DrHalannearly every app that is using opengl is setting the wrong resolution/frequency for my screen00:46
DrHalanand i have to restart x...00:46
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DrHalanits really annoying me00:56
DrHalani can't use half my games...00:56
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Andre_Gondimmy gwibber doesn't display any tweet01:26
Andre_Gondimthe main windows is blank01:26
gnomefreakmine works atm01:28
gnomefreakwhat version?01:28
Andre_Gondimlet me see01:29
BUGabundoits dying some times01:31
BUGabundorace condiion01:31
BUGabundoAndre_Gondim: kill it, make sure its not running (ps axuw  | grep gwib01:31
BUGabundothen launch in debug: gwibber-service -d -o01:32
BUGabundofollowed by gwibber -d in another shell, once 1st end syncing01:32
* gnomefreak uses ps aux |grep01:32
BUGabundoI use psx01:33
BUGabundoalias love01:33
Andre_GondimBUGabundo, do you want the first or second shell?01:33
BUGabundoits you who want it to run fine01:34
BUGabundoif its crashing, find out why01:34
BUGabundobtw, twitter api is down and StatusNet released 0.9.301:34
gnomefreakif it isnt workin gwhen running in term. file a bug using ubuntu-bug01:35
Andre_GondimBUGabundo, but identi.ca does no appears...01:35
BUGabundowfm with dailly ppa01:36
BUGabundo  Installed: 2.31.2~bzr750-0ubuntu1~daily101:36
BUGabundoAndre_Gondim: which kernel?01:36
gnomefreakmine too01:36
BUGabundodesktop couch was having a probs a few weeks ago01:36
BUGabundomaybe u are on an older kernel?01:36
BUGabundoLinux BluBUG 2.6.35-6-generic #9-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 1 03:01:23 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:37
Andre_GondimI did a fresh install yestarday01:37
Andre_GondimLinux andregondim-eti-br 2.6.35-6-generic #9-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 1 03:01:23 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:37
BUGabundoso pastebin the traces01:37
Andre_GondimBUGabundo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/458558/01:57
BUGabundoerror: (6, 'name lookup timed out')01:57
BUGabundohaven't seen any of those in a whyel01:58
BUGabundoplus Ica is up01:58
BUGabundocould be the new api01:58
BUGabundoandersk: can you try trunk?01:58
BUGabundojust bzr branch it01:58
Andre_Gondimyou said ppa?01:58
BUGabundoand start from ./gwibber/bin/gwibber-service and same for gwibber01:59
BUGabundowell, ppa will replace yours01:59
BUGabundobzr won't01:59
Andre_Gondimhow can I use the trunk01:59
BUGabundobzr won't01:59
BUGabundobzr branch lp:gwibber02:00
gnomefreakuse the daily PPA not bzr if you dont plan i making changes to code02:02
sebsebsebuhmm  so in the morning my vm with btrfs messes up from alternate CD probably since how the Internet connection went or something.  I have just done one though, and logged in twice, and second time I am trying to do updates, and yeah it seems that has just crashed on me.  I guess closing the vm down and trying again may do it though.  On the subject of btrfs  I haven't read up on it properly yet.  I know its just a file system so under the hood,02:05
sebsebsebso not meant to be expecting anything graphical?  What about snapshots how is that done, terminal?02:05
sebsebsebWell lets find out if I can do updates.  At least I didn't have to 100% start over, since I could change the two partitions that were there from when I first tried.02:11
sebsebsebAlso this vm gives me a little error message, when I start it.02:12
sebsebsebOr whatever that is.02:13
jjessegood evening i have a question about maverick, using alpha2 of the netbook edition, running under VirtualBox and when starting up I am prompted with a screen prompting me to either run Ubuntu Netbook or Install, after selecting run, the screen flashes dark and then i get nothing more then a background02:27
sebsebsebFrom alternate ISO above, not CD, and the updates are installed :) (and back in the vm account after a reboot)02:31
sebsebsebjjesse_:  uhmm02:31
jjesse_sorry dropped network connection02:31
sebsebsebjjesse_: yes I saw02:31
sebsebsebright Unity and alpha 2 and Virtualbox02:32
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sebsebsebI haven't tried myself yet, but other people have02:32
sebsebsebuh I think you missed that02:32
sebsebsebI haven't tried myself yet, but other people have02:32
sebsebseband they had problems02:32
jjesseis unity = to netbook or slightly different?02:32
sebsebsebAlpha 2 is using Unity by default02:33
sebsebsebfor the Netbook Edition02:33
jjessesince i don't usually use ubuntu (normally a kubuntu uesr) is the "install" window new to maverick?02:33
sebsebseband it wants a computer that can do 3D straight away, according to a bug thread that is linked to from the alpha2 page02:33
sebsebsebjjesse: if you mean the ISO, its been quite a while now, if not a rather long time even, where  can  try from the  CD/ISO  in a live session or just install, and I mean the desktop version02:34
jjessei understand that02:35
jjessein kubuntu the selection to either install or boot from the live cd is still text based, not in a window02:35
sebsebsebyou mean the graphical installer?02:35
sebsebsebalternate ISO is text based02:35
jjessei understand that02:35
sebsebsebI don't normally use the netbook versions, but I did test  the beta or whatever for Lucid,  and  I had a vm of  10.10 alpha 1 netbook as well as desktop,  and not tried alpha 2 yet in vm, but I have a feeling I won't get far with it, since  the lack of 3D support02:37
jjessehttp://img580.imageshack.us/img580/3013/screenqi.png is the screen that looks different from kubuntu to ubuntu02:37
jjesseubiquity is letting me do the install, so curious as to what happens02:38
sebsebsebjjesse: ah yes that02:38
jjessesorry if i didn't explain myself02:38
sebsebsebthe alternate CD is like before with the languages and count down for 10.10 alpha 202:38
jjesseis that screen new to maverick or did it come out w/ lucid?02:38
jjesselike i said i  am normally a kubuntu user02:39
sebsebsebThe thing your showing me in the screenshot came with 10.0402:39
sebsebsebjjesse: the installer for Ubuntu 10.04 also improved quite a bit02:39
sebsebseba nice slideshow02:39
jjesseso i'm seeing02:39
sebsebsebwell improved slideshow over the 9.10 one02:39
jjesseall things lacking in kubuntu :(02:39
jjessewell kubuntu has a slideshow but not as good02:40
sebsebsebhowever for 10.10 they are planning on doing a completly new installer02:40
sebsebsebjjesse: indeed they focus on Gnome mainly, and KDE hardly at all02:40
sebsebsebloads of people on the web complain about that even02:40
sebsebseband on IRC even at times02:40
sebsebsebjjesse: I know this is an offical Ubuntu channel and all that, so maybe I  shoudn't reallly mention it here, but  theres a Mint KDE  RC now.  and from a screenshot it looked pretty good,  I haven't vm'd tried yet.02:41
sebsebsebMint Gnome uh no thanks for me, but  Mint KDE probably isn't that bad.02:42
IdleOneI think the kubuntu devs would disagree with you about how much time is spent working on kubuntu02:42
jjessei agree02:42
jjessei help out w/ kubuntu devs and also maintain the kubuntu-docs package :)02:43
sebsebsebjjesse: its ashame really about Kubuntu though how for example it won't have a QT version of the Software Centre02:43
sebsebsebI meant Canonical don't focus on it02:43
IdleOneI personally don't use kubuntu because I don't like the kde environment but I know people who do work on the project and they work hard02:43
sebsebsebI read before that apparnatly it only has two Canonical devs02:43
jjessekubuntu hasn't had a decent package manager in a long time02:43
IdleOneCanonical officially supports and sponsors kubuntu.02:44
jjessecanonical only pays 2 devs but officially supports kubuntu02:44
jjessebut i am sorry for digressing the channel02:44
IdleOnejjesse: yeah we went a tad offtopic02:44
IdleOnebut I felt it was worth giving props to the kubuntu devs02:44
sebsebsebjjesse: well there was  hardly anything going on here anyway, but yeah we went a bit offtopic02:44
jjessewell we will see what happens in a minute when my install finishes :)02:45
JontheEchidnaIdleOne: <302:45
* jjesse hugs JontheEchidna02:45
IdleOneJontheEchidna: :)02:45
jjessewhy are you hiding here johslarsen02:45
jjessewhy are you hding here JontheEchidna02:45
JontheEchidnaso that I can help the kubuntu types when they run +1 ;)02:46
IdleOneJontheEchidna: is there a kubuntu+1 channel?02:47
JontheEchidnaIdleOne: nope, #ubuntu+1 is recommended02:47
IdleOnegood to know02:47
sebsebsebJontheEchidna: Are you a Kubuntu dev?02:47
JontheEchidnasebsebseb: volunteer, yes02:47
jjesseyes he is02:47
sebsebsebok attack of the Kubuntu devs :D02:48
JontheEchidnaThe Kubuntu Ninjas hide in wait ;)02:48
gnomefreakso do the ops02:49
gnomefreakIdleOne: no ther ehasnt been for a while02:49
IdleOnegnomefreak: #k+1 you mean?02:50
gnomefreakIdleOne: yes02:50
gnomefreakit was around for a month or so02:50
sebsebsebgnomefreak: So this snapshot stuff with btrfs how to do that?02:51
gnomefreaksebsebseb: dont understand what you mean by how to do that?02:51
gnomefreakit will be if not already added to the installer02:52
sebsebsebwell I got a vm now with btrfs and I am wondering how to do stuff with btrfs,  I guess I will need to do some reading or whatever02:52
SensivaCan someone confirm that right clicking a channel entry in channels tree in xchat doesn't show "Add to Favorites" option?02:53
gnomefreaksebsebseb: would be a good idea. Since it is so new to us i dont think there is a guide or if that many people that use it to be advised to02:53
IdleOneSensiva: I have the option02:53
gnomefreakxchat or xchat-gnome02:53
SensivaIdleOne installed from repos?02:53
IdleOnexchat for me02:53
Sensivagnomefreak xchat by zed02:53
IdleOneSensiva: yes from repos, xchat-common to be precise02:54
gnomefreaki dont have that option using xchat on Mozilla servers02:54
sebsebsebgnomefreak: well there was a btrfs guy / filesystem guy around, but hes not active here at the moment02:54
SensivaIdleOne did you try to compile from source once before?02:54
IdleOneSensiva: never02:54
sebsebsebgnomefreak: your second bit, your saying loads of people shoudn't be using it?02:55
IdleOneI have always used the xchat-common from repos02:55
gnomefreakSensiva: no clue who you are reffering to02:55
Sensivaso gnomefreak doesn't have the option, and IdleOne and me have it02:55
gnomefreakSensiva: no i meant was not that many people have used it i suspect02:55
Sensivaand I tried check on a vbox and it wasn't there02:55
IdleOneSensiva: I came accros a couple of people in #xchat that did not have it either02:55
gnomefreakSensiva: right clicking on a channel?02:56
SensivaIdleOne 32 or 64?02:56
Sensivagnomefreak right clicking on a channel entry in the tree02:56
sebsebsebgnomefreak: did you just message Sensiva instead of me by mistake?02:56
IdleOnegnomefreak: right click on channel name in tree02:56
gnomefreakIdleOne: i dont have that option i only have a couple of things02:57
IdleOnein maverick correct?02:57
Sensivagnomefreak arch? 32/64?02:57
gnomefreaksebsebseb: sorry that was for you02:57
gnomefreak32bit maverick yes02:57
sebsebsebgnomefreak: thought so02:57
SensivaThank you all02:57
Sensivait seems it is lost in 32 builds02:57
IdleOneSensiva: so did we pass?02:57
IdleOnethought so02:57
SensivaIdleOne yes sure you passed ;)02:58
sebsebsebIdleOne: using what I just used02:58
IdleOneit is a very useful feature and should be put back02:58
SensivaIdleOne do you already have favorite channels in the list?03:29
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LSD|NinjaAutomatic kernel cleaner-upper this version?06:37
lapionhmm latest maverick backported-lucid kernel seems to be stablest so for for i915 with i855 chipset07:09
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HappyNwbI have a dual boot setup, Vista and Ubuntu, afaik the Grub boot loader is on the Vista harddrive, but I want to move the Grub boot loader over to the hardrive containing the Ubuntu installation. How can I move the boot loader over from one harddrive to the other?13:18
HappyNwbI plan to reformat and reinstall Vista harddrive, but do not want to disturb my dual boot setup.13:19
arandHappyNwb: Using Maverick?13:19
HappyNwbIt's a general question I guess. Any way will do.13:19
arandThen it's more appropriate for #ubuntu I guess.13:20
HappyNwbIs #ubuntu an other irc channel?13:21
HappyNwbWhat is this one for? I thought this channel was for Ubuntu in general13:21
void^this is #ubuntu+1. as the topic says, it's for ubuntu alpha/beta discussion.13:22
nigelbHappyNwb: this one is for the next release for ubuntu, mainly testing and feedback13:22
perlsyntaxwhere can i download the ubuntu 10.10 dvd iso?15:06
jpdsperlsyntax: http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/ubuntu/10.10/alpha-2/15:07
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:07
perlsyntaxall i see is cd image.15:07
IdleOneI don't think there are DVD images yet15:08
perlsyntaxthat what i was looking for.15:08
perlsyntaxI hope ubuntu don't have prob with black sceen like 10.0415:09
jpdsperlsyntax: Scroll down.15:09
perlsyntaxi see it now.15:09
perlsyntaxanyone have prob with the ubuntu 10.10?15:11
perlsyntax:D let hope not15:12
BluesKajis 10.10 using gnome 3 ?15:15
iddoBluesKaj: it won't use gnome-shell by default15:17
BluesKajiddo, excellent , thanks... I'm thinking of switching my desktop from kde to the new gnome 2.3 , altho i still object to default top of the screen panel , is a bottom panel optional yet /15:24
BluesKaj<----- old windows guy...old habits die hard :)15:26
iddobtw if u use laptop then unity is the new default, vertical panel on left, good for wide screen space15:26
iddoi think gnome-shell has activities on left, and panel on top15:27
iddobut old gnome-panel you could move to bottom without problems15:28
BluesKajI have a laptop but I don't experiment with it , iddo ...my desktop is where do my fooling around, so to speak15:28
iddook if u like to experiment then u can install alpha2 and then try to apt-get install gnome-shell15:29
BluesKajI also have an ubuntu server on the network for media and backup15:29
iddothe desktop image still comes with compiz by default15:30
BluesKajiddo , do you recommend removing kubuntu-desktop/kde ?15:30
iddou mean first dist-upgrade instead of clean install?15:31
iddoi guess dist-upgrade from kubuntu will install latest kde, but i guess gnome-shell will be in repositories?15:33
BluesKajyeah i was thinking of a do-release upgrade -d , and then sudo sed -i 's/lucid/maverick/' /etc/apt/sources.list , then installing gnome-shell , after removing kde ...complicated , maybe I'll mess up15:33
iddosome people like to keep /home on different partition for their configs and do clean install for / parition15:36
iddoor u can just backup your home dir stuff and do clean install, probably less chance to have problems this way, especially if u plan to switch from kde to gnome anyway15:37
iddoif u really want to experiment u can install with btrfs filesystem instead of ext415:38
BluesKajiddo, yeah i'll just do clean install, and any nondefault apps save the config files anyway ... ext4 is experimental enough for me15:39
BluesKajas long as i don't format, that is.15:40
iddowhy not format?15:41
BluesKajno need15:42
iddoclean install without format?15:42
BluesKajno need for backing up files15:42
iddoso u delete dirs in / ?15:43
BluesKajI'll drop to a tty and remove kde15:44
BluesKajno i don't delete dirs15:44
iddoi think we have different meanings to the term clean install15:44
BluesKajnot really my clean install isn't actually a proper clean install as such, it's more .like15:45
BluesKaja reinstall15:45
iddowhat happens if u dont delete /usr and so on, and then do new install there?15:47
iddoi think the installer doesnt let u proceed without format15:47
BluesKaji have done clean installs after formatting tho , but sometimes just a reinstall is necessary after stuff breaks and can't be fixed15:47
BluesKajiddo, yes it does, one just uses manual partitioning15:48
h00kanyone running btrfs on a SSD/16:40
soadkombuchaWhy can't I remove PulseAudio without removing Ubuntu-Desktop?17:05
IdleOne soadkombucha: ubuntu-desktop is a meta package. you can safely remove it and then re-install later17:05
IdleOnesoadkombucha: no it is not the entire desktop17:06
IdleOneit is basically a list of packages that need to be installed17:06
soadkombuchaLet me try a reboot after "sudo apt-get autoremove pulseaudio" and "sudo ./realtekaudiodrivers.sh" to see if I have sound17:06
IdleOnewhen you install ubuntu-desktop it calls a list of packages. those packages get installed. when you remove ubuntu-desktop it removes only the list17:07
gnomefreakother than bootdmesg what other file would hold plymouth errors?17:07
* gnomefreak cant find any to save my life17:08
gnomefreakyou may not want to remove *-desktop packages on devel cycle17:09
gnomefreakwin 1817:09
soadkombuchaOK so still no udio I'm removing the source and reextracting the tar files17:11
soadkombuchaHmmm no luck17:16
soadkombuchaOK I don't have ANY sound, and alsamixer won't load17:20
bjsniderok, if anybody buys one of the wd "green" drives, you have to use the wdidle dos app to turn off the autopark feature, because the drive heads move into park position in a way that is incompatible with the linux kernel's timing17:22
penguin42hmm that's annoying, no way to do it from hdparm?17:23
soadkombuchaAre there going to be lots of problems if I downgrade the kernel??17:27
gnomefreakyou should always have at least 2 kernels in grub17:32
gnomefreakbe back in a few17:34
guntbertinstallation from alternate daily fails during getting software: libmono depends on mono-runtime (<2.4.4) but 2.3.6 is to be installed - against what package do I report that bug?18:53
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gnomefreakguntbert: mono-runtime18:57
gnomefreakguntbert: ubuntu-bug mono-runtime18:58
guntbertgnomefreak: thx - but why against mono-runtime and not against libmono? (I want some education here :-))18:59
gnomefreakguntbert: it is the package not the lib18:59
guntbertgnomefreak: ok, thx19:00
guntbertgnomefreak: it was mono, not mono-runtime :-) #60143719:18
gnomefreakguntbert: that is why ubuntu-bug package will help you with it19:19
gnomefreakguntbert: mono is a big mess of packages/libs19:20
guntbertgnomefreak: yeah, but it isn't available in the installation system :-)19:20
gnomefreakguntbert: never said it was but it should be in the desktop installer19:20
guntbertgnomefreak: no problem -- you pointed me in the right direction - the rest I go myself :-)19:21
penguin42hmm the benchmark on disk util for a virtual disk is funny; it varies between 21MB/s and 2.6GB/s - and gives an average of 91MB/s20:17
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BluesKajappears the medibuntu repos won't install in the package manager, looking for a ppa for the sources.list , but launchpad doesn't seem to have one.21:10
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guntbertBluesKaj: I looked, but medibuntu seems to have no maverick repo yet21:40
BluesKajok guntbert , it confirms my searches , thanks for checking21:43
guntbertBluesKaj: :)21:43
BluesKajwhere do i find desktop effects settings in ubuntu ?, I'm trying gnome out again after many yrs21:45
penguin42BluesKaj: system->preferences->appareance->visual effects21:47
BluesKaji found some visual effects in system preferences/appearance21:47
penguin42BluesKaj: there is compizconfig-settings-manager and I think simple-ccsm as well; one of those should let you tweak everything21:48
BluesKajoh gotta install csm again, ok21:48
* penguin42 doesn't use compiz myself21:50
BluesKajyeah, not a compiz fan, but do like the effects kde4 can provic=de21:50
BluesKajI'm impressed with ubuntu LAN networking so far tho , which is important in our setup21:52
penguin42in what sense?21:53
BluesKajwe have ubuntu-server running in the TV room, which Ive loaded up with movies from wife's windows pc21:53
BluesKajnot finished with the sever setup yet but the media options are working fine , now i just have figure how t give the family remote access ..they use windows and mac21:56
kim0Can I get nouveau dri experimental acceleration in 10.10 ?22:01
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DanaGargh, stupid Unity.22:10
DanaGThe thing only lets me launch a grand total of 9 applications:22:10
DanaGFirefox, Evolution (which I don't use), Cheese, Empathy (don't use), File Manager, Help, App Center, Rhythmbox (don't use), and gnome-terminal.22:11
DanaGThere's literally no way to launch anything else.22:11
DanaGThere's a search box that does nothing, and contains unchangeable contents "Search"\22:12
penguin42DanaG: Sheesh, you've got a terminal what else do you want22:14
kim0hehe .. it's alpha .. don't complain :D22:15
DanaGStill, it seems mine is more broken than anyone else's is.22:15
DanaGI've seen screenshots of it showing lists of applications, I think -- but there's not any such thing for me.22:16
kim0on meerkat, X suddenly seems slower to me today (nouveau)22:17
DanaGArgh, can't type in search box.22:18
DanaGoh, updated unity, finally now it actually gives me ICONS!22:21
DanaGImagine that!22:21
DanaGSEarching still doesn't work, though.22:21
penguin42somepeople want everything22:21
DanaGWell, I'd wanted at least more than NOTHING, which was what I had before.22:22
DanaGI had a search box that did nothing, and no way to launch any app not on the left sidebar.22:22
DanaGNow, I have a list of SOME applications, but still a search box that does nothing.22:29

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