_vadimHi! I'm working on an automatic install system. I have VMs that automatically get installed from the network. Once the install is done, I need to run a script after the first reboot. It must run to completion before any logins are allowed or X is started. How do I do that?11:13
Steveehello, just a question is the upstart development process still continuing ? because the last version was released in april and the last patch for ubuntu at early may - almost 2 month ago...15:59
MdStevee: yes, it is17:05
Steveemany thanks, it is - because there are any news or commits17:06
Steveeit seams like the project is sleeping or dead17:08
Mdthere are definitely plans, but new code tends to appear in bursts17:11
Steveenice to hear about that17:12
ionAFAIU, Keybuk is working on 0.10 fulltime.17:44
Steveeoh, on the next version - great17:53
Steveethanks man17:53
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