win_2_linuxnow thats totally offtopic my bad00:00
win_2_linuxback to ubuntu00:00
phillwhe did, at least spend sometime on the front line, before some USA magazine broke the embargo on the news.... But, as you say, we digress. My 1st experience of Mac OS was 27 years ago - it was in the print department at the company I worked at - it looked pretty kewl :-)00:04
duanedesignstlsaint: popng00:09
stlsaintduanedesign: hey i had a question that i forgot cause you TOOK TOO LONG!! :P00:10
stlsaintoh yea i remember now00:10
phillwstlsaint: senile dementia is bad, but juvenille dementia is really sad :p00:11
* phillw >>> runs00:11
stlsaintyou better >:)00:11
win_2_linuxmy first intro to mac os was when i was working for a newspaper00:14
win_2_linuxwell i have to run, bbl maybe thanks all00:15
zkriessewelcome back aganice00:25
zkriessehello triangles00:25
triangleshello i was wondering if you guys could tell me how i can set default options for java00:25
triangleshello zkriesse00:25
trianglesi need to specify -Xmx256m00:25
zkriessedo you have java installed triangles ?00:25
trianglesyes i have openjdk00:25
ubot2To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:25
trianglesi have java installed..00:26
phillwtriangles: openjdk is different to java00:26
trianglesits a jvm00:26
trianglesi need to set -Xmx256m00:27
phillwtriangles: do you want runtime or developer, what do you need it for?00:29
trianglesdoes it  matter?00:29
zkriessetriangles: yes00:29
trianglesi am running resin00:30
triangleswith apache00:30
triangleson a vps00:30
phillwtriangles: For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the sun-java6 packages have been dropped from the Multiverse section of the Ubuntu archive. It is recommended that you use openjdk-6 instead.00:31
phillwis that what you are using?00:31
trianglesi need00:31
zkriessetriangles: please do not get mad or upset with us00:32
trianglesim not mad/upset00:32
trianglesyou're telling me how to install java00:32
triangleslike i couldnt figure that out00:32
phillwtriangles: so, what did you do to install it?00:32
trianglesi need to know if there is a way i can set static java arguments00:32
phillwat least then I know we are on the same system00:32
trianglesi need to know if there is a way i can set static java arguments00:32
=== compiledkernel is now known as Guest65623
trianglesit was installed with the resin package as a dependency00:33
trianglesi have java installed00:33
trianglesi need00:33
trianglesto know if there is a way i can set defualt java arguments00:33
phillwtriangles: you are asking of the way java works00:34
phillwexplains a bit about it.00:34
trianglesoh my god00:34
trianglesI need00:34
trianglesto know if there is a way i can make it whenever java is started00:35
trianglesno matter how00:35
trianglesthat it's ran with a max heap size of 256m00:35
trianglesi dont need a man page00:35
trianglesits not in there00:35
phillwyes, you can start the java engine with a set heap size00:35
trianglesi know how to do that00:35
trianglesi need to know if there is a way i can set static java arguments00:36
trianglesi need to know if there is a way i can set static java arguments00:36
trianglesdo you know what i mean by that?00:36
trianglesthat i dont have to say -Xmx256m every single time. because i'm not running a -jar00:36
trianglesor anything like that where i myself invoke the jvm00:36
* stlsaint hates java! :P00:37
trianglesthere's no reason to hate java.00:37
stlsaintlike hell there isnt!! (well its more personal than anythin) nothing against java itself i guess!00:37
phillwtriangles: you are asking on a ubuntu area about java, Java is cross platform - have a look at http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/Programming/JVMPerf/00:37
trianglesstlsaint: and what reasons do you have ?00:38
stlsainttriangles: personal/hence personal reasons :D00:38
trianglesfts im going back to centos00:39
phillwor, have a look at http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/details.php?room=%23%23javascript&net=freenode00:39
phillwevidently it is ##javascript00:40
phillwtriangles: do not call ubuntu areas for cross platform programmes, although, granted, you will get more help here than on other operating systems00:41
triangleswhy would you give me a link about javascript00:41
phillwtriangles: yeah, coz they will be able to point you back to the irc for java00:42
phillwi'll go ask if you want00:42
stlsainttriangles: this is a support channel for ubuntu and or any other flavors of linux. If you need java help it is probably better for you to go to a java room instead of bashing this channel!00:42
trianglesthere's absolutely nothing about java in javascript00:43
trianglesdo you not know how javascript got it's name?00:43
zkriessetriangles: I'm going to ask you to either leave or behave00:44
triangleswhat have i done?00:44
stlsaintlol behave?00:44
trianglesi  have done nothing wrong zkriesse00:45
zkriesseWell you keep bashing phillw like he doesn't know what he's talking about, you keep swearing, (wtf is indeed swearing) and you are somewhat rude00:45
zkriesseSo at least tone it down just a bit00:45
zkriesseWe're trying to help, thats all00:45
trianglesyes i had to repeat myself literally 30 times00:45
trianglesbefore he got it00:46
tenachtriangles, patience is a good thing.00:46
phillwtriangles: oddly enough, IBM are helping me out here, head over to http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/dw_jforums.jspa?cmp=emuk_otdwjafo-20100527&cm=k&csr=google&cr=java_forum&ct=OTDWK010&ck=java_forum&ccy=UK&mkwid=s3I56TUtN_6723239703_4328nk297100:46
zkriessetriangles: No you didn't have to repeat yourself...it wasn't necessary00:46
triangleshe didnt understand what i was saying00:46
trianglesit's okay phillw i am going to install java by myself not through apt00:47
trianglesi just was having a hard time installing resin00:47
trianglesthat's why i tried ubuntu server00:47
trianglesbecause they have .debs00:47
trianglescaucho that is00:47
zkriessetriangles: Regardless if he understood you or not, it doesn't give you the right to be rude to him. Some of the people in here are in their 40's and 50's....just be nice!00:48
phillwtriangles: that took some finding, even though I have google-fu; I can understand your frustrations, just please give us people a liitle time00:48
trianglesyes i am 14, so what.00:48
phillwgo there, all you need you can find00:48
* iceflatline sighs00:49
iceflatlineI'm 50 :(00:49
zkriessehello iceflatline00:49
zkriesseiceflatline: how are ya?00:49
tenachHiya iceflatline00:49
iceflatlinezkriesse: great man, how are you?00:49
iceflatlinegood ($localtime) y'all00:50
zkriessedoing fairly well....knee hurts...00:50
iceflatlineall those jumping jacks :)00:50
phillwiceflatline: that makes me the baby, I'm only 47 :-D00:50
trianglesyum is so much quicker then apt i cant believe it00:50
trianglesyou're 47?00:50
trianglesi thought you were like00:51
* phillw still wet behind the ears ;-)00:51
iceflatlineThe more I learn, the more I understand just how much I don't know.00:51
triangleswhen's the last time bodhi has been in this channel?:00:52
zkriessetriangles: you'll find that alot of the guys here are quite up in age00:52
trianglesah. i see00:52
zkriessetriangles: it's been some time since bodhi has been around00:52
phillwiceflatline: the older we get the more we just accept that we will not know it all - these youngsters still think that they can learn it all :p00:52
trianglesdefine 'been some time'00:52
tenachtriangles, the net and irc are wonderful for removing the age barrier between people.00:52
zkriessetriangles: probably a few months00:52
zkriessegive or take a few weeks00:52
tenachYou know, I haven't either.00:52
trianglesis this channel dieing?00:53
trianglesbecause i see none of the smarter people i did last year00:53
phillwbodhi is busy with stuff & family - he does pop by.00:53
zkriessetriangles: no...we have a council now...not just a lead, so bodhi isn't required to be here anymore00:53
phillwas do all the others00:53
zkriessehe pops in every once in a while00:53
trianglesthe council has been since the beginning zkriesse00:54
zkriessetriangles: A beginners Team council00:54
trianglesthe council has been since the beginning zkriesse00:54
phillweehh, I've never seen Rambo First Blood part 2 .... it's really entertaining :-)00:56
phillw(sorry for gaps, when I'm laughing)00:56
zkriesselol phillw01:00
* phillw moves rooms01:00
stlsainttriangles: why do i get the feeling that your looking for problems!? "....i see none of the smarter people i did last year..."01:07
trianglesit's true. i don't01:07
zkriessetriangles: well if you have such an issue with us being supposedly dumb then why are you here?01:08
stlsainttriangles: either play nice or be prepared not to play at all!!!01:09
trianglescease highlighting me with requests that need no response01:09
zkriessetriangles: Ok thats enough man01:14
trianglescease highlighting me with requests that need no response01:15
triangles-ChanServ- 45    zkriesse               +VA (ubtmember) [modified 38 weeks, 3 days, 02:41:58 ago]01:15
trianglescalm down.01:15
tenachI don't see anyone being anything but calm, triangles - it has been quiet in here for a few minutes.01:16
trianglescease highlighting me with requests that need no response01:16
holsteinmaybe you can learn more triangles01:16
trianglesme, learn more?01:17
holsteinand fill that nitch in here that your looking for01:17
holsteinfor others01:17
triangleswhat can i possibly learn01:17
trianglestell me01:17
holsteinif the channel is not up to the level that your looking for01:17
stlsainttriangles: if you have all the answers why are you here asking for help?01:18
trianglesi am not asking for help any longer01:18
trianglesi have switched my server to centos01:19
stlsaintoh ok01:19
trianglesand compiling resin at the moment01:19
holsteini just tried joining #centos-beginners01:20
holsteinits availalbe01:20
holsteinwould someone look at this bug?01:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 296502 in ubuntu "Intrepid/XP Router connection lost on shutdown (heat: 7)" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:23
holsteinits 'dead' right?01:23
phillwtriangles: they do have a forum area, it's over at http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/ learn how to use google, get your black-belt in it & you will be pleasently suprised that not only can you only find answers to your questions, but help others. Life is all about learning, I am a librarian - I do not know every subject, but I'm pretty good at finding it for people who take the time to ask & let me look it up :-)01:23
trianglesi am not reading that01:23
trianglesi am busy01:23
Raidsongohai everybody01:23
duanedesignRaidsong: hello01:23
Raidsongfinally had a lull in my schoolwork so i thought i would come visit01:24
holsteinim just trying to figure out how to go through some of the obvious old bugs im envolved with01:24
holsteinand move them along01:24
holstein'This bug report was marked for expiration 53 days ago'01:25
holsteindoes that mean its been marked expired?01:26
holsteinor that it will be marked expired at some point?01:26
phillwholstein: I'm just getting my head around bug reporting, we can share notes if you want01:32
tenachWrong button.01:33
holsteinphillw: thanks, id be into that01:33
holsteini had some guys try and help me out with it about a year ago01:33
holsteinbut i didnt have my LP account set up properly01:34
holsteini feel like ive been reporting properly01:34
holsteinand im going to try and become more helpful at some point01:34
phillwholstein: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad01:35
iceflatlineI'd like to learn more about that myself.01:36
phillwI'm just getting back involved with the doc team, as they were altering how wiki pages etc were going to be done01:36
holsteini gotta run right now01:37
phillwthey are asking for triagers for the bug team01:37
holsteinbuy i'll bookmark that and bother you again soon ;)01:37
spursncowboysHi everyone, I am trying to configure prey (preyproject.com) and the prey log-in window that comes up, when I run it on my ubuntu os, cuts off the bottom of the window. I cannot tell if there is a submit or cancel button.01:49
spursncowboysWhen I hit tab once and twice they both will close the window.01:49
trianglesprobably should contact them01:49
trianglesi doubt anyone here, including myself has experience with that software01:50
spursncowboysso I cannot resize the window thru ubuntu?01:50
stlsaintwhat software?01:50
spursncowboysstlsaint: prey01:51
stlsaintaye, neverused it01:51
trianglesspursncowboys: is the window showing up in gnome-panel at the bottom of your screen?01:52
triangleswhere your applications are minimized etc01:52
spursncowboystriangles: yeah. Though I'm using the Ubuntu nbr01:53
trianglesah. i don't know 100% about the nbr but you could try right clicking it and there should be an option 'resize'01:53
tenachI have had little luck with resizing games like that.01:55
spursncowboystriangles: yeah that doesn't work. Just minimize, move and always on top are able to work.01:55
packratspeaking of nbr, how do i mount an sd card in 10.04?01:55
trianglesi don't know what else to tell you friend.01:55
spursncowboystriangles: Ok I'll keep trying the tab thing. Thanks anyway.01:55
tenachspursncowboys, is there a file that you could edit the games starting resolution in?01:55
trianglespackrat: the sd card should automatically mount itself01:56
trianglestenach: it is not a game01:56
trianglespackrat: are you sure that it's been properlly formatted?01:56
packratwell, i just took some pictures on a camera with the card01:56
spursncowboystenach: its to locate your netbook if it gets stolen01:57
spursncowboysIt worked easy as heck for me with windows.01:57
triangleseverything always is easier in windows01:57
trianglesfor simple gui apps*01:57
phillwtenach: as you stated, if the drive were formatted, it would be of no help. I'm not too sure what level of protection you want?01:57
trianglesspursncowboys: i'd try and contact thm.01:57
tenachphillw, wha?01:58
trianglesare you trying to talk to me phillw01:58
spursncowboystriangles: I will. Yeah I am really missing and looking for a linux replacement to my Search Everything for windows.01:58
triangles'search everything'01:59
triangleswhat is that?01:59
trianglesoh okay01:59
tenachThe Everything Search Engine01:59
tenachin window01:59
trianglesoh okay gotcha.02:00
trianglesheh i always used find & grep for search02:00
trianglesi'd start there02:01
duanedesignspursncowboys: there is Tracker02:01
trianglestenach: are you familiar with the terminal?02:01
tenachtriangles, yes.02:02
trianglescould you please pastebin the output of 'fdisk -l'02:02
tenachHaving a near-instant index of files is, as far as I know, not that easy/possible to do if you're on an ext2/3/4 filesystem.02:02
phillwif you want to make google work for you, instead of the usual 25,455,999 results, then go learn http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/answer.py?answer=13686102:02
trianglesif the program itself indexes the files, it can be instant02:03
phillwit will help you get you get your google-fu black-belt :-)02:03
tenachThat would not work for me, as there's a lot of files that move around and that index would be out of date.  I don't really have a lot of need for something like that so I haven't really looked much more into it.02:04
tenachAlso, I was noting that because of how the search everything engine works.02:04
spursncowboysduanedesign: oh ok, I'll try it. thnx02:05
duanedesignspursncowboys: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9536393&postcount=202:05
trianglestenach: that's how it works on all filesystems my friend02:05
trianglesthere's no instant index02:05
tenachtriangles, that is not true.02:05
tenachI didn't say instant, i said near-instant02:06
trianglesare you talking about just your home dir02:06
trianglesor the whole /02:06
tenach"Search everything", to me, means everything from /02:06
trianglesthen no02:06
trianglesyou're not going to get an instant index02:06
trianglesit'd probably be faster on ext* then ntfs or whatever02:07
tenachntfs is faster with that then ext* is02:07
trianglesbut not instant02:07
tenachI'm not talking instant, triangles02:07
tenachnear-instant is not the same as intsant.02:07
trianglesnear instant for me is less then 5 seconds02:07
trianglesi will brb02:08
packratso... yeah.  SD card not automatically mounting in UNR.  thoughts?02:13
stlsaintpackrat: mount it manually02:14
packratfor that matter, how do i make sure the install actually has the drivers for the card reader02:14
stlsaintpackrat: in your terminal enter: mount02:15
phillwpackrat: always use the liveCD mode to check how your system gets on with your hardware02:15
phillwthat will let you know of any items that need checking up on, such as certain WiFi devices etc.02:16
packratwell, i forgot about the hotswap card reader02:16
packratanyways, running mount in terminal returns results that are fairly greek to me02:17
stlsaintdo you see the reader?02:18
packratwhat am i looking for02:18
phillwpackrat: take a read of dmesg before you attempt to use it, then make a note of new messages that appear after your using it - the new messages are the ones that matter.02:19
stlsaintphillw: you can take this one! :D02:19
phillwstlsaint: it just lets us know the device is actually seen by the system02:20
packratyeah im not memorizing all that text.  terminal wont even scroll up far enough to encompass all of it02:20
stlsaintpackrat: no need to memorize anything, just look for something like /dev/sdb02:20
stlsaintor /dev/sdc02:20
packratin dmesg?02:21
stlsaintpackrat: no, using the mount command02:21
packratgot /dev/sda5 but thats there whether the card is present or not02:22
phillwpackrat: what do you get if you type in mount in the the terminal?02:23
packratjust a sec.  im irc-ing from another computer02:23
phillwsda5 will not be the SD card02:23
netrat/dev/sda5 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)02:24
netratproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)02:24
netratnone on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)02:24
netratnone on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw)02:24
netratnone on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)02:24
netratnone on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw)02:24
netratnone on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,mode=0755)02:24
netratnone on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=0620)02:24
netratnone on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev)02:24
netratnone on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,mode=0755)02:25
netratnone on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)02:25
netratnone on /lib/init/rw type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,mode=0755)02:25
netratnone on /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs type debugfs (rw,relatime)02:25
netratbinfmt_misc on /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc type binfmt_misc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)02:25
netratgvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/trevor/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=trevor)02:25
packratthats what it reads02:25
=== netrat is now known as netbookrat
phillwokies, next time can you paste bin it, it's no big problem.02:26
phillwyour SD reader is not being seen02:27
packratwhat i was afraid of02:27
phillwthat is not a really big problem, as stlsaint said, it may just need mounting02:27
phillwif you go to 'places' do you see it in the list there?02:28
packrat10.04 here, if that makes a difference02:30
phillwI'll need one of the ubuntu people here.... where is places from the ubuntu menu bar ?02:30
* phillw running lubuntu, I can switch over to ubuntu in a couple of minutes if no one else here.02:30
phillwokies packrat I'll reboot into ubuntu - give me a cple of minutes02:31
triangleswhat what02:33
packratin the butt02:33
trianglesdid you do what i said about fdisk -l ?02:33
trianglespaste the output for that please02:33
packratoh, missed that02:33
packratfdisk -l does nothing02:34
trianglesoh run as root please02:34
trianglessudo fdisk -l02:34
packrati thought it would tell me when i didnt have permission to do something02:35
* phillw back in 10.04 'ubuntu'02:35
trianglespaste it please02:35
triangleson a pastebin would be best02:35
phillwokies, packrat you should see Applications, Places, system on the top of your screen ?02:36
trianglesphillw: it's not going to work02:37
trianglesit's not showing up in fdisk02:37
trianglesso nautilus definitely is not going to pick it up02:37
netbookratnegative on that anyways02:37
netbookrati guess the setup for unr is different that default ubuntu02:37
trianglesnot really02:37
trianglesnot for stuff like this02:37
netbookratwell, i dont see any applications or places thing02:38
trianglesnetbookrat: when you were taking the pictures are you sure tthat they were being saved to the memory card, and not the camera memory?02:38
phillwwell, there is a way to see where / if it is recognised02:38
trianglesif fdisk02:38
trianglesdid not pick it up02:38
phillwlsub and lspci will show if the device is there02:39
netbookratpositive triangles. camera doesnt have internet memory02:39
trianglesah, okay then02:39
trianglesthe reader internal or external?02:39
trianglesrun 'lspci' then like phillw said and pastebin the output02:39
trianglesthat doesnt show i sd reader as far as i can see02:41
triangleshave you used the reader in other os's?02:42
netbookrathow very unpleasant02:42
trianglesis the reader disabled in the BIOS?02:42
netbookratit worked with linpus that came with the netbook02:42
netbookrati just installed unr recently02:42
netbookratlike, last night02:42
* triangles hated nbr02:43
trianglesi don't know what else to tell you02:43
phillwnetbookrat: do you have a standard 10.04 boot disk kicking around?02:43
trianglesphillw: don't have him do that. it's not going to help02:43
netbookrati could dl and make a bootable usb02:44
netbookratbut what are the chances its just missing a driver02:44
trianglesask on the fourms netbookrat02:44
trianglesthat's what i'm thinking02:44
collinpnetbookrat: You're having issues with a card reader?02:44
phillwtriangles: oh, and you know? why does 3G devices not work on some variants, but on 'main'?....02:44
netbookrati am collinp!02:44
trianglesoh well that's a gay nick02:45
collinpThat's rather offensive.02:45
triangleswhat happened to hellow?02:45
phillwthe requiremement here is to find if it is problem with ubuntu, or a problem with the variant.02:45
collinpphillw: It's possible - however, unlikely.02:46
netbookratwell, i got a inkling of a possible solution from some forum posts that it might be identified if i reboot with the card in02:46
phillwthat is the only way a bug can be filed or a solution02:46
netbookratso gonna try that02:46
packratman, and all i wanted to do was just make a craigslist post02:47
triangles<phillw> triangles: oh, and you know? why does 3G devices not work on some variants, but on 'main'?....02:47
triangleswhat is the 'main'?02:48
collinpA standard installation of Ubuntu, I would guess.02:48
packrathah, it did work02:48
trianglesso collinp02:49
triangleshow still play ogame?02:49
packratrebooting is a pretty lame workaround though02:49
phillwtriangles: main is bog standard ubuntu, as soon as you use another flavour and there is a bug, especially when they sya it was working previously, you should check.02:49
collinpDo I know you?02:49
packratso i take it f-spot doesnt even resize images02:53
Raidsongi shall miss triangles03:01
Raidsongthey are my favorite shape of all03:01
phillwpackrat: no, it just a photo displayer, my views on ceasing GIMP are mine, i just install it03:01
phillwyou can use imagemagick to just resize images, from the command line03:02
packratok, thanks03:06
packratanyways, i must be off. thanks for your efforts on the SD card issue03:06
zkriessehey Raidsong03:30
=== ddecator_ is now known as ddecator
nuboon2Winkermiac: ping04:30
zkriessehello ridin05:00
zkriessenuboon2Win: yes?05:00
=== mohi1 is now known as mohi57o9
nuboon2Winzkriesse: howdy... i'm experimenting w/ running Portable Ubuntu for Windoze.  It's basically like Wine in reverse.  P.U. 'tres' = Karmic running as a program on Windows.  Weird.  Interesting.  Weird.05:08
=== mohi1 is now known as mohi57o9
Darkness_DesHey, I've got a quick question about my plan of partitioning.06:53
Darkness_DesI plan to shrink Win7 to half of the drive, then make a 20 GB / partition, a 60 GB /usr partition, a 75 GB /home partition, and then a 5 GB swap area.06:55
Darkness_DesIs that a decent size? Or is the / partition too small?06:55
zkriessehello rob0917 and what up! hobgoblin08:01
hobgoblinlittle here - other than back ache... at least the sun is out08:01
hobgoblinzkriesse: triangles was a troll - why did you all keep feeding him :)08:08
hobgoblinhi bodzilla08:08
zkriessehobgoblin: eh i was somewhat having fun with it08:09
zkriessetalking about how he knew cold fusion and what not08:09
ddecatorha, i hadn't read that convo..08:09
hobgoblinshould have been kicked - I also have a fairly good idea who it was as well08:09
zkriessehobgoblin: that one dude from a few weeks back?08:11
zkriessehobgoblin: if i could have i would have kicked him....but...08:12
bodzillahobgloblin hody08:13
hobgoblinshould have gone to teaa to wake an op then08:13
hobgoblinbodzilla: you should try tab complete on the nicks :D08:13
hobgoblinzkriesse: if it was who I thought it was the one dude from a few weeks back has been a pain for longer than you've been about08:14
bodzillahow is that done08:14
hobgoblintype hob then hit tab08:14
* hobgoblin assumes it works in whatever client you use ... 08:15
bodzillahobgoblin,  hey thats great I have been to embarrassed to ask how to use this stuff08:15
zkriessehobgoblin: that kid? Yeah i know about ihim08:15
zkriessehello sonu08:15
hobgoblinbodzilla: never be emabarassed :) I posted a thread on the forum on how to bump lol08:16
zkriessehobgoblin: what client you using?08:16
bodzillahobgoblin,  always bump at 23 hrs 50 seconds just to break the netiquite08:17
sonuhi zkriesse08:17
hobgoblinbodzilla: and doing /me at the beginning makes it from you - eg  /me is not embarrassed now - would be bodzilla is not ...08:17
hobgoblinzkriesse: xchat08:17
ddecatortsk tsk08:17
hobgoblinbodzilla: you misunderstand - I did not know what 'bump' was - so asked :)08:17
sonui'm using ubuntu 10.4, some sites in firefox are not loading, the load icon keeps circling08:17
ddecatorsonu: are you using the default firefox?08:18
bodzillahobgoblin,  oh I see, I make a fool of myself on a minute by min basis08:18
ddecatorsonu: are you using extensions?08:18
ddecatorsonu: try running 'firefox -P' in a terminal, then create a new profile (don't delete your default one) and test with that to see if it's the same08:19
bodzillahobgoblin, had another user tell me I was rude and preaching. and you know what their right ;)08:20
sonusame problem, still loading08:20
ddecatorsonu: ok, what's an example site?08:21
sonusome sites load but the load icon keeps moving08:21
sonugmail loads08:21
sonuhotmail loads08:22
ddecatorubuntu's site doesn't load at all?08:22
sonuin some sites the load icon keeps circling even when the page has loaded08:22
ddecatorthe firefox activity indicator, or the mouse cursor's?08:22
hobgoblinsonu: please give us one of the url's you are looking at08:22
hobgoblinthen we can see if the behaviour can be replicated08:23
hobgoblinnvm - found it :)08:23
ddecatorheh, i was about to point it out :p08:23
ddecatorit loads for me just fine08:24
ddecator(but i'm on FF 4.0)08:24
sonui'm also geting this error W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.32-22-generic_2.6.32-22.36_i386.deb08:24
ddecatorcould be a network issue..08:24
sonuyes might be a network problem08:24
sonudo i've to talk to my isp?08:25
ddecatornot at this point :)08:25
hobgoblinsonu: check in a terminal - apps > accessories   then do   ping www.google.com08:26
sonuit's working08:26
sonuping is working08:26
ddecatorCtrl+C to make it stop08:27
sonuthis download stops at 14%, doesn't proceeds after that http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-2.6.32-22-generic_2.6.32-22.36_i386.deb08:27
ddecator...that should be -2308:27
ddecatorno wait08:27
ddecatorwait yah it should08:28
ddecatormy conky is wrong :(08:28
ddecatorsonu: does it consitantly not load the same sites and always load others, or is it hit and miss?08:28
sonuthe first one08:29
sonunot hit and miss08:29
sonuconsitantly not load the same sites and always load others08:29
ddecatorany non-ubuntu sites not loading?08:29
sonuwhile reloading synaptic package the download halts mid way08:33
sonuis it a DNS problem?08:33
sonumay be i should talk to MY ISP...08:34
sonugot this error, the download halted at 4% Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz208:35
ddecatorhuh, that one loads fine too...08:35
ddecatordid this just start recently happening or has it happened since you started using 10.04?08:35
ddecatorhm :(08:36
hobgoblindo you have proxy set?08:36
sonuno proxy, ipv6 is disabled08:37
ddecatordang, and ipv6 was going to be my next guess..08:37
sonui've a cable internet, ethernet connection08:37
hobgoblinhow have you disabled ipv6?08:37
sonuplus, it's also disabled in firefox08:38
sonuI get this error everytime i reload package, the download halted at 4% Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz208:39
ddecatorand the problem still occurs even if you restart your system?08:39
sonuyes, for the past 4 days08:39
hobgoblincheck in synaptic - settings - prefs - network08:39
sonudirect connection ti internet08:40
sonumy system has both versions of ubuntu, 32 and 6408:43
sonumay be this is the prob08:43
ddecatoron separate partitions though, right?08:43
sonubut it never happened before08:43
sonuyes separate partitions08:43
sonumay be i should run a fresh install of ubuntu08:46
sonusee you guys, tthanks for your time, it's appreciated.08:46
sonusee ya soon08:46
ddecatoroh, shoot, didn't mean for the convo to end there :(08:49
hobgoblinsuch is life08:49
ddecatoroui, c'est la vie08:51
hobgoblinyou canadian?08:52
hobgoblinslumberers awake ...08:52
hobgoblinmorning akos :)08:52
Puck`so if someone talks french they're canadians?  ((:08:52
Puck`hi hobgoblin08:52
Puck`i'd just call them half-headed, but meh :P08:53
hobgoblinPuck`: old joke from before half of you voiced lot where voiced :)08:53
ddecatorhobgoblin: nah, just try to make use of my 4 years of french08:54
hobgoblinI don't mean any nastiness by it08:54
hobgoblinddecator: I did my french oral exam in english ... and got thrown out of the written exam for snoring08:54
ddecatorhobgoblin: what a pro08:55
Puck`hobgoblin: true french style08:58
ddecatorshould have told them to f*** off and left to bye some bread, that would have gotten you full credit08:59
ddecator"dang, we're teaching them too well..."09:00
ddecatorbut i kid :)09:00
hobgoblinnow of course 30 years later I wish I could do other languages - maybe not french though ...09:00
ddecatori still want to learn dutch..09:01
Puck`that's one ugly language :\09:01
hobgoblinPuck`: I can just about understand what spaniards are talking about - ex-wife was spanish and I still have a lot of spanish friends09:02
Puck`yeah, same here, i just understand them because i know romanian09:03
ddecatorPuck`: maybe so, but i'm mostly dutch and grew up in a very dutch community, so it interests me :)09:03
Puck`oh, now that explains a lot :P09:03
* hobgoblin wonders how romanian could be like dutch or spanish 09:04
Puck`umm more like spanish09:04
Puck`spanish italian french and romanian are all latin based languages, they have lots in common09:04
ddecatorPuck`: something wrong with the dutch? :p09:05
* hobgoblin assumed romanian to be less latin 09:05
hobgoblinddecator: brazilians might think so ...09:05
ddecatorhobgoblin: right now yes09:05
Puck`ddecator: oh no, i love dutch :D Go Holland!09:05
ddecatorPuck`: holland is a 15min drive away from me09:06
hobgoblinlol - I assumed you to be another american ddecator :)09:06
Puck`ddecator: umm, i think this might be a missunderstanding, but Holland = Netherlands09:06
ddecatorhobgoblin: i am :p09:06
Puck`i so knew it ((:09:06
ddecatorPuck`: there is more than one holland09:06
hobgoblinno - there is not ...09:06
Puck`ddecator: well for you americans, for the rest of the world, there's only one :P09:07
hobgoblinthere might be a new holland like a new england09:07
ddecatoroh, longer than i thought..09:07
ddecatorlike i said, very dutch community :)09:08
Puck`that's holland michigan09:08
ddecatorit's still "holland" :)09:09
Puck`oh man  (((:09:09
Puck`anyway, i was saying Holland because i ment it for the country name09:10
ddecatorhaha, i know09:10
hobgoblinso I was right you are in fact jafa09:10
ddecatorif you want to see it that way...09:13
hobgoblinanyway I am off now - have a good day/night/morning/afternoon09:15
ddecatorme too, night everyone09:15
Puck`c u09:18
zkriessenight ddecator09:34
zkriessehello sardonyx and oCean_09:34
oCean_good morging zkriesse09:35
zkriesseit's 8:35 UTC for me dude09:35
zkriesse(3 am ) for me09:36
=== phillw_away is now known as phillw
duanedesign'lo all13:54
philinuxo/ duane13:55
duanedesignhey there philinux13:56
philinuxbit quiet on here. Peeps logged in but not active13:57
duanedesignphilinux: are the forums working better for you13:57
philinuxSeem to be13:58
duanedesigni saw a message the other day that they were working on them13:58
philinuxhow do you get your name and post in red on here13:58
philinuxbit newbie with irc13:58
philinuxusing xchat13:58
duanedesignwhat clien...13:59
philinuxxchat seems pretty good14:00
duanedesignhmm. i am not sure how to change nick color14:00
duanedesignphilinux: xchat is good. For a Terminal based solution i like irssi14:01
philinuxyour last message came up red some others are blue14:02
duanedesignprobably because i highlighted you14:02
philinuxerr what that highlight14:02
duanedesignphilinux: said my name14:02
philinuxduanedesign: tests messages14:03
philinuxdid that come up red at your end14:03
duanedesigni think it is different for each client14:03
duanedesignyour normally green on my client14:04
philinuxah ok,  just been out in my old 1961 wolseley. Gave it a run to shops14:04
duanedesignphilinux: awesome!14:05
duanedesigndo you have any pictures of your car?14:06
philinuxsomewhere yes14:06
philinuxfound one14:07
philinuxduanedesign: check my changed avatar, this is Boris  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9542167#post954216714:16
duanedesignthat is nice14:17
philinuxInterior needs a fair bit of work.14:18
philinuxBodywork not the best, bonnet does not fit as it should but hey it runs14:18
philinuxCheap insurance and no road tax14:19
duanedesignthat is a cool car. What model is that?14:21
philinuxWolseley 1500 similar to this. http://www.wolseleyworld.com/goimage.php?imagealt=1958%20Wolseley%201500%20MkI&image=images/classifieds%201958%20wolseley%201500%20mki%20%28xrt%2060%29%20front%20large.jpg&width=640&height=47314:24
philinuxHere's a nice example in two tone. http://www.classiccars.co.uk/wolseley/1500/advert/920514:27
duanedesignphilinux: what is the bonnet?14:27
philinuxerr hood14:28
duanedesignphilinux: ahh14:42
philinuxThe inner wings were rotten so had to be rebuilt from scratch. When my guy put it back together it's slightly misaligned. Ok from a distance lol14:43
needpieceofmindhello all once again well im back with a few more questions17:46
drubinneedpieceofmind: So what are the questions ;)17:47
needpieceofmindumm im playing with ettercap and it says ssl dissertion needs a valid 'redir_command_on'script17:47
needpieceofmindon the etter.conf file17:47
needpieceofmindi dont understand the ssl dissertion17:48
drubinSorry I can't help with that.17:48
needpieceofmindok np thank you for making a effort to help17:48
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=backtrack-3-man/etter.conf   the entry on  'redir_command_on' might help.18:06
duanedesignneedpieceofmind: here is a nice thread on the forums with lots of links and info. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123345818:12
ShayonJzkriesse, are you leaving ?18:13
sandihi every one can anyone help me set up up usb access in virtual box please18:42
sandiany one is here18:43
ShayonJsandi, yes. But I dont know18:43
ShayonJoops !18:44
philinuxsandi, you need to add your user to /etc/group vboxusers18:54
ShayonJphilinux, sandi left :-)18:55
philinuxfor future ref, vboxusers:x:125:username18:57
ShayonJokay !18:57
stlsaintphilinux: lol...its awhole lot easier command than that! :D19:02
philinuxThats a copy of the entry in my /etc/group19:06
philinuxOr use users and groups19:06
geirhasudo adduser username vboxusers19:11
stlsaint+1 geirha19:12
needpieceofmindwhy when i try to change my mac address would it say "error: incorrect format: mac length is 17. 11:22:33:44:5519:40
needpieceofmindlmoa its a idiots error on my part forgot to do the 00:19:41
zkriessehey duanedesign19:41
ShayonJzkriesse, hi19:44
zkriessehello ShayonJ19:46
ShayonJzkriesse, you leaving ?19:46
duanedesignhello zkriesse19:46
zkriesseShayonJ: no why19:46
Puck`ey boys19:46
ShayonJzkriesse, I read your mail - so came here to ask you :-)19:47
zkriesseduanedesign: hey dude, what memo did i send? the one you just read19:47
zkriesseShayonJ: oh no...sorry for the confusion19:47
duanedesignzkriesse: about the padawan Page19:47
zkriesseduanedesign: ah19:47
zkriesseduanedesign: any ideas on what you want to do with it?19:47
zkriesseduanedesign: if so jump in -team so we can hash it over19:48
ShayonJzkriesse, oh ok . Never mind , was curious as to were you leaving or not :)19:48
ShayonJzkriesse, I meant , why . Please dont take it the other . My writing skills are not good19:48
ShayonJother way*19:48
zkriesseShayonJ: I was just trying to gauge my place here in the team.19:49
ShayonJohk !19:49
=== Puck` is now known as Guest26822
zkriessehello kryptic23:02
kryptichi zkriesse23:03
=== collin is now known as collinp
zkriessehey phillw get your but in -wiki23:10
zkriesseyou to PD18723:10
krypticwhat do the yellow dots infront of the aliases mean??anyone?23:14
zkriessekryptic: it means that they have voice23:15
zkriesseAnd voice means that they are a Beginners Team Member23:15
zkriesseand green is op23:16
krypticcould u tell me more about the Beginners Team Members?23:17
zkriessekryptic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam23:18
krypticthanks zkriesse23:18
zkriessekryptic: yup....if you want to know about the team ask the team!23:19
krypticwe could do wit more zkriesses in the world. thanks again23:21
zkriessekryptic: why thanks23:21
zkriesseHi Dextralus!23:21
krypticzkriesse:im the newest newbie. not everyone said hello when i entered23:23
zkriessekryptic: well most are here in the sense that they're logged on but they are not at their pc23:23
phillwkryptic: as the topic says, don't feel the need to introduce your self :-) But welcome to the Ubuntu Beginners area23:24
newboon2age_kryptic: which irc client are you using.  in Konversation i don't see the dots.23:24
krypticzkriesse:so they should log out and not make others think they are available23:24
zkriessekryptic: well what client are you using23:26
zkriessekryptic: in xhcat those who are not there will be greyed out23:26
phillwnewboon2age_: each irc client is slightly different, there will be wiki pages for each of them. for konversation the wiki page is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konversation23:27
krypticzkriesse:im on xchat23:27
phillwi use the irc part of pidgin, so my system will be different to xchat etc, just look up the wiki page for whatever client you are using :-)23:27
krypticzkriesse:got it23:30
zkriessekryptic: cool23:30
krypticzkriesse:how about the thin red lines i see every now and then?23:49
zkriessekryptic: don't remember23:50
zkriesseyou can turn it off though23:50
zkriessehello xsaiddx23:50
xsaiddxhows you guys doin with your ubuntu's : D23:52
* zkriesse is just fine23:52
* zkriesse is doing wiki editing atm23:53
xsaiddxzkriesse: have you ever used drupal ?23:53
kryptici must say im using Lucid and im blown away23:54
krypticits just amazing23:55
zkriessekryptic: cool23:55
kryptici hope 10.10 doesnt force me to upgrade23:56
phillwkryptic: as you're using a LTS release, you next _have_ to upgrade in about 3 years :-)23:59

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