jammgz: ** Bug watch added: SourceForge.net Tracker #2581469    http://sourceforge.net/support/tracker.php?aid=258146900:56
jamI think it worked00:56
ubot5Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Sourceforge instance at 0x2364bd8> bug 2581469 not found00:57
jamubot5: the bug is 1.5years old, surely you can find it00:58
jammgz: well, in Vim I have !M<enter> as a macro to fill out all of the def main() import Optparse sort of stuff01:11
jamso it is pretty trivial01:11
jamI really don't like top-level scripting01:11
lifelesswhy not use bzr's command infrastructure?01:12
lifelessI do, or the stuff I put into testrepository01:12
jamlifeless: I certainly could, and just write a plugin, I just started as a script here01:12
jamboth work01:12
jammain is pretty trivial to get up and running01:12
jamand I don't always depend on bzrlib01:12
jamlifeless, mgz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/458547/01:13
jamI set that up before bzr existed I believe01:13
jamanyway, back to family time01:14
lifelessvila: are you around perchance?02:55
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mgznot had to read pascal for a long time15:35
mgzseems the right fix for installer bug is easy though, once I actually er... got the right bit of software15:36
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GaryvdMHi mgz20:01
mgzgood timing.20:01
GaryvdMI'll do a build with your patch now.20:02
mgzcan I twist your arm to try...20:02
mgzright, that.20:02
GaryvdMBla - I have all sorts of uncommited channges - need to deal with them before I merge your branch...20:05
GaryvdMShelving some of it, commiting some of it.20:06
mgzbad habit forming that, I have too much stuff stashed in pseudo-diffs in a hidden folder rather than getting finished20:07
mgzI did only use it with hg, but have started using with with bzr as well.20:07
GaryvdMI'm not sure how well the build script handles changes, so I'm doing a full build, rather than a incremental, just to be sure.20:15
GaryvdMSo it will take about 10min20:15
* GaryvdM tests using wine...20:30
GaryvdMBla fix for tbzr not working...20:32
mgzmeh, and seems timestamps ar still messed up20:34
GaryvdMmgz: my branch that I am building with: lp:~garyvdm/bzr-windows-installers/maybe20:36
mgzoddly, it's an hour *and a minute* out...20:36
mgz>>> time.gmtime(struct.unpack("<2i", file(r"C:\Program Files\BazaarBeta\plugins\bzrtools\__init__.pyo", "rb").read(8))[1])20:36
mgz(2010, 7, 3, 19, 17, 43, 5, 184, 0)20:36
mgz>>> time.gmtime(os.stat(r"C:\Program Files\BazaarBeta\plugins\bzrtools\__init__.py").st_mtime)20:36
mgz(2010, 7, 3, 18, 17, 42, 5, 184, 0)20:36
GaryvdMmgz: maybe useful for debugging: http://innounp.sourceforge.net/20:37
mgzwill check, but I looked at their source and it seemed like the flag would do the right thing20:38
mgzoaaaa... I have a bad feeling20:39
mgzI'm going to try running the setup again, but this time setting TMP to my main NTFS drive first20:39
mgznope, still a second out.20:42
mgzback to the pascal...20:43
GaryvdMmgz: I thing you have made the change in the wrong place.20:44
mgzthis is possible, I hate build stuff.20:44
GaryvdMmgz: templates/inno/bzr.iss20:44
mgzit's not even clear to me if that was the input of a script or the output20:44
GaryvdMDon't worry - I'm just as confused....20:45
mgzthe one-second problem won't be helped though... is the build slave on FAT rather than NTFS?20:45
GaryvdMI'll check20:45
mgzno... that wouldn't explain it either I don't think... grrr20:46
GaryvdMNTFS, on both drives20:46
mgzC:\>innounp -v bzr-2.2~bzr.dev~3-setup.exe | grep bzrtools.__init__20:48
mgz      3689  2010.07.03 19:17  {app}\plugins\bzrtools\__init__.py20:48
mgz      3249  2010.07.03 19:24  {app}\plugins\bzrtools\__init__.pyo20:48
mgzso, it's stored as the right hour, but doesn't give me the seconds to check20:48
GaryvdMmgz: let me know If I can run things on the build host to debug.20:50
mgzwell, did that cog thing get overwritten by the build process?20:50
mgzshould I try moving the change to the templates dir?20:50
mgzthat would at least fix the hours-out problem20:51
GaryvdMI don't think that the cog file gets used at all.20:51
mgzokay, I'll move it, push, and if you could try again...20:51
GaryvdMSee Ian's comment here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-windows-installers/+bug/56907720:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 569077 in Bazaar Windows Installers "Bazaar 2.2b2 install fails, Vista SP2 x64 (affected: 2, heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed]20:52
mgzactually, I'm going to uncommit, I've made enough recored dumb mistakes on this bug already20:52
mgzcan we not just... delete things that aren't used any more... why else do we use version control...20:53
GaryvdMmgz: I've just stated doing the builds...20:53
mgzI'm not blaming you20:53
GaryvdMmgz: yes - I agree..20:54
mgzbut, speaking of blame, there's blame in that cog file from Ian,20:54
mgz07/03/2010 11:54:0720:54
mgzwhich is ... dammit!20:54
mgznot a US date.20:54
mgzso, it's not today ;)20:54
GaryvdMlol ...20:55
mgzokay, pushed the move, if you could pull and try that...20:57
GaryvdMmgz: ok20:57
GaryvdMI also want to try a different fix for the tbzr issue.20:58
mgzif we have to add code to do % 2 on every py file mtime, I'm going to be annoyed21:01
mgzokay, that's to blame for the rounding21:07
mgzjust changing that would fix the issue fully for nearly everyone, but potentially screw fat people21:08
mgzseems like and improvement though so I'll add it to my existing branch21:08
mgzpushed that as well if you've not started the new build yet21:13
GaryvdMmgz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4494367/bzr-2.2~bzr.dev~4-setup.exe (without time stamp rounding)21:13
mgzwill test that, thanks.21:13
mgzdon't worry about the new change yet.21:14
GaryvdMmgz: I'll kick off a another build21:14
GaryvdMmgz: that was an incremental build. Let me know if you don't see any change.21:16
mgzwill do, nearly downloaded21:16
GaryvdMMaybe later we can look at trying to make the install smaller. I think there are some pyqt .pyd files we don't need.21:18
mgzexcluding stuff like that script you mentioned yesterday and seeing if that helps sounds worthwhile21:19
mgzokay, that build has the right hour.21:19
mgzso incremental seems to be fine, as does my FAT tmp drive21:20
mgzjust need to see if my last push also sorts out the second21:20
GaryvdM\o/ TortoiseOverlays bug fixed.21:20
mgzgo gary.21:21
GaryvdMmgz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4494367/bzr-2.2~bzr.dev~5-setup.exe21:27
GaryvdMWe can remove 6mb (uncompressed) unneeded pyqt files21:31
GaryvdMBut other things first.21:32
mgztimestamp matches, qbzr help displays21:32
mgzpipeline-launchpadlib issue still needs fixing21:33
mgzwas sure Aaron had another crack at making that lazy-loaded, is there not a pending rev to pull or something?21:34
GaryvdMmgz: But what functionality do we lose buy not having the lib?21:34
GaryvdMmgz: I thing better to just add the lib.21:35
mgzlp-propose and some other bits I think21:35
mgzthe problem is it's not just the lib21:35
mgzit's a maze of setuptools dependencies and related mess spanning eight or so packages21:36
mgzit doesn't even *let* you install it by the normal methods21:36
mgz  File "C:/Program Files/BazaarBeta/plugins\pipeline\__init__.py", line 161, in <module>21:37
mgz  File "C:/Program Files/BazaarBeta/plugins\launchpad\lp_api.py", line 43, in <module>21:37
mgzDependencyNotPresent: Unable to import library "launchpadlib": No module named launchpadlib21:37
mgz(with -Derror so pipeline has an indirect need via launchpad plugin apparently)21:37
GaryvdMmgz: Bug  56971721:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 569717 in Bazaar Windows Installers "bzr-2.2b2-setup.exe - error re: launchpadlib/pipeline (affected: 1, heat: 3)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56971721:39
mgzokay, that's trivial, he's catching the wrong error21:39
mgzit's in an except ImportError wrapper, but launchpad plugin is reraising as bzrlib.errors.DependencyNotPresent21:39
mgzI can fix that in pipeline and defer the should-and-how over launchpadlib21:41
GaryvdMmgz: I think better to put effort in adding launchpadlib to the installer.21:41
mgzbzrlib.errors isn't something we try and load lazily is it? comes under huge-but-essential.21:41
mgzby all means have a look at it, but... I bet it won't be fun.21:42
GaryvdMmgz: Making it lazy import is tricky.21:42
GaryvdMmgz: I have a branch which dose it. I did not submit - to hackey.21:43
mgzright, so I can just import and not worry.21:43
GaryvdMmgz: lp:~garyvdm/bzr/more_lazy21:47
mgz...think I should file a new bug against bzr-pipeline or add the project to the existing bug/21:48
mgzdon't know launchpad ettiquette here21:48
GaryvdMFirst check for existing bugs in pipeline...21:49
mgzdidn't find anything searching for "launchpadlib"21:49
GaryvdMmgz: I would say they are 2 different bugs.21:50
GaryvdMinstaller does not have launchpadlib21:50
GaryvdMpipeline does not lazy import launchpadlib21:51
GaryvdMSo IMO log a new pipeline bug.21:51
mgzk, will file new bug against pipeline.21:51
mgzcan you try an installer build with a bzr-pipeline from my branch rather than trunk, or is that hard to do?21:59
GaryvdMI can do that. Branch lp url?22:01
GaryvdMmgz ^22:02
GaryvdMmgz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4494367/bzr-2.2~bzr.dev~4-setup.exe22:23
GaryvdMmgz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4494367/bzr-2.2~bzr.dev~5-setup.exe22:23
GaryvdM5 not 422:23
mgzthe last one was also ~5?22:24
mgzthat is, I have a ~5 on disk already22:24
GaryvdMOh - opps - sorry22:24
GaryvdMHere I am, building a version control system , and I can't count...22:25
mgzit's a different size so I'm guessing it is actually a new build :)22:26
GaryvdMDrop box did not warn me that I was overwriting :-(22:27
mgzthat seems to have worked22:31
mgzno more pipeline complaints.22:32
GaryvdMCool - I'm going home shortly. I'll be around tomorrow morning.22:32
mgzI'm out of problems to make you test.22:34
mgzI'll throw up a branch with a bzr setup.py change that's easy but ugly, but doesn't need experimenting with.22:35
GaryvdMmgz: I need to make the new scripts accept a taged revision, try bundle launchpad lib, remove unneeded pyqt revisions, find a better solution to the PyQt.uic.port_v3 problem, create a test build with bzrw.exe, try removing unused build code (such as the cog files).....22:38
GaryvdM*unneeded pyqt files22:38
mgzlp:~gz/bzr/installer_plugin_script_timestamp_rounding <- the change22:41
mgznot sure it's really a good idea, and that py2exe stuff all needs to live in bzr-windows-installers rather than core, but hey22:41
GaryvdMYes Yes Yes22:41
GaryvdMOr in plugin setup.py22:42
mgzsimple enough to write that having thought of it earlier as an option may as well just propose and let others decide22:42
GaryvdMYou rock.22:43
GaryvdMCheers mgz.22:49

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