:09
Spaztic_TwoHaha, yea10:09
eokeTrikks: It works out of the box with my Partners Nano10:09
mrwizeguy1983sam555, what do you mean restart network?10:09
nunners42vizzy: tried memory test, nothing found10:10
TrikksWell I'll give that a shot, Thank you Eoke.10:10
sam555mrwizeguy1983: i found it, sorry to bother10:10
mrwizeguy1983nm-applet is the name of the network manager in ubuntu sam555, you can kill it and restart it if it's acting up10:10
eokeTrikks: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone may be of interest to you.10:10
mrwizeguy1983good call eoke, got a solution for me? lol10:11
sam555mrwizeguy1983: i restarted, but eth0 is still not being recongnized10:11
TrikksThank you, Eoke.10:11
sam555i installed a new motherboard :(10:11
TrikksHow do you repspond specifically to someone?10:11
mrwizeguy1983sam555, has it worked at all?10:11
ubu_hi ppl out the a need some simple suport plz :)10:11
ubu_i have bluetooth issus10:11
maxwellianSpaztic_Two: Okay, now right-click on the bars up there and go to edit connections, if it's there.10:11
TrikksI literally just installed Ubuntu. I'm a big newb at this. ^.^10:11
mrwizeguy1983it could be a driver issue if it never has worked sam55510:11
sam555mrwizeguy1983: it worked with the old motherboard10:11
sam555this is the 2nd mb I've tried :(10:12
Spaztic_TwoMaxwellian, ok, running to other computer10:12
maxwellianHa, sorry!! :P10:12
eokeSorry mrwizeguy1983 I missed your original question as some one seemed to already be assisting you.10:12
ubu_i cant send anything from my phone to the laptop acer spire one10:12
mrwizeguy1983eoke, what i need is to patch a kernel directly from the headers10:12
sam555mrwizeguy1983: its the same type of mb of the same time of computer, so the mac should only be the difference10:12
ubu_do any one now how to fix this issus ?10:12
eokemrwizeguy1983: I've never done that myself sorry.10:13
ubu_bluetooth "ubuntu 10.0410:13
mrwizeguy1983sam555, something probably needs to be forced to flush old data, it's above my linux tech level, ask eoke?10:13
Spaztic_OneOK, got it open, maxwellian10:13
eokeubu_: Have you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:13
sam555eoke: do you know how to "flush" info out of a the OS so that my new motherboard can work with my old hard drive?10:13
maxwellianOkay, now click the wireless tab, and select your home network.10:13
nunners42vizzy: also tried new installs... thinking maybe need to go backwards in versions and try something a little older?10:14
ubu_eoke no but tnx10:14
mrwizeguy1983sam555, if you were using windows i'd tell you to go into safe mode and remove the driver and reinstall, but i don't know how to do the equivalent on ubuntu10:14
Spaztic_Oneand then?10:14
sam555mrwizeguy1983: gotcha10:15
sam555yeah, if I was in windows, it would have just worked with a new mac address10:15
mrwizeguy1983lol well, you'd be surprised how much windows 98 and windows xp got hung up over stupid stuff10:15
mrwizeguy1983a driver being fully removed in safe mode cleared everything sam555 so it would have worked lol10:15
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Click edit, then go to the IP4 settings tab.10:16
sam555mrwizeguy1983: but I don't know why I would need a new driver since it's the same exact motherboard as the other?10:16
Spaztic_Oneam I to change the "method"?10:16
ubu_eoke my problem is that the blue man works well the thing i have issus is that i can´t send anything like pic from lg ku990 phone to the bild in bluethooth acerspier mini10:16
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Yeah, we're gonna try manual.10:16
Spaztic_Onedo I need to add something then?10:17
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Yes. :)10:17
mrwizeguy1983sam555, it's not the driver, it's the fact of it hanging on to the old info (probably) which would have been fixed on WINDOWS by clearing the driver, ubuntu works different and i don't know how to clear such data from ubuntu10:17
ubu_eoco sorry for my eng but hope u understand :)10:17
sam555mrwizeguy1983: oh, i see10:17
Spaztic_Oneis netmask the subnetmask?10:18
Spaztic_Oneor does that matter?10:18
mrwizeguy1983one of the pros in here probably knows a command to flush old network data and/or reset pci devices sam555, your issue is probably a one command fix i just don't know said command10:18
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Yes.10:18
swampratHow to get evoultion close to try and not to exit(Ubuntu 10.04)?10:18
maxwellianSpaztic_One: But you need to pick a unique address for the first box.10:18
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Not the same one as the other computer.10:18
sam555mrwizeguy1983: np, i'm also asking people on linux10:18
Spaztic_Oneah, I thought that was the address of my router10:19
maxwellianSpaztic_One: For example,
nunners42Can anyone recommend an slightly old version of ubuntu for installing on a server that's pretty robust?  Tried lucid 10.04, but keeps crashing and want to see if it is Lucid or hardware...10:19
mrwizeguy1983i fix windows pc's for money and going to be a network admin when dome with classes, but i only use linux for recreation and not as good at it, sorry sam55510:19
Spaztic_Oneyea, and then the 255 for the net mask10:19
Spaztic_Onewhat for the gateway?10:19
swampratnunners42: try 8.04 LTS10:20
maxwellianSpaztic_One: That's where you put the address of the router.10:20
otak!debian nunners4210:20
Spaztic_Onedo I need to put in DNS server stuff?10:20
nunners42otak: why debian?10:20
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
sam555so apparently, I have eth2!10:21
sam555but no IP on eth210:21
sam555any ideas how to set that up?10:21
otaknunners42: it just seems more stable on older hardware10:21
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Hopefully not.  We'll cross that bridge in a minute. :P10:21
mrwizeguy1983lol, think it kept your old mac address as eth0 and eth2 is the new one sam555 ?10:21
nunners42otak: thing is it's brand new hardware....! I'll give it a go though....10:22
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Oh, sorry, I forgot to look at the Windows stuff again.  Yeah, just put the router address again for DNS.10:22
maxwellianSpaztic_One: That's what your windows machine is doing, apparently.10:22
mrwizeguy1983sam555, it's just a guess, but try right clicking the network icon on the system tray and going to edit connections, then edit eth2 and see what you can find, make sure it's set to connect automatically etc.10:23
swampratHow to minimize evolution to tray but not to close it? (ubuntu 10.04)10:23
otaknunners42: soz misunderstood. I find debian easier to configure in terminal..10:24
IConrad01swamprat: Try Alltray10:24
TrikksI'm having trouble with YouTube videos, I can't seem to press pause or play.10:24
TrikksCan anyone help?10:24
IConrad01Trikks: Tried http://www.youtube.com/html5 ?10:24
mrwizeguy1983Trikks, do you know how to use synaptic?10:25
nunners42otak: ok - see what you mean... I haven't actually configured much on the hardware side - in fact I think the only thing I've done is change the IP... as I said about, the motherboard has display/sound built in, so not sure what else I could configure...10:25
eokeTrikks: If there not on youtube.com itself I some times have to right click and select "Watch on youtube"10:25
mrwizeguy1983make sure you have flash player installed Trikks10:25
plop_agsam555, you want to change the name of eth2 ? or set the network ?10:25
IConrad01Trikks: Alternatively -- http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/fix-mouse-clicks-not-working-in-flash.html10:25
plop_agsam555, udev now store some rules to match hardware and assign network interface to ethX10:26
plop_agsam555, look into /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules10:26
mrwizeguy1983plop_ag, you know how to patch a kernel?10:26
swampratIConrad01: Thanks it works10:26
IConrad01swamprat:  :-)10:27
IConrad01... Is anyone in here familiar with GRUB2 and booting *.iso files via it?10:27
IConrad01Specifically, Syslinux-based LiveCD (PCRegedit)10:27
TrikksWait, How do I apply this Linux Firefox patch?10:27
IConrad01I'm trying to add an option to my multibooting USB drive10:27
plop_agmrwizeguy1983, a lot of people know how to do that, and there is a lot of odc available on this subjet10:28
IConrad01Trikks: Just execute the commands that website tells you to.10:28
IConrad01It'll give you mouseclicks back.10:28
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What happened?10:28
sam555plop_ag: is it ok to just use eth2?10:28
mrwizeguy1983plop_ag, it says in the documentation i don't have to compile a custom kernel, just use the headers provided, how do i do that? it didn't have a link for that10:28
TrikksThe WebM enabled version, correct?10:28
Spaztic_OneUnplugged the cable and tried it, but it didn't work, apparently10:28
plop_agIConrad01, http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/Boot-an-ISO-via-Grub2.html10:28
ddavidshello all10:29
Spaztic_Onealso, for a brief moment, I saw both my network and my neighbor's, as well as the one I predefined10:29
plop_agsam555, yes you can, it is not really important, it is just in case you want to assign another name (i didnt understand you first question)10:29
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Where did you see them?10:29
maxwellianSpaztic_One: And we're talking about three networks?10:29
sam555plop_ag: np, I was just trying to get out10:29
Ego_ProctorI have a problem with my sound.  Every time I restart my computer, or logout and log back it the sound does not work properly.  The volume control looks like it is on full blast, but if I turn it up it goes back to zero and then fills up and then the sound works.10:30
plop_agmrwizeguy1983, really depends on what you want to do10:30
Spaztic_OneI saw them in the list of available networks, and yes, three, though one owas the predefined one I have been using thus far10:30
mrwizeguy1983plop_ag, a very simple .patch file to make my built in mic work10:30
IConrad01plop_ag: I'm already booting three *.iso files.10:30
Ego_Proctorsome times I have to mute and then unmute the sound and then turn it up for it to work.10:30
IConrad01It's the Syslinux boot disk I'm having issues with.10:30
ddavidspls i usually receive these kind of errors when i save with geidt on the terminalerror: line 53471: bad flag vector alias10:30
ddavidserror: line 53473: bad flag alias index: 010:30
ddavidserror: line 53473: bad flag vector alias10:30
ddavidserror: line 53474: bad flag alias index: 010:30
FloodBot2ddavids: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
ddavidserror: line 53474: bad flag vector alias10:30
ddavidserror: line 53475: bad flag alias index: 010:31
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What do you mean, predefined?  You should be editing properties for your home wireless network, not creating a new one.10:31
Spaztic_OneThere wasn't one hours ago when I first started trying to get my computer online10:32
Spaztic_Onethere is one now10:32
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So were you editing the one for your actual home network?10:32
ddavidspls i need assistance with theses errors that show in the terminal whenever i try to save something using gedit error: line 53471: bad flag vector alias10:32
ddavidserror: line 53473: bad flag alias index: 010:32
IConrad01plop_ag: For example -- It has no vmlinuz file and the initrd file is hidden inside of another file...10:33
IConrad01Is it just not supportable, or... ?10:33
mrwizeguy1983ddavids, what are you trying to edit with gedit?10:33
Spaztic_One10 minutes ago, there was only one entry in the network connections window, and it was the one I had made initially10:33
hypn0in 10.04 i came across an odd thing, i booted up, normally (previously i had removed quiet and splash from boot commands), so what happened was there was a forced check on drive cause it had been booted 30 or 35 times (i can remember exactly), the odd thing was there was no other output like in previous versions, there was a spinning text character. at first i thought it had stopped booting, and there was an error, it was only because i had read the previous10:33
hypn0 output, before screen went blank, and cause i know 'a forced check' takes time, that i didnt panic. a newbie would probably thing it had crashed and restart it using button. just thought i'd tell u abt it.10:33
ddavidsanything i try at all10:33
Spaztic_Onenow there are two, the one that has been there, as well as an "auto" one that has recently appeared10:33
mrwizeguy1983ddavids, it could be something about the file you're editing or maybe gedit is experiencing problems, try editing with nano or openoffice and see if that works10:34
ddavidsmrwizeguys1983, anything i save10:34
plop_agmrwizeguy1983, you have to get the kernel source, and apply your patch, and rebuild the module for you kernel10:34
mrwizeguy1983plop_ag, the documentation said i don't have to do it that way, i've built kernels before and it was a pain10:35
plop_agreally depends, you can do it like dkms10:35
mrwizeguy1983i was not good at it, got it wrong even from the guide a few times plop_ag, it requires more patience than i have....you sure it can't be done from the headers like the documentation implies?10:35
maxwellianSpaztic_One: But all the manual editing we just did...did you do it for your actual home network?  With the name of your home network?10:35
IConrad01mrwizeguy1983: ddavids: Using OpenOffice to edit config files or pure linux-text files is a recipe for disaster.10:35
mrwizeguy1983IConrad01, yes clearly, but i think he's trying to edit other files10:36
Spaztic_Oneand the new one also has the name, but it has the word "auto" in front of it10:36
mrwizeguy1983personally i use nano often IConrad0110:36
maxwellianddavids: Apparently this is a known bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/58391110:36
plop_agmrwizeguy1983, yes, dkms only use headers from the kernel10:36
IConrad01mrwizeguy1983: Vi(m) is winning me over.10:36
plop_agIConrad01, sorry i dont know if it is supported10:37
andeeeukhas anyone updated to the new linux kernal and found that their ati drivers are no longer working10:37
IConrad01plop_ag: Any ideas on where I could even check for such a thing?10:37
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Hmm...auto in that context usually means auto connect.10:37
Spaztic_Onewell, both have auto connect checked10:38
maxwellianSpaztic_One: If you go in to edit them, which one has your changes?10:38
plop_agIConrad01, you can't extract your vmlinuz ?10:38
IConrad01plop_ag: There *isn't* one.10:38
Spaztic_Onethe one that does not have auto is how I set it, the other one is similar except that it has dhcp instead of manual10:39
plop_agIConrad01, what did you try to boot ?10:39
andeeeukI have updated to the new linux kernal and the ati drivers are no longer working, has anyone else had this problem?10:39
IConrad01It's Syslinux based.10:39
Spaztic_Oneand it says infrastructer instead of adhoc10:39
mrwizeguy1983andeeeuk, did you happen to install the update to linux-firmware around the same time?  that one gave me hell10:40
IConrad01Actually, it has both an isolinux and a syslinux *.cfg10:40
maxwellianSpaztic_One, okay go into the one that says auto and uncheck the automatically connect part.10:40
andeeeuki think that was in the same update10:40
erUSULandeeeuk: probably you have to reinstall the drivers10:40
plop_agIConrad01, and this tool is hidden in the iso ?10:40
DocPlatypusokay... I'll try again. Got a system I just now tried to upgrade to 10.04 and when I boot the new kernel I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!" old kernel will boot into text mode but not X10:41
maxwellianNow the other one that you've customized is supposed to be set to automatically connect?10:41
mrwizeguy1983andeeeuk, that's probably what did it.  i had to force the installation of it to make it overwrite a certain file it couldn't automatically, then purge the graphics drivers i had, then install new ones.  might be the same for you, might not10:41
andeeeukI have tried reinstalling the drivers but was having problema10:41
IConrad01plop_ag: ... PCRegedit *is* the *.iso10:41
plop_agIConrad01, menuentry "PCRegedit" { linux16 /pcregedit iso10:41
IConrad01No dice.10:41
andeeeukthat sounds like a bit of a pain10:41
DocPlatypusit's a laptop with Intel GMA and I've tried i915.modeset=0 just now. that gets the old kernel where it tries  to start X but the backlight just flickers on and off again about 20 times10:41
andeeeukcheers for letting me know10:42
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Okay, in fact, just to get a little more control, uncheck auto for that one too.10:42
andeeeukwill have to go through all of that again10:42
plop_agicarus901, http://syslinux.zytor.com/wiki/index.php/MEMDISK#GRUB210:42
IConrad01plop_ag: How could that work without a loopback entry or pointing to the kernel or initrd file?10:42
plop_agIConrad01, http://syslinux.zytor.com/wiki/index.php/MEMDISK#GRUB210:42
otakSpaztic_One: auto means use dhcp. thats what you want isn't it?10:43
maxwellianSpaztic_One: No, there are two meanings of "auto".10:43
mrwizeguy1983andeeeuk, yes it was a pain, a huge pain.  some conflict with a medibuntu package made linux-firmware not install properly.  did you get an error message when you did the update? if not it may not be the same problem10:43
maxwellianSpaztic_One: One is to automatically connect to the network when it's in range.10:43
maxwellianSpaztic_One: The other is to automatically configure the IP address and all that, instead of us specifying it manually.  (This kind of auto is handled by DHCP.)10:44
maxwellianSpaztic_One: So now you should have two versions of your home network listing, one that's setup for DHCP, and one that's set manual.10:44
IConrad01plop_ag: That link is **exclusively** for memdisk10:45
umc-workhey guys. I have a weird problem. I created an udev rule so my webcam is /dev/custom0, and it has root:video owners, but if I try streaming with vlc, I get a permission denied. if I plug it in a different usb and it gets name /dev/video0, streaming works fine, and it has the same permissions. any idea what could be the problem ?10:45
maxwellianSpaztic_One: For BOTH, however, I want you to uncheck the checkbox that says "Connect automatically".10:45
Spaztic_Oneour router is set to assign network address to computers10:45
IConrad01Unless you're suggesting chainloading from GRUB2 to memdisk and from there into PCRegedit... ?10:45
pimshow can I do a word research in the terminal please ? I tail -f a log and I'd like to look for a word in the output10:45
Spaztic_OneYEs, I did that10:45
plop_agIConrad01, memedisk is a syslinux tool, like pcregedit10:45
IConrad01plop_ag: No, PCRegedit is a full LiveCD distro that uses Syslinux to boot.10:46
Spaztic_Onemaaaaan.... its light outside10:46
Spaztic_Oneand its quarter til 610:46
emily__hi guys, where do I need to look to find what error is causing my X to crash seemingly randomly? It's a clean Lucid install.10:46
coz_Spaztic_One, mm I see that here too10:46
IConrad01pims: Execute your normal command, but add this to the end:  " | grep WordToLookFor "10:46
coz_spartan07,  you must be in same timezone10:46
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Bleh, sorry dude.  We should probably call it a night.10:46
IConrad01pims: Just the stuff inside the quotes -- not the quotes themselves.10:46
coz_Spaztic_One,  you must be in same timezone  sorry  spartan0710:46
pimsIConrad01: will it work with live output coming every second ?10:47
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Even if we kept at it, it might not work.  This is a network configuration problem, and I'm not very experienced at it.10:47
maxwellianSpaztic_One: If you come back tomorrow, someone with more experience can hopefully help?10:47
IConrad01pims: grep searches inputs for items and returns them.  If the command is ongoing so will the output be.10:47
IConrad01It's just piping one command's input to another.10:47
Spaztic_Onewell, you have any idea why i'm not seeing my neighbor's network anymore?10:47
IConrad01Pipes are your friend.10:47
andeeeukmrwizeguy1983 i didnt receive an error when i updated10:48
IConrad01Pipes make l33ts of n00bs.  lol10:48
maxwellianSpaztic_One: When did that happen?10:48
Viking667hey ho, all.10:48
pimsIConrad01 > what if I want the entire output and just hightlight the words I look for ? doing | more or something ?10:48
Spaztic_Onea while ago. I told you?10:48
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I thought you said you were seeing there's, yours, and another one of yours with Auto in its name?10:48
IConrad01pims: piping to more will just let you scroll through the outputs over time.  I don't know about highlighting.10:49
andeeeukgraphics cards always seem to be a problem with kernal updates10:49
Spaztic_OneI was10:49
andeeeukwell, with my experience10:49
Spaztic_Onetheirs is part of that set10:49
pimsIConrad01, > you know, when in a man page you can type / and then the word you look for10:49
Spaztic_Onecurrently, I'm only seeing the one I made by hand10:49
erUSULemily__: /var/log/Xorg.0.log ~/.xsession-errors /var/log/messages10:49
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Ha, theirs, sorry.10:49
IConrad01pims: That should work, yes.  Same as with Vi10:49
plop_agIConrad01, did you try : loopback loop /boot/file.iso  chainloader (loop) ?10:49
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Hmm...10:49
IConrad01plop_ag: You can't chainload into *.iso's in GRUB2.10:50
IConrad01plop_ag: That's a known bug in GRUB2.10:50
DocPlatypusokay... how do I get debugging output from gdm?10:50
plop_agIConrad01, argh...10:50
IConrad01plop_ag: Yeah.10:50
Viking667can Grub2 actually boot into/onto a CD-rom?10:50
maxwellianSpaztic_One: In the terminal type sudo iwlist scan10:50
plop_agIConrad01, sounds bad....10:50
DocPlatypusI've looked in /var/log/gdm/:0*.log and nothing there is immediately useful10:50
Viking667(assuming it's bootable to begin with)10:51
IConrad01Viking667: I've got a multibooting USB drive with 3 *.iso files and memtest on it.10:51
DocPlatypusI need to see exactly what it's trying to do that keeps failing10:51
IConrad01Viking667: I'm trying to add PCRegedit to it.10:51
emily__erUSUL, thanks, I'll give those a glance10:51
Viking667heh. Wossat then?10:51
IConrad01Viking667: It's a Linux-based LiveCD meant to correct Windows registries.10:51
Viking667what's being used on the key? syslinux?10:52
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/2mqEZ0P410:52
IConrad01The PCRegedit *.iso uses Syslinux.10:52
IConrad01Ubuntu & Backtrack use Casper for their LiveCDs.10:52
IConrad01I can boot Casper disks, but I can't figure out isolinux/syslinux10:52
Viking667yeah, but you're more after how to boot those ISOs from an external grub, right?10:52
IConrad01Viking667: Ubuntu & Backtrack 4 I've already got booting.  It's just PCRegedit I'm after.10:53
abhi_navwhats up guys?10:53
IConrad01By the way -- Backtrack 4 won't boot if you have ext4 formatted drives on the machine.10:53
maxwellianSpaztic_One: deconet is the name of your home network?10:53
Viking667abhi_nav: jupiter? Or is that saturn?10:53
IConrad01It just bitches at you constantly until you reboot.10:53
Viking667IConrad01: ugh. Nasty.10:53
abhi_navViking667, Saturn10:53
IConrad01Viking667: Doesn't hurt anything, happily.10:54
Viking667abhi_nav: I wasn't sure, I knew it was one of those two...10:54
abhi_navViking667, hmm10:54
abhi_navthough I dont know what you are taling aout10:54
IConrad01Ubuntu's updating GRUB.10:54
IConrad01It's like they know I'm talking about it.  Creepy. <_<10:54
Viking667abhi_nav: it's my night time at the moment, one really bright planet (not mars nor venus) has just about set if it hasn't already set.10:55
plop_agIConrad01, i mount loop the pcregedit image10:55
plop_agIConrad01, there is a linux kernel in it10:55
IConrad01plop_ag: Yes, there is.10:56
IConrad01Called "Linux"10:56
plop_agIConrad01, yes10:56
IConrad01I tried that and it didn't work.  What's your menuentry look like?10:56
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I don't know why it's not listing the other two.  I'm afraid I don't know what else to do.  I just don't know enough about setting up these networks manually to be useful.  I wish there were someone here who could help. :\10:56
Spaztic_Onei'm going to go to bed and stuff10:57
Spaztic_Onesince i have to be up in like, 3 hours10:57
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Yup, sorry we didn't get further.10:57
Spaztic_Oneits ok10:57
plop_agIConrad01, should be like you other linux ISO, just point to that file in the grub2's config10:57
Spaztic_Onenight all10:58
maxwellianIf you don't think it would jack up your other computers too much, I would try putting your router back to the default address space.10:58
IConrad01plop_ag: ... no, they can't look anything at all alike.10:58
IConrad01That couldn't and shouldn't work.10:58
IConrad01Especially since it's GRUB2's config I'm trying to create here.10:58
IConrad01You said you mount looped for PCRegedit -- what is your menuentry?10:58
IConrad01Can you pastebin or something it for me?10:59
unimatrixis there a way to control a remote system with synaptic or the USC?10:59
plop_agIConrad01, i fouhd a lot of doc about boot an iso via grub2 ? they are all liyng ?10:59
IConrad01unimatrix: SSH -X user@location10:59
IConrad01unimatrix: From there, execute " sudo synaptic "10:59
unimatrixIConrad01 when the remote system doesn't use X10:59
IConrad01unimatrix: Doesn't matter.  The application is the client, and as long as *you* are running an X server you're set.11:00
plop_agIConrad01, i didnt try to boot it with grub2, because i am currently using my workstation, the only box i have with grub2 :/11:00
IConrad01unimatrix: The application will use *your* X session to draw the windows with, IOW.11:00
plop_agIConrad01, i mount it loop on my system, to check the content11:00
unimatrixIConrad01 i'm pretty sure this won't work11:00
IConrad01unimatrix: I do it all the time.11:00
hopeless8009i need help connecting my 10.4 server to our network though wireless11:01
_vadimIs it possible to make a script run on boot, before logins are allowed? Upstart insists in running it in parallel, which I explicitly do NOT want. The script must run until completion before logins are allowed, or X is started.11:01
IConrad01unimatrix: It's specifically what X was designed to do.11:01
unimatrixIConrad01 yeah but you need it on both the client and the server11:01
IConrad01unimatrix: No, you do not.11:01
IConrad01unimatrix: I X-forward from my headless server in runlevel 3 *all the time*.11:01
IConrad01unimatrix: X was **designed** for that.11:01
IConrad01unimatrix: The worst that will happen is the application won't launch.  Give it a whirl. :)  I promise you'll enjoy the results.11:02
unimatrixIConrad01 well in worst case i still need synaptic installed on the remote machine11:02
hopeless8009IConrad01, can you help me connect my sever to the network11:03
IConrad01_vadim: You should, in theory, be able to add an init script.  But that's hoary stuff.11:03
IConrad01hopeless8009: Wireless connection, right?  Do you need more than one internet connection running simultaneously on that server?11:03
erUSUL_vadim: ask in #upstart how to express the contraints of your init script11:03
IConrad01hopeless8009: If not, wicd can be used from CLI.11:03
hopeless8009IConrad01, no11:03
hopeless8009IConrad01, how do i get that11:04
hopeless8009IConrad01, and how do i install it on the server11:04
unimatrixIConrad01: (synaptic:22037): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:11:04
IConrad01hopeless8009: If you can connect it over ethernet temporarily, you can install it that way.  Alternatively you can pull the *.deb file manually and install it using dpkg -i11:04
erUSULhopeless8009: /etc/network/interfaces can be used to configure wifi.11:04
IConrad01unimatrix: Did you throw the -X flag?  In capital?11:04
erUSULhopeless8009: wpa?11:04
unimatrixIConrad01 yup11:04
IConrad01unimatrix: ssh -X user@location11:05
unimatrixIConrad01 exactly like that11:05
hopeless8009erUSUL, i've done that and yes its WPA11:05
IConrad01Okay.  And you executed "sudo synaptic" rather than opening up a root shell?11:05
KnightStalkerI saw my postfix sending(receivng worked) not working so,I searched google and finded out to test host -t mx gmail.com for example,I saw it failing,any reasons?11:05
hopeless8009IConrad01, I cant connect to eatheranet11:05
hopeless8009IConrad01, how do i get it manualy11:06
plop_agIConrad01, perhaps you can try to redo the cdrom ? make it bootable from grub2 ?11:06
IConrad01hopeless8009: Does it have USB drives?  Download the *.deb file elsewhere and drop via USB.11:06
erUSULhopeless8009: http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#wpasupplicant11:06
IConrad01plop_ag: They don't provide source.  And that's above my pay grade.11:06
hopeless8009IConrad01, yes it has USB drive where do i get the .deb at11:06
unimatrixIConrad01 what do you mean opening a root shell?11:07
IConrad01unimatrix: The X-forwarding only works for the session you're currently in.11:07
IConrad01You do //NOT// need an X-server running on the device *forwarding* the X session to your remote machine, from which you perform the operation.11:08
unimatrixIConrad01 it gives the same error without sudo11:08
IConrad01unimatrix: Is your local machine also headless?11:08
unimatrixIConrad01 you mean without X? no11:09
IConrad01unimatrix: Then it absolutely ought to be working.11:09
maxwellianhopeless8009: Try apt-get --download-only wicd11:09
IConrad01unimatrix: But that error is what happens when X is not forwarding.11:09
IConrad01maxwellian: I always forget that option.  Thank you.11:09
unimatrixIConrad01 I even have X11 forwarding enabled in /etc/sshd_conf11:09
IConrad01hopeless8009: Do that from, obviously, a different machine.11:09
IConrad01unimatrix: Did you restart ssh?11:10
unimatrixIConrad01 it's been enabled for years11:10
IConrad01Hrm.  Then it should be working.11:10
IConrad01Try ssh -Y11:10
boumahello, could anyone help me. im getting /media/bf??______'s where _'s get appended to the invalid /media entry for a partition.11:10
unimatrixIConrad01 could it be a problem with the DISPLAY variable not being set?11:10
boumahow can i remove these ? do i have to use rm / on the file/link/inode ?11:11
IConrad01unimatrix: ... I'm not setting DISPLAY on my machines.11:11
hopeless8009maxwellin, are you Iconrad01 also11:11
IConrad01hopeless8009: No, we're different people. lol11:12
unimatrixIConrad01 -Y makes no difference11:12
boumais there a better was to fix the issue, permanently would be nice11:12
maxwellianhopeless8009: No, unless this is some kind of messed up Fight Club remake.11:12
IConrad01unimatrix: pastebin your ssh_config ?11:12
unimatrixIConrad01 sure11:12
KnightStalkerI saw my postfix sending(receivng worked) not working so,I searched google and finded out to test host -t mx gmail.com for example,I saw it failing,any reasons?thats showed via postfix tail " Name service error for name=gmail.com type=MX: Host not found, try again"11:12
hopeless8009maxwellian, where will they be after they are downlaoded11:12
IConrad01You should have ForwardX11 yes uncommented and ForwardX11Truest yes as well...11:12
bartjcan some one plz help with resizing my root partition11:12
bartjit is 100% full11:12
bartjI am trying to use gparted11:13
IConrad01hopeless8009: Doesn't matter.  Just throw "find / | grep wicd" as root and you'll find it. :)11:13
erUSULbartj: try to make some room... « sudo apt-get clean »11:13
wakkartois that even possible?11:13
maxwellianhopeless8009: The .deb file will be in the current directory, meaning the directory you were in when you ran the command.11:13
IConrad01bartj: You want to do that from LiveCD11:13
unimatrixIConrad01 http://pastebin.com/pibPnnYh11:13
IConrad01bartj: gparted won't work on mounted drives11:13
love_السلام عليكم11:13
love_في شباب هنا11:13
* AmberJ Gets erUSUL sa <%)11:13
ubottuFor the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية11:14
maxwellianIConrad01: On my machine that kind of search would take a long time...it pays to know where things end up. :)11:14
hopeless8009IConrad01, Maxwellian, the command did not work11:14
maxwellianhopeless8009: What happened?11:14
* AmberJ Gets erUSUL es <%)11:14
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:14
IConrad01hopeless8009: You didn't try to run it from the machine to do the install with, did you?11:14
wakkartoIConrad01: is it even possible to resize your root partition if it is not mounted? to make it bigger i mean...11:14
maxwellianhopeless8009: Bah, I gave you the wrong syntax.11:14
IConrad01maxwellian: How much shit have you got?  I've got 200 GB on my laptop and a full find takes fifteen seconds...11:14
IConrad01wakkarto: That's the only way to do so.11:15
hopeless8009john@john-laptop:~$ apt-get --download-only wicd11:15
hopeless8009E: Invalid operation wicd11:15
IConrad01hopeless8009: "sudo apt-get install wicd --download-only" ?11:15
love_السلام عليكم11:15
love_السلام عليكم11:15
FloodBot2love_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:15
maxwellianhopeless8009: What he said. :)  Don't know if --download-only needs to go earlier or not.11:15
IConrad01unimatrix: Change "X11Forwarding yes" to "ForwardX11 yes"11:16
maxwellianIConrad01: My computer is just slow man, lay off. :)11:16
GryllidaAmberJ: turn your script off please11:16
IConrad01maxwellian: It's alright.  Not everybody gets to replace their laptop three times in the same year due to their home getting repeatedly broken into like I do.  >_<11:16
carlos_hey, can anyone help me with mounting a .iso image11:16
maxwellianIConrad01: Well if I were the guy breaking in, at least I'd have a nice computer.11:16
hopeless8009IConrad01, ok i jsut downloaded it what is this again11:17
unimatrixIConrad01: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 63: Bad configuration option: ForwardX1111:17
Spaztic_Onemaxwellian, guess what11:17
AmberJGryllida: Yeah. sorry..mistakenly loaded that script11:17
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What?11:17
=== mike is now known as Guest92320
KnightStalkerno one knows anything about postfix? >_>11:17
Spaztic_OneI'm wireless11:17
IConrad01maxwellian: Yeah, by the way -- Lo/Jack for laptops is a waste of money.11:17
maxwellianSpaztic_One: What?!  How?11:17
Spaztic_OneI'm not sure how, but it works11:17
DocPlatypusokay... what exactly is the difference between -386 and -generic kernels?11:17
bartjIConrad01, I have a root partition followed by another partition, which is followed by unallocated space. Now, given that there is no free space contiguous with the root partition, will gparted work in this case? I tried it from a live cd but it didn't seem to be using the unallocated space.11:17
erUSULKnightStalker: try in #ubuntu-server11:17
maxwellianIConrad01: Good to know...11:17
IConrad01unimatrix: I CNP'd that directly from my own ssh_config file.11:17
=== Guest92320 is now known as mikedeboer
DocPlatypusIConrad01: I thought LoJack for laptops was Windows specific anyway?11:17
Spaztic_OneI closed all programs, and shut my computer11:17
Spaztic_OneI decided to tryit one more time11:17
carlos_anyone help me with mounting a .iso?11:18
IConrad01DocPlatypus: It is, but so was the other laptop.11:18
Spaztic_Onewhen I opened it, I had to reload the drivers11:18
DocPlatypusIConrad01: how the hell does it work anyway?11:18
Spaztic_Onebut then it saw the networks11:18
IConrad01carlos_: Just use the GUI tools... :-/11:18
Spaztic_OneI deleted the one we made, and am using the one it found instead11:18
IConrad01DocPlatypus: Basically whenever your computer logs on, it pings a specific server and reports its current IP.11:18
maxwellianSpaztic_One: And it just works?11:18
IConrad01DocPlatypus: Unless, of course, they reformat.11:18
hopeless8009IConrad01, i ran the comand at john@john where would i find the file?11:18
AmberJCan someone tell which script Gryllida was talking about?11:18
Spaztic_Onealso, the wireless indicator light keeps changing color from blue to orange seemingly at random11:18
Spaztic_Oneand yes, it just works11:18
DocPlatypusIConrad01: easily defeated by just not letting it on the net... yeah, or reformatting, too11:19
erUSULAmberJ: the one that triggers this 12:14  * AmberJ Gets erUSUL es <%)11:19
unimatrixIConrad01 ok i got it working11:19
IConrad01hopeless8009: From the machine you ran the command, execute "find / | grep wicd" as root.11:19
carlos_IConrad01: I tried using sudo mount -o loop -t iso 9660 and then the image and then the directory and came up with something strange11:19
IConrad01DocPlatypus: I *did* mention it was a waste of money.11:19
maxwellianIConrad01: FYI, hopeless8009 is a total noob. "As root" may not mean much.11:19
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I don't know what to say... I wish I knew what happened!11:20
IConrad01maxwellian: Ahh.  I'd hope that would translate to "sudo" to anyone capable of running apt-get via CLI.  But... you know what they say...11:20
hopeless8009maxwellian, I understand root i am a noob but i do have a degree in this11:20
Spaztic_Oneanyway, i;m in bed now, so I;m going to commence with the sleep cycle11:20
IConrad01carlos_: What happens when you mount the *.iso via Nautilus?11:20
DocPlatypusIConrad01: I mean, if that's all it does, then it's nothing that can't be done with free software and they choose to make it Windows-specific for no real reason. I thought there was some kind of trade secret stuff in it11:20
IConrad01I.e.; navigate-to and right-click11:20
Spaztic_Onehaha, yhea, who knows11:20
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Congrats, hope it keeps working!11:20
Spaztic_Oneyep yep11:20
DocPlatypusIConrad01: and I'm not doubting you in the least, btw11:20
Spaztic_Onemaybe later we can try and figure whats going on11:20
IConrad01DocPlatypus: The service, and the executables, and **supposedly** it makes changes at the BIOS level.11:21
IConrad01It's all bullshit.11:21
AmberJerUSUL: Ok. let me see.11:21
maxwellianSpaztic_One: First thing would be to check your IP address.11:21
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Whether its a 11411:21
carlos_IConrad01: Well I haven't tried that yet have I xD11:21
IConrad01DocPlatypus: I've had three laptops "protected" w/ Lo/Jack stolen.  Not one was ever recovered.  It's been a year.11:21
Spaztic_Onebroadcast is
IConrad01carlos_: It might be easier.  Just sayin'. :)11:21
maxwellianSpaztic_One: You didn't assign it?11:21
hopeless8009IConrad01, in other words sudo11:21
Spaztic_Onemask is
carlos_IConrad01: How would I do that now?11:21
IConrad01hopeless8009: Yes.  For your purposes "as root" == "sudo"11:21
Spaztic_Onedefault route and primary DNS are
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Awesome, then your router gave you the IP you wanted it to!11:22
IConrad01carlos_: Open up your file manager / browser -- i.e.; double click on a folder.11:22
=== lag is now known as Guest50263
Spaztic_Onesecodary DNS is
maxwellianSpaztic_One: I still have no idea how you're allowed to use those IPs, but at least it's working.11:22
Spaztic_Oneand yea11:22
IConrad01carlos_: Navigate to where the *.iso file is stored.  Then right-click and choose "open with archive mounter"11:22
IConrad01And BAM -- one mounted *.iso.11:22
Spaztic_OneI thought the Automatic DHCP sounded rightwhen oyu guys were talking about it11:22
Spaztic_Oneand thats what this one is set to11:22
erUSUL!iso | carlos_11:22
ubottucarlos_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.11:22
hopeless8009IConrad01, ok o found the files can you plz tell me what im about to install on my server11:23
Spaztic_Onecompters are weird, somehow magically knowing the type of connection and stuff11:23
maxwellianSpaztic_One, In general, it IS right.  I was going for manual because I thought your Ubuntu wasn't letting you take an illegal address form the router. :)11:23
IConrad01hopeless8009: It's like the network-manager program, but is a competing offering.11:23
AmberJerUSUL: I guess the script is unloaded now. In case it's not, please ping me.11:23
IConrad01hopeless8009: "wicd" stands for "wireless internet connection daemon."11:23
pepper_hazeHi, I am having trouble installed xen on Ubuntu 10.0411:23
oussamahey there11:23
Spaztic_Onewell, it was set to share or something before11:23
oussamai'o sono master11:23
erUSULAmberJ: well; not really my problem11:23
DocPlatypusI'm beginning to wonder if this laptop just does not like 10.0411:23
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Yes, the ad hoc thing is a problem.11:23
ranjanany body here used HylaFAX ??11:23
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Found that out just after you left.11:23
hopeless8009IConrad01, do you mind walking me through the rest plz11:24
lol-hack hi11:24
Spaztic_Oneyeah, no clue what adhoc vs infrastructure are11:24
IConrad01DocPlatypus: PEBKAC.  The Code Is Always Right.  the Problem is ALWAYS PEBKAC.11:24
pepper_hazecan, anyone help me, I am trying intall the desktop virsion of Xen on Ubuntu 10.04 and it says I don't have all the dependacies.11:24
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Infrastructure is for access points, like your router.11:24
oussamahey there i have problem with may w3af11:24
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Ad hoc  is more like you're sharing the connection between your desktop and laptop.11:24
Spaztic_Oneah... that kinda makes sense11:25
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Anyway, come back when you're not a zombie to figure out why you have to reload those modules every time.11:25
oussamacan i have some help11:25
lol-hackls -la11:25
erUSUL!details | oussama11:25
ubottuoussama: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:25
Spaztic_Onenight max, thanks for your help, or at least your time since we don't know why it decided to start working =)11:25
maxwellianSpaztic_One: You're welcome for either. :)11:26
IConrad01hopeless8009: Gimme a sec11:26
maxwellianSpaztic_One: Night!11:26
IConrad01hopeless8009: Ack! You'll also need "wicd-curses"11:26
hopeless8009IConrad01, NP thank you much your a big help11:26
oussamai download w3af from sourceforge for ubuntu and when i extract the archive and run the w3afgui she d'asent work*11:26
IConrad01That's the actual CLI "frontend" for wicd11:26
carlos_IConrad01: CD-ROM is NOT in ISO 9660 format11:27
hopeless8009IConrad01, ok i mounted my hardrive in the server already how do i unmount so i can move it over11:27
maxwellianhopeless8009: Download the .deb the same way you did the other one.11:27
IConrad01hopeless8009: Do you not have any USB drives?  These *.deb files are **not** that big...11:27
bartjcan one increase the size of a root partition *only* if unallocated space follows it ?11:27
IConrad01bartj: You can only expand a partition into unclaimed space on the table.11:28
IConrad01bartj: So you'll have to shrink another partition in order to expand the /boot11:28
hopeless8009IConrad01, no im sorry i do not11:28
IConrad01hopeless8009: As long as they're on your drive, that's all that matters.11:28
pepper_hazecan anyone here help me, I am having problems with install packages on 10.0411:28
maxwellianoussama, What happens when you run the gui?11:28
IConrad01pepper_haze: Are you connected to the internet?11:28
antonio_hi in bash scripting can i assign to a variable: a=ifconfig | grep eth011:28
Viking667... huh?11:29
pepper_hazeLOL, IConrad01 I wouldn't be chatting here if I wasn't11:29
oussamajust nothing11:29
hopeless8009IConrad01, so its safe to just disconnect the external hardrive form the server11:29
IConrad01pepper_haze: On the machine in question.  You never know.11:29
Viking667there's a BashFAQ for that, I suspect.11:29
maxwellianpepper_haze: Sometimes people have two machines in order to fix things.11:29
bartjIConrad01: I have 53 GB unallocated space and the "/" partition is 15GB11:29
IConrad01hopeless8009: I don't know your configuration.  Basically you need the *.deb files accessible to the machine with the WiFi we want to configure.11:29
IConrad01bartj: I believe they need to be contiguous space.11:30
erUSULantonio_: a=$(ifconfig | grep eth0)11:30
maxwellianhopeless8009: You moved the .deb file onto an external drive from your Internet-ready machine, moved the drive over to the server, and now you want to unmount the drive from the server?11:30
IConrad01antonio_: Basically go with Viking667's answer.  But erUSUL is the specific case.11:30
erUSULbartj: i would move the home partition to the 53 GiB partition11:30
erUSUL!separatehome | bartj11:31
ubottubartj: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome11:31
IConrad01hopeless8009: Once you install the *.deb files you don't need the external drive to remain attached. That is absolutely correct.11:31
pepper_hazeIConrad01, I am trying to install ubuntu-xen-desktop with synaptic and it says I don't have all the dependacies, I think I don't have the ppa(?) or something to install it, I think this is a flaw with the packages with 10.0411:31
maxwellianIConrad01: Should he umount it?11:31
Agan_squiddyis catalyst provide a better power savings feature than xf86-video-radeon?11:31
welcomewhat is the emulator.  ?11:31
bartjI want to allocate 30 GB of the unallocated space to the / root partition11:31
IConrad01maxwellian: Unmounting a drive before physically removing it is always advisable.11:32
carlos_IConrad01: when I opened it in nautilus I got this message: CD-ROM is NOT in ISO 9660 format11:32
IConrad01carlos_: As in, the CD itself isn't?  Bizarre.11:32
kickingintenderhey iam getting trouble with installation11:32
igoryonya_hello, how do I upgrade a distro? I've got a new version Ubuntu 9.10 DVD to upgrade from 9.04, I added the 9.10 DVD distro and all of the 9.10 Repo DVDs to Software Sources, then I go to Update Manager, click on the "New Distro available 9.10" Upgrade, and it goes to download the upgrade from the internet instead of from DVDs. How do I make it upgrade from the DVDs?11:32
carlos_Iconrad01: I don't have a CD, I'm trying to mount it11:32
jmkgreenso anyone else found cifs in 10.04 completely hosed?11:32
kickingintenderubuntu doesnt recognize my partitions nor xp11:32
IConrad01pepper_haze: Well... try browsing launchpad for Xen?11:32
welcomei need help11:32
jmkgreenmine's unusably slow11:32
carlos_Iconrad01: mount the image without a CD11:32
maxwellian!details | welcome11:32
ubottuwelcome: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:32
IConrad01jmkgreen: I keep getting new and mysterious issues with it.11:32
aretrfre34can dpkg commit dist reinstall?11:32
IConrad01carlos_: Sorry, the *.iso file.11:33
jmkgreenIConrad01: I was find until yesterday morning. Now I can't get past server timeout issues11:33
carlos_Iconrad01: yes, I don't understand it11:33
hopeless8009IConrad01, ok i have all the files i need on my exteranl drive attached to the computer what now11:33
kickingintenderubuntu doesnt recognize my partitions nor xp11:33
IConrad01carlos_: Try googling around for a tool that detects filesystem format?11:33
jmkgreenIConrad01: the server is perfectly fine in fact11:33
welcomehow to install the emulator ?11:33
carlos_Iconrad01: ye ok thanks, I'll do that later, lunch time now :D11:33
jmkgreenIConrad01: This is my bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/60056511:33
carlos_Iconrad01: thanks for everything11:33
IConrad01carlos_: Sorry. lol11:34
maxwellianwelcome: What emulator?  What are you talking about?11:34
jmkgreenIConrad01: look familiar at all?11:34
IConrad01hopeless8009: Basically we're treating the external drive like a USB pendrive.11:34
IConrad01So just run dpkg -i /path/to/NameOf.deb11:34
antonio_erUSUL i tried a=$(ifconfig | grep eth0) and bash says: "eth0 command not found"11:34
welcomei saw in the website  "Ubuntu with an emulator."11:34
California_Kidhey just curious if anyone would have any info..I registered my name when I was on freenode server. but when I Identify it doesn't recognize the password. but its correct11:34
erUSULantonio_: you typed something wrong11:35
hopeless8009IConrad01,  yes but i dont how to get to the files11:35
maxwellianCalifornia_Kid: This is not the best channel for that.11:35
igoryonya_How do I upgrade a 9.04 vertion to to 9.10 from the DVD distro?11:35
IConrad01hopeless8009: Ahhhhhhh...11:35
hopeless8009IConrad01, i thank it mounted when i pluged it in sorry11:35
California_Kidjust checking, I read it on a forum that someone may know in ubuntu11:35
erUSULigoryonya_: you need the alternatecd11:35
erUSUL!alternate > igoryonya_11:35
ubottuigoryonya_, please see my private message11:35
IConrad01hopeless8009: We want it mounted for now.  Otherwise it can't read the files.11:35
hopeless8009IConrad01, sorry im still getting my feet wet11:35
erUSUL!upgrade | igoryonya_11:35
ubottuigoryonya_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:35
igoryonya_erUSUL: what does that mean?11:36
rethuscan i use gnome-applets on xfce ?11:36
KnightStalker!alternate > KnightStalker11:36
ubottuKnightStalker, please see my private message11:36
maxwellianCalifornia_Kid: There is probably a help channel for freenode.11:36
IConrad01hopeless8009: execute "sudo mount"  -- that'll tell you where the new device is mounted at.11:36
hopeless8009IConrad01, ok so how do i mount it11:36
kickingintenderproblem with my partition table11:36
California_Kidmax: dont worry its all good..no big deal11:36
bartjhere is a snapshot of how my disk usage is - http://imgur.com/mvvMZ11:36
welcomeHow To Install Cedega ?11:36
m4ti applied 0001-trace-add-trace-events-for-open-exec-an.patch and enabled CONFIG_FTRACE=y and CONFIG_ENABLE_DEFAULT_TRACERS=y. ureadahead will write to /var/lib/ureadahead if i run it after say, doing 'find /'11:36
California_Kidmax: thanks though11:36
kickingintenderhow can i correct11:36
m4tbut at boot it writes nothing. is there some way to debug it? perhaps have it log to a file?11:36
erUSULigoryonya_: that the desktopCD (livecd) can not be used to upgrade11:36
bartjcan you guys please have a look and tell me how to increase the root partition ?11:36
bartjis it even possible ?11:36
IConrad01jmkgreen: Nope, sorry.  Not anything like any of mine. lol11:36
jmkgreenfair enough11:36
welcomeHow To Install Cedega ?!11:37
hopeless8009IConrad01, i dont see where its at11:37
bubuzzzis there any way to close the terminal without closing the application ?11:37
bartjIConrad01: please have a look at my partition table - http://imgur.com/mvvMZ and let me know if it is possible to increase the root partition11:37
IConrad01bartj: Try moving your partition to the end of the disk.11:38
bartjyou mean the root partition ?11:38
IConrad01Failing that... make a new partition inside your extended partition, copy the root partition into it...11:38
erUSULbubuzzz: diown the app or launch it with nohup11:38
=== DaZ^ is now known as DaZ
welcomethere is anther channel for the ubuntu applications ? ?11:38
erUSULbubuzzz: disown*11:38
erUSUL!wine | welcome11:38
ubottuwelcome: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:38
maxwellianwelcome: You're trying to install Cedega?11:38
IConrad01Then delete your original root partition, and make a *new* partition at the end of the disk and use it as root-mount.11:38
coz_welcome,  not to my knowlege   which applications are you thinking about11:38
kickingintenderno help here11:39
IConrad01bartj: Wait, I'm an idiot.11:39
IConrad01bartj: you only have 3 "primary" partitions, and sda devices can have four.11:39
abhi_navkickingintender, whats the issue?11:39
igoryonya_erUSUL: but I did somehow upgraded 8.10 to 9.04 from the DVD distro.11:39
kickingintenderproblem with my partition table11:39
kickingintenderubuntu doesnt recognize my partitions nor xp11:39
IConrad01Just make a new partition at the end of your disk, make it as large as you like, and then copy /dev/sda1 into it, and change which one is root.11:39
welcomei am trying but it no works, How To Install Cedega then ?11:39
bartjIConrad01: why what is wrong ?11:40
erUSULigoryonya_: maybe that DVD includes alternate cd...11:40
IConrad01kickingintender: look up reinstalling GRUB via LiveCD.11:40
hopeless8009IConrad01,  you still there?11:40
IConrad01hopeless8009: Sorry, distracted.11:40
maxwellianwelcome: Did read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega11:40
IConrad01Back to you now, hopeless8009.11:40
maxwellianhopeless8009: He's clearly still here, helping 15 people at a time...takes a minute. :)11:40
=== ez is now known as Guest94875
kickingintenderno ....its fresh install and ubuntu doesnt recognize my partitions11:41
IConrad01maxwellian: Even for ADD aspies at 4:00 AM.11:41
welcomeits not free ?11:41
bartjIConrad01: well...how does one go about making a partition as root ?11:41
abhi_navkickingintender, does ubuntu starts normaly?11:41
welcomei thought everything on liunx for free !?11:41
IConrad01bartj: ... there are a lot of gparted tutorials out there, many of which with visual walkthroughs.11:41
abhi_navwelcome, not 'everything'11:41
IConrad01I'd suggest googling for 'em.  :)11:41
welcomei mean the softwere11:41
sinistradAnyone know in kdenlive how to do a transition between clips and also have a text overlay (title text)? My output goes black when I hit the overlay. I have a photo of my project --> http://imagebin.ca/view/l-LVIT4.html11:41
abhi_navwelcome, majority of time you are paying for the 'service' not for the product11:41
erUSULbartj: again; i think that your best option is to move /home to the 53 giB partitions and leave root where it is11:42
erUSUL!separatehome | bartj11:42
ubottubartj: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome11:42
IConrad01Lost hopeless8009. :-/11:42
IConrad01erUSUL: his /home **is** separate.11:42
maxwellianIConrad01: He left?11:42
IConrad01maxwellian: His connection dropped.11:42
erUSULbartj: how did you managed to fill up a 15 GiB root partition ?11:42
kickingintenderabhi_nav problem is that i dont even have installed ubuntu for this issue11:43
IConrad01"Connection dropped by peer"11:43
kickingintenderi want 2 dual boot xp and ubuntu11:43
pepper_hazehow do you install packages from launchpad?11:43
abhi_navkickingintender, I am not getting your issue. can yuo clearly specify?11:43
maxwellianIConrad01: Ah, hopefully he'll come back.  I want to learn about setting up networks the way he needs to.11:43
abhi_navkickingintender, ok you want to dual boot. so is xp currently installed and running?11:43
bubuzzzerUSUL: nohup works but it sill ask me when i close the terminal. Application still close when i press Ctrl + C11:43
IConrad01maxwellian: wicd-curses is TUI.11:43
bartjerUSUL: I installed a huge database on the root partition11:43
TYRANNASAURUS                                                                           11:44
TYRANNASAURUS                                                                           11:44
FloodBot2TYRANNASAURUS: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:44
IConrad01bartj: Can't you relocated it?11:44
kickingintenderi have 80 gb hdd want 2 install xp and ubuntu but ubuntu doesnt recognize my partitons11:44
maxwellianIConrad01: Cool. :)11:44
pepper_hazeIConrad01, I went and found packages I need, but I don't know how to install them from launchpad11:44
IConrad01pepper_haze: They're PPAs11:44
abhi_navonly two lies of spam?11:44
kickingintenderi have installed xp and working on it11:44
erUSULbubuzzz: nuhup and & at the end i.e. $ nohup firefox &11:44
pepper_hazeIConrad01, how do I install them?11:44
IConrad01Basically, somewhere on the PPA's home page should be a link like "ppa:so-and-so/ppa"11:44
bubuzzzok. Work perfectly. Thank you very muchg11:45
maxwelliankickingintender: Start from the beginning. You had a working installation of Windows XP?11:45
maxwelliankickingintender: Then what did you do?11:45
IConrad01add that from Synaptic - Settings - Repositories - Other Software "+ add"11:45
abhi_navkickingintender, i suggest you go to xp and from there make a free space (not formated) for ubuntu. and then go to ubuntu installation. it wll detect that free partition and then install buntu there11:45
IConrad01Use that "ppa:so-and-so" line as the thing to go in the field that'll pop up with.11:45
IConrad01And then reload synaptic and give the install of Xen another whirl.11:46
IConrad01You're basically adding pointers for Synaptic to resolve the dependencies on its own with.11:46
welcomewelcome, majority of time you are paying for the 'service' not for the product ,11:46
welcomebut in the windows i dont pay but i get a crack for the games  , and the softwere free11:46
bartjerUSUL: but your suggestion would involve moving the /tmp and the /swap partition to the right!11:46
IConrad01pepper_haze: Does it *have* to be Xen, by the way?11:47
maxwellianwelcome: Nobody's here to talk to you about stealing software.11:47
maxwellianwelcome: Is there something you don't understand about that page I linked for you?11:47
welcomei got it11:48
IConrad01Well, no more hopeless8009 it looks like.11:48
IConrad01Ahh, well.11:48
maxwellianwelcome: Someone else mentioned wine, which IS completely free.11:48
IConrad01Hopefully he'll figure out how to get at and install those *.deb's and work it out from there.11:48
IConrad01... I doubt it, sadly.11:48
maxwellianIConrad01: Not in a million years.11:49
erUSULbartj: well my suggestion try to avoid having to move or resize anything; thus reducing the chance of data loss11:49
maxwellianIConrad01: You hadn't even gotten to the hard part yet.11:49
welcomeyea i see the wine in the website they said not all the softwere work on it right ?11:49
IConrad01maxwellian: Well, I did keep mentioning dpkg -i /path/to/NameOf.deb11:49
erUSULbartj: i that the db is somewhere in /var/ why not move var to that 53GiB space ?11:49
maxwellianwelcome: That's right.  This is also true of Cedega.  They're emulators, not everything is going to work.11:49
IConrad01welcome: Of course not.  It's like twenty guys trying to replicate the work thousands.11:49
IConrad01maxwellian: Argh.  WINE is not an emulator.11:50
IConrad01WINE *is* an emulation in the sense that it replicates the API of Windows.11:50
bartjCurrently there are two solutions ?11:50
IConrad01But it is a genuine implementation, and is thus not an emulator.11:50
IConrad01Cedega, on the other hand, *IS* an emulator.11:50
bartj1. Move the /root partiton to the unallocated partition and make that as the root11:50
maxwellianIConrad01: Geez, it's not like your point is contained IN THE NAME of the software... ;)11:51
bartj2. Move all the partitions to the right, thus increasing the size of the root partition11:51
* maxwellian bonks himself on the head11:51
bartjerUSUL: right ?11:51
hopeless8009IConrad01, you still there i got disconnected11:51
IConrad01hopeless8009: I am!11:51
maxwellianwelcome: Go here: http://appdb.winehq.org/11:51
IConrad01hopeless8009: Execute that same command to find the *.deb files...11:51
IConrad01" sudo find / | grep wicd "11:51
hopeless8009IConrad01, i have no idea how to mount a drive or anythign about it11:51
erUSULbartj: did not follow everything said. just offered my solution11:52
maxwellianwelcome: You can search for your app there and see how well it's supported.11:52
IConrad01And... he's out again11:52
maxwellianIConrad01: Whoops. :)11:52
IConrad01maxwellian: Not only is it in there, it's in there an infinite number of times.11:52
IConrad01By the way -- google for "recursion" and then check out the "did you mean"11:52
maxwellianIConrad01: Ha...good point. :)11:53
IConrad01No, seriously -- do it11:53
IConrad01bartj: Your easiest bet is to move all other partitions to the right...11:54
welcomeokay thxs anyway i have to leave now :D11:54
IConrad01bartj: And then expand your /dev/sda1 partition.11:54
* IConrad01 isn't even going to mention Logical volumes11:54
IConrad01... shizen.11:55
=== sanderj is now known as Snadder
bartjIConrad01: I like the moving /root partition to the unallocated space and making that the root better ?11:56
IConrad01bartj: Well, yes.  You should be able to just copy /dev/sda1 to the unallocated space... and then expand that.11:56
IConrad01Though that will leave unallocated space at the beginning of your drive...11:56
=== albondi is now known as albondee
IConrad01maxwellian: By the way -- my root partition is 20 GB strong right now.11:57
IConrad01(20 GB of 75)11:58
maxwellianIConrad01: You have a separate home partition?11:58
IConrad01maxwellian: Separate physical drive.11:58
maxwellianIConrad01: What the hell do you have on the root partition?11:58
IConrad01With 140 GB of 250 consumed.11:58
IConrad01maxwellian: My /boot partition is separated as well.11:58
maxwellianIConrad01: That's a good setup.  Easy to fix if something goes wrong.11:59
IConrad01Wait... I'm a fuckin' moron.11:59
maxwellianIConrad01: Easier, anyway.11:59
IConrad01How the devil did I confuse my Windows partition for my Linux?11:59
IConrad01Failtrain == me.11:59
maxwellianOh, that's embarrassing.11:59
IConrad01I'm at 9 GB of 140.11:59
MohammadRRRHi , All of applets disappeared and i get this error : http://pastie.org/1027945 .11:59
IConrad01maxwellian: The sad thing is that I'm thinking about doing a total system wipe and starting over.12:00
maxwellianI have one drive, I think the whole thign is forty gigs.12:00
* maxwellian gasps.12:00
IConrad01Since I just got my RHCT and now I'm eyeballing Logical Volumes and software RAID.12:00
Dat001hi slow12:00
maxwellianIConrad01: RHCT?12:01
IConrad01Hell... it's not like I'd be sacking anything.  I've got 2 TB of local storage on my media server.12:01
maxwellianMohammadRRR: Applets in Gnome?12:01
IConrad01maxwellian: Red Hat Certified Technician12:01
MohammadRRRmaxwellian: Yes12:01
maxwellianIConrad01: T-t-t-terabytes?12:01
MohammadRRRi have also reinstall it but no change ....12:01
IConrad01Set me back $100 apiece, a year and a half ago.12:02
maxwellianIConrad01: Man, I'm stuck in the early 2000's.12:02
IConrad01MohammadRRR: What application are you using, again?12:02
milkhey i need help. i uninstalled libgtk and now i cant install it again because the synaptic package manager is gone12:02
IConrad01maxwellian: They make NAND flash bigger than your HDD nowadays.12:02
IConrad01I just heard about a 64 GB NAND chip.12:02
maxwellianIConrad01: Thanks, I didn't have enough dirt in my eyes.12:02
maxwellianIConrad01: That's perfect, thanks.12:02
MohammadRRRIConrad01: gnome-pannel , gnome-applet12:02
maxwellianmilk: Ouch, that hurts. :)12:03
maxwellianmilk: What'd you go and do that for?12:03
IConrad01maxwellian: I'm eyeballing a phone w/ 8 GB of internal storage.12:03
IConrad01And a microSD card slot expandable to 32 GB.12:03
milki was trying to install another version or somthing12:03
milkdidnt know this would happen12:03
IConrad01(I.e.; 32 + 8 )12:03
maxwellianIConrad01: My phone bitches at me when I get up to 100 text messages.  Inbox and outbox.12:03
IConrad01milk: There's a chance the old one is still in your apt-cache12:04
IConrad01milk: That being said -- you might have luck trying apt-get install libgtk over again.12:04
milk so what do i do ? :))12:04
maxwellianmilk: Do you have a record of everything that was removed?12:04
IConrad01sudo find / | grep libgtk | xargs -I X sudo dpkg -i X12:04
maxwellianmilk: If Synaptic was removed, it probably wasn't all.12:04
IConrad01That's assuming it's still on there.12:05
abhi_navi installed mail notification. it works for gmail. about hotmail it gives some error about getlive. do i need to configure gelive manually?12:05
maxwellianmilk: "Nope", no record?12:05
milkyes no record :((12:05
=== mike is now known as mikedeboer
IConrad01MohammadRRR: Try sudo -i "apt-get purge gnome-panel && apt-get install gnome-panel"12:05
IConrad01Hopefully that won't throw dozens of apps at you. :-/12:06
neil_dwhere is the terminal PATH setup?  I installed a package now the PATH has the same thing twice..12:06
abhi_navanyone help adding live account to mail notification, please?12:06
IConrad01neil_d: ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc12:06
=== DaZ is now known as Guest37389
IConrad01milk: What's in /var/log/messages ?12:06
IConrad01specifically:  less /var/log/apt/term.log12:07
IConrad01(As sudo)12:07
neil_dIConrad01: thanks found it.12:08
abhi_navwhats the working good mail notification ap? for gmail and live accounts?12:08
IConrad01milk: You should be able to use tail, as well, given how recent it is.12:08
milkhow do i do that ?12:08
milkim checking the log12:08
IConrad01milk:  sudo tail /var/log/apt/term.log12:08
IConrad01It'll show the most recent entries.12:08
maxwellianUh, milk, I did a dry run of what would happen if I actually removed libgtk from my system, and literally hundreds of packages were marked for removal.12:09
* abhi_nav ....12:09
IConrad01maxwellian: He was doing an upgrade.12:09
milkyeb i know12:09
IConrad01Upgrades wouldn't do dependency removals like that.12:10
milki wasnt watching12:10
IConrad01It sounds more like the new entry just went bad.12:10
IConrad01milk:  You **might** just be better off moving /home to a new partition (if not already) and just reinstalling.12:10
danielhey guys I have a problem my exaile just sometimes stop playing why?.12:10
IConrad01Sure, it's the nuclear option.  But it'd be easier overall and take less time.12:10
IConrad01Than chasing down hundreds of dependencies anyhow.12:10
milkyeah probably12:10
maxwellianmilk: Are you running the system right now?12:10
maxwellianmilk: WIth Gnome running?12:11
IConrad01If /var/log/apt/term.log doesn't show **only** the gtk version as having been actually removed.12:11
carlos_Hey guys, I'm still having problems trying to install sims 3, but still having problems mounting the thing first, I've searched through many a forum and be confused by all of them, can anyone help?12:11
milkgnome ?12:11
maxwellianmilk: Err, do you have a graphical interface?  Windows?12:11
maxwellianmilk: Then I can't imagine it being that bad...from what I understand, Gnome would depend on libgtk...12:11
IConrad01maxwellian: He might just not be able to open new sessions.12:12
milkthere are very few things left12:12
IConrad01Milk: what's in that term.log file?12:12
IConrad01Lots-and-lots of things?12:12
IConrad01Or history.log for that matter.12:12
milkwhere is it located ?12:12
abhi_nav_any good mail notificatin program please?12:13
IConrad01abhi_nav_: I just use Thunderbird.12:13
maxwellianmilk: sudo less /var/log/apt/history.log12:13
VilleViciousI'm running 10.04 and it seems to completely ingnore empy cd-rs in my drive, which makes burning cds a problematic. Can any one give me any advice on this?12:13
IConrad01carlos_: Whatcha after this time?12:13
ubuntuGood morning, i got a dual boot winds/ubuntu , and iam now runing ubuntu live cd , using gparted to grow ubuntu partition . iam not mounted in none partition , but i can resize nether windowss or ubuntu partition , it only let me shrink the ubuntu, but actually what i need is to grow ubuntu partition . Please help me handle this . thank you very much .12:13
abhi_nav_IConrad01, how thunderbird gives mail 'NOTIFICtion'? i use thunderbird too. i want that ap to sit on panel and give alert wehn new mail comes12:13
milklot of things12:14
carlos_IConrad01: I'm stuck with everything, I can't find anything on forums to help me trying to mount this thingy12:14
IConrad01VilleVicious: Does Brasero find 'em?12:14
IConrad01carlos_: You need the file format.12:14
IConrad01abhi_nav_: Use alltray to minimize Thunderbird then.12:14
IConrad01Or else stick w/ Evolution.12:14
carlos_IConrad01: It's a .ro.iso does that matter?12:14
abhi_nav_IConrad01, what is that? how to do it?12:14
IConrad01abhi_nav_: It's an app in the repository.12:15
carlos_IConrad01: "raw CD image (application/x-cd-image)"12:15
RogaschHello all12:15
ubuntuPlease someone know why i cant grow ubuntu part ?12:15
abhi_nav_IConrad01, and does evolution automatically does this?  I mean sitting on panel and alerting?12:15
scryption2how ( with bash ) can i see the keyboard bindings / layout ?12:16
VilleViciousIConrad01: no, it says that insert cd-r to make something other that an cd-image when I try adding files to be burned12:16
maxwellianmilk: If it's a lot of things, a re-install is the best option, I would think.12:16
=== abhi_nav_ is now known as abhi_nav
IConrad01VilleVicious: It does that with all CD-R's?12:16
milknow everything froze12:16
IConrad01milk: Nuke it.12:16
Rogaschcan somebody tell me how i change the folderlink from my homedir /expl: Downloads) to another location?12:16
maxwellianmilk: Do you have a way of getting your stuff elsewhere?12:17
ubuntuhelp me please ? can you ?»12:17
IConrad01Use a LiveCD to separate your /home partition so your personal settings and the like don't go away.12:17
IConrad01And then just reinstall your root directory.12:17
carlos_IConrad01: is that not the file format?12:17
IConrad01carlos_: No.12:17
maxwellianRogasch: What are you trying to do?12:17
Rogaschis there no other way12:17
abhi_navIConrad01, ??12:18
Rogaschi mounted a folder via sshfs to /mnt/Downloads12:18
ubuntuIConrad01 that so is for me ?12:18
IConrad01abhi_nav: ?12:18
abhi_navIConrad01, and does evolution automatically does this?  I mean sitting on panel and alerting?12:18
Rogaschnow i want to link my Download folder from home to this12:18
carlos_IConrad01: oh so how do i find out the file format?12:18
IConrad01abhi_nav: While running, yes.12:18
FounDthisOutHello World .. i get friend CD and boot .. help me install to hard drive ? me no use linux before12:18
abhi_navIConrad01, ok12:18
IConrad01carlos_: I'm not 100% sure.  That's why I suggested googling for linux-based tools for determining filesystem.12:18
abhi_navthankyou IConrad0112:18
milkthanks for the help :)))12:19
maxwellianmilk: Good luck!12:19
FounDthisOutwhere is new user help channel or this is new user help channel12:19
maxwellianRogasch: So you want anything that gets put into your ~/Downloads folder to go into /mnt/Downloads?12:20
Rogaschyes exactly12:20
ubuntugparted help please ,12:20
maxwellianRogasch, you want to set up a symlink then.12:20
danielhey guys I have a problem my exaile just sometimes stop playing why?.12:20
IConrad01ubuntu: You're on the LiveCD now?12:20
maxwellianOh wait, symlink won't work across filesystems, will it...?12:20
FounDthisOuthelp me install ubuntu .. i boot CD12:20
Rogaschi thougt about a simple softlink but i dont know if its good12:21
ubuntu_Yes iam in live cd now , and not mounted in none parti12:21
Rogaschbecaus of sshfs12:21
maxwellianRogasch, Exactly, a symlink is a soft link.12:21
IConrad01ubuntu: What's the exact error?12:21
FounDthisOutkwabena: why12:22
ubuntuno error it simple dont let me grow ubuntu part , or nether shrink windows part , it say zero space before and after12:22
maxwellianRogasch: Not sure how to accomplish this then.  Why not just do the sshfs directly into ~/Downloads?12:22
ubuntui want a grow ubuntu part12:22
maxwellianRogasch: Remove the ~/Downloads directory (assuming it's empty), and re-do the sshfs to mount it there instead.12:22
carlos_Iconrad01: File format or filesystem?12:22