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Chipacanewboon2age_: are you still there?00:43
newboon2age_Chipaca: yes00:48
newboon2age_Chipaca: do you have some info on running ubuntuOne on either Kubuntu or Windows?00:49
Chipacanewboon2age_: on kubuntu, it should just work, except for the nautilus integration :)00:49
Chipacanewboon2age_: windows, not there yet. Work has started.00:49
Chipacanewboon2age_: as it stands, the file sync aspect of Ubuntu One gives very little feedback about what's going on, which you might find disconcerting until you get a feel for how it works00:51
Chipacanewboon2age_: you can install magicicada to help you understand what's going on00:51
Chipacanewboon2age_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chicharreros/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install magicicada00:51
newboon2age_i wrote a forum entry on what i'd gotten working so far: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152213700:54
newboon2age_Chipaca: when you say 'nautilus integration' do you really mean Dolphin integration?  and are you talking about the gnome client (which i loaded) or a kde client (which i haven't succeed in finding/installing yet?00:56
Chipacanewboon2age_: no, I meant nautilus integration. You don't have nautilus, I presume, so you miss out on that00:56
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newboon2age_And is the client called Desktop Couch?  Or is Desktop Couch a component that the client works together with (then what is the name of the client?) Chipaca01:12
Chipacanewboon2age_: phew, many questions, give me a second01:12
Chipacanewboon2age_: ubuntuone-client-gnome has essentially three parts01:13
Chipacanewboon2age_: the first is ubuntuone-preferences, which is a gtk application that talks to syncdaemon (the Ubuntu One file syncing client daemon) over dbus and to the Ubuntu One web services REST API, and provides a measure of control over what gets synced and such01:15
Chipacanewboon2age_: the second is ubuntuone-login, which is a background helper script that aides in signing up and authenticating to Ubuntu One, as well as pairing your local couchdb with the Ubuntu One couchdb01:16
Chipacanewboon2age_: the third is the nautilus integration, this is an extension for nautilus that talks over dbus with syncdaemon to perform different actions and report on the state of synchronization01:17
Chipacanewboon2age_: you with me so far?01:18
newboon2age_Chipaca: yup01:18
Chipacanewboon2age_: Desktop Couch is a thin layer of python that makes it easier / possible to have a couchdb per user, and is not (at this moment in time) related to file synchronization01:18
Chipacanewboon2age_: it is in couch that you will find your contacts, your notes, your gwibber accounts (and messages, for now)01:19
Chipacanewboon2age_: you can browse your local couch using futon: point your browser at ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html01:20
Chipacanewboon2age_: unfortunately we've had to disable the public-facing couch in the datacenter for now, but it'll be back soon01:20
newboon2age_Chipaca: I was listening to a FLOSS Weekly podcast w/ someone with the first name of Stewart who i guess must work w/ you (i looked up and see you're a developer at Canonical) and he was talking a lot about Desktop Couch and from what he said it sounded like Desktop Couch was the client and was the thing that had to be ported to different platforms to get them working.  Just so ya know where i was getting that from... Chipaca01:21
Chipacanewboon2age_: Stuart Langridge, probably01:21
Chipacanewboon2age_: aquarius in irc, usually hangs around here01:21
Chipacanewboon2age_: Ubuntu One has two main building blocks: file sync'ing, and DesktopCouch01:22
newboon2age_Chipaca: thank you for taking the time to explain it more in depth.  I'll post your explanation so others can benefit from it too...01:22
Chipacanewboon2age_: everybody gets what file syncing is about01:22
Chipacanewboon2age_: we need to explain DesktopCouch more :)01:22
Chipacanewboon2age_: thank you for taking the time to write it up01:23
newboon2age_Chipaca: is the ubuntu login script what the ulsdtool is working with?01:24
newboon2age_and then it might follow that the ubuntu login script starts sync daemon?01:25
Chipacanewboon2age_: u1sdtool talks to syncdaemon over dbus01:25
Chipacaubuntuone-login script only needs to run once, to store the secret in the keychain01:26
Chipacanewboon2age_: and to pair the couch01:26
Chipacanewboon2age_: both syncdaemon and ubuntuone-login are started by dbus activation01:26
bj0i just had files disappear from my ubuntuone directory again, so I updated the bug i created: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/59958301:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 599583 in ubuntuone-client "files in the "Ubuntu One" folder periodically dissappear (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]01:28
newboon2age_so in your three part breakdown is the syncdaemon a forth part or is it part of one of the others?01:28
newboon2age_Chipaca: ^^^^01:38
Chipacabj0: please tell me you enabled debug in the syncdaemon config :)01:38
Chipacanewboon2age_: the three parts of ubuntuone-client-gnome do not include syncdaemon01:38
bj0uh, no one told me about any debug enabling when i was in here last :b01:38
Chipacanewboon2age_: because syncdaemon is not gnome-dependant (except for the keyring, which we are yet to have a good cross-desktop replacement for)01:38
newboon2age_Chipaca: oh, that was a three part breakdown of ubuntuone-client-gnome, gotcha...01:38
Chipacabj0: I love your use case :)01:38
Chipacabj0: oooh! weird exceptions01:38
bj0use case? you mean encryption? :)01:38
Chipacabj0: would it be possible for you to enable debug and re-enable syncing and reproduce the problem?01:38
bj0how do i enable debugging?01:38
newboon2age_Chipaca: so when i installed ubuntuone-client-gnome was syncdaemon a dependeny that was also pulled in, or is that something that's already part of the desktop that UbuntuOne takes advantage of?01:38
Chipacabj0: I always said it should be possible to use ecryptfs inside a synced folder :)01:38
bj0it might take a few days for the files to disappear again, it took 3 days this last time01:38
Chipacanewboon2age_: yep01:38
bj0yea, I am paranoid about backing up files to the internet without encryption :)01:38
newboon2age_Chipaca: yep to which?  its a dependency pulled in?01:38
Chipacanewboon2age_: it's a dep01:38
Chipacabj0: in ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf01:38
Chipacabj0: section [__main__]01:38
newboon2age_Chipaca: thanks for your explanation, i'll post it...01:38
Chipacabj0: log_level = DEBUG01:38
bj0k its enabled, now i just need to wait...01:38
Chipacabj0: can you confirm that the logs are now much more verbose?01:38
bj0yea they have DEBUG statements01:38
Chipacabj0: ok, I'll poke facu about your bug anyway because the exceptions might make sense to him even without the debug, but he'll certainly need the debug logs to figure out how it got into the state the exception will tell him it's in01:38
Chipacabj0: I hope this isn't a weird inotify-doesn't-really-work-inside-ecryptfs thing01:38
Chipacabj0: if it is, I'll be a very sad penguin01:38
Chipacabj0: hopefully it's just a bug about the way pyinotify handles the weird ecryptfs filenames :)01:38
Chipacaok, enough of this, I need to sleep or I'll never get up01:38
bj0yea thats gotta make debugging a little tougher with those weird names01:38
duanedesignnewboon2age_: i thought rye did a good job of explaining the Ubuntu One bits in this blog post http://blog.rtg.in.ua/2009/11/ubuntu-one.html01:38
newboon2age_duanedesign: thanks i'll take a look at that.01:43
newboon2age_Chipaca: cheers!01:43
newboon2age_duanedesign: Chipaca: I posted your info at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9536059#post953605901:56
duanedesignlooks good  newboon2age_02:04
newboon2age_duanedesign: i figure if we can post things to the forums that's the first step to getting the info more accessible and then at some point we might turn them into wiki pages...02:05
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AJenboHi, i payed for 50GB 2 dayes ago, but i am only getting 2.03:04
AJenboMy AJenbo Account page accuratly sayes that i have a 50GB subscription, and alows me to down grade, but the meater is 2GB 100%, and my Dashboard and Ubuntu One client sayes i am using 2GB of 2GB03:05
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elzappSigh... all my MP3s has been renamed .u1conflict again :/07:01
duanedesignelzapp: that is odd07:01
duanedesignyou wouldnt think mp3s would change?07:01
elzappno. This also happened with my F-Spot archive a while back, which caused me a major pain in the behind.07:03
elzappAll with files that has never changed since the initial add to u107:04
duanedesignunless the playcount metadata is being updated07:04
elzappI don't think that's in the file07:05
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duanedesignelzapp: rye might be on soon, If you can catch him he might be able to help.07:30
elzappThe thing is, I have no idea when this happened, so there's no logs07:39
Elvisany developers on?07:54
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Elvisping verterok08:07
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rhleeHi guys, I just need to clarify something regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/58267411:34
rhleeHow do I "delete UDF metadata and directory"?11:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 582674 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "second ubuntu one client reports 'Synchronization complete' and doesn't sync anymore (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]11:34
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rhleedon't worry figured out how to do this11:57
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duanedesignrhlee: get it taken care of?12:39
rhleeduanedesign: Yeah I found yesterday's irc logs and found verterok's instructions.12:43
rhleeduanedesign: I deleted the udf (udfs?) metadata and it starts syncing again, so the fix works. But it starts from the beginning again.12:43
rhleeduanedesign: Is there any way to force u1 to do a local rescan, so that it only downloads the required files rather than overwriting them? Like with torrents.12:43
duanedesignrhlee: not that i am aware of12:44
rhleeduanedesign: But how does u1 keep track of which files need to be synced? It can just rely on inotify or whatever the api is. I mean what happens if a file is changed while u1sd is down?12:47
duanedesignrhlee: it does perform a local_rescan12:48
duanedesignrhlee: which logs had veteroks fix?12:49
rhleeduanedesign: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/05/19/%23ubuntuone.html12:50
duanedesignthank you rhlee12:51
rhleeduanedesign: np, But I take it I can't force u1 to perform a local_rescan until u1 it is in a idle state? Or can I?12:53
rhleeduanedesign: I just want to be able to resume a >500mb sync. The u1 servers are under a massive load (due to people like me) which makes syncs slow as molasses.12:53
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duanedesignrhlee: it should do a local_rescan everytime you start up the syndaemon. So u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c   and server_rescan will be the last thing it does before connecting to the server13:08
rhleeduanedesign: Sorry I'm just going to head out to lunch now.13:15
rhleeduanedesign: I use Magicicada to inspect the content queue. Before I disconnect u1sd I have 38 files in the queue and shrinking, when I u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c, the queue jumps back up to 218 and it starts from the same file all over again. I.e. it overwrites the files it has already downloaded after I delete the udf metadata.13:15
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Chipacaelzapp: you still there?13:52
duanedesignChipaca: do you have any thoughts on elzaps problem, why that would happen?14:02
Chipacaduanedesign: I suspect an old client14:09
duanedesignbug 552870 still seems to be a relevant bug. I am unable to stop publishing files via the client and the webUI.14:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 552870 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Stop publish does not disable the publicly shared file (affects: 2) (heat: 37)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55287014:37
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Chipacaduanedesign: why are you unable to stop publishing?14:48
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duanedesignChipaca: i select stop publishing but the file is still available at the url15:08
duanedesignChipaca: hmm. i think i need to debug more. It seems to be working for some files..15:18
Chipacaduanedesign: if you find you can reproduce it, please let us know15:20
Chipacaduanedesign: the last time it was a squid issue15:20
Chipacaand squids are slippery, y'know?15:20
duanedesignlol. and good fried with soy sauce and a touch of wasabi and ginger15:21
duanedesignChipaca: looks like i can only reproduce it reliably with .pdf files15:29
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funkyHatI'm still having the issue where every folder in nautilus has a band at the top that says "Ubuntu One disabled" and an enable button (On Maverick)...15:55
duanedesignfunkyHat: you are wanting to get rid of that?15:56
funkyHatduanedesign: I'd quite like to, yes15:56
funkyHatduanedesign: an option on the right click menu would be ok, this I just find obnoxious15:58
duanedesignfunkyHat: you are not the first to express that opinion15:59
funkyHatduanedesign: I'd be surprised if I was16:00
grumpygrandpahey all. quick q to see if "the fix is out there"... ubuntu 10.04, new ubuntuone user, failure to complete registration/auth process via "Me" menu. Something about failiure to open URL and "midbrowser" something...?16:02
grumpygrandpalatest bindwood 1.04 in firefox etc.16:03
duanedesigngrumpygrandpa: are you using Firefox16:03
grumpygrandpayes sir16:03
grumpygrandpaI have restarted FF, but not the laptop...16:04
duanedesignand now opening Ubuntu One from the Me Menu gives the same response or does it open the Ubuntu One Preferences16:05
grumpygrandpaerr msg: Authorization Error, Error showing url: Failed to execute chi..."midbrowser" (No such file or directory)16:06
grumpygrandpaI checked the installed packages for 'ubuntuone' and the list that comes up are all installed...16:07
grumpygrandpaoops, sorry, opening from Me menu  (eventuall) triggers the popup16:09
duanedesigngrumpygrandpa: grumpygrandpa check System->Preferences->Preferred Applications and see what your web browser is set to there16:09
duanedesignmake sure its firefox16:09
duanedesignsometimes it gets set to 'custom'16:09
grumpygrandpaoooh! it was set to 'Custom %s' midbrowser... I have selected FF... trying it out16:10
grumpygrandpaYep, that was it. Your Kung-Fu is strong, thanks Duane. Next issue? The name info under the Me menu window is stubbornly "unknown". Mebbe a restart of everything before proceeding?16:14
grumpygrandpa@duane: Thanks man, all fixed. Restart allowed the 'auth this machine' process etc. Cheers..16:20
funkyHatduanedesign: I'm filing a bug, I had a look but didn't find it already reported16:21
duanedesignfunkyHat: file a bug and post the bug number here please16:22
duanedesigni''ll triage it for you and try and get it looked at by the right people16:22
funkyHatbug #60110216:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 601102 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "ubuntu one disabled notice in every nautilus window (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60110216:22
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newboon2age_Chipaca: and anyone else who knows:  According to this article there was to be a big push at Pycon to get UbuntuOne working on Windoze.  Did this happen and where's the project at?  Does it have its own project site?  Info please: http://www.geek.com/articles/news/ubuntu-one-cloud-storage-coming-to-windows-20100125/21:47
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newboon2age_it looks like lucio torre was designated as the 'sprint leader', but i'm only finding the main ubuntuone client on launchpad, nothing about the Windows version.21:58
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bensteis there any benifit for ubuntu if I buy via music store isntead of amazon ? - amazon would be 20ct cheaper, but don't know wether cannonical will get money from 7digital for purchases22:27
lifelesswe get some money when you buy via the music store22:29
lifelessand you get the mustic stored in U1 directly, giving you a nice backup22:29
newboon2age_lifeless: can you give any info on what's happening with UbuntuOne for Windows (see my previous questions) or know who to ask?22:33
lifelessI don't have any info sorry22:34
lifelessyou said __lucio__ was involved? I'd ask him.22:34
benstelifeless - thx a lot I'll keep this in mind22:41
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newboon2age_lifeless: thing is there's no contact info for him on launchpad.  Does he ever come around here (irc)?22:44
Chipacanewboon2age_: there is no ubuntu one for windows yet22:48
Chipacanewboon2age_: there will be soon22:48
Chipacanewboon2age_: __lucio__'s work was awesome, but it was proof-of-concept, not something we can ship. Its most lasting contribution was a branch that separates out the unix-specific pieces of code, which is a branch which we'll be merging this coming week (I hope)22:49
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newboon2age_Chipaca: thanks for that info.  is the project getting some focus and push?  What kind of timeline should we be looking to?  Are testers needed?23:06
Chipacanewboon2age_: testers are not needed yet, because we have just finished hiring a person that will do it, but I expect it to come together rapidly over the next few months23:08
newboon2age_okay, thank you for the word... i'm thinking of writing a wishlist/bug report for it.  what do you think?23:10
newboon2age_Chipaca: ^^^23:11
newboon2age_also Chipaca do you think that ubuntuone-client-gnome would have a chance of working on 'Portable Ubuntu' under Windows?23:12
Chipacare the wishlist: sure, go ahead. Assign the bug to manuel.delapena@canonical.com.23:13
Chipacanewboon2age_: re portable ubuntu: I have no idea.23:14
Chipacanewboon2age_: what is portable ubuntu?23:14
Chipacamy ubuntu is portable!23:14
ChipacaI port it around inside my laptop :)23:14
newboon2age_Chipaca: its kinda like the equivalent of Wine but reverse23:15
Chipacanewboon2age_: I have no idea. Does inotify work?23:17
newboon2age_Chipaca: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/portable-ubuntu-ubuntu-system-running-as-a-windows-application.html23:17
newboon2age_Chipaca: i haven't tried it yet.  But would inotify be the main requirement?  They just published the 'tres' version in like april and while its not Lucid, its not too old.23:18
newboon2age_Chipaca: i was just thinking of it as a possible workaround in the meantime...23:18
Chipacanewboon2age_: inotify is the most linux-specific chunk. The next one in the list of things that are hard on windows is dbus.23:19
newboon2age_Chipaca: so if i were thinking of ubuntu versions how far back would it work on?  Jaunty?  any earlier?23:19
Chipacajaunty is the earliest, and I think nobody's tested that one in a while23:20
ChipacaAFAIK our last jaunty user left it a few weeks ago23:20
newboon2age_Chipaca: left as in upgraded or left the testing ?23:21
newboon2age_Chipaca: okay that gives me a decent idea.  Thank you again for your time.23:21
newboon2age_Chipaca: I'm not seeing how to change it into a wishlist item, could you tell me how?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/60121823:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 601218 in ubuntuone-client "UbuntuOne not available MS Windows (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]23:39
newboon2age_Chipaca: duanedesign: can someone tell me how to change a bug i wrote into a wishlist item?23:44
Chipacanewboon2age_: done23:45
Chipacanewboon2age_: click on the "pencil" under Importance23:46
newboon2age_Chipaca: thank you...23:47
newboon2age_Chipaca: oh, i think i don't have the power to do that (yet)23:47
newboon2age_Chipaca: no pencil for me...23:48
duanedesignnewboon2age_: what bug is it23:51
newboon2age_duanedesign: thanks, Chipaca just got it.  its https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/60121823:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 601218 in ubuntuone-client "UbuntuOne not available for MS Windows (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,New]23:55
newboon2age_Chipaca: at some point i'll appeal to the powers that be for it... no worries...23:56

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