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cannonfodderhey you guys...is there a tool in ubuntu or a terminal command that will show my system stats?  i want to post my stats on craigslist so i can sell my computer02:23
GreydonSquarehey does anyone know how to install the vmware tools tar.gz file?02:25
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ToxinPowecannonfodder: lspci? gnome-system-monitor for gnome02:49
cannonfodderill try02:50
cannonfoddernot what i had in mind02:50
cannonfodderbut it helps02:50
cannonfodderhey toxin02:50
cannonfodderyou know anythign about bash scripting?02:50
ToxinPowecannonfodder: dmesg maybe have something about your hardware =)02:51
ToxinPoweand no, I don't02:51
cannonfodderany bash scripters in this channel02:54
josephnexushello everyone03:47
josephnexusin ubuntu there is a "disk utility" used for monitoring the smart status of drives, formatting, etc.... where is a similar tool located in kubuntu?03:47
Fanfarejosephnexus: try kdf03:59
josephnexusdoes kdf come preinstalled?04:24
moetunes!info kdf04:29
ubottukdf (source: kdeutils): disk information utility for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 238 kB, installed size 900 kB04:29
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DM|Where is the keyboard shortcuts options in kde?05:42
DM|As in, if I want to setup a keybind for opening a konsole shell05:43
DM|nm just found it :D05:44
DM|Okay... maybe I didnt... I need to be able to set a global keybind shortcut to open a konsole terminal, or another program. Where do I do that?05:46
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josephnexusHello everyone, just finished installing kubuntu06:29
josephnexusI'm trying to get my bluetooth headset working, my adapter is detected, but I can't seem to get it to pair06:29
josephnexusthis "just worked" in ubuntu... any ideas on what I could be missing?06:29
JDKGeany is my new text editor. it's better than kate06:29
josephnexuseverything I'm reading says it should work06:33
josephnexusany ideas?06:33
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josephnexushello everyone07:00
josephnexusanyone have any experience with bluetooth under kubuntu?07:01
josephnexusspecifically bluetooth headsets?07:01
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urgenmy bluetooth doesn't work07:20
urgentoo funky of a laptop07:20
josephnexusAnyone have any ideas why my xorg process always consumes around 20 percent of my cpu?07:40
josephnexusOverall, graphics feel extremely sluggish07:40
josephnexusanyone have any ideas what could be causing it? My specs are pretty decent (quad core, 8GB ram, nvidia quadro card)07:46
josephnexusfor having 212 people in here, it's rather quiet... could it be that I'm not connected?07:47
Soldier3Всем привет07:51
Soldier3Кто может помочь дельним советом?07:52
DarthFrog!ru | Soldier307:53
ubottuSoldier3: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:53
josephnexusok, so I must be connected07:54
josephnexusi'm assuming that it shouldn't be taking 5 seconds for a window to resize, any ideas on what could be causing the slowdown?07:55
Soldier3DarthFrog: Thank you!07:59
naftilos76hi, is there an app in Kubuntu that lets me edit boot options like which kernel to use etc?08:05
ingeborghi Iḿ very new at this08:26
ingeborgcould you please help me to join channel #archlinux-bugs IRC channel?08:27
ingeborgah, never mind, Iǘe figured it out08:27
Soldier3ingeborg: /join #archlinux-bugs08:32
OxDeadC0de_Is there an app to make me shut up?08:33
Soldier3I am install adobe flash. How in activation in firefox. (kubuntu 10.04 i386)08:35
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maelwrythHi folks. Welcome to my wget nightmare. Basically anything using wget to install fails ...eg msttcorefonts, flashplugin. Any clues, and no, I am not behind a proxy, just a nat. :)09:59
JDKanyone know of a free shell provider?10:09
AhoxHi, is it possible to mount an ext3 partition s.t. only root has read/write access and everyone else ro?10:12
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thomasfustonAloha!,i got a problem with colorscheme in kde, if i change the colorscheme, kde displays qt programms well as usual but all gtk programms displayed complete black10:53
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woflwhile I'm here... (this isn't strictly speaking kubuntu)... how do I make kNetworkManager start automatically again? The first time I logged in there was a problem with Dbus policy, so kNetMan said it wouldn't start automatically in future :/12:02
wofladding it to the autostart list didn't seem to work12:02
wofl*cough* James147 *cough*12:07
tsimpsonis it listed in System Settings -> Advanced -> Autostart?12:12
woflyep, that's where I added it. I just used "kNetworkManager" as the path...12:14
James147wofl: Check ~/.kde/share/config/networkmanagementrc see if there is anything in there about autostarting :S12:14
tsimpsonwofl: it's "knetworkmanager" (lower-case)12:16
wofltsimpson: good point. I think i did it lower case, but i'll have to check12:16
wofltsimpson: woops12:17
woflthanks :p12:17
woflJames147: i'll be looking in there anyway to try and fix it 'properly', so thank you too ;)12:18
woflwait :/ i take it back, the name was capped but the command wasn't :/12:18
tsimpsonis it enabled? (the checkbox should be checked)12:20
woflyes it is ;)12:23
tsimpsondoes it start when you run it manually?12:23
woflyeah, that's the weird thing12:24
woflI suppose i could try auto-starting a script with a "pause" or "sleep" or whatever instead12:24
wofli do actually have a Autostart=false in my networkmanagmentrc though :/12:26
James147wofl: set it to true12:26
woflso i'll cross my fingers for that to be the problem12:26
tsimpsonthe only thing I have in my knetworkmanagerrc is:12:26
woflJames147: or delete the line entirelly? :)12:26
James147wofl: that will probally also work as I dont habve that line12:26
woflthanks for your help guys, as always12:27
woflI'll be back when this fails O.o12:27
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DocTomoeI've hit the Google and the FAQs, but to no avail: How do I get Kubuntu to remember my monitor resolution settings? (It automatically resets to 1024x768 after each reboot)12:39
DocTomoe(this is 10.4 btw)12:40
James147DocTomoe: what graphics card do you have?12:40
DocTomoeATI Sapphire something. was pretty high-class back in the day, but Actually, I have no Idea on the exact name12:41
DocTomoeI'm not that great a graphics hardware geek, but it should be able to consistently use the 1280x1024 resolution ;)12:41
James147DocTomoe: have you enabled the propriety drivers for it? (run: jockey-kde)12:43
DocTomoeJames147: Actually, I haven't - That card sounds like a starting F22 when it uses 3d accleration, and I wanted to avoid that.12:44
DocTomoeJames147: jockeys two entry fields are empty, btw.12:45
James147DocTomoe: :S afraid I cant really help much more then that, I dont know how to configure ati cards12:46
DocTomoeWell, thanks anyway :)12:47
winlianybody tried edubuntu with kde?12:48
code_hi, anyone can help me how to instal plazmoid?13:07
James147code_: which one are you trying to install?13:10
code_some similar with conky13:11
code_sistem monitoring13:11
code_some like this13:11
code_i try with description for install, but didnt work13:12
James147code_: why dident it work? (what went wrong?)13:12
code_i cant read it with " Select "Install from file" "13:13
code_:Go to location where "oxygen" is located, after you selected click on finish" it's a problem i go where is oxygen dl and cant read it extension...13:14
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crashevis there a way to painlessly switch from kubuntu 10.04 -64bit to 32bit version ?13:40
bazhangcrashev, full reinstall13:40
crashevbazhang: You think I should format root partition before this,or overriding files/packages will be enough ?13:43
bazhangcrashev, do you have a separate home partition?13:44
Torchcrashev: you need to completely erase the old installation13:44
James147crashev: if you install to a partition that already contains /usr /sys /etc... they will be deleted before install i bleave13:44
Torchcrashev: you cannot just install different packages13:44
Mehrabhey, my "xsession-errors" file size strangely grows up and eats up all free disk space of my home partition. what should I do?13:45
TorchMehrab: find out which program fills it up.13:46
TorchMehrab: try to fix the problem or kill the program.13:46
TorchMehrab: delete the file. log out and in again.13:46
MehrabTorch: but how should I find that?13:46
TorchMehrab: read what's in the file.13:46
crashevTorch: ok, can't recall was - there format option during installation - in alternate installation cd ?13:48
Torchcrashev: you can create file systems during install, yes (format is a terrible wrong windows term)13:49
crashevTorch: erase/format/wipe whatever13:49
crashevgreat, will see how it goes, I will have to configure my raid and lvm again during installation.13:50
laporteHello all. I'm using kubuntu 10.04 in an amd64 arch and since this morning i'm not able to login in the graphic session.14:00
laporteThe login and password are correct but when i type them in kdm, i have a black screen and kdm restart14:00
laporteI'm still able to login on tty1-6 (from where i am working right now)14:01
jtheuer__check the logfiles14:01
laportejtheuer__: Which one and where :)14:01
laportejtheuer__: Xorg.0.log ?14:04
laportenobody ?14:07
trupheenixmy sound is not working on KDE. GNOME it's working. how can i fix this?14:32
macintuxtrupheenix: I don't think anyone knows how to fix your problem.14:34
trupheenixmacintux: :P right14:34
macintuxtrupheenix: I'd post on Ubuntuforums or come back in about a few hours.14:34
trupheenixhmmm good idea14:35
macintuxtrupheenix: Most people start getting on around ~10am PST thats when chat really starts picking up14:35
trupheenixmacintux: how long till 10AM PST?\14:35
James147trupheenix: you might also want to see:14:38
James147!sound | trupheenix14:38
ubottutrupheenix: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:38
trupheenixJames147: ok but it's only on KDE. GNOME sound works14:40
macintuxtrupheenix: Have you checked your mixer on KDE make sure your volume is all the way up?14:41
trupheenixmacintux: volume control is up.14:42
trupheenixJames147: it was working till yesterday even!14:42
trupheenixJames147: i seem to be facing this problem. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3169814:44
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BluesKajtrupheenix, make sure in alsamixer that nothing is muted14:52
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trupheenixBluesKaj: nothing is muted15:10
BluesKajtrupheenix, for some reason after kernel upgrades the pcm ctrl is turned down in alsamixer , check that if you haen't already15:12
trupheenixBluesKaj: did15:25
geof270Good Morning. Anyone have experiences, pros/cons, upgarding Jaunty to Karmac?15:37
henkka-I'm trying to install Panda net Go client for linux15:43
henkka-i think the install was fine but when starting the program nothing happens15:44
trupheenixgeof270: just get Lucid man16:00
trupheenixgeof270: it rocks!16:00
trupheenixJames147: hey i only have the XINE backend for playing back sound on KDE. you think that's a problem? i should have Gstreamer also right?16:06
geof270Lucid is to unstable on my laptop16:13
ToxinPowegeof270: I'm only a user, but I think Karmic a pretty good release, more than jaunty16:14
edjuIs there a kde equivalent to gnome-power-applets?  Specifically,  the cpu frequency monitor?16:15
ToxinPowegeof270: on my laptop, all works right, no more examples =)16:15
ToxinPowemore faster than jaunty, I upgrade too16:16
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ToxinPowegeof270: I think upgrade is a good option if you want, only that, good luck16:16
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James147edju: there is http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Cpu+Frequency+Selector+Ruby?content=92573  or http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/CpuFreqDisplay?content=10114716:20
robertHi room16:25
robertim trying to setup a cisco 877W router on my system. but im not sure what software i can run16:26
robertto get it to work16:26
roberthas anyone any ideas what i can do.. and if there is some free software to get it to work16:27
James147robert: are you trying to connect to the router (wired or wireless?... or configure the router?16:28
robertwired at the moment16:28
roberthola manu16:28
James147robert: is knetworkmanager not auto connecting you then?16:29
manu_soy novato con el tema este de ubuntu16:29
ToxinPowemanu_: este canal es en ingles, para español #kubuntu-es16:29
manu_ok gracias16:30
robertjust tried it now and its not engaging.16:31
robertI was wondering if i need to download the software from Cisco website16:32
James147robert: it shouldnt matter what router you have so there should be no need to extra software to connect to it16:33
robertso as to get it to recognise it, but i found out that i need to pay for the priverlege16:33
roberthi again...got dc'd i think16:37
robert@james currently i have it connected to the COM port16:37
robertwhen i connected it Kubuntu didnt register the connection16:37
James147robert: try the other ports :S16:45
robertwill give it a try16:46
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manjulaHello ALl17:09
manjulain my taskbar i accidenlty delete a widget. it was the one that shows all the programs that run..place where u get the minizmie windows etc... how do i get it back ?17:10
James147manjula: right click the panel > add widgets > look for Task Manager > drag it back17:10
ToxinPoweright click unlock widgets17:10
ToxinPoweand this yep17:11
josephnexusanyone here know why I could be experiencing some major slowness issues?17:11
manjulaproblem is task manager is not there17:11
josephnexusxorg is always consuming 25% cpu17:11
josephnexus(on a quad core machine)17:11
manjulajosephnexus: Problem is Task Manager is not there........17:11
geof270If you have accidentally erased your Task Manager bar completely, add it again from the Plasma icon in the upper right corner of your desktop. You can drag your Task Manager bar anywhere you want using the "handle" on the edge of the bar (which pops up unless you have the widgets locked).17:13
josephnexusalso, does anyone here know how to get a bluetooth headset working?  It worked perfectly and without any trouble in Ubuntu, but when I try to pair it in Kubuntu it says that I don't have the services17:14
josephnexuserr... it doesn't have an input service17:14
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eagles0513875hey guys there is somethign super strange goign on with my video card driver since the kernel update17:15
eagles0513875the driver always seems to crash due to some kernel object error17:15
* eagles0513875 thinks me shoudl remove and reinstall the driver17:15
manjuladidnt work17:16
josephnexuseagles0513875, what driver are you talking about?17:17
trupheenixBluesKaj: lol. it was a volume issue. i opened the Mixer from system tray and saw that headphones were muted.17:17
eagles0513875josephnexus: the nvidia one in the repos17:17
geof270widgets unlocked?17:17
josephnexusI am running the same driver17:17
eagles0513875josephnexus: did you update ur kernel17:18
josephnexusand I am experiencing horrendously slow speeds17:18
josephnexusI've installed all of the updates17:18
eagles0513875im on 2.6.32-23 josephnexus on 22 i didnt have this problem17:18
eagles0513875i have to restart x to get any desktop17:18
josephnexuslet me check my kernel version17:18
eagles05138752ndly icons it doesnt render right for programs17:18
eagles0513875speed for me isnt an issue17:18
eagles0513875josephnexus: thats the nvidia driver im running Installed: 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.0417:19
manjulaahh ok finally i managed to get it back.. problem was, i am using a system i localized to sinhalese.. and the widget was in a different name ... "-)17:19
josephnexuswhat graphics card do you have eagles0513875?17:19
josephnexus2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 11 08:03:28 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:20
josephnexusthat's my kernel17:20
eagles0513875josephnexus: 8800gt 1gb17:21
josephnexusI'm on a quadro fx58017:21
josephnexuswhere are you seeing these errors?17:21
josephnexuslike in your kernel?17:21
eagles0513875josephnexus: on bootup17:21
josephnexusdmesg or something?17:21
FloodBotK2josephnexus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:21
eagles0513875i get a dialogue when it comes to load the ui and a rather decent delay wiht it before it pops up the kernel object error message17:21
eagles0513875i think i need to uninstall it and reinstall it17:22
josephnexusi suspect that your driver didn't update with the new kernel17:22
* josephnexus has noticed kubuntu does that occasionally.17:22
josephnexusSwitch to vesa or something in your Xorg, and then reboot, and then reactivate the driver via the hardware drivers tool17:23
josephnexusanyone else here experiencing horrible speeds (5 seconds to unminimize something?)17:23
eagles0513875josephnexus: are you in offtopic17:23
josephnexusI am not17:23
josephnexusshould I be?17:23
josephnexusi am now17:24
oalIs there something like this for Linux? http://www.maxto.net/ Maximizing in regions, but I don't want a tiled wm17:58
ToxinPoweoal: Desktop Grid?18:11
oalToxinPowe, I guess so18:11
ToxinPoweSystemsettins->Desktop Effects->All Effects->Desktop Grid18:11
oalToxinPowe, wow, that's a lot of effects. A shame I didn't know about that before. Thanks! :D18:13
ToxinPowenp =)18:13
oalToxinPowe, hmm, not sure if that was what I was looking for :(18:15
oalToxinPowe, but there was some other effects I can play with18:16
ToxinPoweoal:  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kde+4.4+desktop+effects&aq=f18:17
ToxinPoweI have to go, bye18:17
oalOk, bye18:17
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captaincI just installed Kubuntu for the first time (Lucid). I used to use PulseAudio as a sound server so other computers can use the speakers on the one PC. What is my best option now?18:43
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josephnexushello everyone, whenever I try to switch windows (like drag one window, and then drag the next) it takes a second or so before the second window will start moving.  It makes the desktop feel very clunky and slow... any ideas?19:25
Space_Manjosephnexus: it could be a driver issue or a Compiz effect causing the problem19:30
josephnexusi've disabled compositing19:33
josephnexusstill slow :-(19:33
GinglymostomaI seemed to have broken my KPackageKit.  I was trying to add a WineHQ repository to the Third-Party Software tab, then afterwards (somehow) my package manager could neither load software or updates.  Everytime I try to search for a software package or click refresh under Software Updates, I instead keep getting the error message "The package list needs to be rebuilt." and under details "Package cache could not be opened." 19:34
Ginglymostoma what I did to break it and how I can fix it?19:34
James147Ginglymostoma: try running "sudo aptitude update"19:35
GinglymostomaJames147: you have a paste bin site I could load my error message to?  I don't want to flood the channel19:36
James147!pastebin | Ginglymostoma19:37
ubottuGinglymostoma: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:37
GinglymostomaJames147: here's the paste bin from your command, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458847/19:38
Ginglymostomaguess I should try removing ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppappa:ubuntu-wine/ppa from that list?19:39
James147Ginglymostoma: yup19:39
GinglymostomaJames147 is there a gui i could use to access the list or will I have to use bash?19:40
James147Ginglymostoma: kpackagekit should be able to do it... otherwise you can jsut open it as root in a text eidtor (kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list   will do it)19:41
GinglymostomaJames147: works well now, thanks James!19:46
Alan502I see strigi running but i don't know how to use its search XD20:01
James147Alan502: Either do a search in dolphin (the search bar at the top of the window (NOT ctrl+F) or through krunner (you might need to enalbe the nepomuk plugin)20:27
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Alan502James147, ahhh i see. Thanks! I was using Ctrl+f but i know how to use strigi now.20:28
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cato37anyone know how to fix dolphin when it gives searches innacurately and in quadruplicate.22:26
josephnexusanyone have any ideas on why making a window active would consume 100 percent cpu for a few seconds?22:43
josephnexusI click on the firefox task bar and my cpu gets pegged for a few seconds22:43
josephnexusand everything runs slow22:43
josephnexusi click back on quassel and the same thing happens22:44
josephnexusany time that the active window is changing, my cpu usage is extremely high for a few seconds... has anyone else experienced this?22:44
josephnexusI ran into that on current stable as well as on the RC122:44
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senorpedrohow can i make kubuntu to connect to wifi on boot? atm the connection manager only connects when i login into kde23:23
kensalve a tutti23:26
senorpedrohow can i make the wifi to connect on bootup? is there a solution for this?23:40
senorpedroatm i have to login in kde so that wifi connects23:40
cato37what tool do i use to partition the harddrive?23:45
senorpedroor cfdisk if you prefer cli23:46
senorpedroor gparted if you like gtk223:46
Dragnslcrqtparted isn't maintained anymore23:46
cato37i am not sure what cli is.23:47
Dragnslcr!info partitionmanager23:47
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): A partition management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 423 kB, installed size 2836 kB23:47
senorpedrocato37, cli == "command line interface" aka terminal23:47
senorpedroso partitionmanager is the new qtparted?23:47
cato37senorpedro: thanx.23:47
DragnslcrPretty much, yeah23:48
senorpedrois it also qt?23:48
Torchsenorpedro: it's a kde app23:48
DragnslcrQT4, yeah23:48
Torchsenorpedro: it has nothing at all to do with qtparted23:48
DragnslcrEr, KDE4, that is23:48
cato37i am saddenned. i cant avoid needing monenote for my work, and i cant get it too work in23:50
senorpedrowhats monenote?23:51
cato37i am saddenned. i cant avoid needing ms onenote for my work, and i cant get it too work in kubuntu, so i have to set aside some disk space to reinstall vista for it.23:51
cato37sorry. i am still getting used to typing on the small kb of the laptop23:52
Torchcato37: wait... you cannot get an _ms_ app to work on kubuntu? and that makes you sad?23:52
cato37it makes me sad that i have to reinstall vista23:52
senorpedrocato37, you can try it with wine or setup a windows image in virtualbox23:52
Torchcato37: if you decide to rely on microsoft apps... well...23:52
cato37Torch: i dont have a choice. work requires it.23:53
senorpedroyes, it "simulates" a computer in your computer, its awesome23:53
Torchcato37: http://www.virtualbox.org/23:53
cato37maybe i wont have to partition the disk23:53
Torchcato37: well, blame your employer then, not linux. or kubuntu.23:54
cato37lol, i am not blaming linux nor, kubuntu.23:54
cato37i am not smart enough to get wine to work23:54
Torchcato37: wine is nothing more than a crutch.23:55
senorpedrocato37, its very simple, just type "wine $MONETONE_INSTALLER.exe" into the terminal23:55
Torchcato37: not relying on windows-only-apps is a lot smarter.23:55
senorpedroor you just click on the installer exe in dolphin23:55
senorpedrocato37, then wine will install it into the wine dir23:56
senorpedrobut there's a chance that it wont work with wine23:56
cato37i keep getting errors that the c directory doesnt exist when trying to install ms stuff23:56
senorpedrocato37, normally it should create the c dir automatically23:57
cato37i think it is because i i made two users, the 1000 one is my personal login, and the 1001 is for work, but i dont need the m$ stuff for the personal login.23:59
cato37i will log into it and see if it works from there. brb.23:59

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