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pmjdebruijnare the PPA builds stuck again, or is there just heavy load13:11
geseran archive test-rebuild is in progress13:16
pmjdebruijnheh ok... that explains things :)13:20
pmjdebruijnthanks for the info :)13:20
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steffanIs it possible to delete an old (and useless) e-mail address from the Launchpad Login?16:07
steffanI added a new one, the old one is now useless but is still listed. I don't see a 'Remove' or similar nearby16:07
candreasteffan: you should be able to remove addresses from https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editemails , can't you?16:31
nuovodnahi, why the waiting time to compile sources packages are too high ?? I'm waiting from 24 hours17:18
gnomefreakcan someone please disable the account that is with the email address abdurrohman@ymail.com it is spamming links for canadian pharmacies18:06
gnomefreakwell i cant load the bug(not sure what bug out of 2 its on18:13
paravoidI've been trying to create an account for many days but I never got the confirmation mail18:41
paravoidmy mail is paravoid@debian.org, I just re-tried18:42
paravoidalso, login.launchpad.net doesn't offer a link for support *anywhere*18:42
paravoidwhat's the proper address? help@launchpad.net?18:42
BlackZparavoid: https://help.launchpad.net/Feedback18:43
paravoidBlackZ: I read that; it's suggesting irc over mail19:09
paravoidso, here I am.19:09
BlackZparavoid: it's the week-end now, I suggest you to come back monday19:19
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shaun___need help setting up ssh keys21:15
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