AlaricHey folks ...  got a new xubuntu install on whith autofs5 isn't working.  mountpoint is prepared, automount is running, showmount -e [host] returns the correct exports ...   anything obvious I'm missing?03:39
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RocketplumberI have a question, if anyone can help...05:24
RocketplumberJust installed xubuntu on a laptop, now trying to get the external display VGA output to work.05:24
RocketplumberExternal monitor says "no siganl", remains blank- I guess my laptop isn't putting anything out.05:25
Rocketplumbero how do I persuade it to wake up the VGA port?05:25
pleia2Rocketplumber: that can be tricky because there are all kinds of ways laptops handle this, but a few suggestions...05:26
pleia2is there a function keep combination on the laptop to send to an external source? (that's what mine has)05:26
pleia2might also want to try booting up with vga plugged in, see if it sees it when plugged in from boot05:26
RocketplumberNo function display options other than the default key, and xubuntu doesn't show any display options other thn the default05:28
Rocketplumberwhoops, that got garbled05:28
RocketplumberXB sees only default monitor, no external devices05:29
pleia2ok, so the laptop doesn't have a key to switch to vga/05:30
RocketplumberI guess I'll try booting with VGA pluged in- wish me luck :)05:30
Rocketplumberpleia2, no05:30
pleia2good luck :)05:30
pleia2huh, unusual05:30
Rocketplumberah, wait a minute...05:30
RocketplumberYes, ther IS a display-thanks pleia05:31
pleia2woo, work?05:31
RocketplumberYep. fn-f5 did it, I never really LOOKED hard at the fn symbols on the kb.05:32
Rocketplumbermuchas gracias05:32
pleia2you're welcome :)05:32
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patman023hey all, any guesses on performance of ubuntu vs xubuntu on a 2000-vintage POS dell? p3 sub 1GHz 256 mb ram? client has 0 money (paying in coffee) and I couldnt salvage windows due to HDD slowly dying07:40
moetunesI would use a lighter distro on thar patman023 like crunchbang07:52
patman023moetunes, would do but client is ubernoob08:22
patman023ie. first pc, and it used to run win2k08:23
moetunespatman023: the light disros can be user freindly with some setup first08:24
patman023plus im no whiz myself- only 4 months on any *nix08:24
patman023still learning commline08:24
moetunespatman023: xubuntu and ubuntu use about the same resources these days08:25
moetunesa minimal install with xfce is still light tho08:29
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:30
pleia2patman023: is there any way you can put slightly more ram in it? I'm running xubuntu (and ubuntu too) on a 700mhz compaq laptop with 384M ram and it runs ok (watching movies on it right now)08:30
patman023nope zero budget08:36
xmanxubuntu v10.04 -- what is the name of the synaptics package do I need to select to get the kernel source files ?09:21
noaXesswhat need i to install for a minimal xfce4 system on a server? th package xfce4?10:05
noaXessi don't need any office or what ever packages.. just a X and minimal xfce410:06
Kangaroooone day in mail i got this link about bug in xubuntu but i dont understand whats there is.. heres link any one understands? http://extats.blogspot.com/2010/03/annoying-error-message-from-startxfce4.html15:42
noaXesswhat need i to install for a minimal xfce4 system on a server? th package xfce4?15:47
noaXessi don't need any office or what ever packages.. just a X and minimal xfce415:47
likemindeadRight, installing xubuntu-desktop will be everything.15:48
noaXesslikemindead: so just package xfce4.. ok.. thanks..15:49
noaXesswhat dm will xfce4 default install? gdm?15:56
likemindeadHmm... don't know that it will.15:58
likemindeadSee if it's in the packages included when you "sudo apt-get install xfce4" ?15:58
noaXessallready installen.. trying a reboot. and check what happends16:01
likemindeadWhee! :D16:02
likemindeadSLiM is a nice alternative. http://slim.berlios.de/16:03
noaXesslikemindead: so.. i can start it with startx.. that's allwhat i need..16:05
noaXessin which packages is add-apt-repository?16:07
fbxxklare there any applications that I could use to see statistics about my computer, comparable to speccy or cpuz for windows?  I don't understand a lot of the terminology in terminal yet and something with a GUI would be very helpful17:06
moetunes!info lshw-gtk17:13
ubottulshw-gtk (source: lshw): graphical information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.14-1build1 (lucid), package size 381 kB, installed size 1540 kB17:13
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Sysiwhat do i need to install to get alsamixer show up in xfce4-mixer?19:44
likemindeadIt's there by default for me.19:46
Sysiseems that my sound has totally broke after last updates19:47
pleia2Sysi: might need to swap which "sound card" in the dropdown menu you're viewing, also click on "select controls" to make sure it's showing you everything19:48
Sysithere are just pulseaudios with "fake output"19:49
Sysii try to install more updates and reboot19:49
pleia2hrm :\19:49
Sysi(i want my system to work, not be linux pro)19:50
TheSheepone implies the other19:53
Sysi"if you want to (just) use it, you should know how"19:54
Sysii reinstalled alsa-utils and xfce4-mixer, and sfter reboot it works19:58
Sysinouveau error came with new kernel "No native mode, forcing panel scaling"19:59
Sysiis that worth fixing/filing bug?20:00
leonardogood afternoon21:15
leonardocan somebody help me with the resolution in a dell c600 is an old model21:17
leonardoi go to the terminal but it runs sudo nano not sudo gedit like ubuntu21:17
Psilocybin_Elfsudo apt-get install gedit21:19
Psilocybin_Elfgedit doesn't come by default in Xubuntu21:19
Kangaroooleonardo: u can use either nano or default in xubuntu mousepad example sudo mousepad /folder/file21:20
Kangaroooleonardo: when u see somewhere written geding change that to mousepad21:20
leonardoim gong to try it i comeback if not thats means that it works21:20
leonardothanks a lot21:21
nicofshi! is there a tool to control the cpu speed?22:43
Chaiwallafor some reason I don't have any sound23:27
Chaiwallasomeone please help me :-(23:27

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