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damian_i wonder if anyone can help me getting alsa to output sound on my beagleboard?15:39
rlameirohi there16:23
rlameiroi am trying to install ubuntu on to my igepv2 (beagle board clone) but I cant even runt the sd card preparations scripts16:24
rlameiromy card appears as mmcblk016:24
rlameiroI donwloaded a new version of the script that should support mmcblk0 but it doesnt work16:25
rlameirothe result is always this16:26
rlameirowhen i do fdisk -l the card is there16:26
rlameiroi am following this page16:26
rlameiroi will do it manually, if someone can tell me wich files go to to wich partition16:31
armin76rlameiro: you'll have to wait until ogra, rcn-ee, and other ubuntu devs answer you16:35
armin76and asac the slacker16:36
rcn-eerlameiro (i see your offline.. hopefully you read the logs) email the beaglboard group with the bug..  I'll be enjoying july 4th, but will check email.. ;)16:46
armin76rlameiro: <rcn-ee> rlameiro (i see your offline.. hopefully you read the logs) email the beaglboard group with the bug..  I'll be enjoying july 4th, but will check email.. ;)16:53
armin76!seen dmart16:53
ubot2I have no seen command16:53
armin76you suck16:53
zumbi!seen doko16:53
rlameiroi think  my irc connection droped16:54
rlameirothanks armin7616:54
rlameiroi will look at the logs16:54
armin76rlameiro: he means you'll read the logs for what he said(what i pasted you)16:55
armin76he didn't say anything else :P16:55
rlameirowelll i will need to wait then16:56
rlameirowhat is the mailing list?16:56
armin76i have no clue...16:57
GrueMasterrlameiro: You could also try the latest daily image (post Alpha 2) on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/17:21
rlameiroGrueMaster: well, the problem is how do i set up it to boot from the sd card17:23
GrueMasterInstructions are here:  http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/ARM/PreinstalledImage17:23
GrueMasterI don't know much about the igepv2, but the sd card has xloader & uboot on the boot partition.17:26
rlameiroGrueMaster: well, igepv2 is a beagleboard with more features17:26
armin76rlameiro: i think you need to set the board to boot from sd, then it will load the bootloader and stuff from it17:28
rlameiroarmin76: yes, it has a boot sequence17:29
rlameiroas i see now, the image has all the formating and stuff needed17:29
rlameiroi am downloading and testing17:29
rlameiroproblem is that it is really big, and i dont want a GUI, but i will figure thet out later17:29
GrueMasterhow much ram does the system have?17:30
rlameiro*512 sorry17:32
rlameiroits 512/51217:32
rlameiroi would like to install a minimal ubuntu withou gui just on the nand17:32
GrueMasterThe image is a bit slow on the beagleboard because of the 256M limitation.17:32
GrueMasterWell, this image is a netbook image, but it should give you some ideas as to how to get an image built.17:33
rlameiroGrueMaster: my goal is to try to do a netinstall17:34
rlameiroand apt-geting what i need on the way17:34
GrueMasterI'm not sure if there is a new netinstall image available.  let me look.  It would be on ports.ubuntu.com17:34
rlameiroit could be awesome if there is some prebuitl image for netinstall image17:35
GrueMasterWell, there are 3 files at  http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/maverick/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap/netboot/omap/17:37
GrueMasterYou could pull them and use them to do a netinstall.  I haven't tested them yet, but they should work.17:38
rlameiroGrueMaster: so do i format the sd card with a fat partion for boot and the rest as extended3?17:38
rlameiroand copy the 3 files to the boot partition?17:38
* rlameiro i hate when i forget to use the theraded bunziper... grrrr17:39
GrueMasterThe netboot files need to be on a fat partition, but once they boot, you could reformat the SD card and install on it.  I don't know how well it will work, though,as the lucid version installed the kernel & initrd to nand.17:40
rlameirowell, I'm copying the image to the sd card17:42
rlameiroi will look at the structure and then try the other way17:42
rlameiroit says OneNAND unsupported17:54
ssvbrlameiro: which kernel do you use?18:00
rlameirono idea18:01
rlameirossvb: i dont really know18:02
rlameiroi can tell you the kernel that comes with the board by default on the nand18:02
rlameiroits of the poky linux18:02
ssvbok, it's the original igepv2 kernel then18:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 583280 in mtd-utils (Ubuntu) "nandwrite failing with IGEPv2 (OMAP 3430) (affects: 1) (heat: 84)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:03
rlameirossvb: Linux igep0020 armv7118:04
ssvbigepv2 has a bit nonstandard nand configuration (it uses two chips unless I'm mistaken)18:04
ssvbso the kernel and mtd-utils need some patches to support it18:04
rlameirowell its a chip with 2 banks18:06
* ssvb is not using nand on igepv2, but boots the system from the hard drive, so can't help much18:06
rlameiroso at the moment i am stuck18:09
armin76rlameiro: blame asac :D18:11
rlameiroarmin76: asac i am stuck :D lol18:12
* zumbi has seen a igepv2 running openembedded18:40
armin76zumbi: there are some ppl having them with gentoo, ssvb for example :D19:44
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rlameirowell i am still stuck at "freeing init memory22:41
rlameiroand followed the igepv2 wiki, and made my own rootfs with karmic22:42
rlameiromaybe i should do it with jaunty..22:42

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