erdemi am unable to get nvidia drivers running13:18
erdeminstalled he nvidia-current pkg but after doing nvidia-xconfig Xorg wont start anymore13:18
erdemsaying smth like nvidia driver not found13:19
fbxxklerdem I actually had a lot of trouble with this yesterday.  my nvidia drivers kept crashing on startup.  Unfortuntately I have no resolution, i just decided to install proper 10.0414:23
holsteinhyey fbxxkl15:46
holsteinhow is it going?15:47
holsteinwith the generic install15:48
fbxxklFine for now.  I was having a lot of issues with Ubuntu-Studio16:51
holsteinsorry to hear that16:51
fbxxklSo I just wrote down a lot of the applications so I can try it out that way.16:52
fbxxklYa my biggest issue was with my wireless and my graphics card16:52
holsteinand your graphics card is cool now?16:52
fbxxklyea with desktop 10.04 its running great along with wireless16:52
holsteini can assume why the wireless works16:53
holsteinbut the video should be the same16:53
fbxxklyea I was getting xorg crashing and stuff when I would start up16:53
fbxxklI would also get a ton of clipping and erroneous video errors all of the screen16:54
holsteindid you report @ LP ?16:54
fbxxklno, I couldn't report at the time cause i had no net16:54
fbxxklI tried a bunch of the error solutions16:55
fbxxklbut nothing would fix it so I started up in low graphics mode16:55
holsteinyou could just do a vague report that has your graphics card info16:55
holsteinthat might be enough16:55
fbxxklwhere would I do that. I would love to contribute16:55
holsteini would try here https://launchpad.net/ubuntustudio16:56
holsteinlet me know if it doesnt work out16:56
* holstein BBL16:56
fbxxklok later16:56

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