lamalexdidrocks: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=612616 banshee gio backend is ready for testing03:48
ubot2Gnome bug 612616 in general "Needs udev backend for HAL deprecation" [Major,Assigned]03:48
jcastrolamalex: alright!05:00
lamalextest test test!05:01
lamalexdidrocks: I sent your banshee meego patches to the banshee list in a reply to your email06:18
lamalexhope it's satisfactory06:18
lamalexif there's anything you'd like to change let me know06:18
didrockslamalex: awesome, I'll have a look on Monday so, want to keep the week-end for some hacking and you know… going outside :-)10:58
didrockslamalex: thanks a lot! I'll keep you updated :)10:59
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bcurtiswxare we going to enable geoclue in empathy for maverick?15:37
and471gord, I got the subclassing of Indicator in vala working :)17:23
baris__I need to ask something about how ubuntu translations are merged with upstream and in which interval19:06
baris__can anyone refer me about a guide on this or give brief information?19:06
baris__we're trying to coordinate ubuntu translations and upstream gnome translation with ubuntu team, and probably need to solve this merging problem first.19:07
zygabaris__, I'm not sure about this but you might want to talk to pitti19:23
zygabaris__, today any project can just push a bzr branch to launchpad and translations can be exported to that branch automatically19:23
zygabaris__, there is more information about that on launchpad19:23
baris__zyga, hmm so individual packages are managed differently? to say 'gedit' ubuntu package is updated when ubuntu maintainer decides?19:25
zygabaris__, no19:25
zygabaris__, there is a difference between getting translations upstream19:26
zygaas each upstream has different tools and attitude towards ubuntu translations19:26
zygabaris__, and downstream, from launchpad into distributios, including ubuntu19:26
baris__zyga, actually all I want to learn is, if ubuntu gets the upstream translations after gnome release (ie after string freeze ends of a current release)19:26
zygabaris__, there is also a special case when upstream uses launchpad directly19:26
zygabaris__, I don't know exactly but I would guess that gnome translations are imported directly from the source code19:27
zygabaris__, so if someone updates the source package after string freeze they should be up to date19:28
baris__zyga, sure but when?19:28
zygabaris__, I really don't know, talk to pitti about this next week19:28
baris__zyga, ok19:28
baris__zyga, can I get his/her e-mail?19:28
zygabaris__, gnome might have extra infrastructure for cooperation with ubuntu, I just don't know how this particular use case works19:28
zygajust ask pitti (here in channel) or find his email via launchpad19:29
baris__zyga, afaik gnome does not have any system for that, that's why we're tying to solve it with ubuntu team19:29
baris__zyga, ok I'll do, thanks19:29
jcastrobaris__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Upstream19:30
jcastrothere is some information there19:30
baris__it seems like its been done every month or week, not syndicated with release dates.19:32
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